Purrfect Chaos by Misha Carver

“I don’t care,” I yelled, pounding my fists down on the boardroom table. “Majestic Industries is going down if it’s the last thing I do.”

“You don’t get it, Tom. It’s not economically feasible,” Jarrod, my Vice President, advised.
Purrfect Chaos by
Purrfect Chaos by Misha Carver
I wanted to pounce across the table and rip his throat out. I was the President and CEO for a reason. It was my place to make the decisions, not his. How dare he question me. “Look, that’s what we’re doing. In six months’ time, I want Majestic to be history. They’re our biggest competition, and we’re going to wipe them out. Do you hear me? Wipe them out, disintegrate them, abolish them, and wipe the floor with them.” Everyone was looking at me like I’d lost my mind. I didn’t care. Big business was all about stomping on the competition no matter the cost. Even if we went in the red doing it, we’d make up for it down the road. If they couldn’t see that, they were insane. “We just don’t have the numbers to justify it,” Jarrod continued. “Maybe a year or two down the road, it could be a possibility, but right now, I just can’t see it being a profitable venture.” “A year or two down the road,” I growled. “We’ll do it now. Why wait when there is so much to be gained by putting that godforsaken company out of its misery?” “Sir, with all due respect,” Paul, one of the board members, said, “that company isn’t in any misery. It’s doing quite well at the present. It’s going to cost you a lot of money to put them out of business. Can we really afford that kind of investment?” “Again, I don’t care.” I could feel my face getting hotter as my heart started beating through my chest. Who were these people? Didn’t they have the foggiest idea of good business sense? “We’ll find a way, and we’ll do it.” “If we fail and go under, a lot of people will lose a lot of money,” Jarrod said. “We won’t fail,” I said. “I won’t fail.” I never failed at anything I set out to do. I was Thomas Puma, founder and CEO of Calico Enterprises, one of the biggest corporations in the US. The word “failure” was not in my vocabulary. I wasn’t about to listen to another one of their protests. We were going to shut Majestic down one way or another. Once they were out of the way, we’d have a much higher market share and profit margin. “I just can’t see it happening right now,” Paul said. “No matter how I crunch the numbers, it just...” I stood up, towering over the table. “It’s going to happen now,” I bellowed. “I don’t care if we buy them out, blackmail them, or sabotage them. Majestic is going down.” Everyone glared at me wide eyed and open mouthed. I knew I had let the panther in me get a little bit too close to the surface. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath before adjourning the meeting. “I can see we’re getting nowhere fast today,” I said as calmly as possible. “Let’s end this meeting for now and readdress it next Monday at the same time.” I excused myself, put my files back into my briefcase, and walked out of the room. *** When I was finally back in my office, I leaned with my back against the door. That was so close. I was ready to pounce on every one of those guys. Every fiber of my being wanted to go straight for their jugulars, and it took all I had in me to hold myself back. I went into my adjoining bathroom to splash some cold water on my face to help calm myself down. I couldn’t risk letting my wild side show any more than it already had at work. I knew I was going to have to give into my beast soon, to go out into the woods in a secluded place and run wild for a day or two. Either that or risk killing all of my board members, and the CEO of Majestic. *** I awoke at four o’clock a.m. to the telephone. Who the hell is calling me at this hour, I thought to myself. It’s probably a wrong number. I covered my head with my pillow and tried to ignore it. It kept ringing and ringing to the point where I thought I was going to go insane. Someone better be dead, I thought as I picked up the phone. “What?” I grunted into the phone. “Tom, it’s Sherry.” “Sherry, who?” I asked as I rubbed my weary eyes. “Jarrod’s wife.” “Yeah. What do you want?” “Jarrod had a heart attack. I’ve been at the hospital all night.” “Oh, God. How is he? Did they say when he’ll be able to come back to work?” “Tom, he’s dead. He passed away about thirty minutes ago.” “What the hell am I going to do now? He picked one hell of a time to up and die on me.” “Tom...” “Sherry, I’m so sorry. Please