Abound in Riches By Xiomara Decaster Decaster

Affirmations are used to help a person change old beliefs into new ones that will help him achieve any goal. For the subconscious mind of a person to believe what the person wants it to believe, it has to receive the instruction in a way that it can do something with it. It is the same as putting a car part from one brand name into the car of another brand name.
Abound in Riches
Abound in Riches

While searching for ways to make my subconscious mind believe what my conscious mind wanted it to believe, I stumbled upon methods that you can use, and that I am using, to achieve great results. I used to pay a company for a list of contact information. And I couldn’t do business until I receive this information. I managed to come up with an idea of how to get my affirmations to work for me. Every time an issue came to mind, I would write down and read out loud my affirmation at least 10 times. I won’t mention the real name of the person, but my affirmation was: Mrs. Maria Rich will contact me now. Notice that I used the name of this person, I wrote down what I wanted this person to do for me and I added the word NOW. I was also a bit emotional when I was writing this affirmation, because I was in a hurry to get the information. So emotion is also needed for the affirmation to work fast. Mentioning a person’s name is like mentally talking to him. Saying what you want is like giving an order, and adding the word NOW is like telling God that you want it with speed. So if you add a name, a specific order, the word now, a lot of emotions to your affirmations and write them down many times a day, you will get things to happen almost instantly. This Maria Rich use to call or send me an email the same day, or early the next day.

You can change the affirmations in this book as you like. They are an example of affirmations that you can use to reach your goals. This is a way to communicate to your subconscious mind, but you can do this much faster if you do it 15 minutes before falling asleep, or sometimes even right after you wake up. It is good for you to use your affirmation until you see it manifest in your life. It can take a short time to manifest, but it can also take months, or even a year to manifest. You have to write them down while you say them out loud. If you want to become a millionaire, you have to have an affirmation that has to do with this.

Affirmations will help your subconscious mind believe what you want. But you can also use visualization and vibration of energy. You can use the strategy of feeling rich and visualizing it. Or you can seek the energy of what you want. You can get this wealth energy by passing or driving around the houses of millionaires, visiting places where the wealthy go, eating and drinking something in expensive places, visualizing and imagining already having what you want, and working on how you will get there. You can put pictures of what you want on your walls so you can see them and get what you want. By seeing wealthy pictures on your walls (with you in the pictures), repeating wealth affirmations and visualizing yourself as wealthy, you will force your subconscious mind to think that you are rich. It cannot distinguish what is real from what is not. You might cry or get emotional when you watch a sad movie on the internet, but that what is happening is not real.

Regarding vibration, I have to say that scientists have discovered that everything has energy, even things that don’t move. Scientists say our bodies are also made of energy and our minds use a high level of energy. To prove this, a group of Russian scientists conducted an experiment with a female rabbit and her newborn kits. They took her kits with them on a submarine and left her unconscious at the seashore. Before they sailed away they killed one of the kits, and during the trip on the submarine they killed the rest, while measuring her blood sugar, blood adrenaline and some other biochemical parameters. The mother reacted every time they killed one of the kits. This is how fast the frequency of the two minds crossed the sea and the distance. Between humans, scientists have already proved brain to brain telepathic communication to be possible.

Vibration is also important when it comes to getting wealth. The vibration of wealth is in places where wealthy people go. You can try to get the wealth vibration by visiting these places.

Chapter 2: What do you want?

Affirmations: -I am connected to a source of unlimited abundance. -Every man is a golden link in the chain of my good. -Money comes to me now easily and frequently. Ways to make startup money: -Rent out your driveway or parking space. -Childminding. -Rent a room. -Work in a shop on Saturdays

Know what you want and you will get it. A lot of people dream big, but if you want to change your actual situation, you have to know what you want. To get what you want is not difficult. You take the first step in getting what you want when you decide what it is that you want. Your good results of today will help you get better results in the future. You’ll get better results because your success of today will increase your faith in yourself. Every day, write down your goals or all the new things that you need to do to achieve them. Read them out loud in the morning, at midday and at night. See how you feel when you read them. If you feel sad when you read them, you’re not moving forward. I will call what you want to achieve your dream. You’re not feeling successful because you feel you’re not working hard enough on your dream. If you feel good or happy, then you are satisfied with the way you’re going and this makes you feel that your dream is achievable. Doing this every day will remind you to work on your goals and will help you get what you want. If possible, don’t tell it to others. Open up ways to give so you can get what you want. When you give, you get. Giving is like opening a bank account in heaven, or storing up treasures for yourself in heaven. What you give you’ll get back multiplied, depending on how much you do or give to others that is of some value. The best thing you can do is give and don’t expect anything in return.

Different ways of giving are: give flowers from your yard to a sick neighbour, give fruits from your garden to children, give your clothes to the poor, buy food for those who are in need, teach others a skill for free, take care of a person and give him love without expecting anything in return, help people out without charging them, lend out something you have without charging a fee, and so on. You can think of more ways to give to others.

So write down what you want, and write down the steps that you have to take to reach your goal. Repeat your affirmations to help you believe that you will get what you want. Start investigating all you need to do to create your new reality. Don’t forget to go over all you have already achieved, and believe that you will achieve your new goals, just as you achieved the old ones. It will also help if part of what you achieved is tangible. Write down the date that you want to achieve your biggest goal, and try to achieve many small goals that will lead you to the big one. For example, if your biggest goal is to become a millionaire, your smaller goals could be: find a job, save 10% of your monthly income, after 3 years put half of the accumulated money into shares or some other investment. Put the money you get from the investment towards your goals, which will help you get to the big goal. Or you can start a business if you’ve saved enough.

Chapter 3: How to become a millionaire

Affirmations: -Money is good for me now. -I have divine health now. -I love the highest and best in all people and I now draw the highest and best people to me. Ways to make startup money: -Train or walk dogs. -Rent out (a part of) your house. -Deliver (news)papers or leaflets. -Start an ironing service.

Let’s say you want to become a millionaire. You’ll have to start asking yourself this question: How can I become a millionaire? This is one of the secrets to become a millionaire. When you ask yourself this question, you’ll open yourself up to an answer. Then you will push your mind to find an answer. This is the big difference between a millionaire and a person that is not a millionaire. This is because a person that doesn’t ask himself this question doesn’t desire to become a millionaire, will never start working on this goal, and will never find an answer to this question. Until you ask yourself this question, you will not start thinking and searching for it. Your mind will be busy with this question for a long time, and you’ll start getting more ideas about what you can do. You’ll also get more ideas as you keep reading about how others became a millionaire. Only then will you open your mind to the things that can get you there. Start with this: Write down all your talents and what you are good at. Then ask yourself: How can I become a millionaire? You start writting down everything that comes to mind. You can do it right now. Don’t think too much about what you are writing down; you’ll think about it later. While writing you will notice that all that you’re writing down matches your belief in what YOU think you can do to become a millionaire. Most likely you’re writing down what matches your talents. If you have access to the internet, you can type this question in a search box. Write down some answers that come up, and do this every day until you find your answer or an idea of what you have to do to become a millionaire. The answers will show you what others have done to become mllionaires. After this, go meditate. The next chapter will teach you how to meditate. While you’re meditating, ask yourself the same question: What do I have to do to become a millionaire? You’ll notice that you’re getting the answers in dreams, while awake, while doing your chores, when your mind is quiet, while walking in nature, when you are very happy, while having a conversation with others, etc. When you get your answer, you will start with your own talent, but when you get rich, this will change. You will believe that you can achieve even those things that don’t match your talents. This is because you feel the the power of money. This power makes you believe that you can achieve anything because whatever you cannot do, you will pay others to do for you. You can also search for information about passive income and see what suits you. A person who has at least 3 different sources of passive income will reach a million dollars very easy. This is when money works for you instead of you working for money. You only have a few hours a day that you can work for money, but when you have passive income, you make money even while you sleep. So money will come to you easily and frequently. You can take 50% of your salary and invest it, and years later you’ll get to a million. You can use strategies that others have used. For example, you can use the strategy that John Assaraf used to be successful in real estate if you want to be in real estate. Telephone 100 people a day and offer them a free property assessment if they let you sell their property for them.

Or you can follow one of the strategies of the Business Whisperer. He helped a lady who was pretty good at getting new clients. He told her to find two call centers that would love to do business with her. She would find the clients and they would do the rest of the work. She went to two call centers, then four, and then more as she became more successful. Or you can subscribe to clickbank on the internet, and let others sell a product for you like Josh Bartlett did. Using clickbank, your chances of becoming a millionaire increase. Or do as I did. I asked on the internet: How do I become a millionaire? I invented products and sent them to businesses.

When you start with something that will make you rich, you have to find a strategy that saves you the most money possible if you don’t have a lot of money to spend. Most of the time, you can become rich without spending much. A good strategy is what you need, as well as the assurance that others have used it and had success with it. Some people use their credit card to pay for startup company expenses, but I will leave this decision up to you. I believe that it is better to start without debts, if possible. Your goal is one million, so every time you reach a goal, the next one should be bigger.

