Angel & Al by Adwitiya R Dixit

That'd Be Fun!

"And then the groom kisses the bride and the priest pronounces them husband and wife.", I said to you as you put your head on my shoulder and we looked up at the night sky. Forming constellations which do not exist and aren't real.
Angel & Al
Angel & Al by Adwitiya R Dixit
"But don't you think it is boring?", you said and I let out a slight giggle. "I guess it is.", I said. "You want to make it fun?" "Yes. I want something which will be like our personal way of doing it. It'll be special and it'll be unique to us.", you said and turned to your shoulder to look at me. "You're the writer.", you said excitedly. "You tell me something which is fun and unique." "I can kidnap you, Angel.", I said. "No. That's stereotypical. I will kidnap you.", you said and we both shared a little laughter. "As you say, mademoiselle. Kidnap me in a bike with side car. That's almost unheard of." "What about our apparel?", you said and I let out a little hmm as I pretended to think. "You come in your pajamas. And with your bunny shaped slippers. I will come in tennis shorts and flip-flops.", I said and we both roared with laughter. When we settled ourselves down and looked into each other's eyes, you leaned closer and asked, "What about our vows?" I looked into your eyes and traced the back of my hand on your right shoulder and said, "Well, I will vow that forevermore and beyond I shall be your husband. Your words shall be my guide and you shall be my wife. Till the day God himself dies." "And my vows?", you asked. "Your vows...", I said and pretended to think once again with my lips pressed together. You looked at me with an anxious look. "You just say that You Do." I looked at you look at me and in that moment I felt that the day had seized. I knew that I was forever wed to this girl. I'm Sorry Angel! "I'm sorry Angel", I whispered into your ear and rested my forehead at your temple. "I won't be able to do it." To be fair to you, this was pretty random. This indeed was very random. It was so random that at one moment my lips were at your nape and the next moment my lips were at your ear saying that I won't be able to do it. As a sane person should, you too looked at me with concern in your eyes and looked at me with a bewildered look. "What you won't be able to do, my dear Al? As long as I have known you, there has been practically nothing which you have not said that you cannot do or you have not done. What is it, Al?", you said and tried to look into my eyes. "I know Angel. But... this is different. This is something that I honestly cannot do. This is something that I can really not do.", I said and my voice became raspy. And tiny little tears welled up in my eyes. You saw me and knew that this thing was really really bothering me. That thing was more than being just another thing and was a lot more than being just another thing. It was something which resided in my soul and was something which I really really feared was something which I cannot do. Perplexed, amused and bemused you held me tightly in an embrace. "Whatsoever it is or it was, I am sure that now you can do it and Al you always have me with you.", you said and I hugged you back tightly and hid my head in your neck and underneath your hair. They trickled and tickled at my nape but I didn't mind. "Tell me what happened. We will fix it together, I assure you.", you said and I loosened my grip on you and looked into your eyes. "I saw a little girl the other day outside your medical college.", I said and you shook your head affirmatively. "She had an injury and because of that she was crying and crying and crying continuously!" You gave my head an affectionate pat and listened to me patiently. "I just cannot drop our daughter to school for her first day! Shy will cry and cry and cry and cry and ask me to take her back home and I won't be able to see that.", I said. "Al" "No Angel. You take leave and you drop her." "Al." "Angel I don't know. If I go, I know that I will not be able to drop her and bring her back home. Wipe her tears on the way and give her ice-cream to lighten her mood." "AL!", you raised your voice a bit to silence me which strangely is very effective. "We're 20 Al. We have at least 5 years till we get a baby! Silly boy." "O", I said. "But I am then too not going to drop her." "Al you talk of all these silly stuff and make me shy.", you say slowly blushing to a deep beetroot red. While I sit, unable to contemplate what made you shy. No amount of asking drew the answer out of you, though. I wonder why...? Her Doubts Her lower lip shivered and she was completely shattered in her appearance. Her mouth was turned to an upside down "U" and there were a lot of wrinkles around her 19-year-old young face. "But it's wrong.", she said and her eyes were filled to the brim with tears which were about to fall any moment now. Her eyebrows were knit together in worry and her voice was shaking. It was a sight I can't bear. "I know it's wrong. But these are not medical definitions. Just medical guidelines.", I said and kissed her forehead. When I again looked into her eyes, I knew something has changed. The tears had fallen from there but new ones weren't rising. The lips were forming a proper "U" now. Her skin was again smoothened as if ironed. And her eyebrows were again apart. But most importantly, the light in her eyes. The light was back. The amazement and the joy of a child were back. The naivety and the mischief were back. She was no longer in sorrow. "Yes Al.", she said in a perfectly still voice. "You're right. Thank you so much!", she said and hugged me tightly. I just guess. My guesses lead her to the right direction. But silly girl feels it's me who does the work. Crazy little Angel. Feminine Footprints "Al!" Came a voice from the bathroom as my fingers were dancing on the keyboard. Worried and horrified I ran towards the bathroom and found that it was locked. "What happened Angel? Are you okay?" I asked. "I am fine. Would you mind to wipe up the water, please? I think I sent a lot of it outside. I am coming out and you