If You Were The Only Girl In The World by Mario V. Farina

Bill and Betsy had been Mr. and Mrs. Russell for less than an hour. They were in the sitting room of the Hotel Milton waiting for the reception to begin. There was not a single other person to be seen. She had her head on his shoulder and they were holding hands.
If You Were The Only Girl In The World
If You Were The Only Girl In The World by Mario V. Farina
"While you were at that stag thing last night, I was listening to some old-time songs on Youtube," she said. "How did it go last night." "It was OK." "That was nice. You were the Guest Of Honor?" "Yes, I guess one could say so." "What do they do at a stag party?" "They sing songs, tell jokes, kid around, eat a lot." "Sounds like you had fun. I'm glad of that!" "Me too. What kind of music were you listening to?" "Romantic. I particularly enjoyed Perry Como." "Perry Como? I don't think I ever heard of him." "I hadn't either. I was just browsing when I discovered him. He sang a song that I particularly liked." "What was that?" "The song was 'If You Were The Only girl In the World.' I looked it up. It was written by Nat Ayar and the lyrics were by Clifford Grey. It was first published in 1916." "Wow, a whole century ago!" "I memorized a few lines. Would you like to hear?" "Of course, darling!" "'If you were the only girl in the world, and I was the only boy, nothing else would matter in the world today!' Of course, if the song was being sung by a girl, it would begin with 'the only boy in the world.'" "That is so meaningful, for us today. It seems as if the song had been written for you and me!" "That's the way I feel," said Betsy. "The way I love you today, nothing else matters. It would be all right with me if you and I were the only ones in the world." "I feel the same, dearest," he responded. "Did you memorize more?" "Yes sweetheart, the song also says, 'a garden of roses just made for two, with nothing to mar our joy.' Actually, the song says Eden, not roses, but I saw there is a garden of roses outside of the hotel. I hope Mr. Grey won't mind. " "That's very pretty," he said. "And in addition?" "'I would say such wonderful things to you. There would be such wonderful things to do.'" "I love those words," Bill said. "I wouldn't have any trouble saying wonderful things to you! But what if those wonderful things required people?" "We could still do them, silly!" "What if we went to a restaurant, and there was no server?" "We would go into the kitchen, and I would make a marvelous meal for you!" "And who would take care of the dishes?" "I'd wash and you'd dry!" "And what if we were driving on our honeymoon, and ran out of gas?" "We would walk!" "You're right, dear one, we would have no trouble being the only two people in the world." "Of course, and we wouldn't be the first only boy and girl in the world!" "Thanks for reminding me! What else does the song say?" "'There would be such wonderful things to do!'" "Like what?" "Like taking a walk through the rose garden! Would you like to do that now?" "Yes, but first, one thing." "What would that be?" He put his arms around her and kissed her on the lips. "That!" he said. "Now let's take that walk!"


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