Kiss and Tell (Kiss & Tell) by Cherie Noel

Kiss and Tell

Cherie Noel

Kevin loathed working the ER. There was always some rancid shit going down. Drunk drivers causing accidents would roll in with minor lacerations while whatever bright kid full of potential they‟d hit would arrive as a DOA. Case after case of domestic abuse, junkies overdosing…it just sucked.
Kiss and Tell (Kiss & Tell)
Kiss and Tell (Kiss & Tell) by Cherie Noel

He pulled a pair of blood spattered gloves off, tossed them in the bio-hazard bin and then scrubbed his hands before moving on to the next room. The triage notes listed it as a possible/probable  domestic  abuse  situation…the  guy  had  frequent  flyer  miles  in  the  ER evidently. The guy was probably some hapless little twink with a big bruiser of a boyfriend. Just fucking great. Kevin took a deep breath and dredged up his best professional smile as he walked into the room. A big, dark haired guy was sitting on the exam table holding a cold pack to one eye, blood running from an obviously broken nose. He was no hapless twink. He flinched back from his small, angry companion just as Kevin entered.

Huh. That was weird. The other guy was shorter, but he was stocky, and the muscles of his upper body were thick and powerful looking. The patient‟s gaze flashed up to where Kevin was. The one eye Kevin could see was softly brown, like a fawn‟s. The smaller guy swung around, a patently false smile plastered on his face, his mouth already opening to spew a line of

bullshit. They always had a line of bullshit down here, covering their own asses, their partner‟s asses…it was always something.

Kevin was so never going to pick up another shift down here, no matter how much Brian, Mike or Chevonne begged. Screw that. There was a reason he‟d transferred up to the ortho-neuro floor. So he wouldn‟t have to deal with shit like this. It looked like the little guy was pissed at his partner for getting in some kind of bar-room dustup that had curtailed their evening of carousing. Kevin wondered if the other guy had ended up at a different ER, of if he was next on the list of patients. Mentally rolling his eyes, Kevin glanced back at the triage nurse‟s notes.


This big guy had been here seventeen times in the last fourteen months. What the fuck? Was the guy a boxer or something? Kevin glanced up, his mouth open to ask just what the guy did for a living and caught the bigger man flinching back from a gesture the shorter guy was making. Oh. Damn. That put a different spin on things. Huh. That was not the behavior of a bar- room brawler. He‟d have to get rid of short and stocky before he could talk to the patient.

“Excuse me, Mr.?”

Kevin paused, looking expectantly at the burly blond. The guy crowded right into his personal space pushing his face so close Kevin could almost taste the stale coffee on his breath.

“Robert. Robert Kinsey. My partner had an accident, and—”

Kevin cut him off.

“Mr. Kinsey, I‟m afraid I‟ll have to ask you to step out while I examine my patient. I‟ll

be sure to have someone inform you when you can come back again.”

The man shot his partner a loaded glance and then bared his teeth at Kevin. It wasn‟t a smile. He pushed forward into Kevin‟s space again. Kevin squared his shoulders and braced himself. The sneer slipped from the blond man‟s face.

“What are you, the doctor? Or are you a nurse? I bet you‟re nothing but a little nurse. Why do you want me to leave? They never asked me to before.”

The heavy emphasis Kinsey put on the word nurse, along with the twist of his face—as though he‟d smelled something foul—gave clear indication the man thought nurses were some form of sub-species.

Kevin gave the man a thin smile. Fucker.

“I‟m a registered nurse Mr. Kinsey. Again, I have to ask you to leave while I examine my patient. I can‟t speak for whomever you‟ve seen before, but hospital policy clearly states that I need to ask friends and family members to leave the room while I conduct exams unless the patient is a minor. I can clearly see from the triage notes that Mr. Giuliani is not a minor. Do I need to have security remove you?”

Kevin normally used a much softer touch with patient‟s friends and families…but this guy had the fine hairs at the back of his neck tingling. Kevin wanted him out of the room when he  asked  Mr.  Giuliani  certain  questions,  and  when  he  gave  his  big  patient  the  discreet information card with hotline numbers and the addresses of several local gay friendly shelters. Kevin had the cards printed up on his own dime back when he still worked the ER as his normal floor. The ones the hospital provided were inadequate in his opinion, giving only the addresses of shelters that accepted abused women.

After he read the card the first time, Kevin had realized that any gay man in an abusive situation would get zero help from the card. He did some research and found a couple of shelters that were both gay friendly and willing to forbid entrance to abusive partners. It wasn‟t perfect, but little in this world was.

Robert Kinsey sneered at him again.

“Fine, Nurse. I‟ll let the administration know you‟re discriminating against my partner and I because we‟re gay.”

Kevin bit back a laugh. Right. That should give Mike O‟Brian, the EO guy a real belly laugh, considering Kevin was the GLBT rep for the whole damn hospital until they could find someone else to volunteer as well.

“You go right ahead and do that Mr. Kinsey. I‟m sure our EO compliance officer will find that fascinating. As long as you get out of my exam room, I really don‟t care where you go.”

The big man on the table hunched his shoulders a little, biting down on his already split lip. The one eye Kevin could see kept jumping back and forth between Kinsey and himself. Kinsey swung back around, taking two quick strides toward the man on the table. He lifted a meaty hand to pat Mr. Giuliani‟s cheek forcefully. His other hand hung down by his side.

“Don‟t worry baby. I‟ll be right out in the waiting room. As soon as they get you fixed up we can go home and I‟ll take real good care of you.”

Giuliani paled and swayed slightly. Kevin opened his mouth to tell Kinsey to leave again, but with one last fulminating glare, the man stomped toward the waiting area. As he pushed past, Kevin glanced down. The knuckles of the hand he‟d been holding down by his side were scraped and swollen.

Kevin‟s uncle Leo had been a bare knuckles boxer. His hands often looked exactly the same before he stopped fighting for money. He called the wounds fight-bites, and had explained to Kevin how punching someone in the mouth caused them. Crap.

The tall man on the table turned his amber gaze on Kevin, something lost and haunted in his look. Kevin reached into the side pocket of his scrubs and pulled out one of the cards he‟d had a feeling this man was going to need. He reached forward slowly, pulled Giuliani‟s free hand off its resting spot and pressed the little rectangle of hope into his hand. Kevin pitched his voice low and spoke as soothingly as he knew how.

“If you won‟t let me call the police right now, put this in your shoe, under the lining. They never look there, and that way, the next time he roughs you up, or you think he‟s going to, you‟ll have somewhere to go.”

Giuliani‟s mouth opened and closed a few times. He shook his head a little, shivered and bit even harder on his split lip. His voice came out a low rumble, sounding scared as hell and whisper soft.

“I-I never said…”

Kevin shook his head, turning to the room‟s counter before replying. He spoke over his shoulder as he prepped a suture kit and set up the blood pressure machine. He‟d learned that it was easier for them to keep the card if they could secret it away while he wasn‟t watching.

“No. No, you didn‟t.”

When he turned back around, the little card was gone, and Giuliani‟s right sneaker had a neat bow where it had been untied before. Well. At least the guy had a lifeline. If he ever got a chance or the guts to use it was another matter entirely.

Kevin swallowed his sigh of frustration, got a blood pressure reading on the big guy, swapped out his cold pack, and did a quick set of neuro checks. There didn‟t seem to be anything critical, so after he noted that he thought the nose and right cheek needed x-rays Kevin was pretty much done. He left Mr. Giuliani with the lights dimmed, telling the big man that the doctor would be with him shortly. It was the end of Kevin‟s shift, and he had paperwork to finish

up or he‟d have sat with the man until Doctor Stephens came in. Sometimes, if you just sat with them, they‟d tell you what was really going on. Kevin gave report to the nurse reliving him, finished up his paperwork, and clocked out.

The whole incident left a bad taste in his mouth. It was exactly why Kevin hated working the ER. There was never enough time or staff and sometimes, no matter how hard everyone tried, no matter if everything possible was done…sometimes people fell through the cracks.


Two weeks later Kevin rolled into work sporting a huge grin and a brand new tattoo mostly hidden under his scrubs. Only the edge of one of the dragon‟s tails came high enough on his neck to be seen. Nancy, his favorite charge nurse was on duty. She wouldn‟t give him any grief about it and once it healed a little more he‟d start wearing a turtleneck to cover it up. For tonight he‟d just slap some gauze over it right after he got report.

He‟d also gotten there early enough to snag Janice for his side of the hallway. She was the best aide on duty, and Kevin loved working with her. Though the switch to this shift, the three to eleven, worried him at first it was turning out to be the best of both worlds. He still had time to get stuff like going to the bank and the dry cleaner done during the day, without completely giving up his social life.


