Alone by Nitika Narula

It’s 8:30 in the morning and I can see rain through my window, but this time rain feels different, it smells different. My coffee is cold. The rain and cold coffee makes me think about my past, my good time with Charlie. I met him four years back on this same day. That day also it was raining and as usual i was late to work, i forgot my ID card at home. I was shivering in the cold and there were no taxies available and then in that horrible day there was a “silver lining”, the moment i met Charlie.
Alone by Nitika Narula
He was wearing blue faded jeans with a black shirt, cool goggles and approached me with a helpful hand towards me asking me if there was any trouble miss. Being new in this city I refused him for help. He gave me big weird look and went inside but i was already late for work so i called him from behind and asked him maybe he could help me, with that winning smile that i still remember he said “My pleasure”. He called his driver Sam and asked him to drop me back home to get my ID. It was late in the evening, New York was still crowded as usual and as the horrible day continued my car also broke down. Just like a movie when a hero saves the heroine’s day I met Charlie again that evening. “Oh shit! it is 8:45 and i am again late", it is my first day of my new job after what happened to Charlie. I shifted and came back to my hometown, Dallas, Texas. I was appointed as trainee for structure engineer post .I was excited and nervous. I entered my new office, I felt like crying seeing my new office it was like a dream office, with every step i felt i was the president and i am waving to the crowd and suddenly “poop” my glass dream crushed with that heavy voice “You are late miss Ana rob” i am sorry... “it’s okay just get inside” the receptionist said. I was watching the clock to strike nine so that i could go home after such a tiring day. After one hour i reached home and i just cooked a good meal and went straight to sleep. Next day, my half hour went convincing the receptionist that i am an employee of this company and let me in as i forgot my ID card again then a man came in and said that “She is with me”, For one moment i went to a flashback and remember my time with Charlie and back to the reality and said with full arrogance that i didn’t need any help. I know it was rude but it is okay. Yes! its nine home time! Next day, no taxi, no bus. I was so screwed then suddenly there was a high beam of light coming to me and diminishing towards me and the ‘guy’ removed his helmet and surprise it was the guy from the office and like a gentleman he said can i give you lift and again i being rudely i said “are you following me” and so much of lame stuff and suddenly saw a taxi and thanking god i took the cab. I was different now after the ‘Charlie thing’, I had stopped trusting men Next day i was peacefully eating food and suddenly from nowhere the ‘guy’ came and took my bread away from my mouth and said “What is your problem?” i said “Nothing” “Why are you being so rude?” and i said ‘”my wish” and this conversation went for like an hour and after a while i thought i was wrong and went to him to apologize and like a flirty guy he started with that weird conversions about what’s your favourite colour and the stuff goes on.. In the evening he asked can he drop me to home and i said “no”, he said you can “trust me” and i said “ohh... i trust you, that’s why i cannot come with you” and gave him a weird evil smile and started walking away and he came like a stalking guy he said “What do you mean?”. With a slight smile i said “How much do you earn?” with shocked eyes he said “I am not answering that haven’t you heard one should not ask a man his salary and woman her age.” I said “Stop being cheesy, come on”. He said “Okay okay .. i earn around 37,000 per month.”


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