Engaged to deception by La'Nique Stephens

Happily engaged Remedy Washington and Jeremy King are not as happy as they appear in public. Tangled in a web of obsessed mistresses and sweet-talking lovers, these two people have to decide if they are truly meant to be together.

Remedy has a million and one things on her expanding list of worries. She is trying to balance Medical School courses with wedding plans to Jeremy. She recently found out her last living relative is ill. Taunting phone calls from Jeremy's mistresses keep her up at night while their threats make her anxious during the day. Life becomes more complicated when her old fling and her former college professor come back to town. Both men have their own plans to steal Remedy away from Jeremy - one uses seduction and the other uses dirty tricks.

E nga ge d t o D e ce pt ion

You‟re never too old to refer to your Mother as Mommy.
This book is for her! Whether it‟s my first novel or my last,
my work is always dedicated to my biggest fan.
Love you, Mommy !

4 | La ‟ N ique St e phe ns

This part always drives me crazy. There are always a dozen
people in your ear saying you should thank them. Many can give
pretty good reasons for wanting a shout out; others just want to see
their name printed. When I sit to think about it, the “Thank You”
list actually grows smaller. I could write an unnecessary thank you
to cousins and aunts who might have been around in the past. But
I‟ve learned to ignore the noise of other people. I have to write for
myself and praise those who truly matter. I‟m not go ing to
apologize for leaving a name out. As long as I‟m satisfied with my
writing, no one else‟s opinion matters.
Life could not exist without the Creator of All. He is the first
person I will always thank. There were many hard times in my life.
Each time I thought I couldn‟t move on. But waiting patiently and
having faith has gotten me through those moments. I couldn‟t be
happier with my life right now. I thank Him for that.
My mom is my rock and mirror. I‟ve never admitted it, but I
am like her in so many ways. Opinionated and a bit stubborn. Loud
at the wrong moments. She doesn‟t think so, but we‟re pretty bad
dancers. And our laugh. Don‟t get me started on that Lion King
chuckle. My mom – and my sister – is the most important person
in my life. Instead of writing three pages thanking the world for
little things, my acknowledgment is entirely for my mother. The
single mother of two has done anything and everything for her

E nga ge d t o D e ce pt ion | 5

As a teenager, I‟ve never really thanked my mom. Out of
anger, I may have blamed her for a million things. She didn‟t
deserve that. I‟ve hit low moments in my life. Her mix of tough
love and nurturing has definitely pushed me along. She‟s crazy and
blunt. We bump heads more than ten times a day, but we always
find ways to forgive. Thank you and I love you.
Amber. What can be said about my tall baby sister? There
has always been a silent competition between us. One succeeds
then the other fails. It‟s the ultimate sibling rivalry. We fight – as
much of our mom hates it – but I honestly wouldn‟t know how to
talk to you without arguing. At the end of the day, we always find
a way back to each other. Love you crazy girl.
A general thank you to my family: They are always honest
with me; never a fake one in the bunch. You are all important to
me in your own special ways. I‟ve made it so far in life because of
all your support. Each one of you has given me inspiration and that
is where I got my creativity. All your love is what gave me the will
to write it down and share it with the world.
Best Wishes,
La‟Nique Stephens!

6 | La ‟ N ique St e phe ns

Prologue She moved gracefully to the prosecution table and took her
seat. The eyes of Doctor Mathew Knight had been locked on her
since she walked into the courtroom. But Remedy kept a grin on
her face. Her eyes were focused on the judge‟s stand. She did not
even know the verdict, and yet she was still proud of herself. There
was a slight chance the jury could rule in his favor. Even if they
did, Remedy was glad she went on with the fight.
The jury entered the room as everyone was put to silence.
“All rise; the honorable Judge Hilary P. Moore presiding.”
The bailiff spoke, and everyone rose to their feet.
Judge P. Moore came out of her chambers and quickly took
her seat high on the podium. “You may be seated. Jury, have you
come to a verdict?”
An elderly man stood and put on a pair of reading glasses.
Clearing his throat, the older man announced, “We have your
“Will the defense please rise.” At the judge‟s command,
Doctor Knight and his two lawyers rose to their feet.
Remedy looked over at Mathew. His hands did not shake
like she thought they would. He was staring death straight in the
face with a smile. She shook her head and crossed her fingers.
Judge P. Moore turned back to the jury. “Who say you?”

E nga ge d t o D e ce pt ion | 7

“On the account of Rape in the First Degree we, the jury,
find the defendant, Doctor Mathew Knight…” He paused as if for
dramatic effect. “Guilty!”
Remedy Washington held on to her excitement as the jury
member finished reading off his piece of paper.
“On the account of Aggravated Assault we, the jury, find
Doctor Mathew Knight… Guilty! On the account of Attempted
Murder we, the jury, find Doctor Mathew Knight…Guilty!”
The courtroom roared with commotion as the news set in
for everyone. The judge pounded her gavel to silence the
courtroom. Mathew leaned in to speak to his lawyer as two guards
came to place handcuffs on the guilty man.
Remedy wanted to quickly get away from the courthouse.
The media was waiting outside to attack with questions. She did
not want to be blinded by flashing cameras. Making her way
around the table, she was stopped when the guards and Mathew
stopped in front of her.
“I still love you.”He said. “And I‟m not going to let you go
that easy.”
“It looks like you have to.” As the words flowed from her
mouth, a giant weight lifted from her shoulders. “I‟m not burning
in hell with you.”
The guards took Mathew through a back door and led him
to a waiting police car.

8 | La ‟ N ique St e phe ns

He was finally going to be out of her life. Was it really that
simple? All she had to do was tell someone else what he did to her.
She waited so long for nothing. Mathew could have been a distant
memory a long time ago. Once the shock wore off she disappeared
into the crowd to leave the room.
“Are you comfortable?” Only the bright shade of red on
her lips was visible through the shadows. Her face remained
concealed by the darkness. She held the phone close to her ear and
mouth, letting her soft voice flow into the retro handset. Even as
she whispered, he could see her moving lips through the bullet
proof glass dividing them.
“As comfortable as a man can be in prison.” Mathew
“I wish I could help you,” Bringing her folded legs into the
light, her skirt hitched up her thighs a few centimeters. “But my
heart belongs to someone else.”
“Does he feel that same way?”
“He will.” Her red lips curled up.
“Why are you here?”
“I want to help you get what you want.”
“And in return…”
“I get what I want. That‟s all that matters.”
“How do you plan on doing all of this?”
“Why does any of that matter to you?”

E nga ge d t o D e ce pt ion | 9

Mathew frown as his eyes went narrow. “Do not hurt her.”
“Me? I would never hurt your beloved Remedy.” Her hand
came into the light as she swore. “I understand only you can hit
“Your mouth is going to get you in trouble one day.”
“So I‟ve been told.” Her tongue ran over her lips. “Jeremy
cannot be faithful. It‟s just who he is. I only intend to help Remedy
see that.”
Mathew chuckled. “Not to offend you, but don‟t you think
he knows all of your tricks?”
“Mine. Of course.” Leaning in closer to rest her elbows on
the desk, Nina let the light touch her entire face. “But my sister
will be a pleasant surprise for him. He simply cannot resist a fresh,
young body.”
“Can any of us?” Mathew‟s fingers clenched the phone
tighter. It‟s had only been two days, but he urged to touch a
woman. “You‟re okay with you sister seducing him?”
“We have an understanding. As long as things go no further
than sex, everything will be fine.” Nina grinned. “Affairs only
become messy when feelings are involved.”
Summer vacation came and went with too many family
visits to count. Remedy had no idea how many sisters her fiancé
actually had. Half of them did not like her while the others warmly
welcomed her to the family. Jeremy‟s mother even took Remedy

10 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

out on several occasions. The couple hadn‟t even said their vows
yet, but everyone was asking about grandchildren.
Classes are starting back up and she was definitely stepping
into her classes with a new attitude. Without Doctor Knight
hovering over her shoulders, Remedy felt safe out in public. She
was able to transfer without consequences. She no longer felt eyes
watching her every move. Nor did she hear creepy sounds coming
from closets in her new apartment. Her actions were limitless, and
she took full advantage of the newly restored freedom.
Stepping off the elevator, Remedy flipped through the mail
in her hands. The beeping phone in her purse grabbed her
attention. She left the letters alone to search through the bag for the
device and her keys. Remedy stood in front of her door pulling the
two items out her purse. Sliding the key in its lock with one hand,
Remedy punched in the pass code to her voicemail with the other.
“You have one unheard voice message.” She mocked the
robotic voice speaking to her through the phone. “First unheard
voice message.”
Remedy crossed the threshold and tossed her keys on the
coffee table. She barely heard the news as she went back to the
mail in her hand. Piece by piece, the envelopes fell to the coffee
table as she read her fiancé‟s name. The pile in her hand shrunk
until only one note remained. There was no envelope nor was there
any information from a sender. Remedy deleted the first message
on her phone and hardly listened to the second one.

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 11

She undid the unnecessary folds of paper. She took notice
of the familiar handwriting. Her hands started to shake as her
palms became sweaty. Her shoulders dropped, letting go of the
phone. The device fell to the ground as her hands released the note.
This was not over. It was far from it.

12 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

To Whom It May Concern:
Congratulation on your new engagement!
Let his love keep you safe for as long as it can
because I am coming back for you.
Never will I rest until you are resting beside me.
You will be mine; till death do us part.
Love Mathew Knight!

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 13

Chapter One
Sensual...peaceful...and she was standing nearly naked in
the kitchen. It was the perfect start for a Monday. The music
echoed from the surround sound speakers and filled the apartment.
Each wall vibrated with the noise. It was an annoyance to the
neighbor yet soothing to her ears. Remedy let the calming music
control her body. The melody sank into her flesh and awakened her
soul. The young woman lowered her eyelashes until each
gracefully rested on top of her cheeks. Her mind blocked out the
textbook she held in her hands. Steady moving hips swayed to the
rhythmic sounds filling the apartment. Rising up on her nude toes
Remedy glided over the cold kitchen tiles. Dressed in her fiancé‟s
Eagles’ jersey, her bare flesh tingled at the breeze whipping under
the fabric.
Distractions appeared left and right. She couldn‟t refuse the
chance to give each obstacle her attention – if simply for a brief
second. An empty pan rested on the stove – gradually becoming
warmer – waiting to prepare her fiancé‟s breakfast. Remedy
opened her eyes to scan over highlighted passages in her medical
textbook. Her brain drummed against her skull as she reread the
same line. The young woman wanted every word of her textbook
glued into her memory. The enchanting music filling her ears was
all Remedy needed to stop and just feel the beat. Remedy soon
abandoned her goal of trying to multitask. The music was too good
to ignore. She let go of everything, and her body spun through the

14 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

space. Remedy needed this little break; even if it was just to dance
barefoot in her kitchen.
She was in the midst of two big countdowns. The two
major events to change her life for the better: college graduation
and her wedding. Hopefully! The stress of obtaining a doctorate
made Remedy want to abandon college. She thought being a full
time student might help the process go faster; it did not. There
were days when she questioned if she could handle two more years
of studying and exams. Part of her wanted to ignore the degree
altogether. She had her Bachelor‟s of Science in Nursing. Sadly, it
was not enough. Life as an RN could be fun, but it wasn‟t her
desired profession. With her wedding around the corner, all the
pressure was finally setting in. She wished she could focus on one
event at a time. Maybe then everything could peacefully fit
The last song on the CD came to an end; the apartment
went silent. Her nose tingled as a foul stench invaded her nose. Her
brown peepers fluttered open to a dark cloud of smoke. The
smoldering puff made her eyes well up. Fresh breath left her lungs
and became smothered by the intense smoke. Her attention rushed
back to the stove and the empty skillet.
“Damn!” She shouted pushing the frying pan off the burner
and into the sink.
The fire alarm echoed through the apartment when
Remedy‟s fiancé pulled back the shower curtain. S he resembled a

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 15

chicken without its head when she ran past the open bathroom.
Remedy stopped to admire the naked man when his bare feet
touched the bathmat outside the shower. Her flailing arms fanned
the space over her head as she blew a kiss to her wet fiancé.
“Everything is fine.” Frantically waving her textbook in the
air, Remedy did her best to clean the apartment of dark smoke.
“I‟m just cooking breakfast.”
Jeremy let the drops of water roll off his body and onto the
mat. “Do you need help?”
The alarm began to overpower their conversation.
“No. I can handle it.” Remedy pulled her eyes off her
fiancé and turned to finish her walk down the hall.
Behind her, Jeremy strolled out the bathroom. A flood of
smoke rushed to his face. Jeremy stepped back into the bathroom
to save his eyes from the fog. Retrieving his towel off of the rack,
Jeremy covered his mouth and nose with the fabric.
“Are you sure you do not need help?”
“You just have to give it a minute.”
The smoke detector was mounted on the wall – above the
kitchen cabinets. The young woman struggled to reach and turn it
off. The jersey covering her curvy physique inched up her thighs as
her extended arm reached for the detector on the wall. Remedy
glanced over her shoulder when she heard Jeremy chuckle.
“Are you laughing at me?”

16 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

Jeremy shook his head before walking over to open the two
windows in the living room. The smoke rapidly faded as the
chilled November air invaded the apartment. The loud siren,
however, continued echoing through the apartment. He leisurely
walked up behind her. She turned around and wrapped her arms
around his neck. Remedy‟s entire body trembled when his thick
arms slithered around her waist.
“Are you going to turn that off?” His raspy tone resembled
a whisper when his words touched her ears.
“I can‟t reach it.” Her lower lip pouted out.
Jeremy‟s hands roamed underneath the jersey to find her
hips. Remedy was lifted off her feet until her butt touched on the
rim of the sink. Stepping between her spread legs, Jeremy reached
up over her head to turn off the smoke detector.
Remedy‟s lips touched his wet chest. “I always feel short
around you.”
“You feel short?” Jeremy brought his hands to her legs.
“You are short.”
“No. I‟m average height.” Her ankles locked together
behind his back. “You are just freakishly tall.”
Jeremy kissed her forehead. “What you burning?”
“It was only the frying pan. The eggs didn‟t make it in.”
“Let me take you out to breakfast.”

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 17

“I have class…just like I do every day.” She shook her
head. “I feel like we‟re repeating the same conversation every
He shrugged his shoulders. “You are too busy.”
“I‟m a grad student. That happens.”
“You should empty your schedule and spend the day with
“After April you can lock me in the house forever.”
Remedy joked referring to the date of their wedding.
“I‟m going to hold you to that.”
She sighed. “You have your degree. Why can‟t I get
Remedy let her legs fall to the ground. She could feel the
building tension from the tiresome topic.
“You will get it. But you need to take a break every once in
The house phone rang.
Remedy grabbed her books before walking toward their
bedroom. She knew the mention of her degree drove Jeremy crazy.
Remedy simply could not understand what the big issue was. The
two met in undergrad school. Remedy hoped he‟d identify with her
struggle to graduate. After all, Jeremy was a year ahead with his
law school courses when Remedy began medical school. Every
day Remedy questioned this new change of heart Jeremy had
toward her degree.

18 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

She picked up the phone as it rang for the third time.
No sound came through the phone.
“Hello?” Remedy asked once more.
Heavy sighs invaded her ear. The stranger‟s hasty exhales
made the tiny hairs on Remedy‟s arms stand on ends. The
anonymous caller unexpectedly disconnected the line to end the
call. Remedy looked at the phone in shock as a loud crash rushed
to her ears. With a shrug of the shoulders, Remedy put the phone
back on its receiver.
“That was weird.” Remedy finished walking toward the
bedroom. “I will make you a deal. I‟ll go to class right now, and
we can meet up for lunch at twelve.”
Jeremy followed without a single-word response.
“Can you answer me?” Remedy stood at the dresser staring
at him with her arms folded over her chest. “Am I the bad guy
“No. You‟re just too busy.”
“I won‟t be busy tonight. We can finally go to that movie
unless you work late…again.”
Jeremy sat on the edge of the bed, draping his towel over
his lap. “I was going to take Katrina out to look at apartments.”
“You‟re a good brother, but Katrina is taking you away
from me. This will be the fifth time you take her apartment

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 19

“I know. I think she just wants me to give her our old place
“Give it to her then. Why are you holding on to it?”
He shrugged his shoulders.
“Are you trying to keep it as your own personal man cave?
A place to hideaway when I get on your nerves?”
He pulled Remedy onto his lap. “I would never hide from
“Aww.” Her pointer finger slid down her cheek. “You‟re
going to make me cry.”
“Get dressed. We‟re going to breakfast.”
“That‟s funny. I swore I just said I have class in a few
Part of her wanted to push the wedding back. For months,
there was an annoying pain in the pit of her stomach. Something
was telling her Jeremy might try to keep her finishing school once
they married. She hated herself for thinking about delaying the
wedding. Nevertheless, she couldn‟t marry someone who didn‟t
support her dreams.
Jeremy leaned in to kiss her neck. “No, you don‟t.”
“Yeah, I do. Maybe we can go out on Friday.” Remedy
inhaled sharply when he slid her off his lap and onto the bed.
“Seduction is not going to work.”
“We‟ll see.” He slid the base of the jersey up above her

20 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

The bare skin underneath the green fabric yearned for his
touch. Jeremy flicked his tongue inside her naval. The moist
muscle dragged along her pelvic bone. He blew his hot breath onto
the wet trail leading to her naked sex.
“You‟re a tease.” Remedy shivered as the warm air turned
cold on her wet skin.
“Say you‟ll spend the day with me.”
Her head leaped off the bed to stare down at him. Her
lower lip disappeared between her teeth. She couldn‟t tell him
what he wanted to hear. Those classes were just too important to
Jeremy brought her attention back to him by tapping her
clit with his hand. “I‟m waiting.”
“Jeremy.” Her body trembled under his touch. “I can‟t.”
His hand kept her clit wide awake and her full attention on
him. His wandering fingers slipped between her moist lips. The
playful digits flicked at her clit, causing her hips to leap off the
mattress. The thrill from each light touch made her toes curl.
Remedy gripped his head, pushing him toward her beckoning sex.
Their cat and mouse game continued with her pushing closer and
him pulling away.
Jeremy chuckled at her yearn for release. “Just say yes.”
Spreading her labium open with his fingers, he stared at the
clit peeking out of its hood. Long whimpers of distress touched his
eardrums. He leaned in – brushing the nub with his nose – deeply

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 21

inhaling her womanly aroma. Giving in to her physical demands,
Jeremy‟s probing fingers sank inside her welcoming center. The
digits swam deeper pushing loud cries out of her throat.
“Change your mind yet?” Jeremy blew directly onto her
She was unable to respond. Her fiancé wrapped his lips
around her clit. The sensitive button disappeared in his mouth, and
Remedy‟s head fell back on the pillows. Her mouth open, but her
words were caught in her throat. Tight knots in her muscles relaxed
when she was granted the touch she begged for. Two of his fingers
sawed in and out of her gripping walls. Her hips rocked against his
fingers, mirroring his movements exactly. Manicured fingers sank
into his long hair, pushing his tongue back into its desired location.
“You didn‟t answer my question.” His tongue darted out to
touch her clit.
The pit of her stomach began to flutter as shockwaves
zipped up her spine. His tongue touched her over and over. She
held Jeremy‟s head in place determined to drown him in her
moisture if she had to. Her body twitched when his lips captured
her clit. Remedy screamed out at the dual pleasure of his fingers
inside her and his lips sucking on her clit. The walls soon rattled
with complaints from prying neighbors. Her head thrashed around
on the pillows, ignoring the knocking neighbors.
“I can‟t.” She whimpered.

