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Love Takes the Cake by Krista Ames

Josh leaned against a tarnished 1950’s parking meter outside the town bakery. He’d been there a good half hour, watching Annie through the display window covered with decorated paper cupcakes. She had a booming business, but no surprise there, she was a top-notch baker. Her customers always left happy and smiling. He wished like hell he could walk in there, chat, and walk back out with a smile, but he was afraid his exit would be much more dramatic—like through her storefront window, and he’d be paying for the replacement glass.
Love Takes the Cake
Love Takes the Cake by Krista Ames
He was probably better off going back home. The worst part of his current situation was he’d already promised his best friend, Brian, he would drop off the final payment for the cake. Their wedding was tomorrow and Julie, the bride-to-be, was already stressed out enough without him causing any more trouble. “As the best man,” he recalled Brian stating, “consider it one of your before-the-wedding, best-man duties, buddy.” Brian then gave Josh a hard slap on the back. Duty my ass. Those two both knew about the feelings he still harbored for Annie. He’d been working so hard to avoid her lately even though she occupied his mind every waking moment. He had a sinking feeling they were setting him up, forcing him to see her. And he should be happy, because he really wanted to see her so bad. But he didn’t want to see her at the same time. He had no real reason not to go. The weekend wasn’t about him, so how could he say no to Brian at this point? “Well, no time like the present,” he mumbled as he pushed away from the change meter. He couldn’t stand there all day. “She probably hates me, so what do I have to lose? Just my pride and dignity, no big deal.” He shook his head and puffed out a breath. Just like in one of those spooky movies where the guy needs to go in the door at the end of the hall, his destination seemed to get further and further away the more he walked toward it. Maybe that was his psyche telling him he should have just gone home. Not doing this though, would cause more problems with more people, and no way could he fix all that. Focusing on just one person was super terrifying because of who the person was, but better in the long run. Against his better judgment, Josh reached for the handle. Through the glass, he could see Annie standing at the counter, and his stomach instantly churned. Did she have to be so breathtaking? The way her beautiful curls lay soft on her tanned shoulders made him remember how the strands felt when he ran his fingers through the silkiness of her brunette locks. And, she possessed a smile that made her own eyes sparkle bright. Just her presence gave him goose bumps. This is why he’d been avoiding her lately. Idiot, just get your ass in there! In his anticipation, he pulled at the door with a little too much gusto, forgetting she had a bell attached to alert her to customers. The door sprang quickly closed behind him, jingling the bell a second time and catching her attention. When their eyes met, he froze. Her ten seconds of focus stretched out like hours but was gone in a flash when a customer gained her attention once again. Crazy, but in that ten seconds, his chest warmed clear to his soul, then just as quickly turned cold as ice as he witnessed a myriad of emotions cross her beautiful heart-shaped face. Emotions he recognized from their last horrible encounter, a day he would never forget. Damn it, he shouldn’t be there. He’d been avoiding any contact with Annie for that very reason. Yes, he was scared to death of what she might say, but more so of what she didn’t have to say. She’d pretty much always been an open book and he knew he’d be able to see the disappointment on her face. Love had never been a problem between them. She never had the ability to hide those genuine feelings from him, but the way her eyes showed lingering discontent sent his gut wrenching. The hurt they’d inflicted on each other, intentional or otherwise, was something he would regret and live with the rest of his life. Just when he’d made the decision to leave the bakery before any more damage could be done, the inevitable happened. * * * * “Hello, Josh…” Even though the whole scheme was her own idea, Annie was still a little bit surprised to see Josh standing there. She hoped he’d do what his friend had asked of him without question but he was a stubborn man so it could have gone either way. She had the feeling he’d been avoiding her around town for a while now. He had even been ready to turn and follow her last customer out when she mustered the courage to say his name. Now, as he hesitantly moved closer, she couldn’t help but abandon the edible flowers she was creating at her counter to hold her stomach for fear that all the butterflies would leap right out. Okay, yes, she was nervous. She was totally confident in her love for Josh and when she’d concocted this hair-brained idea with her friends, Julie and Brian, she had no doubt she would be able to tell him—had already known what she wanted to say. She’d been practicing for weeks. At the moment, however, she felt like a mental case. Just seeing the man put her heart into a tail-spin, turning her into a love-sick school girl