FootPrints by LoveSmitten

It was my father’s 70th birthday; I stood close to the windowpane of his room seeing the sun rise over the ocean. For the first time in life my day had a peaceful start. The view was majestic, just as we see in the movies, so very beautiful and serene. Weather was at it’s best at seven a.m., neither too cold and nor too hot.
FootPrints by LoveSmitten
But where was dad? The bed was empty, bathroom showed no signs of him. Lobby had been empty too when I crossed it. Far on the beach was walking a figure, all alone. There he was! I thought of joining him there only with his surprise gift, unknown I would be gifted a surprise rather. Right from the time when I learnt walking, my track on the sand was on the footprints of my father. As a ritual I followed the same. Just after ten steps another pair of imprints joined. From its size it looked definitely of a women. They were small and very curvish, absolutely ladylike. But whose was it? I could still see him alone, sitting on the rocks. A ball of fear formed in my stomach. There have been a lot of stories lately about unknown objects seen around. Oh God! Dad was unaware of the danger moving with him step by step. I ran as fast as I could in his direction. Those footprints still followed. It was really confusing to see him laughing aloud at horizon. “Here you are my little princess Misha” said my dad and hugged me. Seeing him happy and safe brought a sigh of relief in me. “Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to the world’s best father, happy birthday to you” I sang for him and placed his present on his right hand. Water started to leak from his eyes. I wondered why? I wished him like this always. “Sit here with me on my left” he commanded. He introduced to me Sara Wellings, his childhood beloved in a long story told short. He also told me she died peacefully last night. My heart cried on the loss though I didn’t know her, but I saw in my father’s eyes what she was for him. My breath stalled when he informed me she is sitting with us, on his right. Chills chased up my back. Common sense warned me to run away from the spot, but not alone! I gripped his hand as fear clogged my throat. ©LoveSmitten I guessed my mind was over working in my shaken up state when I heard a melodious voice saying me a hello. I looked at my father all confused. Did I really hear Sara? Yes! But how? And I got my answer from her, ”Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eyes”. This particular line seemed too familiar. Everything was happening too fast to understand. Thinking hard I realized it was in my dream yesterday. Slowly an image started to form on my right. It completely resembled to what I saw in dream last night. It was Sara! She even told all her life she had loved me as much as she loved my father. The dream made sense now. Along with dad now I was able to see her too, crystal clear. Her sapphire blue eyes glimmered perfect twinkles and the beautiful smile her lips formed took me to awe. Age was only a number for her. She looked as beautiful as a mermaid deep down in the sea in her gorgeous emerald gown. How untrue it’s said that we can see spirits only in white. Here I had a beauty in green. “Thank you for giving me a pivotal space in your life Ms. Wellings” I held her hand speaking my exact thoughts. Yes I could feel her too. I felt her fingers doing things to my fingers. She placed a breathtaking solitaire ring in my middle finger, “I want you to keep this. Your father gifted me. So it’s very close to my heart. I can’t take it with me ofcourse so here it’s for his princess”. Birthday was turning very special. Not really… The glorious sun was shining up in the porcelain sky and soft lullaby the waves sang set up the entire surroundings perfect. Dad took out the Canon G1X camera from his pocket and gave it to me. It was our selfie time. We clicked nearly ten selfies’ of three of us. Then stood Sara and father to get their couple picture clicked. They both kissed each other on lips and I got a moment frozen in time. I was more than excited with the result. “Misha I have to go now. Sara is waiting for me. Some decisions that I made separated us. By the time I realized my soul is with Sara only I was already married to your mother. We lived our lives waiting for this moment to come so we can be together. I raised you to be a perfect woman that you are today. I am proud of you. I didn’t want to go without telling you this. Please allow me to go now, go with my love, to our journey of love enveloped in our love” pleaded my father. I understood then why water leaked from his eyes when I wished him birthday. It was his last with us. I tried to be mean and stop him but I really couldn’t. “Mommy” came running my four year old daughter, “Where’s grandfather?” “Here” “Where?” They were gone. In their world. Much in love! Now, Every year on his birthday I do see both of them on the same spot waiting for my wishes. I wish someday my little Sara see’s the real Sara too after whom she was named.


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