Don't Knock on that Door! by Drac Von Stoller

It was a day like any other day until curious teens knocked on the door of Bartholomew Manor. It was given the nickname “Dead Manor,” because of the hell that went on behind closed doors. No one suspected anything was going on at the manor until too many people came up missing.
Don't Knock on that Door!
Don't Knock on that Door! by Drac Von Stoller
Legend has it that a man by the name of Bartholomew that owned the manor went a little crazy after his wife was murdered and was found hanging by the neck from their crystal chandelier. It was going to be their first anniversary together at the beautiful manor they had just purchased. Bartholomew just purchased a one carat diamond ring and a bouquet of flowers along with some wine to celebrate their occasion, but when he opened the door expecting his beautiful wife to greet him with a smile instead his whole world came crashing down. Bartholomew dropped the flowers and wine from his hands and rushed over to the chandelier frantically trying to cut the rope that was tied around her soft beautiful neck, but when he was able to free her she was already dead. Bartholomew dropped to his knees sobbing and holding her in his arms like a baby saying “Why! Why! Dear lord did this have to happen to her?” The police were called out to investigate the murder but after an intense investigation no one was brought to justice for her murder. Bartholomew was never the same from that day forward he went into a deep depression and the once beautiful manor that stood on five acres of land turned to ruin. Bartholomew never remarried because he could never love another woman like he loved her. As the years went by Bartholomew is said to have went mad and killed over a dozen people at his manor by boiling their bodies and eating them. Finally, the police were called in because of the stench that the neighbors got a whiff of when the wind blew in the direction of their homes. The police tried to arrest him, but he had no plans on spending his remaining days behind bars so he dove head first in the large barrel of boiling water that his victims were put in, and all that was left of Bartholomew was his scalded bloody body. After further investigation of the manor skulls and bones were found strewn throughout the dilapidated manor. The manor was boarded up and a sign was placed on the front door that read “No trespassing! Keep out!” Throughout the years curious teenagers broke into the manor to spend the night and tell ghost stories. The manor is said to be haunted and anyone that spends the night in the manor either went missing and also it is been said that screams and moaning can be heard from inside the manor. Every time the police would go investigate the haunted manor the large container will be filled with boiling water with a teenager dead inside. Finally, after too many frequent visits to the manor and more bodies found inside the large barrel of boiling water the manor was bulldozed to the ground, but the screams, moans and a man’s eerie laugh can still be heard in the wind echoing to the nearby homes and keep the fear in them to stay away from where the manor once stood. On occasions the ghostly manor reappears and then disappears by morning. So, if you happen to be driving by where the manor once stood you just might get a glimpse of the manor and hear Bartholomew’s creepy laugh along with some screams and moans.


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