on Valentine’s Day. Knowing he’d rather walk out than have to face her actually hurt a little but who could blame him? They’d ended their relationship so badly and she blamed herself. There were a lot of things she’d said she now regretted; mean things that seem so unimportant after these last few months without him. For those lonely months, she had plenty of time to think and beat herself up about the bad choices she’d made and the way she acted toward him. Annie had been threatened by the fact Josh was so secure and focused on his career, he’d loved his job and was all about planning their future together.But, at the time, none of that was clear to her. She’d only been thinking about herself. She was struggling to keep herself above water and wanted his full support while she furthered her own career, making a name for herself, Selfishly enough, she didn’t notice that all he ever did was support her and she did nothing to acknowledge him in any capacity. Finally, he decided he couldn’t take it anymore. Annie had always been proud of Josh for working so hard to become a third generation detective. It was a dream for him and meant a great deal to his family as well. How she couldn’t see that she’d treated him so poorly?. At every turn, she dismissed his needs, and took for granted the relationship they had until it was too late. She was determined to make amends, if that was even possible. With the help of her friends, she would use their wedding venue to get Josh in the same space as her, to do what she could to make up for everything she’d done. And in the process, would make the best cake she’d ever baked, an Annie’s Place special. Unfortunately, because she was making the cake, it was kind of a conflict of interest for her to be in the wedding, but Julie had plenty of sisters to fit the bill. On a positive note, Josh and Brian were best friends, and Josh was the best man, so he would be at the wedding. Too bad she wouldn’t get the opportunity to walk down the isle with him. At first, Annie had attempted th give her friends the cake as part of their wedding present, but Brian insisted on paying for it, which really worked to her benefit in the end. When the time came, Brian would have to convince Josh to unknowingly be a part of the plan. If ,or when, Josh found out she’d planned the whole cake shop encounter, he wouldn’t forgive her. That bit of reality made her want to cancel the whole charade. She was already in over her head, so she had to try something. If she was fated to live without him for the rest of her life, she wanted to know she’d done everything possible to get him back. Her one and only goal was to be in Josh’s arms at the wedding reception. She refused to accept an alternative ending. Chapter Two Annie stood motionless facing him across the counter. With the customers and her employees gone for the day, the room was quiet enough to hear a pin drop and Josh’s expression not only showed nervousness, but apprehension and puzzlement. They knew each other so well; this shouldn’t be so hard. After a few grueling seconds, Josh broke the awkward silence, and eye contact when he glanced down at his shoes, hands stuffed in the pockets of his jeans. “Sorry for showing up unexpectedly like this, but Brian sent me to take care of the bill for the cake. He had to work today.” Annie smiled because she knew exactly why he was there. Her plan had worked beautifully. The trick was to keep him from turning and running as fast and as far as he could. “I’m glad you’re here.” He jerked his head, looking straight at her again. “You are?” “Yes, I am, and it’s really good to see you, Josh.” More than he even knew. “Okay, wait. Did I come into the wrong shop?” Hands on his hips, he glanced around in confusion. Annie laughed. “Trust me, you’re in the right place and really, I am glad to see you. You look great by the way.” No time like the present to pour out her heart. Deep breath. “Josh, there are some things I really need to say before I lose my nerve, so could you listen for a minute?” “Okay...” He stood completely still, never moving his hands from his hips, or changing the expression on his face. “I’m sorry.” She exhaled, realizing this was going to be harder than she had imagined. She knew no amount of practice could have made this easier. Josh opened his mouth to speak, but she quickly held up a hand, silencing him. “No, please, I need to do this, and I need you to hear all of it.” Annie heaved yet another deep breath and forged ahead. “I have so many things to say I’m not sure where to start.” She twisted her fingers where they lay on the countertop. “Josh, I was wrong about so many things while we were together. All of the things I said, and the awful way I acted toward you, it was a mistake. You didn’t deserve that kind of treatment. I was selfish and never took your feelings into consideration at all. I took you for granted and I was very wrong.” She almost laughed when his expression turned to shock. He remained quiet so she continued. “I was so focused on my business, I lost focus on us, you, and the career that you chose and loved. I criticized you for the long hours you were putting in when I was doing the same thing. You are a great detective, Josh, and I am so very proud of everything you’ve accomplished. I know I said a lot of awful things, but I