Outfoxed by K-lee Klein

Two pairs of scuffed, black combat boots hit the floor of the hotel room with four distinct thuds before the door locked back into place.  Tight, sweltering, black leather pants were shed, left in a ball on the floor beside the boots, abandoned in the heat emanating from two excited, lust-filled bodies.  They jockeyed for dominance, both already bare-chested and shining with sweat, hair, faces and sleek, muscled bodies nearly identical except for the color and shade of their short spiky locks and the scruff that accentuated their made- up but masculine faces.  The blond won the toss-up, pushing the brunet roughly against the velvet-papered wall, his mouth covering the soft lips of the other, tongue shoving immediately inside.
An excellent Erotic Book 

Rylan Rivers growled between gasps of breath, thrusting back against the toned body that pressed him to the cool wall.  “It’s not your turn,” he panted and snarled at his blond lover.  “Back up, Gage.  I’m taking control.”

Gage Galeano flattened Rylan more firmly to the wall, head slanting to seal his lips over Rylan’s protesting ones.  He wrestled Rylan’s arms up and over his head, keeping a firm grip on both wrists as he slipped a leg between Rylan’s thighs and pressed his knee against Rylan’s crotch.

Rylan gasped and stopped squirming long enough to suck Gage’s tongue between his lips, forcing their mouths together until he felt their teeth click.  He sucked indulgently,
Gage’s flavor overwhelming his senses and sending a jolt of excitement straight to his cock.  He enjoyed the sensation, the taste, the heat, for a moment more, then sunk his teeth into the wet muscle invading his mouth.  The metallic taste of blood assaulted his taste buds before Gage jumped back sharply, brown eyes so heavy with lust they were almost black, a sadistic grin gracing his beautiful face.

“Since when are turns part of sex?” Gage hissed, sinking one hand into Rylan’s brown spikes and yanking his head back.  His other hand moved to swipe at his mouth, a red streak appearing on his pale skin.  Rylan watched transfixed as Gage licked the color away.  Gage’s tongue was a thing of wonder, always knowing precisely where to lap and lick and suck, when to press harder, when to back off, the right moment to….

Rylan snapped his gaping mouth closed, wiping a dribble of drool away from his lips as he twisted his head from Gage’s grasp and tried to clear his head.  He managed a controlled smirk and pushed off the wall.  “I told you, you were out of line,” he growled, adjusting the uncomfortable bulge in his faux gold-lame boxer briefs.  “You have the shortest memory in the history of the world, dude.  Tonight I’m the man on top, not you.”

His words were strong but that didn’t change the fact he was hypo-aware of the sweet, addicting scent of sweat and desire wafting off his lover—Gage’s zest still alive in his mouth, on his tongue.  He was already rock hard.  So hard he had to struggle to keep his

hands to himself, needing to focus on what he wanted to convey to Gage, not how he looked, smelled, tasted.  He thought he’d won the battle until Gage suddenly thrust himself forward, grabbed Rylan’s face between his fingers and licked across his lips.
One of Gage’s hands ghosted down Rylan’s body and over the outline of his aching dick, sending shivers of ecstasy throughout Rylan’s taut body.

“Mmm, you’re wearing my favorite shorts, babe, but I think they’d look better off than on.”

Rylan growled again, covered Gage’s hand and squeezed his fingers.  He shoved him not- so-gently away, backing up from the heat and scent of pre-come that surrounded from his lover.  “You’re not listening, dumbass.”

Gage snickered evilly.  “I’m totally listening.  You wanna be the husband.” “Fuck off.  You know that’s not what I want.”
“Sounds like it,” Gage teased again, his left foot moving with precision in front of his right as he slinked in closer.  “You know I always let you top when you—”

“Let me?” Rylan squawked, stepping backwards from Gage’s steady pursuit.  “Since when do you let me do anything?”

Gage leered at him, heavy-lidded eyes shining with excitement and daring.  He took another step forward, his tongue licking slowly over his lips, every small movement, every tiny flexing of his body resembling a wild animal stalking its prey.  Rylan was getting uncomfortable, more uncomfortable than mere seconds before.  He was harder, too, impossibly harder, the head of his dick peeking up from beneath his shorts. He shifted his feet and swallowed the lump in his throat.  If he wasn’t careful, if he didn’t keep his head clear, his eyes focused on Gage’s and not on the way his lover’s fingers were rubbing over the bulge in his own black briefs, he’d end up giving in like he always
did.  He’d end up letting Gage have his oh-so-sexy way with him, not a bad thing, a really fucking hot thing actually… but tonight he wanted… oh fuck, he could barely remember what he wanted.

“You usually like it when I give the orders,” Gage murmured, voice low and gravelly as it was after a kick-ass performance.  “How about I stand here and you shove me against the wall?  Would that help get me laid?”  He quickened his pursuit, reaching Rylan before he had time to react, pushing him back until his ass hit the table beside the hotel window. “Or maybe I could do you quickly then you can have your turn?”

Rylan exhaled with a gasp, groaning when fingers dug into the skin just above the waistband of his shorts, his body lifted and plunked down on a cold, hard surface.  “Gage,” he moaned when his lover’s body covered his, sweat dampened bare chests suctioning together, Gage’s cock weighing heavily on top of his own.  “Ah fuck, you don’t play fair.”

He felt Gage smile against his lips, his lover’s tongue running the full circle of his mouth that Gage was currently smothering.  Gage lifted his head, shifting his body over Rylan’s, one hand supporting his weight, the other wrapping around the back of Rylan’s head
while he looked deeply into his blue eyes.  “Fair’s for pussies and I don’t see any pussies in the room.”

Rylan’s body shuddered with a carefully contained chuckle and more than a little lust. He hated that Gage knew him so well, that he could play him like a well-tuned guitar, hated it but loved it at the same time.  He was putty in Gage’s hands and normally, that’s just the way he liked to be; soft, pliant, warm and ready beneath the sex-on-legs body of his best friend and lover.

Gage moved to kneel over Rylan, legs bending until his knees pressed snugly to Rylan’s hips as he leaned over and pressed his mouth to the middle of Rylan’s smooth chest.  The kiss sent an uncontrollable shiver through Rylan’s body, starting in his heart and ending with a slight twitch of his demanding cock.

“You can take control whenever you want but…mmm, tonight you just look too damn tasty.”  Gage replaced his lips with a splayed hand over Rylan’s chest, fingers rubbing softly as his mouth moved to press sloppy open-mouthed kisses to the shadowy stubble of Rylan’s jawline.