If you already have an idea about what you can do to become rich and you are not rich yet, than it’s good for you to pay attention to your personal growth. Maybe there are things that you don’t know yet about yourself that make you work less hard to get rich. Think about things like: Why do you want wealth? Why do you procrastinate? Or consider the wealth habits that you still have to make your own. Habits like: changing the time you spend on hobbies for wealth building lessons, or giving more than what you take from the world. That’s why I’ve placed a lot of attention in this book on the things that you have to do to experience personal growth. Let what you read inspire you to take action. Every time you read something that inspires you to take action, take action immediately without wasting time. And bookmark this as something inspirational for later, or write down a summary of what has inspired you. Read this every day or when you need to get in the mood to get up and work on your goals immediately. Every time you reach a goal, write down how you did it, and what you felt. You do this because every day you should read what you’ve accomplished to feel successful, to feel that you are moving forward, and for you to believe that you can reach your biggest goal. You also do it just in case you have to start again on a big goal so you’ll know how to do it.

You have to make sure that you don’t owe the universe anything on your way to becoming rich. You need things to work in your favor. So don’t think: people are only out to take advantage of me, and don’t take advantage of others. Don’t telephone someone and ask him to call you back when you are the one who needs him. And don’t let others pay for stuff for you when you have enough money to pay. Treat adults, children and foreigners well. Don’t take stuff from your job because your boss has enough of something or because you think that he or someone else has been unjust to you. You have to make sure you give more than you take. Only then will you be in the position to receive when you ask.

When you start accumulating riches from a job or another source, you have to focus your attention on different streams of passive income. Start investigating which streams of passive income are out there, and which one suits you. Save a large amount of money and put it into one passive income stream. Then do the same thing again and put it into another passive income stream. Keep doing this until you have a lot of passive income that will help you get to a million. The idea is for money to work for you, so you can become rich. It is important that you are not working hard to get to a million because you don’t have many hours in a day to work for it, with the exception of having a business, a good salary or a great invention.

Different types of passive income are: investments, business ownership, franchising fees, commissions, database rights, royalties from books, CDs, seminars, films, software, games, inventions and patents, a 24hr web business, and network marketing

Chapter 4: Intuition

Another way to become a millionaire, or to achieve your dreams and goals, is by following your intuition. Intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge without proof, evidence, or conscious reasoning, or without understanding how the knowledge was acquired. It helps you know when you must believe something or act on something. For example, your intuition helps you know when you have to bet on something, whom to believe in, when you are in danger, when you have to take a chance to do what you want to do, and know where you have to be to get certain opportunities. People would say that you are in the right place at the right time. Many rich people became rich because they followed their intuition. They only did what they felt was right. For example, they bought a house and it turned out to have the perfect location to do certain business. Or they managed to get in contact with certain people who brought them to success, just because they were in the right place at the right time when the right person was going to be there.

People who know how to use their intuition are the people who always win stuff like the lottery, money scratch-offs, and contests. All these people have one thing in common: they trained their intuition. They trained it so well that they ended up believing and acting on their intuition. They went on using it as a guide to success, to escape bad situations, or to help them make life-changing decisions.

You can do these things too. Are you interested in becoming rich and you notice that you achieve certain things with ease? Imagine if you train your intuition to better yourself in those areas where you achieve stuff with ease. That’s to say, the areas where you’re always making the right decisions, or where you’re always lucky, areas like: finding a good place to live, winning stuff, finding the right people to help you out, having the ability to find a good job, etc. You can do the following: Train your intuition. Do what you have to do when you have a hunch. Start a business or start something that can lead to wealth, in the area where your intuition normally never fails you. Or use it to your advantage. Here you have ten ways to train your intuition.

Ten ways to improve your intuition: Look at newspaper photos and guess the news behind these photos before you read them./ When the phone rings, guess who is calling before you pick it up./ Think about someone you know and see him clearly in your mind. Notice how long it takes for him to contact you./ Put “yes” or “no” to the heads and tails of a coin. Then ask a yes/no question and flip the coin to get answers. Notice how it feels as you get your answers./ Pay attention to numbers, billboard messages, and anything else in your surroundings. Often the issues that you are wrestling with in your thoughts are displayed as a sign or a message in front of you./ Shuffle a deck of cards and predict whether the card you are about to turn is black or red. To make it more difficult, once you’re good at it, predict wether it is hearts, diamonds, spades or clubs./ While listening to the radio, predict what song will come up within the next hour./ Pay attention to random pieces of information from conversations that you overhear. They may be pieces of information you need for issues that you’re dealing with./ Pick a book and flip to a random page. Start reading from anywhere on the page and notice how close the information comes to a situation that you’re dealing with./ Act on your hunches as if the information was backed up by irrefutable evidence.

The more you practice this, the stronger your intuition will get. The more hunches you get to act on, the more success you will reap. I used to train my intuition with cards and then play a game where I needed to use my intuition to win. When I followed both of these habits, I used to win. When I went only with the game, I stopped winning. This helped me understand that you have to keep training your intuition to keep having success with it. The more you trust and practice your intuition, the more confident and successful you will be.

Chapter 5: Meditation

We are beings who needs a certain type of energy every day to function well. If we don’t have enough of this energy, we notice that we are out of balance. This energy is called cosmic energy. This energy is the basis for all our actions and functioning. We receive a little bit of this energy when we are sleeping deeply and when we are completely silent. Our mind uses this energy when we use our senses and for physical activities. When we don’t have enough of this energy, we feel tired and uneasy. A lack of this energy leads to stress and many other ailments. That’s why we need this energy. Sleep is unconscious meditation, and meditation is conscious sleep. You can get this cosmic energy through both: Through sleep you get a little bit of it, but through meditation you get much more. With this energy you become relaxed, healthy, and happy.

To meditate, you have to assume a proper posture and focus your attention on your breathing. The first thing you have to do is sit or lie down comfortably. It’s your choice whether you want to sit on a chair, a bed or on the floor. Cross your legs and clasp your hands. Close your eyes and stop thinking about anything. Relax yourself. When you cross your legs and clasp your hands, an energy circle is formed, and it gives you more stability. Your eyes might see things that can distract you and can take your attention away from your breathing; that’s why you have to close your eyes. Focus your attention on your breathing to help you stop the inner chatter. Just observe your regular breathing. You will notice after a while that you are not thinking about anything anymore. Later, your breathing will become more shallow. This is the meditative state. In this state you will receive cosmic energy. The more you

meditate, the more cosmic energy you will get. The reason why you have to be in this state to receive this energy is because your thoughts reduce this energy flow. This energy can heal your body: Meditation makes you more happy, helps you have less stress and less anxiety and helps you daydream less. For you to achieve this, you have to meditate every day. Meditation has been used to lower crime rates.

Another type of meditation is a meditation where you silently repeat a phrase in your thoughts, or focusing on a mantra while meditating. I use this myself. Start meditating, and when you feel that your body is totaly relaxed, start focusing on your wealth mantra. You can also use the most important word in your mantra. If the word ‘riches’ is the most important word in your mantra, then repeat only that word. You can make the following become a habit for you: say your mantra out loud as you are writing it down. Write down your mantra or the most important word within it many times until you get tired; for example: ‘riches’ or ‘riches will come to me now’. After that, go meditate and repeat your mantra. You can meditate on a mantra, you can meditate to get cosmic energy or you can visualize your wealth story while you meditate. After meditation pray and give thanks for what you haven’t received yet as if you have already received it. This means you have faith. Or you can say thank you three times in a row. It doesn’t matter whom you’re saying it to. The best moment for you to write down and meditate on your mantra is before bedtime. If it gets into your subconscious mind, you will notice it. The next day, it will be as if everything and everybody is in a hurry to tell you what to do to achieve riches. When you meditate or before you fall asleep, you can ask yourself a question you wish you knew the answer to. You’ll get your answer the next day or later while you’re doing your chores.

Your wealth story is a story that you imagine and tell to yourself because you want it to become your reality. You imagine or tell it to yourself every night before falling asleep until it becomes your reality.

Chapter 6: Deep meditation

Everybody falls daily into a deep meditation when they are falling asleep and when they are waking up. With the difference being that when you go to bed you fall asleep unconsciously and when you meditate you bring yourself into this state consciously. Deep meditation is the moment when your body relaxes itself and it’s as if you are almost drifting off to sleep. You forget that you are meditating, you lose all awareness, you experience time lapses, and your breathing becomes more shallow, like when you are asleep. After reading and applying different ways of meditation, I’ve put together a form of meditation that helps me get very quickly into a deep meditative state. What has worked well for me is a combination of what Sir Silva of the “Silva method” teaches, and an ancient way of meditation.

