Our Fairytale by Jamie Summers

She cowered, attempting to hide herself in the nook she had found behind the door; she was crouched - not standing as it would provide too much visibility and not sitting as it would leave her too vulnerable. Her heartbeat refused to be soothed, an echoing drumbeat 
Our Fairytale
Our Fairytale by Jamie Summers

thundering in her head as she forced her breath into a slow pattern, all her efforts going towards keeping her body still and motionless, remaining as unnoticed as possible. And then she heard it, a sound that made her heart stop for a moment and she was holding her breath without realising - quietened footsteps, muted so well she would not have been able to discern it from the ambient sounds were it not for the slightest reverberations in the floor beneath her alerting her to the man approaching her position from behind.

This was it; the moment that would decide everything. Adrenaline was rushing through her system, an instinctive response from her body to the fight-or-flight situation she was in and she allowed herself to lean an inch further forward, hopefully giving her the perfect angle to throw herself forward and away from the corner she was hiding in. But maybe- maybe it wouldn’t even be needed? The footsteps seemed to fade and for a moment she allowed herself a reprieve, to rest and breathe; and then the door flew open and muscle memory took over before she ever had time to make a conscious decision. She launched herself away from the door towards the safe haven of the front door - easily accessible now that she knew her pursuer was behind her rather than to the left. She made it as far as the patio doors leading to the kitchen before two arms encircled her waist and, with the ensuing momentum, their two bodies flew through the air and landed on the ground; he had cushioned her fall with his body, so the shock merely jolted her momentarily. She wanted to whirl around but his grip remained firm. Finally, coming to the decision that any further fighting would only end up in one - or both of them - getting hurt, she relaxed into his arms. His lips nearly touched her ear and she could feel his breath ghosting over her, sending delightful shivers down her neck as he spoke.

“Ooh, look at what I caught.”

She snorted, rolling her eyes in affectionate exasperation. His arms around her slackened and she took the opportunity to roll onto the floor beside him, the cold kitchen tiles a soothing contrast to her hot skin as she allowed herself to focus in on her fiancé.

“That’s all you’ve got to say? With that landing, you’ll have some pretty bruises tomorrow,” she gave him a quick grin, “or, well, not so pretty.”


His outraged expression set her off again, laughter bubbling up and, reluctantly, his lips quirked up into an answering smile. Eyes sparkling, she looked over at the man who had, as per usual, given into her nonverbal but no less pleading request to have a game of hide-and-seek-tag.

“And this is what you used to do at Christmas?”

His voice wasn’t accusing but the doubt was clear and she responded with a sheepish smile.


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