Rylan took the opportunity to drag Gage’s mouth to his, shoving his tongue deep between his lips, hands cupping the perfect planes of Gage’s face as he tried to swallow him whole. Goddamn, the man intoxicated him, made him lightheaded with a single kiss or touch, made him want to be naked and squirming beneath him despite what other plans he may have had for the night.

The alpha-male-wrestling-for-position was a big part of their love-making.  Rylan usually gave in in the end, letting Gage take control, but only because he loved how Gage worked his body, how he knew how to make him soar and fall, over and over again.  He was just as proficient with Gage’s needs, but the way Gage got all dominant and growly when he was in control, just made Rylan’s experience that much more orgasmic.

When Gage flattened himself on top of Rylan again, Rylan looped a leg around Gage’s hips and pulled him even closer.  Rylan’s dick was raging in his shorts, spurred on by the hardness that pressed against him.  Gage moaned into his mouth, then pulled back sucking Rylan’s bottom lip as he went.

“Oh, too fast, babe.  Gotta slow it down a bit,” Gage whispered in Rylan’s ear, sending silent shivers through Rylan’s body when his man’s tongue slid behind his lobe and trailed down his jaw.  He flinched slightly when teeth nipped at the pounding point of his pulse, Gage’s exquisite tongue lapping the pain away and making him shiver even more.

The lips headed south next, leaving a trail of wetness and tingling in their wake.  Gage’s mouth was hot against Rylan’s skin, searing, soothing and impossible to ignore or resist.

Rylan roughly shoved one hand into Gage’s hair, fingertips working through the tangled, glittery, blond mop, breaking up the dried hair gel and separating the strands.  He arched his back when Gage’s skilled mouth reached his belly button, his lover’s tongue flicking and teasing at the quivering flesh, all Rylan’s muscles contracting, heating, screaming for more.

“Mmmm, the intoxicating sweat of Rylan Rivers,” Gage cooed.  “We could bottle this shit and make a million.”

Rylan’s fingers tightened in Gage’s hair when the magic lips and tongue moved lower, caressing the bulging gold crotch of his briefs, mouthing and humming hotness through the thin material and over his throbbing dick.  He shook his head, opening his mouth to protest or maybe encourage the fingers that tugged at his low waistband, so close to touching, feeling, tasting—

A loud banging at the door startled him.  “Who the fuck…”

“Oh shit,” Gage hissed, nimbly kissing his way back up Rylan’s body and resting their foreheads together.  “I completely forgot about your surprise.”  He ground his body against Rylan’s one last time then pushed off the table, bouncing on his toes when he landed on the plush, emerald carpet.  “Can’t leave him waiting, now can we?”

Gage’s eyes sparkled with mischief while Rylan’s body shivered from the loss of heat and contact, his brain clouded with confusion, and more than just a little annoyance, at just who the hell could be interrupting them so late at night.  He and Gage had decided it would be the two of them tonight, just the two of them celebrating, no thirds or fourths or God forbid, fifths.  They’d both agreed… hadn’t they?  As he lifted himself to rest on his elbows, he watched Gage strut to the door, pause then pull it open.  His confusion was overtaken by disbelief then anger when his surprise slinked through the door.

“Who the fuck?” He knew he was repeating himself but seriously who the fuck?

“Ry, this is Hunter,” Gage cooed, pulling a young, heavily made up man into the room. “He’s part of your birthday present.  You can totally be grateful to me later.”

“My birthday present?”

Hunter seemed to stare at the two of them forever, his green eyes wide with excitement, his slim, almost-girlish body visibly vibrating.  He wore a black, strategically ripped shirt that hung casually off one shoulder, and red spandex pants leaving nothing to the imagination, a cloth backpack slung forgotten over his shoulder.  Rylan was pretty sure that if the kid had a tail, it would be wagging out of control.

“Hey,” the kid said a little too loudly into the silence of the room, his tongue coming out to lick across his full lips.  “I’m like Glitter Fox’s biggest fan, dude.  You’re, like, so fucking awesome and holy fuck, I can’t believe I’m standing here in your hotel room…

me and fucking Gage and Rylan from fucking Glitter Fox.  I’ve seen you four times and each time you brought down the fucking house, man.  I even went and got the same tat as you guys.  Look!”  Hunter slid one hand under his shirt, lifting the material to reveal a pale, flat belly.  He grinned as he ran a finger over the brightly-colored Glitter Fox logo that adorned the right side of his ribcage.

“Fucking awesome, right?  It’s not exactly like y’alls but it’s as close as my cousin could get cuz I didn’t wanna wait until my mom said it was okay to get a real one… holy shit I think I might just spooge in my jeans I’m so fucking excited to see you guys and when that big, muscly dude hauled me up here to see you in fucking person, I thought I was in some kind of trouble or being punked or something, man, but holy fuck, no, it’s actually you and you’re here and I’m here and… dude, are you wearing gold drawers?”

Rylan forced a smile, moving quickly to sit up on the table, sliding to the edge and dropping to stand in front of Hunter.  “Nice to meet you,” he said, his over-played grin reaching neither his voice nor his eyes.  “I gotta go.”  He shoved past both men, reaching for the door handle as Gage grabbed his upper arm.

“Where you going?” Gage asked.  “It’s not polite to leave your guest hanging—” “Fuck off!” Rylan exploded.  “Get your goddamn hand off me and let me go.” “Ry—” Gage began, curling his fingers harder around Rylan’s bicep.
Rylan ripped himself from Gage’s grip, flattening the palm of his fingerless glove against Gage’s chest and shoving him backward. Gage stumbled comically, eyes wide, mouth gaping open as his ass hit the floor.  “What the...”

Rylan’s brow furrowed deeply as he glared at his lover.  “You seriously thought… I can’t believe you’d… you’re so fucking… goddamn it, Gage!”

He turned away, his hand on the doorknob, fingers caressing the cold metal, his breath coming in short angry bursts.  This wasn’t how he acted.  This wasn’t who he was.  How did he expect Gage to understand what his intentions had been tonight, what he’d been hoping for and expecting?  With one last deep breath, he faced the man on the floor again, his gaze locked determinedly on Gage’s worried one.

He didn’t know what to say, didn’t know how to explain what he was feeling, what he’d been feeling for a long time, and the way Gage was looking at him gave him no hope that the man knew what the fuck was going on either.  But shouldn’t he have a fucking clue? Shouldn’t the man Rylan had been working with, traveling with… fucking… know there was more to their relationship than just the singing and playing and sex?  Shouldn’t he be willing to spend this important night with just Rylan?  Shouldn’t he want to?

