Forbidden Fruit By Gillian Colbert

Marlie Newburn stared critically at herself in the full-length mirror hanging over the back of her bedroom door. It wasn’t that she didn’t like what she saw. In truth, she did quite well for 34. Her dark, auburn hair was completely natural with not one strand of gray. Her skin was clear,
though fair, and her hazel eyes favored green on most days. Her lips were full and rosy enough that she could get away with a swipe of lip gloss rather than needing lipstick.
Her body was petite and trim. She wasn’t chunky, but she had a smidge too much body fat to be described as athletic. Her breasts were small, but nicely shaped and she had full-hips with, thankfully, no cellulite in sight. The leopard bikini she wore set off her assets, pun intended, quite well.
Forbidden Fruit
Forbidden Fruit  By Gillian Colbert

No, she couldn’t complain about her looks. It was her age that she had a problem with. At 34 she was officially dancing with middle-age and every time she looked in the mirror she expected to see a wrinkle or age spot, something that proved she wasn’t young any longer.
Normally, she wouldn’t care about her age. After all, it was just a number, but being confronted on a regular basis with her personal wet dream in the flesh made it hard not to feel like a cradle-robber especially when the objects of said wet dream were 10 years her junior.
Marlie was an accomplished author and professor of creative writing at the local university in the small town of River Rock, Vermont. She’d taught full-time at the school for the last five years and loved her job immensely. She taught seniors, so she was able to be a bit more creative with the curriculum and, by senior year, most of the students in her class were serious English students or at the very least were mature adults.
That particular bit of knowledge didn’t, however, help her reconcile her attraction to not one, but two of her writing students. Adon Taylor and Simon Cain had turned her inside out the moment she had walked into her classroom at the beginning of the spring term.
Her classes were always small and this one was no exception. Rather than a large hall, her lectures took place in a small classroom which meant a much more intimate setting for discussion. Normally, she enjoyed the close quarters. She found the physical proximity often lent itself to more lively discussion.
This semester, the physical closeness to her students was sheer torture. She was literally within touching distance of the objects of her fantasy each and every class. And, to make matters worse, they sat smack in the middle of the front row.
Marlie usually roamed the class. She found it helped engage the students. With Adon and Simon positioned in the center two seats of a row of four, it meant that regardless of where she went she had to pass them.

Moving past them meant contact in one fashion or another. The silk of their skin brushing hers dazzled her senses each time and left her reeling. After the third time she lost her train of thought because of some incidental contact, Marlie stayed behind her desk or at the chalkboard.
This also meant that she saw them every time she looked out at the class. To say it was distracting was an understatement. Taken individually, they were each uniquely stunning. Adon was tall and lean with an athletically muscled body that rippled with his movements. He was a student of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and it showed in the graceful, light way he moved as if gravity didn’t really affect him.
He owed his coloring to a Native American ancestry that had become obscured at some point with other less exotic genetics, but he retained the hairless skin and high cheekbones. He had ebony black hair that glinted blue in the light and his eyes were so black, you couldn’t see where pupil met iris. It was like looking into two pools of midnight so dark you could drown in them.
She shivered at the memory of those eyes fixed on her. He never seemed to look away. Every time she looked up she found him staring at her. Only when she assigned in-class writing prompts did she get a respite from his intensity.
When he looked at her, she felt as if he could read her secrets in her eyes. The last thing she needed was for him to realize exactly how he affected her. She desired him in a way she’d never desired anyone else. Even Simon, for all that she wanted him, didn't hit her with the same intensity that Adon did.
Simon Cain was as intense as Adon, he just hid it better. While Adon rarely spoke, Simon spoke frequently and with an ease that made it simple to overlook his intelligence and insight until it was too late and you’d already exposed yourself.
Simon was less exotic than Adon, but no less beautiful. He was solidly built with broad shoulders and a heavily muscled body. With deep, velvety brown hair that hung in shaggy waves around his face and sapphire-blue eyes, Simon possessed a rugged fierceness that reminded her more of warriors from ages past rather than the computer geek he was.
Individually, they knocked her breathless and speechless, but when you put them together, she was practically comatose. She’d spent most of the first class imagining them naked and erect. Wondering how it would feel to be pressed between those young, hungry bodies.

She’d never been more grateful for wool sweaters and jeans than she was on that day. She’d been wet and her nipples were hard and aching by the end of that class. It had been the longest
90 minutes of her life.

Every class since then had been worse. Some days it took everything she had not to launch herself at one or both of them, rip their clothes off and suck on what promised to be delectable penises if the size of their bulges were any indication.
The worst moment had been when she’d allowed herself to slip into a daydream about them while the class finished a prompt. In it, Adon laid her over the desk and slipped his warm, velvet tongue inside her pussy while Simon slid his cock inside her mouth and she sucked on him hard and long.
The fantasy had been vivid and intense and only when the slap of someone’s notebook hitting the floor had penetrated her sensual fog had she come back to her senses. She'd been horrified to find her hand sliding under her sweater to her hardened nipples and both Adon and Simon looking at her with narrowed, heated eyes. She’d flushed with shame and quickly excused herself to the ladies room where it was several long moments before she could collect herself.
After that, it was as if they never took their eyes off of her. She felt them watching her every second. Class had become a test of her will and capacity for self-restraint as she fought the fantasy of them and the desire to make that fantasy real.
Then, as if just getting through class wasn’t hard enough, Adon had specifically asked for her to mentor them both as they co-wrote a novel based on Simon’s popular video game. So, in addition to the two classes a week, she saw them at her home every Friday to provide notes and suggestions on their novel.
Marlie had tried to get them to come during her regular office hours, but they had sworn up and down that they couldn’t concentrate in such cramped confines. When she’d suggested the library, they’d said they couldn’t relax there. In the end, she’d relented and allowed them to come to her house.
Today was the last of those sessions. The semester had ended and final grades were submitted, but they had one last manuscript session. They’d completed their final chapter and submitted it to her last week. She was planning on handing it back this afternoon with some final notes and wishing them well. After that, she would get back to her simple and ordinary life.