please wipe the water." You said. I wiped the sweat off my brow and took a breath of relief. My little Angel if she would have fallen then? My poor little baby would have hurt herself for sure. She's so delicate like a structure made of ash. One wrong move and she will collapse. She came out from her bath with a towel on her hair and her blue jeans and red top. She was looking so beautiful as she passed me a beautiful lovely smile. Her feet had anklet on which made a little jingling sound with her every step. She left behind a trail of feminine footprints and I swear they were so beautiful. In that moment I realized that it's not that it is females that are pretty, but their feminism. The footprint was smaller than mine and had beautifully circular toes. The ankle too on the footprint was circular and not oval like mine. The footprint had ridges and edges which just added to their feminism. There was a perfect print of the foot before and after every footprint. I leaned down and touched the print with a touch so delicate as if it was as fragile as my Angel. A few moments later, when Angel returned, she saw that I wiped up the water but decided to let her footprints stay. Chirp! Chirp! “OWWWW!”, I say and jumped and your eyes lower themselves and look at the earth. I was feeding my Angel food when she bit my finger amidst the celery and bread. “Hey Angel”, I joked “Since when you converted to a nonvegetarian? You’re a vegetarian right?” “I am sorry.” I heard a feeble voice say. “I didn’t do it intentionally.” “I know honey. I was just joking.”, I said. “No. You are not going to feed me anymore. That’s final.” Came the reply and I continued to look at you. When angry both your brows stitch together and you look unprecedentedly cute when you are angry at yourself. Your cheeks puff up and your breath elevates in a mixture of anger and sorrow. “Do that’s final?” “Yes.” “Like your ultimate and irrevocable decision, my lord?” That induced a chuckle from the judge of the court but I could still hear a yes. "Well then, unfortunately, my lord, I will have to feed you like a bird now. You know how birds eat right?" No. I again received the same reply. "Let me demonstrate. First, the momma bird takes a bite." I take a bite. "Then she chews it on the behalf of her kids." I chew the morsel. "Then she feeds the chewed food to the kids." "How it feeds the kids?", my Angel asks and I knew it that my baby bird has been caught in my trap. "It kisses the kids and puts the food in her mouth to swallow. Simple! Let me feed you now.", I said and with a fish pout I walk towards you. With a little shriek, my love ran away, forgetting all her sorrows. Pale "You won't be able to catch me, Al!" You said as you looked behind at me and ran on the gravel. I was running towards you and my eyes were transfixed on you. Our favorite sport at times, Chase, was incredibly fun. Especially as I get to kiss my Angel if I catch her. There's a poem in Hindi and the direct translation would be, "The one who holds his head up, falls down too." I never understood it, until now that is. My transfixed gaze on your back didn't let my vision go to the obstruction on the path of my foot and I tripped and fell. I scratched my knee and it drew blood. Fortunately for me, my Angel is a doctor. "What you did?" You scolded me when we reached home. "You sometimes act like a child Al and see what happened. Ever heard of a twenty-two-year-old lad injured because he tripped over a stone?" The scolding continued as you wiped my wound with an antiseptic. I, on the other hand, grinned like a silly little boy. It's so rare that I am the one on the receiving end of the scolding that I cherish every moment of it. Smiling like an idiot. "Unfortunately for you, your girlfriend is a doctor." You say. "You'll have to get tetanus." The color faded from my face and I get pale. Injection? I dislike the sound it makes. "No alternative, Angel?" I ask and you say yes. Not falling in the first place. You looked at me angrily and said, "I will inject you myself." Relief swept over me. As if nothing would ever go wrong. I go serene and while I hold your gaze I pull my sleeve behind my shoulder. You break the bottle of the injected liquid and full in your syringe. I hold your gaze as you spray a fine mist of it. You walk closer to me and wipe my shoulder with spirit to cleanse it and I look into your eyes as you do so. And you injected and I held your gaze. Then the second round of the spirit cleansing. If you say you'll operate me without anesthesia I will be glad to do so as long as I get to look into your eyes. You throw in the syringe and wash your hands. As you towel dry them, I cough slightly to ask for the thing I love the most about being hurt and sick. You walk over to me and give my shoulder a kiss. So sweet. Allow Me, Mademoiselle "Aaaaaaaaaah!" Came a scream into my ears and I came rushing out the shower. What's wrong with my Angel? What happened to her? Is she okay? I hope she's okay. I almost pray she's okay. A thousand thoughts run through my head and by the time I reach the door, a thousand more had arrived. I shove the door open and enter the room with a question, "What happened?" I see that my Angel is sitting afore the mirror and staring at her image. The comb clutched angrily in one hand and her hair open. My Angel looks so pretty and beautiful; as if she was an angel who descended down to Earth to help me. But she was the one who, as of now, looked in need of help. You jumped at my words and turned and looked at me, almost teary. You rush to me and embrace me and whisper into my ear that you're tired. "I am so so tired Al. Work was so laborious and I am really having it rough this week. But look at them! They're not listening to me! I am saying to them to work up easily but no! I will cut them, Al. Where's my scissor?" You began to push away in search of the scissor but I pull you back gently into an embrace. My Angel is an angel if you are on her good side, but don't you dare mess around with her; she'll kill you first and then revive you to be killed by me. When I see that