Hence the selection of phone numbers he‟d scored last night while showing off the new tattoo at his favorite club. A zing of satisfaction shot through Kevin‟s chest. It was good to know he still had what it took to garner over a dozen offers in an evening. The only one he‟d seriously considered hooking up with was the tall Italian who showed up right at the end of the evening. Kevin could admit he had a bit of a thing for tall Italians.

The guy at the club had reminded Kevin of the kid he‟d slipped a rescue ring card to the last time he worked the ER. For some reason he‟d had a really hard time getting the young man out of his head. The Italian from last night had lacked the subtle sweetness Kevin had sensed just under the surface of …what had his name been? Giuliani. Yeah. Tony Giuliani. Kevin hadn‟t been able to get the kid‟s deep, sweet voice out of his head. That as much as anything was why he had ended the night with a pocketful of numbers rather than a hot body. Come to think of it, he hadn‟t hooked up at all since he met the kid. It was a shame the guy was letting himself be abused by that muscle bound snake that‟d brought him in.


At least he had the card.

Kevin turned his mind to business, greeted Nancy, and then got his supplies set and his paperwork in order for shift change. Once he was set, he slid into the room behind the nurses‟ station where they did shift change. He snagged Janice to work his side, and then tuned into what Nancy was saying.

“Kevin, you‟ll be getting a transfer from ICU right after dinner.”

She shook her head, a few bright red curls escaping her braid. Pulling a bobby-pin from her pocket, she ruthlessly pinned them back into submission before continuing. A new chart lay open in front of her.

“I took the report from Margie about ten minutes ago. They want to hold off sending him down until then…just a precaution. He‟s stable…you know how Margie is. She likes to dot her “i‟s” and cross her “t‟s”…”

Kevin nodded. It was one of the things he loved about accepting transfers from Margie.

“I guess the kid was here a few weeks ago after a domestic, refused to call the cops, and then left with his partner…ended up back in the ER less than five hours later. Margie‟s cousin Sam was on the ambulance crew that brought him in the second time, and he told her the admitting nurse said he‟d just discharged the guy a few hours earlier.”

Something dark settled in the pit of Kevin‟s stomach. “Nancy, did Margie say. Uh, what‟s the patient‟s name?” Nancy gave him a sharp look.
“Giuliani. Tony Giuliani, age 22.”

Kevin closed his eyes. Nancy‟s voice washed over him.

“Oh, Kevin, was that the night you picked up in the ER?”

Kevin nodded sickly. Nancy reached over and patted his hand. She spoke briskly.

“Sam told Margie the only reason the kid made it at all was that he was on the phone with one of the shelters when his partner assaulted him the last time. The shelter worker made the 911 call. Do you want me to switch him to Tammi‟s team?”

Kevin snapped his eyes back open.

“No, Nancy. Tammi‟s a brand new grad. She just came off orientation. I‟ll take him. It.

Shit, it‟s the least I can do.”

Nancy patted his hand again, and waded through the rest of report. She didn‟t argue.

They were down an aide tonight anyway, so Kevin really wasn‟t surprised. He knew she had

monthly tracking reports to get turned, and they were a bitch of a time waster. It wasn‟t like he really knew the guy. He‟d just treated him once before. Kevin sighed.


The first time Tony spoke, Kevin heard the difference in his voice. He‟d been shy and hesitant before, picking out his words with care as though trying to ensure he said the right thing every time. Now his words just fell out. Not a lot of rhyme, though there was still a bit of reason gleaming at the edges of what he said. He was…childlike. No, that wasn‟t quite right. Just. He was innocent somehow. Even when he‟d get upset and swear a blue streak, or throw his meal tray it didn‟t seem malicious so much as frustrated. Tony would cry after, and as the weeks passed the other nurses called Kevin at home sometimes, because word got around that Tony always calmed at the sound of his voice.

Kevin requested Jean-Paul from Social Work pick up the case during Tony‟s stay…because it was clear he couldn‟t just go home. He tried to maintain a professional distance. He got too involved…but he just couldn‟t seem to help himself. It felt right, and it felt like Tony had belonged to him since that first moment down in ER.

Jean-Paul had testing done and determined that the guy would need some services…but he was well above what the system would consider competent. What was going to happen to the guy when he was released from the hospital? His abusive ex-boyfriend might be in the county lock-up awaiting trial, but Tony would be easy pickings for another asshole just like him if he was left to his own devices.

Kevin thought about that a lot as Tony‟s discharge date grew closer and closer.


Tossing and turning , worrying about what was going to happen to the big guy got so bad

Kevin talked to Jean-Paul about what kind of help Tony might need, and what Jean-Paul, as a

social worker, thought might be unethical, and what was just…ethically in the grey zone. He did some thinking. Then he offered Tony a place to stay, and a „job‟ as his housekeeper.

He really just meant to help the big guy get back on his feet. Tony got under his skin. He made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for Kevin to take to work, and painted four sketchbooks full of gorgeous pictures to make sure Kevin didn‟t miss seeing the sunsets…especially on days he had to work.

Kevin came home one day three or four months later to find an old college acquaintance about to fuck Tony in the living room. Bare. He tossed Sean out and talked to Tony about safe sex. Tony promised to follow the always use a rubber rule.

Two weeks later Kevin got a call from the local police station. Tony needed bailing out. He‟d finally gotten brave enough to leave the apartment without Kevin. He went shopping, and walked out of a store without paying for his merchandise. When Kevin got there, Tony explained that he forgot his wallet at home, and was going to get it. He couldn‟t understand why the store clerks got so upset, or why the police arrested him. He was going to get the money to pay for his things. Kevin decided the new rule would be that Tony needed to call if he was leaving the house, and anytime he wasn‟t sure about what was going on where he was.

They went to the cell store the next morning to add a line to Kevin‟s plan. Tony bounced on his toes as he picked out a glittery pink phone, grinning from ear to ear.


“Kevin, look at this one. It‟s sparkly. And pink. I love pink. Pink is happy, don‟cha

Kevin couldn‟t help smiling back at the big goof. They charged the phone as soon as they got home, and Kevin made up new signs to put by the front door that read, “Always call Kevin if you aren‟t sure.” Then he programmed Tony‟s new phone so that he was #1 on the speed-dial.

But he still worried. Sometimes Kevin forgot to check in, and sometimes people would talk him out of doing it. Sometimes he‟d play games on his phone until the charge was gone and then leave the apartment without bothering to recharge it.

Kevin helped Tony get enrolled in a local college‟s art program. Kids at the art school talked him into doing their projects, and someone was always talking the big guy into fucking them in the school‟s bathrooms. Kevin made sure his room-mate always had plenty of condoms. He started resenting how many the big guy was using though. He started carrying a bottle of antacid with him everywhere he went. One day Tony called him at work four separate times to ask if it was okay to let a guy fuck him raw because he‟d run out of rubbers and the guy (a different one for every phone call) promised he was clean. Kevin got written up. It was the last straw. Tony was officially more than he could handle by himself. And he was fucking well done giving the big guy condoms to use with other men.

So Kevin went home that night with his write-up in his pocket, and his heart pinned right to his fucking sleeve.

“Tony? You here, big guy?”

Tony‟s distinctive rumble echoed down the hall from the study that Kevin had converted

into a studio for him.

“I‟m in the paintin‟ room Kevin.”

Kevin followed the velvet over gravel sound of his voice, pausing in the doorway to drink in the sight before him. Tony was stripped to the waist, his broad chest spattered with shades of blue to match the canvas in front of him. His already paint stained cargo pants hung low on his narrow hips, the top edge of the dark curls that surrounded his uncut shaft peeking out. Kevin‟s cock filled, tenting the front of the scrubs he was wearing. He moaned a low and needy sound escaping his lips before he could stop it. Tony turned from his painting. His thick black brows arched toward his hairline as he took in the growing bulge in Kevin‟s sweats.

“Kevin, I don‟t got no more condoms…you never told me if it was okay to let you fuck me without one. Is it okay, Kevin? Cause I been hopin‟ for a while that you might want to fuck me. I like you a whole lot better than the other guys. You‟re my Kevin. Fucking you‟d be better than a whole day with nothin‟ to do but paint.”

Kevin moaned again, stepping into Tony‟s little studio.


“Yeah, Tony, I want you. I don‟t wanna fuck you though babe. I wanna make love to

Tony shivered all over.

“You…Kevin, does that mean you love me?”

Kevin was right toe to toe with the big guy at that point. He reached a hand up slowly, touching Tony‟s chest first before sliding his fingers up around the back of the taller man‟s neck. Applying gentle pressure he pulled until Tony‟s lips were a hairsbreadth away from his own.