22 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

He shook his head when he didn‟t hear the response he
wanted. Jeremy gradually withdrew his fingers. He could feel her
walls sucking him back in and not wanting to let him go. Gripping
both of Remedy‟s wrists, Jeremy kept her hands in place. Labored
breaths echoed out of his fiancée‟s mouth. Her large breasts
rapidly rose and fell as her heartbeat picked up. The blood flowing
through her veins boiled under her tingling skin.
“You‟re not making me happy.”
“Why are you teasing me?” She moaned.
Pulling his head back – keeping her wrists in his hands –
Jeremy stared down at her glistening femininity. He licked his lips
as he idealized the naked skin. Her hips rotated in the air searching
for assistance to reach her orgasm. Covered in her moisture and his
saliva, Remedy‟s winking clit and leaking hole craved attention.
The same sexual attention Jeremy was fighting not to give. Lying
on his stomach – with his head directly between her spread legs –
Jeremy released her wrists from his grip.
“Show me what you want.”
Her hands went straight to the places she needed him to
caress. Her left hand went back and forth between both breasts.
Massaging the spongy flesh with her fingers, her head tilted down
to flick her tongue over her chocolate colored nipples. Remedy‟s
right hand drifted down to cup her pussy. She felt the heat
radiating off her body. Her juices freely flowed onto her fingertips.

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 23

A finger slipped inside the soaked folds. Her body jerked at the
light touch on her clit.
“Jeremy.” Remedy‟s eyes closed as her lower half lifted off
the bed. “I want you.”
Jeremy shifted on the bed as his length hardened
underneath his towel. Intently staring at his future bride, Jeremy
became mesmerized watching Remedy touch herself. She knew
what it took to get herself off. With him studying her every move
she was willing to take her time and put on a show just for Jeremy.
He watched her middle finger sink into her depth – bit by bit. Her
finger made its way to her pleasurable spot. Her wet walls clamped
around the penetrating finger. From the tip of her finger to the base
knuckle, her entire middle finger was covered in her excitement.
“Jeremy!” Remedy‟s cries grew louder when her curled
finger tickled the back of her clit. The palm of her hand pressed
down on the front of her clit. The release she desperately needed
was fast approaching.
He leaned in closer to kiss Remedy‟s knuckles. The
gushing sound of her finger flying in and out of her sex made his
penis jerk against the mattress. Remedy pulled out her soaked digit
and brought it to her mouth. She polished her lips with her
dripping finger. Not wanting to be left out the steamy scene,
Jeremy slid one of his fingers inside of her. Her hips shot forward
as Jeremy‟s fiddling finger flicked the back of her clit. Remedy
extended her hand to let Jeremy clean off her finger.

24 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

“You know I‟m going to win in the end.”
“I know.” Her hands pushed into his hair. Sliding through
his locks until her nails met his scalp Remedy pulled his head to
her entrance. “But it is fun to make you work for it.”
The tip of his tongue parted her labia and snaked into her
pussy. He dragged it along until her clit rolled over his tongue‟s
flat surface. Remedy grabbed at the sheets covering the bed.
Jeremy‟s tongue slid downward and stopped right at her leaking
hole. Her back arched up as she sharply inhaled. She felt his
tongue change direction and travel over her clit.
“Oh God!” Remedy paid no mind to the neighbors hitting
the halls. Her entire body was consumed by desire. The need for
release became more severe.
Jeremy used two fingers on his right hand to hold
Remedy‟s sugary folds open. Jeremy‟s sly tongue tickled her warm
entrance. His left thumb pressed hard on her clit, circling the
sensitive button. Chills bumps arose all over her smooth skin as her
entire frame shuttered at his touch. She spread her legs as wide as
they possibly could go while thrusting her hips in the air. Her
hands moved down to his shoulders and neck.
Jeremy felt that bubbling orgasm finally starting to hit. His
fiancée couldn‟t hold back any longer. He covered her hands with
his; both of their fingers mauled her breast. He took Remedy‟s clit
between lips again and refused to let go. She wildly bucked –

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 25

screaming her approval – rocking the bed until the headboard
banged against the wall.
“Dear GOD!” The big wave came crashing down over her
body, and it felt so great when it finally hit.
Remedy‟s juices poured out of her and onto the sheets.
Jeremy dipped his tongue in her dripping well. Her hips shot
forward feeling her climax reaching its peak. She dug her nails into
the back of his neck. The creamy liquid slipping from her open slit
kept his mouth busy. Each tongue lash that was intended to clean
her only made her body jerk.
Her legs clamped around his head before falling apart in
defeat. For a brief second, she could not breathe, or move, or
think. Her throbbing lungs began to work overtime to deliver
oxygen to the rest of her body. Remedy pushed at his head, but it
seemed his lips were glued to her body. She pulled the pillow from
underneath her resting head and hit him with it. It took several
whacks before he finally let up.
Jeremy crawled up and rested his bare chest on top of her
breast. “Are you done fighting me now?”
She tried to get her breathing to return to normal. “I guess I
could skip a day.”
Jeremy grinned as he got off the bed. “Go get ready.”
“Our conversation isn‟t over.”
“You may now kiss your bride.”

26 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

All the relatives leaned forward as the couple shared their
first kiss. Several friends and relatives rose to their feet and
applauded the happy couple. As soon as the two separated from
their kiss…
Bang! Bang!
…a loud gunshot rattled the joyful noise.
Remedy‟s eyes opened in the middle of her dream. She
quickly lifted her head from the desk after numerous taps on the
wooden surface. She wiped the hair that blanketed her face to see
the classroom was empty. Holding a twelve inch ruler, Remedy‟s
college professor hovered over the sleepy young woman.
Throughout the entire hour of class Remedy had slowly been
dozing off. How her head made full contact with the desk was a
complete mystery.
“Miss Washington, we can‟t keep doing this.” Her
professor said. “This is the second time you‟ve fallen asleep. If you
want to graduate you need to give this your all.”
“I am focused.” Remedy pulled her body up from the sticky
chair. “It won‟t happen again.”
“If it does I‟ll have no choice but to remove you
Remedy sat in her chilled car wiping her skin with baby
wipes. From her forehead down to her legs, her whole body was
covered in sweat. Every dream began happy, peaceful, and
romantic. Tragically, each took an evil turn right after the couple is

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 27

officially announced “man and wife”. For days she had pushed
herself to stay awake to avoid the night terrors. But the lack of
sleep at night affected her work during the day. The nightmares
were steadily taking over her whole being. The frequent hang up
calls she had to endure did not make the matter any better.
Remedy‟s steamy morning shifted into an annoying
evening. Her dream of being locked away in David's Bridal turned
into a nightmare with her aunt and future mother- in- law arguing.
She did not ask Jeremy‟s mother to tag along. Miss King naturally
offered her unwanted assistance. A dozen times Remedy had
painted a picture of her mother, grandmother, and aunt being
present when she first picked a wedding dress. Tragically, Remedy
only had her aunt. Both her mother and grandparents were
deceased. Nonetheless, if Brenda and Aunt Kimberley found
dresses as well, Remedy could kill two birds with one stone.
“Maybe we should start with a color you both agree on.”
The salesclerk spoke to the two women. “Then we‟ll worry about
the styles.”
Miserably, one bird refused to die with under the stone.
Remedy spent three hours massaging her temple as the older
women debated every dress they saw. Thousands were looked at
while only a few were actually tried on. In the end, every dress the
salesclerk showed them joined the discard heap.
“I‟m looking for a cream dress. Something perfect for the
mother-of-the-bride.” Kimberley said.

28 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

“No. Everyone is wearing a pale blue.”
“I do not remember agreeing to that.” Kimberley‟s arms
folded over her chest.
“Jeremy and Remedy did a while ago.”
“Remedy?” Kimberley poked her head behind the curtain.
The young woman held her gown up to cover herself. “It‟s
not on the invitations. People can wear whatever colors they want.”
“But did you agree to it?”
“We said it might be nice. But the bridesmaids and
groomsmen are already wearing a pale blue. There‟s no reason for
everyone to wear blue.”
Kimberley pulled her head out of the curtain to face
Brenda. “Well, the bride’s family is wearing off white colors.”
“It‟s only two of you.”
Kimberley and Remedy both gasped at the crude remark.
Brenda shook her head. “You are not her mother. As an
actual mother, and since this is my son‟s wedding, I have more
control over this wedding than you do.”
“Well,” Remedy whispered as she overheard everything
being said. “I guess I‟m just the manikin walking to meet him at
the altar.”
The store manager smirked as she helped Remedy into the
Vera Wang dress.
Kimberley clenched her chest as an abrupt pain shot
through her. “You bitch!”

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 29

Through the process of wedding planning, Remedy and her
aunt tried to be considerate. They both understood Brenda only had
one son. Miss King might never get a chance to plan another
wedding after this one. Therefore, Remedy and Kimberley
remained silent whenever the other woman intervened. But
Kimberley could only stay quiet for so long.
“I‟ve tried to be nice.” A rough cough escaped her throat.
“And I‟ve tried to be patient.”
“Ladies!” The store manager came out the dressing room.
Her spiked heels sank into the soft beige carpet with each step.
“The future Mrs. King would like for you two to see her now.”
Remedy stepped out of the dressing room and in the open
space. She stepped onto the small platform for a better look at the
train. She was able to see the gown from different sides due to the
mirrors mounted on the curved walls. The sheer material covering
her cleavage showed a timid amount of skin. She loved the layers
of lace flowing into the train. The delicate beading along the
corseted top was an elegant touch on top of the transparent fabric.
“You look beautiful.” Kimberley complimented with a tear
trickling from her eye. “Your mom and grandma would be so
proud. I wish they could see you now.”
“Stop. You‟re going to make me cry.” Remedy used a
tissue to dab the base of her eyes where the tears welled up.
The tension slowly calmed down as both aunt and motherin- law imagined the ceremony. Another dress wouldn‟t do this

30 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

young woman justice. All that was left was to wait and see how her
dress would go with his suit.
“I think if we take it in a bit more it‟ll be perfect.” The
manager said seeing Remedy holding up the dress.
“Your fiancé is one lucky man.” The salesclerk
“Yes he is.” His mother, Brenda, added. “He‟d never see
the inside of a chapel unless he was invited to a wedding.”
Remedy twirled with the biggest smile on her lips. “I‟m the
lucky one.”

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 31

Chapter Two
Remedy took her time driving home Friday evening. She
hated driving alone at night; especially, in the freezing weather
Philadelphia received. The ice covered streets were hazardous for
her tires. She had to apply the brakes several feet from “Stop”
signs and red lights. She could not take the risk and have her used
tires skid her into the intersection.
Arriving back in the city, Remedy decided to pull off and
pickup dinner. This late at night the only thing she‟d be willing to
cook is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. But with her fiancé‟s
incapability to buy peanut butter or jelly it was Chinese for dinner.
She reached for her charging phone resting in the cup holder.
Remedy parked her silver Dodge Avenger in front of the store. She
dialed the number to Jeremy‟s cell phone.
“Hey babe. When you get this call me back.” Remedy
spoke to leave a message. “I stopped at a store –.”
Her immobile vehicle unexpectedly jerked forward several
inches. Remedy dropped her phone at the abrupt shock. The car
behind her had backed up as if it was going to drive away. Instead,
the driver lined their car up perfectly in the spot behind hers. The
impact from the rear hit didn‟t do any severe damage, but the force
still scared the hell out of her. The driver stepped out his car to
examine the damage. She slid down in her seat to pick up her
fallen phone. She might need pictures of her scratched bumper for

32 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

the insurance company. The fall, however, caused the cell to come
“Perfect.” Remedy stared at the battery and phone in her
A tap on her window made her jump.
She tried to see the stranger‟s faces, but her fogged up
window would not allow it. She could barely understand his
muffled words. Remedy sat in her warm vehicle questioning how
mad she truly was. Would she dare open the door to this stranger?
She could always zoom off and find another store. The stranger
tapped on the glass again. Inhaling deeply, Remedy opened her
door to step out her car.
Remedy tucked the phone pieces in her pocket. She pulled
her coat closed around her neck. Standing up straight she avoided
direct contact with the tall, strapping stranger.
“Are you okay?” There was a chuckle behind the visitor‟s
“Fine.” The chill hit her face immediately.
“Still can‟t look at me, can you?”
“Excuse me.” Remedy lifted her head to look at him.
The whipping wind dried her eyes. Standing in front of a
street light, the bright glare made it even harder to see. The brown
skin on his bare hand was all she could make out.

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 33

“The last time we spoke you said you‟d never look at me
the same way again.” His familiar chuckle was starting to annoy
“Derek Brooks?” She beamed.
“It‟s really Doctor Brooks, but who cares about formal
titles.” He chuckled again.
“I know who you are.” She stepped into his wide arms and
accepted his hug. “I can even look past the fact you rear-ended
“The years have been kind to you.”
“Thank you. They‟ve been good to you too.”
“I try. I guess the single life agrees with me.”
“What happened to Gloria?”
“It…didn‟t work out like we planned.” He said with
another chuckle.
“You‟re surprisingly happy for a divorcee.”
“If I don‟t laugh, I think of the empty bank accounts. The
bitch took everything.”
“Women huh?” Remedy tried to lighten the mood. She
stepped onto the sideway.
Derek shook his head. “Not all are bad. You were always a
good friend.”
“You‟re Jewels‟ big brother.” Remedy looked down at her
shoes whenever he grinned at her. “How could I be rude to you?”

34 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

“Jewelene has no problem being rude to me. She takes
sibling rivalry to a whole new level.”
“She secretly likes you. She praises her big brother all of
the time.” Remedy could feel her throat burning from her lie.
“Really? What does she say?”
“Um…” Remedy searched her memory for something nice
to say. Not one pleasant word sounded like Jewelene. Remedy
abandoned the task.
“It‟s really cold out here.” She rubbed her bare hands
together while walking toward the store. “I better order so I can get
“Sorry.” Derek rushed in front of her to open the door for
her. “I didn‟t mean to take you out of your way.”
“It‟s fine. I‟m actually glad I ran into you. Rather I‟m glad
you ran into me. That must have sound stupid. I‟m sorry if I‟m
rambling. I just really wanted to thank you.”
“For what?”
“After what Mathew did, I wanted to give up. Just throw in
the towel and ignore getting my doctorate. But then Jewels took
me to your graduation. Your valedictorian speech inspired me. I
would have dropped out of school if not for you. ”
“Wow. Jewelene never told me.”
“She doesn‟t even know I wanted to quit.”
Derek chuckles. “I mean, she didn‟t tell me you two were
at my graduation.”

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 35

“She didn‟t want to go. We were talking a road trip and
your mom kept calling. Jewels caved at the last minute. We
blinded in the last row.”
“Either way, I‟m happy I could help you.”
Remedy lost track of how many times her eyes wandered to
her shoes. “Can you explain why you hit my car? I hope you‟re not
trying to start accidents just to save people.”
“I thought you looked familiar; I had to be sure.”
“Charming.” Remedy dug in her pocket for her phone
Derek watched her fiddle with the pieces of her phone. “If I
pay to get your phone will you call me?”
“Why would I call you?”
“We‟re friends, right? Friends call each other.” He dug his
phone out his pocket.
“I don‟t know.”
“Are you afraid of what Jewels will say?” He asked,
referring to his sister.
Remedy nods. “I‟ll never hear the end of it. Jewelene is
extremely sensitive when it comes to loyalty. Calling you behind
her back will be the ultimate betrayal in her eyes. ”
After a frail pause, he spoke again. “Come on. My sister
doesn‟t hate me that much.”
“Why does she hate you at all?” Remedy raised her left
hand to brush a hair strand out of her eyes. “You‟re her brother.”

