Priscilla by Tinchi

Fans seeing their idol, while slowly walked down from the stage, instant like a million ounces of gold in front of piled-like rush, but early in his hands stretched to do. Security had exhausted screaming to keep order and stop after that, but the situation in this territory that someone would bother to these calls. In front of their favorite idol, middle-aged fans and fans of teenage boys are doing absolutely no difference!
Priscilla by Tinchi
Priscilla singing her songs edge towards the front of the fans at the edge of a handshake, she saw fans scream loud and sing or crazy, could not help bursting out like a bright flowery satisfied smile, even if the security side also repeatedly urged fans do not let go of the hand. She accepted some entertainment magazines interview earlier, expressed her feeling that at this moment the most important, was a large group of loyal fans, so the call from the heart drove her dismay with the just a handshake link, and her eyes moist up more gradually. Eric was half a step late, whether to make tremendous efforts could not be squeezed out before the close of the goddess, the only way to do it was only open throat constantly shouting the name of the goddess, hoping she could hear the rumble of her fans crazy horns and shouts in so small and faint voice. But a miracle really occur, the goddess seemed to appeal to his thoughts like, go back and look to his living place, Eric hesitated only silly looking back at her. Both eyes first met nearly five seconds! "Hey guy! Dressed in black who drowned in very familiar, as if there seen ! ha ha ha!" Whims of Priscilla looked at Eric,whom being shy, straight to the point in question, scared his head shrink down immediately Priscilla really had seen him before, but in the virtual online world! Said to be deliberate or the desire of the outbreak of the long-sealed sound. Eric started early spread the seeds. He knew Priscilla like cats very much , then search and edited cute cat photos, regardless of stray street cats, or medicine shop varieties bred cats, when meeting chubby colorful, he immediately took Mobile shot down, and then uploaded to her twitter, or Facebook personal page. He even bought some cat pattern printed T-shirts, wear it and self-shot, then uploaded to attract her. At first he did not get the favor and attention of the goddess, but later Priscilla saw so many cute cats, and those not nuisance and aggressive message from him, could not help putting down self- guard and began to reply him with thanks. She recognized him was a natural for granted. This wooden guy, his brain cells could not be made even more excitement, just like a bunch of paranoid fantasy flash floods, he stared at journeying Priscilla who had returned to stage! The rest of the concert, his frenetic ecstasy, not the long glow sticks vigorously flapping, was one not to miss and singing all of her songs. Time to come to an end soon, and he was naturally reluctant, also chase other fans went venues parking, and grasp the last chance to prepare a farewell handshake. Priscilla walked slowly, accompanied by an assistant stepped out of parking, a large group of fans shouted her name again, her eyes flashed instantly nostalgic sadness and a deep sense of gratitude, but immediately went to the front of the crowd again each handshake. Like previous situation, Eric still failed to squeeze into the front row, luckily he promptly picked up the phone, shooting her sincere eyes . From the day of the concert began, his head filled with Priscilla’s mature shadows! Phone's wallpaper was the picture he took, he frequently opened and admired it daily. The phone's MP3 folder full of her golden songs, video files only her past concert clips. Always saw her performance in YouTube, in addition subscribed to her channel. After work and back to home,the first task was to inspect his own collection, including old posters from her debut recording of vinyl discs , CD, cassette tape or even, whether intact nonstick , or not stacked in order. If finding that some slight stains, or slightly crooked put a little bit, just be sure to clean something big order. He usually took ten minutes to take a bath, however,he spent a full six hours to organize clean for those treasures. That’s why his three ex-girlfriends broke up with him. Since that Priscilla recognized him, he was getting crazy, and realized that everything he had done before was not enough. Especially just a pure virtual network communication, should have a real and direct dating ! Undoubtedly wealth gap between the two was really quite wide. Priscilla soon got popular when she started her career , tens of thousands of album sales sheets, she earned enough for quite luxury live. But Eric was just living in public housing, just being a clerk with low salary. In addition to those stereotyped art films will be two different people pull together outside world, the chance of this kind of thing happen in the real world equivalent to walking to the moon! Despite Priscilla was no longer young, but did not mean she will order a marriage without any selection. But that moment, fantastic dreaming full of his minds! He just imagined how to date her successfully. He hoped one day in the summer in June, healed her hands and walking in the rain of Shek O beach, breeze kicked romantic waves. And fantasy in the cool hours with her hand in hand Yang Ming Mountain in Taiwan enjoy autumn, but the idea of silence in midwinter Christmas with her to Hokkaido, under four eyes staring in vain snow dance trip . This infatuation accident made him totally unable to extricate himself! These were still being considered fictional