The realization that Gage was so goddamn clueless with regards to Rylan’s feelings made rage flare in the pit of his stomach.  He whipped his gaze away, turned again and threw

himself dramatically out the door, ensuring it slammed closed behind him.


Rylan’s feet carried him quickly away from Gage’s door, five steps and he was at his room.  He hated having to have his own room in the first place, since he and Gage ended up staying in one or the other together anyhow. But tonight the knowledge that he could get away from the sex-starved little bastard - and his little groupie - made the room almost a safe haven in his mind.  He blew out a big breath, threaded a hand through his hair then reached for the door handle of room 706.

It wasn’t until a cool breeze brushed over him that he realized he was standing half-naked, more than half actually, his gold briefs being the only thing covering his complete nakedness.  The aspect of being nude in public didn’t bother him, he’d had his share of wandering hotel hallways in his shorts or maybe less anyhow, but the fact that no clothes meant no room key turned the whole situation on its proverbial ass.

He let his forehead drop with a hollow bang to the door, resting there a moment while thoughts spun in his head.  He could see two possible plans of attack for the situation he’d haphazardly flung himself into, one no better than the other.  He could stuff down his embarrassment of being locked out of his room, hop on the elevator and head to the lobby, then casually, and charmingly, ask the front desk clerk for another key.  That didn’t seem so bad considering all the staff assumed the boys on the seventh floor were irresponsible, wild rock stars, whose behavior wasn’t expected to meet public standards anyway.

That assumption wasn’t true when it came to Rylan and Gage who had outgrown that particular part of their success and celebrity status and were considered mellow, and perhaps even boring, in their circle of entertainment friends now.  They spent their free time in their hotel room, or rooms, together, no breaking of furniture or drunken, noisy binges involved, except perhaps the loud objections and profanities that spilled from Gage’s mouth when Rylan kicked his ass at Playstation or the over-indulgent passionate cries of the odd groupie that Gage had smuggled back to their room.  The latter situation had happened less and less, a perfectly good thing in Rylan’s mind.  He wasn’t sure how Gage felt about it and if tonight was any indication, Gage seemed quite happy to continue sharing their sex life with others.

Rylan didn’t consider what they shared to be merely fucking but since words like love, monogamy, and commitment weren’t part of either of their vocabularies, he wasn’t even sure where Gage stood on the issue of their relationship.  And being the pussy partner of the relationship, as Gage liked to tease, the less aggressive and demanding one, he’d never had the courage to ask Gage about it outright.

Rock stars didn’t do serious relationships, and if they did, it certainly wasn’t with another member of their band, whether that person was of the same or opposite sex.  They may have accidents and incidents of unexpected monogamy, more often than not involving

one of their conquests getting knocked-up but unless Rylan had misunderstood his high school biology classes, there wasn’t much chance of him, or Gage for that matter, getting pregnant.

Rumors were always flying when Glitter Fox came to town; rumors of bisexuality and orgies with groupies, and in the past, those rumors had been somewhat accurate.  But now, for the past couple of years, the only orgies involved Gage, Rylan and some hot boy they’d dragged back to their room.  The ever-changing, nameless faces were usually picked out by Gage, then snuck into one of their hotel rooms by their muscle-bound bodyguard, Chase.  Chase was discreet and reliable, and had been with Glitter Fox since its early beginnings six years ago.  He was loyal and didn’t judge, something that was important to the whole band.

Rylan swiveled his head against the door, turning his body until he was facing the opposite way then sliding down until his bottom hit the floor.  He dropped his head to his knees, screwed his eyes closed and just breathed in the quiet of the moment, trying hard to ignore the fact his bare skin was touching carpet that was disgustingly dirty and germ- ridden.  He shifted so one leg settled beneath him, his mind switching back to the situation at hand.

His other option was, of course, to go back to Gage—Gage and his twinkie, Gage and his nightly snack—but fuck, that seemed like such a backward turn of events.  Not to
mention the fact that Hunter was Gage’s type not Rylan’s and whose fucking birthday
was it anyhow?  It didn’t really matter since Rylan wasn’t interested in being with anyone but Gage, and seriously, how did someone waltz back into the room where they’d just made a dramatic show of storming out?

Either way he’d lose even more of his dignity, more than he’d already given up in front
of Gage and the kid.  Either way he’d end up feeling stupid and embarrassed.  Perhaps he could just sit here and wait for one of the other band members to saunter by, not that there was much chance of that happening given the late hour, and really, how was that any less stupid or embarrassing?

He was tired and truth be told, fed up with life on the road at the moment.  He needed a break to digest all the feelings he’d been having, all the ponderings and confusion he was feeling about him and Gage, Gage and him, them together, them apart.  He didn’t even know when he’d started thinking in terms of relationships and commitment instead of
one-night stands, fuck toys and just getting laid.  All he knew was one minute he’d been fine with their casual, open lifestyle and the next he felt possessive and pouty whenever someone else shared his and Gage’s evenings.

He could blame his behavior tonight on the fact it was his birthday, make it seem more like a selfish me, me, me display of acting out rather than what it really was.  But maybe age did have something to do with it.  Maybe turning thirty-five put him into some different phase of his life.  Was he like some woman feeling her biological clock ticking? Was he craving domesticity?  No, that was just wrong.  He still wanted to rock out every

night, stand sweaty and turned-on in front of the band’s adoring fans, his Les Paul tucked securely against his body, the crowd screaming his name during his solos.

No, that part of his life was fine, fucking great even.  It was being with Gage that kept his brain churning in a schizophrenic labyrinth of distraction, his mind going this way and that, jumping from one extreme to the other.

He wanted Gage all to himself—he didn’t mind sharing Gage as long as they were together.  He needed Gage to be satisfied with only Rylan as his lover—Gage needed to be who he was and Rylan was satisfied to just be part of his life. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with Gage—he was happy to be with Gage as long as Gage still wanted him, in any way he wanted him, with whoever else he wanted to be with.

The sound of a door opening down the hall broke him from his self-reflection, his whole body going guitar-string taut.  He lifted his head to see the twink strolling toward him, arms weighed down with loot; Glitter Fox posters, pictures and assorted other things including a brand new black T-shirt draped loosely around his neck.  Rylan took a deep breath and lifted himself from the floor, crossing his arms over his chest and leaning a hip against the wall.  He could do this.  He could keep things the same if that’s what kept him with Gage.

“Yo, dude,” the kid drawled, a huge ass grin spread across his face.  “Look at all the shit
Gage gave me, man!”

