Beach Blanket Trio By K. Rowe

“Are you sure you remember how to sail one of these things?” Peter asked as he loaded the last of their things onto the small catamaran Arrow rented. They were going to sail around looking for good locations to photograph.
Beach Blanket Trio
Beach Blanket Trio 

ck a little caress. “Besides, it’s comfortable, and holds all my meat where I want it.”

Peter shook his head and hopped onto the heavy stretched canvas deck. “All right, let’s go.” He glanced over his shoulder and watched Arrow push them away from the beach. Yes, he looked rather silly in that swimsuit, but his beautifully darkened skin, rippling muscles, jet black hair, and the shiny nipple ring that graced his right nipple more than balanced out his ridiculous choice of clothing. He was a fabulous hunk of man-meat that Peter felt privileged to have all to himself.

Giving the boat a final shove, Arrow jumped on board and immediately went to work getting the sail up. Peter watched him with fascination. As they sailed out of the lagoon and into the open sea, Arrow kept them mostly parallel with the coastline. He was hoping to find a secluded cove or inlet where they could spend some quality time. Despite their frantic love-making the previous day, both were still horny.

Peter lay on his back, looking up at the mast and the blue sky. He pondered what could have them so worked up. No, it couldn’t be a mid-life crisis; they were only in their mid-thirties. So what spurre
“Yeah, it hasn’t been that long,” Arrow replied, waiting for Peter to climb on board.

“And you have the waterproof bag for your camera gear?”


“And anything else we might need?”

Arrow folded his arms. “Yes, yes, I got everything. Now would you get your ass up there so I can shove off?”

“Okay, okay.” Peter turned and looked at his partner. Arrow was standing knee deep in water; the only thing he wore was a rainbow striped swimsuit. “You know, you look mighty gay wearing that.”

“Uh, alert the presses—we’re gay. Duh!” He ran his hand down the front of it, giving his cod this marathon of meat grinding? He still wasn’t sure, but he couldn’t complain. Making love to Arrow was unlike any relationship he’d ever had. “Arrow?”


“Have you ever done it with a girl?”

Arrow regarded him with suspicion. “Why do you ask?”

“Mmm, just curious.”

“Why choose now to ask? How long have we been together and you never said anything?”

“The thought never really crossed my mind. I always assumed…”

“A couple of times.”

Peter sat up. “You did?”

“I guess I was trying to find who I really was.”

“How did it feel?”

Arrow rubbed his face. “Strange.”

“Physically strange or mentally strange?”

“A bit of both, I guess.” He changed course slightly. “I mean, bangin’ a chick was good; but there just seemed to be something missing—can’t put my finger on it.” Reaching over, he let his hand slide down Peter’s abdomen all the way to his cock, where he gave it a thorough caressing. “Perhaps it’s just something about cock; I like it.”

Peter reached over and cupped Arrow’s sizeable package in his hand. “I love it.”

“Mmm, I know you do.”

As they sailed around the tip of a small estuary; Arrow saw something. Peter was lying down watching the sky. “Hey, check it out,” Arrow said in a whisper.

“What?” He lifted his head.

On the small beach, screened by a thick wall of trees and shrubs, was a young man. He was laid out on a beach towel, completely naked. He had a head of short, curly blond hair, and his body was lithe and tanned. He was working his cock furiously.

“Oh, my,” Peter said. “Mmm, if you weren’t my type, he would be.” He put his hand on Arrow’s leg. “Shall we go crash his party?”

“Naw, leave the boy be.” He looked ahead and saw a similar beach not more than ten yards away. “Let’s put in over there and maybe he’ll invite himself to our little party.”

“Good idea.” Peter could already feel the blood heading to his cock. He especially enjoyed these secret little sexcapades. Out in the middle of nowhere, fucking until they were spent. This was truly the best job he’d ever had.

* * *


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