didn’t really mean any of it. I am so very sorry for everything.” As a single tear escaped down her cheek, Annie closed her eyes and let out a deep breath, disappointed at how ridiculous he probably thought it all sounded if the horrified look on his face. His lips curled into a smile. Or not… Could it have been that easy? “Thanks Annie, I needed to hear that.” Josh reached for her hand with both of his, holding tightly. She was hovering on Cloud 9, his hands so warm and rugged, just as she had remembered them. That is until she felt something completely foreign poking her between their hands, something that felt a lot like …paper. Oh, no. Dread crept into every corner of her heart. He wasn’t really holding her hand because he wanted to. He was only doing what he’d promised his best friend he would do; exactly what she had planned for him to do. What she felt in her hand was a check. The check Brian sent him to deliver. How stupid could she have been to think he might actually forgive her? She had failed. Big time. With no other option, she gracefully accepted defeat, pasted a smile on her face, which he would surely see through, and grasped the check. She fought back the tears, swallowed her pride and thanked him. Annie hoped it would all end quickly. Josh casually released her hand, simultaneously breaking her heart, and asked the last question she wanted to hear. “See you at the wedding?” Then, without waiting for her to answer, he turned and walked out of her shop. She stood, weak-kneed, until he was out of sight. He had just walked out of her life…again. Was this how it felt when lovers died of broken hearts? For the first time, Annie would be going home early. * * * * As Josh steered his Jeep away from the curb in the quaint Texas town he’d grown up in, he was in total shock. He hadn’t anticipated Annie having that type of reaction to his visit. He was pretty proud of himself that he could muster the strength to hold firm, , to thank her and walk away, especially while touching her, which always made him giddy and warm all over. What his heart was telling him to do was wrap Annie in his arms and never let her go, but his head protested big time. He hated the way they’d ended their relationship, but in the very little amount of time they actually saw each other between their schedules, all they ever did was fight. Nothing he ever did was the right thing or good enough, according to her. He couldn’t recall how long he’d even put up with her selfishness before everything blew up and he’d walked out. The kicker was he loved living with her. He’d never stopped loving her, and he knew that without a doubt after seeing her, touching her again. But could she really have changed? Human nature was a quirky thing. There was no way he would live that same life again. Loving her didn’t mean he was willing to risk his happiness. She’d given a really convincing, heartfelt apology, but it just couldn’t be that easy for him. She’d have to try a little harder…years in a relationship that should have been give and take, 50/50—not he gives, she takes.They needed to talk. A lot. The reception really didn’t seem like the place for them to have quiet time alone to hash it all out, but what alternative did he have? She looked pretty shocked he’d allowed her to pour out her feelings and with little more than a thank you, he was out the door. He did feel a little bad and, it was a risk, but hopefully she would show up at the reception. He couldn’t imagine she’d just miss the wedding, but when he left her standing there holding the check, she looked devastated. He knew as well as Annie, that Julie would be upset if she didn’t show and he also knew Annie wasn’t the type to do that to her friends. So suck up her pride she would, and paste a smile on her face no matter how hurt she was. She just had to be there. He was counting on it. Ever since his buddy had asked him to do the favor, Josh had been doing a lot of hard thinking about how he could make it work for him. True enough, he’d been keeping his distance, but he hadn’t any clue what was going through her mind all along. He’d left her hanging and hadn’t talked to her until today. And boy she’d had a lot to say. He’d never expected all that. He probably wouldn’t see much of her during the wedding, but he could sure make the reception time count. He grabbed his phone and dialed his buddy, Brian. “Hey, man. Yep. Dropped off the check.” He blew out a laugh when Brian asked how it went. “I won’t lie, I debated not going at all and making up some excuse, but I eventually went through with it. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw her.” He listened to his friend while sitting at a stop light waiting to turn. “Yeah, she was nice. And threw me for a loop too. She actually apologized, and said she was glad I stopped by.” Another brief pause. “I know right? I had to make sure I’d gone to the right shop. Hey, do you think you all can do me a favor? I know your bride has a lot on her plate tonight, and I’ll see you later back at my place, but do you think Julie might be able to give Annie a quick call? I don’t want her to say anything about me obviously, but when I left she looked pretty hurt." Josh slowed to turn into his parents’ driveway, shutting the engine off so he could talk. “No I didn’t do anything to her. I barely said anything. She talked. I listened. I thanked her, gave her the check, asked her if I’d see her at the wedding, and left.” His friend was questioning what they could possibly do. “Just call, they’re friends and women. They’ll think of something to talk about. Maybe she can vent some of that wedding frustration or say that you’re being a jerk, I don’t know. I just want to be sure she’s okay.” Brian agreed he’d talk to Julie and they’d check on Annie. “Thanks, bud. I have to get showered for the rehearsal. See you later.” Feeling pretty good about things, Josh found the house key, dumped his duffle bag in the hall outside the bathroom of his parent’s house, and turned on the steaming water. He was house sitting while his mom and dad were off on a two month long pre-retirement vacation. Josh studied his clean-shaven face, hoping like hell things would go according to some sort of plan tomorrow. “Fingers crossed we don’t screw this up.” Chapter Three Saturday morning. Wedding day. Dooms Day for Annie’s heart and her love life. She was seriously contemplating her role as best friend. After yesterday with Josh, she didn’t even want to put herself through having to see him again. And poor Julie, she’d already made numerous phone calls bright and early this morning, waking Annie from a restless sleep to vent about the groom, the DJ complaining that he would be late to the reception and, of course, to check on her friend after the incoherent blubbering tirade from Annie the night before. She’d already reassured Julie that the cake was ready to go, and it would be there on time and in one piece. She’d make sure it happened because Annie was a professional, if nothing else. Her only dilemma that morning was whether to send a delivery crew to set up the cake in her place. The last twenty-four hours had proven to be almost more than she could deal with. She wanted to believe her friend would understand if she missed the biggest wedding their little town had seen in years. The problem was, she couldn’t in good conscience, not be there for her best friend. So, she would do as everyone would expect of her. Suck up her pride, put on a smile, get that cake to the park, and be at the church to straighten Julie’s train as she made the most important walk of her life. * * * * Resembling a big bundle of nerves, Josh stood at the front of the packed church between the groomsmen and the even more jittery groom. Both men were shaking so much, if anyone looked close enough, they might be confused as to which guy was getting hitched. Julie was seconds away from her famed walk down the aisle and all he could think about was not seeing Annie seated anywhere in the pews. He knew for a fact because he had gone over every single seat in the place with radar precision. She just wasn’t there. He never would have guessed she wouldn’t show up at all. Maybe she really didn’t want what he thought she did? He felt his heart break just a little. Unfortunately, he was in no position to do anything about it. He had a job to do. He heard the door creak and watched a blushing bride, escorted by her dad, come toward her groom. Josh turned, taking his place as best man, trying to shake off the dread. The next half hour was not about him. After the ceremony, he’d worry about whether his “tough love” theory had screwed up his chances of working things out with Annie. * * * * Annie slipped quietly into the last pew after she accompanied the bride to the double doors of the sanctuary and waiting guests, straightening her train as Julie’s father lead her away to her future husband. This spot in the back of the church afforded her a quick getaway after the ceremony to make one last check on the cake before everyone arrived at the reception. Unfortunate for her, this spot also afforded her the heartbreaking view of how wonderful Josh looked in his tux, even from behind. She knew without a doubt the front view would be too much for her heart to handle. She couldn’t imagine having to stand across from him during the heartfelt vows and sent up a silent prayer. Twenty minutes and several tears later, the wedding was a beautiful success. Brian and Julie said “I Do” and the whole churched cheered as the preacher announced the happy couple. Annie wanted to hang around for their walk out of the church together but that also meant the whole wedding party would be following and she wanted to avoid Josh, so now was the time to sneak out gracefully. Maybe while everyone was standing, they wouldn’t notice her leaving…. The bench creaked when she stood, it was an old bench, but no one even looked. All eyes were on the bride and groom as they started their progression. Once outside, Annie took a few deep breaths. Free and clear, for now. Chapter Four Josh sat in the backseat of the limo across from the bride and groom, or rather their legs, since they were both hanging out the sun roof. He didn’t really care what they did as long as they were happy, he had more important things to worry about. He was almost positive when they’d all turned toward the guests after the deed was done, he saw her slip out the back of the church, but with so many people between them, he never would have made it outside to catch her if it was her. He was scared to death Annie wouldn’t be at the reception at all by the time they got there. Josh