Letter to Martha by Kenny Fischer

it’s been seasons since I last saw your beautiful smiles, yet, it seem only just yesterday that we met at that colourful garden at Brann’s.
Letter to Martha
Letter to Martha by Kenny Fischer
I have heard the sweet twittering of mourning birds, and the soft whispering of evening winds, but nothing of the music in your voice, to calm a throbbing heart. A heart which recalls with fondness, ravishing moments beneath star-lit skies, and a fairylike voice -softer than the whispers of palm trees -soaring heartily in tunnels of my heart.A sweet voice, a sweet song, which I have always found great delight, listening to.But somehow, time has come to stain those moments, and the days is suddenly becoming quieter. Making things to dwindle, like a flame that is kissed in halves. But hope was what kept me going, during those silent days and especially the quiet nights. The hope that I will once again see that charming lady whose beautiful smiles lit-up my world. That we would gaze at stars burning with dreams, and ride on white clouds of happiness, like royals, crowned from paradise. it’s with this hope that am reaching out and asking, that she takes those magical rides again, knowing that nothing was as blissful or as queenly with her around. Anxiously longing for your ever adorable presence. With all my love T.L.N.F


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