your anger has abated a bit, I pull an ottoman closer to the edge of the bed and offer you to sit there. But you grunt a refusal and embrace me tighter. I kiss your forehead and sit on the edge of the bed and sit you on the ottoman. "Allow me, Mademoiselle," I say and take the comb from your hands. I brush it through your hair gently and entangle your hair. Honestly, the anger on your nose makes you look so adorable when you crinkle it. Chef "So", you whispered in my ear. "What's in lunch today chef?" I ain't no gourmet. I don't cook a wide range of dishes but my answer to this question will always be: "Whatever you ask for my Angel." You look into my eyes as you part slightly from the hug and say, "What's the chef's recommendation for today?" I am no chef. I have rare specials which aren't so rare and my own contraptions which can't be called recipes but assembled food. And still, I would give a professional answer. "Thai noodles, Madame." Your eyes say you're hungry and your tummy growls a revolt. You embrace me again and whisper into my ear. "How can I help you? Chef." I am no chef and other definitely any help would do just fine. Someone to chop and slice and dice would be greatly appreciated and but my answer to this will always be the same: "By eating the food I give you ma'am." You're getting impatient and hungrier with every second passing by. You lean your chin on my shoulder and whisper from there with a curious, "How much time more?" I am no chef and I don't have a lot of experience. It can take me 15 minutes in just getting the slicing done but my answer to you will always be: "It's almost done, my Angel." And it's not because I am an expert liar but because: 1.) No matter how bad I cook, your answer will always be "It's so delicious." 2.) I love you. P.s. Learn to cook for you woman boys. Go Fly Already! Sometimes your heart gets welled up. Maybe when your favorite mug gets broken by careless on the part of the maid. When your cat kicks the bucket. When Romeo dies. When the time when you have to take leave from the person you love is arriving soon and it takes 20 hours to get into her city and the next date of the meeting seems months away. That definitely is a situation where your heart gets filled up, not going to lie; I have first handed experience. And it takes up all of your courage to not shed tears. I looked at my Angel and saw her looking at me. We both knew what is going to happen and we both know what is happening as of now. The battle within me is a civil war and any move I make will be my own defeat. My eyes are about to shed tears and I know that if I begin crying my tiny little Angel would too; which I won't let that happen at all. So I sit there with my throat choked and looking into your eyes and smiling a half smile and just pushing my tears behind. "Hey look!", you say and place your palm on my cheeks and grasp two of my eyelashes in your fingers. "You get to make a wish!", you say and I smile at the cute naivety of my Angel. I blew them away after making a wish and both our eyes follow the flight path of the eyelash from my palm in a parabola to the tabletop. We look at the eyelash on the table and then look at each other. "Just go fly already! Make my wish come true!", I say at the lash. I just love to make you laugh when I know you're about to cry. Mind The Foot He's here. He's finally in front of me. He's here. My kind is stuck on just these thoughts and my mouth is mumbling responses to his questions. For the first time ever I have felt so shy and the fault in not in me that I am this shy. His gaze. It has the warmth of the sun and I feel like I'm in the desert trapped; in an afternoon at Sahara. His gaze burnt me. The tenderness was too much to bear and I am afraid that I will start crying if I hold his gaze for too long. Our hands. They didn't allow each other to hold themselves but like kids refuse to leave the other alone too. We aren't holding our hands but they are brushing against one other as the air around us gets thicker with the excitement of meeting Al for the first time. I was leading him up to the fourth floor of the mall but it never felt for a single moment that I am taking him somewhere. It was as if our feet were doing their work on their own. And right then, as I led him up the escalator I heard him say something. "Mind your foot, Angel.", he said. I looked below and found me leg too close to the rising escalator and if it was closer, I'd lose my toenail. I shifted my toes a bit behind. But after that I placed them there again on the next floor, just to hear him say that again. Mind the foot. Al Junior Clinging on to my arm, with not even a word uttered from your mouth, I knew what you were thinking. I knew that even though we met barely ten minutes ago and the time was yet hours away, my Angel was thinking about the moment I have to leave again for the city where I live. 18 hours away. States apart. I might return in as much as 7 months. For only a day or two. And despite the fact that I arrived less than 15 minutes ago, my adorable Angel was clinging on to my arm and thinking what will happen after I leave again to my residence. And I sat there, on a bench across the 12D theater maze on the 3rd landing of the mall and thought of ways in which I can make my Angel smile. Even though I had millions of them, it can be a tricky thing to do as most of them would make her sentimental and make her weep. "It's unfair.", I say and you loosen your grip just enough to look at my face. "You always ruin my surprises." You look at me with a slight smile and I know that you aren't much thrilled by the idea of a surprise and honestly who would be in your situation? "What do you call me affectionately?", I asked and your smile broadened. "My Teddy Bear." "I brought you something. Someone who will be with you here when I am not. An Al junior.", I said and brought forth a tiny little teddy bear hanging from a keychain and his arms extended as if a kid asking for a hug. "You like it?", I say to tease you. "I love this tiny Al junior.", you say. "And me?", I ask pushing your face up