“Yeah, babe, it means I love you.”

Tony‟s brows drew together, and a wary light entered his fawn brown eyes. He bit his top

lip, released it, and then bit down again before finally managing to mumble out a question.

“So‟sthatmeanifI‟mbadyouhitme?” Kevin‟s chest constricted until it hurt. “No babe. Not ever.”
A tear slipped down Tony‟s cheek.

“But what if you get real mad and there‟s nobody to stop you?”

The tight feeling in Kevin‟s chest spread to his stomach. He swallowed hard, wishing he hadn‟t dropped his work bag by the front door. He could really use a slug of the antacid right about now.

“Oh, baby, I‟d never hit you.”

Tony squeezed his  eyes shut, more tears seeping through his long black lashes. He

whispered against Kevin‟s lips. “That‟s what Robert said too.”
Something in Kevin‟s chest broke unevenly, the jagged edges tearing into his soul. Tony

had lived with him for months now.


“Baby, would you feel safe if we had someone else here? Somebody who loved you

Tony opened his eyes, a sparkle of hope shimmering in their depths. “And youse guys could tell each other not to hit when you got mad?” Kevin felt his chest loosen just a little.
“Yeah, baby, we could do that.”

Tony smiled, the edges of his plush lips curling up. He leaned forward the last millimeter

pressing his lips to Kevin‟s.

“And the rubbers?”

A chuckle bubbled up out of Kevin‟s chest.

“Sorry, baby, we still gotta use the rubbers. At least for a while, okay?”

Tony nodded. Then he shook his head.

“Do you mean you and me, or me and the other guy…what‟s his name, Kevin?”

“No, baby, we don‟t have to use rubbers for you and me…not for right now anyway. And I don‟t know the other guy‟s name yet. We have to find him, okay? But once we find him, we gotta go back to using rubbers til I say different, okay? And until I say somebody is our third guy, you don‟t let anybody fuck you.”

Tony‟s eyes got big. “No fuckin‟?”
Kevin‟s chest loosened a little more. “No baby, no fucking.”
Tony thought that over for a moment.

“Does that include no dockin‟?”

Kevin shook his head, his brows pinching together.

“No what?”

“Dockin‟ Kevin. Ain‟t you never docked nobody?”


Kevin just looked up at Tony in perplexity. He had no idea what the big guy was talking

“Robert din‟t like to dock, but I can show you if you want, „cept we can‟t use rubbers.”

Kevin figured the best thing to do would be to have Tony show him.

“If you like it Tony, then show me.”

Tony flashed a dazzling expanse of white enamel and took a half step back. He dropped his cargo pants around his ankles, reaching for the ties to Kevin‟s scrub bottoms in the same motion. Kevin felt his scrubs sliding down his legs, and turned his gaze to Tony‟s long, thick and uncut cock. It was beautiful, hanging quiescent against the bigger man‟s thigh.

“We gotta have a little bit of lube Kevin, it slides better that way. Gimmee a sec to get some okay?”

Kevin pulled his eyes up to look at Tony‟s face. He still had no clue what the big guy meant by docking, but if it put that happy look on his face it had to be something good.

“Sure thing, baby. Take as much time as you need.”

“Oh, it‟ll jus‟ take a sec, Kevin. I keep some lube in here in case the paintin‟ gets me excited, ya know?”

Kevin nodded a bit like one of those bobble-head dogs in the back of a car, sitting up on the rear window ledge nod/shaking their heads in a continual yes/no/huh kind of motion. Holy hell. No. He hadn‟t known. He might not have lasted this long if he‟d known Tony was jacking off in here while he painted. Fuck. That was hot.

Tony whirled around, a tube of lube in his big hands, a huge grin on his face. He stepped quickly back in front of Kevin, letting the shorts he‟d hike back up temporarily drop back around his ankles. He uncapped the lube and pulled his foreskin up to surround the tip of the tube, squirting a healthy dollop of the slick into his foreskin before putting more lube into his hand and reaching out to slick Kevin‟s bare shaft.


“You gotta slide your head into my foreskin before I get too excited, it‟s easier that way.”


Just when Kevin thought the guy couldn‟t get any hotter he went and blew that theory all to hell. Tingles of electricity seemed to spark along every inch of Kevin‟s skin. He reached out, grasped Tony‟s half hard cock with one hand and guided his own with the other. Lining them up, he paused for a second to look into Tony‟s eyes. They were shining, clear. Free of fear. Kevin knew he should wait until they could get Tony checked again…but he couldn‟t bear the idea of doing anything that would make the big guy lose that happy look. He looked down, and pushed forward in tightness and heat and heaven.

Kevin had time for one last coherent thought before Tony‟s big hand closed over their cocks and began to rub. He thought that this might be almost better than making love, and definitely better than fucking. Who knew? Then Tony started to rub, and Kevin stopped thinking. He pulled Tony‟s head down, kissing the big Italian fiercely; trying to pour every ounce of love he had into that one act. The last little bit of tightness in his chest unfurled, and Kevin knew he was so much more than just in love. He was owned.

The tingles on Kevin‟s skin shot down his spine. He pulled his mouth away from Tony‟s, screaming out his satisfaction as the whole world went white around him, the only color he could see the brown of Tony‟s eyes and the blue of the paint on his chest. Tony shook and trembled in

his arms, making the tiniest sound at the back of his throat as he came inside his own foreskin, up against Kevin‟s still throbbing cock. Kevin lowered Tony to the floor when the big guy‟s knees started to give out.

“Stay put, baby. I‟ll get something to clean us up.”

Tony was asleep before he got back from the bathroom with a warm wet washcloth and a hand towel. Kevin cleaned them both up, pulled an old blanket and a spare pillow out of the linen closet and got comfortable on the floor with his man.

Patrick came along shortly after that, and he seemed like a god-send. He was as into Tony as Kevin was, and their work schedules rarely overlapped at first. So there was always someone to help keep Tony safe. They all had chemistry…and Kevin couldn‟t help but feel relieved to not be caring for his sweet Tony all alone. His baby felt safer again, and really? That was all Kevin needed.


Two Years Later

Tony snapped his glittery pink cell phone shut. Kevin knew that snap. It didn‟t even need the little frown marring Tony‟s forehead to tell Kevin the story. Kevin clamped his jaw shut, biting back a curse. Patrick was bailing out of their plans again.

Damn him.

Kevin watched Tony as the bigger man blinked twice, drawing in enough air to lift his chest, stretching his cobalt blue tee shirt. Kevin winced. The way Tony snapped the cell shut, the double blink of his eyes, and the cobalt blue of his tee told a story as well. This latest snub by Patrick had Tony‟s brows drawing together in the way they only did when he was devastated by

something. Patrick would know that if he came home to do more than fuck or sleep. Christ.

When was the last time he‟d just hung out with the two of them? Six months ago? Eight?

Tony looked up. His brown eyes held a hint of extra moisture. The sheen bounced a reflection of the overhead light into Kevin‟s eyes, causing them to water in sympathy. Tony cleared his throat.

“He‟ll miss the cake again. I made his favorite.”

Kevin swallowed noisily, willing the stinging sensation behind his eyes away. Tony was talking about cake. That was so not good.

“It‟ll be okay, Tony. We—we‟ll save him some cake, like we did last year.”

Tony‟s frown grew deeper, then crumbled, cracks splitting off from it until his face was a

splintered mask of pain.

“It doesn‟t matter, Kevin. He never makes it home for celebrations now. It‟s pretty clear, huh? He doesn‟t want…he‟s not interested no more. He liked me better when I had head-aches more, and he could take care of me and stuff.”


It didn‟t matter that Patrick bought Tony a newer, more expensive, higher tech phone every couple of months, or that he always apologized for missing these important events. It
<i>mattered</i> that he missed so many of birthdays, the housewarming after they moved into the new place Kevin bought and Tony graduating with his Bachelors‟ of Arts degree. Tony had worked so hard to once he went back to school to finish his last four semesters. It mattered that every couple of months, right after Patrick took off to where-the-fuck-ever; Tony took the fancy new phone back. He didn‟t want a new phone, and Patrick never seemed to understand why, or even to notice right away.

Kevin knew why Tony clung to the old one so doggedly. Tony, the big, silly queen, adored the dramatic effect of flipping it shut. He loved the glittery pinkness of it and the way the pink rhinestones caught the sun. It soothed him. He had a snap specific to every mood, and Kevin could tell, just by watching him close his phone, how his day had gone.

It gave him a little edge in dealing with his Tony. God knows Kevin needed it now that he was back to taking care of Tony by himself.

Kevin contemplated kicking Patrick‟s ass again.