The thought made her sad. The mentoring sessions were hard, but only because they tested her limits and left her horny and dissatisfied when the men left. Spending time with them, though, was as easy as apple pie.
It had surprised her at first, because she’d been so nervous, but she was quickly at ease with them. Adon was so serious and intense, but every now and then he’d let her make him laugh. When he smiled it was as if someone had set off firecrackers in her belly. Her blood sang when he smiled. It lit up his face and sparkled in his eyes. She made it a priority to make him laugh as often as she could.
She knew some of his background, enough to know it had been hard and that Simon’s family had taken him in. That they’d both taken a few years and worked as computer programmers before going to college which made them several years older than her other seniors. She and Adon had finished many of these sessions just talking over coffee.
Simon, on the other hand, was much more of a mystery. He hid a deep intelligence and razor wit under a facade of carefree laziness. He was affable and fun to be around, but he never let anyone except Adon know what he was really thinking.
Simon was the creator of a first person shooter video game that had grown to such popularity on campus that it had been bought by a local software company. Adon, the more literary of the two, was writing a novel based on the game with Simon as co-author. Hence, the mentoring.
The sessions had become something she looked forward to as much as she dreaded them. She and Adon had gotten to know each other over the course of the semester and she cared for him more than she was willing to examine. It confused her at times that she wanted to screw both men, though, if she had to choose only one, Adon was top pick hands down. It didn’t matter really. The sessions were over after today.
A wave of sadness came over her and she fought it back. Why be sad? She was never going to do anything about this ridiculous attraction and they would be leaving school after graduation. She was going to let them go that simple.
Get your head in the game, Marlie!

She was going to say her good-byes and forget all about Adon Taylor and Simon Cain. She could get through one last session. And, to ensure she was able to do so, she was going to lay out

by the pool for a while and soak in the afternoon sun along with some tunes. She needed to relax if she was going to get through this last meeting with her nerves intact.
Marlie headed out toward her small, postage stamp pool. At the last minute, her confidence failed her and she detoured into the kitchen for a drink. Her nerves were ragged at the thought of Adon and Simon in her house for the last time. She didn't trust herself and she wanted some liquid courage to help the relaxing begin.
Part of her regretted that she’d never see her two students again. Never taste them or feel their bodies penetrate hers. Marlie groaned as heat flooded her body. Her pussy throbbed at the mere thought of them. She gripped the counter for support as her knees weakened under the onslaught of her desire.
She breathed deeply for several breaths and, collecting herself, mixed up a whiskey sour. A

very strong whiskey sour. God only knew how she’d get through this afternoon.

Whisky sour in hand, she plopped down on her favorite chaise lounge and began to rub SPF

50 Coppertone into her exposed skin. The irony wasn’t lost on her, but she didn’t want to burn. She wanted to soak in some heat and sun and just vegetate for a while not turn into a burnt crisp.
Marlie closed her eyes and did her best to blank out images of Adon and Simon from her mind. She tried hard to think about something other than what their lips would feel like on her body. It was a lost cause.
Marlie downed her whiskey sour in a few rapid gulps. I really need to get laid, maybe then

I’ll forget about them.

With a forlorn sigh, Marlie called up her favorite playlist on her iPod, put her headphones in, closed her eyes and just floated with the music.
As she drifted off, Marlie wished it was Adon and Simon pounding into her rather than beat of the song.


Simon Cain and Adon Taylor stood outside the gate of Professor Newburn’s backyard and contemplated the scene before them. The professor was stretched out on a chaise lounge clearly asleep, but she had headphones in and wasn’t responding to their calls. The yard was small, but

she was on the opposite end of a tiny, kidney shaped pool which put her as far away from them as it was possible to be.
“What do you think? Jump it?” Simon asked as he studied the tall, wooden fence critically.

It was a typical privacy fence, but the wood was warped in places allowing for gaps between the slats.
Adon shook his head and indicated the lock. “Should be easy to pick.”

Simon took a closer look and nodded his agreement. “Got a card of some kind on you?” he reached a hand out toward Adon without looking up.
Adon dug his driver’s license out of his wallet and handed it over. Simon jimmied the card into the gap between fence and gate and pushed upward. The gate popped open with a soft snick and swung inward.
Simon closed the gate behind them, making sure to lock it again and together they walked over to the professor.
Adon was reaching out to shake her when Simon grabbed his wrist to stop him. “No,” he hissed. “Don’t wake her.”
Adon just looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

“She wants us,” Simon said. “She’s just afraid to come get us. I say, let’s help her along with that decision.”
“Elaborate please.”

“I want a taste of her. Hell, you want her worse than I do and if she’s fully awake, she’s going to fight it. But,” Simon smiled wickedly at Adon, “if she wakes up with us already tasting her, she may stop it, but at least we’ll already know what it’s like.”
Adon’s gaze dropped to the professor. Simon watched his friend look her over from head to toe. The professor was lovely, laid out in a barely there bikini that did little to cover and much to titillate. Adon’s eyes paused for intent moments over her tight, pert breasts and flat, pelvis. When he looked again at Simon, his eyes burned.
“She’ll be mad at us.”