36 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

Derek saw the ring on Remedy finger, but he was not fazed
in the least. “Who‟s the lucky guy?”
“He‟s a lawyer.”
“That‟s all?”
“What else do you want to know?”
Derek took her hand to examine the small diamond. “Is this
a promise ring or the real deal?”
“If I didn‟t know any better, I‟d think you were jealous Mr.
“Of a promise ring?”
“It‟s not a promise ring.” Remedy put her hand down.
“We‟re getting married in a few months.”
Derek nodded.
“Are you going to answer my question now?”
“What question?”
“Why does Jewels hate you so much?”
“I don‟t know.” Derek steadily shifted toward the other side
of the small store. “In normal families, the youngest child gets
spoiled. Our parents praised me more because I was a good
student. Jewelene was and still is the party girl.”
Remedy nodded.
Nothing else needed to be said. Remedy met Mr. and Mrs.
Brooks only once. They weren‟t even pleased with her 3.8 GPA.
Of course they hated the 2.0 Jewelene had since high school.
Remedy knew her friend loved to drink and kick off her shoes in

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 37

public. During their freshmen year of college, Jewels was
constantly pulling Remedy to frat parties. At the end of each one,
Remedy had to search the house for her friend. It was never fun
dragging Jewelene out from under some horny senior who was
about to get lucky.
“I‟m sorry.” She brushed a dangling hair strand from her
face. “It‟s not fair the way Jewels treats you. I wish I had a sibling.
My parents died before my mom could have my sister. I guess
that‟s why I‟m so close to Jewels. In a way, I need her. ”
“At least she‟s being a sister to somebody.”
“You should call her.”
“Calling her would be a waste of time.”
“I don‟t think so. She honestly does love you, even though
she does not say it. Call her.”
He took a step closer. In the neon lights of the store, Derek
could see the different shades of reddish-brown in her hair. A few
strands blew out from under the hood of her coat. Derek even
acknowledged the black ankle boots on her feet.
“After I call her, can I call you?”
“Let‟s not push our luck.” She stepped back until her back
met the wall.
“What if I get Jewelene‟s approval? Can we talk then?”
Remedy felt a rush from his body being so close to hers.
An overwhelming amount of heat hit her face. She peeked at her
reflection in a store window. Her cheeks were turning red and

38 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

hoped Derek didn‟t notice. She could easily say it was a result of
the cold weather. But she knew he wouldn‟t buy it. She refused to
go down the path with Derek again.
Remedy maneuvered from her trapped space between him
and the wall. “You get Jewelene‟s approval. I‟ll get my fiancée‟s
approval. Maybe then we can talk.”
“Deal. I‟ll call you tomorrow.” Derek left her standing in
the Chinese store.
Standing in the Chinese store, Remedy almost forgot why
she had parked her car. She looked at the pieces of the phone in her
hand. She reassembled the device and waited for it to turn on.
Remedy dialed Jeremy‟s cell again. She waited for his answer as
she looked over the menus.
The ringing phone on the nightstand made her stir in her
sleep. She let her eyes flutter open in the pure blackness of the
room. Her hand reached for her ringing cell phone on the
nightstand. The bright light from the phone irritated her eyes.
“Hello?” She spoke into the phone without checking the
“Did you know?”
She yawned into the speaker of the phone. “What? Know
“That Derek was in town.” Jewelene yelled. “Did you

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 39

“Yes. I told him to call you.” Her fingers ran through her
hair as she tried to sit up.
“He‟s your brother.” She tilted her head to see if Jeremy
was awake.
“I don‟t have a brother!”
“Jewels, it‟s too early. Can you yell at me tomorrow?”
“No! Derek showed up at my house because of you. Why
would you even talk to him?”
“I don‟t know. I was being friendly. I‟m starting to regret
all my friend choices now.”
“I cannot believe you betrayed me like this.”
“Jewels relax. Go have a drink. You‟ll feel better
“Fuck you, Remedy.”
“You‟re overreacting.”
“And you‟re a bitch. If you want to take his side then go
“I‟m not taking anyone‟s side.”
“Really? You didn‟t tell him I treated him unfair? You
never said I was ungrateful for having a brother?”
“Jewels, I‟ll call you tomorrow once you‟ve calmed down.”
She cupped the base of the phone, pulling it closer to her mouth.
Jeremy was stirring beside her. Jewelene‟s rising tone was echoing
in the silence of the dark room.

40 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

“What gives you the right to tell that man anything about
“Jewels, I‟m sorry. I didn‟t think it was that serious. ”
“No! You didn‟t think. You never think of anyone other
than yourself.”
Remedy was suddenly wide awake. “You‟re way out of
“That‟s your problem.” There was a faint laugh hidden
beneath her anger. “Everything in Remedy World is so perfect that
you cannot handle when someone tells you the truth.”
“Goodbye Jewelene.”
“Bye bitch!”
Remedy hung up as her tired body went flat on the bed.
The phone rested on top of the nightstand. Her body was weak, but
her eyelids wouldn‟t close.
“You okay?” Jeremy‟s voice touched her ears.
She tilted her head, but Remedy could not see Jeremy‟s
face in the dark. “I thought I was helping. I just made things
“You‟ll fix it. I know you will.”
“I hope so.”
The morning sun beamed through the curtains only a few
hours later. Her eyes were still shut as Remedy reached for the
ringing phone. Her hand felt the top of the nightstand until she

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 41

found the receiver. Stretching out of her sleep, she grabbed the
phone. Without looking directly at the phone, Remedy pressed the
green button to answer.
“Jewels. No more cursing.” Remedy rolled around under
the warm quilt.
No one greeted her back. Seconds of silence drifted with a
sleepy Remedy holding the phone to her ear.
“You don‟t have much time left.” An altered voice came
from the phone.
“What?” Remedy adjusted her eyes to look at the screen. It
read Unknown with no number to redial. “Who is this?”
“Hold on to him while you can.” The voice said. “You‟ll
die soon.” A loud clash startled her as the caller hung up.
“Damn prank calls.” She put the phone down on the
Her body quivered when she yanked the blanket back. Chill
bumps covered her bare legs when they were hit by the chilled air.
She followed the sound of running water even with her eyes
partially shut. Remedy banged her big toe when she walked into a
wall. She wondered into the bathroom and splashed water from the
sink on her face. The view of her fiancé‟s body was blocked by the
plastic showered curtain.

42 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

Remedy let the lid to the toilet fall before stepping up on it.
She sat on top of the tank with her toes rubbing the soft fabric
covering the lid.
“Good morning” Jeremy poked his wet head out of the
She rubbed at her droopy eyes. “No it‟s not.”
Her head rolled on top of her neck trying to release the
kinks. Opening her eyes Remedy saw Jeremy‟s cell phone resting
on the sink. She grabbed the device while his head was under the
shower head. Remedy stared down at the blacked out screen.
Whenever she tried to awaken the screen, a bulky lock appeared
asking for a pass code. She put herself in his shoes to try and figure
out the code. There was a long list of numbers arrangements he
could have used. Remedy began with the basics: his birthday, her
own birthday, his mother‟s birthday, and then his father‟s. The
phone froze after displaying a warning on the screen.
Incorrect Code. Please wait one minute before try again:
60 second countdown.
“Can I ask you something?”
Jeremy grinned at her through the transparent drape. “Do
you want to get in here with me?”
“No.” Her light colored eyes penetrated through his smug
expression. “Why do you keep your phone locked?”

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 43

The shower curtain was yanked back after the water was
turned off. “Why do you lock yours?” Jeremy stepped onto the mat
right outside the tub.
“It was just a question.” Remedy got his towel off the rack.
“There‟s no need to bring my phone into it.”
She avoided his wet flesh and draped the cloth over his
damp head. Her fingers guided the cloth through his dripping hair.
The towel opened as it glided down to his neck and shoulders. She
let the towel go so he could finish the job himself. Her finger
traced the creases of his abs.
“We should change the house number.”
“I‟m not changing it every year.” Once his head was mostly
dry, he dragged the cloth down his chest and arms.
“Then I‟ll change it.”
“Because of the calls. Doesn‟t it bother you that someone
keeps calling and hanging up?”
He shrugged. “No.”
“Of course you don‟t care. You‟re not the one who has to
answer the phone in the middle of the night.” Remedy turned and
left the bathroom.
“Don‟t storm off like that.” Jeremy followed behind her
into their bedroom.

44 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

“I‟m not storming off. I‟m going back to sleep.” She tried
the birthdays of a few of Jeremy‟s nieces and nephews to unlock
his phone.
He pulled his phone out of her hands.
“Are you going to unlock it for me?”
“As soon as you unlock yours.”
“We‟re having trust issues already?” She grabbed her
beeping phone off the nightstand. “My heart is just breaking.”
“Are you going to unlock it?” Jeremy asked.
Remedy giggled while shaking her head. “There‟s nothing
bad on my phone. You‟re the one who is hiding celebrity sex
“You caught me watching the Pamela Anderson tape once
on my phone and you still haven‟t let it go.”
“I thought it was adorable.” There were several missed
calls and half as many messages waiting. She gradually scrolled
through the text messages. Remedy quickly replied to every other
message on her screen.
“Don‟t say it was adorable.”
“I had no idea a player like you knew how to masturbate.”
She joked. “So there were nights when you went to bed alone.”
He chuckled. “Back in elementary school.”
“You were masturbating in elementary school?‟
“I was twelve.”

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 45

Remedy was ready to put the phone down when a new
voice message came in. “Well, I was eleven and drawing unicorns
back then.”
“Shh.” She pressed in her pass code and brought the phone
to her ear. Her sleep stained eyes met her fiancé‟s gaze. Listening
to the recent message, Remedy‟s eyes widened and she pulled her
attention off of Jeremy.
“You‟re running out of time.” The altered voice was back.
“If you want to see your aunt alive, you‟ll hurry to find her.”
“What now?” Jeremy asked.
“Shh!” Remedy quickly dialed her aunt‟s home number.
“Pick up, pick up, pick up.”
Her nervous hand shook as she waited for an answer. After
three rings, Kimberley‟s machine answered. Refusing to leave a
message, Remedy redialed the number while searching for a pair
of jeans to pull on.
“Please leave a message after the beep.” The machine
spoke to her again.
“Remedy, what‟s wrong?” Jeremy followed the frantic
woman around the room.
“I have to go see my aunt.”
“Is she okay?”
“I don‟t know. There‟s this message saying I‟m running out
of time. It sounds like a prank, but I can‟t be sure. ”

46 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

“Then we‟ll go see her. I‟m sure it‟s nothing serious.”
“And if it is something serious. You don‟t seem like you
“If it is serious we‟ll make up the couch, and your aunt will
move in.”
“I‟ll feel better once I see her.”
The trip to Bucks County was strenuous. Remedy could not
understand the male ego. How hard was it to ask for directions?
Jeremy spent so much money on his high-tech phone; yet, he did
not use the GPS. He missed turns then drove in reverse until he
reached the correct streets. The predicted half hour trip was
extended to two hours. All because Jeremy refused Remedy‟s
offered help.
“Are you ready to turn on the GPS?”
“I don‟t need it.” Jeremy pulled the wheel, making the car
turn left.
Remedy mumbled. “You were supposed to go right.”
“You went the wrong way. It was a right turn.”
Jeremy gripped the gear to shift the automobile into
reverse. Instead of using his rearview mirror, Jeremy turned in his
seat to look out the back window. The car elevated in speed as it
moved backward. His foot slammed on the brake when another car
– appropriately driving forward – nearly crashed into his.
“How did you get your license?” Remedy asked.

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 47

“Let me concentrate.”
“I need to get to my aunt now. So pull over and let me
“I can handle it.”
The couple embraced the light bump when the car abruptly
shifted backward. Jeremy‟s right foot landed hard on the brake
“Can you type the address into the GPS?”
Getting back on track, the two were soon parking in the
hospital lot. The couple spent nearly a half hour waiting to be led
to Kimberley‟s room. Remedy shifted in her stiff seat as her
nervous foot tapped on the ground.
“You need to relax.” Jeremy gripped her hand.
“I hate hospitals.”
“Says the future physician.”
A nurse soon arrived in the waiting room to guide the
couple towards Kimberley‟s room.
“Aunty, are you okay?” Remedy asked entering the room.
“I got a call, and it was so vague I had no idea what to think.”
“Take me home.” The older woman was dressed and ready
to leave.
“No. Are you okay?”
“I‟m fine. I want to be in my own bed.”
“Only the doctor can say when you leave.” Remedy tried to

48 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

“That little boy doesn‟t know anything. I rather die in my
house than have some preteen operating on me.”
“Stop talking like that? No one is dying. I want you to stay
here until you feel better.”
“I feel fine. And I am not a child. I changed your diapers.”
“I know.” Remedy could hear Jeremy chuckling behind
her. “But you are sick.”
“I‟ll take myself home if you won‟t.”
“You‟re a stubborn old woman.”
“Where do you think you get it from?” Kimberley smirked.
Remedy stopped arguing with her aunt and took the woman

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 49

Chapter Three
Madam Kelley went for her regular walk through the
complex halls. The fluffy puppy – named Gigi – walked beside her
feet without a lease. Through her lifetime, Madam Kelley had
mastered the art of spying on the younger residence. Her years of
wisdom and knowledge were admired while her curious antics all
were covered up by her sweet elderly charm. She knew to keep the
things she had discovered to herself. But when information was too
juicy to hold in the dirty laundry would rise to the surface.
She causally traveled down the hallways to overhear the
conversations taking place in the different apartments. Her hearing
aid was on, and her gray curls hid the gadget in her ear. She waited
for a scandalous story to catch her attention. The elevator beeped
as it stopped on the third floor. Madam continued to walk the
opposite direction until Gigi ran back to the elevator.
“Thanks for helping me move in, Jeremy.” A young
Hispanic woman stepped off the elevator. “I owe you one.”
Jeremy carried a box off the elevator and followed the
young woman. “I‟m always out to help a damsel in distress.”
Angelica giggled while feeling on his arm. “I‟ll have to call
you more often when I need heavy lifting done. You‟re so strong.”
Gigi sank her tiny carnivorous teeth into Jeremy‟s pants
leg. She tugged on his pants as if she knew he was heading in the
wrong direction. With a growl and hasty shaking head, the puppy
dug her claws into the carpeted floor for support. It was her way of

50 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

warning him to turn and run while he could. A few steps further
and it might be difficult for him to leave.
“Let that boy go, Gigi.” Madam scolded the dog like it was
one of her children.
Jeremy chuckled. “No harm done.”
“What brings you down to this floor? I thought Remedy
moved you upstairs.”
“She did. But I had to come visit you.”
Madam pinched his cheek. “You always were the charmer.
I hope you‟re keeping those charms to yourself.”
“Yes Ma‟am.”
Madam Kelley nodded. “How is the bride-to-be doing? Is
the new school treating her well?”
“She spends more time there than at home.”
Angelica coughed to get Jeremy‟s attention back on her.
All this talk of Remedy was making her sick. When his fiancée
wasn‟t around, only Angelica‟s name should slip out of Jeremy‟s
mouth. She felt that way about every man she was with.
Jeremy looked at her. “Madam Kelley this is your new
neighbor, Angelica. She‟s my sister‟s friend.”
“You have to give me more details than that. You know
you have a whole football team of sisters.”
“My youngest sister, Katrina.”
“Oh. Little Katrina is seventeen now. How old are you?”

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 51

“I‟m nineteen.” Angelica said. “I knew Katrina long before
I graduated high school.”
Neither woman extended a welcoming hand to shake.
“Well, it is nice to meet you. Everybody calls me Madam. If you
need anything, don‟t be afraid to knock on my door.”
Angelica plastered a smile in her face as she nodded.
“I‟m going to continue my walk now. C‟mon Gigi.”
The pug followed her owner with her joyful tail wagging
and little paws skipping.
Jeremy and Angelica had reached the door to her new
home. Once she got the door unlocked the two disappeared from
Madam‟s sight.
“That old lady is weird.” Angelica whispered.
Madam Kelley wanted to go back to give the little girl a
piece of her mind. Instead, Madam decided to keep an ear on
things. The little tramp‟s outfit alone read trouble. Her fitting jeans
and tiny leather jacket made it clear she was up to something.
Madam dragged her feet to insure she didn‟t move too fast. As she
walked back to her own home, she turned her hearing aid up. She
could hear their voices before she even got close to the door.
Angelica stood with her back against the closed door. She
watched Jeremy add the box to the others lined up along the wall.
Her eyes wondered over his muscular form when he took his coat
off. Angelica imagined ripping his shirt off and feeling his bare
skin up against hers.

52 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

She licked her lips then ran a finger over her bottom one.
“It‟s hard to believe you and Katrina are related.”
“A lot of people say that.” Jeremy straightened the boxes so
they wouldn‟t fall.
Angelica kicked off her sneakers. “Your dad has such
strong features. You‟d think Katrina would look more like him.”
“I don‟t know what to tell you. We have different moms, so
I guess that‟s where she gets her features from.”
“Are you two closest?”
“We try to be?”
“I bet she never told you about the crush I had on you.”
“No. I had no idea you liked me.”
“When I was younger I thought you were the cutest
teenager I knew. But I‟m older now, and I realize I was wrong.”
He looked over at her. “Really?”
She nodded. “You‟re the sexiest man I know, in general.
He grinned as he pulled his attention away from her.
“Why are you marrying that girl?” Angelica giggled. “Is it
because she‟s black like your mom?”
“If Remedy was anything like my mom I would never
touch her.” Jeremy laughed. “Her being black has nothing to do
with it.”
Angelica thought about her next move as she took off her
leather jacket. “Thanks again for your help.”
“You can stop thanking me. You‟re like family.”

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 53

“Really?” Angelica stripped out of her shirt. “And what
family role do I play?”
Jeremy turned from aligning the boxes. “What are you
“I‟m getting comfortable in my new place.” Angelica slid
her jeans down until she could kick them off. “Feel free to do the
“C‟mon stop. Put your clothes back on.”
“That girl doesn‟t deserve you.” Angelica played with pink
trimming running down the length of her stomach.
“You know I‟m about to get married.”
“Your sister said you‟ve been engaged for years. Why are
you so sure you‟re still getting married in April?”
Jeremy stared at the young woman nearly nude in front of
him. He felt an immediate conflict between right and wrong. He let
Angelica move closer until her lace covered C-cups brushed
against his shirt. Jeremy did not flinch when her arms wrapped
around his neck. The faithful part of him wanted to leave. He had
been doing so well being faithful in their relationship. But Jeremy
had a tender spot in his heart due to Remedy‟s sudden distance.
“C‟mon, I‟m not like your exes.” Angelica giggled as she
pulled his hands up to her waist. “Whatever we do right now will
be done right after; no strings attached.”
She captured his mouth with her own. His hands slithered
up her back as he lightened up to the idea of an affair. Angelica felt

54 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

his jeans vibrate against her thigh. She reached in his pocket for his
phone then scowled at the caller ID.
“Aww! It‟s your girlfriend.”
What were the odds Remedy would call when he decided to
have a little freedom? As he looked down at the young woman
before him, Jeremy debated answering his phone. If he didn‟t
waste time answering, he could be in and out of Angelica before
complications arose. Then again, if he did pick up he‟d be able to
monitor how close to home Remedy was.
“Want me to talk to her?”
Jeremy snatched the phone and lost his nerve. Leaving the
half- naked Angelica alone in her new home, Jeremy took the stairs
down to the lobby of the building. He needed to get some fresh air
before going home. He bumped into Madam Kelley on the steps as
he came down. She gave him a sore glance while mentioning his
wife had parked in the garage.
He went for a stroll to avoid running into Remedy when he
got into his own car. He knew the intense weather could not work
miracles. However, Jeremy hoped the chilled air would help clear
his conscious a bit. A sharp pain in his chest told him that Madam
Kelley might have let a word or two slip about where he was. He
unhurriedly walked through the neighborhood, letting the cold hit
his face and bare hands. The brutal hail falling over him was a
better punishment than an argument with Remedy.