to make our eyes meet. "The most.", you say and once again cling close to my arm. When I First "Saw" You Getting off of the public transport and paying my fare I wondered why I had not received your call yet. "Sorry but the Medical college is a few steps away. I came a bit ahead.", the driver said and I buzzed it away. Who minds walking a few meters, especially if you're going to meet your girlfriend for the first time. Long distance relationships budding through IMs and meeting for the first time in ten months. Surely we had seen each other many times before. Skype and photographs shared and what not. But the adrenaline rush of meeting for the first time was still pumping in my blood. I took the cellphone out and saw it had accidentally shut itself. "You're dead Al. Angel will kill you." I took my cellphone out the whole walking towards the medical college. I switched it on and instantly came a call. My Angel. Well. My murderer for now. "Where Are you, Al? You know how scared I got? Where are you?" "Shh. Where are you, Angel?" I inquired and saw the board screaming out loud the college was ten meters away. "I am outside the college." And right then I saw a flash of blue disappearing towards the wall. The ever anxious Angel was walking out her tension. "Stay exactly where you are. Don't move." I say and my feet hurry up. "Why?" Said a voice with the hint of a smile. "Stay. Stay there only." I say again and hurry up but I had the river of roads to cross in between. "Stay right there," I said and planned to peek-a-boo, my cute girlfriend. But. The curious cat was not one to settle. She turned and saw me and me for once stumbled. My Angel. And. And. We both crossed the road and got on the other side of the roads again. In a rush, were we not? Blush Blush! "Why was your phone switched off?", was the first thing Angel said as soon as she saw me afore her. Honey in my ears. Was all I could think at that time. "You know how worried I got? In a new city all by yourself which has a strange accent.", Angel said. So cute. She looks so cute when she is angry. I thought. We sat in the public transport and I sat next to her. I tapped her hand with my elbow. "What?" Angel said looking at her bag. I shoved her twice this time with my shoulder on her shoulder. "What is it, Al!", she exclaimed smiling at her bag. "I love you blushing Angel.", I said and she was more and more focused on her bag with a smile which threatened to run out of her face. Sleep Angel "There. That was the last word to scribble into.", I said out loud and leaned back against the backrest of the chair. I was working today from morning on my project and Al was helping me in between; sometimes directly in my project and sometimes in relaxing me. Finally finished this boring project; I was just thinking when Al hugged me from behind and scared me. "My angel must be tired naa?", Al asked. "Yes. A looooooooooooot.", I replied and leaned back on Al to support my back. "Let me make my Angel sleep.", he said and shifted both of my arms behind his head in the process to get me in his arms. "No! Not at all Al, I still have some college work left.", I protested but still he carried me to bed and asked me to sleep which I was constantly refusing. "Angel u have to two options; either sleep or", he began. "I am not going to sleep, Al.", I interrupted. "Ok. Don't sleep. I will use my second option then.", he said and even before completing his sentence I was with him on our bike. I kept asking all the way as he drove that Al where we are going, but he didn't tell me anything . Finally, we stopped somewhere and asked me to wait. He came back with his hands behind his back and he again asked me to come with him but this time he walked and I followed his footsteps. He lead us to a seat on a lakeside, where the new moon was shining on the calm water. He revealed his hands to show that they were full of a lot of butterscotch ice creams; our favorite. I took all the Ice creams from his hands at once but he cheated. He invited me to hug him and all my ice creams were on the ground. When I released from his hug I looked down at the cones of ice creams which fell and looked at him with a slightly dejected face. Then he took out one more cone of ice cream and I hugged him, even more, tighter. "Why u didn't give me this ice cream?", I asked as I unwrapped the ice cream from its paper wrapper. "If those would have fallen you were going to eat it alone? I am not talking to you.", I said faux angry. He pretended to be scared and said. "I didn't give because I knew my cute Angel can leave everything to hug me and I wanted to give her what she needs the most.", he said and I leaned in closer to him and rested my head on his shoulder. As he whispered a promise to give me everything in my ear while we saw the new moon. Promoted Thank you. I was once just an article of insignificance. Waiting in the glass case to be bought and kept forever in a glass case. I am an imitation of an animal but I rarely and barely resemble it. I am stuffed with cotton and have a faux velvet for my skin to give the appearance of being furry. I have beady eyes which never blink and stare into the void. Yes, you guessed it accurately. I am a stuffed animal. Meant to be shifted from one glass case to other, if not degraded more. The tales of my kind being degraded vary from teen girls using us to fight and little boys using us to practicing autopsy. The degradation just goes up from here. But I have been promoted. I am past the degree and valor of the stuffed animal that I actually am and always will be, but have been promoted to various levels of representation. This is my tale. I sat under the glass case and my siblings who were identical to me looked at the roof until; a lad with a goofy smile which spread from ear to ear and with a finger pointed to me and shook his head in a vigorous motion which threatened to drop his head off his shoulder. The owner of the shop reached luckily for me and handed me to the boy. There was something in his touch that made me realize how my life has changed to a tale. He handled me with