“Maybe,” Simon allowed. “Or, maybe, she’ll finally quit acting like we’ve got the plague and do what she’s wanted to do all along.”
“Just a taste though. Nothing more,” Adon insisted.

Simon snorted, “Oh, there will be more if I have my way, but she’ll be fully awake and participating.”
Simon knelt by the Professor’s side and reached for the ties he saw peeking out from behind her neck. Slowly, so slowly, he pulled the laces to unravel the bow holding her top up. She murmured and shifted turning her head away from him, but she remained asleep.
Simon gently pulled back the top of her bikini to expose her breasts to the sun. Her breasts were round and full, despite being on the small-side. Her nipples were large and rosy pink. The late afternoon breeze whispered in the air and her nipples tightened.
Those sweet buds called to him and his cock leapt to attention in response. Judging from the tent in Adon's shorts, he felt the same way.
Simon cleared his throat and said, “It’s now or never.”

Adon’s gaze was fixated on the professor’s nipples, his eyes never moved as he responded, “Now.”
Together, they leaned over the professor and sucked her nipples into their hot, hungry mouths.


Warm, wet suction pulled at her nipples sending pulses of pleasure throughout her body. Both nipples were engulfed and she knew she dreamed of them. Only in her dreams of Adon and Simon did she experience the twin pleasures that no one man could produce.
Marlie opened her eyes and gloried in the picture they presented as they laved the tips of her breasts. Their pink tongues rasped wetly around each distended tip before they suckled her in long, hard draws. Their eyes were closed, but each wore a look of ravenous hunger as if they could eat her up, literally.
They knelt on either side of her. Both were dressed in a T-shirt and shorts. Adon’s shirt was loose and bore the logo of a local Jiu-Jitsu academy. It hid the muscular perfection of his body, much to her disappointment. He had on loose cargo shorts and flip-flops. The sun glinted off his hair causing hints of blue fire to flicker in the silky strands.
Simon’s simple black T-shirt was tighter and molded nicely to his broad shoulders, but it hung more loosely at the waist where his stomach and hips narrowed. He too wore cargo style

khaki shorts, but had chosen tennis shoes. She wondered why they had clothes on. They were usually naked in her dreams.
Marlie’s pussy spasmed as pleasure swamped her body. Ripples of desire pulsated through her in tempo with their sucking. With a long, low moan, Marlie reached out and laid her hands on both of their heads while she arched into their mouths. At her touch they both froze.
“No, don’t stop,” she whispered. “Suck me.”

Her nipples popped out of their mouths with a slurp as they raised their heads and gazed at her. The desire and need in their eyes raised goosebumps on her skin.
“Are you sure, Professor?” Simon asked. His voice was husky and deeper than she’d ever heard.
“Be sure,” Adon growled in a voice that was barely intelligible.

“Suck me,” Marlie whispered closing her eyes and exerting gentle pressure on their heads. “I need this.”
Adon and Simon turned back to her nipples with a ferocity unlike any she’d experienced. They sucked and licked, pinched and tugged at her nipples and Marlie writhed under their ministrations.
This was the most vivid, erotic dream she’d ever had of them. Usually, she dreamed of them as tender, sweet lovers who made long, slow love to her. Occasionally, she dreamed of them as being helplessly overcome by her advances. The kind where she was the aggressor and they simply couldn’t resist her. She’d never before had a dream where they were so aggressively erotic and demanding.
She liked it. She felt … needed. No one had ever made her feel this way. She never wanted to wake up.
Marlie’s breasts swelled and her clitoris throbbed as they played. She reveled in the freedom to touch and be touched by them that she found only in her dreams. She wanted them over her, under her, inside her. She wanted them in ways she only allowed herself to indulge in her fantasies.
“More,” she moaned. “I need more. Please.”

Simon tore his mouth away from her breast and moved to rip her bikini bottoms from her while Adon finished removing her top.

Naked and spread out before them like an erotic buffet, Marlie spread her thighs, exposing her glistening pussy. She slowly stroked her inner thighs, framing her pussy and arching as they stared raptly at her mound.
“Touch me,” she crooned.

Neither man spoke as they moved to do her bidding. Adon resumed sucking her nipple while he delved between her legs and thrust two fingers inside her tight, hot channel. He began to fuck her pussy with long, slow deep thrusts. He alternated between thrusting in hard and pulling out only to rotate back in and stroke her internally as if he were beckoning her to come to him.
His fingers were long and touched her in places she’d never been touched before. The sensations he generated reverberated through her body and she burned from them.
Unwilling to be left out, Simon gently traced the contours of her belly as he made his way lazily down to her clitoris. Once there, he stroked the swollen bud in slow, gentle circles. His touch feathered over her heated skin, but she felt heavy and full wherever he touched her.
Marlie was being consumed in a conflagration of pleasure. Her body was inflamed and she panted with need. Her nipples were hard points of pleasure and her pussy dripped with moisture.
She’d never felt so swollen, so needy, so desperate for relief. She felt as if the pleasure invading her body would tear her apart. The sheer eroticism of the scene before her invaded her senses and threatened to tip her over into what promised to be the orgasm of a lifetime.
Unable to help herself, Marlie thrust against their mouths and hands.