No. Hell to the n-o. No. Just no. That would only upset Tony. The last time he and Patrick got into it, the big goof broke down and cried all over them both because it reminded him of the way his folks beat on each other when he was a kid. When he let that bit of information slip it made a lot of things clearer to Kevin. Like how Tony had gotten mixed up with the fucker who had permanently destroyed his ability to equate actions with consequences.

Kevin was not putting Tony through that shit again, no matter how much he wanted to plant a boot in Patrick‟s ass. He‟d have to come up with something better. Something to get Tony to realize that while they might need a third to feel all the way fulfilled, it would be okay, for a while, to be just the two of them. As far as Kevin was concerned, Patrick didn‟t deserve even the smallest bit of Tony‟s love.

It was time to put a stop to these last minute ditch and dive maneuvers. Kevin was through watching his baby suffer.

“Tony, baby, enough is enough. I can‟t stand to see him hurt you like this anymore.” “Kevin, I…I wish.”

“Shh. I know, Tony. I do too. But we‟ll find the right guy someday. I promise you he‟s out there.”

Tony‟s melted chocolate gaze fastened on Kevin, and his eyes opened up so wide it looked like they should split at the corners. That painfully hopeful expression sent a zing through Kevin‟s chest. Sometimes Tony looked at him, just looked, and got Kevin so hot he wanted to push the gorgeous Italian down on the nearest available flat surface and fuck him so hard the neighbors were satisfied when he and Tony finished coming.

Hot tendrils of feeling curled down from Kevin‟s chest to invade his groin. He reached out one hard, callused hand, smoothing it gently along Tony‟s stubble covered cheek. Tony pushed his cheek into Kevin‟s caress. Doing most of the work building their new deck had toughened Kevin‟s hands up, and Tony told him and showed him constantly how much the big guy loved the feeling of those callused hands on his skin.

Tony sat heavily in the kitchen chair closest to him. He bit down on his top lip. Then he released it, firmed his chin and squared his shoulders.

“I guess I‟d better tell him to stay wherever he‟s at then. I…yeah, I‟d rather have just you. And then someday we‟ll find our third, right, Kevin?”

“Yeah, baby, someday.”

Tony flipped his silly pink phone open with a decisive snap. He hit the call button twice, and waited for Patrick to pick up.

“Hello, Patrick. No, no I din‟t call to nag. I…we wanted to ask youse to just drop off the

key…oh. Sure. Mailing it‟ll be fine. Yeah. Well, um, good luck to youse…”

Tony pulled his ear back sharply. Kevin could hear Patrick yelling. He held his hand out for the phone. Tony was biting his top lip again. Kevin reached out a little further, plucking the

phone out of Tony‟s hands. He let his other hand wander along Tony‟s back in long sweeping


“Kevin here, Patrick. Just shut it, man. You don‟t want to put the work in…and we‟re not going to be your…whatever the hell we <i>were</i> to you. Don‟t bother coming by. I‟ll pay for the movers to come get your shit if you give me an address. No, man, I don‟t have a pen right now. Email me. That‟s what you normally do anyway. No sense fighting out of the pattern now.”

That was it. A disinterested “fine” and they were done with all the drama. Kevin felt like

an ass for not pushing the matter months ago.

Tony opened his eyes after a minute. Looking up at Kevin, he tried to smile. It slipped on one side, leaving the bleak sadness in his eyes on display. Kevin scrambled in his head, trying to figure out how to get his lover past this.

If Tony could just see himself, see how fucking beautiful he was…

That was it.

He‟d find a way to show Tony how utterly perfect he was. Maybe he could send flowers…just because? No, Tony‟d get pissed at Kevin for treating him like a girl if he did that. Shit. Maybe cooking stuff?  God knows the guy loved to cook. While he was thinking about it Tony surged to his feet, brows drawn together, lips turned down.

Damn Patrick.

Taking a step forward, Kevin wrapped his callused hand around the front of Tony‟s neck, pressing lightly against his throat. Tony whimpered, a barely audible noise, and leaned into the pressure. Kevin smiled up at him, sliding his hand up to cup Tony‟s jaw.

“Tony, I want some angel hair pasta for lunch, baby. I want your good marinara too, none

of that store bought crap, okay?”

Tony‟s breathing steadied. His eyelids dropped in a slow fall, lashes fluttering against his

cheeks for a moment. A small smile curved his full lips up.

“Sure, Kevin, I can do that. Youse know how much I love to cook stuff so‟s my men—

man stays healthy.”

The strained feeling in Kevin‟s chest eased. Tony needed so much. Taking care of him was really a two-man job. Kevin would do it alone, because right now he had to, just like he had been for the past six months…but it was wearing him down. One day, soon, he‟d be too tired and make a mistake.

Tony really couldn‟t afford any more mistakes. He didn‟t have in him.


The months passed, and Kevin could see Tony curling in on himself. Somehow he‟d gotten the idea that he was what was holding up the works, the cause of that fucktard Patrick leaving, the reason they hadn‟t found another third yet. Kevin snorted. As if. It was more like Kevin was a whole fucking lot more picky about who he‟d trust within a thousand yards of his Tony now. How could the big goof not see that he was the center everything else swung around? By the time their sixth month post-Patrick rolled around, Kevin was getting really worried. Tony hadn‟t been this down since their early days together when they were still just room-mates.

He‟d tried everything he could think of to convince Tony that he was amazing. Somewhere along the line Tony had become utterly convinced that it was his fault Patrick didn‟t want to be with them anymore. He kept making pot roast every Wednesday. Pot roast was Patrick‟s favorite, and Wednesday was the one day they‟d been able to rely on him actually coming home on time.

Kevin‟s gut clenched every time he thought about it, and his heart pounded. Tony wanted Patrick to come back so badly, but Kevin knew Patrick was never going to straighten up and come back to them. Even if he ever tried, Kevin refused to take Patrick back unless he changed dramatically. There was no way he was letting Patrick hurt Tony or him again. They could find someone else.

Strangely enough, the answer to Kevin‟s dilemma was right in his wallet. He reached in one day at work to find the “emergency lunch money” he stashed for the days when the lunch Tony packed him was too tempting and someone stole it out of the employee refrigerator.

A business card fell to floor when he pulled his twenty out to pay the delivery guy. It was the card Tony‟s art history professor had given him at the end of term barbeque the Fine Arts dept had thrown. Tony had done an internship with him for…photography? Film-making? It was something along those lines. They‟d discussed how beautifully Tony photographed, and what it would be like to see him on film.

That was it. He‟d film Tony going through his day. No, wait. He‟d go one better, and hire someone to film them making love, and show Tony the tapes. The proof of just how loveable he was would be right there. Tony already knew Neil, and would be comfortable with him. Yeah.

Kevin patted himself on the back. Some days he was a certified fucking genius. He finished his shift with an ear to ear grin, even though Chevonne had talked him into picking up in the ER again to cover one of her shifts, even after the kid with appendicitis puked all over him.


As Kevin drove home he remembered the day he‟d first seen Tony, eye blackened and nose broken by the sick fuck who dared to call himself Tony‟s lover back then. It hadn‟t been the first time Tony had been in that position. Kevin‟s quick look into his thick medical chart had made that clear. It had however, been the first time someone had stepped in to help. Everyone

else had taken one look at Tony, seen his height and those broad, well muscled shoulders and figured he must like it. He could take care of himself, guy built like that, right?


Dead. Fucking. Wrong.

Tony wasn‟t wired like that.

Kevin had seen it, somehow, in the ER‟s harsh lighting. The little boy lost look in

Tony‟s eyes.

Tony was screaming in silence, and the wordless plea for help kept getting overlooked.

Kevin almost refused to pick that shift up. He‟d wanted to watch the fireworks. Missing them, and covering that shift for his friend had netted Kevin something better than the holiday pay that day.

He‟d found Tony.

And lost him when he refused to file a police report, instead leaving with his abusive boyfriend.

And then a few weeks later, found him again as a transfer patient. God. Just thinking about it was almost enough to have Kevin needing antacids again. He was damn glad he‟d listened to his heart and offered Tony a place to stay. Things were okay until Kevin told Tony he‟d fallen in love with the big goof.

It hadn‟t taken but a second to see that Tony was scared to death to be alone with anyone professing to love him without another person there to police them.

So, when Kevin met Patrick through work and Patrick seemed like a good guy…Kevin had introduced Tony to Patrick. He‟d broached the idea of the three of them all being together. He‟d watched in delight as Tony settled into the threesome with ease, smiling and laughing again. It had been…good then. It really had. Kevin couldn‟t put his finger on just when that had

changed. It had though, and now they were done with him…and Tony was back to being scared

that Kevin would get mad and beat him.

It sucked.