He stopped right in front of Rylan, planting himself in the guitarist’s personal space and bouncing excitedly from one foot to the other.  Rylan held his ground, one part of him annoyed as hell at the nerve of the kid and the other, a little impressed for the exact same reason.

“Looks like a good haul,” Rylan said softly, maintaining his alpha male pose and looking the excited youngster square in the eyes.  “Was awfully quick though—”

“Gage wanted me to give these to you, man.  He said you’d probably be hanging out here in the hall.”

Rylan huffed out a frustrated breath as Hunter held his hand out, something white clasped between his fingers.  “You okay, dude?  You look a little... pouty.  Want me to stick around and keep you company?  I could go down and get us a couple of beers.  Well, I actually couldn’t do that legally but I’ve got a fake I.D. so that won’t be a problem.  We could have our own party in the hall, yo!”  Hunter grinned widely again, pressing something into Rylan’s palm when he extended his hand.

No, just fucking no, Rylan’s brain screamed, then, “How old are you, Hunter?”  If Gage hadn’t even bothered to check the twink’s I.D.—his real I.D.—Rylan was going to fucking kill him.

“Almost eighteen, but everyone always says I look way older,” Hunter said proudly, readjusting the bundle of goodies he clutched to his chest, the huge-ass grin never faltering.  “So… you wanna beer?”

Rylan shook his head.  Gage was fucking dead.  So fucking dead.  “No, Hunter… thank you.  You can just head out.”

Hunter shrugged and slipped one hand into his front pocket, fingers wrapping around what appeared to be a cellphone.  “Okay, cool. My mom’s waiting in the car anyhow. She said I couldn’t come unless I aced my biology test tomorrow so I gotta hit the books hard.  I was wondering if I could snap a quick pic for my Facebook.  My friends are gonna fucking flip out.”

Rylan loosely draped an arm around Hunter’s shoulders, faking his best rock star smirk as Hunter pulled him close.  Hunter kept hanging on when he pulled the phone back, studying the picture for a moment then laughing out loud.  “Fucking cool!  Thanks, dude. Great meeting you guys.  See you at your next show, right?”

“Right.” Rylan struggled to maintain a calm, casual look on his face despite the roaring inside his head.  The kid wasn’t even eighteen, was still in high school and his mother
was waiting in the fucking car?  What the hell kind of universe had he been dropped into?

“Have a good one, man!” Hunter called behind him as he bounded down the hall toward the elevator, abruptly turning and lifting a hand in the air.  “Oh fuck, I forgot!  Gage said he was gonna do some bubbles if you wanted to join him… No!  He was gonna indulge
in some bubbles.  Don’t know what that means, sounds kinda kinky to me, man… well…
see ya!”


Rylan waited until Hunter had disappeared into the elevator, then smacked his hand against the wall.  Gage had some goddamn nerve!  Inviting an underage kid back to their room, fucking him then expecting Rylan to warm his bed for the rest of the night?  He shoved at the wall again, maybe even stomped his bare feet a little in frustration and anger.  Jailbait?  Sloppy seconds?  Seriously?  Holy fucking Christ!

Remembering the items Hunter had placed in his hand, he opened his fingers to find two of the hotel’s magnetic key cards - two, not one, two.  Leave it to Gage to make it difficult, not that it really mattered since he could just try both in the door of his room, but at the back of his mind he knew when Gage was involved, there had to be a catch.

He fingered the cards, flipping them over and studying the backs.  One was blank, except for the expected black stripe running across the center of the card and the hotel name written in plain black letters beneath it.  The other card made Rylan shake his head in disbelief, his mind struggling to control the ridiculous fluttering of his heart.  Fucking Gage.  Staying mad at him for any length of time was always impossible for Rylan.  No

matter how he hard he tried, how cold and distanced Rylan attempted to be, how badly
Gage screwed up, he just couldn’t get him out of his mind, out of his heart. Fucking Gage.


The plastic card slid easily into the slot, the snick of the electronic mechanism resonating in the empty hallway.  Rylan carefully turned the knob, his decision still not clear in his head, but then pushed the door open anyway.  The suite was dark except for a horizontal slit of light shining across the floor at the opposite end of the room.  It illuminated the richness of the suite, casting intricate and interesting shadows on the walls and furniture, as well as laying a path to where Rylan needed to go.

He moved toward the light, swearing under his breath as he stubbed his toe on what he thought was a shoe or boot or maybe even a beer bottle.  He tossed one of the key cards on the table as he passed by, clutching the other one in his hand and running his thumb over the side with the magnetic strip.  He could just call it a night, go straight to bed and deal with everything in the morning.  That would be the logical solution, the one guaranteed to help him keep his cool with Gage, to not get all emotional and pissy with him.  Gage was just Gage after all.  He’d never change and Rylan wasn’t in the mood to try and explain how he, himself, had changed almost in the blink of an eye.  What Gage did was his business and it wasn’t up to Rylan to monitor his actions, no matter what feelings he had for the man.

The tingling fragrance of lavender assaulted Rylan’s nose when he neared the mostly- closed bathroom door.  He hesitated, the bedroom was only a few feet away, and he silently willed himself to just walk on past the alluring scent of flowers and warm steam that wrapped around him and snuggled him close.  He snuck a quick peek through the gap, dipping his head and knowing this was a battle he wasn’t going to win.

“Still mad?” Gage’s sultry voice echoed in the bathroom.  “I’m sure I can make it up to you, babe.”

Rylan pushed the door the rest of the way open and sucked his bottom lip between his teeth to tamp down his amusement.  Through the haze of the steam, Gage grinned at him from the over-sized tub, his entire body covered in water and bubbles right up to his neck. One arm rested on the edge of the tub, a beer bottle grasped between his fingers while his other arm moved slowly over himself under the water.  His eyeliner was smeared in a
well-fucked kind of way, his lips red, used, inviting.  The whole scene was sexual and heated, the image straight out of a cheesy porn movie except for…

“What’s with the stupid hat?” Rylan asked.  He moved closer to the tub, stopping a few feet away and hoisting himself up onto the countertop, pulling off his fingerless gloves and tossing them beside him.

Gage grinned wider and tipped his head to the side.  “How fucking old are you, man? Don’t remember the birthday hats we all wore when we were kids?”

“I know I never wore one like that.  Is there a reason you’re wearing it in the tub?”  Gage was not going to get under his skin.  Rylan could be strong.  He could do this.  He could spill his guts to Gage and handle whatever the outcome may be or… he could keep things just the way they were and be happy with them.