forgive me. I’ll send flowers or something.” “Yeah, thanks. Goodbye.” I felt terrible as soon as she hung up the phone. When it came to my company, I was a true narcissist. That was the secret of my success. As a person, separate from the business side of me, I was very tenderhearted. I just had a hard time separating the two. I was trying to work on that, but it was a process. It was part of the nature of my beast. I was a cat shifter, but not just any werecat. I could shift into a run-of-the-mill black cat or a panther at will. I could claw your eyes out or rip your heart out, depending on my mood. If you rubbed me the right way, I could even curl up on your lap and purr myself to sleep. *** The next morning the office was abuzz with the news of Jarrod’s passing. Everyone was in tears at the news. They were crazy if they had expected the day off. It was business as usual. Something as mundane and common as a death of a coworker didn’t call for a holiday. “Miss Lawrence, can I see you in my office, please,” I said as I passed my assistant’s desk on my way into my office. “Yes, Mr. Puma,” she said as she got up to follow me. Sarah Lawrence wasn’t the best employee, but she was faithful. I’d kept her with me all these years, not because of her competency, but because she knew how to keep a secret, my secret. She’d found out about it during her first year with Calico Enterprises and had never told a soul. I trusted her implicitly. “I need you to find a replacement for Jarrod,” I said as she sat across from me. “But, Tom, he’s only been gone for a few hours. Don’t you think you should let everyone adjust first?” “Sarah, I have a business to run. I don’t have time to wait around for other people to prepare themselves. I need a Vice President as soon as possible.” “The Vice President is someone you’ll have to work closely with. Don’t you think you should be the one looking for Jarrod’s replacement?” she asked. “I have to go out of town for a few days. I’m sure you’ll do just fine. At the very least, find me a couple of people to choose from. I’m looking for someone with the right background, who is a cutthroat business tycoon like myself.” “Oh, I know exactly what you’re looking for, Tom,” she said sarcastically. “Then I can count on you?” I said. “Tom,” she said as she stared me straight in the face, “you know you can always count on me.” CHAPTER TWO ~Jacy~ “Jacy, come in here a minute,” my father said over my intercom. “I’m busy working on next quarter’s projections,” I said. “Get your butt in here now. It’s important.” I got up and walked into his office. “What’s so important that it couldn’t wait an hour?” I said as I tapped my foot impatiently. “Word has it that the Vice President of Calico Enterprises passed away the other day.” “And that’s my problem how?” I asked as I crossed my arms in front of me. “Well, they’re going to be looking for another Vice President,” he said as he gave me a devilish grin. “So?” “Don’t you get it? They’ve been trying to run Majestic into the ground for a while now. This is our opportunity to infiltrate their company and find out what they’re up to. Maybe we can even turn the tables and destroy Calico Enterprises once and for all.” “And how do you propose we do that?” “The board of directors and I were talking, and we...” “Wait, you had a board meeting without me? What the hell is that?” I asked. I was outraged at the thought that they would even think of calling a meeting without informing me. “Jacy, relax. It was an impromptu meeting. More of a discussion. We thought that if we could send someone from here to replace their Vice President and act as a spy, we could stay on top of our game.” “And just who are you planning on sending? Katie in finance?” I asked, half chuckling. Katie was such an airhead, I couldn’t imagine her acting as either a Vice President or a spy. “Not exactly,” he said as he stared at me, grinning. “Oh, no,” I said when I realized what he had in mind. “There is no way in hell I’m going to work for Tom Puma.” I knew all about Tom Puma. His reputation preceded him. Not only was he a shrewd businessman who ruled his company with an iron fist, he also had a reputation as a playboy, making his rounds with the ladies, only to dump them after he got what he wanted. “Technically, you won’t be working for him, you’ll be working with him. And you’ll be doing it for the greater good of Majestic.” I raised my eyebrows at him. “I don’t see how making me work side by side with that jerk is going to