romance, but he was convinced the day will come true . At this day, Eric usual to visit Priscilla's Face book Profile. Although she did not specifically frequently updated her page, but Eric was still eager to read every day, where could see her girlhood, childhood photos of life, of course, uploaded her performances and award-winning photographs. These photos had been able to make him relish, lotto half! While he was hiding in the bedroom to visit his god, facebook sounded update notification. Priscilla coincidentally turned out to be returning to the update, she just uploaded photos Dayton dinner, accompanied by a lively and reflect her whims description: "Oh! Meal so delicious, but eating very sorry, because I certainly would gain weight, Wu Wu!" Eric saw her update was naturally excited, except like at once, it was more ready to respond to a message. He was also filled with the heart of an idea: simply ask her out to dinner. So in the comments area dedicated page boldly ventured to leave a message: "Next time I want to eat this meal with you!" After all, Priscilla was a heartthrob. This message came out, immediately caused intense response message board. Many want a piece, said to join together, another few female fans bluntly message persuaded Priscilla not go to a stranger's appointment. This remark had caused some fans retorted, considered to discredit them. Eric felt ridiculous, but chose to ignore. From the bottom of his heart, he just accept to date with her alone, as a result,left a final message: "Excuse me, I just want two persons only!" His words caused commotion message board again. Originally those supporting Eric fans misunderstood his ambition of occupying the goddess, had turned to accuse him, questioned Eric’s tricky! Faced condemned, he just threw a lightly: "I just want to fulfill my wish; I just want to have a meal with Priscilla only. I do not have any unnatural, you would like to have gone too far!" But other fans still posted a lot of negative comments, Eric chose to keep in silence. However, Priscilla had not made any response, which made Eric a little disheartened! "Forget it! We have the distance like The Earth to The Mars! Our dating is impossible" His heart was sinking. Long long time after, a sultry night, Eric suddenly received a Facebook friend request. He was curious to open, something made him nervous. It was fantastic,this invitation came from Priscilla, like winning a jackpot lucky draw. He immediately accepted her invitation. But soon a more active from goddess,she PM him. "You really dare, date me to dinner. Know other fans will be jealous?" She was so straight forward! "I just want to do something to fulfill my dream! What they think I have no comment!" Eric concise responded. "Ha ha! Your character really like me! I love! So I add you with personal Facebook, make a real friendship" Goddess also straightforward echo. "I'm really happy the last concert you could recognize me, and add me in Facebook!" "Ha ha! Of course I know! Last time you wear that T-shirt, printed on seven cute cats, very lovely! But I cannot find similar T-shirt! where to buy? I forgot!" Eric immediately uploaded some skinned with five different colors of cat photos to her. "Where could find so many cat pictures?, I also want to find that site." "No need to take time to find, if you like, I can send these cute photos to you, but one thing you have to do is just concentrate on singing ! Waiting for your new song such a long time!" "Ha ha ha!" They talked about anything, that night chatted to three o'clock of midnight, Eric knew a lot of struggle bitter history of her little-known, had a better understanding and more respect for her perseverance. From their conversation, reflecting they really hit it off, even the preferences were very similar, the only membrane that was the disparity in status. Although the relationship between them had been transformed from pure fans into real friends, but Eric's heart built up an invisible barrier, he still could not believe that their relationship could suddenly become so close, this might because the hidden haunted by a sense of it! They began to whisper frequently, because of the thick wall, Eric lost confidence and spirit. Dinner gathering became timid, silent. Their topics were already deep into their romantic story. The goddess didn’t not deny her past love stories about three guys. Eric also poured out his past, Priscilla comforted him as a close friend. However, Eric still not take any actual action to date her, therefore they kept this stalemate Facebook relationship for more than three months, until one day ....... One day in late autumn, Priscilla suddenly passed Eric an angry picture, this scared him helpless, anxious as cat on hot bricks of! He did not know anything or responded her. He could only stiff back a message, and asked her what had happened. But for a long time did not respond! He started upset, after more listless, early two days still talked quite pleasant, very cordial atmosphere. But this day even worsened, he repeatedly pass a message to her, and still did not get any response. "Will she think I'm too boring? She already disgusted with my contacts it!" Hearts thrown these pessimistic thoughts. He began to feel despair! Even lost the motivation of living, he only knew that piles looked at his collection to worry about! Shortly after December, Eric accidentally saw Priscilla Lane in Youtube latest songs MTV, he gazed at her, like a short cut new cool hair, after listening to a song and then suddenly hit a little bit, more quietly tears. After all, they cut off a whole month their conversation, she still no response! If she could