Kevin hoped Patrick would find what he was looking for…and that he‟d take care to treat the next guy he was with better. For now, all Kevin wanted to focus on was six foot two inches of sweet cream filled Italian.

Tony was making his angel hair pasta again today, because today was Tuesday, and that was pasta day. Kevin grinned. He needed to hit the gym before work tonight. Tony was gonna put a tire around his middle if he wasn‟t careful. He left his big cook happily puttering in the kitchen, and made his way to their home office, closing the thick oak door firmly behind him. He picked up the phone, and set in motion his plan to make sure Tony‟s big brown eyes glowed again, and this time, stayed that way even if Kevin got up on the wrong side of the bed.

Kevin knew Neil was the perfect guy to make their video. Neil was laid back. He was easy to get along with. Tony knew him, and Kevin had gotten along great with him the one time
they‟d hung out together last year.


Kevin dialed the number on the business card expecting to have to remind Neil of who he

“Neil Smith here.”

“Hello, Neil, this is Kevin, you know, Tony Giuliani‟s partner?”

There was a pause, and then Neil‟s voice came back, warmer, less business like.

“Kevin, it‟s good to hear from you. How‟ve you been, and how‟s sweet Tony doing?”

“I…I didn‟t think you‟d remember me. I. Shit. Tony‟s not doing so good, Neil. That‟s why I‟m calling.”

“ there something I can do to help you then?”

Kevin felt the warm tones of Neil‟s voice stroking against his ears, relaxing him. It was like no time had passed, and they were kicked back on the picnic table again at the end of term cookout, swapping stories about Tony‟s goofy brand of brilliance.

“As a matter of fact, I could use a good camera man. I want to show Tony how…he‟s just so. So…Fuck man, I want him to see what I see when I look at him. But. Umm. Naked. I. I don‟t
want to ask too much…”


Silence spun between them for a moment, so thick Kevin could feel it press against his

Then Neil rumbled across the line, and Kevin nearly lost what he was saying in the

hypnotic tones of that silk and steel voice.

“I can be there in an hour. Does that work for you?”

Holy shit. An hour. Well, he could talk it over with Tony, and if he didn‟t want to…well, then they‟d just hang out with Neil and call it a day. No harm, no foul.

“I‟ll see you then Neil, and thanks.”

Neil‟s voice rang with a sharper, anticipatory edge. “See you then Kevin. Bye.”

An hour later they were sitting down to lunch. Kevin was still trying to figure out how to ask his baby to make the video without making him mad, or offending him. He still hadn‟t come up with anything.

A knock sounded at the door. Tony jumped up, his face alight. He practically tore the heavy wooden front door off its hinges.

Shit. Not again. Every time there was an unexpected knock, or phone call Tony would think it was—

“Patr—oh, hi, Professor Neil. Um. Geez. Good to see you. Come in. We‟re just about to

have lunch. You want to join us?”

Kevin shook his head, his eyes crinkling up at the corners as he pressed his lips together. Tony‟s loping strides came thump-thumping back down the hallway. That was his baby, all long legs, shoulders, and enthusiasm. He could hear the smile in Neil‟s voice as the man answered.

“It‟d be a pleasure, Tony. You know I love your cooking. Please call me Neil though. I‟m not your professor anymore.”

Neil‟s voice ran over Kevin like sun-warmed honey, rich, sweet, and sticky in all the best places. There was a hint of heat in his voice. Kevin couldn‟t blame him. Tony was looking especially sexy today, wearing an old wife-beater that fell off one of his sculpted shoulders no matter how many times he pushed it back up and an old pair of butter soft blue jeans. The denims were snug and faded with a rip right across the top of Tony‟s right thigh. It was a damn good thing Tony dressed to the left, or there would be no doubt as to whether he was cut or not… at least not in those jeans. Kevin had made a wear at home only rule for those jeans.

Just in case.

They entered the dining room side by side…and yet Kevin couldn‟t shake the feeling that Neil was somehow guiding Tony. The professor was an inch or two taller than Tony, his black hair silvered at the temples.

Yum. In his double breasted black suit Neil was very Cary Grant in <i>Charade</i>. He had a heavy looking bag slung over one broad shoulder that Kevin assumed must be full of camera equipment.

“What are you doing in our neighborhood Professor…I mean Neil?”

Neil cast Kevin a rapid, questioning glance. Kevin shook his head slightly, lifting one shoulder in a half shrug. Neil nodded, turning his attention back to Tony.

“Kevin and I had an intriguing conversation last year about how beautiful we thought you‟d look on film. We had a chance to speak again recently, and we were hoping you‟d allow us to…test our theory out.”

Tony opened his mouth, his eyes glued to first Neil‟s face and then to Kevin‟s. He pressed his lips together, and then licked the full bottom one. Damn. He really had no idea how sexy he was. His phone rang as he opened his mouth again, and he absently flipped it open.

“Hiya, Tony here.”

His face started to lose color. Kevin jumped up, knowing who was on the phone. He could hear the fucker yelling at Tony from where he was. Neil took a step forward, his brows lowering.

“No, Patrick, I told you last week that I didn‟t have the money to invest in your idea. I just don‟t. No. I‟m not going to take it from the household account. I don‟t care how much Kevin inherited. It‟s not mine, and I‟m not going to help…”

Neil was closer. He snatched the phone out of Tony‟s hands. Kevin wrapped an arm

around Tony, rubbing his back. There would be time for explanations later.

“Ah, this must be Patrick. This is Neil Smith. I heard quite a bit about you when Tony was my student. I suggest you desist calling Mr. Giuliani and harassing him for money. Or you‟ll be dealing with me. I believe you work construction, don‟t you? Ah, I see you‟re remembering where you‟ve heard the name before. Goodbye Patrick.”

Tony had turned into Kevin, and stood leaning over with his face buried in the shorter man‟s neck. Neil moved up behind him, and carefully wrapped his arms around Tony‟s shaking shoulders.

“Come on Tony. Let‟s not waste the wonderful lunch you prepared. He won‟t bother you anymore, and we can talk about the other over dessert. I stopped by Veniero‟s bakery and got one of their Tiramisu cakes…I remembered how much you like them.”

Tony pushed away from Kevin at that, glaring at Neil.

“Did you stop to think maybe I wanted him to call again…just—”

Tony bit off the rest of what he‟d been about to say. He stormed away; flinging the basement door open so hard it left a mark on the kitchen wall next to it. Neil watched him go, his mouth pressed tightly closed. He lifted one long fingered hand, running his fingers through his hair from brow to nape. It left him looking deliciously rumpled.

Kevin‟s heart beat unsteadily. He didn‟t know whether to make sure Tony was alright or find out what the hell Neil knew about the situation, and how he‟d gotten Patrick to shut it so quickly. Neil raised his eyes from the floor and caught him staring. A half smile quirked up one side of his mouth.

“Come on Kevin. We‟ll set another place at the table, and put a pot of coffee on. I

brought some of that too. Tony‟ll be okay once he lifts for a half an hour or so.”

How the hell the professor knew that was a mystery. Kevin cocked an eyebrow at him, tilting his head to one side to contemplate the tall man. Jay-zus, the guy was huge. He was six foot four if he was an inch, and looked more like he should be training recruits at some military instillation than teaching art history. Professor Neil caught Kevin eating him up with his eyes and laughed.

“Come on. Stop staring holes through me. If you‟ll show me where the plates are, and point out the coffee pot, I‟ll explain everything as we work, okay?”

That worked. Kevin nodded, gesturing for Neil to precede him into the kitchen.

“You already know that Tony was my student.”

Kevin nodded and pointed Neil toward the glass fronted cupboard housing the plates. The silverware was right below it, in the weird Plexiglas looking drawers Tony had fallen in love with when the designer showed them to him. There was no need to point them out.  He waited for Neil to gather what he‟d need for lunch, taking slow deep breaths to keep himself from shouting for answers.

“You have a very expressive face Kevin. I can see that you‟re about to explode with curiosity over there…and that would be such a waste.”

Kevin found his breath coming shorter despite his best attempts to keep it slow and steady. Holy crow. Neil‟s voice dipped over the last sentence, coming out closer to a growl than a normal speaking tone. A flush rose up Kevin‟s neck.

“Ah. Is that so, Neil? Well, put me out of my misery then. How did you know that Tony

was going to lift weights?”

Neil let one of those lazy smiles drift across his face again. His smile was ridiculously white and even. Kevin noted that at least it looked like his nose had been broken a time or two, saving his face from chiseled perfection.

“I think you may have forgotten he interned for the department for two semesters? No? Most of the second semester, he reported directly to me. He…sometimes I noticed he needed a little special handling to succeed in his projects.”