help Majestic at all. I’ll only be there two minutes before he sends me out the door, and we both know that.” “For starters, you’re going to have to keep that temper of yours under wraps. It’s important to your cover. Secondly, you have the experience and the know how to make it believable. You’re really the only person we can send. Third, we’ve made a special resume for you, with a different last name so he won’t connect you to me.” “No. I’m not doing it. Make a fake resume for someone else,” I said as I stood up to leave his office. “It’s too late,” he said. I spun around. “What do you mean it’s too late?” “I faxed your resume to his office this morning.” “How could you without asking me first?” “I didn’t think you’d be so dead set against it. Ever since you’ve been the Vice President of Majestic you’ve always been all about whatever was best for the company. I thought you’d jump all over the opportunity to knock Calico on its knees.” I winced at him in disgust as I shook my head. “I cannot believe that you guys went ahead and did this behind my back,” I said as I stormed out of his office, slamming the door behind me. I heard him open the door, but I just kept on going. “Where are you going?” he yelled. “Anywhere but here,” was all I said. *** “God dammit,” I said as I pounded my palms against the steering wheel. I was twenty-five years old and yet people always thought of me as little Jacy. Oh, don’t worry, Jacy will do it. Well, guess what, Jacy’s a grown woman now, and she has a mind of her own. I brushed the tears away from my cheeks with my hand before I pulled into the gas station to fuel up. It was a long drive up into the mountains to our old family cabin. I hadn’t been there in years. But at least for tonight, I needed some peace of mind. A nice quiet place where I could be all alone with nature. CHAPTER THREE ~Tom~ I was glad Miss Lawrence was taking care of things back home while I was on what I referred to as my hiking trip out in the mountains. In reality, I was letting my wild cat run free, at one with nature. From time to time, I’d shift back into human form and walk through the trails or go into town for a drink or something to eat. But, for the most part, I was enjoying running around on four legs, scaring the hell out of any human that got near me. I would never harm them. I just didn’t want them near me. This was my quiet time. My time to rest and relax. The only way to keep it to myself was to growl and roar at anyone whose scent I picked up. If they were within smelling radius, they needed to be evicted from my territory, and my territory ran the entire length of the woods. *** Everything was perfect and peaceful until the day I curled up to take an afternoon nap under a lush berry bush. The sun threatened to wake me, but I kept my eyes covered with my paws. I was so comfortable in the cool grass until I heard the truck off in the distance. God dammit, just when I was finally getting the rest I so desperately needed, another human had to come along and interrupt me. I listened for the sound to come closer, but it stopped suddenly. I moved my head around curiously as I tried to listen. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t make out any sounds at all. Maybe they’d just gone away. I tucked my head back in my paws and fell into a deep sleep. I woke up a few hours later to the most glorious scent. The scent of a woman, but not just any woman. This one smelled unlike any woman I had ever smelled before. Like daisies, vanilla, honey, and sugar, all rolled into one. I knew it had to be a woman because nothing else on earth could ever smell that sweet. I tried to fight my urge to look for her and scare her away. The scent was so engaging that I wanted to keep her around just so I could inhale it for a little while longer. Maybe if I just searched for her to see what she looks like, I thought to myself. I got up on my haunches and started sauntering through the woods, looking for the woman who had stirred my curiosity. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I started running through the woods. The moonlight and darkness didn’t bother me. My vision was perfect no matter the time of day. As I drew nearer, I slowed down and trod lightly, careful not to make a sound. My nose wriggled as I sniffed for her scent to get my sense of direction. Finally, I saw her, in an open field of grass right there in the center of the woods. She was even more beautiful than I had imagined. The moonlight danced across her long raven hair, giving it bluish silver highlights, and made her plump red lips look akin to cherry wine. I stood staring at her in awe as her appearance refreshed me much like an oasis in a desert. When I finally came to my senses, I ducked behind some bushes before she could see me. She was saying something, talking to someone, named Willow. I couldn’t quite make out what she was saying, but it seemed like it was some rhyme of some sort. A hiss startled me, and I jumped backwards. A small black cat peeked through the bushes at me, and I figured out quickly who Willow was. “Shoo, shoo,” I whispered as I motioned for Willow to move on. But she stayed right there with her back up and her tail up, hissing away. Finally, I smacked her upside the head with my massive paw, and sent her sauntering off with her tail between her legs. I couldn’t risk her blowing my cover with her beautiful master. I listened some more to the beautiful raven-haired princess as she waved her hands around over the tree stump in the middle of the woods while she repeated her incantations and rhymes. I turned my head from side to side while I tried to figure out what she was doing. Then it hit me. Black cat, woods, rhymes, and incantations, she was a witch. At that point, I decided to head back to my own neck of the woods and leave her alone. If I stayed there and watched her, or if I tried to frighten her, she might turn me into a mate for Willow, and I really didn’t want that. *** On Monday morning as I was getting ready for work, my telephone rang. God damn, I thought. Can’t anything wait until I get to the office? “What is it?” I said as I answered the phone. “Oh good, you’re back,” Sarah said. “Of course I am. I have a Board of Directors meeting this morning. I hope you have a few candidates for the Vice President position for me to select from ready.” “That’s what I’m calling about. It’s all been taken care of.” “Great, how many do I get to pick from, four, five?” “No, sir. I mean it’s all been taken care of. You have a new Vice President. The board voted unanimously on Friday.” “Very well,” I said. “They’ll be at the meeting today, I hope. The best way to start a new job is to jump right into the thick of things.” “Even better,” she said. “You’ll be able to meet your new Vice President as soon as you get here. She’s waiting in your office.” “She,” I said. “She...what do you mean, she?” “Now, Tom, just relax.” “Don’t tell me to relax. How the hell did this happen? You know...” “Tom, she’s worked as the Vice President of several Fortune 500 companies, including Majestic. I think you’ll be able to use her to your advantage.” “We’ll have to see about that,” I said before I hung up without even saying goodbye. So much for faithful employees who know me. She should have known better than to hire a woman to be my sidekick. CHAPTER FOUR ~Jacy~ “Well, how was your trip?” my dad said when he greeted Willow and I at my front door. “Fine. What are you doing here?” I said as I pushed past him to unlock the door. “I was worried about you because you weren’t answering my calls.” He followed me inside and sat his briefcase down on a chair. “Well, as you can see, I’m just fine. You can go now.” “Jacy, don’t be like that,” he said as he put his hand on my shoulder. “Look Daddy, I’ll do it, okay? Isn’t that why you’re really here? I’ll go to work for Calico for the sake of Majestic, even if it means having to deal with Tom Puma. Okay, are you satisfied?” “Good,” he sighed. “You start tomorrow morning.” “Tomorrow morning? Are you insane? What last name did you give me?” “The sooner, the better, and it’s Jordan.” “Jacy Jordan, seriously. Even I could have done better than that,” I said as I raised my eyebrow at him. “Oh, and Jacy,” he said as he turned to leave. “Absolutely no magic. If we’re going to win this, we’re going to win it fair and square.” “Yes, Daddy,” I said, flashing him my wickedest smile. *** On Monday morning, I woke up to my alarm, stretched and got out of bed, excited to start my day. As much as I didn’t want to work with Puma, the idea of playing the spy game sounded like fun. I had heard about Tom and his womanizing ways, so I decided that conservative was not the way to go. Instead, I dressed in my sexiest low-cut blouse, with a tight black skirt, and a pair of red stilettos. I figured that the sexier I looked, the more info I would be able to get. *** When I walked through the glass doors of Calico Enterprises, everyone stopped what they were doing and stared. I