“Because it’s your birthday, dude.”

“Gage…” Rylan hissed.  He knew Gage prided himself on pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes so they thought he was just some addle-brained rocker, but Rylan knew the truth.  Gage had an I.Q. that could stun the brightest scientist.  He’d been accepted into three major universities after high school, full scholarships, full rides, but he’d went with his dream of forming a band, traveling the world and sharing his gifted voice and stage presence with everyone who was willing to listen.  Rylan was glad he chose the path he did, glad he chose him to take that journey, but that did not mean he’d let Gage get away with playing dumb with him.

“Come on, babe.  You love the bubbles as much as I do.  Come on… take a dip.”

Rylan couldn’t control the lopsided grin that took over his face.  He shook his head and huffed out a chuckle.  “If your fans could only see their hot, manly, sex-on-legs leader covered in smelly lavender bubbles, surrounded by romantic candles and wearing a pink birthday tiara on his head.”

“Don’t forget the little surprise under the water,” Gage teased, arching his body, the head of his dick grazing the top of the water.  “Bet they’d already be in the tub with me.”

Rylan dipped his head, swinging his legs back and forth under the counter, fingertips gripping the marble countertop as he sought the words he wanted to say.
“Uh oh.  Something tells me this little fella’s gonna have to wait.  What’s going on, Ry?” Rylan took a big breath and looked up at Gage.  “You slept with a teenager.  You trying
to get yourself arrested, man?”

“What?  How can you even think that?” Gage’s voice was high with disbelief but he quickly recovered, smiling gently at Rylan.  “Come on, Ry.  Jump in here and we’ll talk. I promise.”

“No,” Rylan insisted, lowering his eyes to settle on his thighs.  “This is serious, Gage.” “I didn’t fuck him.”
“Don’t lie to me.  He’s totally your type and I saw how happy he was when he left.”

“He used to be my type… with a few years added on.” Gage smirked but continued.  “But he was only a messenger, babe.  Just a fan doing me a favor.”

“Is that what you call it now?” Rylan demanded.  He wanted to believe Gage, he really did, but the facts just seemed to speak for themselves.

A sudden whoosh of water filled the uncomfortable silence of the bathroom and Gage was standing in front of Rylan; soaking wet, suds dripping off his body as he ran his soapy hands up Rylan’s thighs and pressed his against his chest.  “I. Didn’t. Fuck. Him,”
Gage repeated.  “But, man, you were pissed before he even got here.  Wanna tell me what your problem was?”

Rylan tried to shove Gage away but the slippery body kept him pinned to the counter and he didn’t try that hard anyhow.  Gage smelled so good, looked so good wet and smeared and wanting him.  They stood that way for what seemed like a lifetime, staring into each other’s eyes, neither moving an inch, neither giving in to the other.  It was a common standoff in their relationship, a pissing contest, something they often did just to see who would pussy-out first, who would come out on top, so to speak.

Rylan blinked first, his primal instinct kicking in, not to mention lust and need, and the fact Gage was butt fucking naked and smelled good enough to eat.  The whole situation was just too strong for him to ignore.  He wrapped a hand behind Gage’s head, fingers digging hard into the back of his neck, pulling him forward and crushing their mouths together.  Gage tasted like beer and lavender and sweet peppermint candies, the ones he wouldn’t admit he was hopelessly addicted to, the ones he always kept a supply of in the pockets of all his jackets and pants.

Gage returned the pressure, flicking his tongue over the crease of Rylan’s lips then pushing roughly inside.  Rylan groaned when Gage palmed the bulge between his legs, his cock rising to the occasion, filling quickly beneath Gage’s teasing, expert touch. Gage’s other hand skimmed up Rylan’s torso, pausing in the center of his chest, fingers moving to circle and flirt with his peaked nipples.

Rylan suddenly couldn’t breathe.  He pulled away, gripping the sides of Gage’s head, thumbs caressing the sensitive spots behind his ears.  “Why do you do this to me?” he whimpered between gulps of much-needed air.

Gage smirked and pressed harder against Rylan’s crotch, short fingernails scratching over the top of Rylan’s briefs.  “Make you horny?” his voice rumbled.

“Make me crazy,” Rylan answered.

“You’re the one who’s teasing,” Gage said, leaning in for a quick kiss and brushing their noses together.  “I didn’t have sex with the kid.  His mother was waiting in the car for Christ’s sake.”

“Then what…”

Gage mouth dropped open and his eyes grew wide.  He planted a firm hand on Rylan’s chest and stepped back.  “Wait there.  Don’t move a muscle or you’ll be totally punished.”

“What if I want to be punished?” Rylan called after him as he watched Gage’s beautiful naked ass leave the bathroom.  Yeah, he really wanted to fuck that ass before the night was over.  But the situation hadn’t, and wouldn’t, resolve itself, would it?

He knew he wasn’t doing a bang-up job of explaining himself, his actions and his
reaction to Hunter but maybe, just maybe, he could just drop it for now.  The last thing he wanted to do was lose Gage because then the whole point of being in love with him… oh God, there he’d said it, or at least admitted it to himself.  He was in love with Gage,
pretty sure it had been that way for a while, probably throughout most of their relationship but for some reason it seemed more real to him now, more demanding and important to get out in the open.  He didn’t think Gage felt the same way, at least not in the I’m-in-love-with-you-and-don’t-want-to-fuck-anyone-else-anymore  way.

No, they had something good going, something good together and with the band, something that could be destroyed if Rylan made the wrong choice in admitting his love for his best friend.  He reached for the key card that he’d set on the counter beside him and wondered again what the red lipsticked heart that had been scrawled on the card meant.  Just another one of Gage’s teases, one of his sneaky tricks to get Rylan to forgive him, to come back to the room and have his way with him.  The reasoning wasn’t really that important anyway since it had obviously worked.

“Close your eyes!” Gage called out from the other room.  “Don’t peek or I’ll kick your birthday boy ass!”

“I’d really prefer you spank it.”  Rylan chuckled to himself, the key card forgotten in his hand as he closed his eyes and leaned his head back to rest on the mirror.  “You better not have any more jailbait hidden in here, Gage, or it’s your ass that’ll be getting whooped.”

He heard Gage’s throaty laugh, the soft padding of feet on the bathroom floor, then Gage joined him on the counter again. A strange hissing sound filled the room and Rylan’s face was suddenly hot.  “Open ‘em,” Gage whispered inches from Rylan’s face.

Rylan gasped a little when he saw the lit sparkler staring him in the face, not only because it was fucking hot, but because it was attached to what he hoped was the most beautiful food known to man.