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 55

It was 11:45pm on the dot when he finally made his way
home. Remedy was asleep on the bed with a blanket only covering
from her knees down. His Eagles’ jersey covered her top half.
Tons of notebook paper and a few textbooks were spread out all
around her. There was a highlighter tucked behind her ear with a
pencil ready to fall out her dangling hand. He was not sure how to
feel seeing Remedy cuddling up with the second love of her life.
There was a bit of guilt for letting his eyes wander and then anger
for Remedy obsession with late night studying.
Jeremy stacked the paper and school supplies up on the
dresser. He stripped from his chilled clothes and pushed them into
the clothes hamper. After disrobing, he still couldn‟t get in bed
with Remedy. Jeremy walked into the bathroom, keeping the lights
off as he turned on the shower. Standing under the showerhead,
Jeremy let the heated water plummet down on his skin. Deep in his
mind he felt the greatest discomfort as he thought about Angelica.
If Remedy had not called, would he have stayed in that
apartment with Angelica? What did Remedy already know about
the new tenant in the building? Could he really go against his
younger sister and sleep with her friend? She was the same friend
who just became his neighbor and would probably run into his
future wife soon. She was also living next door to the eldest – and
most annoying – resident in the building. There were so many
boundaries he‟d be crossing by sleeping with this one girl. A
number of people would be hurt if he slipped up.

56 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

He turned off the water when he finished his shower. In the
bedroom, he slipped into a pair of boxers. Jeremy watched Remedy
move around in her sleep, desperate to find comfort. He couldn‟t
bring himself to lay in bed with her while Angelica danced around
in his head. Jeremy pulled the blanket up over Remedy‟s
shoulders. He leaned in to kiss her forehead, but his lips could not
touch her skin. He turned and went back to the couch without
another sound or gesture.
Her eyes fluttered open to see nothing but darkness.
Remedy turned in the empty bed and saw it was just approaching
midnight. Jeremy was not lying next to her in their bed. All of her
books were on the dresser and she was tucked away under the
covers. She shifted out of bed and pulled the blanket with her. The
quilt dragged along the floor as she walked down the narrow
Entering the living room, Remedy saw Jeremy asleep on
the couch. One of his legs stretched out over the arm of the chair.
His arm was draped over his eyes and soft snores came out of his
mouth. Only wearing a pair of boxer shorts, her 6- foot fiancé
looked uncomfortable on the sofa. Instead of waking him, Remedy
lifted the jersey up and over her head. She stood in front of the
couch in nothing but her bare skin.
She felt the hairs on Jeremy‟s legs the first time she
reached for him in the dark. Jeremy stirred in his sleep at the light

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 57

touch. On her hands and knees, Remedy climbed onto the couch.
Her fingers walked up his inner thigh. As her hands reached his
boxers, her knuckles brushed against his resting length. Her fingers
kept moving up. Her fingers looped into the waistband of his
“What are you doing?” Jeremy moved his arm off his face
to look down at her.
“I missed you today.” She changed direction and climbed
up his frame. Her full breasts pressed into his chest. Pulling the
blanket up over their heads, Remedy leaned in to whisper in his
ear. “Why didn‟t you come to bed?”
“You were snoring too loud.” His playful joke was the only
thing he could come up with.
“I do not snore.”
His thick fingers became entwined in her auburn hair. One
firm tug pulled her head back. His flat tongue drew a damp line
from her cleavage to her chin. Remedy gasped as his hardening
length rose between her legs. Peeking out the flap of his shorts, his
throbbing tip brushed her covered sex. Her eyes shut and her body
shuddered at his touch. Remedy let her body mold around his.
Polished fingernails scraped down both his arms. Her teasing lips
left a trail of kisses along his jaw. She could feel his exposed chest
and abdomen rise and fall underneath her.
Her delicate hand slithered in-between their mashed bodies.
Through the material of his shorts, she stroked his growing

58 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

erection. Remedy‟s lips touched Jeremy‟s ear as she whispered
sweet nothings to him. Her manicured finger vanished into the
opening of his boxers and brushed against his solid flesh. Yearning
for her touch the muscle jolted against her hand. Remedy‟s lips
dabbed along his neck as her hand curled around his sex. She
whispered one last word prior to drifting down his abdomen.
His heavy breath came deep out his throat. It felt so good
having her tender flesh wrapped around his most intimate
possession. Jeremy lifted his hips when she gripped the waistband
of his boxers. He helped her maneuver the shorts down his legs. In
the dark – underneath the bedspread – she came face to face with
his beautiful piece of meat. The striped pattern garment was
thrown to the floor.
Puckered lips kissed his tip as her hand massaged the
pulsing base. Remedy pushed the stiff muscle up against his
stomach. Her tongue flicked out to lick the ridged skin. Her
exploring tongue savored the taste of his solid flesh. Wrapping her
lips around his bulbous tip, her eyes instantly close out the dark
surrounding them. Remedy sucked the head of his member into her
mouth. Jeremy‟s meaty flesh slowly disappeared between her
salvia polished lips.
His hips rose off the cushion. One hand rested on top of her
bobbing head. His other hand drifted down to move the hair out of
her eyes. Even in the dark, he wanted her face to be displayed and
not hidden by her curls. Her shapely nose flattened as it pressed

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 59

into the base of his abdomen. The heat coming off his groin rushed
to her flushed cheeks. Her gifted throat engulfed him until her nose
brushed against the base of his stomach. Remedy held her head
still. Her throat tightened around his head as the suction of her
jaws took care of the rest.
Remedy‟s right hand steadily rubbed over her damp
clitoris. A low hum vibrated her mouth as she steadily pulled her
head out of his lap. Two of her fingers slithered inside her moist
center. Her fingers worked themselves deeper into her wet
entrance. She ground her hips as she rode her own fingers. Her
tongue rolled along the base of his shaft as she moaned around
him. Jeremy could feel his control slipping. She felt his hips buck
forward when he lost control of himself. Her eyes shut as took
pride in her work.
Both of his hands gripped her hair, pushing her face closer
to his stomach. He released a deep moan from his throat. Remedy
was taken over by her own intense orgasm and let out a muffled
scream around him. Pulling him out her mouth, she watched his
body relax and his member deflate. Both of her hands grabbed the
base and Remedy kissed the head one last time before climbing up.
“Are you coming to bed now?” She asked while yanking
the blanket off her head.
Jeremy roughly tugged Remedy‟s hair before capturing her
lips. Their tongues dueled for control. The lustful dance of their
tongues ends when her teeth sink into his bottom lip. She applies

60 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

slight force to the light touch. Remedy pulled her head back and
his lower lip slipped free from her grip.
“You have to give me a minute.”
She giggled. “Take your time.”
Her cheek rested against his chest as her eyelids shut out
the darkness. Jeremy's arms wrapped around her, sheltering
Remedy in his warm embrace. Their bodies lightly pushed and
pulled each other as their heartbeats harmonized. Remedy easily
fell asleep with Jeremy‟s arms around her. He, however, could not
close his eyes without images of Angelica‟s half naked body
coming to his mind.
Ring! Ring! Ring!
The clock on the wall read 1:15 am. The house phone‟s
loud ringer shook them from their slumber. Remedy did not want
to be bothered with the prankster. She felt Jeremy‟s body shifting
underneath hers and decided to let him handle it for once.
Suddenly, she felt her nostrils being squeezed together blocking
her airway. She slapped at whatever was in front of her nose. Her
nostrils became blocked again. Remedy opened her eyes to see
Jeremy holding her nose.
Remedy pulled away and slapped his hand. “What are you
“Answer the phone.”
“Why can‟t you answer it?”
“I‟m sleeping.”

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 61

She tried to sit up. “Jeremy, I‟m looking at you. Your eyes
are wide open.”
He closed his eyes.
“You‟re so childish.”
Remedy pulled herself higher up on Jeremy‟s frame. Right
beside the arm of the couch was an end table that the other landline
sat on. Her arm extended out to reach the phone. With a leg lying
on both sides of his waist, her naked love box came to rest on his
stomach. She paid no mind to the sudden awakening of Jeremy‟s
lower half. Her breast swayed over his face with her diamond
nipples brushing against his nose and lips. Remedy hardly noticed
when his hands came to her hips.
“I can‟t reach.”
“You didn‟t even try.”
“If I try anymore, I‟ll be sitting on your face.”
He grinned. “I don‟t mind.”
“Please. Can you answer it?” She pouted.
Jeremy reached behind his head to pick up the house
phone. He put it to his ear and greeted the caller. “Who is this?”
“Jeremy?” The caller was shocked when she heard his
voice. There was no need to alter her voice. She wanted him to
speak directly to her.
“H-h-hi Jeremy.”
Once Jeremy heard the female voice he handed the phone
to Remedy. “It‟s your girlfriend. She sounds drunk.”

62 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

“Poor Jewels.” With Derek in town, Remedy could only
imagine how much hair Jewelene probably pulled out of her head.
“Jewels are you okay?”
“Put Jeremy back on the phone.”
That wasn‟t Jewelene‟s voice. “Who is this?”
The drowsiness – that was just bringing her down – faded.
She was wide awake when she heard the stranger speak. Remedy‟s
tone became aggressive when she realized it was not her friend on
the phone.
“Can you just put him back on the phone?”
Jeremy‟s hands massaged the plump flesh of her ass. His
tongue was busy teasing her nipples.
“No, I can‟t. Who is this?” That voice was so familiar, but
Remedy could not put her finger on it.
The caller hung up as Remedy‟s voice rose.
“What‟s wrong?” Jeremy became alert when Remedy got
off of him. “Who was on the phone?”
“It was your girlfriend; not mine.” Dragging the blanket
along the floor, Remedy went back in her bedroom.
“What‟s that supposed to mean?”
The bedroom door slamming shut was her response to his
She leaned against the wooden dresser the next morning,
already clothed for the day. Jeremy stood beside her, spraying on
his cologne. Remedy‟s mood had completely changed after the call

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 63

last night. Not even the sound of their breathing could be heard.
She slid back on the dresser until her feet hovered over the floor.
Remedy looked down at her dangling feet, then up at him, and then
down again.
Jeremy mocked her actions. He paused what he was doing,
looked over at her, and then did it all over again. When she looked
up then down one last time, Jeremy finally decided to speak out.
“What‟s wrong?”
Her eyes locked on her swinging feet. “I really think we
should change the house phone‟s number.”
“I‟m not changing it every year.”
“Well, let‟s disconnect it altogether.”
“That‟s a bit extreme.” Jeremy‟s fingers massaged his
temple, trying to ease the building tension. “We always change it,
and the calls keep coming.”
“Well, figure out who keeps calling and stop it.”
Jeremy smirked while checking himself in the mirror again.
“I have to?”
“She‟s calling for you, Jeremy. So yes, you have to stop it.”
He let out a sigh.
“Don‟t do that.”
He suddenly chuckled. “What I do?”
“You‟re huffing like a toddler who doesn‟t want to do what
his parents told him to.”
“You‟re unreasonable.”

64 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

“You‟re right.” She slid off the dresser. “I‟m crazy and
“You said crazy. Not me.”
“It doesn‟t matter. From now on, you can wake up at
midnight to answer the phone.”She exited the room.
He mumbled. “That is not going to happen.”
“What you say?” Quickly, her head popped back through
their doorway.
He cursed her sharp hearing while he looked at her through
the mirror. “I‟ll handle it.”
“I thought that‟s what you said.” She left from the room.
He looked at the open door through the mirror, checking to
see if she was really gone. “I might forget.”
“If you forget, you‟re sleeping on the couch.” Her voice
had rushed to his ears before the front door slammed close.

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 65

Chapter Four
“Hold the door.”
Jeremy held out his hand to keep the doors from closing.
“I‟m surprised you waited.” Angelica stepped into the steel
box with a grin on her face. “I thought you‟d let the doors close on
He pressed the three and then the five. “That would be
rude. We can‟t avoid each other.”
“Really?” She massaged her fingers through her hair as her
pastel cheeks reddened. “I kind of thought you were avoiding me.”
“No. I‟ve just been busy. If you need help with anything,
you can still call me.”
Angelica grinned. “That‟s good to know. Can I call you
today? Maybe later?”
He remained quiet.
“And now he‟s uncomfortable.”
“You don‟t make me uncomfortable.” Jeremy didn‟t even
look at her.
“So you‟ll come over later on? I really do need help around
the apartment.”
“Yeah. I‟ll be there at six.”
“Are you going to rush home afterward?”
“I live right upstairs. There‟s no need to rush.”
“Good. I thought your girlfriend might give you a curfew.
That is if you even tell her where you‟re going later.”

66 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

“No one gives me a curfew.”
“That‟s good to know.” Angelica suddenly stepped closer
to him. “I‟m sorry.”
The elevator slowly crept up to the third floor. The two
stayed on opposite sides of the box.
“For what?” His eyes were still forward.
“For what I did the other day. I was totally out of line. I
guess I was just excited to be alone with my crush.”
He chuckled. “It happens.”
“It shouldn‟t have. And then I tried to talk to your
girlfriend. That was a big mistake. First rule of being a mistress:
never socialize with the wife.”
He did not laugh when she did.
“Jeremy, it was a joke. I‟m not trying to ruin your
“I‟m just your crush, right?”
“Exactly.” Angelica saw him inch away. “Your girlfriend
must be really secure with your relationship. I mean, she‟d be
crazy to go out and look for another guy. But no one would blame
you if your eyes were to wander.”
Unable to respond with words, Jeremy chuckled again.
“How offend does she say “I love you‟. I bet she does not
do it enough.”
He glanced down at his feet and then up at the climbing
numbers. He looked at everything in the elevator but at Angelica.

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 67

“I know how hard it must be. I‟m sure you tell her every
day that you love her. Her response is probably just to walk away.
When was the last time you two actually sat and talked without a
cell phone ringing?”
“You ask a lot of questions.” He declared.
She stepped closer. “I still have a crush on you. I know you
have a girlfriend and all. And I think it‟s great that you‟re faithful
to her. I just hope she appreciates you. The same way I would if I
were your girlfriend.”
The elevator stopped on the third floor. Angelica grinned at
him as she shifted toward the doors. They opened for her to depart.
“By the way.” She turned to catch the doors before they
shut her out. “I‟m a four time regional cheerleading champion. I‟m
very limber. It‟s just something for you to think about.”
She stepped back and let the doors close. Angelica waited
for the doors to shut completely before walking toward her new
Instead of running after the young woman, Jeremy lingered
behind wiping sweat off his brow. “That girl is going to be the
death of me.”
He rested his back against the steel wall. He imagined one
of Angelica‟s legs resting behind her head as the other propped up
on his shoulder. His manhood hardened in his jeans. Jeremy
wanted to reach out and hit the number three on the wall. His hand
curled into a fist, keeping his twitching fingers at bay. A heavy

68 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

exhale escaped his lungs as the elevator opened to the fifth floor.
He just dodged another bullet.
She opened the door to her apartment a bit upset. Was she
losing her touch? Jeremy should have been crawling to her door by
now. Nina kept calling, demanding updates on the task she gave
Angelica. A few times Angelica answered, the two sisters throw
nasty words back and forth. Angelica could not give Nina what she
wanted if Jeremy did not take the bait. Nina pushed her to work
harder. Angelica always said she would, and each time she came
up empty.
“Isn‟t this a nice surprise!” Angelica gasped as she stepped
into her bedroom.
Lying on Angelica‟s bed was her girlfriend of three years.
The one secret that not even Nina knew about. Unaware that
Angelica had entered the room, the young woman laid on
Angelica‟s bed with headphones covering her ears. Leaping onto
the bed, Angelica startled her girlfriend when she straddled her.
“I don‟t remember giving you a key.” She peeled the
headphones off of her head.
“Like a key is going to keep me out.”
Angelica giggled. “I thought we agreed to a few days
“A day away from you drives me nuts. Do you really think
I can handle a week?”

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 69

“But still, a deal is a deal.” Angelica rolled off of her. “Get
The young woman struck Angelica‟s butt. “You are not
kicking me out.”
“I am. Now go.” Angelica closed her eyes with a grin on
her face. She knew the other woman wasn‟t going anywhere.
“Are you expecting someone to come over later?”
“Maybe.” Angelica shifted to look at her.
“Just this guy I met.”
Her girlfriend struck her again. “You wanted time apart so
you can experiment with some random guy?”
“You‟re cute when you‟re jealous.” Angelica rolled over,
lying directly on her girlfriend‟s legs.
“Angelica, if you want to break up just say it. I‟m not going
to cry and slap you.”
She ignored the question. Angelica rose up on her hands
and knees. With one finger, she touched her girlfriend‟s chin.
Angelica‟s lips touched hers, and she could feel her girlfriend
“I hate when you do that.”
Angelica‟s hands disappeared underneath her girlfriend‟s
skirt. “I know. But you always forgive me.”
“Maybe I should stop forgiving so easy.” She let Angelica
pull her panties down.