just kept on going. When I got to the main desk, I asked for Mr. Puma’s office and was let inside. “What the hell was that?” I heard someone ask. “Our new Vice President,” a woman answered. I sat in a chair in Mr. Puma’s office, eagerly awaiting his arrival. It didn’t look like the office of an evil man by any means. The walls were painted a peaceful shade of blue, and brightly colored paintings hung on the wall. Glancing around the room, I was starting to think everything I’d ever heard about him was wrong. And then he came walking in. CHAPTER FIVE ~Tom~ “Good morning, Sarah,” I said as I walked past her desk. “Is she still in my office?” I asked, hoping she had decided not to wait. “Yes, she is, sir.” “And what would her name be?” “Jacy Jordan.” “Good, nice and professional sounding, perfect,” I said under my breath on my way into my office. I walked over to my desk, put my briefcase on the floor, and laid my jacket over the back of my chair before I even turned to look at her. As soon as I did, I shook my head and leaned backwards. “Is something wrong?” she asked. “No,” I stammered. What was I supposed to say, oh, you’re that witch from the woods? No, it was better not to let her know I knew. I had my secrets, and she had hers. Besides, I’d rather not be turned into a mosquito anytime soon. “I understand we’re having a meeting this morning,” she said. “Is there anything special you need me to do?” “You could start by grabbing me a coffee, cream and sugar,” I said as I grabbed some files out of my briefcase. “Excuse me, but coffee is not in my job description,” she said as she placed both of her hands on my desk and towered over me. She looked even more gorgeous this close up than she did in the woods that night. Her voluptuous breasts threatened to peek out of the top of her blouse, and I wanted to reach out and touch them. “Mr. Puma, my eyes are up here, if you don’t mind. Now get your own damn coffee.” I almost wanted to laugh out loud at the little spitfire who stood in front of me. How dare she talk to me like that. “Very well,” I said as I got up to grab a coffee from the machine across the room. “Wanna grab me one too?” she said as she flashed me a cheeky grin. “Make mine black.” The nerve of that woman, I thought to myself. I started trying to plot ways to get rid of her, but I knew it would be impossible. If the rest of the Board of Directors had voted unanimously, my one vote wouldn’t make a difference. She was here to stay whether I liked it or not. I handed her her coffee on my way back to my desk. “You might want to take a few notes before the meeting so you know what we’re talking about,” I said. “Of course,” she said as she reached into her briefcase and pulled out a notepad and a pen. “Majestic Industries is run by Ronald Sumner. They’re our main competition right now. We’re looking for ways to put his company out of business so we can take over the market. I want you to come up with three ideas before the meeting. You have ten minutes.” “Ten minutes?” she asked, wide eyed. Her blue eyes sparkled like sapphires as she stared back at me. “Ten minutes from when?” “Ten minutes from now.” When the hell did she think? Ten minutes from lunchtime? If she wanted to make it in this company, she was going to have to get with the program. Her pen flew out of her hand and danced across the carpet to the other side of the room. I was just getting up to get it for her when she told me to stay where I was. Whatever, I thought as I stuck my nose back in my files. But when she bent over to pick it up, I couldn’t help but take a peek. Her curvy hips sent chills up and down my spine, and the wild beast in me went into a frenzy. I started salivating as I thought about pouncing on her delicious body. She saw me staring when she stood up. “Is everything okay?” she asked. “Yes, everything’s fine,” I said as I pretended to read over my files. “I just wondered because you were staring at me. I thought maybe something was out of place or something.” “Oh no, trust me. Everything’s in the right place,” I said, trying to keep a straight face. There was something bewitching about that girl, and it had me mesmerized from the get-go. CHAPTER SIX ~ Jacy~ Who did that dickhead think he was, asking me to get his coffee? I’d get him coffee alright. If he wasn’t careful I’d grind him up with some coffee beans and make a delicious brew out of him. I knew I had him right where I wanted him when I caught him staring at my ass while I picked up my pen. It didn’t take