Lovers During War by Adam Mortimer

15 January 2015, Atlanta

The Addleton family stood around the grave of their grandmother. Christine Corques – Addleton was the family’s pillar since their grandfather, David, died in 1990. Christine, who was forty five years old when David died, did not remarry; she always said that her 
Lovers During War
Lovers During War by Adam Mortimer

children were already a handful to take care of and she did not need another husband to add to the baggage. The children knew then that Christine was just joking. She did not remarry because she loved her husband so much.

The Addleton left the cemetery in grief and despair. They huddled in the family house until the youngest of Christine’s five children, Georgette, agreed to be the one to stay for a few days and do the necessary arrangements regarding Christine’s belongings. Her siblings then went back to their respective states and to their respective lives. Georgette, however, was the only one that is not yet married in the siblings so the task to clean up their mother’s house fell upon her. Not that Georgette did not like to do it, but she was the baby in the family and to do this painful ordeal seemed like giving their mother’s dead finality.

Georgette went to Christine’s room with brown boxes in her arms. She planned to put her mother’s clothes in the biggest box, while her personal effects like pictures and dresser articles will be placed in a separate box. Georgette tried her best not to tear up when she smelled her mother’s favorite Chanel perfume and her favorite camouflage scarf. Georgette always told her mother before that the camouflage color was horrible to her mother but Christine never listened. Her mother had many scarves, many of which were high-end brands, but it was that fading scarf that she kept to herself all her life. Georgette gave a sad smile and put it among her mother’s clothes. She went through the numerous drawers of the dresser until on the bottom most drawer, which was usually locked, Georgette found a thick, black, hardbound notebook inside an old leather satchel.


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