Love and Hope by Praveen Crypty R

She willed herself to not check her phone to see if he had replied. It had been about three days now. She hated that she was constantly checking his 'last seen at' status and yes, he had logged in just five minutes ago. Yet she couldn't stop herself. This sinking feeling to find absolutely no communication from him was becoming unbearable, almost torturous.
Love and Hope
Love and Hope by Praveen Crypty R
And then, just as she sat down in her chair, her phone vibrated. With her heart thudding in her ear, she unlocked her phone and stared at the screen. Finally! It was his message. But when she opened it and read it, she nearly stopped breathing. She didn't know if he was joking or not. “What is this”, she screamed seeing the message from him. It was a selfie picture of Ranjith with a girl followed by a message stating that it was his girlfriend and they have been in love for the past two months. She felt really doomed and sat silently looking at that image. Hours passed as she remained in the same state. Suddenly while looking at the picture, she remembered seeing that girl somewhere in the recent past. She started browsing others pictures in her phone's gallery. Picture after picture she swiped through the gallery and found the picture of the girl. Now she remembered her, Sundar one of her classmates send that picture two weeks before showing that she was his girlfriend. The girl's name was Nikitha. Both Ranjith and Sundar say that she is her girlfriend. She wondered how could that even be possible and came to the conclusion that Nikitha must have been cheating on both of them. She felt irritated on Nikitha. She called Ranjith at once and informed this to him, how she is cheating on both of them. But he wasn't ready to hear it and shouted back at her with anger. He also warned her not to spread such kind of rumours just because she couldn't have him in her life and ended the call abrupt. She tried to call him again, but he didn't attend the calls. Ranjith was madly in love over Nikitha. So she tried saying this to Sunder, but he also wasn't ready to believe it. Sunder also said to her that he had knew him long before. Nikitha has showed Ranjith to him, one of her best buddies. The girl has played the game well between these two. Ranjith thinks Sundar is a good friend of Nikitha and Sunder thinks exactly the same of Ranjith. Both of them have complete trust over her. But this girl isn't worth their trust.It is some girls like this who bring the wrong opinion on the entire women. So she somehow wanted to prove it to them both. She tried showing the pictures and messages to both of them, but love made them blind. The trust they had on Nikitha was far better than the trust they had on her. But she did not give up because she still loved Ranjith and wanted to save him from the claws of that Nikitha. It was like fighting a losing war for her, yet she fought with hope. After a few days, at the break time, she send word to Sunder through a friend that she wanted to meet him at the basketball pitch and did the same with Ranjith. So, both Ranjith and Sunder came to the basketball pitch one by one. She hid herself at a distance and watched them both. Sunder recognized Ranjith and started talking with him. They had talks between them like their name, their department such like that. But to the bad luck of her, rain started pouring from the clouds. Fear of getting drenched, they both left the place running from the rain in separate directions.Nikitha was saved by her luck. Eventually Nikitha came to hear about what she was trying to do. The word spread to her through both Ranjith and Sunder. This made it easier for Nikitha to stay cautious and escape with both of them with further more lies. Nikitha even wanted both of them to stay away from her and also mesmerized them with her beauty and glamour. So due to this both of them started avoiding her not knowing the fact that she was trying to help them. Days and weeks passed, every time she tried to approach them, they avoided her. She believed the only way to make them believe is to make them both meet in person and talk with each other. But it won't happen as long as they keep avoiding her. She needed to gain both of their trust on her as it was back before.She continued her efforts.The more the days passed, the more love grew over Ranjith. One day she got a call from an unknown number, she attended the call and it was from Nikitha. She tried to threaten her and wanted to stop everything she did at once. She wasn't afraid of Nikitha and answered back that she won't stop until she proves Nikitha a cheat. It was a long call and many exchanges of words happened between those two. The call soon became a battle. She challenged Nikitha that she would bring her down. Nikitha ended the call with a big laugh. Now she became more determined to stop Nikitha. She started thinking of ways to make both Ranjith and Sunder meet one another. Meanwhile Nikitha threatened both of them that she would break up the love if she found him in any contact with her. Nikita's words were like god's order to both of them. They followed it like everything and so she was erased