How to meditate: Turn off your phone. Make sure you choose a place where nothing (that you have control over) can disturb you. Cross your legs and clasp your hands. Every time you breathe in, count to seven. Hold your breath and count to seven again. Breathe out without counting. Repeat this ten times or until you feel sleepy or start yawning. Now count from one hundred to one, and imagine yourself going down a staircase while counting. Count like this: 100, 90, 80, etc., until you reach one. When you reach one you will feel very relaxed. You can even tell yourself to relax while you’re counting. When you reach the number one, you have to imagine yourself falling over backwards. Or imagine yourself diving into the sea. If you feel yourself getting dizzy, push your body forward and the feeling will stop. You go into a deep meditative state when you do these three things: the breathing exercise, the staircase exercise, and you imagining yourself falling over backwards. When you are in this state, you feel that everything around you has become more quiet. The space you’re in will feel bigger. The most important thing is that you will feel tired. Your hands and feet should feel heavy. This happens because in this state, all your organs are relaxed, and blood flows to every part of your body with no problem. When you want to stop meditating, start wiggling your toes, then your hands, and then start walking. If you feel sleepy after you have started walking, chew some gum. According to research, this helps bring oxygen to your brain.

Chapter 7: Wealth habits

When you see that you are trying to get out of poverty and you are not succeeding at it, you have to make what you are doing to become wealthy a habit. Otherwise you will procrastinate and do nothing to change your situation. Every day is different; some days you have the desire to work on your goals, and some days you don’t.

You will work on your goals every day, even when you don’t feel like, but only if you turn it into a habit. You will work on them even on the days that you are discouraged. That’s why you have to have a plan how you want to become rich, and make it a daily habit to work towards your goal. You have to work on this habit for days and months, until you notice that you cannot go without doing it. So if it is a certain quantity of messages you have to send to let others know about your business, a certain amount of pages of a book you have to write, a certain number of businesses you have to phone, or finding a way to fix your plan according to your successes, you have to start with something. You have to plan out everything you have to do according to your strategy. Do your tasks every day at the same time. Celebrate your success by giving yourself a treat after you have finished or by checking items off your to-do list. The idea is to make it a habit so you won’t let feeling discouraged delay your progress. You may be in a bad mood, it might be raining, or you may beat yourself down because you don’t see much progress, but still you must complete your daily routine. You will do it because of the feeling of satisfaction that you get when you finish it. You feel good, that you’ve had a successful day, and that even though you are not there yet, you didn’t stop moving forward. You’re one step closer to your goal.

Examples of wealth habits: -Disipline yourself to work on your wealth goals every day. -Do the things you procrastinate on first. -Search for information about how others became a millionaire. -Write it down and read it every day. -Chose a strategy that helped others become a millionaire, and use it every day. -Eat superfoods which has vitamins, minerals and good oils. Stay healthy to enjoy your wealth. -Sleep less so you can do more. If you are sleepy, go meditate so you don’t use costly time sleeping. If you still want to sleep, use your alarm clock to wake you up. -Meditate while you watch your mind movie on your computer screen, and say (or write down) your affirmations before you fall asleep. -Repeat words of prosperity instead of the negative ones of poverty. -Give to others daily. Give stuff like love, time, attention, care, etc. -Make a daily to-do list. -Simplify your life. Try to wear the same type of clothes every day, and eat the same food every morning. This way you save your energy for more important decisions, like Steve Jobs used to do.

A good piece of advice would be for you to learn to live temporarily with less. This will help you have more startup money. If there are things that keep you busy and stop you from working on your goals, if possible, let others do them for you.

Chapter 8: Worms of our subconscious mind

Affirmations: -Everybody is good to me now. -Every day, in every way, I’m growing richer and richer now.-The less I work, the more I now earn. -Ways to make startup money. -Care for plants. -Work in a bar. -Collect money for businesses. -Cake making and decorating or making preserves.

You have two minds. One is your conscious mind, and this mind helps you be aware of things, think and make conscious decisions. The other one is your subconscious mind. With this mind you react to things on instinct or on autopilot. You can function on autopilot because the information is already embedded in a habit, like for example driving a car, using equipment at work, dressing for school or work, etc. All your subconscious habits and thoughts entered your mind, because you were emotional or daydreaming during events, conflicts or the repetition of words. Sometimes you yourself kept repeating them and remembering those moments until they stayed in your subconscious mind. I call these the worms of our subconscious mind. They keep wreaking havoc until you get rid of them. To get rid of them, you have to do the same thing you did when you put them in your mind: You have to use emotion while you repeat the new beliefs you want to have many times.

The human mind is the connection between what you can see and touch and what has not become reality yet. It is possible that what you believe, repeat with your mouth and imagine can become reality. But you have to practice this. You can practice this by repeating what you want many times with emotion, imagining you touching and receiving it already, without wavering.

When you receive what you asked for, you have to make it a habit of looking at a picture of it, or something that has to do with it, every day to increase your faith more and more. This will help you believe that you can achieve other goals the same way. Many believes that what you say becomes reality. This is because the Bible shows that God spoke the world into existence, and because it’s written that man was made in His own image and likeness. It depends on the individual, but he can get what he is asking for right away, or after weeks, months or a year. It probably depends on the person’s faith, the quantity of time he said it with emotion, and whether he has put up a channel to receive what he asked for.

You can also increase your faith by fooling your mind. By achieving lots of small goals, you trick your mind into believing that you are very successful. And by having something tangible as an end result, you make it more real. Every time you achieve one goal, your faith increases. Here are some goals that people achieved which increased their faith: they achieved a degree in higher education, a better job position, kids, wealth, a cure for their disease, etc. Choose one of these goals or take your biggest goal and split it into smaller ones. Notice how good you feel when you achieve many of these smaller goals. All of a sudden you feel that you can achieve everything with ease and that your dreams can become a reality. But the best ways that people have reported achieving their goals are through prayer, by repeating affirmations (with emotion), by imagining their desires during meditation and imagining them before they fall asleep.

Many things happen around you every day that your conscious mind doesn’t take notice of. But your subconscious mind does. Your conscious mind is not completely actively involved in what you do when you do things on auto pilot. When you do things like driving a car, riding a bicicle, taking a shower, etc.,these things are habitual. That’s why you don’t think when you’re doing them. When you are in this subconscious state of mind, you can ask for whatever you want and receive it. That’s why you should have a habit of singing your affirmations all the time. The only way that you will not receive what you are asking for is when you have a belief that is the opposite of what you desire. That belief is then blocking what you desire.

Maybe you have already used your subconscious mind when you needed it. Maybe you already said to yourself many times before falling asleep that you have to wake up at a certain time. The next morning you noticed that you did wake up at that specific time.

Or you might have said something many times, something like: “People always break my stuff”. And then you notice that it happens to you often, but not as many times to others. Because you have believed and repeated this many times, your subconscious mind came to believe that this is what’s supposed to happen. To change this belief, you have to repeat the opposite of what you have been saying, or imagine yourself forgiving that person before you fall asleep.

The most difficult part is when you don’t know what is in your subconscious mind, that is blocking your success, wealth, etc. You have to find out what you or someone else has been saying a lot. Look at what is repeating itself a lot in your life to find out what you have to change. Imagine repeating to others an affirmation contrary to this.

Chapter 9: Fear and the subconscious mind

People need inspiration and opportunities. You might want to do a lot to progress in life, but it will be in vain if you don’t overcome your fears. The man who achieved success did what he feared anyway. The man that didn’t procrastinate, didn’t use excuses and took action succeeded in life. The man who is comfortable and satisfied with what he has stops growing, and keeps using what he has until he has it no more. Until things change and he feels no peace, he will take action. Because he realizes then, that he should have continued growing personally and financially. Being satisfied with what you have is good, but being satisfied and making sure you have a few sources of passive income is better. For you to get money for passive income, you have to sacrifice your disposable income for a period of time. Or you must use your talents to make extra money. You have the know-how within you, and you’ll also find some ideas in this book.

Part of you wants to help you when you are ready to work on a better future. Man doesn’t know the power that lies dormant in his mind. Man can do a lot with his mind, but he often doesn’t use it to his advantage until he finds himself in a bad situation. When he needs money to get himself out of a bad situation, he will use the power of his mind. It’s then that he will become what he could have been, and achieve what he wants to achieve. Then he will be what he puts his mind to. The mind of a man cannot help him if he is full of fears.

When you want your mind to help you, you have to tell it what you want, and stop telling it what you don’t want. You must say ‘I want to be happy’ instead of ‘I don’t want to be unhappy anymore.’ It’s better to say ‘I want to be wealthy’ instead of ‘I don’t want to be poor anymore.’ It’s better to say ‘That is not good’ instead of ‘That is bad.’ Use positivity.

Your conscious mind will help your subconscious mind get over the hurdle that stops it from helping you progress. You have to tell your subconscious mind what you want by writing it down, hundreds of times every day until it become your reality. Or write it down before you fall asleep. Your subconscious mind is what records the new beliefs that you are writing down over the old ones so you can get what you want. Your subconscious mind is more susceptible to change a few mitnutes before you fall asleep. Also when you are daydreaming and meditating. You have to create a daily habit of writing down what you want, to reprogram your subconscious mind. It’s your conscious mind that has to do the things that your subconscious mind should to take over. It’s you who has to put on an expensive beautiful dress the whole week to make your subconscious mind believe that you are successful. It’s you who has to start doing something to get to riches and then go and spend time in expensive places, to make your subconscious mind believe you’re rich, so it can give you more of what you want. It’s you who has to write down the affirmations that will become your beliefs. It’s you that will have to imagine driving your new car that you test drived, imagine touching your kitchen that you will buy, see your wealth life on your walls and believe that you have already achieved it so that you can get what you want to become your reality.