cursed the person who ever started the tradition of driving around town with the whole wedding party before the reception. What was that even about? To show off to all the single people that you were both taken? Who cares? The people that cared were at the wedding. It could have screwed up his whole plan. She may have set up the cake and left before anyone even got there. If he ever got married, and his chances were looking slimmer every minute, there would be no in between time, just straight from wedding to reception. Better yet, he could have the wedding and reception in the same place. Then no one would have to drive. For now, all he could do was sit not so patiently and pray they wouldn’t take yet another turn in the opposite direction of the party. Less than half an hour later, instead of being relieved, Josh was wound tighter than a drum as the limo approached the entrance to the park where the festivities were being held. Similar to the church, the parking lot was too full to take a proper look around for Annie’s car so he continued to hold out hope he hadn’t screwed up his chances. As was his typical behavior of late, he posted the proverbial smile on his face, for the cameras and to avoid threats from the bride, and preceded the happy couple out of the car. He needed a drink then he’d wander through the crowd. There were so many people crowding the entrance to the pavilion they all started to look alike. He had no idea what color she'd have on since she wasn’t in the wedding. “Good lord I hope she isn't wearing a baking apron.” However, * * * * The park pavilion was absolutely beautiful and the cake looked like a masterpiece, not that Annie was bragging. It gave her such pleasure to see one of her creations turn out so well. Sometimes it still surprised her that she actually knew how to make that kind of stuff. She wasn’t really a creative kid in her younger years. At first she’d only seen it as fun and it relaxed her to bake. She used to make cakes randomly and free for her friends. Coincidentally, it was Julie that suggested she should start charging. She convinced her there really could be a career in it. One thing led to another, a few years of college for her business degree and a culinary school to specialize and she now had her own storefront. Wedding cakes were the most fun because they were always different and had lots of detail. Hers and the customers’ ideas came from all over. Her friend Julie had actually seen an intricate filigree heart design in a fashion magazine and knew she wanted them added to the heart-shaped cakes. They were a challenge for sure but really looked great. Annie took another look around the cake table. She’d also been in charge of the cake knife the bride and groom would use when it was time to cut, along with the engraved flutes for their toast. As far as she could tell, everything else was in order. Julie’s cousins did a great job decorating the pavilion and the cake fit in perfectly. Now she would wait along the sidelines quietly for the guests of honor to make their appearance, give them her congratulations and make a subtle exit— all without seeing Josh, she hoped. She kind of looked like a loner or maybe a lame bar fly resting against the gazebo railing. However, seconds later her posture sprang to life when she heard a frantic honking coming closer. Her stomach did a flip with every blast. This whole ordeal had been too much on her system, her nerves were shot. As Annie watched the limo park, she felt the need to flee quickly before anyone noticed. Her palms were soaked with sweat and swore her heart stopped at least twice as she watched Josh emerge from the car first. The bride and groom climbed from the limo and approached the awaiting crowd. At this rate she’d be there all night so she made her way closer to the front of the gazebo. A quick hug for both and she could be on her way. Annie waited for Julie’s family to greet them then she was next. “I can’t believe I’m actually married,” Julie whispered in her ear as Annie gave her a hug. Brian joined the embrace just in time. “I’m so happy for both of you. It was a beautiful ceremony.” With lovesick smiles, the happy couple wandered through their waiting guests. When Annie turned to leave, she caught sight of Josh, standing alone, looking heavenly and believe it or not, peaceful…and staring right at her. Shit. She wasn’t sure she could endure another meeting like yesterday but she had nothing else to lose, he’d already walked away from her twice. So after a couple deep breaths, she pushed herself to approach him. “Hi Annie. You look beautiful.” It wasn’t one of her dressier dresses—sleeveless, black and form fitting but it was nice to know he liked it. “Thank you, Josh, you’re very handsome in that tux.” She hated tense moments like this where people say the pleasantries and then stand looking at each other, at a loss for words. Annie motioned in the direction of the parked cars. “I was just heading out, but I wanted to apologize one last time.” She still felt horrible for her selfishness and his forgiveness was very important to her. “More than you’ll ever know, I’m so sorry for everything and I hope that someday you will be able to forgive me. I only wish for your future to be happy and I know that I’ll be okay if that isn’t with me but I do love you, Josh.” Enough