“Please,” she begged. “I’ve wanted this so much. I can’t think when you’re near me. All I think about is fucking you. Each of you, both of you together. I want you in my mouth, my pussy even my ass.”
As if her words were a match to gasoline, Adon and Simon became almost savage in their pleasuring of her. Adon sucked and nipped and bit at her nipples while his fingers moved in an almost savage rhythm, fucking her pussy relentlessly. She moaned and thrashed as he plied her body like she was an instrument that only he knew how to play.
Simon tore his mouth away from her nipple and kissed her fiercely. His tongue plundered

her mouth, giving her no option of refusing him. His lips were soft and sweet, but his kiss was all spice and heat. He tasted vaguely of coffee and peppermint, the two flavors were like ambrosia
to her senses.

“Professor,” Simon ended the kiss and growled in a voice grown guttural with lust. “You have no idea how much we’ve wanted to fuck you, but you’ve shut us down at every turn.”
Adon grunted his assent to Simon’s words, but never took his mouth from her nipple. His lips were as swollen and red as her nipple was from his suckling.
“You’re my students,” Marlie gasped. She could barely think for the waves of pleasure thrilling through her veins. If all of her dreams were like this, she’d endeavor to sleep forever.
“I can’t have sex with my students. It wouldn’t be right.”

Simon chuckled low and sexy, “But, Professor, you’re having sex with us now.”

He didn’t give her time to respond, but kissed her again, slow and languorously this time as if he wanted to imprint his flavor on every inch of her mouth.
She smiled at him and nipped at his bottom lip.

“Of course, I am. I can fuck you as much as I want in my dreams.”

“Oh, God,” she groaned deep and low in her throat. “I don’t ever want to wake up.”

She closed her eyes as she spoke and so she missed the startled glance Adon and Simon shared, but she didn’t miss their hesitation.
“Don't stop,” she crooned. “I need you. Please. This is so good.”

Adon and Simon resumed their attentions with a focused intensity that had Marlie at the brink of an orgasm in seconds. She moaned and ground herself against them. The noises she made were inhuman. She barely recognized her own voice.
Simon leaned in close to her ear. His silky locks tickled her face as he nuzzled and gently tongued her earlobe before nipping lightly.
“Professor,” he whispered. “I need you to listen closely.” He paused for moment as if waiting for her to respond. “Professor?”
“Hmmm?” she sighed more intent on their fingers in her folds than on Simon's words. “Understand me now, Professor.”
Simon paused as if to make sure he had her attention and said, “This is no dream. We found you asleep by your pool.”
With those words Simon dived for her pussy and sucked her clitoris into his mouth. His hot, velvet tongue slicked over her swollen bud before he sucked it into his mouth. She had just enough time to comprehend his words before she shattered.

Marlie shrieked her release as wave after wave of fiery pleasure wracked her body. She shuddered and bucked under Simon’s tongue which continued to twirl around her clitoris as if she were an ice cream cone he was afraid would melt if he stopped. Adon was gentler, but no less relentless with his fingers and tongue.
Slowly, so slowly she floated down from the high of ecstasy they’d skyrocketed her to. As if determined to wring every drop of pleasure from her, they continued to gently stroke and lick her until she gave one last shudder. She pulled away from them and curled on her side, tucking her knees up close to her chest and squeezing her eyes shut.
It had been real! It wasn’t a dream! What the hell was she going to do? The things she’d done. The things she’d said. Oh. My. God. She could never look them in the face.
Gentle hands stroked her back and thighs, petting her as if she were a scared kitten. Neither spoke, they just waited.
Finally, when she couldn't stand the silence any longer, Marlie opened her eyes and looked into the intent faces of her own private fantasy made flesh. Hunger burned in their faces. Hunger for her.
Simon held his hand out to her and said, “It’s time to take this inside.”

Adon just gazed at her with those midnight eyes and nodded his agreement.
# Marlie smacked Simon’s hand away.

“Leave. Both of you!” Marlie snarled as she lurched off of the lounge chair and stormed naked into the house.
Adon and Simon followed close on her heels. She tried to slam the door in their faces, but Simon inserted his body between the door and the frame with a grunt. Marlie backed away from the door into her living room stopping only when she bumped into the back of her suede sofa. She crossed her arms over her breasts as if to shield them from their sight.
The room was small and she didn't have anywhere to go to get away from them. The sofa dominated the room which had just the one couch, a small plush area rug she'd purchased from IKEA and an entertainment stand with her television. She should have gone through the kitchen

and up the stairs, at least then she could have locked the bedroom door. As it was, she now had to go past them to get out of the living room.
“Professor. Listen …” Simon began.

“No,” she snapped cutting him off. “No, there is no listening about this. Do you realize what’s happened here? If anyone finds out about this, my career is ruined!”
“Professor, it’s okay. I promise you it will be fine.” Simon stepped closer to her and tried to wrap her in his arms, but she pulled away only to bump into Adon who had flanked her while she ranted at Simon.
Adon gripped her upper arms to steady her and she yanked away from him too. They crowded close, invading her space and sending her senses reeling with their physicality and their scent. She put a hand on each man’s chest not sure if she meant to push them away or reestablish some form of physical conduct.
Simon grabbed her hand and pressed it tight against his chest as if to trap her. Adon gripped her wrist and stepped even closer so that her arm bent and the length of her forearm rested on his flat belly. His breath was harsh and his heart raced under her palm. He stroked the back of her hand with gentle fingers as if to soothe her.
She reeled with the knowledge that she’d just had her mind and pussy blown out in the most erotic and sensual orgasm she’d ever experienced and it had been with them. They’d done it to her and she’d not just encouraged it, she’d demanded it.
She flushed with shame. Shame because she wanted more when she should be throwing them out of her house. Shame because that taste hadn’t been nearly enough to quench her thirst for her students. Shame because now that her appetite had been wet, she doubted she could resist them again.
Marlie clenched her fists in their t-shirts, softly shaking them as she said, “It’s not okay. How can it be? I’m your teacher.”
She looked into Simon’s sapphire eyes. They were earnest and gentle as he gazed back at her. Tears flooded her eyes as she turned and shook Adon again.
“Do you get it? He clearly doesn’t.”