Your subconscious does things for you that you don’t have to think about. That is why it is important to you. If it doensn’t give your body the instruction to breathe, move a muscle, let your heart beat, etc., your body won’t do it. You can have control over your mind and consequently have control over the state of wellbeing, success and happiness that you want to have. All you have to do is repeat affirmations that say the opposite of what you have been saying to yourself, and you’ll get the opposite end results. The affirmations have to say that you are getting better in the areas where you want change to occur. One more time: observe what happens a lot in your life and say the opposite of it every day, at the same hour, hundreds of times, for months, until you see change happen. Do the same with everything where you want to see change, and then congratulations on your new life! Not everybody is the same. Some people see change in one day, and others see change after a much longer period of time. Everything depends on how fast and in which way your subconscious mind gets the message, and how determined you are and which strategy you use to communicate with your subconscious mind. If you speak many times about something, you might get it in your life, whether it is good or bad. By talking now only about what you want, or the contrary of what you used to say, you open up chances to get what you are sending out.

If you are desperate for change, do what others wouldn’t do. Repeat what you want with an affirmation or one word hundreds of times and see it happen in your life. I used to do it 370 times per day. Repeat words like peace many times and see your neighbours become quiet. Say wealth many times (also when you’re falling asleep) and see others bring money or other stuff to you, or your mind guiding you to possibilities in that direction. Or with the stuff you are about to spend money on, spend less money than what you expected.

Scott Adams wrote what he wanted, and when he got it, he chose something bigger. Finally he wrote down his biggest wish: To be a famous cartoonist. And he achieved it. A man wrote that he wanted to be paid for doing nothing. After writing it down for a year, he got what he wanted. This took him a year because, most likely, he had other beliefs blocking it, a belief like: I have to work hard for my money. This will fight the belief: I get paid for doing nothing.

The subconscious mind is not the only mind to help you achieve riches. The conscious mind is also important. With the conscious mind, you have to try doing as many things as possible in a day to achieve success as fast as possible. And with it you also turn into a habit whatever component of success you need. To achieve success, you must have control over your mind and not waste energy on things that have nothing to do with your goals. You have to let your mind be occupied only with things that are good, convenient and necessary. If at any moment one of them is not applicable to what you are doing, then don’t continue with it. Things like gossip, dealing with other people’s matters, vengance etc., vibrates on a low energy level. They cause negative emotions that weaken your body. A person that practises them a lot can become diseased. A sick person vibrates on a lower frequency compared to a healthy person. Disease is of a low vibration, and constantly practising the above mentioned activities means constantly being in a low level of energy. When you are constantly vibrating at this frequency, you are conditioning your cells to create disease. Positive emotions, like happiness, make your body strong again.

Ways to trick your subconscious mind: One way to trick your subconscious mind is to draw a circle and split the circle into segments. Fill every part with your desired good. This is for your subconscious mind to see and believe that they are already part of your reality. Your subconscious mind cannot distinguish between what is real and what is not. It keeps giving you more of what it sees around it.

Another trick you can use to change your subconscious mind is by making a wish or by saying your affirmations when you are emotional. You can try to remember something very funny or very good that happened to you, and say your affirmation when you remember the funniest part. Or write down your affirmations when something makes you very sad and you can’t let go of the emotions. Strong emotions move things faster into your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is like a muscle that you have to keep training to keep things going as you want. Imagining, saying or writing down what you want when you are falling asleep is another trick.

Chapter 10: Why do you procrastinate?

Affirmations: -Everything and everyone prospers me now, and I prosper everything and everyone now. -Everything I do prospers me now. -Getting riches is now easy. Ways to make startup money: -Fundraising, raise money for charity. -Trimming hedges. -Be an answering service for others. -Party planning.

Postpone it for a later date, for tomorrow, or day after tomorrow. Why do you do this? Why do you postpone things? Procrastination is a destructive habit. If you costantly put off what you have to do for something fun, you create a habit of procrastination. This is how you postpone your success. How can you tell if you procrastinate? Make a to-do list for today, and check off the items on your list as you complete them. If you normally don’t achieve your desired results every day, and now that you have used a to-do list it helped you finish everything, congratulations. You are a person who has to work with a to-do list to achieve your goals. You can also write down what comes to mind when you are busy doing something, and do that new thing later. If there is a fun thing to do that takes your attention from the main thing, do the fun thing first. By doing things this way you avoid procrastinating. If you didn’t finish your to-do list by the end of the day, pay attention to the things you must do the next day. Did you finally do the things you procrastinated on the previous day, or did you do something else? Maybe you started on them and then postponed them for other things that were not really necessary. Think about something you procrastinated on. What did you do when you had to do this again? Did you think about and plan it without doing it? Did you start working on this task and all of a sudden you caught yourself looking for food? Did you procrastinate a lot on this? Did you choose to do less important tasks when you had to do this? Did you wait until you were in a good mood to do this task? Or did you wait until you felt it’s the right time to do it?

If you constantly were coming up with something else to do instead of doing this, you do procrastinate.

You procrastinate because the current task is not fun to do. Most of the things you procrastinate on are big decisions that will change your life, decisions that have to do with your future. Making a change or thinking about the change makes you feel insecure, worried or less happy. This bad feeling is attached to fear. This fear makes you believe that if you procrastinate a little longer on what you have to do, your situation will become better and you will get the courage to do it. You tell yourself, I will do it one day. But time goes by and you never do it. And what’s worse, your dreams don’t get to be fullfilled because of this reason. This task has to do with your financial stability, health, love life, or your beliefs. Notice that you never procrastinate on something you love to do. No, you don’t procrastinate on something you like. So what is procrastination? Avoiding what you don’t like. Avoiding suffering.

Things that makes you procrastinate are: -Things that are too much work that they overwelm you. -You avoid doing what you have to do because the last time you did it, you didn’t like doing it. You were sad or unhappy when you were doing it. Now you avoid doing it because you remember it as an unpleasant thing to do. -You tell yourself how this will make you suffer, and that it is not good for you. -You are suffering right now and this suffering has nothing to do with your task, but you set it aside for something that is fun to do. You go and watch television. -Your task doesn’t match up with you and consequently doesn’t make you feel good.

To stop procrastination you have to write a to-do list. Notice what you didn’t check off or what you procrastinated on. Call this to-do list “first things first”. Take notice of what you didn’t do that day, and make another list the next day. Number the list. Put the items of the previous day that you didn’t check off or completed at the top of the list. Number them number 1,2 or 3. You will notice that when you work with this list, you will feel very happy, and your day will be very successful. This list is called “fear things first”. If you want to be successful, then you must make this list every day. Every time you realize that you are postponing things, ask yourself: Why don’t I want to do this task? Write down the reason why and think about a way to stop procrastinating on this. When you are working on this task, play your favorite music, spray your favorite perfume, listen to motivational speeches on the internet that push you into action, use emotions to push you to work on it, or use the very own thing that pushed you to seek wealth. Do one of these things so that the to-do item stays in your mind as a fun thing to do. I procrastinated a lot while writing this book. I read online how someone wrote a certain quatity of words a day to overcome procrastination. Inspired by this, I decided to write a few pages a day. You too can search the internet and find out how others overcame the thing you procrastinate on.

Usually you don’t get up and do something to become rich because of bad experiences of the past. You notice this with the daily chores that you have to do. For example, you have to clean your room, but you are allergic to dust. And because of the bad experience of getting sick and inhaling the dust, you no longer desire to clean your room and relive the same experience. Even though you know you have to do it again, the memory of the last time you did it will take away your desire to do it. For this reason you keep posponing it again and again. In the end, weeks go by and you didn’t do it. You procrastinated on it. The same thing happens with many things you wanted to do in life. You ended up doing nothing. You sat and thought about how much work it is, how uneasy, unpleasant and dificult it is. You think this way because the last time you did this, it didn’t go well.

To get yourself out of this feeling of discouragement, you have to put on your favorite music while doing your chores, or watch something funny before you start, light a scented candle while you work to fill the air with a nice scent, or think about how you will feel when you are finished doing it. When you finish your chores, think about all that went well, or write down how you will do this next time. If it didn’t go well, wait until you are about to fall asleep and imagine how you would have wanted it to go. This way you stop being sad about something that went wrong. The next time when you are going to do the same thing again, imagine the way it should go before you do it. Or imagine what the next day should look like before you fall asleep or early in the morning when you wake up. By doing so you will notice that things will go better and you will not procrastinate on it anymore.

The person who has A BIG REASON for achieving wealth doesn’t need to do any of this to overcome procrastination. His reason for achieving wealth will be enough to push him to do so. Whether it is for him to help his parents, for him to spend more time with his family, if his family needs money for medical care, if he needs to show his in-laws that he can take care of their child, to provide good medical care or a good childhood for his children, he needs nobody and nothing to push him. The only thing he has to do is to visualize the end result or go over his reason why he want to become wealthy.