“Is that…”

“A red velvet cupcake flown in from your favorite place in L.A. and specially designed by moi.”  Gage grinned from ear to ear.

Rylan returned the grin, looking adoringly into Gage’s excited eyes.  “You had one cupcake sent from L.A.?  That’s what the kid brought?”

Gage nodded, moving the sparkler away from Rylan’s face and plucking it out of the
cake.  “Unfortunately, you can’t blow this sucker out but you can still make a wish.  Do it, man!”

Rylan studied Gage as he whisked the sparkler through the air, making intricate designs with it then tossing it into the sink.  He closed his eyes and paused a moment.  He knew what his wish was, had known for a while, but this, this right here, was just about as perfect as anything he could ask for.
“Done?” Gage asked.  “You didn’t compliment me on my superior design work yet.” Opening his eyes again, Rylan smiled at the comical look on his lover’s face.  He looked
down at the cupcake, surprised to find something simple drawn in the icing.  “A heart?
That’s your big designer career move?”  He chuckled and lifted a hand to ruffle Gage’s blond spikes, the ones that were still accessible behind the pretty tinfoil tiara.  “I think you can take this off now.”

Gage made a disgruntled sound and jumped from the counter, returning seconds later with a matching pink crown in his hands.  “I forgot to give you yours.”

Rylan shook his head and ducked away from Gage’s intended crowning.  “I’m thirty-five years old, Gage.  I’m not wearing a fucking princess tiara.”

The grin never left Gage’s face as he reached up and secured the glittery tiara on Rylan’s head.  “That’s why you should wear it, man.  You’re not getting any younger.  You gotta enjoy your childishness while it lasts.”  He laughed out loud, obviously enjoying his little quips way more than Rylan was.

“You keep forgetting that eventually you’re gonna be my age, too.  Then you better watch out.”

Gage stopped laughing, cocked his head to the side, and made a dramatic show of counting on his fingers.  Rylan gave him a little shove to his smooth chest.  “I’ve got…” Gage said, tongue sticking between his lips in concentration.  “Five, no six years until I catch up but then, of course, you’ll still be way older.”

Rylan grunted and dropped his chin to his chest.  “Argh, don’t remind me.  I’m pushing forty now.  Don’t wanna fucking talk about being over forty.”

“You’ll still be hot,” Gage growled, moving his body between Rylan’s thighs, his naked, half-hard cock rubbing erotically against Rylan’s leg.  “You don’t like my cupcake decorating skills?” he suddenly asked.

“Oh no, they’re really great… for a five-year-old.”

Gage smirked and wrapped his fingers around Rylan’s right wrist, moving the man’s hand until it was between them then forcing his fingers open, revealing the key card.  “It matches the card, though, right?  Ingenious idea if I do say so myself.”

“Only if there’s some hidden meaning behind it,” Rylan answered, not meeting Gage’s eyes.  He knew if he looked at Gage, his eyes would just show too much, something Gage was always telling him.  His eyes made him an open book and at that moment, he just wanted to close that book and stuff it back in the pile.  “So… you um… wanna jump back in the tub?  Might still be warm…”

“I love you, Rylan.”

Rylan’s breath hitched in his throat.  He kept his head tucked to his chest, struggling to control the excessive beating of his heart.  Of course Gage loved him.  They’d been best friends for years, had each other’s backs, fucked each other on a regular basis so of course that meant they had strong feelings for one another, but that did not mean Gage loved Rylan the way Rylan loved him.  Taking an extra moment to get his breathing under control, Rylan concentrated on shoving away the fleeting rush of hope that Gage might actually be in love with him and struggled to say something, anything, back to Gage.

“Yeah… um, me too,” he mumbled, picking at a loose thread on his briefs.

Gage’s finger pressed under Rylan’s chin, tugging his head up so their eyes met.  “That’s all you got?  Me, too?”

“What?” Rylan asked, pulling his chin from Gage’s fingers.

Gage made a low grunting sound deep in his throat.  “I told you I love you.  Do you know how fucking hard that is to say when you’re not sure if you’ll sound like a whiny teenage girl or a big, sappy pussy?”

Rylan couldn’t contain his smirk as he saw the look of disbelief on Gage’s face.  Gage didn’t get frustrated… ever… but right now, Rylan would swear that’s exactly what he was.
“Why do you think I’ve been getting guys that were your type lately and not mine?” “What?” Rylan repeated, startled by Gage’s words, the smug smile leaving his face.  “My

Gage shook his head and took a step back, Rylan’s knees squeezing to keep him right where he was.  “Yeah, and I haven’t touched another guy in months.”


“Chicago.” “Chicago?”
“Damn it, Ry.  Have you suddenly gone brain dead and can’t string more than one word together?”

Rylan swallowed purposefully then attempted to clear his throat of the rather large heart that was lodged there.  “What about Chicago?”

“That’s the last time I fucked anyone besides you,” Gage hissed crossing his arms over his chest.  “The last time I even touched another guy in… that way.”
Rylan tilted his head in thought.  “But Chicago was two… three months ago?” “Eleven weeks and three days of watching you with other guys,” Gage snarled,
attempting to pull away again.

Rylan snickered and wrapped his feet around the backs of Gage’s thighs, pulling him forward so he tipped right into his arms.  He wrapped himself around Gage and squeezed, realizing he finally had the upper hand.  That happened so rarely when it came to the two of them that his brain had taken a few moments to catch up, and as was the case when Gage got one up on him, Rylan intended to milk it for all it was worth.

“Ahh, that’s so sweet,” he cooed in Gage’s ear.  “You’ve abstained for that long… just for me?”

Gage snorted.  “Well, there hasn’t been that many guys and I wouldn’t actually say I abstained,” he said, maintaining his stiff-as-fuck posture.  “I did you at least a few times during that sad, depressing period of my life.”

Rylan snickered again when Gage turned his head and grinned at him.  “You bastard!” he blurted out.  “You just fucking played me!”

Gage laughed and wrapped an arm around Rylan’s neck.  “Not completely.  But, man, you totally thought I was all offended that you hadn’t noticed.”

“Fucker,” Rylan growled.  He pressed their mouths together, nipping lightly at Gage’s bottom lip.

“Whoa!” Gage warned.  “No more biting.  I may need those lips later.

“There’s no may about it,” Rylan said.  “You think you’re getting away with just getting me a fucking cupcake for such a devastatingly painful birthday?”