from their lives. Days passed by, all time the same thing happened. She reached only failure in all her attempts. She could never get to speak with them. Once she even did get a message from Ranjith saying “Who are you?”, but she later found it was sent by Nikitha from Ranjith’s mobile. This Nikitha sure did have a lot of luck with her, but it was not near the hope that she had. Ranjith and Sunder were enjoying their days with Nikitha while she was attempting to reveal the truth in the back. Many of her friends even suggested her leave her past, it's their fate to be cheated on and wanted her to start a new life. But she wasn't ready to give up. When Nikitha isn't afraid to lie, why should she be trying with only the truth. A lie to take down another lie. This was her last plan to show them the truth. She send word through a friend to Ranjith that she has been in an accident and wants to see him. After hearing this Ranjith rushed to the hospital. When he reached there he saw that she was unharmed and got angry.But she made him calm down by saying that he would have never came to see her if she hadn't lied like this and also wanted him to listen to her. She wanted to meet Ranjith and his girlfriend for one last time and then she promised to leave his life forever. Ranjith replied with a dull face that Nikitha will not agree with this. But she forced him to keep it secret until they made the meeting. Ranjith was told to bring her just like a dinner date. Ranjith agreed and left the place with a confused mind. She did the same thing with Sunder and told that she wanted to give him a dinner treat for old time friendship and then she will leave his life and also took promise that he must keep it a secret from Nikitha and then Sunder to left the place. Both Ranjith and Sunder agreed to this for the old time friendship with her. She wasn't erased but locked away from their life by Niktha. The next day evening, Ranjith had taken Nikitha to dinner at Hotel Royal Cuisine as told by her. They were at table number 7. It was really romantic and love was filled in the air. Sometime around 8 o'clock, Sunder reached the place. She saw him entering the hotel from the other end. She started walking towards him. They both met near the table 7, where Ranjith and Nikitha were present. Nikitha became startled on seeing them both. Even Ranjith and Sunder were astonished on the meeting. They all took seat in the same table. Nikita's heart was beating at a high number while there was unshown fear in both Ranjith and Sunder’s face. It was really silent and no one uttered a word. Suddenly Nikitha fell to the ground unconscious. Both of them rushed to care her. But to the bad luck of Nikitha, there was a doctor at the next table. She came there when she saw this and checked on Nikitha. The Doctor found that Nikitha was just pretending and said it to them. So Nikitha had no choice but to stop her play. Nikitha opened her eyes to see Ranjith at one side, Sunder on the other side and she was at the exact opposite to her. Both Ranjith and Sunder’s face were filled with worries. She introduced to each of them as “ Meet Nikitha and his boyfriend “, showing hands at both of them. Both screamed in shock “what!!!”. Nikita's face started sweating. Both of them said that he was his boyfriend and started shouting at each other. Then both of them turned towards Nikitha and asked her to say the truth. Nikitha kept a grim face and answered with silence. She enjoyed this victory by seeing at it for a while. It gave her satisfaction seeing both of them have found the truth. Nikitha was struggling between them speechless. Both Ranjith and Sunder were ashamed of themselves for being cheated on. Ranjith left the scene with a broken heart. Sunder gave a big slap to Nikitha, he shouted big words at her and he sweared that he would get his revenge on Nikitha and said he would ensure that she would never cheat on another man. He left the place angrily after that. She gave a hand to Nikitha and with a evil little smile in the lips she said “Good Luck”. The entire crowd in the hotel saw everything and Nikitha ran from there embarrassed. She then turned and searched around the hotel for Ranjith. At a distance in the balcony she found Ranjith. He wiped his tears as she walked towards him. There were still the the marks that she could still see. Both him and her stood facing the lovely sky side by side. He turned towards her and said in a dull voice, “Thank you. Thank you for everything.”. There were still tears in his eyes. She put her hand over his hands in the handrail. She said to him,” Do not waste your feeling on someone unworthy like this.” and also proposed to him “Ranjith, I love you, love you with my heart. I am there for you. This Akshara is always there for you”. Her heart was beating very fast and she was worried what his reaction would be. Ranjith turned towards her and replied with a small smile which showed only one meaning. The love bud blossomed between Ranjith and Akshara. If she had given up, she would have never got this life, but her hope and efforts led her to a great life with the person she loved.


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