the care one handles a newborn. As if I was a structure made of ash. As if I am the paper of the dead sea scroll. And he looked at me with care and affection which seemed unnatural. Once we were at his home he kissed my forehead and mumbled a feminine name. His Angel. She was far far away from her and he brought me to convey his affection to her. I am the messenger. I am his secret. I am his confidant. I am his friend that knows his deepest secret and I am the one who is going to reveal them to the one who owes to know it. His Angel. Tomorrow the wait ends. Mine and his and hers too. Tomorrow I will be transferred to the person who I was meant to be with. Tomorrow I will be gifted. His Angel will have me and metaphorically receive his embraces. All the times that he will say that he is hugging her, I will be hugged. I am a token of love. I am a hug. I am a kiss. I am him. I am a story. I am love. And tomorrow is the day he will gift me to her. Thank you for promoting me, Al. Box Shaped Heart I sat on the table and in the words of our mothers, caused a mess around. New joy found in wood carving and shaping, I sat on the workbench carving. Being creative has its pros and cons and one of the cons (with me that is) is that I get too creative. "But it's a form of art. Abstract art. Attractive art. New art. It has got dimensions! It's multidimensional art!", I tried to explain to both our moms but they both looked at me as if a horn made of banana peel was growing on my head at an astounding speed. "Just clean after yourself.", mom finally said and left the room. And now here I am. Adding the final features. On this "thing". And exactly then I heard you say, "I am feeling a bit bored Al." From the bed. You've been trying to study in the light that came from the window but I was fixated to the chair. "Let me lighten your mood. Riddle time.", I said and your yelp of glee said to me you liked the idea. "There is a jail, with walls four. But closer to you is he who is inside it and yours." "Wow. How do you write these things all of a sudden? Like from thin air. Magician. My magician Al!", you say and tickle my neck from behind. "Okay okay giving you a hint my Angel. The walls are so fragile that a single touch can leave it scarred. But still, the prisoner cannot escape.", I say and you look at me and whisper pass in my ear. "A heart my Angel.", I say and handle you a product made after two days. "Open it and describe what you are going through." Your hands and fingers play around the box and then the conclusions begin. "It's a box. With two doors that open and four chambers. And some sort of pipes. You've made a heart?", you ask and say no. "A box-shaped heart my Angel.", I say. "Now a secret. Place your fingers at the point where all four meet. And now pull it up." You do as I ask and behind it, are you. Painted on the wall of this box. The prison. The heart. "You're my prisoner.", I say and you blush a fiery red. "You're crazy Al.", you say and embrace me; only because you're shy at this moment. Cafuné "Basking in the sun is weird.", I said to you and you looked at me; amazed. You knew that another one of my weird philosophical thoughts was on the way. We were basking in the sun as the people say it. "Sun"bathing. "If we technically are Sunbathing, what sort of bath is it? As of now, we are taking a bubble bath? And when we walk from the car to the building we take a quick shower. No no. Would it be like getting through a park with the sprinkler watering the grass and getting soaked right? Sunbathing is weird.", I said and all of you started laughing. "Here. Let me help you.", you say and a curtain of shadow falls over me. "Ahh. Heaven.", I say and open my eyes. There's my Angel. The sun forming a halo around you. Giving you the heavenly feature you deserve. You have lowered your hair so that I get out of the sun. Cafuné. My favorite activity. I adore doing this. "Cafuné.", I say it out loud and my fingers run through your hair. From the base to the end. Gently and affectionately. "What Al?", you asked me. "Brazilian Portuguese. It means to run one's finger through someone else's hair as a gesture of Amor.", I say and we share a secret smile. "Your hair are horrible. You need a hair cut.", mom says and goes back to the shower momentarily. "What! No! Why? I mean she's healthy and happy with her hair, why cut it?", I ask. "Who'll do the hair care? And who will manage them so long?", mom says and I look at you smiling at me. You knew the answer. "If she wants to keep the long hair I will care. And why are we discussing it? Her hair. Her desire.", I said and entered back into the heaven. "Don't tease Al, mom.", you say and you both start laughing. "By the way.", I whispered to you. "I think you'd look cute with short hair." A Busy Day "Open your mouth, Angel. This is the last morsel I promise. Last one. Just last. That's my good wife. Thank you for eating Angel.", I said as I fed you the apparent last morsel with my hands. The doors to your eyes are closing against your will but if I will ask you are you sleepy, being my persistent and stubborn wife, you'll say "No Al. I am not sleepy. Not at all!" I walk over to you and engage you in conversation. "Today I painted the skyline of a city by the shore. Foggy and invisible mostly. Just a faint outline in greyscale.", I said as I tugged at your shoe laces. "Wow. My talented Al. Show me, show me!", you say not realizing I took your shoes off. "Yes, my Angel. Look at the canvas behind me. Just beside the stool. It's on the paperboard still.", I say as I slowly slip off your socks too. "Wow. It's beautiful Al. Really. I love it.", you say as you admire it. I push you gently at the waist so that your head is on the pillow. I bring my face in front of you as I place the blanket over you and look into your bloodshot eyes. "And me?", I say. Your fingers run through the front of my hair and fix them. Continuing that motion your palms rest on both my cheeks. "I love you the most my crazy Al." "I love you too my darling Angel.", I say and get myself back on the chair. "My Angel had a long day