Adon studied her with his midnight eyes. He held her gaze and read her secrets just as she’d known he would. “You want us to fuck you. We want to very much. It’s simple.”

“You’re not listening,” Marlie nearly wailed in frustration. “I’m your teacher. This is unethical,” she bit out the words.
Adon brought his free hand up and stroked her lower lip where she had it clenched between her teeth.
“No. You. Are. Not.”

He mimicked her staccato cadence.

“What?” Marlie’s confusion was stamped on her face.

Simon answered for him, “Class is over, Professor. Grades were due last week. Nothing that happens now can affect those grades and we’ve officially been accepted for graduation. You, Professor," he touched the tip of her nose, "are no longer our teacher.”
“Simon’s right,” Adon said as he turned her face up to his. “Let us have you, Professor,” he leaned in so close his lips brushed hers as he spoke. “That taste only made me hungrier.”
Before she could say anything, he sealed his mouth over hers robbing her of breath and reason. His kiss was gentler than Simon’s. Where Simon plundered, Adon persuaded. He gently licked into her mouth so that his tongue danced with hers. Unable to resist, she sucked gently on it melting into his kiss and pulling him closer with her handful of shirt.
Adon groaned and pressed against her. His cock was hard and tented his shorts. His penis was large and bucked under his soft cotton shorts. She wanted to feel his hardness, but her hand was trapped in his gentle grasp.
Simon was still gripped in her other fist and she pulled him with her as she leaned into Adon. Simon gripped her hips and turned her to face Adon fully. His hands dropped away briefly. She reached back for him only to feel hot, rigid flesh press into the cleft of her buttocks as he flattened his body to hers.
Simon ground himself against her. He groaned as he rocked into her cleft. The hair on his balls and thighs was softer than she’d have imagined and abraded her buttocks leaving her tingling from its touch. She could feel the soft cotton of his shorts along of the back of her
calves. The cool fabric created a focal point of sensation in juxtaposition to the warm steel of his penis where he pressed against her.
She was a symbiosis of want, need and desire at that moment. Her resistance, what little there was left, melted. She’d wanted them for too long. She wasn’t their teacher anymore. There was no longer any reason to deny what she’d craved so badly these long months.

Marlie tore herself away from Adon’s mouth. She was panting with the force of her desire. Her nipples jutted from her body and her nether lips glistened with cream, but she stepped away from them both before turning to face them. They made as if to protest, but she held up a hand in a staying gesture.
“Strip,” she commanded, albeit breathlessly.

They hesitated for the briefest of moments before ripping the clothes from their body and tossing them aside. Within moments they stood before her gloriously nude.
She drank in the site of them. It was so much better than her fantasies, though, she’d been right on the nail about one thing. They had delectable penises. She planned to get them into her mouth very, very soon.
Simon’s body was everything it had promised to be. He was broad shouldered with narrow hips. His chiseled chest was covered in a sprinkling of chest hair that narrowed into a thin line that ended at his genitals. He clearly groomed his pubic hair. It was trimmed close to his body and served to emphasize the length of his penis.
His cock was magnificently erect. He was long and thick and the engorged head dripped in anticipation. She licked her lips at the thought of finally taking all of that velvet flesh in her mouth and down her throat. She moaned softly at the thought and his cock jumped in response.
As she watched, Simon gripped his cock and stroked from base to tip, squeezing the engorged head causing it to weep even more. He said nothing, just stroked himself as he watched

And, Adon ... there were no words. While she was attracted to them both, it was Adon who won the day in her fantasies. He was masculinity concentrated down to its purest form.
His body was lean and so muscled it made her breath catch. He had very little body hair and what there was gave the impression more of a sheen of fuzz rather than true hair. What should have given him a juvenile appearance only enhanced the lines and contours of his body so that he appeared sculpted. His beauty would have him in league with the ancient Greek statuary. His
cock would have put them to shame.

If Simon was magnificent, Adon was glorious in his arousal. His cock was long and broad, very broad with just the slightest up turn at the head. She knew he would stretch her and she wondered what that slight bend would feel like. His erection jutted proudly out of from his body. The veins and ridges were clearly defined so that his penis was a sculpted as the rest of him.

She tore her eyes away from his body and looked into his face. His midnight eyes burned into her. A tiny muscle in his jaw jumped and there were lines of strain around his eyes. She noticed his hands were clenched at his sides and his cock was jumping as she watched. He rocked slightly back and forth on his toes as if he couldn’t decide whether he wanted to move or