70 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

“You should. I don‟t mind kissing your ass until you
forgive me.” Pulling the silk material down, Angelica left the
undergarment dangling from an ankle.
Her girlfriend‟s legs spread, putting her naked sex on
display. Angelica slapped away her lover‟s hand when she touched
herself. She wanted to be the only person to see, touch, and taste
everything she saw in front of her. Inhaling deeply as she leaned
in, Angelica pressed her nose against the polished clit.
“How long has it been?”
“Too long.” Her girlfriend entwined her fingers in
Angelica‟s thick hair.
Angelica began to sloppily lick at her lover. Angelica‟s
tongue drove in deep searching for the sweet essence that she
loved about this woman. As if dying of dehydration, her tongue
frantically moved over the other woman‟s cunt. The liquid that
oozed from her sex only satisfied Angelica to a degree. Angelica‟s
greedy mouth made the young woman‟s squirm. She tried to inch
away, but Angelica‟s lips were locked on her clit.
“Ohhh Angelica!” She squealed as a tear rolled down her
cheek. “Ooh God.”
Her face was soaked; the perfect match to her lover‟s sex.
Angelica‟s fingers found the wet opening to her lover‟s cunt. Her
nose rubbed against the throbbing clit. Her lover‟s body twisted
and squirmed as Angelica prying fingers sank deeper into her

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 71

She gasped for air when Angelica slipped a second finger
inside her sex. Her toes curled as her head fell back. Her legs
clamped around Angelica‟s head when her orgasm hit. Angelica‟s
body trembled against the other woman‟s as she found her own
sexual release without even being touched. She sucked the other
woman‟s outer labium into her mouth, nibbling and kissing them
until her girlfriend saw stars. The woman almost jumped out of her
skin when Angelica suddenly pulled away and climbed up her
slender frame.
“I forgive you.” Her girlfriend grabbed Angelica‟s head.
“You really didn‟t have a choice.” Angelica giggled.
Jeremy tolerantly sat in his car outside one of the
university‟s many libraries. Jeremy checked his phone frequently,
waiting for an update. The spyware he installed on Remedy‟s
phone sent him alerts whenever she used her machine. Since she
was practically lost without her phone, Jeremy got to see more than
he needed. Remedy used it every second of the day whether it was
searching the web to adding numbers on her calculator.
For the past month, he‟d been reading all of her text
messages, notes, and emails. Jeremy was even able to see where
she was and went using her cell‟s GPS. Every afternoon she
claimed to be visiting Kimberley. There were days when the older
woman was better and other days she seemed to get worse.
Whenever Jeremy requested he drive with Remedy, his girlfriend

72 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

demanded to go alone. Ever since he refused to disconnect their
landline, Remedy had been giving him the cold shoulder.
Jeremy‟s phone vibrated, alerting him of an agenda change
on Remedy‟s device: Lunch @ Ristorante Panorama.
From a distance, he saw his fiancée leaving out of the
library. He turned the key in the ignition as Remedy got into her
own car. Driving two cars behind hers, Jeremy followed Remedy
through Center City. His phone beeped in the passenger seat. This
time it was a message specifically for him. Waiting at a stop light,
Jeremy checked the new text.
Sorry, but something came up. The text was from Remedy.
We’ll have to reschedule our lunch. Love you.
A variety of turns and stops lights made Jeremy lose track
of her car. He made a sharp left and saw his future wife stepping
out of her parked car. He parked as he watched Remedy entered a
building. He took his time getting out of the vehicle and walking
down the street. He reached the Penn‟s View door. He entered to a
large group of people crowding around in the lobby.
Remedy was nowhere in sight.
Several young woman and gentlemen gathered in the foyer.
All of them were dressed in business causal. Despite his casual
attire, Jeremy was able to blend in with a group. He had not
noticed a familiar set of almond eyes looking at him. The young
woman waved at him, and he didn‟t acknowledge the gesture. She
smiled, yet he did not grin back. The girl excused herself from the

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 73

conversation she was currently in. With a flip of her black hair, the
young woman casually walked toward Jeremy. Even with her
standing directly next to him, Jeremy had not seen the teenager.
She punched his shoulder playfully at first but soon applied more
“What the hell!” Jeremy massaged his arm while glancing
down at the girl.
“It‟s sad when a guy doesn‟t notice his baby sister waving
at him.” She shook her head.
Jeremy had lost his focus quickly after she began speaking.
“What are you doing here?”
“I got a room.” Katrina waited for her brother to react to
her words; instead, Jeremy continued to look around. “All right.
What‟s wrong with you?”
“What? Nothing! Why are you here?”
“I‟m shadowing dad for the day.” Katrina shrugged her
shoulders. “But he pushed me off onto these other sad kids.”
“Where is Jesus now?”
“In the wine bar.” The young woman could see the
hopelessness written on her brother‟s face. “Okay, let‟s just kill the
elephant in the room. If you‟re having an affair, -”
“I‟m not!”
“Oh. Well if you were, you could tell me. I would
understand; well, I‟d pretend to understand for your benefit.”
“I think Remedy is.”

74 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

A dramatic snicker escaped from Katrina‟s throat. “I know
you‟ve gone crazy now. We all know you‟d bang someone else
before she would.”
In the middle of a giggle, Remedy unexpectedly appeared
in the sights of the brother and sister. Her arm was knotted around
another man‟s. Katrina was ready to debate that the two were most
likely just friends. But all Jeremy could see was Remedy‟s slender
limb wrapped comfortably around a muscular bicep. He assumed
her coat was wherever the two had just come from since it was not
on or with her. Jeremy watched Remedy‟s frame move toward the
front desk. As if mocking her lurking fiancé, she pulled the other
man along when the stranger steadied his pace.
Without her coat Remedy was able to show off her black
and white dress. Her outfit flattered her curvaceous silhouette. Her
bare legs and arms were on display for all eyes to see. Remedy and
her acquaintance leisurely walked around the group clouding the
entrance. Their individual attention was locked on each other; no
one else.
Briefly shifting her focus to the desk clerk, Remedy asked
for the key to a certain room. The woman behind the desk held out
a key card after verifying Remedy‟s identification. The man
accepted the card previous to Remedy pulling it away from him.
She secured the card in her clutch prior to looping her arm around
the man‟s again. The two finished their walk through the lobby
toward the hotel‟s restaurant: Ristorante Panorama.

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 75

“Before you get angry,” Katrina jumped in front of her
brother to stop him from following. “Remember things could
always be worse.”
Katrina opened her mouth but could not think of anything
useful. “Give me a minute, and I‟ll come up with something.”
Jeremy walked pass his little sister to follow the couple.
“She didn‟t kiss him. That‟s a good sign.” Katrina tugged at
his jacket only to have Jeremy drag her along behind him. “What
are you going to do?”
Jeremy cracked his knuckles. “When you see blood you‟ll
know what I did.”
“Daddy will be so mad at you.” Katrina gasped as she got
in front of him again. “You‟re supposed to be the face of our
family‟s law firm. What is wrong with you?”
Jeremy stopped near the restaurant entrance to think as his
sister nagged in his ear. “Another man is with my wife.”
“She‟s not your wife yet.” Katrina snapped. “I love
Remedy. I do. But you cannot throw punches at every guy you see
her hugging. You don‟t know for sure what‟s going on. If
anything, get the proof and confront Remedy at home.”
“I‟m not waiting that long.” He walked around her.
“Then go ahead. Go beat the hell out of that guy, and
accuse your girlfriend of cheating on you.”

76 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

From the doorway, Jeremy could see Remedy and the other
man settling down at the table. The stranger helped Remedy into
one of the four seats at the table before he took his own. A waitress
approached the table to take the pair‟s order quickly after. Remedy
continued to smile as the two restarted their previous conversation.
Jeremy stared as Remedy ran her fingers through her hair. The
other man reached across the table to take hold of her hand and
Jeremy‟s rage reached an all new high.
“You women always stick together. I guess you put each
other before your own relatives.” He stormed out of the restaurant
then out of Penn‟s View altogether.
Katrina paid no heed to when her brother bumped her on
his way out. She applauded his will to leave instead of confronting
the duo at the table. Katrina couldn‟t leave the hotel because her
father had the car keys. So she decided to do some research, and
get to the bottom of this affair. Releasing a hefty load of air
through her nose, Katrina calmly walked deeper into the restaurant.
“Speaking of evil little sisters.” Remedy stood – with a
large grin on her face – when she saw Katrina approach the table.
“How are you?”
Katrina‟s confidence stride slowed when she saw Remedy
stood up. Remedy startled the young woman when she wrapped
her arms around her in a friendly embrace. The older woman was
not nervous at all that Katrina walked up to the table. Not even

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 77

Katrina believed the two were just friends. Remedy was genially
glad to see the future in- law.
“I‟m good.” Katrina hesitantly answered. “I was about to
have lunch with my dad, but I think he‟s found another baby maker
in the bar.”
“Do you want to join us? My aunt is on her way down, and
I‟m sure Derek doesn‟t mind.”
“No, I don‟t.” He pulled out Katrina‟s seat. “You‟re
Remedy‟s family after all.”
“Derek?” Katrina steadily sat down as the familiar name
lingered on her tongue.
“Dr. Derek Brooks.” He held out his hand once he sat back
down. “You might know my sister, Jewelene.”
“Wow! You‟re Jewels‟ big brother.” The teenager laughed.
“I would have never guessed.”
He chuckled. “Why is that?”
“The way Jewels talks about you, I swore you were this
disgusting, dirty -” Katrina stopped when she felt Remedy kick her
foot. “I mean a very successful man. Sorry.”
As if on cue the waitress came to the table carrying a tray.
She gently placed the three previously ordered drinks on the table.
She lingered for a second to make sure everything was fine then
took off to another table.
Remedy picked up her glass of white wine, ready to take
her first sip. The rim of the glass had not touched Remedy‟s lips

78 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

when it was taken away. The rush of air startled her before she
could comprehend what just happened.
“Thank God!” Katrina rapidly sipped the wine.
Derek asked, “Is she old enough to drink?”
“No.” Remedy took the glass back and slid the ice tea she
ordered for her aunt in front of Katrina. “She‟s barely eighteen.”
“I‟ve been eighteen for five months.” Katrina used a napkin
to wipe her mouth.
Derek‟s phone rang. He excused himself from the table to
answer it.
Remedy looked at the young girl. “Your dad didn‟t bring
anyone else out for lunch?”
“I‟m shadowing him for a school project. I had no idea I‟d
get dragged into lunch with a bunch of kids and their parents from
other firms. But on another topic,” Katrina coughed. “Why are you
two having lunch together?”
Remedy pushed Katrina‟s hair back to look at the girl‟s
ears. “Sorry. I thought your brother was telling you what to say
through an earpiece.”
“Why would you think that?” Katrina laughed as she fixed
her hair.
“He left so fast I thought he sent you in here to spy on me. ”
Katrina sipped the tea. “You saw him?”

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 79

“Have you smelled his cologne? He damn near showers in
it every morning.” Remedy giggled. “I admit I touched Derek a
little too much. But that‟s what Jeremy gets for spying on me.”
“I told him he was crazy. Nobody is cheating on anybody.”
“I‟m not cheating on your brother.”
“You can‟t blame him for thinking that way.” Katrina tried
to lighten the mood with a giggle. “You are in a hotel with another
man. I honestly thought you two were planning a threesome.”
“I‟m here with my aunt. I arranged this lunch for her to
meet Derek.”
Katrina could see how distraught Remedy was over Jeremy
not trusting her. Before she could ask another question, Derek
rejoined the two women at the table.
“Is everything all right?”
“Everything‟s fine. I‟m just a big slut in my fiancé‟s eyes.”
Remedy finished her entire glass of wine then raised the glass for
another one.
“Why is Aunt Kimberley meeting with you?”
Remedy opened her mouth to explain, yet no words came
out. Only air escaped from her throat when she tried to speak. She
tried over five times to say something, yet there was no use. It was
too hard for her to talk about Kimberley‟s condition.
Derek‟s hand covered Remedy‟s for comfort. “Kimberley
has pneumonia.”

80 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

“What is that?” Katrina asked not even trying to pronounce
the word.
“It‟s a lung infection.”
“What? Why wasn‟t I told?”
“Kimberley didn‟t want everyone to worry about her, so
she made me promise not to tell.” Remedy found her tongue to
speak. “I brought her to Philly last night; she‟s staying at this
“Derek is going to take Kimberley as a new patient. I‟ve
talked to a dozen doctors, and they all act as if her condition is
minor. I had to have someone I knew taking care of her.”
Katrina intently listened to Remedy speak. Every terrifying
detail of Kimberley‟s current condition came rush to Katrina‟s
ears. She listened with her hands over her agape mouth. Katrina‟s
body quivered while imagining the pain and suffering Aunt
Kimberley was in.

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 81

Chapter Five
The entire apartment shook as the visitor banged on the
door. Angelica had just come out the shower and was only able to
pull on her underwear. She wrapped her wet hair in a towel and
rushed to the shaking door. She rose on her toes to see out the
peephole. Seeing Jeremy was a thrilling surprise. He leaned against
the door as his anxious fist continued to pound it. She opened the
door and let him stumble inside.
Without a gracious greeting – or even a single word –
Jeremy‟s hands molded around Angelica‟s face. She could taste the
gin on his tongue as he devoured her mouth. His hands glided
down her back to unclip the bra covering Angelica‟s breasts. The
bra straps slid off her shoulders and fell to the ground. Their lips
separated so she could strip Jeremy out of his jacket and shirt. His
arms wrapped around her midsection – pulling her close – so he
could claim her mouth once more.
Her rigid nipples brushed his bare chest. Angelica‟s body
tingled at the feel of his skin on hers. Her hands fell to the top of
his jeans. She kissed him one last time before lowering herself
down to her knees. She undid the button and zipper of his pants.
Angelica pulled his jeans and boxers down to his ankles as an
irritated sigh left her mouth. Her hand dug his vibrating phone out
his pocket. She frowned as she stared at the caller ID.
“It‟s her…again.” Angelica looked up at him. “Are you
going to run from me now?”

82 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

Jeremy took the phone from Angelica‟s hand. The liquid
courage following through his system put him in a daring mood.
His body relaxed as he dragged his thumb across the screen. He
put the phone to his ear and greeted his fiancée.
“Hey baby.”
“Hey.” Remedy was honestly startled he answered the
phone. “I‟m sorry about canceling our lunch date.”
“You‟re busy.” Jeremy rested a hand on top of Angelica‟s
head. “I can‟t control that.”
Angelica green eyes widened as she stared at his
impressive member. Her fake nails clawed his thighs. Salvia slick
lips danced along his shaft, leaving a glossy trail of kisses. Her
fingers traced the wet lip patterns. Jeremy‟s jolting member
smacked the palm of her hand. Angelica pulled away and sucked
her middle finger into her mouth.
“Jeremy, I know you‟re mad at me. But –.”
Angelica‟s moist digit pressed against his asshole.
“Stop!” Jeremy gripped her hand.
Remedy was startled by his sudden outburst. “What did I
Angelica smiled at him as she took his cock in both hands.
Her puckered lips covered his bulbous tip. Jeremy moved the
cluster of brown hair covering her face. He wanted to watch her
lips move over him. Shockwaves shot up his spine when

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 83

Angelica‟s tongue rolled over his hard flesh. Jeremy went
motionless when his swollen tip brushed the back of her throat.
“Anyway.” Remedy said into the phone. “I know it‟s going
to take a while for you to fully forgive me. But I got us a room –.”
“Shit.” He breathed into the phone.
“What‟s wrong now?” Remedy asked.
“Nothing. What do you want?” Jeremy took hold of
Angelica‟s hair.
Angelica closed her eyes and rested her throat. His
entangled fingers pulled at her brown, wet tresses. Her relaxed
throat stretched to accommodate Jeremy‟s bulging piece. Inch by
inch, the nineteen- year-old pulled her mouth off of him. Angelica
opened her eyes to look at her work. Her emerald eyes crossed
when she looked down at the glistening penis between her parted
“I thought a weekend out of the house would do us some
“I‟m not interested.”
“You‟re not interested?” All Remedy could do was giggle.
It covered her shock and irritation at Jeremy‟s statement.
“Do what you want. I‟m not meeting you.” He hung up and
dropped the phone on the floor.
“Hello? Did he just hang up on me?” Remedy looked at the
phone with her mouth gaped open. “Hello?”

84 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

She was not going to waste her time calling Jeremy back.
When she returned to the table, the three other women were
proudly gossiping about the people around them. Well, aware of
Kimberley‟s illness, Jewels came to the hotel to visit the older
woman. They both had joined Katrina and Remedy almost an hour
earlier. Since her dad never came looking for her, Katrina stayed
for lunch with her sister- in-law. Derek had left long before his
younger sister arrived at the hotel. Prior to his departure, Derek
covered the ladies‟ lunch and any other orders they were to make.
“Is my son- in- law on his way to see me?” Kimberley joked
when Remedy sat down.
Her niece gave a pleasant grin while sipping her wine. “No.
He had a long day and wants to stay in bed.”
Jewels smirked. “Men. You‟d think he‟d be more
“I am not begging for anyone to come see me.” Kimberley
used a napkin to cover her cough. “I‟m completely fine with you
girls here.”
Remedy placed her hand over her only living relative‟s
before toasting to girl‟s night.
Jeremy had his eyes on Angelica. Low moans crept out
from deep in his throat. The youthful woman worked his manhood
in and out of her skilled mouth. Jeremy yearned for the attention he
hadn‟t received in days. The relationship he had with his future
wife seemed one-sided both emotionally and physically. This

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 85

might be his only affair, and he was going to enjoy every second of
Angelica‟s desire to have him was only amplified. Jeremy
talked to and then hung up on his fiancée just to enjoy her
company. Her cheeks rose as her lips curled into a grin around his
pulsing member. Angelica was on cloud nine and nothing could
bring her down from it now. Jeremy watched her pull her head
back until only the tip of him was between her polished lips.
Angelica released him from her mouth. She licked her lips and
asked him to confess how much he wanted her. Jeremy gripped her
head and tried to ignore the question.
“I want to hear you say it.” She teased his tip with a flick of
the tongue.
Swallowing the last bit of willpower he had, Jeremy said
whatever she wanted to hear. “I want you. Now finish what you
“Mmmmm…” Her lips vibrated on his solid flesh. “You‟re
so big.”
She could feel the heat radiating between her legs. The
juice from her leaking sex soaked the material of her panties.
Freeing the ridged member from her grip, Angelica crawled over
to the sofa. She sat on the couch facing him. Her sculpted legs
spread wide for him to see what she was offering. Angelica‟s
pointed fingernails parted the lips of her naked sex. Her polished
clitoris peeked out of its hood. It demanded Jeremy to come closer.