Kevin blinked. A shiver chased down his spine. He wavered between wanting to plant his fist in Neil‟s face and climbing him like a jungle gym. If he‟d taken advantage of Tony…Kevin‟s hands curled up at his sides.

“What do you mean by “special handling”?”

Neil gave him a speaking look from beneath heavy lidded eyes, and snorted. Kevin felt like he‟d just gotten caught picking his nose in the principal‟s office. He bristled. Neil held both hands up in a conciliatory gesture.

“I only meant…that I saw pretty early on during the first semester how easy it was for him to take on too much. He didn‟t seem very good at telling his classmates and the other interns no, and they would dump all the really tricky or time consuming tasks on him. I told the chair I wanted him for my own, and they shifted him to be solely in my charge during the second semester.”

Kevin‟s hands uncurled. He readjusted his thinking. Tony had been much happier during the second semester. He told Kevin that it had gotten easier. Kevin shook his head. He should have looked into it more closely.

“I. Thank you. He does need special care. I try.”

Neil pinned him with those cobalt eyes once more. This time it felt…equal. A knowledge

shared between them.


“I imagine you do. I did what I could while he was my intern…but he needs more doesn‟t

Kevin sighed.

“Yeah. We had a partner…” Neil‟s gaze hardened. “Patrick.”
“Yeah. Patrick. It was…good at first. Tony was happy, slept at night. He doesn‟t sleep well when I‟m at work. I put in for the night shift when Patrick was still—he was supposed to be here at night with Tony. He. Shit. I. He‟s not some fainting flower. He just has nightmares still.”

Neil put a hand on Kevin‟s shoulder. The heat of it sank through his light cotton shirt. He

felt some of the tension easing from his neck, and blew out a big breath.

“Kevin, have you tried to get him to go to counseling? From the little I learned…well, it wouldn‟t be a bad idea for him.”

A jolt of heat burned through Kevin‟s stomach. He swallowed reflexively.

“I did try. After he first moved in, and then again when Patrick joined us. He went for a little while. It…worked when he had both of us go with him, but—”

Neil‟s face turned stony.

“Let me guess. It was too much work for Patrick, and he stopped going…and then Tony started finding excuses not to go.”

Kevin‟s eyes started to burn. He scrubbed at them with one hand, clearing his throat.

“Shit. I‟m sorry, man. Give me a minute here.

Sucking in several deep breaths steadied him. Kevin tilted his head back to look up at

Neil, who suddenly seemed much closer.

“Yeah, you nailed it, Neil. Patrick stopped going, and then after a while I couldn‟t get

Tony to go anymore. He‟d been doing so well. It‟s hard to see him sliding backwards.”

Neil opened his mouth, and then paused. He shook his head sharply. Smiling down at

Kevin, he gripped the shorter man‟s shoulder tighter for a second, and then released it.

Kevin was burning with curiosity still.

“How did you get him—Patrick—to shut the hell up so fast?”

Neil laughed outright, gradually settling into a sharp grin before he quirked a brow at the smaller man.

“Kevin, do you know who the biggest developer in the whole area is?”

Kevin shook his head, completely perplexed.

“What the hell does that have to do with anything?”

“The biggest developer in the whole area is Thomas Neil Smith Sr. My grandfather happens to dote on me, and if I asked him to make sure a certain contractor never worked on any of his projects…well.”

Kevin blinked up at Neil in astonishment.


“Oh, my grandfather just had an article about him in the local rag a few weeks ago, and they mentioned my father and I in it. I knew from something Tony said once that Patrick was a contractor, and that he was always looking for ways to weasel his way into befriending whoever he thought could get him more work.”

Kevin knew he was doing a good impression of a guppy. Neil had the decency to not mention it.

“Let‟s get this on the table, Kevin, and get the coffee started while you explain to me why

you think making a video of the two of you making love is going to help Tony.”

Well, hell. The guy didn‟t pull any punches. Kevin grinned. He liked that. No guessing games. Kevin took the silverware from Neil, his hand brushing against the older man‟s callused finger tips. What did he do besides teach? There was no way his hands had gained that delightfully rough surface sitting at a desk grading term papers. No wonder Tony liked his hands better when he worked on stuff around the house.



Kevin watched light reflecting off the silverware as he placed it around the round table. He ran his fingers along the edges of the table as he did so, unconsciously counting off the raised

metal rivets that ran along the sides of the table. The sensation of the cool metal bumps passing under his fingers shot tendrils of calm through him.

“He. Tony doesn‟t hear me when I tell him things…but you know how he is with his art. If I can just get him to see how perfect he is right now, and how much I love him…then maybe he‟ll believe we can find a real third again. He‟s so wounded right now Neil. I‟ve tried every—”

Neil spoke across him.

“I think you‟re right. Tony really does do better when he can learn things in a visual or tactile medium.”

He paused.

“He has no idea why I‟m here today beyond what I told him earlier, does he?”

Kevin looked up from the battered wood of the table he‟d bought in a flea market with Tony, meeting the hot blue gaze Neil pinned him with. Sparks flared to life inside him. Heat rushed into his cheeks. Neil arched a brow at him.

“No. I. Didn‟t know how to ask him.” “How to ask me what, Kevin?”
Kevin looked over his shoulder to the kitchen door. Tony‟s deep tones rumbling over him sent a shock running through his system. Chest gleaming with a glistening sheen of sweat, muscles pumped from his brief stint in their home gym, Tony stood with a perplexed frown wrinkling his forehead. He lifted a big hand to scrub at the back of his neck.

“Did I do something bad again? I‟m sorry about getting mad so quick earlier. Youse know, sometimes I can‟t find the words I want, and there‟s no paint or clay and everybody else figures out stuff quicker, and…I get mad. So I go to the gym.”

Kevin turned completely around, and blinked up at Tony. Sheesh. And the big goof thought he wasn‟t good with words. He glanced over at Neil, completely lost. Neil grinned wryly at him.

“We were talking about it earlier Tony. Before your ex called. Kevin wants me to take some pictures and maybe shoot a video of you, Tony. He wants to show you how he sees you.”

Tony shook his head.

“No, Kevin don‟t know how. He‟s not arty like us.”

He waved his broad hand in the air between himself and Neil. Kevin bit back a smile. He

didn‟t want to risk Tony thinking he was laughing at him.

“That‟s why he asked me to help him, Tony. Cause he‟s not arty like us.”

Tony smiled then, his white teeth glowing against his olive skin. Kevin‟s breath caught in his chest. Christ. It was like a sunrise. He pointed at Tony, turning his head to catch Neil‟s eyes as he spoke.

“I want you to catch that on film.”

Tony turned puzzled brown eyes his way. Neil nodded briskly, turning and striding past Tony. Kevin heard Neil‟s footsteps go down the hallway toward the bedroom. He guessed the older man must be checking out the lighting in there. Tony was still rubbing the back of his neck. Kevin stepped closer to him, breathing in his ripe masculine scent. Longing washed through him, but he repressed it for now.

“Come sit down Tony. I‟ll rub your shoulders for you.”

Tony grinned as freely as a child upon hearing the offer, practically leaping into the nearest chair. Kevin chuckled.


“Yeah, Kevin…your goof.”

Tony caught his hand, pulling it up to his mouth to press a kiss into the palm. Kevin caught his breath and let his head drop back and his eyes slide shut.


His eyes flew open to find Neil in the doorway, a fearsome looking camera welded to his hand. The way the older man was holding the piece of equipment it seemed like an extension of his own flesh. He flowed along the edge of the room, circling them for a moment. Kevin tensed up. He didn‟t photograph well. Neil dropped the camera down a bit and winked at him.

“It‟s all about Tony, Kevin. Stop thinking about how you look. Start thinking about how

Tony looks. I can‟t capture it through your eyes if you‟re not feeling it.”

Tony pulled Kevin closer, pushing his cheek into his lover‟s stomach. Kevin ran his fingers over the curve of the bigger man‟s scalp. Concentrate on Tony. Yeah, he could do that. He rubbed his palm across Tony‟s closely buzzed cut. He missed the sweet curls Tony had before Patrick left, but cutting the curls helped the big guy get over their ex. Anything that did that was fine by Kevin. He smiled down at the bigger man, sliding his palm over the soft stubble on Tony‟s head. When he got to Tony‟s hairline, he kept going until he was cupping Tony‟s jaw again, one thumb brushing back and forth on the resilient plush of Tony‟s full bottom lip.


Heh.  Tony  had  three  ridiculously sensitive  erogenous  zones.  The  small  hollow  just behind his right ear, the soft bit of inner thigh right where his left leg joined his body…and his bottom lip. Kevin knew he could bring Tony right to the brink with nothing more than a finger on any one of those spots.