What is your reason why you want to become wealthy? If you have a strong reason, you will get rich in a very short time.

Chapter 11: What makes you feel good?

Affirmations: -I am abundantly prosperous doing what I like to do now. -I am thankful that I am receiving now health, wealth, youth, beauty and happiness. -I abound with riches very easy now. Ways to make startup money: -Paint and decorate. -Teach music. -Sewing, dress making, doing alterations (contact local dry cleaning businesess that offer alterations). -Fitness instructor.

Feeling good is one of the things that lets you know if you are successful or not. If you are achieving your smaller goals and you are not happy about it, you should ask yourself if you are the one who came up with your main goal. Is it truly your own, or is it your parents’ goal? It might be that someone told you that these are goals that successful people have or that you have to achieve. When the goal is not yours you will have to strive to reach that goal. A possible goal could be something you love to do in your free time. Or something that you do with ease and joy compared to other people. For you to feel good, you have to do the things that you love to do, and you will feel good when you are successfully achieving your smaller goals. These successes help you believe that your main goal is achievable. When will you feel good? You will feel good when what you think, say and do are in harmony with each other. Or when you are experiencing a lot of joy in your life. Why do you want wealth and success?

You want them because you believe that they will make you happy. This means that one of your main goals is happiness. According to scientists, 50% of happiness has a genetic component. 10% is from life circumstances and the other 40% is from the choices you make. What you can work on to be more happy is the choices you make. You couldn’t choose which parents you get, and you cannot decide what will happen in your life. But you can decide what you will work on to be happy. You will feel if you choose the right main goal, because you will be happy with your choices all the time. And you can’t wait to work on your goal; you will be happier every time you achieve one of your small goals.

You pull towards you everything that your vibration (energy) is in harmony with. When you are happy, you feel good. When you feel good, you go through a time of good experiences. To keep getting more of the same, you have to use strategies that will help you be happy all the time. Good thoughts or good feelings pull more good stuff towards you. So try to keep feeling good. For you to keep feeling good you have to watch funny things, listen to your favorite song, sing, eat healthy snacks, dance, play a game, play with animals, read inspiring quotes, get creative, take deep breaths, hug someone, spend time in nature, use essential oils, play on a swing, daydream, take a nap, be a child again and build a sand castle or blow some bubbles.

Chapter 12: Act like a person who’s got wealth

Affirmation: -Divine intelligence knows all I need to know, and shows me all I need to know. -I am ready to receive all good things now. -Wealth is good for me now. Ways to make startup money: -Gardening. -Children’s entertainer. -Take surveys. -Invigilate exams.

To get out of your current situation without doing everything mentioned in the previous chapters, you have to be bigger than your actual situation. You have to say thank you every day for all that you have, and all that you don’t have yet. And you have to work every day on your success plan. So four things you have to keep doing every day are: make the best of the situation you are in, believe you will succeed, say thank you every day, and work on your wealth goal(s). In whatever area that you are working, you must do your best and make the best out of your situation. For example, if you are a housewife, clean your house every day as you should. This way you become bigger than the situation that you are in. By being bigger than your situation, something strange happens. All of a sudden, something better will come your way or your situation becomes drastically improved. One way or another, your situation will change. It’s like according to the universe, you have graduated from what you have been doing. It’s like God or the universe (for those who don’t believe in Him) elevates you because you are too good for that situation, or because you have learned the lesson that the situation had to teach you. By giving thanks for something that you have not received or achieved yet, you show that you believe that you have already received or achieved it. This means you have faith. By giving thanks every day with emotion, you receive more things to give thanks for. By working on your goal, you open a way for your desires to come to you. Most people act this way to get wealth. They were thankful that they had the stuff they needed to work on their goals. They believed that they would succeed. And they kept doing all they needed to do in their situation while they were working on their goals, until they succeeded.

When you start working on your goals, you must be willing to work for many hours, and take risks without knowing the end result. Maybe you need startup money. Focus on the end result and how it will feel to experience it. You WILL succeed if you don’t quit working on your goals.

Chapter 13: The thoughts of the poor and the rich

Affirmations: -Divine happiness comes to me now. -Life is easier now. -Everything is working out well for me now. Ways to make startup money: -Computer repair. -Sell used books. -Sell photo’s online. -Become a driving instructor.

People who became rich succeeded because their way of thinking is different from others. They believed they were rich before they became so. They took action, worked on a goal consistently, and achieved success. Here you have more differences between successful people and others. I will call the success-minded people the rich and others the poor, regardless of how much money they have. -Rich people are commited to being rich. Poor people want to be rich. -Rich people think big. Poor people think small. -Rich people admire other rich and successful people. Many poor people resent rich and successful people. -Rich people associate with positive, successful people. Many poor people associate with negative or unsuccessful people. -Rich people choose to get paid based on results. Poor people choose to get paid based on time. -Rich people have their money work hard for them. Poor people work hard for their money. -Rich people constantly learn and grow. Poor people think they already know. -Rich people pursue their dreams and are persistent in their efforts (they go on until they win). Poor people dream about their dreams and do little or nothing about it. More habits of rich people are: They create their life, they play the money game to win, they focus on opportunities, they are willing to promote themselves and their value, they manage their money well, and they act in spite of fear. Here you have a few differences in the thoughts and actions of millionaires and middle class people:

-Millionaires think long term. The middle class think short-term. -Millionaires talk about ideas. The middle class talks about things and people. -Millionaires embrace change. The middle class is threatened by change. -Millionaires take calculated risks. The middle class is afraid to take risks. -Millionaires continually learn and grow. The middle class thinks learning ended with school. -Millionaires work for profits. The middle class works for wages. -Millionaires believe they must be generous. The middle class believes it can’t afford to give. -Millionaires have multiple sources of income. The middle class has only one or two. -Millionaires focus on increasing their wealth. The middle class focuses on increasing its paychecks.

Many poor or middle-class people already have many of the same thoughts that rich people have, but miss the most crucial ones that will make a difference in their lives. So incorporating those that they don’t have into their lives is a good way to start. Now that you know how the rich think, you can choose for yourself if you want to be so or not. Of course if you are already rich, you don’t have to do any of this. For example, by changing your thoughts, executing your plan of action to achieve wealth and by giving when you are expected to get (or give consistently), you are already well on your way to becoming wealthy.

What you have in your pocket is the equivalent of the way you think. It is actually the result of the way you have been thinking till now.

Chapter 14: Which special interest or talent should I use to build wealth?

Everything you need to manifest wealth, is already within you. Write down 20 things that you were good at when you were a teenager, or that you are good at right now. These 20 things will help you know what you have to choose to build wealth.Ask your family what you are good at right now, and what you were good at when you were young. Find out how you can use your talents to be successful. You can either start a business, teach about it, or write (a book) about it. Formulate a plan on how you are going to do this. For example, you can first start researching everything about it, then go and buy all you need to work on it, join your local chamber of commerce, rent a location, do commercials, etc.

Chapter 15: Different ways that lead to wealth

Affirmations: -I choose to see things in a positive way now. -I fill my days with joy and I face them with faith. -There is a solution to all my current problems. Ways to make startup money: -Start your own online business. -Sell your videos online. -Sell your used clothes online. -Teach a skill.

There are different ways that you can build wealth. I will describe four ways in this chapter: saving, planning, believing and giving. Saving: If you want to build long-term wealth through saving, you have to start early in life and develop a lifelong habit of saving and investing. You can save 10% of what you earn, and invest it later to achieve financial security. You have to invest it or put it in a bank account and forget about it, so you won’t use it. Do this as soon as you get paid. You can save 10% until you reach a quantity of money that you consider large enough to invest. Then you can approach businesses who have been investing for a long time, businesses who are already experts in their field. Let them invest your money, and repeat this process and let other businesses invest your money. Keep doing this until you get a large amount of money anually from your investments, enough to help you retire early. Now you don’t work for money for hours a day anymore, but your money works for you. You can also save 10% of what you earn for many years until you become a millionaire. If you want to get to your goal much faster, and you have the money to invest, you will have to invest or save 50% of your income.

Planning: Choose an effective way to get rich. Find out all you need to know about it. Find out how others got rich in the exact same business. Write down a business plan for yourself, and incorporate the same strategy they used in your plan. Now you are ready to start executing your plan. Start opening bank accounts, subscribing to important businesses (like your local chamber of commerce), buy the tools you need, etc. Execute your plan just as you planned it. Every time you achieve a goal, check it off your list and keep adding new goals as you prosper. Apart from these ways to get to wealth, you have to make sure that whatever you put your money into will keep paying you for an indefinite time. This is called passive income. It could be income that you receive for work you once did. Examples of passive income are: a book, a c.d., an invention, an online course, online videos, affiliate marketing, an investment, owning and holding stocks, or buying an existing business with a known revenue history. This will give you the freedom to do whatever you want. You will also have less stress if you ever lose your job or if you don’t want to work for a long time for the same business. You don’t even have to work anymore. This makes this affirmation become reality: I get paid for doing nothing.