long, either. Within the first twenty minutes of knowing me, he already wanted me. I’d be playing him like putty in my hands before the day was over. “Jacy, you have your list ready?” he asked from across his desk. “Been done for a while now,” I said, staring him down. “Let’s go,” he said as he stood up. I got up, and he led me from his office, down the hall to the boardroom. I sat my papers down on the table at the first available spot and started pulling the chair out. “That’s my...” he started. “That’s your what?” I sneered. “I was going to say that’s my chair, but ladies first,” he smiled. Grrr... Under any other circumstances, I would have been happier than a pig in a mud pile to steal his chair. But he had to go and use a reference to me being a woman, and that didn’t fly with me. “Oh, no, you take it. I insist,” I said as I moved to the next available chair. I sat down with my papers in front of me and waited for everyone else to enter the room. When the meeting was ready to start, Puma stood up. “Everyone, I’d like you to meet our new Vice President, Jacy Jordan,” he said, pointing to me. I nodded and smiled. “We’ve already met,” I said as I scrunched up my nose at him. “Jacy has a few ideas for how we can put Majestic Industries out of business,” he said, turning the floor over to me. I hadn’t expected him to turn the meeting over to me quite so quickly. In fact, I didn’t know he was going to do that at all. I just figured he had me write them down for points of discussion. I shook my head at his audacity. What a jerk, I thought. He could have at least given me a heads-up. I stood up and smiled at everyone. As I laid out my three points, I couldn’t help but think about how strange it felt to be giving them ideas for taking over my daddy’s company. Fortunately, in my opinion they all sucked. Besides, if they decided to move forward with any of them, I’d be able to warn my dad ahead of time so he’d be able to plan a counterattack. *** “I’m heading off to lunch now,” he said. “Would you care to join me?” And what are you going to eat today, small children or a few of your employees? I thought to myself. “That’s okay, I have things to do,” I said. “Whatever floats your boat,” he said as he grabbed his jacket and headed out of the office. His golden green eyes looked disappointed, and I felt sorry for refusing him. CHAPTER SEVEN ~Tom~ The next couple of weeks at the office went by quickly. The longer she was around, the more she grew on me. But the more I tried to get to know her, the harder she pushed me away. There was nothing I loved more than a woman who played hard to get, but this woman was something else. She wasn’t just hard to get, she was impossible to get. Somehow, some way, I would get her attention. I had to have her if it was the last thing I did. *** “Jacy, what the hell,” I said when I saw her. She walked into the office looking dishevelled. Her red puffy eyes were full of tears, and she held a tissue in her hand. “You wouldn’t understand,” she sobbed. “Try me,” I said as I sat on the edge of my desk. Dammit, this woman was softening me against my will. “It’s Willow, my cat. She’s missing.” My mind immediately went back to that night in the woods. All I could picture was that flea-bitten thing hissing at me through the long grass and the bushes. “It’s okay,” I said as I tried to comfort her. “I’m sure she’ll come back. How long has she been gone?” “Three days now. I let her out the other night and she just never came back. She’s never been gone this long before. I just... I just... I told you, you wouldn’t understand.” I didn’t understand at all. It made no sense to me how a loving human being could confine a beautiful animal and keep it locked up in their house like a cage. It was no wonder to me why her cat took off and ran free at its first opportunity. “Jacy, I do understand. Pets are like family,” I said as I rested my hand on her back, trying to comfort her. “Do you need to take the afternoon off?” “No, I’ll be fine,” she choked back. *** As the day picked up, so did her mood. She seemed to bring a breath of fresh air into the place most of the time. Other times, she was just a pain in the ass with all of her questions about the Majestic takeover. I got up from my desk and went over to the coffee machine. “What are you doing?” she asked. “Grabbing us a coffee, what did you think I was doing?” “I’ll get my own, thanks,” she said as she came over and tried to snatch the cup out of my hand. I held firmly onto the cup while