Kevin ignored the sound, keeping his focus on Tony, and the hectic flush beginning to rise in his cheeks. He ran his thumb over Tony‟s lip again, this time dipping inside to pull a little moisture out. That was one of his personal kinks. It…did it for him to see Tony‟s lips all swollen and shiny. Oh, yeah.

Tony whimpered. His big chocolate eyes pleaded as he closed his lips tight around

Kevin‟s thumb and began to suck.

“Damn, baby, you know what that does to me.”

Tony moaned and kept sucking.

Kevin ran his free hand along the side of Tony‟s neck. “Let go for a minute, baby. We need to talk, okay Tony?”
Tony let go, but his mouth was set in a mutinous pout. Kevin forced himself to maintain a serious expression despite how much he wanted to crack a smile. Tony needed to know he was serious, and that this was important. Kevin knew if he let himself smile he would start to chuckle, and as soon as he was distracted, Tony would pounce.

The younger man was well aware of how pliable Kevin became once his dick was inside any part of Tony, and he used that knowledge to great effect at times. It was the reason he and Kevin had spent three consecutive weeks at Disney World one year. Kevin never wanted to hear the theme to “It‟s A Small World” again in his life…but he had no doubt Tony could convince him to go again…

Kevin took a half step back.

“Baby, before we go any farther I have to ask if it‟s okay with you for Neil to be here, taking pictures while we do this. I want you to see yourself the way I see you, but…if you‟re not okay with it we‟ll stop.”

Tony blinked up at him slowly. Kevin could see the wheels turning as Tony figured out what that meant to him, and how he felt about it. A couple of long moments creaked by, everything else in the house still and silent, only the up and down sweep of Tony‟s impossibly long lashes marking the time. Finally, something seemed to click into place, and a big grin broke across Tony‟s leanly handsome face like a sunrise.

“Sure. I‟d like that. I always wanted to fuck Professor Neil, but I didn‟t on account of you

and Patrick being my guys. Him watching is almost as good as him touching.”

A choked off moan came from the side of the room. Kevin cut his eyes over to find Neil biting the back of one of his wrists. He held the camera in the same hand. The other hand was pressed against the base of the massive erection he was sporting.

A flash of heat rushed through Kevin. Holy. Mother. Of. God.
Tony wanted to fuck Neil. Neil wanted to fuck them both, if the hot looks he‟d given

Kevin earlier and the downright smoldering gaze he had Tony pinned with right now were any

indication. Kevin? He wanted Neil‟s mouthwateringly thick cock pounding his ass while he

practiced his number one Tony specific kink.

Oh fuck, yeah. The idea of docking his cock with Tony‟s while Neil was balls deep in his ass almost had Kevin shooting right then.

Kevin bit his lip and looked back at Tony, who was starting to look concerned. He tried to speak, only managing an embarrassing squeaky noise. An amused sounding snort came from Neil‟s general position. Kevin flew him a bird while clearing his throat.

“Don‟t frown up, baby. I like that idea a lot. What do you say we move this to the bedroom, and let whatever happens…happen.”

Tony gave that glorious sunrise smile again.


Kevin paused.

“Neil, I have to ask you to use condoms…Tony and I are clean, probably, but we‟re being careful still. We don‟t know who or what Patrick was doing before he left. We‟ve tested clean every time…but just to be on the safe side, you gotta glove up when you fuck us. That‟s non-negotiable.”

Neil snapped another picture, and then lowered the camera. As the equipment dropped away from his face Kevin could see the clearly approving gleam in his brilliant blue eyes. His deep voice caused a shiver to wind down Kevin‟s spine.

“I wouldn‟t have it any other way…not for now.”

Kevin felt the heat that was already burning away his ability to function rationally crank up another notch. He swallowed, hoping to pull some moisture into his suddenly dry mouth. He settled for nodding in response, turned and pulled Tony up out of the chair he was sitting in, and somehow managed to get them both headed in the direction of the bedroom.


He wasn‟t worried about Neil following. Neil never got more than a few steps behind them. Kevin could tell by the soft *snick* *snick* sound of him capturing the beauty of Tony‟s uninhibited responses. *snick* *snick*  It drifted between the three of them…binding them to each other in unexpected ways. *snick* *snick*


Having Neil with them, all three of them with cocks straining at the zippers of their respective pants, made Kevin look at the bedroom with fresh eyes. He snorted. Tony looked over at him, one eyebrow raised.

“What youse thinkin‟, Kevin?”

Kevin smiled and tempered his words for Tony, being sure he stuck to the truth…but still being careful of the big guy‟s feelings.


“I just remember what a surprise this room was the first time I saw it after you decorated

Kevin could hear the Ba-aaown chica baaown baaown, chi-chica baaown baaown music playing in the back of his head. There was no way he was sharing that thought with Tony though. It would just hurt his feelings.

Neil spoke behind them.

“Wow. Inspirational. I can almost hear a sound track for this room. Tony, what influences where you portraying?”

Tony grinned mischievously this time, the corners of his wide, expressive mouth quirking up an teensy extra bit.


“I saw a movie that had a room like this. The people in the movie didn‟t talk too much, but they sure were having fun.”

Kevin cracked up as he realized, after months of trying to place where he‟d seen this room before, just where he‟d seen it.

“Tony. Did you pattern it on the bed-room from „Beach-House-Boyz‟?” Tony‟s grin stretched over his whole face.
“Yep. I liked that movie a lot. Do you think we could find another copy, since Patrick

took it with him?”

Kevin felt his mouth gape open, and carefully closed it. A jolt of triumph raced along his veins. That was the first time since Patrick‟s abrupt departure from their lives that Tony had spoken of him in such a matter of fact manner.

“Sure, Tony. I know where he used to buy all his movies…I‟m sure we can find another copy of that one.”

Tony‟s smile went mega-watt.



Tony‟s gaze sharpened, his amber eyes rising from Kevin‟s face. He stared intently over his smaller lover‟s shoulder. He leaned down to whisper conspiratorially.

“My favorite part was where the big dark haired older guy and the sort of blondyish one—like you Kevin—are both making love to the young Italian guy. It was…um, not that I woulda back then ya know, but it was like they was, me and youse guys.”

Tony waved his hands at Neil and Kevin.

“It was like they was really making love. The other parts of the movie was kinda just fucking, ya know? But that was real pretty. It was like hearin‟ a poem, or lookin‟ at a Matisse.”

Kevin felt the vice grips squeezing his heart again. And to think Patrick had called Tony stupid. Tony just didn‟t think like other people. It took him a while to see badness in a person, and sometimes, he just never saw it. Kevin reached up and pulled Tony‟s head down, sucking his sensitive bottom lip like it was a lollipop he was trying to find the center of.

“Mmmm. Sweeter than candy.”

Tony chuckled.


That sound was starting to feel like Neil‟s big hands touching Kevin‟s back. He let Tony take a step back toward the bed, looking over his shoulder at Neil. It sure felt like he was wearing his fuck-me-now face, and something must have become unbearable for Neil, because

he growled, real low in his throat, and Kevin saw that his hands were turning white at the fingertips.

That couldn‟t be good for the equipment.


Neil growled more deeply, a sub-vocal rumble that Kevin felt rather than heard. It caused the hairs at the base of his neck to stand straight out, and the skin where his shoulder joined the base of his neck to tingle. It almost felt like Neil was already biting him there, drawing up a dark mark of possession.

Kevin shook himself minutely and tried to focus solely on Tony. It was difficult when what he wanted to do most was beg Neil to slide deep in his ass as he slid the tip of his cock into Tony‟s foreskin.


“God, Kevin, whatever you‟re thinking about, keep thinking it. Jesus, the two of you are

going to set my camera on fire.”

Neil‟s voice was a low rasp of sound, like silk against a coarse wooden door. Kevin closed his eyes in a desperate bid for control. When he opened them again Tony had stripped off his shirt and was busily unbuttoning his fly.

“When did you do that, baby?”

Tony had been busy with the clippers. His chest was now a marvel of manscaping and pumped muscles. Kevin could no more stop the moan that rolled out of his throat than he could stop the pounding of blood in his achingly hard cock.

Tony ran a hand teasingly up his chest, pausing to pinch his nipple lightly. Kevin dropped to his knees to pull Tony‟s  pants down and off.   When they slid below Tony‟s hips Kevin‟s second favorite part of his lover‟s body came into view.


Tony‟s thick, uncut shaft was one of the most beautiful things in the world to Kevin. He dropped to his knees, pushing Tony‟s legs apart to get closer. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Neil‟s legs getting closer.


“Take your shirt off too, Kevin. Let me see the copulating male dragons Tony was forever trying to draw in class. He told me he could never get it really right. I want to see if he was right, or if my best student was just being overly humble again.”