Giving: Give to get. I personally believe that giving is one of the ways that brings more success. I will write more about it in the next chapter.

Faith (or believe): To build wealth by faith, you believe firmly in something that you want to create wealth with. You must be sure that you are going to achieve it, without seeing the end result yet. By believing very strongly that you will get it, it will come into your life. You can do this through prayer, the repetition of affirmations, visualization, imagination, a mind movie, and through tricks that will help you manifest your desires very fast. Why do you do all this? You do this because, your subconscious mind has to believe that you already have what you wish for. This way it will give you more of what you already have. Your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is not. That is why you are fooling it to get what you want. The only exception is prayer: You are not fooling your mind when you are praying. When you pray, you use faith to get what you want.

Prayer: Start your prayer by asking for forgiveness for all the bad things you have said, done or talked about. Then you give thanks for all your blessings, ask for what you want, and finally give thanks for what you have just asked for without receiving it yet. If you believe in Jesus, close your prayer by saying: This I ask in Jesus’ name, amen. If you don’t believe in Jesus, close your prayer by saying thank you 3 times.

Repeat affirmations: Look at what is going on in your life that you don’t like, and make an affirmation that says the opposite. A wise thing to do is to make short affirmations. This way you can write them down and repeat them to yourself many times. The repetition of your affirmations helps you reprogram your subconscious mind. And what your subconscious mind believes that you are, you will become. You can say your affirmations out loud during the day, meditate on them, write them down 3 times a day for 5 minutes, or write them down 15 times a day. Write them down just upon waking and just before bedtime. Add your affirmations as a message to an alarm on your smart phone. Say your affirmations out loud while visualizing. And add them to the rhythm of your favorite music. Every time you’re visiting an important place and you need your affirmations, repeat them 3 times in a row. The faster you want your affirmations to work for you, the more you have to write them down. Repeat them every day, 100 times, 370 times, or till your hand gets tired of writing them down. It all depends on how strong your desire is.

Visualization (or imagination): Make a vision board with images. Each image on your board represents a desire, and they must be in color. Now you are going to meditate and visualize your desires during meditation. You can also do this before you fall asleep. Look at the image, close your eyes and try to hold the image in your mind as long as possible. Keep practising this, and every time you should try to hold it in your mind for a longer period of time. You can visualize or imagine how you would feel when you have achieved your desires, or your goal. Imagine it as vividly as possible by imagining how it feels, smells, or what you hear and see when you are in that moment. Add feelings of joy and imagine yourself using it.

Mind movie: Attach your pictures to images that represent your desires. Make many of these images follow each other, and add soothing music to it. This is how you make a movie that you will use to help your mind believe what you want. You can also use a computer to create a “slide show” type movie of your desired life. Or shoot a film with your desired life outcome. Now watch your mind movie while you meditate. You can listen to music that will make you sleepy while you watch your mind movie, or watch your mind movie just before you go to bed.

Tricks others use to manifest things: Trick 1: Think about the reason why you want to manifest money. Breathe in the money, visualize and meditate on it. Repeat as a mantra while meditating: I am rich, I have cash, I am prosperous, I have abundance, etc. Trick 2: Print $1000 and put it in your wallet. Every time you open your wallet, your subconscious mind will see a lot of money. What you feel when you open your wallet is going to trigger the brain to keep giving you what it sees. So if you want to have abundance, you have to feel abundant to get it into your life. Trick 3: Focus for 20 seconds on your desires. Ask yourself: How nice would it be if I had ’____’? Let go of the thought and go and do something that makes you extremely happy. Trick 4: Smell money and say: I am one with a great amount of money. Now think of something funny, and visualize being rich. Trick 5: How do you become a milionaire? Exchange your habits for those of self-made millionaires. These habits should make you feel that you are not the same person anymore. And do small things that you would do if you were already a millionaire. Trick 6: Add a small habit. Floss just one tooth for 6 days, or do one pushup for 66 days, at the same time. Once this new habit is established, you’ll feel the need to floss all your teeth, or to do your whole pushup routine. Trick 7: Climb a ladder. Write several notes that say: I will not climb a ladder and place them many places that you will look at throughout the day. Every time you see one, tell yourself that you will not climb a ladder, and convince yourself that this is true. At night, choose a position you don’t normally sleep in. Imagine yourself vividly climbing up and down a ladder until you have drifted off. Do this for three days in a row. A random occassion will present itself for you to climb a ladder. Now repeat this trick again, but this time with a note that says: I will not climb a ladder of wealth. Imagine also counting and smelling money before you drift off.

Chapter 16: How to get what you want

Affirmations: -I am prosperous in every way now. -My burden is light and my successes are many now. -I press forward because I believe in myself now. Ways to make startup money: -Sell used CDs. -Get paid to answer questions online in your field of expertise. -Be a freelance writer for online businesses. -Be a partner for a multi-level marketing company.

You have to be happy to get what you want. You must have noticed that when you were mad, not only did what you were doing go wrong but also many things afterwards. So you kept getting angrier. This happened because you stayed on the same frequency as when you were mad. What am I talking about? Well it seems like you can manifest things much faster when you are happy. You must have noticed many times that when one thing went right, many things that followed also went right. This is the right moment to ask whatever you want. So use one of the tricks mentioned, or use one of your own, when you are very happy. If you are not very happy when you want to ask/manifest something, you can bring yourself up to this level of energy. You can raise your level of energy by entertaining yourself with something that makes you laugh and be happy. You have to let whatever it is keep you happy for aproximately half a minute. A few example of things to make you happy are: cartoons, a picture of a very funny incident, a picture taken at a very happy moment, a picture of a loved one, listening to your favorite music, visualizing something that makes you happy, singing, dancing, eating healthy snacks, using encouraging words, etc. So if you notice that you are at a low vibrational energy, you can stop and change your vibrational level by doing one of the things mentioned above. You will notice right away that what was bothering you no longer bothers you anymore. When you notice that things are going right, say thank you and keep doing what you are doing to make it last longer.

If it is impossible to raise your level of energy as much as possible, you can just try to feel the level of energy that is higher than the one you are at. You can try to do something that you feel strong enough to do. For example you can get up, take a shower, and put on clean clothes. By just thinking about doing this, without doing it, you have already raised your level of energy. Finally there is one more thing you need to do: Change the words you say from negative to positive words. If affirmations can change your subconscious mind, and consequently change your life, what would you say about the words you speak every day as a habit? That is why it’s worth saying more positive words.

Chapter 17: A dramatic change to achieve wealth

Affirmations: -I forgive and release those who have offended me. -I have positive thoughts and actions. -I am using my talents to get riches. Ways to make startup money: -Repair star in a windshield. -Work as a private investigator. -Online computer repair. -Become a freelance translator.

Giving: The act of giving happens most of the time by a generous person. A person that is not generous can even get mad when someone asks him to give something. It is better to give to different people and organizations, instead of giving to one person only. You don’t know which one will be honored by the God. According to the Bible you should be giving to the poor, and there’s a curse if you give to those who are rich. So if you give all you have to one person who does not need it, you might not get any blessings back. Whether you give because you don’t want to owe the universe or you give to receive, there is one thing you should not forget. Giving is also a way of saying thank you for what you have already received. You can give money, but you can also give in other ways. Sometimes you give by taking care of someone, helping others, keeping someone company, and by giving someone a call. This means that you can give love, money, time, attention, food, help and a lot more. If after you read this, you still think that you don’t know how you can give, know that someone always has something he can give. For example, you can give a bouquet of flowers or fruits from your own backyard, coffee grounds for free to help fertilise others’ plants, empty food packages to a person who does arts and crafts, help older people with daily tasks, visit the lonely and give food to the poor, etc.

Helping others leads to riches. I have noticed that people who help take care of their family members with a lot of love achieve great wealth. But I have also noticed the opposite happening to those who don’t. They treated their loved ones very poorly and made them feel that they are a burden. They became very poor once their loved ones died. A person who obtained wealth by giving, acts, thinks, feels and sees things differently from the way others do. So a person who changes himself to be like a generous person who obtained wealth by giving will not only get wealth, but also a new heart. They will have a way of being that is very beautiful.

The qualities of a person that obtained wealth by being generous are: he gives in abundance(jobs, money, items, etc.), helps others, treats others well, gives without expecting anything back, blesses others with his goods, and allows others to use his things for free like fruit trees, apps, free information, etc. This person is not selfish. He gives to the poor and not the rich. That’s why he receives. For a person to become like this, he has to change his way of thinking completely. He has to stop thinking that others will take advantage of him or that he is acting foolishly when he gives away stuff for free. If people knew how smoothly their lives could go when they give to others, they would change their lives quickly. You won’t stand in long lines anymore, and you won’t get unnecesary unwanted letters about debts anymore when you are in a difficult moment. Things that irritate you won’t happen so frequently. It starts raining right at the moment you want to go and purchase something. So you delay going shopping only to find out that the business is selling it two weeks later for a much cheaper price. The person that normaly bugs you, will bug you less, or is very kind to you or no longer stands in your way. You start to experience many little miracles.