at work so no talk of Angel's work today. Today I will tell you what I wrote in the ongoing novel.", I said and looked at you. Your eyes were closed but you were still awake. You opened your eyes with an effort and say yes to me and your eyelids again lose the battle against sleep. "Earlier I thought about what to do with the hero. He is naive and funny to balance the serious and philosophical heroine. But it would get too extreme in the same story no? So I thought let's do something new. I then added a new character to be their friend so that they can both be overlooked at.", I provide you knowledge of mumbo jumbo and look at you and sure enough, you're asleep. A smile dances on my lips and I stand up from the stool quietly. I turn off the lights and tiptoe myself beside you. I rest my head on your clavicle and embrace you. "My beautiful Angel had a long day today at work. I love you.", I said as I continued to tell you what happened after the new character entered the story. So Uncivil Of Us! "So now are we supposed to whisk everything till it all mixes properly?", I asked you and received an affirmative hmm in reply which made my hands whisk it vigorously. Chocolate pudding. A boon or a curse? I burnt it the first time I made it and it was probably the only time when a sweet got me closer to sadness than happiness. Even then my ears were greeted with, "Al. It is still the best in the world. 60% mine." I asked you by what measure? I cooked it, I burnt it and I spoilt it. My 60% and your 40%. And the negotiation finally stopped at 55-45. That is me and my Angel for me. Negotiating the others benefit. Some things make us partial thought. Like this first burnt chocolate pudding. "I mixed it all good, Angel.", I reported to you as you were behind my back and instructing from the book. "Now to add the chocolate?" Again and affirmative hmm greeted my ears. I started my search for the chocolate shavings. And nothing. I checked the top again and nothing. I checked the fridge and nothing again. Perplexed I asked you, "You've seen the chocolate shavings somewhere baba?" Hmm. "Thank God. Where is it?", I asked and heard another hmm. Fishy. Something is really very fish. "Bony structure that danced to the tune of Mozart as periodic table grew in 1887 as the Rockets beat Manchester United in a match of eye stare. Correct?" Hmm. We are in the sea with lots of fish brother. Everything is fishy. It is a school of fish! I look at you and you're holding the book in front of your face and your left hand is invisible behind the book too. Guilty guilty! I slowly creep up and glance from above the top of the book to find the bowl of chocolate in your hand and your mouth munching. Reading the book intently. Cute kiddo. My wife eats directly and doesn't use a spoon and this action has smeared some up on her chin too. As I smile to this cute sight of you, you grin sheepishly at me. "Where's my share partner?", I asked and you smiled and said, "Stock finished partner." I placed my hand in my pocket and slowly and dramatically brought out an elaborate spoon with an ornate design on it. "Not the spoon Aaaaaaal.", you said and ran away as I following you saying "It's either the spoon or I will use my lips to wipe the chocolate, Ange!" We didn't realize that day dear. We forgot about the pudding completely! Snatch "Angel, you think we should move this white teddy...", I was saying but you interrupt me. "His name is Flake.", you say and snatch it from me. "Okay baby.", I say smiling. "Flake should sit on the glass case in the drawing room?" "No. Only with me. Only with me.", you say snuggling yourself closer to the soft toy. "And him? What's his name?", I asked you fishing out the black one from the shopping bag. "It's not a he. She. She's Beauty.", you say snatch Beauty too from me. "She'll stay with you too?", I said smiling hugely. "Yes.", you say snuggling them both closer. "And me?", I asked opening my arms to invite you for a hug. You drop both Flake and Beauty to embrace me. "You are my teddy bear." You said and I started making faces. "What are you doing teddy bear?", you ask confused. "I am teasing Flake and Beauty.", I said and you burst out laughing. You Made Me Shy “And bury me deep inside, your heart.”, he said and pointed his finger at me and I hide my face behind my hands. It’s unbelievable the transformation in Al when I am around. He morphs from this shy, quiet and mischievous guy to a piece of Potassium kept outside of the brown bottle. Over active. When I tell someone who knew Al before me about his this side, they don’t believe me at all. “All I ever want-ae-ee-aad was you, my love.”, he closed his eyes and sang higher notes. Which were not at all melodic. Walking around the shopping complex, he saw the podium which gave prizes and he was the first to participate. And I would give him this much credit, he pulled in a crowd! Even scarier for me. Confessing his love through an H.I.M. song in between public. He’s making me blush. “He is so in love with you.”, said an elderly woman standing beside me and patted my back, flushing me a deep red. “Angel! See I got fans! How did you like it, kiddo?”, he asked as he was crowd surfing his way to me. “You made me shy.”, I said and hid in his arms. My silly Al. Breakfast? I took you up in a piggyback and slowly took you to the dining room. The plates and cutlery were pre-arranged, not that I will use them, though and mom was coming soon. I took you past the room and knocked on the door of mom's room. "Breakfast is ready mom, come outside. Let's eat. Angel is hungry.", I said and took you back to the room and sat you on the table. And then came mom from her room. "At least sit on the chair Angel.", she says. "Mom please don't scold her. I sat her there. Can I please sit here there? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease? I will take care of your daughter I promise. Please?", I say not hearing anything against my will. "Okay okay. Why are you so stubborn?", she says and smiles. I took a bite-sized morsel and fed it to you. Still half in sleep you rubbed your eye as you ate. "You're looking beautiful Angel.", I say and you pass me a shy smile and mom again looks at me and smiles. "So what's for brea...... Again?", mom asked and looked at me. "Yes. My Angel asked for them this morning in breakfast.", I said as I fed you another morsel. Almost too sleepy to react to anything, you preferred to stay mum on the topic. "But we had this for dinner! And for lunch. And if I remember also for breakfast yesterday!", mom says as she serves herself a serving of the breakfast I made. "She loves them. And that's all I know.", I say and look into your eyes as my fingers get caught between your teeth as you bite me intentionally to tell me that you're awake. For a while, it seems that time has stopped. Your eyes are all that I see for a long time. "Good morning Angel.", I say as lightly as possible and you wish me morning as well. We both look at mom the same time and find her smiling. "Don't pamper her this much.", mom says. "I know her since she was born." "I will. I will I will I will. I wiiiiiiiiiiiillllll.", I say and you laugh as mom's Okay okay! Stubborn! faded in the background. Smile "You look so beautiful when you are sleeping Angel. Just the smile is missing. Hey, Angel! Smile. I want to see how beautiful you look with the smile and sleep.", I say but no physical reaction. "I know that you are awake.", I said and you still continued to breathe evenly. The expressions weren't changed either and there was no visible change at all. "How do you do this? Even though you are getting the stimulus to grin like the Cheshire cat, you are not even changing your expression. How?!?", I say and your face still faced me blankly. No visible change whatsoever. "I am not going to accept that you are sleeping. You are awake and I know it. You're waiting for me to prove it that you are awake.", I said. I am not Sherlock Holms but my "readings" are pretty accurate. They always make you smile. Or at least shock you as to how I knew it but no. Still no change in the expression. Still the monotonous look. Still not the smile. "I will start telling you jokes. What did 0 say to 8? Nice belt.", I said. And still no smile. I know that you are awake. You are not sleeping so early and I know that. "You have to smile.", I say and yet no response. "I will make you smile, Angel.", I said and with my thumb right cheek and my forefinger at the left of cheek, I pull your lips into a smile. "There's the smile. Soooooooooo beautiful." And you stood up laughing and embracing me. "You can do anything Al.", you say and cross your arms tighter across my body. "How you manage to not smile Angel?", I ask and you just smile it away. "It's a secret.", you say and start giggling softly. Al! "Al, I told you to not stand dripping wet in the air conditioner.", you say as your fingers run through my hair. "Yes Angel.", came my muffled voice. "And what happened then?", you asked clearly parting my hair and removing then from my forehead. "Ai go sic.", I say. My nose running away from me and my head heavy, you tap my head slightly in a mock slap. "What you did?", you asked and stroked my forehead. "Go in ayr condishno.", I said. "A. A. Aa. Achoo!" You pick up the handkerchief from the bed side table and as if I was three, you asked me to blow my nose. "I hope you now know the lesson.", you say embracing me. "I do. Buu...", I said and you looked at me. "But what Al?", you ask. "Bu a to nee iceeceam.", I say as the nose was blocked. "You are crazy, Al." "Aa no. Sins childhood", I said and you laughed and hugged me. Even cold is fun near you. Traveler Snap! "Al not again!", you say as you look up at me. Tired and having an apron on you as you moved around the house with a feather duster, you were obviously shocked with the snapping of the camera. I love Polaroids. I don't have to wait for the photograph to be printed and I get only one copy of the photograph. Perfect! You come and sit with a plop beside me. You put your head on my shoulder and look at the polaroid. "Can I ask you something, Al?", you say and smuggle closer in an embrace. "Sure.", I say and rest my head on your head. "You never look at these photographs again. We never show these to anyone. And I am alwaaaaaaaaaaaaaays with you. Then why take secret photographs of me Al?", you say and lift yourself a tad bit up to look into my eyes. "Angel time is like a river. It flows and flows and never ceases. Time is the ocean which has a raging infinite wave and we are pulled in it. I am just capturing time and you as you move along the flow of time. We will see these once we are gray and wrinkled. Then we'll admire our whole life altogether and," snap! "Take a photograph then also!" "Al now why you took a photograph of me?", you asked faux angry. "You were looking at me with wonder.", I say and snuggle closer to you. Rainbow "Al.", you said. "Hmm.", I replied. All of a sudden at 2 in the night you woke me up and when I realized this I got a little freaked out. Okay, a lot freaked out. "What happened? Are you okay? Are you having a stomach ache? I knew I shouldn't have given you that cabbage. I had doubt on it." "Al. Al. I am fine. Nothing has happened to me. It's just a silly wish.", you say and look into my eyes. "Sure angel. Ask me for anything.", I said and was a bit worried. "I want to see a rainbow.", you said and hugged me. "I want to see one now. I want to see a rainbow, Al." I looked at you and you looked at me. I looked at the window and you looked at the window too. I looked at the clock and you looked at the clock too. I looked at you and you looked at me. "This will be superb fun.", I said and you looked a bit perplexed. "Take the torch out of the drawer and I will be right back." By the time you got the torch out, I had the sprayer in my hand. "Aim the torch at the wall, Angel. And you will see a rainbow." As you aimed the beam at the wall, I sprayed a fine mist of water in its path producing a rainbow. "Presto! Voila!", I say and you hug me from behind while continuing to see the rainbow. "I love you my genie.", you say as your eyes fix themselves on the rainbow. "I love you