Anuptaphobia Lover by Praveen Crypty R

The normal Sunday as always, woke up with no hurry and was still lying in bed daydreaming. College, a place to study is no more like that, it's just another business in this world. Colleges provided Education but not Knowledge. Deep thoughts kept lingering in my mind.
Anuptaphobia Lover
Anuptaphobia Lover by Praveen Crypty R
“Ryan,!!!! Ryan..!! come out” screamed Sam outside my house banging the door heavily. I rushed down and opened the door. There stood the hasty Sam as always, never could wait on anything. Sam, an average built guy who never believes in patience and always wanted things done in lowest time possible. He gave me a party invitation at Tinkies. It was the Birthday Invitation card of Marly Tinkie. Sam wanted me to accompany him to the party, but I wasn’t much interested and rejected it first. But eventually I agreed after the shock of hearing Sam going to propose Marly, whom he just met three days ago. He wasn’t ready take my advice of not to do it and convinced me to go with him. Eventually I agreed and Sam yelled “yippee” with joy. The day passed to its evening, Sam was at my home at 4 30 pm even though the party started only by 7 o'clock. "Sam the Rusher" I mumbled to myself. I went to my room to get myself changed suiting the party. So around 6 we started from my place and reached the Tinkies sometime around 7 30. Sam kept on screaming “We are late, We are late. All because of you”, though there were only a few people there and lots coming after us. I must be the only one who can withstand Sam, wish Marly is the same. We entered the house, there were many friends and relatives all around the house, Marly parents were busy with some works. I greeted Marly “Happy Birthday” along with Sam and took a seat near the corner couch. I don’t even know how Sam is gonna propose Marly with all the people here. Took a look around the place, it was filled with Marly’s friends and relatives. There were selfies here and there around the room, with giggles and laughs filling the place. Actually people were more into their mobiles than the peoples around them. The maximum irony was that the person to my left and right were playing by sending texts to each others, “why can’t they speak directly?” ,but I didn’t poke my nose into it and kept it safe with myself. Marly was chatting with some of her friends, where a girl really caught my eyes to her, she was wearing a yellow coloured Kurthi which matched her little makeup well. I can’t see anyone but her at that moment. Having good glance at her beauty, I searched for Sam and found him at a table where many desserts were placed. I walked to Sam crossing the yellow girl and reached him. I asked Sam how he has planned to propose Marly. Sam replied that he has already proposed Madly. I got enthusiastic and asked what she said, but he said “She hasn’t seen the text yet, will say you after she replies”. That moment I wanted to bash my head and his head into the wall, why come this far to say it in a message, he could have texted from anywhere. But that far crazy is love, he wanted to keep watching her all time and that made him happy. I grinned at him while few people carried the Cake to the centre table. Along with Marly came her friends to the centre table. The Yellow girl was also there. The cake was cut by Marly with people singing the same usual happy birthday song and flashes of mobile cameras all around her. The party went calm and cool after that, foods being served to all and chit chats here and there. People gradually started leaving the place one by one. So it was time for me and Sam to leave. Sam spoke a few words with Marly. I thought it was about his proposal, but she hasn't yet seen the message and so the fate between Sam and Marly was still hanging. We both left our places. Today I learned a thing at the party, that Mobiles have overruled humans. Mobiles have become a part of the human body. The Idea The fact that mobiles have gone smarter to make humans foolish doesn’t mean that it’s bad. It's good technology used wrong by some humans. But I wanted to make good for myself out of this fact. Since everyone is stuck with their mobiles, it gave me a way to reach out to all the people. I came up with an idea to use my skills in android development and make apps for small time business and companies. It is where I can believe in my work than the investment required. The idea just seeded into my mind and several days and months passed before it took full effect. Meanwhile I refined my skills in android development keeping the others away for a little while. But still I missed the edge of a professional. I believed I could do it all alone but I couldn’t do it. Days passed as I was developing my skills. I was really tired of the fact that I could not accomplish it, and I was ready to give up on the idea. But one day, like a bolt from the blue a person came over to me. He introduced himself to me as Reed and wanted to help me in the android development. Reed was a freelance android developer just like me but his skill levels were really higher than me. We both had long introductory chats with each other. We became best buddies as time passed; he taught me things he knew to me. We both made successful combo. Orders came from many companies for android app development. It wasn't giving out a big profit but it gave the happiness of doing what we wanted. We both together formed the “AndroMix Deziners” and were running it successfully. We sure did get a name out there. With its success, I wanted it to make it really big and started concentrating more on it than my studies. Even my semesters were kept second to AndroMix Deziners. So because of this my studies performance did go down a lot, but AndroMix Deziners made me forget everything. I passed out engineering with average marks and wasn’t ready to go to work. Who will be ready to work to someone else when they are their own boss? All I wanted to do was to expand and run my business successfully. All Has Its Ends AndroMix Deziners were really at peak, but the money obtained in it was just for the living of life. Reed wanted move on to the next stage of life, he insisted on getting a job at some MNC and get a higher salary. The irony is that a Designer can never be a Proprietor and live his life by himself, he needs to be dependent on someone else. The profit of AndroMix wasn't able to help us settle with a good life. But I said otherwise, I didn't want to leave AndroMix. A speech became an argument and eventually ended in a fight. We both became worst enemies