Notice common traits that everyone who has become rich has. Not those of a person that has been rich for a long time, nor the traits of those who were born rich, nor those who have won the lottery or inherited money. Follow what the person who has just become wealthy does. You can see how this person has gotten there. Notice how well he was doing as a human being when he became rich, how he was helping others, how focused he was on the thing that was going to make him rich, how he didn’t let fear stop him, and how he couragously did what he had to do. He was so focused that he didn’t let anything, anyone or any negative thought distract him. He didn’t take time to pay attention to social media, and no gossip either. You could almost say that he has become a pure person, like a saint, just because of his focus on that one thing. Maybe he even went on to give jobs to many because he established a business. This filled him with more joy. Maybe he heard that he had to give in order to get. For example, someone starting a successful website gave away free services before he charged for anything on that website. How close are you to being this way? From doing all this and being this focused? Did you come up with something already? The secret is to have a goal and start working towards it on a consistent basis. If you start doing something, most likely you will finish it.

Chapter 18: How to receive:do as others have done to receive.

-Open up a way to receive. When you throw away old stuff, you can get new things. -Ask for something, and keep your mind focused on gratitude. -When you give, expect to get back. The person who gives, receives. You can find this out for yourself. Give to receive. You will notice you will always receive more than you give. -When you are about to pay for something, ask God for 10 times the amount that you are spending. -Visualize a clear mental image. It will manifest itself much faster. Imagine it coming to you in different ways.

When you continue interacting with more wealthy people, you will notice that they do know of certain things they have to do to become more wealthy. You may not know about these things, even if you are having success in certain areas. Still you don’t know what you are doing right, so you can keep doing it. The fact that you have not heard or read about these things that attract wealth to you does not mean that they don’t exist. Take a plane for example: It takes off, but you don’t know what keeps it in the air. It stays stable in the air, no matter how heavy it is. The fact that you don’t see something doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. You don’t see electricity and yet it exists. The same thing happens with the benefits that you receive from following unwritten rules about vibration. I’m talking about the benefits you get when you give, when you sow what you want to reap, and when you don’t resist things. You don’t know that these rules exist, but you achieve success depending on how well you live according to the information written about them. They might be contributing to how rich you are right now.

If you give, you get/ If you sow, you reap/ If you resist, you lose: If you let people struggle for something that benefits only you, you will not get the desired results out of it.

Resistance is when you avoid being affected by something. Many times when you resist something, you make others lose for you to win. This carries its own consequences. You are then working against forces that bring wealth to you. Often when you resist things, you pull towards you what you wish to resist, or you end up losing in some other way. When you make clients put in a lot of effort to get what you sell, it makes them resist you. You won’t make a lot of sales. Things that cause resistance are: making a client go up stairs to find your business, making him ask or search for the price constantly, making him stand in long lines to be attended, making him search for the entrance or the exit door, making him say hello to you before being attended to (be helped or served), or checking his bag on the way out to see if he has stolen anything from your business, etc. With this last resistance example, the business owner makes the client understand that the customer is not always right and that all his clients are potential thieves.

These are signs that you are resisting something. Maybe what you are resisting, is your own success. You make people waste time doing things that they have to do with their eyes closed. You are doing things contrary to what you should do; you are resisting things. For example, if you make people climb to the third floor to reach your business, you will get fewer sales. If you put your business on the ground floor or downstairs, you will get more sales. If you make a client walk around asking your workers for the price instead of having the price on your products, he will be less compelled to buy from you. Having people make a little extra effort for something that is convenient to you is not wise. That is why these points are important for you to know if you want to start a business. This way you can even double your profit. Competition does not exist. You are always competing with yourself. You will always have an advantage over others and succeed in life, depending on how you treat other human beings, how much you do to improve the lives of others and how much effort you are putting in to be the best at what you are doing.

Sowing and reaping: You can understand the word ‘sowing’ in different ways. For example, you can give, do good for others, work hard on something, etc. You sow good things and bad things in your life by thinking, talking and acting on them. Do you talk a lot about hard times, accidents and bad things that happened to others or yourself? It’s good to reflect on this habit. Most of the time, the person that has wealth’ doesn’t dwell on bad news, because he enjoys the good things in his life. He tries to find ways to remedy a bad situation or find a solution to it, and moves on with his life. The person that is always talking about bad events and bad news is focused on these things. He expects more bad things to happen than good things. He might receive bad things because of that belief. To change this belief, this person might have to repeat the opposite of what he has been saying and experiencing in his life. This person has to keep doing this until he sees the expected results showing up in his life. Other ways of reaping are: a salary, the love of your family, a good result from anything that you have put time and effort into.

Chapter 19: Self-confidence: What do you tell yourself? And what do you imagine?

Afirmations: -I have the ability to be extremely successful now. -I only focus on what makes me prosperous and happy. -My business is growing more and more. Ways to make startup money: -Start a gardening business. -Collect money for businesses. -Deliver food for restaurants. -Coupon mailing service.

It is important to have self-confidence if you want to be successful in life. Either personal experiences or being very critical to yourself has caused you to lack self-confidence. One way or another, you taught yourself to be very critical about yourself, more than others. You can improve your self-confidence with these simple steps. To improve self-confidence: -Take care of yourself: Get up, shower and shave. -Dress nicely: If you dress nicely, you will feel good about yourself. -Photoshop your image: The mental picture you have of yourself determines how confident you are. Ask yourself: Why do I see myself in this way? Try to change the way you see yourself. -Have positive thoughts: Avoid having negative thoughts, and dwell only on your positive thoughts. -Eliminate negative thoughts: Put an end to negative thoughts. Know what you say to yourself. Imagine the negative thoughts being bugs. When you catch one, stomp on it mentally and kill it. Then replace it with a positive thought. Write down a negative thought on a piece of paper. Tear it up and physically throw it away in the garbage. Know yourself. Your enemy is yourself. Ask yourself: Is the negative thought I am having true? Is it created by me? If the answer is no, let it go. -Act positive: When you act on your positive thoughts, you increase faith in yourself. This helps you develop your self-confidence. -Get prepared: Live life as if it is an exam. Prepare yourself so you can do well on it. -Live according to your principles: Say no when something goes against your principles. Let go of people who have served their purpose in your life. -Learn how to speak slowly. -Stand tall because people who do so are more attractive. -Set small goals that you know you can achieve first, and then go for bigger ones. -Change your habits: Start with a tiny habit. -Change your focus: Focus on the solution, not the problem. -Smile. -Volunteer for a good cause. -Exercise or be physically active. -Be grateful: At the end of your day, write down the things that you are grateful for. -Acquire more wisdom: Find out what you are good at, and identify the skills and knowledge you might need to acquire or the personal qualities you might need to achieve success. -Do something you have been procrastinating on. -Keep your desk clear of clutter.

Discover what you tell yourself in every situation. Exchange these for more positive words, and be kind to yourself. When I stopped being angry and fighting an acquantance mentally every day, the relationship between me and that person improved. I imagined myself giving complements and saying kind words to him. How you can use your imagination: -Know what you want. -See what you want every day vividly in your mind. Touch, smell, see, and hear what you imagine happening. -At night: Keep this vivid image in your mind, and fall asleep. Or do it while meditating. -During the day: Take action. Start working on what you want so one day it can become your reality. If you do it well, it will manifest in a short period of time. You can also relive the day in your mind, the way you wanted it to be. Or imagine what you want the next day to look like.

See every failure as success being delayed for a moment. The more your self-confidence grows, the more people around you will start believing in you and help you out.

Chapter 20: The person you need to be

Affirmations: -I live my life with courage. -I prefer to be loved for who I am. -I deserve abundance now. Ways to make startup money: -Make sweets. -Sell your hair. -Babysit. -House sit.

Be the person you need to be in order to get what you want. This book has already shown you a little bit on how you have to be to get what you want. For change to happen in your life, it’s good to do things in a different way to get a different result. Try to be a different person by copying another person’s habits; for example, a person you admire and who has what you want. Here you have a discription of a fictitious person, from whom you can copy some habits or his way of being. A phenomenal person:You are a phenomenal person. That is why you act on what you believe you should achieve. You show gratitude to God every time you achieve something. You believe you have to give to be able to receive. That is why you give to God, to the poor, to loved ones and acquaintances. You believe that all the words that come out of your mouth can affect your life. That is why you say positive things, and you stay quiet when something negative crosses your mind. You avoid speaking about bad news, because what you talk about very often can show up in your life. You believe you have to treat foreigners well and that you have to help widows/widowers, poor people and children in foster homes, because this is the right thing to do. You believe you have to work on your personal growth. That is why you read up every day on topics like wealth, health, happiness, etc. You repeat affirmations so you can change what you have in your subconscious mind that is giving you unwanted results. Every delay is in your mind. You can be a phenomenal person too.