“A special cupcake… your favorite cupcake actually,” Gage corrected.  “And no, that’s not all I got you, Mr. Spoiled-As-Fuck.  Now if you let me go, I’ll get your real gift.”

Rylan smiled and dug his heels harder into the back of Gage’s legs.  “Maybe I just want you to suck me off for my birthday?”  He lifted his hips and ground his crotch against Gage’s hardness.

“Why settle for something you’re gonna get anyhow?” Gage teased, lapping across
Rylan’s lips then sticking his tongue in the dimple in Rylan’s chin.  “Now, let go.”

Rylan squirmed away from Gage’s obvious ploy to distract him.  That damn dimple was just too fucking sensitive.  Releasing Gage, he leaned back into the mirror again and picked up the cupcake beside him.  He licked across the pink heart, the exquisite sugary flavor stunning his taste buds and making him groan out loud.

“You haven’t started that sucking thing without me, have you?” Gage chuckled from the other room.

“I wish,” Rylan said, taking another swipe at the icing.  “Fuck, this thing is better than sex.”

“Should I be offended?” Gage asked coming back into the bathroom, a brown paper bag clutched in his hand.  “Is that what happens when you get to forty?  You replace sex with sugar?”

“Fuck you!” Rylan returned, using a finger to snag some more icing.  “And I’m not forty!” He held his finger out to Gage, waggling it back and forth.  “You taste this and you’ll
know exactly what I mean.”

Gage scrunched up his nose.  “Too sweet for me.  Don’t you remember making me lick that shit off you?  I was sick for the rest of the day, man.”

Rylan chuckled.  “Then why the hell would you buy it?”

“You love ‘em.  I love you.  Simple as that.”  Gage stood a foot away from Rylan, arms crossed over his bare chest, bag still clenched in his hand, the look on his face almost a dare.

“That’s the second time you said that.”  Rylan could feel his face redden.  What the fuck? He didn’t blush.  He was thirty-five years old, not some lovesick teenager.  “What’s
going on with you?”

Gage shrugged and tossed the bag at Rylan, moving to stand beside him at the counter. “It’s not that big a deal.”  Rylan frowned.  “I mean… it’s just kind of a given anyhow, isn’t it?  But you’ve been acting weird so I thought you might like to hear it.”  He shrugged again and dipped his head.

Rylan studied the naked blond man, heart beating wildly in his chest, his face still flush with excitement.  “How do you do that?”

“What?” Gage asked, lifting his head. “Know what I need…”
“Ah, man.  Don’t make it into some sappy thing.  We’ve been together what… six years in the band?”

Rylan added the years in his head, then nodded. “And fucking around, like, five of those?” Another nod.
“So that’s almost a fucking marriage, Ry.  And now I’m gonna make it official.”  Gage grinned wide, head dipping, motioning for a stunned Rylan to open the bag in his hands.

The rough paper bag seemed to burn in Rylan’s fingers.  His heart pounded deafeningly in his ears, his throat went Sahara-dry and he broke out into tiny pinpricks of sweat along his hairline.  “That’s not… I don’t know what… this isn’t what…”

“Just open the bag, Ry,” Gage coaxed, laying a callused hand on Rylan’s shoulder, thumb rubbing gently over his collarbone.  “I’m not trying to freak you out.  You’re just
freaking yourself out, man.”

Rylan’s hands shook ever so slightly as he unscrunched the top of the paper bag then reached inside.

“Nice wrapping, huh?” Gage teased.  “Only the best for my man.”

Rylan tried to squeeze out a legitimate smile but failed miserably as his fingers sought the contents of the bag.  He touched something soft, not what he expected to find at all, his lungs finally unlocking in his chest.  Whatever it was, it was not a little blue or black or what-the-fuck-ever colored box that he’d expected… and maybe feared.

Wrapping his fingers around the object, he pulled it from the bag and was instantly smiling.  “What the fuck is this?  Bracelet?”

Gage laughed and moved between Rylan’s thighs.  “Dude, you are so naïve for an old guy.”  Rylan smacked him in the arm.  “It’s a cockring… a specially made cockring.”

Rylan smoothed his fingers over the butter-soft, black band of leather.  He felt three snaps on the inside and quickly undid them, flattening the band out in his hand.  “I’ve never felt

such soft leather,” he said, eyes wide as something else on the thin band caught his attention.  “Mine?”

“I had them specially made and embossed.  Hunter’s mom owns a leather shop and she’s a friend of my sister’s friend’s cousin…”

Rylan shook his head.  “Your sister’s friend’s cousin?”

“Never mind,” Gage said, taking the cockring from his lover’s hand.  “Get the other one out?”

“Other one…” Rylan’s voice trailed off as he pulled a second leather circle from the bag. “Read that one,” Gage instructed.
Rylan’s lopsided smile couldn’t be hidden.  “Yours.”

Gage cocked his head, his face soft and calm.  “I thought you could pick which one you wanna wear… if you wanna wear one at all.”

This was a side of Gage that Rylan wasn’t used to and it made his body hum with warmth. A sentimental, possessive, soft side that Rylan only saw in private moments and only on special occasions.

He took the first ring back from Gage and studied them both carefully.  Mine. Yours. Yours.  Mine. Two simple words that brought peace to Rylan’s mind but how was he supposed to choose?

“So…” Gage said impatiently.  “Do you wanna be mine or yours?”  He waggled his eyebrows and smirked at Rylan.

“I’m in love with you,” Rylan said, eyes determinedly meeting Gage’s sparkling gaze. “Totally, completely.”

“I know.”

Rylan gasped dramatically.  “Bastard.”  He laughed easily, both rings still clutched between his fingers.  “I don’t want to pressure you about not, you know...”

“Not having sex with others?  Ry, I already told you I haven’t been with anyone else in a while.”

“Can’t believe I didn’t notice.”

“You were busy,” Gage teased.  He reached out and brushed a smear of eyeliner from under Rylan’s eye.  “I’m done with that shit, but I’m okay with you still…”

“Fuck no!” Rylan said too quickly, too loudly, too emotionally.  “I mean… I’m done, too.”

Gage reached for Rylan’s hands, entwining them with his own.  “Okay, then, by the
power invested in me… blah, blah, blah, yatta, yatta, yatta… you may kiss the… groom.” He leaned in and attacked Rylan’s mouth, bumping his head back against the mirror and crushing their lips together.  It was hot and harsh and sweet and beautiful, and Rylan could feel so many emotions welling up inside of him.  He stuffed them down, losing himself in Gage’s kiss, his lips, his tongue.