from best buddies. He left the place in anger saying that he would never return. An idiot will leave something he built from scratch, an idiot like Reed. So I started running AndroMix all by myself. But AndroMix Deziners wasn't the same as before. It was only in half with other half missing. Months passed and the orders started to degrade, and also the competition became heavier day by day. This is when life truly showed its true form to me. Life is a boat traveling in a sea; you never know when a storm will hit you. Yep and it eventually came down to this, a stage where AndroMix can no more exist. People have already forgotten about it. A startup is facing its end. So I gave up on AndroMix with bitter thoughts and a hard heart. Life became even harder after that, I wasn't ready to work under some person and I also didn’t have the investment to start my own company. “A cat on a wall with fire on both sides”. Reed was right, AndroMix gave us the living for the time being but now I stand here unknown what to do. No one now even remember AndroMix. The Next Life I wanted to be an entrepreneur of my own company. But I didn't have the resource for doing so. The Bank believed more in physical security than me. I attended a few interviews in my field, Design. But I wasn't fit for it. I was either rejected as under-qualified or overqualified. The interviews in which I got selected, I gave up it as I was not interested in it. There is a businessman still in me and he is the man in control of me. So, believed I would make my life better again and this kept me going on with my life. After a few days, while returning from an interview, I saw a letter at my doorstep. I took it inside and opened it. To my surprise, it was a cheque for 20lakhs and letter along with it stating, this will help you with your company. A gift from your well-wisher. I stood still with an emotion that I can't explain. I was just too happy and confused at the same time. Who could that be, never known someone that much close to give me 20lakhs as gift. What is happening in my life? Settled myself thinking whether to use this or not. I never did believe in luck, but now I started to believe luck does exist. This money is more than enough to start my own company. Should I use it, will it land me in any trouble. After long thoughts, I decided to use the money to start my own company. What kind of company should I start is the next question that stood against me. This is where finally my engineering skills came to use, my Textile Engineering Degree which was lying before me at a distance gave me this idea. I decided to start my very own textile industry, create a brand of me. With those 20lakhs, I bought the machinery required for the textile industry and also recruited the eligible people to work along with me. With constant hard work by all our team and persistent marketing, we gave a brand to the world. "MAZE", yep it is our textile brand. With the time advancing, MAZE climbed the ladder of popularity; my designs gave an added advantage to it. After a year and half of continuous hard work, MAZE became one of the leading brands in the field of textile industry. Anuptaphobiac Ryan, CEO, MAZE Textile industry. This is me now. MAZE is one of the leading textile industries. I was living the life I always wanted. Time passed by and I enjoyed it like it was what I was made for. One day, while I was at the monthly MAZE meeting, during the hectic situation I got a call from in my mobile. The call was from a contact named Anusha in my mobile. It was a big shock to me, "How did this contact come in my mobile?” With a heavy confusion and curiosity I attended the call. It was a voice of a girl, very sweet and pleasant to hear. Voice: Hey Ryan. (Laughing) Ryan: Hello, who is it? (Confused) Voice: Oh, you want to know it. Ryan: Avoid the suspense and say who you are. Voice: It’s better to see than to say, come to Shield Hotel tomorrow at 5pm. ...Call Ends... Ryan was in a state of chaos and sat down thinking who it might be, how did her contact come in the mobile. Mysteries filled the mind of Ryan and ended up leaving him in a tensed state. His mind wanted to find answers to all those questions. So he decided to find the answers. The Next Day, at 4pm Ryan reached the hotel and took a seat at one corner of the hotel tables. Time passed and I was looking curiously at every girl in the room. Around 5 10, a girl entered the room. To my surprise I recognized her from some part of my past. She came directly towards me and sat in the chair in front of me. I had many glimpses of her being a part of life. She said her name was Anusha and that she is my lover. "What!!!” screamed Ryan standing up from the chair. She is the Yellow dress girl at Marly's Party. Anusha calmed down Ryan and told him the entire story. Ryan met Anusha at Marly's birthday party. They were attracted to each other at their first sight, and became each other’s crush. With time passing, Ryan and Anusha fell in love with each other. Anusha learned Ryan was suffering from Anuptaphobia and only way to relieve him out of it is to make him achieve his goal thus getting him out of his fears. So everything followed making him stand where he is today. Ryan didn't believe what she said and called liar. But that instance heard a voice at the back, "No she is not". I turned back to see Reed, Sam and Marly sitting in the next table. Reed is the cousin of Anusha and she is the one forced Reed to join Ryan to create AndroMix. Sam and Marly are now a couple now. I had tears in my eyes seeing Reed and Sam. Ryan ran and hugged them with utter joy. Sam explained everything to Ryan. Anusha is the person behind the success of Ryan in all stages of life; she never gave up on you. But the Anuptaphobia that Ryan was suffering was the reason Ryan did not remember Anusha. But Anusha never gave up her support for Ryan even after knowing this. Anusha pledged that she will contact Ryan only when she makes him reach his ambition. Anusha made his cousin Reed to work on AndroMix with Ryan. The 20lakhs cheque that Ryan got was the gift from Anusha and Reed. They all worked at the backend for the development of MAZE industry. Ryan stood surprised and astonished in front of them. He didn't know what to do and just ran away from the place with tears in eyes. Anusha also had tears and was worried Ryan didn't still believe her. A little later, Anusha got a call. It was from Ryan, she attended the phone to hear Ryan saying, "Anushya, I love you" with a big kiss after it.


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