At first she didn’t know what to make of it, but then she realized that he was working to hold onto his control. In this moment, Adon needed her. He didn’t just want her, he needed her. The fact that she, a tiny, barely in shape, 34 year old, college professor, could have such a devastating affect on this man, this beautiful, sexy, young man, who surely could have slept with anyone he wanted, was thrilling.
Marlie knelt on the floor between them. She reached for Adon and took him in her hand. His stomach clenched and his knuckles showed white as he struggled with himself. Marlie stroked him gently from base to tip and then squeezed lightly.
He was hot and velvety smooth in her hand. She gloried in the feel of his flesh stroking over her palm. It was like running warm silk over her hands. Adon groaned and thrust his hips in counterpoint to her stroking.
With her other hand she reached up and gripped Simon, squeezing as she did so. He wasn’t as broad as Adon, but he was longer and she delighted in stroking down his rigid length.
She dipped her head and licked the salty tears from his cockhead in a wet swipe. Simon threw his head back and hissed at her touch. He tasted of salt and musk and she savored his taste as she swallowed it down.
She turned to Adon and licked the head of his cock, swirling around the tip like he was an ice cream cone. He growled in the back of his throat and thrust his hips toward her mouth. His cock was almost purple with engorged blood and he swelled under her touch.
Marlie laughed victoriously and grinned with mischievous delight into the faces of her students. Adon and Simon stared at her in confusion, scowls crossing their face.
“Oh, I’m not laughing at you,” she said. “No, never that, but I am going to have so much fun with the two of you.”
Before either man could reply, she engulfed Adon in her mouth swallowing him down until she reached the base of his shaft. All of that practice with her toys was finally getting put to good

use. Adon hollered in surprise and pleasure. His cock felt impossibly wide in her mouth and her lips were stretched to their fullest, but she sucked him down.
His taste flooded her senses. Sunshine and life. That was what he made her think of. She pulled back until he popped out of her mouth. He opened his mouth as if to protest, but stopped when she engulfed him again sucking him harder.
Again and again she repeated this process, doing her best to drive him senseless with pleasure. His hand gripped the back of her head and he thrust urgently into her mouth.
He was quiet making no noise. The only indicator she had of his pleasure was his fist which clenched and unclenched at his side and the rigid clenching of his buttocks and lower back where she stroked him with her free hand. The other was still firmly stroking and squeezing Simon.
Without warning, Adon ripped his cock from her mouth. Marlie was knocked on her butt in surprise. Before she could react, Adon scooped her up like a child and carried her around to the front of the couch where he sat with her in his lap. He fisted her hair and wrenched her mouth to his where he proceeded to claim her lips in a fierce, possessive kiss. With his other hand he reached between her legs and thrust his fingers inside her pussy.
Marlie's body bowed under the onslaught, but she was having none of this. She wanted him in her mouth. She wanted to feel him shudder as she licked and sucked his cock. She wanted to swallow his come and know that Adon was in her blood, not just her body.
She pulled out of his arms, pushed his legs apart and knelt between them. “I’ve wanted to touch you, suck you, for entirely too long. Don’t stop me.”
Adon looked pained, but made no move to touch her. Simon stood just behind Adon still on the other side of the couch. To him she said, “You’re next.”
Simon grinned wickedly at her and replied, “I’m not sure I want to wait.”

Marlie flashed a grin at him before turning her attention back to Adon. She gripped his cock in her hand and proceeded to lick and nibble along his length. He arched into her mouth, rubbing the head along her lips as he strained to push into her mouth.
“Professor,” he growled and gripped her head again. “Professor, please.”

His words were guttural and thick with desire. Her nipples tightened and shivers of pleasure ran through her at the sound. She relented and took him into her mouth … slowly. She sucked the head into her mouth like it was a lollipop only to pull it out with a slurp and lave the swollen head with her tongue before beginning again.

Adon arched into her mouth forcing his cock further down her throat and this time, she swallowed him gladly. His grip on her head tightened and he thrust into her mouth in small, urgent strokes.
She savored his pleasure as her own grew. She was dripping. Her moisture ran down her inner thighs and her breasts were swollen and aching. She wanted more, so much more.
As if in answer to her thoughts, she felt warm hands tugging on her hips urging her upright on her knees.
“Hands and knees, Professor. I can’t wait any longer,” Simon murmured thickly.

Marlie obliged resting her elbows on either side of Adon’s legs and pressing her buttocks back and up. Simon stroked her body, massaging her ass and lower back. He leaned over her pressing kisses to her neck and shoulders while he palmed and squeezed her breasts.
She moaned around Adon’s cock as tendrils of pleasure burned through her. She pressed her ass into Simon’s groin and felt his muscles clench. With his cock in one hand and the other gripping her hips, he rubbed the head of his cock against her opening. Her pussy clenched convulsively in an effort to absorb his penis into her.
She wriggled against him, wordlessly pleading for him to penetrate her. With a wicked chuckle, he smacked her ass and rubbed his cockhead along the length of her slit stopping only when he reached her swollen, protruding clitoris.
He pressed the head of his penis to the tight bud and she burned. Her toes curled and she felt as if she’d been touched by fire on her clit. She shrieked as the pleasure intensified under his stroking. At some point, he’d sheathed himself with a condom and the cool lubricant only increased the friction so that he was slippery and mobile as he rubbed her over and over.
She pulled off of Adon’s cock and began to work him strongly with her hand so she could glare over her shoulder at Simon.
“Stop teasing,” she snapped.

“Why?” He grinned at her discomfort and continued to tease and rub her clitoris. “You’ve teased us for months.”
“I did not,” she retorted indignantly.

“Did so. You don’t think we couldn’t tell how you wanted to fuck us? How you’d fantasize about it right there in class. Tell me, Professor, did you really think that when you didn't wear a bra, yet spent every single moment with hard nipples that you weren’t teasing us?”

He pulled back and touched the head of his cock to her pussy, but went no further.