The tip of Kevin‟s dick was leaking now, and he knew it was going to show through his pants in just another moment. He couldn‟t bring himself to care about his blatant show of neediness. The authoritative sound of Neil‟s voice directing him was nearly enough to bring him off right then without a hand on him. He reached back and pulled up on the back of his shirt, drawing it up over his head before throwing it to the side. After a minute pause, Neil spoke again.

“Ah. No, he was right. He didn‟t draw what was there. What he drew was better.”

There was a metallic clatter. Kevin turned his head to see Neil in the process of setting up some sort of tripod.

“Is that for the video, Neil?”

Tony grabbed for his own cock, fisting it tightly and beginning to pump, throaty moans pouring from him as he sank down on the zebra striped bed. Kevin brushed his hands aside, leaning in to kiss Tony‟s recently waxed balls. Tony shivered, raising his head and holding it in his hands to maintain the posture. A clicking noise, and then—*snick*—but Neil had come around to stand right in Kevin‟s line of sight when he raised his head. The sexy photographer had one foot propped on the bed.


He grinned a lopsided, whimsical grin at Kevin and continued to roll a condom down over his long, almost frighteningly thick cock. Holding the base of the condom, he slathered lube over his shaft as he spoke.

“Do it now, while I can watch.”

Kevin peered up at Neil from the juncture of Tony‟s thighs, his confusion evident in his wrinkled brow. Tony chuckled at him. Kevin nipped at the apex of his inner thigh, and Tony subsided back onto the tiger-striped bed with a hungry moan. He cocked an eyebrow at Neil.

“Tony told me once…how you put the head of your penis inside his foreskin…that

sounded so fucking hot. Show me. Now, Kevin.”

White hot heat clawed its way up Kevin‟s spine.

Fucking hell.

The man was trying to kill him.

“Stop talking Neil, or I‟ll come before I ever get it in.”

Neil laughed, low and dirty. Oh fuck, it was worse when he did that. Kevin pinched the base of his shaft and thought of Mrs. Peterson, his seventh grade English teacher. She had buggy eyes, and—oh thank Christ it still worked—she was his go to girl for staving off early orgasm. Kevin stood, shimmied out of his pants, and straddled Tony on the bed. He pulled the bigger man up into a seated position, lined their cocks up and then looked up at Neil.

“You want to give us a little lube? Just to ease the way? We do this pretty often, but I like

to keep Tony safe. I know I‟m a little hyper about it…”

Neil waved away the rest of his words.

“There‟s nothing wrong with erring on the side of caution Kevin. Especially when you‟re trying to protect someone you love.”

A warm feeling settled into Kevin‟s chest. Neil‟s next words turned it lava hot.

“I want to watch you cum inside his foreskin, and then I want to fuck you right through this mattress.”


Kevin was pretty sure the last shot caught him in the middle of a whimper. He eased Tony‟s foreskin back, hooked the head of his cock under the head of his sweet boy‟s, and then pulled the foreskin back up.

Tony tried to rock forward, but Neil was all the way on the bed now, big hands holding Tony‟s lean hips still. The sight of Neil‟s long, pale fingers biting into the olive toned skin stretched taut over Tony‟s hipbone combined with the power in his voice as he softly told Tony to hold steady.

Kevin managed a few erratic rubs before he cried out helplessly, emptying stream after stream of ejaculate into Tony. He shuddered a final time, and then collapsed down onto Tony.

Tony caught his arm, guiding him sideways onto the bed.

“Steady there, Kevin. Youse don‟t wanna bang your head and then we‟d haf‟ta stop all

the fun ta go to the hospital.”

Neil licked a line up the side of Tony‟s throat. He bit softly down on one earlobe before

placing his mouth beside the big Italian‟s ear to ask his question.

“What do you want to see Tony?”


Tony ran a hand over Kevin‟s flushed cheek before turning his stunning amber eyes on

“I want to see youse two makin‟ love. You in him.”


Kevin had regained enough presence of mind to ask about the new sound.

“What was that?”


Neil kissed Tony lightly on the lips, and then made his way across the bed to Kevin‟s

“That was the end of the still photos Kevin. Give me just a minute to get the video rolling.”

Kevin barely had time to register his absence before Neil‟s fingers were sliding into his ass one and then another and another until there were four plunging in and out. They put a rapid halt to any sort of sense coming out of him.

Vaguely, he heard Tony‟s voice asking Neil a very important question.

“Neil, can youse maybe be…can…do youse think ya could help me take care of Kevin maybe? It‟s hard to keep him okay all by myself…so maybe youse could date us?”

Neil answered and Kevin didn‟t hear what he said because he was pulling his fingers out and pushing his cock in and Kevin couldn‟t make sense of anything but his steady rhythm and the feeling of being fuller than he‟d ever been…and through it all he could hear Neil murmuring to Tony, feel Neil caressing his back, and the beautiful slow and steady rhythm of Neil fucking him right into the mattress just like he‟d promised.

Tony leaned forward and kissed him, sucking on his tongue for a moment. When Tony‟s mouth left his Kevin opened his eyes to see Neil and Tony exploring one another‟s mouths slowly. The sight combined with Neil‟s slow, thorough assault on his prostate. Every time Neil slammed home the tip of his cock would nail Kevin right there, and then he‟d slow and roll his hips, sliding the whole thick length in still pressing down Kevin‟s joy button.

Kevin was pretty sure someone had let an animal of some sort in the room, because no way in hell was he making those desperate howling noises.

Except he was.

He decided Neil was the best fuck he‟d ever had.

Right up until he shot, screaming incoherently he believed that. And then Neil pulled gently out of him, rolled over on his back and pulled his knees to his chest, and smiled at Tony.

“I seem to remember you saying you wanted to fuck me. Is that right, Tony?”

The sight of Tony‟s incredulous smile changed Kevin‟s mind. Neil was a prince among men, and he wasn‟t fucking them, he was making love with them.

“Yeah, Profess—I mean Neil. I wanna do youse. If that‟s okay.”

Neil just nodded, pulling one knee higher while he released one to reach down and pull a thick black plug from his ass.

“Don‟t forget the condom, Tony.”

Tony nodded solemnly.

“I know. That‟s rule number one. No fuckin‟ or makin‟ love without rubbers „til Kevin says the tests are good and he trusts the guy.”

Neil smiled at Kevin as he wiggled his body around on the bed, ending with his head next to Kevin‟s and his ass pointed at Tony. The big guy gloved up, eased his way between Neil‟s powerful thighs and then paused. Neil let go of one leg again to smooth a long fingered hand along Tony‟s stubble covered cheek.

“It‟s just like in class Tony, but this time, the sculpture you‟re making is you, me, and

Kevin. Make us a masterpiece.”

Kevin watched the tension slip from Tony‟s shoulders as he slid into Neil. Tony caught the bigger man‟s legs in crooks of his arms as Neil released them. Neil reached over, twinning his fingers with Kevin‟s. He kissed Tony slow and deep, and then broke away to stroke his tongue into Kevin‟s mouth. It tasted like dark coffee, and tiramisu, bitter and sweet, both flavors strong…and under them the wild, heady flavors that were unique to Tony and Neil.

Kevin was addicted. If he hadn‟t been so spent, he‟d have screwed them both right into the mattress, because Christ, watching the two of them moving sinuously on and in one another was the hottest fucking thing ever.

Especially when Tony started to copy the slam/roll/prostate powerhouse he‟d watched Neil  using  on  Kevin.  Exchanging  kisses  with  Neil  got  harder  when  Tony  started  really hammering into him, so Kevin just held Neil‟s hand and slow stoked his own cock as he thought about how next time, or at least later, when he had some more energy he wanted Neil to dock with Tony while he did his damndest to suck them both off at once.

Yeah, so it couldn‟t really work like that. He knew that. It would be a lot of fun trying


Then Tony‟s hips really started snapping, and he started making the hot as fuck little whimper/growl that always preceded his climax. Neil gripped Kevin‟s hand tighter, growled, threw his head back and shot so hard it arched up to hit Tony in the throat.

Tony pushed as deep as he could one last time, and froze, trembling all over. Neil opened his eyes, pinned Kevin with a molten gaze, and then swung his attention to Tony. They both watched him until the last aftershock released him.

Neil got up and went to the bathroom, bringing back wet and dry cloths for everyone, got

Kevin and Tony situated under the covers and began to put his clothes on.

“Where are you going?”

Kevin realized he and Tony both blurted out the same question, with the same slightly panicked air. He grasped Tony‟s hand and squeezed it lightly. They spoke in unison again, shifting apart on the bed until there was a Neil sized spot between them.


The Beginning.


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