said. She was blubbering. She turned to make her exit when a hand gripped her arm. * * * * “You know, I never doubted that you loved me, Annie.” She looked at Josh in confusion. He knew that feeling all too well. He spent a lot of time that way over the last few months. She never left his thoughts for a second. “I’m being serious with you.” He wiped the tears from her cheek with a thumb. Good grief he shouldn't touch her, made the thought of her walking away from him so much harder. He supposed that was pretty much how she was feeling when he left yesterday. Probably a few months ago too. I guess it’s a lot easier when you’re the one leaving. Kind of made him feel like shit that he’d done that to her. “You know, I’ve probably never told you this and I should have a long time ago. I loved you from day one, the day we met.” “You never told me. I’d like to think I wouldn't forget something like that.” “I admit it might sound a little silly but you know, that love at first sight thing? That was me.” Annie was shaking her head. “No, not silly at all. That was me from the get go. But I guess I never told you either. I was afraid you’d think it was silly.” Josh smiled. To think, they felt the exact same when they meet. Seems like they were meant to be. “Are you sure you have to go Annie?” Josh reached for and clasped his hands around hers. It was time for him to really put himself out there and about time too. After all, he was the one that left first. Seems the anger they once felt for each other had had plenty of time to dissipate. They were nowhere near ready to move forward together as a couple but it could definitely be a step in the right direction. “I think I could probably stay around awhile if that's okay with you? “More thank okay.” He took her hand in his and they started to walk together then he stopped abruptly. “You know; I didn't bring a date but I’m allowed to have one with me at the head table. Would you join me?” “I’d like that.” * * * * The night had gone better than Annie could ever have imagined. The food was amazing and she was so thrilled her friends had found each other. They were the epitome of happiness. She and Josh had both laughed so hard when Brian and Julie cut their cake. The first bite they fed each other was gentle and loving but then unlike normal traditional, they fed a second piece. However, that piece never made it to the inside of their mouths. Julie smeared her piece all over Brian's face then she took off running around the dance floor. However, her new husband thought better of it, ate the piece meant for her then went after his bride. The entire crowd had a good laugh and the new married couple ended the chase in their first dance. After watching the father dance and participating in Brian’s dollar dance, Annie returned to her seat to catch her breath. It was Josh’s turn to dance with Julie. She was mesmerized by the way he moved effortlessly across the floor. She admired his grace. Her heart ached a little bit more each time his genuine smile beamed while making Julie laugh. The true love she felt for him was aa bit overwhelming and she silently prayed they would get their second chance. She would do everything in her power to make that chance count. Lost in her dream world and oblivious to her surroundings, Josh startled her with a touch on her shoulder and she jumped. “Annie, I’m so sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.” She let out a laugh and shrugged. “It’s okay, I was kind of out in lala land. Looked like you were having a good time out there.” “Yeah I'm having more fun than I thought I would. I’m glad you decided to stay.” “I am too. Thanks for twisting my arm.” Josh took a seat beside her, drank the rest of his champagne then turned to face her. He was kind of intimidating and tense sometimes but those traits made him even more sexy. “Do you think you could handle dancing with me?”. She hesitated for only a minute. Is he kidding? She’d been waiting all night, hoping he'd ask. “I would love to.” She could think of nothing better and took hold when he held out a hand. As Josh folded her into his embrace, she melted right into place. She remembered so well, hadn’t done anything in a long while that felt this good. His beautiful eyes were fixed, igniting a dwindling fire deep in her soul. “Annie, I wasn't so badly to just say all is forgiven but it was aa little Moe complicated for me.” He whispered softly into her ear, “but maybe we could make a new start, take it slow and talk things out?” Relief washed over her. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing, especially after the disaster in her shop yesterday. The dread she’d been harboring in case things didn’t work out like she hoped, faded away. She pushed back slightly to take in the sincerity on his face. “I would really like that. I hate to admit I was a little worried after I saw you yesterday.” “I know the feeling.” Josh tightened his grip around her. “All through the wedding I just knew you would deliver that cake and leave before we could get there and it scared the shit out of me. All I could think of was wanting to hold you just like this.” Then he squeezed her close again. "Josh, I love being in your arms." "This really is where I always wanted you to be, Annie."


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