too my Angel." Who says miracles can't happen? Hush! "Hush hush!", I whispered into your ear and tried to stop my giggling too as I tried to stop yours too. It was like crossing a wild, raging river. We on one side and the new world the other bank and in between a river with screaming waters. The door to mom's room was open and we had to reach to the other side. "What now Al?", you asked with your eyes laughing. Sometimes your silence is more expressive. "We; jump.", I said and you almost broke into a laughter. "Hush!", I silence you again. "Let me show you how to do that and then you follow." I kissed your forehead and looked into your eyes. I leaped across the door, a blur of black, and landed on my toes with agility. Once on the other side, I raise my fists in the air as if I won an Olympic for the long jump. You almost started laughing again but I hushed you with my finger on my lip but a gigantic smile pasted on my lips. And you leaped across too and hugged me. We took the stairs and escalated towards the roof where we laughed out loud after closing the door. "Now tell me, Al, why are we on the roof?", you asked leaning your back on my chest and in my response I lifted my right hand and with my index finger, pointed at the moon. "You forgot? It's full moon. Date night.", I said as I revealed the bag which I previously hid on the roof. You squealed in excitement and leaped up to me and embraced me tightly. I extracted a blanket out of the bag and spread it out on the roof. A small iPod with tiny speakers. My infamous sandwiches and a thermos of hot coffee. As I spread out the contents and you kept your head on my lap and we both looked over to the moon. Clayderman and Bach and Yanni all performed their music for the Queen of the World as she ate my best sandwiches as we sat and admired the natural beauty of the moon. "You know?", I said and you turned your back to look at me. "There's something more beautiful than the night here, Angel." "What?", you said almost shocked. "Yes.", I said as I gently patted your head. "It's you." And blushed a deep red with my words. Honestly, one of the best moments in my life. "Is That For Real?" Angel was sitting next to me on the pavement and we both mimicked the action if the other. Our heads rested on our palms and my left arm was looped around her right arm. In between the two hands, a butterscotch ice-cream made a journey again and again. To and fro and to and fro. Interestingly so were our heads. A couple was fighting just outside the icecream parlor on what flavor to eat. And like spectators in a ping pong match, our heads went from left to right. Right to left. Left to right. "I don't want your strawberry.", the boy said. "I don't want your mint.", said she and the cone met his nose. We both looked at the scene and then at each other. And the again at them. Goes the strawberry in her hair and we exchanged glances again. "Hey bro!", I said and both the boy and the girl turned to look at me. "Why don't you try drinking coffee instead?", I said from the pavement and they almost lunged at us to kill me. After we ran away from them to safety and you laughed at this incident for full five minutes, we looked at each other. "Was that for real, Al?", you ask and keep your head on my shoulder as we started trotting our way home. "Probably not. Who behaves like that!", I said and we moved on to our home. Little do we realize that they ask the same for us. Gloomy Rain! We are sitting in our room. Technically speaking only you are. We are talking to each other as you are fixing the bed and on the couch, I am having my waist and legs on the couch and my torso hanging down. Outside the door to balcony, I am describing you the grays. I am making you a story when I noticed something in the sky. "Angel?", I said. You turned and you started tickling my skin exposed from my stretched position. I laugh and pull you in order to start a tickle fight. After all the commotion ended, I once again whispered in your ear, "Angel?" "Hmm?", you said. "It's raining." You gloom up and sit while holding your knees close. Rain always made you sad. Fortunately, this is the first rain we'll see together. "Come.", I said. You look at me with the gloomy expression and say where. In reply, I grab hold your wrist and take you to the porch cum balcony out in the drizzle. "Al we'll get sick. Let's go in!", you said and pulled at the wrist. I pulled your hand and in a half-waltz spun you into an embrace. "You're the doctor, ma'am. We'll be just fine. Let's dance in the rain.", I said and did a curtsy bow to ask for your hand just as the rain got heavier. You took your hand in mine with a broad grin on your face. And I knew, the rain won't make you sad ever again. Stories "Al look you got a paint stain on the table there. Try and clean it sometime.", mom said. "I am sorry but I can't clean it.", I said and both mom and you asked me why. "Nobody will clean that.", I said and looked at my nails then. Silence. That's very unlikely of me, I know. I never refuse anyone for anything. "Okay, we won't. But why?", mom asked again. "There's a story behind it. Angel was learning to sketch from me. She was painting the white rose and in frustration, she started painting the whole page white with the largest brush she got. That's how the stain got there. Each stain has a story. We won't clean any.", I said. When I looked up I saw mom with her jaw-dropped and you smiling broadly. "You collect, stains!?!", mom asked a bit uncomfortable. "Sort of. Yes. Aye aye.", I said. "The time when Angel dropped mayo in the car while laughing hard at the joke about the man crossing the road. The time she was too sleepy and accidentally tipped the plate over and all ketchup was on the sheets. The time when Angel got jump scared while watching Oculus and the Iced tea was all over the carpet. I am not afraid to say that I collect stains.", I said. You came running over to me and hugged me tightly. "I love you.", you said. "I love you too Angel ", I said and I heard mom say, "You're crazy Al!"


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