86 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

“If you like what you see, come and get it.” Angelica
circled the sensitive organ with the middle finger on her right hand.
Her plump lips sucked the left digit into her mouth.
Jeremy got down to his knees in front of her. His hands
gripped her hips, pulling her well-rounded butt to the edge of the
sofa. Her hand directed Jeremy‟s penis into her damp pussy. Her
mouth fell open and she gasped for air. The first contact of their
sexual organs nearly sent her over the edge. Her love muscles
squeezed his cock. Her calves brushed Jeremy‟s face when her legs
were thrown into the air. Angelica‟s back fell flat on couch
cushions as her ankles rested on top of his hefty shoulders.
“I need you.”
Jeremy‟s penis penetrated her yawning tunnel with long
strokes. He listened to her cry out as his massive erection hit her
depth. He watched her bottom lip tremble when he pulled out of
her. Parting her thighs – not taking her legs off his shoulders –
Angelica reached between her legs. Her fingers touched her wet
clit before reaching lower to touch his manhood. The young adult
braced herself when his thick flesh aggressively reentered her
moist channel. Each thrust of his hips pushed Angelica‟s head into
the chair.
“More Jeremy…Fuck me…Harder!” Her hands reached up
over her head to touch the wall behind the couch. Her nails scraped
the cream painted wall. Several of her false nails snapped off, but
her hands continued dragging down the wall.

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 87

Jeremy controlled the pace of their sexual encounter. Solid,
vigorous strokes shook Angelica to the core. She could feel his
lengthy muscle in the pit of her stomach. Jeremy was enjoying his
affair; he was even pleased he hung up on his fiancée. He felt
Angelica‟s drenched walls clamped around his penetrating
intruder. Her hands left the wall to claw at his arms while her sex
swallowed him. Jeremy stayed immobile inside of her dripping sex
as her orgasm hit.
“Ooh…Jeremy!” She screamed half in pleasure and half in
He bit his lip as he fought not to cum right after Angelica.
Angelica‟s wobbly legs slid off of Jeremy‟s shoulders. He had
gripped her ankles before her feet fell to the ground. Withdrawing
from her moist center, Jeremy pushed the teen further up on the
sofa. Angelica‟s vertebrae slouched on the pillows of the chair. Her
fingers brushed over her uncovered clit, making her body quiver.
Jeremy climbed onto the couch pushing his knees up under her
Jeremy reached behind her head and gripped the back of
the couch. Her legs were trapped between their meshed bodies,
keeping her feet in the air. Angelica pulled Jeremy‟s empty hand
up to her neck. His fingers wrapped around her throat without
hesitation. The bulbous head of his erection poked at her entrance.
Jeremy‟s fingers clenched her throat tighter as his throbbing
member teased her opening. With one long, tender stroke Jeremy

88 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

penetrated her. His scrotum smacked her derrière as he moved in
and out of her.
He tightened his grip on her throat. “You really want it?”
“I need it.”
Their hips rocked together creating the perfect rhythm.
Angelica panted as her eyes locked with his. Her light cheeks
turned red as the air left her lungs. A second orgasm was rising.
Her middle finger continued rubbing her clitoris. Both of their
bodies emitted heat, and the air around them grew thin. Her eyes
fluttered closed while her body pressed into the pillows. Jeremy
took his hand off her neck. He yanked both her hands up over her
head. If she wanted to cum, it would be solely because of him.
“More Jeremy! More!” She screamed as he plowed deeper
into her drenched box.
Angelica thrashed around on the sofa. Both of her hands
were squeezed into his right. Jeremy pushed the fingers of his left
hand into her hair. He tugged Angelica‟s head forward so his lips
could touch hers. Angelica‟s parted lips went dry. She felt
powerless and unable to move underneath his frame. His body
moved over hers at an accelerated pace. Tears rolled down to her
cheeks and fell onto her breasts.
“I‟m going to cum… Jeremy! Don‟t stop! I‟m going to
cum!” Her entire body vibrated on his massive member. “Jeremy!
I‟m cumming!”

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 89

Jeremy pulled out and released himself onto her inner
It was two weeks until Christmas. Last minute deliveries
flooded the front desk of the Brownstown Apartment Complex.
Madam Kelley was busy signing for all of Remedy‟s packages.
The young woman would have done it herself. However, she was
attending her final courses before the upcoming break. Each year
Remedy went a little overboard buying gifts for all her new nieces
and nephews. One gift per child turned into thirty gifts for babies
and toddlers. The teenagers would simply get cash for their own
personal spending.
She had intended to rush straight home for her packages.
Remedy was going to stuff everything in the closet and leave
before Jeremy got home. After her frantic day, though, Remedy
just needed time to talk to her best friend. Jewels and Remedy
laughed and drank wine on the couch for hours. Jewels began to
nod off, and Derek reached out to Remedy with a friendly text.
Remedy grabbed her keys and departed from Jewels‟ home.
Unaware of the passing time, Remedy sat in her car for hours
engaging in a conversation with Derek. Inside it felt wrong, yet it
was still harmlessly right. Since the two weren‟t having a sexual
affair, talking to him was just a guilty pleasure of hers.
Remedy started the engine as a cold air rushed up her spine.
Finally taking a moment to read the time, Remedy saw that it was

90 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

8pm. But Madam Kelley kept her door open until the young
woman picked her up packages. In the elevator, her back leaned
against the steel wall for support while she stood. She struggled
with the several bags looped on both her arms. She was only two
quick floors from her home, so Remedy didn‟t dare put the bags on
the floor. As comforting as it would be to relieve the strain on her
shoulders, Remedy didn‟t want to put the bags down just to pick
them back up.
She pushed herself off the wall as the doors opened before
her. Unsteadily, Remedy stumbled through the doors with the
painful load weighing her down. Leaning left and almost falling to
her right Remedy wobbled down the hall. She had to pause and
take a breath with every other step. Three doors from home
became two and then one. With a sigh of relief Remedy finally
lowered everything onto the floor in front of her door. Her hand
swiftly and easily unclipped her keys from the belt loop of her
The key slid through its slot with ease to unlock the door. A
light push made the door open a tad. Looping the bags over her
arms once again, Remedy moved to continue through the entrance.
The door refused to open any wider than it already had. Remedy
walked face first into the door, unaware that it could not open
anymore. The bags fell from her hands as the pain rushed to her.
At first, she experienced nothing but shock when she hit the wood.

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 91

With her hands empty they bounced from her forehead to the knee,
she knocked against the door.
Out of anger, she kicked at the door that refused to open
any wider. She bit her lip as a shockwave of pain rattled up her leg
from her big toe. Remedy pushed at the door, trying to determine
what was going on. Through the slight gap she could see the couch
blocking the door. Her hand slithered through the slit until her
whole arm was inside the apartment. Her hand felt down the
cushion of the couch. She stopped when her fingers touched a jeanclad leg. Remedy tugged and tugged until the leg was yanked
“What are you doing?”
“Why is the couch blocking the door?” She stood tapping
her foot as the sofa was removed.
The tongue lashing she had ready to give him was silenced
as she entered her home. Two men hovered around a folding table,
deeply engaged in their work. With their black Crime Scene
jackets, it was becoming clear a mini crime lab was in the works
smack dab in their home. The furniture had been fully rearranged.
Devices and cords were all on the table that did not belong to the
couple. Cords connected their house phone directly to the gadgets.
She threw her hands up completely confused. “What is all
of this?”
“Hey Remedy.” Detective Michael “Mike” Davis came out
of the bedroom carrying the other phone.

92 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

“Hey.” She waved, yet the confusion was still written all
over her face. “Is anybody going to answer my question now?”
“I hear you have a phone problem.” Mike replied.
“We‟ve had a phone problem for months.” Her eyes
narrowed on Jeremy as he walked by her. “It‟s amazing how fast
you got here to handle it.”
Mike patted one of the machines connected to the house
phone as he bypassed her sarcasm. “If you get the call tonight
we‟ll be able to track them.”
“Thank you, Michael.” Her view tightened on her soon to
be husband.
“Are you happy now?” Jeremy went to put all the bags in
their room.
Remedy followed close behind him. “You should have
handled this a long time ago.”
Ring! Ring! Ring!
The young woman went directly for the phone in the living
room space. Waiting to trace the call, Mike adjusted his headset
and pointed at Remedy. She reached for the phone as nerves rattled
her core. While she used a handheld device, the men could still
hear the caller through the phone receiver‟s speaker.
“Hello?” She spoke into the phone.
Mike gestured for her not to hang up the phone yet. The
longer the caller was on the line, the better the trace would be.

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 93

Jeremy walked toward the counter. His relaxed posture and
lazy stride matched his careless attitude. He did not want to
entertain Remedy‟s paranoia.
“Hello!” Remedy became agitated at the silence she was
yelling at.
While leasing a heavy sigh Remedy massaged the bridge of
her nose. She listened to the other person breath of the mysterious
person on the line. Rustling had echoed in her ear before there was
a clash of glass.
Jeremy hearty chuckle moved throughout the room.
Remedy turned to look at him with the phone cradled
between her ear and shoulder. “What‟s so funny?”
“Nothing.” He pushed himself off the wall to walk into the
kitchen. “You wanted to know who was calling. I hope you find
“I can live without the sarcasm.”
“Quiet!” Mike scolded the young couple. “Stay focused or
we‟ll lose the call.”
“This is pointless.” Remedy listened to the heavy sighs
coming through the phone prior to pulling it from her ear
completely. “Whoever it is, is clearly trying to make me seem
Her thumb hovered over the red, end call button. Time
around them began to slow for several seconds. Steadily, her
thumb moved closer to touching the button. Another clash of glass

94 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

rushed through the phone bringing everyone to pause. Remedy
shook it off and continued moving her finger toward the button.
Unexpectedly, a deep and edged voice shot through the speaker of
the receiver.
“Don‟t hang up on me, bitch!” The stranger‟s voice hit her.
“You called the cops on me? After you were the one to backstab
If this was the same woman from the previous night, she
was masking her voice like the previous calls. Evidently, she was
aware the police were listening. Even Jeremy was shaken up as he
questioned how the stranger knew so much.
“Who is this?” Remedy asked the caller.
“I am going to kill you! Do you hear me?” The voice
continued to crack as its volume went up and down. “I‟m going to
slash your throat in your sleep and watch you choke on your own
blood. Since your cop buddies are listening, they should know to
be smart and not get in my way.”
Jeremy finally stepped into the center of the living room.
He gripped the phone and pulled it from Remedy‟s tightly
clenched hand. The harmless prank call just became real.
“Who is this?”
“If she wants you, she can have you!” The echoing of the
device began to affect the rising voice on the phone. “But she‟ll die
holding onto you.”
The line disconnected.

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 95

“We couldn‟t trace the call.” One of the men said looking
at his tools. “It must have been a disposable cell.”
Remedy‟s hands covered her mouth while she choked back
her words. She was unaware her feet were pacing the floor. She
fought not to shed a single tear as the liquid burned her eyes. Her
body began to shake with her heart trying to break out of its frame.
The overpowering fear that consumed her was slowly making her
crazy along with the men‟s silence. The vows that they had not
said to each other crossed her mind. Death due them part was
sweet in theory. If push comes to shove, she might step in front of
a gun pointed at Jeremy. But having a gun deliberately aimed at
her because of him was an entirely different ball park. One that
Remedy wouldn‟t dare take part in.
“Damn kids.” Jeremy said while hanging up the phone.
“Are you kidding me?” Remedy dropped her hands. “You
still think these calls are harmless pranks. She just threatened me in
front of you and three cops.”
“We can‟t be sure it‟s a woman behind the voice changer.”
Mike stated.
Jeremy could not think of anything to say. All he could do
was listen in silence as the wooden door slammed shut behind
The last thing Remedy wanted was to throw a ten-year-old
tantrum with the door open. Yet, even with the door closed her
body refused to fall to the floor and burst into tears. There was no

96 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

worried pacing. Her hands were not sweaty, and they had stopped
shaking a second ago. She did not cry, nor did she gasp and
struggle for air. This was not the time for stressful actions and
breathless rants. She had to be out of the house and quickly. Inside
the bedroom, Remedy simply closed her duffle and went for to the
front door. On her way into the living room, the strap of the duffle
suddenly became caught. She pulled the bag several times, but
Jeremy made no gesture to release it.
“Where are you going?”
“I‟m leaving!”
“Stop being so dramatic.”
“This isn‟t dramatic!” Remedy firmly reassured. “I was just
threatened in front of you and three police officers.”
“What is leaving going to do?” Jeremy stated. “Do you
think you‟re safer out there than here with me?”
“I‟d be safer spending the summer at Camp Crystal Lake
then living here with you.”
Knocking pulled Remedy out of her light slumber. Remedy
slid from underneath the warm bedspread and shivered at the slight
puff of air zipping through the room. The digital clock on the
nightstand read 2am. With hours dividing their agreement, Remedy
questioned why Jeremy hadn‟t been at the hotel sooner.
She grabbed her robe and wrapped it around her naked
frame. Her weary body shifted toward the door in the dark.

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 97

Without asking who it was, Remedy freely opened the door to her
room. The hallway light nearly blinded her sleepy eyes. Her lips
were captured by another pair as she adjusted her eyes to the light.
The bright beam abruptly faded when the door closed behind her
visitor. She openly accepted his kiss and wrapped her arms around
Derek‟s neck.
He removed his own jacket as her fingers undid the buttons
on his shirt. Derek pulled at the robe covering her shoulders. The
silk material fell on top of his jacket on the ground. His chest
pressed into hers as he pushed her back further in the room. She
returned the passion and heat he gave her. Remedy used her hands
to see the indents of his rippled chest and abdomen. Stumbling
through the room – guided by the glow of the television – the two
found the bed in seconds.
Remedy wanted to blame her affair on the boiling anger she
had for Jeremy. But she knew it was pure lust. There was a
powerful, sexual attraction between her and Derek. After their little
run in last month, Remedy knew he would be her downfall.
She switched their positions to push Derek on the bed. Her
hands gripped his slacks and boxers to pull them all down at o nce.
Remedy crawled on top of the reclined man. She spread her legs to
straddle his hips. Her nails dug into his chest as she lowered her
nude sex onto his. Her body tingled when his tip slid between her
lower lips and brushed her clitoris. Remedy rotated her hips until
Doctor Brooks‟ manhood was at her entrance. She lowered herself

98 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

completely onto his steel, shivering as every inch entered her.
Inhaling sharply, the breath of air was suddenly trapped in her
throat as her mouth hung open. She lifted her hips up until his tip
nearly popped out.
Remedy lowered herself down again, grounding her pelvis
onto his. Her moist walls clenched and released his hard muscle.
Remedy leaned down to kiss his neck, inhaling the scent of his
cologne. She let her teeth sink in the flesh. Underneath the shiny
coat of her salvia was the imprint of her teeth on his neck. Lit in
the television glow, Remedy watched Derek‟s eyes close and heard
his gratifying moans. Derek‟s hands groped her hips to control
Remedy‟s rhythmic motions. The soft sound of flesh slapping
against flesh mixed with their moans.
“Fuck…” She tightened around him as she quickened her
He loosened his firm grip on her hips. Her dancing breasts
played with his eyes as her body bounced on top of his. Heavily
breathing through his nose, Derek‟s head fell back on the mattress.
His hands reached up to grasp Remedy‟s full breasts. He stroked
upward in sweet simultaneous bliss with her downward thrust. He
was rewarded when her light whimpers became loud cries for more
“I‟m going to cum.”
Derek‟s fingers violently mauled her boobs. He listened to
her joyful whimpers. Remedy rested her hands on the mattress

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 99

behind his head. She leaned over Derek pressing her bare breasts
into his face. Derek‟s tongue teased her nipples until they hardened
at his touch. As her bouncing became more forceful, he let his
teeth graze the hard pearls of flesh. Remedy stabbed her nails into
the bed. Her teeth dug into her bottom lip.
“Cum for me.” Derek growled against her breast.
He froze inside her depth and let Remedy flood his penis
with her juices. Her body had twitched before she fell flat on his
chest. She was not prepared for Derek to pick her up. Her back
pressed against the mattress, and Remedy slid her hands up to his
neck. Underneath the collar of his shirt, her fingers met his bare
shoulders. Derek laid on top of her. A moan escaped her lips as her
breasts mashed into his chest.
Derek pushed her legs further apart. His manhood searched
for the wet entrance between her legs. The air left Remedy‟s lungs
when Derek‟s full length penetrated her sex. Her hands gripped the
open flaps of his shirt. Her fingers slid through the button holes as
she pulled him closer. Neither paid attention to the tearing of his
shirt. Derek‟s penis hit the sensitive spot in her pussy with each
“I need a break.” Her eyes closed; her lip trembled.
“Just a bit longer.” Derek leaned in and kissed her
forehead. His lips moved to her nose and then down to her mouth.
Her shaky lips could not keep up with his untamed tongue. Derek

100 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

dominated her weak mouth as Remedy‟s breathed through her
His hand searched between her legs for her clit. The
pulsing organ peeked out from its hood – all glistening and wet –
just waiting for attention. Remedy wept as he took the fragile
button between his fingers. Derek squeezed her clitoris, and
Remedy‟s hips bucked in the air. Her burgundy hair repeatedly
slapped her face with each toss of the head. He put his hand on top
of her head to keep Remedy‟s tossing hair off her face. Even as his
pelvis grounded into hers, Derek felt her jittery frame jerking
underneath him.
She clawed at his chest as his length never missed a beat.
Derek‟s lips went back to suckling on her breast. His fingers
continued attacking her oversensitive clitoris. Remedy held her
hips still while he drove himself deeper and deeper inside her. She
arched her back to push her breasts closer to his mouth. Remedy‟s
head tossed back and forth over the pillows, throwing his hand off
of her hair. Derek pushed her entire body over that sexual edge
again. Another orgasm rocked her frame violently against his. She
twitched at the slight pain coursing through her body. She lost
complete control of herself. Her nails sank into his butt and kept
him still inside her.
He felt his cum shooting up his length. Derek leaned in to
whisper in her ear, warning her that he needed to release himself.
Her lips did not move to respond, but her gripping walls demanded

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 101

he stayed inside her. Derek pushed his way to her depths as he
confessed his hidden feelings for her. With one long and firm
stroke, he released the air in his lungs. Derek felt her body clinging
around his as he emptied his pistol.
Her nails pushed deeper into his skin as her face mashed
against his. Her back arched and her heels were grounded into the
mattress. Remedy‟s entire being vibrated underneath his until he
had nothing left to give. Her legs went flat on the bed when he
withdrew himself from her sex. Derek‟s hand pushed back the hair
stuck to her damp forehead.
Remedy jumped up from her erotic nightmare. Her body
was drenched in sweat. Juices from her sex soaked the bedspread
underneath her. She glanced over at the empty space beside her
with a sigh of relief. Her dream was so sexual, and it felt so real.