If you want to become rich, you can use the information in this book. After that, you can use the same information to achieve success in any other area. Arrange in your subconscious mind your success, health, and your financial, spiritual and emotional life. Help yourself stay motivated to achieve your goals. If you use, for example, trick 7 about climbing a ladder, and after a few days a random occassion presents itself for you to climb a ladder, once you have succeeded in climbing the ladder with this trick, you can use this to achieve success in any other area. This time your note will say: I will not climb a ladder of wealth, or health, happiness, success, etc. You can also use trick 6 of a small habit for many different areas.

Chapter 21: Motivation

You will achieve your dreams. It all depends on you. You should pursue your dreams even if nobody encourages you or believes in them. If you work on your dreams each day, you will eventually achieve them. If you want wealth, and you need something outside of you to motivate you, then you don’t have a good reason why you want to get wealth. You will have to rely on other stuff to help you get there; things like a dream, habits, a plan, motivational speeches, a deadline to finish a job, methods to help you stop procrastinating, etc.

Take control of your life. When you want to succeed as much as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful. The person that stops you from succeeding is inside you. You are standing in your own way. By now you should have created a c.d., you should have written a book, you should have gotten a degree, started a business, saved a lot of money, and developed a lot of passive income. You should have done all this already, but you are afraid. You are afraid to fail. You are afraid of achieving success and falling at the same time in a situation where you don’t know how to deal with the changes that success brings with it. You prefer to keep living the way you are living, because that entails no unknown changes that cause fear. Let go of fear, because the successful man does what he is afraid of anyway. Don’t wait for the right moment to work on your goals; there is no right moment to start working on your goals. You have to decide to start NOW. You are prepared to do what you DON’t like, fearlessly. For example, with the job you have right now, you don’t mind working at a job every day doing something you don’t like, or that doesn’t contribute to your success. You are even willing to do this for years, just because it makes you feel comfortable. You don’t even fear doing it. You should have fear doing this, because it keeps you in the situation you don’t want to be in. Let this job be a job that you will use, to save up the startup money you need to achieve your goals.

Don’t let yourself be surprised by a bad financial situation. Don’t let fatalism get you into a financial situation that you never imagined you would be in. Work now on passive income streams that earn you money even when you don’t go to work. Having passive income means making money while you sleep. Work now on your goals. Do everything you want to do now, and don’t wait to say, when the end is near, that you have a lot more to do. Live life the best way you can, and use your time doing what’s most important to you.

What was it that took away your desire to work on your success? You already have within you everything you need to succeed. Don’t wait on anybody to help you. Try to discover that thing that will push you to be successful. When you don’t work on your success, you will be working for somebody else to make his dream become a reality. You don’t know how much time you have to do what you want’, so don’t waste time. When you waste time you don’t get it back. You have the power to use your time well. You can buy many things, but you cannot buy time. And yet it is time we use so poorly in this world. You have to start working on your dreams and goals today, so that you can be one step closer to realizing them tomorrow. Do it now.

What is the thing you must leave behind as your contribution to this world? Leave it behind as a legacy.

Chapter 22: The author

The information you just read is information that I acquired on my way to riches.What I have put in this book is what has helped me the most on my way to success, things like:

The repetion of affirmations/ The question: How do I become a millionaire?/ Videos of motivational speeches on YouTube that inspired me to keep working on my goals/ Meditation which has helped me sleep less and still have enough energy to work on my goals/Information on how to stop procrastinating/ I applied habits of the rich in my life, like giving. Giving helped me with two things: The opportunity to say thank you and to get more blessings. I started giving bags of food to the less fortunate. All of a sudden, I started seeing that all my affairs started going smoothly. It was as if things were happening as a miracle. New inventions were popping up in my mind as a gift. I started having the feeling that anything I did would go well. I liked this feeling so much that I started studying how else I could give to others/ My way of thinking has changed a lot after reading many books about wealth. This change has helped me a lot. I decided to be a person that thinks more positively. This has helped me to try to see the good in every person and forgive them more. I automatically stopped being angry at people, and the way they treated me changed dramatically. This has allowed me to be more focused on my goals. I was not wasting my time being angry at people.

Affirmations have helped me add wealth information into my subconscious mind. For example, every time I was faced with a situation that was inconvenient, I said three times: everything and everyone prospers me now, and I prosper everything and everyone now. Immediately the situation turned around and became convenient for me. I added my affirmations to songs, repeated them hundreds of times, etc. I used to meditate on an afirmation or a question before drifting off to sleep. When the answers flashed the next day through my mind, I used to write them down immediately.

Another thing that helped me was what I learned from a YouTube video about Carnegie. This man used to sleep with two iron balls in his hands, and when he fell asleep, the iron balls would fall from his hands. Then he used to dream about how he could become a millionaire. I told this to a family member, and for him to prove this theory he started dropping a heavy necklace on the floor when I was sleeping. The sound was quite loud. When I heard it a few times when I was not asleep, I waited until I was alone at home and tried to find out what was causing this loud noise. I came to understand that what I had said made this person curious. When he dropped this necklace, I was having dreams about what was going to happen in the near future. My dreams were not about how to become a millionaire.

That was when I drew my conclusions: It is possible that what worries you most is what your mind shows you when you use this strategy. This sound was doing something with my mind, because when I asked myself questions, I used to get the answers during the day as if something magical was happening. This is how it came to my mind that in order to get money to use as startup money, I had to ask the business that I owed the largest quantity of money, to postpone my repayment for five years. This business agreed to do so. I went on asking myself questions, and I kept getting answers that helped me significantly. This went on until this family member stopped throwing the necklace on the floor. What has stopped me from working quickly to achieve wealth was the fact that I procrastinated a lot.

The things that I did to stop procrastinating, and that you can do too, are: -Count back from five to one, 5,4,3,2,1, and get up right away to do your chores when you get to one. -Make a to do list. Check your list to see how well you are doing. If you didn’t check off many items during that day, it’s because you are procrastinating. -Repeat these words when you are thinking about doing something: Just do it. -Attach the repetition of affirmations to the rhythm of your favorite song and repeat them when you are driving your car. -Associate buying groceries with the fun experience of buying snacks or stuff you like for you to get the desire go out and buy food. -Don’t be on your bed unless it’s time to go to bed. -When you feel like doing nothing, do the things that takes a short time to do so you can feel successful anyway. When do I procrastinate? When it was the second time that I postponed something, I used to tell myself: Just do it, get up, get up, get up. Start doing it. When you start doing it, you will get the desire to finish it. Or I would tell myself imagine how you will feel when you get all your work done. I would sit and imagine that feeling, and compare it to the feeling that I was currently having (when I hadn’t done it yet). Right away I used to feel bad that I hadn’t done it yet. Then I would get up and do it right away to feel good.

This helps you understand why a person procrastinates. It is because of a feeling. If you don’t feel like doing what you have to do, your mind will look for something fun to do. If you attach something that feels good to something you don’t feel like doing, you will do it much faster.

One day I thought about what made me start looking for this information about wealth. I then remembered that it was my favorite movie, Dirty Dancing. I was searching for the movie online, and when I was on the page I saw the video called The Secret (2006). I was so happy to see my favorite movie. When I was in this happy state, I found something that was also very good for me: a video about WEALTH. This video ends with a lady writing the words ‘feel good’ in the sand. What is interesting is that this was exactly what I was doing when I found this video. I wrote down the names of the people who appeared in the video. I searched their names on YouTube, and wrote down the books on wealth that they recommended in their videos. When I finished reading these books, I checked which books the author of the book used. I searched for them and read them or listened to the audiobooks while doing my chores. I also read the pdf version of the books when I couldn’t find the audiobook on YouTube, or I would read a summary about it. Another way that I searched for more information about wealth was by searching online how others became a millionaire. On the second or the third webpage, I read about inventions. So then I invented new products, and invested in different passive income streams. The daily habits that I have made part of my life are: the repetition of affirmations and the word wealth, meditating on my mind movie, working on my goals, and making myself happy when I am in a low energy vibration.

I believe that God gives power to get wealth, but besides that: How to get wealthy? Is by having a plan of action, and using one or more of the three forces that brings wealth to you: faith, giving or subconscious mind.

You got this book because you were seeking information on wealth, or you were very happy and gravitated this book towards you. Your search for wealth or a better life has started. You will find what you are looking for if you keep working on it. So if you want to achieve something, you have to start doing it. On your way you need motivation to keep working on it, and to finish it. Use everything that has helped you start your search. That means listen to and read everything over and over again. And draw lessons out of all faillure and successes. Don’t give up until you get rich. And always stay in a feeling of gratitude, for you to get more. Bless what others have, that you liked. Be grateful for what you have. Remember that all riches contribute to your wealth. So show gratitude.

If this book has helped you in any way, and you want to say thank you one more time, you can do this by giving a donation to the Ban Abundá Foundation. The Ban Abundá foundation is a foundation that gives sosial help, in the form of food, and information about health, wealth and personal growth. Name: Fundashon Ban Abundá, Bank: Banko di Caribe, Account number: 32316301, Adress: Schottegatweg oost 205, Swift/bic code: BDCCCWCU, Land: Curaçao. Thank you and keep abounding in riches.


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