“Or better yet, did you really think we wouldn’t be able to tell that you weren’t wearing panties under that sundress last week? You might as well have been wearing saran wrap for all it hid with the light shining in.”
He pumped the head, but nothing more, into her as he spoke. She clenched and sucked at his cock with her pussy, but he ignored her efforts. She tried to push back onto his cock, but he held her firmly in place with a strong hand on her buttocks.
She heard his breath hitch as she squeezed him and was satisfied to know that he wasn’t immune. Adon drew her attention back by leaning over and tweaking her nipples as she continued to pump him with her hand. He squeezed the distended tips pulling on them and drawing them out from her body.
It felt like a cord was being stretched from her clitoris through her nipples and she gasped in surprised pleasure. She never felt that before. Adon released her nipples only to re-grip them and do it again. The tension built each time he stretched the tender flesh until if felt as if she might explode from the pressure beating out against her skin.
He leaned over and nipped gently at her ear before whispering, “Suck me, Professor.” Every time he used her title a thrill ran down her spine. It was naughty and erotic and the
satin of his voice tantalized her skin as if he touched her. He leaned back and gripped his cock offering it to her.
She devoured him. Swallowing him down and sucking voraciously on his length. She pumped her head up and down along his length in slow even strokes so that she fucked him with her throat rather than just sucking on him. He groaned and matched her rhythm beat for beat.
It wasn’t enough. Simon still evaded her. She whimpered in frustration as he once again thwarted her efforts to impale herself on him.
“Enough,” Adon snapped. “Fuck her.”

Simon paused as if stunned. Marlie knew she was. She’d never heard Adon sound so forceful.
“Now,” he growled when Simon remained still.

After another brief pause, Simon slammed his full length into Marlie. She screamed as pleasure and pain warred inside her body. He’d gone balls deep and she could feel the silk of his heavy sac as he ground himself into her pussy.

He gave her no time to adjust to his considerable size, but pulled out to the tip and slammed himself home again, punctuating his thrust by grinding against her.
She whimpered and moaned in pleasure as he filled her. She burned where he stretched her and when he bottomed out on her womb, she clenched around him. He never stopped, never hesitated just relentlessly pulled out and plunged savagely back into her grinding hard at the end.
Each powerful thrust wracked her body and shook her jostling Adon’s cock in her mouth. He hissed when her teeth cut a bit too hard. He assumed control of their motion, gripping her head and thrusting in and out of her mouth in rapid, even thrusts.
Marlie gave herself over to their rhythm drowning in the pleasure they generated. Adon’s silk in her mouth, Simon’s steel in her pussy. Pleasure twisted and flowed through her veins overwhelming her senses. Impaled on their cocks, her world narrowed down to the rods of heat invading her. She sucked and licked, clenched and squeezed them as tension stretched tighter and tighter within her.
Her orgasm hovered just out of her reach. She sought it, reached for it, as the tension stole her breath. She clung to Adon, holding on as if he were an anchor in the storm swirling inside of her. She writhed against Simon who grunted and groaned as he fucked her in savage pounding strokes.
The noises of their sex were music in her ears. She lapped them up like candy and cream and never wanted it to end.
Then, just when she thought she couldn’t take even one more second of the torturous bliss they wrought in her body, Simon reached around and pulled hard on both nipples. Pleasure and pain combined in a vortex to so fierce her vision dimmed. She shrieked and writhed on his cock as she rode the waves of sensation wracking her body.
As if her climax were a catalyst, Adon’s body clenched and he pressed deep into her mouth and came with a roar. Hot semen poured down her throat with each pulse of his cock. She swallowed rapidly unwilling to lose even one drop of his come.
Simon, still tugging on her nipples, pounded into her once, twice more before sealing his body to hers with a shout. He groaned over and over as his cock jerked and shuddered in her core before he collapsed over her back.


Adon’s softening cock slipped from her mouth with a wet slurp and she laid her face on his hard thigh while she panted and tried to catch her breath. She felt strangely empty without him inside her.
Simon slipped wetly from her pussy and leaned over her. He hugged her from behind while placing gentle kisses on the places he could reach with his lips. After several long moments, he stood.
“Where’s the bathroom, Professor? I’d like to shower if you don’t mind.”

“Upstairs. Last door on the left. There are towels in the linen closet,” she whispered through her exhaustion.
Marlie climbed up on the couch next to Adon as she spoke. He pulled her in close to his body and she snuggled up next to him.
Simon headed toward the bathroom tossing a careless thanks over his shoulder.

When he was gone, Marlie looked up at Adon only to find him gazing down at her with those deep, black eyes. She shivered at the intensity she saw there. Without any real thought, she cupped his face in her hands and stretched up to place gentle kisses on his eyelids, his cheeks, his forehead and finally his mouth.
She licked into his mouth, exploring its nooks and crannies as if seeking out unknown treasure. His tongue met and danced with hers before she gently sucked on his tongue.
He groaned and pressed her down onto the sofa seating himself between her thighs which she wrapped around his waist. The soft suede of the couch cushions caressed her sensitized skin and cupped her like a lover's hand.
Adon lay on top of her, his cock resting in the cradle of her swollen flesh as he kissed her over and over. He kissed her as if he had all of the time in the world and couldn’t think of anything he wanted to do more than this.
They were lazy, sensual, erotic kisses that curled her toes and flooded her pussy. Marlie couldn’t believe that she was aroused again. She’d already come twice and she was usually a barely once kind of woman, but this was Adon.
She’d dreamed of him. Despaired of him. Needed him and desired him for months. Oh, she’d wanted Simon, desired him, but nothing like Adon. With Adon, it was as if he truly was in her veins now. She wasn’t nearly done.

Adon kissed his way down her body stopping briefly to gently lave and suckle each nipple. They were red and swollen from their earlier sex and so sensitive that just the brush of his warm breath had them pebbled and tight. She arched into his mouth, welcoming the velvet of his tongue and the hot suck of his lips.
“Adon,” she moaned his name in long syllables. “Adon, please.”