complain him what was going wrong would be much better, but she was equal to act unilaterally declared this relationship had been terminated, and it was unwilling! To cope with the new album publicity, Priscilla followed her manager's schedule, accepted a variety of media access, and attend various promotional activities. Winter Solstice night she was in a music program on radio for guests, which inevitably asked some personal matters. The hostess asked her if she had a favorite target, or anyone was pursuing her, she threw out words with helpless: "Recently met a very congenial man, he would have expressly been dating me, but somehow, after chatting a long time, nothing happen, maybe I'm not young!" The DJ asked details about this love story, but she repeatedly said that she didn’t want to disclose, that curiosity hostess finally had to give up. Poor Eric had to go out to eat celebration dinner with his family, as a result missed this important program! Stalemate after Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year. In the near time for Valentine's Day, Eric finally regain the courage to try again to contact her, he sent some cat photos as before to see if she had pacified, but Priscilla still ignored. Eric had been discouraged, and also to dispel that ambitious plan of dating her, but he still maintained that the usual kinds of acts of idolatry, the collection was still spotless, still hearing her popular songs every day, but also revisit her facebook fan page,which had not been updated for a long time. He turned to visit other fans message left, so as to know whether any massage taking about his idea. He also added another which called Priscilla fans group. His heart still had some grievances, why suddenly came an angry pattern, their relationship changed back as stranger, all never happened like trance. He silently looked at the phone screen and wondered, At a mean time, some flashed and special messages suddenly appeared ...... He noted that there are two fans called Carman Wong and Eric Cheung in dialogue: Carman Wong: Priscilla in love! Eric Cheung: I also listen to the radio program, but she refused to say whom publicly. Carman: She also said that somebody want to date her, but then turned out to be nothing. Eric: Could it be that guy who announced to date her in Priscilla’s personal page? You remember? Carman: I think he just joked. Moreover Priscilla won’t be so carless, always a never met a stranger alone!! Other group members began to join the discussion, but no final conclusion. Eric immediately got into computers, spent overnight to look over Hong Kong three radio channels’ program revisit pages, and finally found the program. He immediately put on headphones to listen, after listening his heart gush hot! He imagined that was he, or she would not be such a temper, and there was such a frustration words. But after the excitement of a breath between, he returned to moody. He was too confused, missed a great dating opportunities. Now she returned cool, he did not know how could re-open the gate! Despite the opportunity of repairing friendship became minimal, but he still chose to passed the word to her, hope to turn the tide: "I'm sorry! I'm stupid Please give me the last chance to have dinner with you" Unfortunately, the result was still the same! "Maybe she is so busy to promote the new album, no time to check my massage!" He still had a little hope!. Her new song was very popular, boarded the high position of the major pop songs charts. But then he was confused when he noticed there were a few songs had great meaning of the lyrics: "Love me, but no actual action; love me, why you disappear? ..............." he cried. He immediately PM her: "Can you give me one more chance?. Moistly and full of fog March afternoon, Eric was busy in working,suddenly his Facebook massager received a photo That was the last time that Priscilla eating spaghetti photo . Long time no see, very busy recently! I’m so sorry! I accidentally delete our conversation and don’t know how to restore; you recently have had something to send me?" Priscilla's message along with a cute laugh picture. Eric rushed into company’s toilet cubicles, and shut the door. "I know you have to attend a lot of promotion activities recently, did not dare to disturb you!" He concealed that he had sent a text message to her. "You are heartless, like Messi did!" "Messi? Gomez?" Eric also like watching soccer, natural understanding of the Argentine on the 10th. "Ha ha, is the English naming of my new boyfriend, behavior same as you before, promised to date me but finally disappeared. Fortunately, he listened to my radio interview, and after listening to my new song, then alert. In fact, I have been waiting for him for a long time, he is a very careful and gentle man, very insecure after I met him at first sight, ha ha! " "He remembered that I had uploaded Baked Seafood Spaghetti photo frame, which immediately took me to that restaurant as compensation, count him!" Eric no longer responded to her, but also off the phone. His whole soul began falling into a bottomless black hole, the body still did not know where to walk to that distant . Eric dressed with formal suit, sitting in a high class restaurant in Central, body stiff waiting there for his goddess. Soon the goddess arrived; her face was made up with eye shadow, driving from a dark brown thick-framed glasses, with wearing a white short-sleeved T-shirt, blue jeans, pants, pants dogged with two holes. She looked at Eric’s seat , soulful staring at him, still bursting out that fascinated and pure sweet smile ..................


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