When Gage pulled away, his mouth was swollen and red, his naked body sticky with bubble residue, his make-up smudged beyond fixing.  Rylan thought he’d never looked more beautiful.  He handed Gage one of the cockrings, watching as Gage checked out the inscription.

“Oh, you’re choosing to be possessive?”

“It is my birthday so yeah, you’re mine, and I’m yours.  Works out either way, really.” He couldn’t stop grinning, his face aching from the silliness and joy that flowed through his body.

“Should we make it official then?” Gage asked, taking his cock in his hand and rubbing the leather against it.  “Wanna put it on me?”

Rylan took the ring from Gage’s fingers and set the pair down by the sink, sliding his body off the counter and facing Gage dead-on.  “Later,” he murmured, reaching around and grabbing two handfuls of beautiful smooth butt cheeks.

“You wanna fuck me?” Gage asked, moving one of his Rylan’s hands to the crack of his ass and leaning into lick Rylan’s jaw.  “If I remember correctly, that’s what started all this.”

“Oh, fuck yeah.  I wanna fuck you ‘til you scream like a little girl… later.”  He squeezed Gage’s ass, pulling him forward so their cocks brushed against each other.  “Wanna come now though.”

“Here?” Gage asked, dipping his hand in Rylan’s briefs and palming his hard dick. “Whatcha want me to do?  Suck you?  Finger you?  Fuck you?”

Gage slid his mouth down Rylan’s body, his tongue lapping and flicking.  Rylan let his head fall back when wetness swept across the head of his cock.  Gage held him still, fingertips digging into Rylan’s hips as Gage tongued his slit.

“No!” Rylan hissed, shoving his fingers in Gage’s hair and tugging him back to his feet. “Want your mouth…”

He pressed his lips to Gage’s, moving one hand so it wrapped around the shafts straining between them, his thumb brushing over the tips and spreading the pre-come over both the blossoming heads.  His tongue poked in the crease of Gage’s lips and pushed inside, lapping the hot cavern of Gage’s mouth.  He moaned when Gage’s hand wrapped around his and began a gentle stroking motion.

“Fuck, yeah,” he mumbled against Gage’s mouth, nipping and sucking at his bottom lip. “This is how it happened the first time, remember?”

Gage grunted and increased his strokes.  “You were ripe for the picking.”

“I’m pretty sure, I picked you,” Rylan growled back.  He sucked his index finger into his mouth then pressed it to Gage’s crack, rubbing over his tight entrance.  Gage tipped his head back and groaned, the sound guttural and echoing loudly in the bathroom.

“Can’t believe all the options we have… and you just want a hand job,” he managed to gasp as the finger rubbed harder.  “Oh fuck, Ry…”

Rylan tilted his head and sealed their lips together, removing his hand from Gage’s and wrapping it around his lover’s neck, pulling him closer, nearer, tighter into his body.  The muscles of Gage’s belly contracted and fluttered against his, both bodies moving as one
as they thrust in and out of Gage’s strong hand.

Rylan’s lips ached from the pressure, his body beginning to writhe and convulse against his lover.  He was so close.  He needed to come.  Fucking Christ, let him come.  A wave of heat and red light washed over his brain, his body bucking, cock pulsing in Gage’s hand as his release ripped through him.  Hot come painted his belly two-fold when Gage climaxed and screamed, fingers twisting and pulling in Rylan’s short hair.

They stood quietly, panting, bodies glued together, foreheads using each other for support. Gage moved his hand from between them and slipped it around Rylan’s waist, pulling
him so tight Rylan was lifted off the ground.

“Happy birthday, babe,” he whispered, letting Rylan’s feet touch the floor again.  He let his head fall back a bit, bringing a sticky finger to his mouth and licking at the come. “Mmmm.  I think we even taste better together.”

Rylan smirked.  “You always did have a way with words.” “I am a singer, you know.”
“Really?” Rylan cocked an eyebrow and slid a hand over the tattoo that graced Gage’s shoulder.  “I figured you must be… with the tattoo and all.”  His fingers traced the outline of the two foxes, nose to nose, their tails crisscrossing and encircling either side of
Gage’s bicep only to meet back up and form a heart in the crook of his arm.

Rylan had designed the tattoo himself and, of course, his was exactly the same as Gage’s. They’d played with the name of the band; Heart of a Fox, Fox’s Heart, Foxy Heart, evn Custer Fox, but then Gage had decided they needed something more glitzy, hence Glitter Fox was born in all their glittery glory.

“Good birthday?” Gage asked, kissing Rylan’s jaw tenderly.  Rylan nodded and returned the kiss.  “I sure outfoxed you, didn’t I?”

Rylan groaned.  “How long have you been waiting to use that?”

“Probably since we started the band but you’re usually too quick for me to outfox.” “I guess it’s okay then,” Rylan said.  “We could really use that bath now.”
“Water’s probably ice cold, babe.”

“Well, it’s my birthday so get your pretty ass in gear and run us some more water, bitch.” Gage growled and snapped his teeth at Rylan.  “That’s Mr. Bitch, to you.”
“Which makes me…?” Rylan asked, slapping Gage’s perfect little butt as he pulled away.

“Hmm,” Gage muttered, stopping in front of the tub, one finger grazing seductively
across his bottom lip as he turned to face Rylan.  Rylan shifted his feet, eyes scanning the full length of Gage’s body, pausing at Gage’s already engorged cock, his own spent dick hardening against his thigh.  “Mrs. Bitch?”

Rylan snapped out of his haze, growling and sending Gage his best death glare.  “Try again, Mr. Bitch, unless you never wanna get laid again.”

Gage snickered then sucked his cheek between his teeth, innocently batting his big brown eyes at Rylan.  “Okay, how about Mr. and Mr. Bitch… has a nice ring to it, eh?”

Rylan angled his head, crossed his arms over his chest and softened his gaze.  “Not bad but I think I should be Master Bitch.”

“Wow, you’re really milking this birthday thing, man.”  Gage beamed and shook his head, eyes sparkling across the room.  “How about we take turns with the master title?  You know, like we usually do… take turns.”

Rylan laughed, springing forward to tackle Gage, wrapping his arms around Gage’s sticky body and sending them both sprawling into the cold water.  At the last second, Rylan managed to plant a hand on the wall beside the tub, saving Gage from falling dangerously hard against the tile surface, but still collapsing on top of him in the water.

Gage let out an “oof”, then sputtered for a moment.  “You are so getting punished now,”
he gasped when he caught his breath.  “And you better not have broken my fucking tiara.” Rylan laughed out loud.  Best birthday ever—tiara and all.


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