Hope For Valentine's Day by Jillian Jones

James loaded the last of his groceries on to the conveyer as Hope grabbed his bags, sending him a broader smile than usual.

Mysterious, dark brown eyes, long dark brown hair, sitting high in a ponytail, swinging behind her, as she moved. She was beautiful.
Hope For Valentine's Day
Hope For Valentine's Day by Jillian Jones
‘Hey blue eyes. I've never seen you in a tank top. It looks good, you should wear them more often.’ She smiled making his breath catch, as she scanned his items through the checkout. 'How’s your morning going?' Blue eyes! She’d never said that before, or commented on what he was wearing. Ever since she'd asked his name, a good six months back, she always called him James. He sucked in a breath to calm his mind. ‘Great so far and, I’m meeting Ben to go surfing after I offload this. It’s a lovely day,’ he replied, ignoring the blue eyes and tank top comments. ‘Ben's here again, already? The month goes by quickly.' She laughed. James had mentioned, months ago, that his best mate, Ben, drove down from Brisbane the last Friday of every month to spend the day surfing with James. It always amazed James how much Hope listened. He nodded. ‘That’s a beautiful rose quartz.’ He indicated at her necklace. His eyes had been drawn to the intricate design, several times, as he’d loaded his groceries on the conveyor. Heart shaped, it was encased in silver metal swirls that depicted leaves and a heart. ‘Thanks, well spotted.’ Her fingers made their way to the stone. Her nails were nicely manicured but natural, no false nails, no color. And, he'd noticed months ago she never wore rings. She glanced up and smiled again. A genuine, heart-melting smile. ‘It was a gift from my friend for my thirty-second birthday, two weeks ago,’ she paused. ‘It’s to help me find love, but you probably know the properties of rose quartz, since you recognized it.’ She returned to scanning and packing. He recalled the day she mentioned it was her birthday; she didn’t say how old she was. He’d slapped fifty bucks on her counter, before he left, telling her to buy herself a bunch of flowers at the florist shop, when she finished her shift. He would've gone and bought some for her, only he wasn't sure where she'd put them. Then, last week, she pulled out her phone and showed him a picture of the flowers she’d purchased. He lost count of the number of times she said thank you. Her gratitude was refreshing. For the past two months, he’d contemplated asking her on a date but, for some inexplicable reason, couldn’t bring himself to do it. He’d assumed she was too young, thinking she was ten years younger than she’d just admitted. That made him only three years older than her. Still, he hesitated. The opportunity was there. Why wasn’t he taking it? ‘I know a bit about crystals and how they work. I’ve just had a crystal energy facilitator in, to clear and reprogram my business and home.’ ‘Wow, that’s amazing.’ She looked up, slowing her pace, her eyes wide. ‘I’d love to hear more about that.’ ‘Okay,’ he stalled, gathering his thoughts, not sure if she meant it or was just making small talk. He sucked in a deep breath. ‘What are you doing after work? Maybe I could take you to dinner.’ ‘Umm, I’m off to a movie tonight.’ Her shoulders dropped and the spark left her smile. Disappointed? ‘No problem, perhaps another time?' He left enough time for her to reply, hoping she'd suggest a day that suited her, but she didn't. She nodded. Not interested. That's why he hadn't asked her on a date - rejection. 'What are you seeing?’ ‘I’m not sure...’ A heavy sigh escaped her lips. ‘It’s a date and he said he’d surprise me. He’s buying the tickets.’ And, despite having slowed down, she’d just bagged the last item. She finished by telling him the total owing. ‘Sounds like fun. I hope you enjoy it.’ He wasn’t sure if his attempt at light-hearted was effective as he removed his credit card from his wallet. Glancing up, her rose quartz necklace caught his attention, again. He pulled his gaze away as he tapped his credit card and keyed in his pin. ‘Thanks, well, you enjoy your surfing, James,’ she beamed and handed him his receipt before turning to greet the next customer with a smile and a cheery hello. Her smile and the way she said his name lingered in his thoughts as he walked home, across the car park. He always enjoyed his interaction with the woman called Hope. He suspected many other customers felt the same. A week later James was back at Hope’s register loading up his groceries. ‘Hi, so...how was it?’ He glanced up to catch her beaming smile. ‘Hello James! How was what?’ She collected his bags, moving them to one side, setting up ready to scan and pack. ‘The movie? Last Friday night.’ James stopped to watch her response. ‘Oh, that! Unexpected,’ she pursed her lips. ‘Prior to our date I’d spoken to him and told him my movie preference, and that I wasn’t into violence and horror. Those types of movies give me nightmares, you see.’ James nodded as she took a deep breath and her beautiful brown eyes widened. ‘I'm not sure if he deliberately ignored me, or if he just didn't listen, but we ended up in a horror movie.’ She blinked. ‘When I protested, he told me to suck it up, because he'd already paid for it, and it was the only movie he was prepared to see. However, he kindly suggested I bury my face in his chest if I got scared.’ She raised one eyebrow at James, making him laugh. ‘I know, right? I walked out and left him to it.’ A deadpan look on her face, she continued scanning and packing, James laughed even more, warmth spreading through his body. 'So, what are your plans for the rest of the day?' She asked, working quickly. 'I might catch a few waves.' 'You surf? You could’ve fooled me. Here I was, thinking you were a highly stressed corporate type that never sets foot on the beach,' she chuckled. 'I guess the sun-bleached blonde hair, Billabong board shorts and tank top showing off your tan and muscly shoulders should've been a dead give away,' she teased, glancing up only fleetingly, as she continued scanning and packing his groceries. 'But I hadn’t pegged you as the beach bum, surfing type.’ She looked up and flashed a heart-stopping smile as she swung a bag, filled with groceries, on to the parcel rack at the end of the checkout counter. He smiled. She often made him laugh with her cute banter each week, but she wasn’t usually this playful. ‘I thought you said last week I should wear tank tops more often but I'll be sure and wear my suit next week, just so you’re not so confused.’ He grinned. ‘Isn’t it a bit too warm for a wetsuit this time of year?’ she winked. ‘Touché.’ James laughed. ‘Where are you surfing?’ The smile hadn’t shifted from her pretty face. ‘Well, the board room table was looking a bit flat and dull today, so I think I’ll hang out at the beach access, across from here, instead." He chuckled when she laughed. Then, she told him the total amount he owed. ‘I could take you to see the movie, if you’d like?’ He tapped his card. She stared at him. ‘That’s nice of you to offer but...’ She waved her hand. ‘I’ve already bought tickets to see it with my friends this weekend.’ She smiled, handing him his receipt. The warm sensation in his body turned to heaviness. Another rejection. ‘Great, well, enjoy.’ Hope, sipping from her water bottle nodded a thank you, before greeting her next customer. James wandered towards home contemplating what it would take to get a date with her. Eight hours later he sat in his restaurant, soaking in the soft colors of sunset over the calm ocean. He'd strategically established the restaurant when he bought the building, seven years ago, so he had somewhere to eat, when he didn’t want to cook. Offering a tapas menu in addition to an a la carte option, it was considered one of the best in fine dining on the coast. He had nothing to do with the running of it - he'd hired a manager who had secured the award-winning chef. James’ offices were located on the fifth floor of the same building, and he lived in the four bedroom penthouse that occupied the top two floors, complete with roof top pool, and wrap around balconies, providing spectacular water and hinterland views. He was a homebody; the jet set lifestyle that followed wealth, hadn’t enticed him for long. Across the table sat his dining companion, Lauren Thomas. Lauren, and her younger brother Ben were like a brother and sister to James. He and Ben had been best mates since early primary school. They'd both found success in their endeavors, Ben had pursued Olympic skiing and then once he retired, followed James into property investment. James had collected Lauren, and her husband of ten years, from the Gold Coast airport. They’d just arrived from Sydney. Keen for a catch up, James invited them to dinner. Lauren’s husband, Nathan, had to deal with a last minute work situation and insisted Lauren and James go ahead and he’d join them later. Ben would be arriving the following day, in time to celebrate their parents’ fortieth wedding anniversary. Lauren had just finished sharing her thoughts on the secret to a happy, healthy relationship. James had listened intently, he’d all but given up on finding a woman worth marrying but figured, if the right woman did turn up, he wanted to be ready to make a relationship work. ‘You know it’s Valentine’s Day next Saturday?’ Lauren asked, taking a sip of wine, eyeing him over the rim of her glass. ‘And?’ ‘We’re taking the yacht out since we’re all home and there’s a friend of mine I’d like you to meet. How about I invite her as your date?’ ‘No, thanks! You’re as bad as Ben and Gemma, setting me up with your career obsessed friends.’ ‘I’m only suggesting her because last time we spoke you said you’re over dating superficial women who don’t want to commit. She’s not superficial and up until now she's been career focused but she's keen to settle down...so? Have you changed your mind? Do you want to stick with your non-commitment types?’ ‘No. I want someone who's willing to commit. But, why is it the women I date are so self-absorbed? They're either flaunting their looks to entice me to spend a shit load of money on them, or they're so focused on their career they can't talk about anything else. Is it possible to find a woman that might consider someone other then themselves? ‘Cause I’m not sure.’ In that moment, he glanced up and noticed Hope, walking towards him. ‘Hi James!’ She beamed her gorgeous smile, making his pulse race. ‘Hope! What a surprise.’ He sucked in some air as he stood to greet her. She reached up and kissed his cheek. Her lips, warm and soft, sent a wave of heat through his body. She looked stunning. In high heels, she stood at shoulder height against his six-foot frame. Her figure hugging wrap dress highlighting all her sexy curves, beautifully. Her uniform didn’t do her justice. And, she was wearing her rose-quartz necklace. ‘You look incredible. Such a change seeing you out of uniform.’ ‘Thanks,’ she smiled then glanced down at Lauren. ‘I’m Hope. James has been visiting my checkout every Friday morning, at Coles, for the past eighteen months or so.’ She smiled. ‘Jeez, has it really been that long?’ He shook his head. He’d started deliberately choosing her checkout counter, some time ago, after he noticed how well she packed his groceries and she was always cheerful, then he started looking forward to chatting with her and, after some weeks, he noticed her eyes and her smile. But, he hadn’t realized just how long it’d been, how long he’d looked forward to Fridays, so he could see Hope. ‘I’m Lauren.’ Her gaze sweeping over Hope as she extended her hand. Hope offered hers, for a quick handshake. ‘I’m sitting over there.’ Hope turned and pointed to a table. Lauren glanced briefly in James’ direction, a curious smile on her face, before her attention returned to Hope. ‘I was just on my way from the bathroom when I noticed James and thought I’d say hello.’ James’ eyes landed on the male, sitting at Hope’s table, his stomach hardened. ‘Is that your boyfriend?’ Lauren asked, straight to the point, as usual. ‘He’s my date for the night.’ Hope rolled her eyes. ‘Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate his generosity in bringing me here. This place, and the food, it's amazing, I’d never be able to eat here otherwise, it’s outside of my budget,’ Her eyes widened. ‘Don't worry he can afford it.’ James growled. He didn't dare glance at Lauren. ‘You know him?’ Hope asked. James nodded, looking into her surprised eyes. ‘He's part of a networking group I’m involved with.’ ‘Well, anyway,’ She bit her full, juicy bottom lip. James had to look away, taking a breath to settle himself, as she continued. ‘When he's not looking at his phone, all he talks about is his new gaming console. I don't know anything about video games.’ ‘You poor thing would you like to join us?’ Lauren asked, indicating at the vacant place beside James. 'Sure, why not?' James added. 'We can easily add another chair to the end of the table if you and John would like to join us.' A look of delight crossed Hope’s face. ‘It's nice of you to offer, but…’ She pressed her lips together, dropping her head and shoulders, shifting on her heels. ‘We've finished our meals and he wants to leave. I’d better do the right thing and go with him.’ She bent down, collecting something from the floor near James’ feet, flashing her ample bust at him. His heart fluttered, his loins stirring, rendering him inarticulate. When she stood she was holding something in her fingertips her eyes glimmering. She placed it on the table in front of him. A highly polished, heart shaped rose-quartz. ‘Is this yours?’ Her gaze on James. 'Thanks.' He’d never seen the stone before but a rejuvenating adrenaline rush through his body indicated how thrilled he was that Hope thought it was his. She turned to Lauren. ‘I’m hoping he’ll take me dancing, so we don’t have to talk much.’ She let out a half-hearted laugh. ‘Enjoy your dinner.’ And she sashayed away. James’ breath hitched and he inadvertently sighed, then glanced at Lauren. Her eyes filled with questions, as he lowered himself to his seat. He blew a long, loud breath from his mouth. ‘He won't take her dancing. He'll be in test mode. He must really like Hope to even be out tonight. She'll probably realize soon, he’s loaded, worth more than I am, and she’s hearing all about the next generation gaming system yet to be released on the market.’ His heart was heavy, frowning at Lauren, not hiding his displeasure. ‘Where do I start?’ Lauren blinked, watching as Hope turned to wave at them before leaving the restaurant. Her date still not taking his eyes off his iPhone. 'He didn't pay,' she blurted. 'I let him dine for free.' James shrugged, taking a sip of wine, bracing himself for Lauren’s questions. 'John is part of an entrepreneurs on the coast group with me, we hang out and share info and whatever.' ‘You never cease to astound me, Jamie boy. You’d have to be the only person I know, with a net worth in the hundreds of millions, that does their own grocery shopping.’ She raised one eyebrow at him. ‘You do know you can order on-line or pay someone to do it for you, don’t you?’ ‘I’m not above doing my own shopping and cooking. It keeps me grounded,' he sniffed. 'Maybe John does his own grocery shopping at Coles as well. I don't know how else he'd know Hope.' ‘So, Hope, hey?’ Lauren snorted, smirking. 'Ben said he had a sneaking suspicion you were seeing someone on the sly.' She roared with laughter. 'Except,' she uttered breathless between fits of giggles. 'He thought it was someone famous and you were keeping it secret to avoid public scrutiny.' James waited until she stopped her laughing fit. 'Ha, ha. You think you're so funny, And, yeah. I admit, Hope has caught my interest.’ Running his hands through his hair, he waited for Lauren to chastise him for wanting to date a checkout chick. ‘She’s certainly interested in you.’ Lauren wiped tears from her face, grinning broadly. ‘Do you think so?’ His heart lifted. ‘I know so. But, I’m a bit confused.’ Tapping the white tablecloth with her purple fingernails. ‘She’s not your usual tall, thin, blonde type.’ ‘What? I don't only date tall, thin, blondes.' 'Yes you do.' 'Well, maybe it's time I changed my type because hell she's sexy and so considerate and easy to talk too, but she wasn't interested in a date when I offered.' Lauren’s face lit up with a big smile. ‘You should invite Hope for Valentine’s Day.’ ‘Let’s see how her date with John goes.’ An empty sensation in his gut. James’ heart rate increased when he saw Hope on the register the following Friday. He knew she’d be taking a week off for study reasons, some time soon, because she’d mentioned it, a month ago. ‘Did the night get any better last Friday?’ he asked, hoping it hadn’t. ‘No, I’m afraid not,’ she groaned. ‘He took me back to his place and played games on his big screen TV while I watched.’ She blinked. ‘I finally dozed off around midnight and woke at three to find him passed out beside me with the game controller still in his hand. So I left.’ She laughed. James smirked. ‘I’m sure he’ll make someone very happy, someday.’ Hope sent him that heart-stopping smile of hers, but as quickly as it appeared, it was gone again. ‘So...’ she hesitated. ‘Your girlfriend is lovely. Did you have a nice evening?’ ‘Umm,’ he narrowed his eyes at her, shaking his head, searching his mind. ‘I don’t have a...’ Then it dawned on him. ‘Oh! No, Lauren is just a friend, actually more like a sister and she's been happily married for ten years. Actually, you missed meeting her husband by about five minutes.’ He chuckled. The look of relief on Hope’s face made his heart thump hard against his chest. Lauren was right. She’s interested. ‘So, what are you up to tonight?’ He asked. ‘I have another date.’ She didn’t stop scanning and packing to look up. If she had she’d have noticed the disappointment flicker across his face as his heart dropped to his feet. 'With John?' 'No.' she laughed. 'With someone else...It looks like you’re having a party with all your purchases today?’ She changed the subject, why? ‘I’m doing a sunset boat cruise with some friends tomorrow. Lauren will be there and Ben.’ The previous day, when he, Ben and Lauren were discussing food options for the cruise, Lauren had written up a shopping list, suggesting James visit Hope, and while he was there, ask Hope to join them. ‘Umm, I was thinking...’ he glanced at his hands, plucking up the nerve to ask her to join him, but when he looked up, her gaze met his and it penetrated his soul. Words failed him. He wanted to reach across the counter and kiss her. Hope stared, her eyes flicking between his lips and his eyes, waiting for him to finish the sentence, but he didn’t. She eventually took a deep breath, interrupting the moment by telling him how much he owed. He quietly tapped his credit card to pay. ‘Have fun,’ she smiled as she handed him the receipt but it lacked her usual enthusiasm. ‘Thanks...you too.’ He absently took the receipt from her fingers and before he knew it she was serving her next customer. He stormed across the car park. Does it matter how many dates she’s been on? Why didn’t I ask her to come with us? He couldn’t find an easy answer, other than he didn't want her to reject him, again. He shifted his mind to work, the problems around that topic weren’t so confronting or challenging. Later that afternoon, James realized he’d missed an item off Lauren’s shopping list – Doritos for Ben. It was 6pm. He had a table booked at the restaurant for dinner at 7pm with Ben and Lauren and their respective partners, Gemma and Nathan. Just enough time to head back to the supermarket. He arrived to find Hope sitting on a bench outside the shopping complex. ‘That’s a different look.’ Her voluptuous breasts caught his attention, threatening to tumble out of her black and red corset top, at the slightest move. ‘Are the whip and handcuffs in your bag,’ he chuckled, realizing it was a costume. ‘Pardon?’ She stared at him for a second then her eyes dropped. Assuming his comment had been drowned by a passing car, he spoke louder, ‘you’re going to a fancy dress party, right? Dressed as a dominatrix?’ Guessing what or who someone was meant to be, in their fancy dress get-up, could be tricky at times but, he was quietly confident he'd picked it, correctly. She looked up at him through black-rimmed eyes and false eyelashes, her face and neck as red as the color painted on her lush, full lips. Uh oh. Wrong guess. James cringed. ‘I’m waiting for my date. He’s taking me to dinner.’ She pulled on the edge of her very short, tight black skirt, which was clinging for dear life, snuggly around her thighs, themselves covered by black fishnet leggings. The skirt didn’t move with her efforts. What the fuck? ‘Your hair looks nice.’ He couldn’t think of anything else to say. It did look nice. Half up, half down, held off her face in a braid, it was soft and beautiful, a style more suited to a flowing, flimsy romantic dress. She sighed, retrieving her phone from her handbag, she proceeded to stare at it. Avoiding him. He couldn’t help noticing the finishing touches of patent, black, knee high boots, with stiletto heels. ‘Have a nice night.’ James walked inside not waiting for her reply. He didn’t want to make her more uncomfortable than she already was. But, he made a mental agreement that if she was still there when he came back out, he’d ask her to cancel her date and come out with him instead. Of course he might suggest a change of outfit first. It was a bit risqué for a dinner date. Hope had gone by the time James returned, and he found himself thinking of her, and wondering about her date, as he walked towards home through the car park. Then he noticed her, sobbing, leaning up against an old VW beetle, her forehead on her arms, which were resting above the rear passenger door window. ‘Hope?’ James moved closer. She let out a cry of fright, turning. ‘Oh, it’s you.’ Taking a deep breath, she wiped tears from her face. ‘Sorry for scaring you.’ James stepped back to give her some space. ‘Are you okay?’ ‘Yes, yes I’m fine,’ she smiled, her eyes still full of tears. ‘I’ve just been stood up but I’m okay. I’m just waiting for my friends, they’ve just slipped in to the bottle shop.’ She quickly opened the door of the car and stepped inside, looking decidedly awkward in her outfit. She pulled on the door, but James grabbed it, stopping it from closing. ‘Can I join you?’ She pursed her lips. ‘I guess.’ She slid along the seat to make room for him. As James moved into the back seat he noticed a box of tissues on the floor and handed one to her. ‘Thanks,’ she mumbled, pulling a water bottle from her bag and taking a sip, apologizing for her outfit as she tugged on her skirt. ‘Is there anything I can do to make you feel better? Take you to dinner, maybe?’ His tone gentle as Hope placed the water bottle back in her bag. She looked vulnerable, despite the outfit, his heart rate slowed. He figured he could look beyond the clothes and moved his hand, rubbing her arm in a comforting manner. Hope stared at him, a lusty look filling her eyes. She’d misinterpreted his gesture. Before he could move, she leaned in, pressing her lips to his, kissing him. His brain scrambled with the buzz that shot through his body. Against his better judgment – he couldn’t resist – he kissed her back. Reluctantly pulling away, he gazed into her dark, mesmerizing eyes, chaotic thoughts racing through his mind. ‘Have sex with me?’ she whispered on his lips, running her hand up his leg and feeling around his groin. He was hard with no way of hiding it. ‘What...?’ ‘Now...?’ ‘Here?’ His vision blurred, his thoughts jumbled – caught between the need to touch and explore her, and his moral compass – the situation didn’t equate to a healthy, committed relationship. ‘No. I can’t do this,’ he spluttered, moving out of her reach. Hope wasn’t the type of woman he’d thought she was. He opened the car door. ‘No, no stop! Please stay?’ James froze. Glancing around, her overflowing breasts caught his eye, rendering him breathless as shivers ran down his spine. Closing the door, he kept his distance. ‘I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean for that to happen,’ she murmured, sucking in a breath and letting out an audible sigh as she turned to him. ‘It’s been four years since I’ve had sex.’ ‘And?’ He was listening, with a pounding heart. Her explanation better be good. ‘That was when I was unceremoniously dumped by my boyfriend. We’d been living together for two years when he ran off overseas with a work colleague. Leaving me forty thousand dollars in debt. We'd purchased furniture and things to set up our rented apartment. I subsequently couldn’t afford the apartment on my own, so sold what I could, and moved in with a friend. I had no way of contacting him. His friends and family refused to speak to me.’ She slumped back in the seat. What a bastard. His heart went out to her. ‘I’ve been working as many shifts as I can, at Coles, as well as full-time hours, from home, for a transcription service until all hours of the morning just to pay it off. I’m almost there, and this year, as you know, I started studying accounting. I want a better life and work opportunities.’ She closed her eyes momentarily. He nodded. That was an impressive effort on such a low income. ‘It’s taken me a long time to move on. My friends had the crazy idea that I should have a one-night stand, assuming that would kick start my interest in dating, and from there I'd eventually find someone to love again.’ She rolled her eyes and gazed at him before looking down at her hands, resting in her lap, twisting the tissue she was still holding. ‘So, on my birthday, I made an agreement with them. That I’d make a concerted effort to find a man and have sex by Valentine’s Day.’ She glanced up through her raccoon eyes. ‘My friends were only trying to help, they organized those dates I’ve told you about,' a sense of resignation in her voice. ‘Were you just feeling sorry for me when you asked me out?' 'What? No.' He frowned. 'Why else would a nice, good-looking man like you, ask someone like me, on a date? I mean, look at me! I'm short, fat and ugly and you're the hottest man I've ever seen. You probably have heaps of women after you. Are you a model?' He shook his head. 'I'm flattered, but you need to stop underestimating yourself. You're beautiful. I'm incredibly attracted to you. Your smile makes my day, my week even. And, underneath there's substance, you've got guts and you're smart.' He narrowed his eyes at her, nodding, wanting her to acknowledge what he was saying. She smiled. 'I wanted to say yes when you asked me out.’ She hesitated, putting her tissue in her handbag, stopping James when he went to speak. ‘But, I'm hopeless when it comes to men and I didn’t want you to end up being a disastrous date or a one-night stand,' she pursed her lips, glancing at him. 'I look forward to seeing your sparkling blue eyes and that wicked smile of yours, every Friday morning. It’s a highlight of my week. I don’t want that to end.' Looking down, brushing her hands along her fishnet covered legs. ‘Anyway, with it being Valentine’s Day tomorrow my date tonight was my last opportunity. I thought maybe dressing like a sex goddess...’ she waved her hands up and down indicating at her outfit. James blinked. Sex goddess! Got it. He had to admit the look, on Hope, was growing on him. He wanted to hug her, tell her how amazing she was, and reassure her everything would work out. ‘...I wasn’t expecting to be stood up but, at the same time, I wasn’t too enthusiastic about having meaningless sex with a random guy,’ she laughed. ‘I’m sorry for making a pass at you. If the offer of dinner still stands, I’d like to say yes, please.’ ‘Of course, come on.’ James opened the door, stepped out and offered her his hand to help her out. Even the outfit didn’t matter anymore. ‘And you’re welcome to join us on the cruise tomorrow, if you’re free.’ ‘That sounds nice.’ Hope smiled.


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