102 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

Chapter Six
Her eyes refused to close the rest of the night. She laid
motionless in bed. She couldn‟t even get up to close the open
window. The glimmering light of the sun crept in through the
curtains. The bedroom door was locked, and the space beside her
was empty. She didn‟t care if Jeremy was pacing in their place, or
if he was in another bed altogether. Remedy simply hoped she
wasn‟t putting Jewels in danger by staying over her house.
Jewelene was outside of the guest bedroom, lightly
knocking on the wooden door. Remedy wanted to lay in bed and
simply ignore the tapping. Yet, she knew her friend would knock
until Jewels heard a good response. Boldly, the young woman
rolled out of the cushioned bed to put on her housecoat. Opening
the door suddenly, Remedy stepped into the hall with her friend.
“How did you sleep, Remedy?” Jewels asked. She used her
fingers as a comb through Remedy‟s tangled hair.
Remedy mumbled as she went straight for the staircase.
Downstairs her fingers slowly pulled the drapes covering the
window back. Her brown eyes peeked through the glass. She saw a
police car parked across the street from the home. A measly piece
of her felt safe with her police guard. Tragically, an enormous part
suffered from the reality she was now trapped. Mike said he‟d have
someone drive her to classes during the day. But, he still needed to
get his request approved by the Captain before Remedy could
freely roam around the city.

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 103

Jewels stood by the front door gathering her keys and
purse. She glanced over at her miserable friend. Jewelene was
three seconds away from hiring someone to cause Jeremy an
“accident”. Everyone knows a player can‟t change. Jeremy can get
down on both knees and confess his love for Remedy a million
time. That didn‟t mean he could keep his eyes straight when
another woman passed.
A knock rattled her home.
Jewels glanced through the peephole before sighing
heavily. Keeping the chain lock still connected to the door and
wall, Jewels cracked her front door open.
“She‟s not here.”
Jeremy massaged his temple; it was far too early in the
morning. “Stop playing and open door.”
“I‟m serious.”
“Remedy!” He yelled into the slightly opened front door.
“She‟s not here!” Jewels pushed him back with her hand.
“She caught a bus to her Aunt‟s place this morning.”
“Then why do you still have cops in front of the door?”
“She left at five; they were changing shift when she took
“How‟d she leave?”
“In a cab. I was waking up as she loaded the trunk.”
Jewelene‟s lied with a straight face and clear eye contact. “Don‟t

104 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

worry. I doubt her leaving has anything to do with you. Aunt
Kimberley‟s condition is getting worse by the day.”
Jeremy tried to look straight through her calm persona.
Jewels did the same thing back to him; only he broke before she
did. Each word that flowed from her mouth was clear and on point.
He could not determine if she was lying or actually telling the
truth. Since it was Jewelene, he knew, she was most likely lying to
keep him from her friend. Then again, Jeremy called Kimberley
last night and she did not answer nor return his calls.
“I know you‟re going to talk to Remedy soon.” He
removed himself from her steps. “Tell her to call me.”
“Sure.” Jewels closed her door. She went back to collecting
her things off the coffee table in her living room.
“Thanks Jewels.” Carrying a coffee mug in her cupped
hands, Remedy dragged her body into the living room. “Until he
tells me who this girl is, I don‟t want to see his face.”
“No problem. Lying to men is one of my many passions in
life.” She sneered while shoving her phone and keys into her purse.
“From asking „is it in yet‟ to faking orgasms, nothing brings me
more joy than seeing a grown man ready to cry.”
“You‟re something else, Jewelene Brooks.” Remedy‟s tight
lips curled up into a small smile. She shook her head and sighed at
her friend.
“I know.” Jewelene tossed the purse strap over her
shoulder. “You sure you‟re going to be okay?”

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 105

“Yeah. Jeremy‟s probably going to patrol back and forth all
day to prove you‟re lying. I‟m just going to take the day off.”
“Lucky you.” Jewels frowned. “I‟m going to tell the
watchdogs to leave before Jeremy starts asking questions.”
“Thanks again.”
Jewelene paused when she touched the doorknob.
“Remedy. Stay away from Derek.”
“Why would you even mention him?”
“I‟m asking you to leave Derek alone.”
“Jewels. There is nothing going on between me and Derek.
He‟s taking care of my aunt. That‟s all.”
“I cannot tell you how many friends have told me it was
nothing serious between them and Derek.”
“Jewels, you hate him. Derek‟s a grown man, and he can
make his own decisions”
Jewels crossed her arms. “Are we friends? If you are my
friend, you‟ll leave my brother alone.”
Remedy smirked as she threw her hands up. “Whatever you
want Jewels. Thanks for being a good friend.”
“I could say the same of you.” Jewels sarcasm hit Remedy
as the front door slammed shut.
Whenever she shyly peeked outside the windows, Remedy
could plainly see Jeremy sitting in his car across the street.
Thankfully, he couldn‟t see her through the part she made through
the curtains. Yet, he must have known something was up since the

106 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

police had left and he lingered behind. Remedy‟s cell was off all
night. When she turned it back on there were thousands of
messages from Jeremy. Each one was a simple apology for him not
understanding the seriousness of the situation. Every voice
message was a plea for her to come back home „where she
As she got dressed for the day, Remedy contemplated what
she was going to do. The night before when she angrily packed up
her clothes, Remedy loaded her duffle with all the wrong things.
She had more bras than pants and only three blouses. She couldn‟t
leave to go shopping with him outside watching. If she went home,
she‟d easily fall into Jeremy‟s arms and not leave. He was her
weakness even though there were times she wanted to hate him.
All Remedy needed was a week to clear her head, and then she‟d
still be able to see her new nieces and nephews open their
Christmas gifts.
Remedy adjusted the bra strap on her shoulders prior to
pulling on the lacy boy shorts that matched. Searching through her
bag for a pair of pants, Remedy heard her phone ringing again.
Instead of letting the music play, she decided to view the Caller ID.
Just like she expected, Jeremy was calling for the millionth time.
The old image softened her up; hearing his voice just might bring
her home. She sighed as her thumb hovered over the green answer
key. With the phone still ringing, text message suddenly opened on
the screen.

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 107

Jewelene told me not to come over because you were there.
I’ll see you in ten minutes.
Remedy grinned at the message from Derek. Seeing him
again could be a blessing, and it could also be a curse. As
Kimberley‟s new physician he should be in D.C. caring for the
older woman. Unless something went terribly wrong and he
thought it would be better to tell Remedy in person.
Crossing her fingers and praying nothing was wrong,
Remedy texted Derek back. I have a lot to do today. Maybe lunch

108 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

Chapter Seven
Jewelene was spending the weekend with her latest
boyfriend, so Remedy had the entire house to herself. Stepping out
of the shower, Remedy dabbed her damp skin with a towel. She
wrapped the towel around her curvy frame when she heard her cell
phone ring. The house was dark with only light from the
guestroom guiding her through the hall. Without slippers covering
her feet, Remedy balanced on her toes and ran across the chilled
Entering the room Remedy grabbed the phone sitting by the
door. She grinned at the thought of Derek responding to her earlier
message. The grinned curled downward when she saw Jeremy‟s
name on the screen. Her back leaned against the doorframe while
she read the newest message.
How’s single life treating you? She read it as a joke, but
she knew Jeremy was a smartass about their separation.
I can’t complain. Are you enjoying yourself?
I’d rather be with you. But you want to be with someone
Her frame shifted to sit on the edge of the bed. I never said
Why else would you want to be away from me?
Have you taken care of everything?
There’s nothing to take care of. It was a prank call. Get
over it.

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 109

Remedy laughed so hard she lost the grip on her phone. Her
hands rested on her stomach, and she fell back on the bed. If her
head was mounted on a stick, Jeremy would still claim everything
was a joke. Music from her buzzing phone rushed to her ears.
Remedy moved her foot away from the humming device. Remedy
moved her lips to sing along with the ringtone instead of
Derek strolled through the door of the guestroom. “You
missed our lunch.”
Remedy sat up and pulled the blanket over her body. The
towel she wore covered nothing, so she needed as many extra
layers as possible.
“Manners. Where have they gone?”
“Why are you here?”
“I could ask you the same thing.”
He stared down at the woman before lowering himself in
front of her.
“Derek? What are you doing?”
“Shh.” The doctor reached out his right hand to feel the soft
flesh of her hanging legs.
Remedy gripped his hand. “Stop.”
“You look stressed.” He grinned at her.
“I appreciate your concern, but this isn‟t going to help.”
Derek chuckled as he pushed her legs back up on the bed
until her feet were flat on the mattress. “I‟m pretty sure it will.”

110 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

“Derek stop.” Remedy rose up on her elbows. “We can‟t
do this.”
“Why not?” His other hand massaged her dangling leg.
Jewel popped in her mind first. “Your sister wouldn‟t
“That‟s not a good answer.”
“Derek, stop.”
When Remedy hit him, Derek climbed onto the bed. His
body covered the squirming woman. He pulled the blanket from
between their bodies. Derek pushed her legs open, grounding his
crotch against her bare sex. He sat up to unbutton his black shirt.
“Derek. I can‟t do this.” She turned her head when he
leaned in to kiss her.
“Stop resisting me.” Gripping her chin, Derek turned her
face back to his. His lips touched hers, but her tightly pressed lips
would not respond. Derek‟s other hand slithered between
Remedy‟s parted thighs. Her nails dug into his wrist, but Derek
continued to press on. His fingers brushed over her clit, and her
body jerked.
The fragile muscle had a mind of its own. Whenever he
touched it, Remedy‟s entire frame shivered. Remedy gasped when
his thumb pressed the wet numb. Her parted lips gave his tongue
access to the inside of her mouth. Completely weak to his touch,
her lips slowly responded to his as her eyes shut. Little by little,
Remedy gave in and let him touch her. As her mind screamed to

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 111

end the madness, her body pressed into his. The simplest things
made her body tingle. Chills zipped up her spine as her blood
Derek continued to push her body into the mattress. He
could feel the fight fading from her. Her hips lifted against his
prying fingers. He grinned at her eagerness to be close.
Pulling his lips from hers he asked, “Are you done?”
Remedy parted her lips but nothing came out. Her body
was motionless as his hands maneuvered over her body. She let
Derek push her body farther up on the bed. Remedy‟s head rested
on the pillow as her frame remained stiff. He removed the towel
wrapped around her breasts before completely removing his shirt.
His body covered hers, smashing her breasts with his bare
chest. His lips touched her neck and both cheeks before coming to
her mouth. Even without her fighting him off, Derek pinned her
arms to the mattress. He kissed her still lips before shifting to her
neck. Remedy‟s hands stayed immobile over her head while Derek
moved to her breasts. He buried his face in her bursting cleavage.
He inhaled the sweet cherry fragrance of her body wash. He
groped her plump boobs; his fingers kneaded the spongy flesh.
She lifted her torso off the bed, yearning to be closer. No
matter how much she tried, her body would not stay still. Derek‟s
face sank deeper into her cleavage as his warm tongue slithered
over her tender skin. Derek laid his chest on her stomach; his lips
shifted to her firm nipples. He took his time sucking each pearl.

112 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

She whimpered at the feel of his tongue over her sensitive
flesh. Even with his brawny frame weighing her down, Remedy
arched her back and pushed up her bosoms. Heavy sighs escaped
Remedy‟s mouth. Derek rolled his tongue over the small nub
between his lips. Her sharp intake of air became trapped in her
throat when he planted one last kiss on her breast. Remedy‟s
breathing became weak, thin as Derek kissed his way down her
“I want to see you tomorrow.” Derek kissed one of her legs
before lowering it down on the bed. “And the day after.”
Her bottom lip quivered when his hand cupped her sex.
Raising her hips to meet his touch, Remedy melted when Derek
spread her pussy lips open. Her clit winked at him, waiting to be
touched and satisfied. He let his finger lightly brush over her
throbbing love button. More heavy whimpers escaped from deep in
Remedy‟s throat while her hips bucked and her eyes shut. Derek
settled on his stomach between her legs. He lowered his mouth and
brushed over her clit with his tongue.
“Derek.” She cried out thrashing against him. Remedy felt
his tongue swiftly moving over the organ.
Derek took the glistening nub between his lips. He sucked
at her clit ruthlessly, taking pride in all of her shameless swears.
With one of her divine legs hanging over his shoulder, Derek
looped another up on his shoulder as well. His tongue gently
lashed over her clit, bringing her to violently hump against his

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 113

face. Derek‟s eyes watched Remedy threw her head back and forth
on the pillow as he snaked his tongue inside her. The sweet natural
essence that was Remedy drenched his tongue and lips.
“Fuck!” She cooed.
Lifting his head to catch his breath, Derek slid one of his
meaty fingers into her willing hole. “Are you trying to drown me?”
“If that‟s what it takes.” She gave to what her body wanted.
She glided a finger over his lips and chin. Raising a finger
to her mouth, Remedy engulfed her whole slender unit. She
moaned at the taste of her savoring flavors. Remedy gradually
inched her finger out of her mouth then slid it back inside.
Remedy‟s body temperature rose twenty levels as she felt her
orgasm rising. Her hands grabbed her tits, pulling and squeezing
her nipples while humping his finger.
Derek placed his head directly in the moisture of her body.
Capturing her clit between his lips, the man soon began sucking on
the nub roughly. He rammed his finger deep inside the wet box,
sliding in two more digits along the way. All three of his fingers
were coated as his palm was flooded. He felt her body rise off the
mattress as the first wave of her climax hit. The watch around his
wrist shook free as his fingers picked up speed plugging inside of
Her whole form tightened up when she reached that final
wave of pure ecstasy. “Derek!”

114 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

The woman steadily found her usual flow of breath as she
wiped a rolling tear from her cheek. She felt Derek‟s body move
up over hers. She adjusted herself comfortably on the bed as her
legs remained upon his shoulder. Remedy traced his lips with her
finger one last time. She nibbled on her own lower lip even as she
stared directly into his eyes. She didn't need words to express how
she felt and what she wanted. Remedy drew him in with only the
lustful sparkle in her eye. She let her fingers drift from his lips
down to his chin then chest.
“You‟re far from finished.” Remedy pulled his belt free
from the loops of his pants as she laid flat on her back.
“This has been fun.” Her breathing was frantic. Remedy
nearly came out of her skin with each additional kiss he placed on
her neck.
She sat on the edge of Jewelene‟s dining room table. With
spread legs and prying fingers, she beckoned for Derek to come
closer. Her opened blouse hung off of her shoulders. The skirt
bunched up around her waist had a large rip up its left side. Her
panties had touched to floor moments ago. Her bra was still
clipped together around her ribcage, but it did not cover her breast.
He moved his mouth back and forth between her left and
right nipple. Remedy‟s hands pulled his head closer as she pushed
her chest out. His hands wrapped around the ample flesh of her
breasts. She shivered when his fingernails scratched her flesh.

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 115

Glancing down at his handy work, Remedy saw the marks
engraved in her skin. He felt her hands undoing the zipper on his
“But, I think I should go back to my fiancé after this.”
Derek raised an eyebrow as he pulled his lips from her right
nipple. “You haven‟t left him yet.”
“This was just a temporary separation. I still love him.”
“That‟s what you say.” Derek pulled her hips until her feet
touched the ground. “But we both know you don‟t mean it.”
He turned her body around. With his hand on her back, he
pressed her torso down toward the table. Remedy felt his hands
shift down to her waist as lowered himself to his knees. He kissed
both cheeks before sinking his teeth into her round derrière.
Remedy‟s lips parted, but not a single sound came out. Her entire
being shivered at the first feel of Derek‟s tongue. His tongue traced
the valley that divided the cheeks as his thick fingers spread them.
Remedy dug her teeth into her lower lip. When her anal opening
caught the tip of his tongue, he took his time to love the rosebud to
the fullest.
“You men are all the same.” She wiggled her ass in his
face. “You love to tease.”
She felt his finger slowly invading her. Pain coursed
through her body with each push of his slick digit. As much as she
wanted him to stop, the pleasure of experiencing new sexual habits
thrilled her. Remedy shut her eyes as he stretched her virgin hole

116 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

to a new comfort. Pain steadily subsided and she became use to
one finger. It was a repeated process of pain and then pleasure. Her
body relaxed then tightened with each added fingers.
With a faint whimper, she felt Derek withdraw all four of
his fingers. He stood up straight behind her. Derek sucked on the
back of her neck; his hands reached around to knead her tender
breasts. His moist lips and tongue touched the warm skin behind
her ear. The sweetest – or wettest – kisses in the world couldn‟t
cool her heated flesh. The blood in her veins continued to boil. She
wanted him – need him. But as long as her heart belonged to
Jeremy, Remedy could never fully be with Derek.
Remedy reached between the two and guided his length to
her entrance. He pushed his hips forward and entered her anal
canal. Her body stiffened and her walls tightened around the thick
invader. Remedy gripped the ridged edges of the glass table.
Listening to each unspoken word of her body, Derek took his time
finding her depth. Her face touched the chilled table top with her
lips tightly pressed together.
“Derek.” She could barely breathe as she felt her body
being filled in a new way.
He entire being went still; his manhood completely buried
inside of her. Derek used one hand to roughly rub her clit as his
other hand molded around her soft breast tissue. He ran his thumb
over her hardened nipples. Remedy tilted her head back as the air
left her lungs. The light sensation made her toes curl. It all felt so

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 117

wonderful; something she‟d be willing to try again. Derek slowly
withdrew then thrust back into her.
Nuzzling her neck and inhaling her scent, Derek groaned
his affection. “I love you, Remedy.”
Helpless to resist the impact of his thrust and his playful
fingers, her body braced for her first orgasm. She came with the
loudest scream her mouth had ever released. Derek began to stroke
faster and faster feeling his own release building up. His prying
digits went on attacking her wet clit. Remedy shook from the
violent orgasm that overtook all of her. Even consumed by lustful
emotions, she couldn‟t bring herself to repeat his statement.
Her hips swayed to and fro from the pounding her ass was
taking. Just as her first orgasm receded, another one rushed in with
new vigor. Matching Derek‟ rhythm with her ass, she was unable
to resist the need to be pounded from behind. His balls tightened
and when Remedy came once more, he followed right after her.
Both their bodies shivered feeling his release deep inside her anus.
Derek pulled out of her keeping his arms around her
stomach and her body tight against his chest. He pulled her body
back with his until he sat on the built- in bench inside his shower.
Remedy sat on his lap as her breathing returned to normal. Derek
rocked her shaking frame, feeling the tension fall from her
shoulders and her heart beating heavy against her chest.
“You never answered me.”