He gave no indication that he heard her. He continued to blaze a trail of kisses down her body until he reached her pussy. He gazed at her moist heat as if he could eat her alive. His face was taut with desire and his eyes burned. His gaze flicked up to hers and the plea she’d been about to make faltered at the naked hunger she saw there.
“I want you, Professor. Again. I’m not ready to stop.”

Her breath caught in her throat, but she managed to rasp out, “Marlie. Call me Marlie.” “Marlie,” he growled. He never looked away from her eyes. He just waited.
She reached out and touched his full, lower lip with her finger. He nipped it hard, startling her so that she yelped slightly. She laughed breathlessly and, unable to find her voice, simply nodded.
Adon pushed into a sitting position and reached for his shorts that had been carelessly flung over the top of the sofa. He extracted a condom from his wallet and sheathed himself with quick efficient movements.
“Come here,” he grabbed her hand and pulled her astride his lap. “Sit on me,” he growled.
Marlie gripped his cock and guided him into her body. She slowly took him in drawing out the movement so that she advanced in slow inches down his pulsing erection.
Adon squeezed his eyes tight and moaned as she engulfed him. Once he was fully seated he gripped her hips and ground into her so that the base of his cock rubbed the tip of her protruding clitoris.
Marlie gasped and arched thrusting her swollen breasts into the air. Her nipples were hard points and Adon sucked one then the other into the wet heat of his mouth.
Marlie moaned and writhed against him. He held her tightly against him, grinding into her rather than thrusting. She hugged his head to her breast, pushing her nipples into his mouth demanding he suckle them.

He wrung drop after luscious drop of ecstasy from her body. His velvet tongue laved her nipples and his glorious erection filled her and stretched her as no man had ever done before. This was bliss and she never wanted it to end.
“Ride me,” Adon demanded. He leaned back and guided her up and down on his cock. After the first few thrusts, he dropped his hands so that they just rested on her hips and watched as his flesh penetrated her pink, swollen pussy.
She watched too marveling at the sight of her body swallowing him so completely. His shaft glistened with her moisture and pulsed as she rode him. Marlie gave herself over to the ride. She ground against him, circling her hips and squeezing him as ecstasy shot through her.
“Look at me,” he said and her eyes snapped open at the urgency in his tone. “I want to see your eyes the whole time.”
Marlie gazed into the black depths of his eyes, fearful of what he might read there. His eyes burned with desire and something tender that she wasn’t sure she understood.
He began to thrust more urgently into her pussy. He gripped her hips and guided her into a pounding rhythm as he bucked under her.
“Finger your pussy,” he ordered and she complied. She rubbed and flicked her clitoris as Adon pounded into her pussy over and over. With each thrust, he ground into her swollen flesh and she could feel his balls rubbing against her ass.
Arcs of fire flooded her body as her orgasm built. Unbelievably, she was going to come again. Adon growled uninhibitedly underneath her now that they were alone and she loved the sounds he made. She sucked them into her body as if she could hold them there.
Marlie reached out and tugged on the flat discs of Adon’s nipples as he'd done to her before. His eyes flared wide and he gripped her hips, pounding, pounding into her before pressing himself deep and holding. He shouted her name as he came in shuddering bursts deep inside her pussy.
The sound of her name on his lips broke her. She bucked and shuddered on his lap, grinding down on his cock and groin. Squeezing and sucking his cock with her pussy. The ecstasy overwhelmed her, knocking her senses reeling and she floated on wave after wave of pleasure.
“I love you, Adon,” she cried. “I love you.”

Tears spilled down her cheeks as she slowly came back to herself in his arms. She tucked her head into his shoulder and wept. He hugged her close stroking her back in gentle circles.

She was mortified by her words. What the hell was she thinking? He was 10 years younger than her. This was probably nothing more than a quickie with the teacher for him, but she did love him. She just hadn’t wanted to admit it.
This was exactly why she had avoided them both. Yes, Simon was attractive and fun, but she was pretty sure this had been for him the same as for her … a one time deal. But with Adon, once wasn’t nearly enough.
“Shhh,” he soothed. “Don’t cry. Look at me.”

Marlie shook her head against his shoulder and wept harder.

“Look at me,” he urged more forcefully. Marlie buried her face deeper in his shoulder. “Marlie … I said look at me,” his voice was firm and brooked no defiance.
She was shocked at Adon’s forcefulness, it was so unexpected. She raised her head and looked at him. He leaned in kissed away her tears sipping up the moisture as if it were precious.
When all of her tears had been tasted, he brought her chin up so that she gazed directly into his eyes and said with a gentle smile, “I love you too.”
“This will never work,” she said forlornly. “Yes, it will. We’re going to make it work.” “What about Simon?”
“Don’t worry about me,” Simon’s voice rang out behind her. Startled, she turned and saw him leaning against the door frame. His hard body was wrapped in one of her navy bath towels.
“I enjoy you, Professor, and Adon was nice enough to share after the way you tortured us all semester, but he has it bad. Me, I just wanted a taste to satisfy my curiosity? Know what I
mean?” He shrugged and grinned impishly at her.

She couldn’t help but grin back. “Yes, Simon, I know what you mean.”

She turned back to Adon, her grin fading. “Are you sure about this? It won’t be easy.” “Nothing worth having ever is and you, Marlie, are definitely worth having.”
She gazed into his eyes looking for some sign that he was joking or playing with her, but all she saw was love and desire. Her heart swelled with joy as she hugged him tight.
“So are you, Adon. So are you,” and she laughed her joy out loud.



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