118 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

“Did you ask me something?” She inhaled deeply before
letting it go through her nose.
“I said „I love you‟.”
“Did you? I don‟t remember.”
The jingling of keys caught their attention. They both
stopped breathing for a brief moment. The front door opened and
they scattered to put on their clothes. When Jewels finished
dragging bags into the foyer; Remedy and Derek were fully
dressed. Both sat at the dining room table on their individual cell
phones, pretending the other didn‟t exist.

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 119

Chapter Eight
The two cuddled in the bed hours after they each found
satisfaction. Remedy‟s head found a comfortable spot resting on
Derek‟s chest. Her fingers began sliding carelessly across his
abdomen. She had traced the defined lines of his abs before she
stopped herself. Remedy let her hand lay flat on his stomach.
“I wanted to ask you something earlier, but you distracted
“Really?” She giggled. “I‟m a distraction?”
“Yes. Let‟s save the oral treatments for the bedroom next
“Or you could learn to drive better.” Remedy smirked as
she turned her head to look at him. “What did you want to ask
“Come back to D.C. with me.”
“That‟s not a question. It sounded more like a demand.”
“I didn‟t mean for it to come out that way.” He rolled on
top of her. “But I do want to spend Christmas with you this year.
And maybe even next year, too.”
“That‟ll never happen.”
“Why not? Your aunt misses you. With her condition, she
won‟t be able to visit for a while.”
She moved her hands to his chest. “It would be nice to see
her. But she knows I spend Christmas with Jeremy‟s nieces and

120 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

“Spend the rest of this week in D.C. then. If we leave now,
we can be in my house before it‟s too late.”
“You make it really hard to say no.”
“Then say yes.”
From its position on the wooden floor, Remedy‟s cell
phone began to ring. She turned her head to look at the device she
thought she had turned off. She extended out her arm to reach for
her cell phone.
Derek kissed her neck. “Ignore it.”
“It‟s your fault.” She playfully pushed him. “You talked
my aunt up, and now she‟s calling.”
Remedy grabbed the gadget as she sat completely up on the
bed. As the ringer ended, Remedy saw that it was simply a text
message coming through. While there was a number on the screen,
it was not one she recognized nor did it have a name to it. She
opened the message, ignoring Derek‟s hands on her back. A
loading bar appeared on the touch screen. As the bar began to fill
Remedy read the words around the attached photo.
You’ll fuck him, but you won’t fuck me.
Remedy frowned in confusion at the message. “What?”
Derek worked his hand up her back. “What‟s wrong?”
“I think somebody texted me by mistake.” Once the words
left her mouth, the picture showed on her screen.
Her jaw suddenly became loose and fell open. Remedy‟s
eyes grew wide even as the bright light of the screen annoyed the

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 121

freshly awakened peepers. The photo displayed Derek entering her
for the first time the other day. Her finger scrolled down the
message. Others photos like the original began to load on her
screen. The pictures were perfectly clear. Each close- up showed
the most scandalous of details: the sweat on Derek‟s forehead,
Remedy gasping lips, and the scratches on Derek‟s back. The
beautiful moment she shared with Derek continued making
everything worse.
“Where could they be coming from?” She mumbled as she
wrapped the sheet around her body.
“Where are you going?” Derek asked when he was left
alone and exposed on the bed.
Remedy did not hear him at first when she moved away
from him. Holding the phone in her hand, she moved around the
room. Each tiny crack in the wall grabbed her attention as she tried
to find a hidden camera. She stood in front of the window peeking
out the blinds. From the window in Jewels‟ guest room, all
Remedy could see was the alleyway. She tried to see the end of the
alley, but her view from the window was limited. Her cell
suddenly began to ring again. Looking down at the phone in her
hand, Remedy saw that another message was coming through.
You should think before you bring someone else into our
Derek rose up from the bed to stand behind her. “Is
everything okay?”

122 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

“I have to run back to my place.” She held the touch screen
to her chest as she moved around Derek.
Remedy shifted things around in her bag as she looked for
something to wear. She found a random pair of jeans and simple
tank top. Not caring about her underwear, Remedy pulled on the
clothes over and under the sheet. Even after everything they‟ve
been through today, Remedy became shy around Derek. His eyes
could no longer be blessed with the view of her bare skin and
lovely curves.
“I hope you‟re going there to pack.” He sat back on the bed
with her trying to change in front of him.
Remedy pulled the sheet out of her clothes. When she
turned to see Derek was still, naked Remedy tossed the sheet onto
his lap.
“Shouldn‟t you be heading out now?” She slid a boot one
her right foot. “Your sister is going to be home any minute.”
“If you‟re rushing me out, I guess I should go then.”
Remedy looked under the bed for her other boot. “I‟m not
rushing you out. I have to get something at my house, and Jewels
doesn‟t like you in hers.”
“You still haven‟t answered my question.” Derek stood to
collect his own clothes; out of respect for her sudden nervousness,
he wrapped the sheet around his waist.
“We‟ll see.”
“That‟s not a good enough.”

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 123

She heavily sighed while putting on her other boot.
“Why are you angry?” Derek pulled his shirt up over his
shoulders, pausing before he started to button it.
“I am not angry.” She ran her fingers through her hair. “I‟m
just a little confused right now.”
“You‟re falling in love with me already?” With a chuckle
he sat down beside her on the bed.
“Let‟s not get ahead of ourselves.” Remedy giggled while
nudging him with her elbow. “I enjoy your company.”
“Remedy, you would not believe the day I had.” The
bedroom door opened turning a tired Jewelene into an angry one.
Jewelene stopped dead in her tracks. Her light brown skin
began to warm up as she stared at the two. Jewels bit her tongue to
think before she spoke to either one of them. She turned to go back
in the hallway. Holding the door closed behind her, Jewels hoped
when she opened it again her brother wouldn‟t be in her house at
all. She pushed the door opened and reentered the room. Derek
was now fully dressed.
Rising from the bed with a nervous smile Remedy simply
asked, “Jewels, can I borrow your car?”
Since Detective Mike had driven Remedy to Jewels‟ place
nights ago, her own car was left in the complex parking lot.
“The keys are downstairs.” Jewels stepped to the side so
the other woman could leave the room. “Don‟t even knock on my

124 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

door when you bring it back. Leave all my keys in the mailbox
because you and I are done.”
“Jewelene, that is a bit dramatic.” Derek cut in. “She‟s your
best friend.”
“My best friend wouldn‟t drop her panties for you;
especially after I told her to stay away. And you? Does sibling
loyalty mean anything to you?”
“I‟m going to miss my flight.” Derek made a move to
“Don‟t take another step.” Jewelene shook her head while
closing the door. “Your ass is not leaving until I say so.”
Remedy drove straight to the Brownstown Apartment
Complex. She didn‟t know what she was going to do when she got
there. Yet, she drove through many red lights to get there quick. As
she approached another changing yellow light, she slowed her
driving when sirens echoed through the streets. She stopped
Jewels‟ Kia Optima at a corner for a passing ambulance. Remedy
prayed that whoever was messing with her did not text the photos
to Jeremy‟s phone. If they did send them already, she prayed this
was one of the rare days he chose not to check his phone.
When she reached the building parking lot, she was
relieved that she didn‟t see Jeremy‟s car. Entering the lobby,
Remedy went straight for the elevator doors. She stood roughly
pressing the up button. Both elevators were picking up travels on

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 125

upper floors. Even when they loaded up on one level, the box
continued to go upward. Remedy was ready to take the stairs when
the desk clerk called out to her. She tried to erase the worry from
her face as she moved toward the desk.
“Hi Remedy.” The younger man handed her a large cream
envelope. “Someone dropped this off for Jeremy, but I haven‟t
seen him all day.”
“I‟ll make sure he gets it.” Remedy took the thick envelope.
The elevator finally came down to the first level. The
remaining two residents exited the box as she stepped on alone.
She pushed the number five to close the door. The steel box began
to travel up to her floor steadily. Her mind raced at the thought of
Jeremy seeing those photos on his phone. With all the lying she did
today, it would be best if she really did pack and go spend time
with her aunt.
The elevator came closer to her floor and the envelope in
her hand seemed to call her. She let her curiosity take over as she
opened the cream packaging. Pulling out the entire stack of paper,
Remedy read the cover letter in front of everything.
Your wife has been a very naughty girl. One of us should
show her the meaning of the word respect. If you can’t control her,
let a real man step in to handle it.
Remedy lost her jaw again as she flipped past the cover
letter. The other pages in the pile were blown up eight by ten
photos. Each picture of her and Derek was freakier and more

126 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

revealing than the last. She stuffed everything back in the envelope
as the elevator doors opened on the third floor. Remedy looked up
from the paper when Katrina stepped on the elevator.
“What are you doing here?”
“I, um…” Katrina cleared her throat. “Jeremy wanted me to
get something from your place.”
“Where is your brother?” Remedy wondered why the
young woman was getting on the elevator from the third floor.
“I think he‟s with our dad. It‟s supposed to be a dinner or
something at his house. Aren‟t you on your way there?”
After a pause Remedy said, “Yes. I just had to change.”
The two stood in awkward silence during the short ride up.
The box finally reached the fifth floor landing. Remedy was the
first to get off and zipped down the hall to her and Jeremy‟s
apartment. She unlocked the door and went straight in the
“If you need anything, you can help yourself.” Remedy left
Katrina to watch T.V. and linger around in the living room.
She showered and threw on a faded blue cocktail dress with
nude stocking and silver wedges. Sitting on the edge of the bed
once she finished dressing, Remedy stared at the envelope she
placed on the dresser. There was no way in hell Jeremy was ever
going to see those pictures. Grabbing the package as she stood,
Remedy rushed back into the bathroom. She yanked back the
shower curtain then tossed the package in the tub.

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 127

Roaming through the medicine cabinet, Remedy found a
small book of matches. She used one match to start the flame
before setting the entire book on fire. The flame quickly grew in as
she dangling the book from her fingertips. When the heat touched
her hand, she dropped the burning cardboard in the tub. Directly on
top of the cream envelope it fell. Remedy suddenly watched the
package become engulfed by the fire. As the heat spread along the
white tube and left crispy black ashes, Remedy turned on the
shower head. The cooling water had tamed the flames before they
traveled any farther. Soon the fire had completely died out
She turned off the shower and left out the bathroom.
“Are you okay?” Katrina stood at the other end of the hall
when she smelled something burning.
“Of course.” Remedy fluffed up her hair while walking into
the living room space. “Ready to go?”
While in Jesus Mendoza‟s home, Remedy tried her best not
to look like a fish out of water. She was nervous and extremely
anxious whenever hers or Jeremy‟s phone rang. She wanted to stay
away from wine to avoid becoming loud and chatty. She clenched
to Jeremy‟s arms and tried to mock his every step. Of course,
when he went to the bathroom or spoke privately with his father
Remedy had to keep her distance. She didn‟t want to ask for his
phone, so she simply watched whenever he checked it.

128 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

Jeremy did not question her sudden change in attitude
toward him. He did not even push to finish their talk from the night
before. When she and Katrina came in, he accepted his girlfriend‟s
kiss and embrace. He whispered that he was sorry in her ear, and
she did the same. Being a good fiancé, he enjoyed his woman‟s
company throughout the evening. Beside the nieces and nephews
running around, Jeremy ignored his sisters and brother- in- laws.
Their previous issues had seemed to vanish completely.
The couple laughed and shared several kisses. Every now and then
they‟d whisper sweet nothings to each other‟s. Jeremy felt their
relationship was stronger than a little affair. He let Remedy cuddle
as close to him as she wanted while they sat on the couch.
Shamefully, Remedy only returned home to keep her affair a
secret. With the lovey-dovey act they were putting on it could have
stayed a mystery there ever were problems.
“Don‟t you two look happy?” Ebony grinned while staring
at the love birds on the sofa.
“Why wouldn't we be?” Jeremy offered Remedy wine but
she refused.
Ebony giggled. “Relax. It‟s cute. Remedy, I don‟t know
how you put up with him twenty- four-seven.”
She just smiled with a shrug of the shoulders. Suddenly,
one of Jeremy‟s nieces came and sat right next to Remedy on the
couch. The little girl hugged her new aunt before laying her head
on Remedy‟s stomach. The woman paid no attention, believing the

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 129

little girl was simply resting her head. The six year old abruptly
lifted her head to look at Remedy.
Without a hint or warning the little lady asks, “Aunt
Remedy, when are you going to have a baby?”
The room grew silent as eavesdropping ears waited for her
“Umm…” Remedy was completely caught off guard and
had not one word to say.
Jeremy suddenly chuckled to help the room breathe. “If we
had a baby none of the attention would be on you anymore.”
“I don‟t mind.” The little girl shrugged. “So when is the
baby coming.”
“Angie! What did I say about asking those kinds of
questions?” Ashley came out of the kitchen to take her daughter
away from the couple.
“But you said they need to hurry up and make a baby.”
“Just because I said it, that doesn‟t give you the right to
repeat it.”
Other in- laws continued to stare at the couple as silence
echoed through the space.
Remedy picked up Jeremy‟s beer on the table. Her no
alcohol rule went out the window. She emptied the remaining half
of the Coors bottle. She titled her head to look at the man who was
staring dead at her.

130 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

Remedy held out the bottle for Jeremy to take. “Can you
get me another one?”
With a smirk, Jeremy took the bottle and went into the
As she sat on the couch chatting with Katrina, Remedy
noticed Jeremy had left his phone on the coffee table. The screen
was dark and phone untouched for several minutes. It was right
there in her reach, and yet she didn‟t move to get it. She
remembered the last time she tried to look in his phone she
couldn‟t get the password. Maybe the photos that came to the
apartment were the only copies the stalker was sending to Jeremy.
If he didn‟t get a copy to his phone when she did, he might not get
them at all. Remedy simply breathed and let the thought go for
The dark screen on Jeremy‟s phone soon brightened. In the
corner of her eye, Remedy could see a call was coming through.
The name read Unknown while there was a number underneath it.
Her inquisitiveness finally peeked as the device vibrated along the
wooden surface. Excusing herself from the conversation, Remedy
picked up the phone. With the children running around the whole
house there was not one place to be alone in pure silence. She
grabbed her coat to go outside and sit in Jewels car.
By the time she sat in the driver‟s seat, the phone had
stopped ringing. The “missed call” message appeared on the
screen. Remedy tapped the number on the screen. Bringing the

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 131

phone to her ear, she swallowed hard while waiting for the caller to
“Did you get the pictures?” A husky male voice crept out
the phone.
“I destroyed them before Jeremy could see.” Remedy
admitted. She tried to keep a leveled head when she heard the
voice of her former college professor – Dr. Mathew Knight.
“That‟s too bad. I heard they were pretty sexy photos.”
“Well, I‟m sorry. Your plan backfired.”
“Not at all.” The older man reclined back on his cot. His
cell phone was hidden underneath his pillow while he spoke with
the Bluetooth headset in his ear. “The photos are still out there. It‟s
only a matter of time before he sees what type of woman you are.”
“Mathew you‟re supposed to be dead.” Her voice was
“That‟s what those police officers told you but things
happen. Dates get changed, people get hurt, new victims step up to
testify in new cases.” He chuckled. “You‟d be surprised how many
mothers still want to know where their daughters are. It‟s been
years; all the remains are dust now. You can‟t bury dust.”
She sat silently even as her burning tear welled up in her
eyes. Her heart was ready to bust at the sudden rush of anxiety.
Puddles of moisture coated her jacket and dress. Remedy wiped
her face with her sleeve. She sniffed into the phone, cutting off
Mathew‟s sociopathic speech.

132 | L a ‟ N i q u e S t e p h e n s

He listened to her profound breathing. “I know it‟s a lot to
take it. I understand how anxious you are to see me.”
“I‟m not anxious at all! After what you did to me and all
those other women. And now you‟re following me? You‟re sick
and deserve to rot in hell.”
“I‟m not the one who‟s following you. I‟m not dead, but
that doesn‟t mean I‟m a free man.”
“You hired someone to stalk me!”
“I didn‟t have to hire anyone. So many people are unhappy
that you‟re with that boy. I simply gave my approval to separate
you two at all cost.”
“Leave him out of this.”
“Don‟t worry. I will…for now. But what is this I‟m hearing
about another doctor.” Mathew grinned. “You can‟t stay away
from us can you?”
“Don‟t hurt him.”
Mathew smirked. “Do you love him?”
“No, but he‟s my friend‟s brother.”
“How is Jewelene Brooks doing? When you talk to her, let
her know I‟m not upset she testified against me.”
“Delete those pictures and stay away from my family, or so
help me I‟ll -.”
“You‟ll what!” Mathew laughed. “Are you trying to
threaten me Remedy?”

E n g a g e d t o D e c e p t i o n | 133

Her teeth sank into her tongue. Saying she was going to the
police was not going to scare him. He had a cell phone while in
prison; clearly, he had some of the police in his pocket.
“I want you.” Mathew sat up on his cot. “The more people
you put in my way, the more people you will have to watch die.
You don‟t want their blood on your hands, do you?”
“You should have killed me when you had the chance.”
She whispered into the phone.
“No. You should have killed me! And tell Kimberley I said
„hi‟.” He took his earpiece out then dropped it on the ground. His
foot crushed the device, ending the call in Remedy‟s ear.


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