she tugged and pulled. “Stop. You’re going to...” Coffee flew up into the air and landed all over her white silk blouse, revealing the white lacy bra that lay underneath. I dabbed at her chest with a napkin I grabbed off the stand. “What the hell are you doing?” she gasped in horror as she tried to snatch the napkin out of my hand. “Just copping a feel. Was it as good for you as it was for me?” I said as I walked back to my desk. “Ass,” she said under her breath while she dabbed away at her blouse. Watching her poke away at her round bosom was making me hard with excitement. I was just glad I was sitting on the other side of the desk. She would have really freaked out had she seen the size of the tent her tits made in my pants. I had to find a way to get close to her, to find out what made her tick. She was the one woman I couldn’t have, and that made her the one I wanted most of all. Sooner or later, she’d give in to me. “Can I leave a little early?” she asked. “Yes, of course. As I said, take the rest of the day off. I know you’re going through a rough time.” “Thanks, Puma... I mean, Tom,” she said as she started gathering her things. After she left, I came up with the perfect plan to get to know her better. If she wouldn’t give me the time of day, I would make her. They didn’t call me the old Tomcat for nothing. CHAPTER EIGHT ~Jacy~ Oh, Willow, where are you? I thought when I got back home. I couldn’t understand why she’d just leave me like that. I loved her so much, and now my kitty was gone. I threw myself down on the couch in a heap and turned on the TV. All I could think about was Willow curling up beside me and purring me to sleep. Finally, I gave up and went for a walk to clear my head. I scouted the entire neighborhood as I’d done every day for the past three days looking for her. There were still no signs of her. I feared someone else had taken her in, thinking she was a stray. When I got home, I sat down on my front step feeling defeated. After a few minutes, I saw something black and furry out of the corner of my eye. At first, I thought it was my Willow. But when I turned to look, I noticed this black cat was slightly larger and fluffier than she was. “Hey little guy,” I said as I coaxed the cat over to me. It came over and started rubbing itself against my legs while it purred. I stroked its soft fur, and giggled as it tickled my calves. It kept nudging my arm as if it wanted something. Finally, I picked it up and stared it in the eyes. “Who are you, you cute little kitty witty,” I cooed. “Someone must really miss you,” I said as I set it down in my lap, where it curled up into a little ball. “Do you want something to eat?” I said. Its ears perked up, and it lifted its head, almost as if it understood what I said. “Okay, you can come in, but just for a few minutes. My Willow won’t like it if she comes home and finds you here.” I carefully lifted the cat out of my lap and sat it back down on the step while I stood up. As I walked toward the door, the cat followed me, rubbing against my legs every step of the way. “Are you getting fresh with me, Mister?” I teased as I poured a saucer of milk and sat it on the floor. The cat eagerly lapped it up and sat staring at me like it was begging for more. With a heavy heart, I poured it a bowl of Willow’s cat food and sat it down. The cat looked back at me, and I could have sworn I saw a sense of sadness in its eyes, almost as if it understood what I was feeling. “Don’t worry, little guy,” I said as I patted him on the head, “everything’s going to be okay.” I just wished I believed it. I went and sat down in the living room while it finished eating. A few minutes later, I heard it trotting along the floor looking for me. Before long, I saw it peeking its little head around the corner. As soon as it saw me, it came running and leapt on the couch beside me. “Well, if you’re going to be spending much time here, we’re going to have to give you a name,” I said. I was almost afraid to name it in case it belonged to someone else, but I knew I couldn’t keep calling it “the cat” or “kitty.” “So, what should we call you? Thunder?” The cat looked away. “What about Princess?” It started to walk away. “I suppose before I name you, I should check to see whether you’re a boy or a girl,” I said, as I picked it up and flipped it over. “Definitely a boy,” I said, sitting him back down on the couch. “How about Pharaoh?” He came over to me and nudged my arm with his little head. My heart melted. Then he moved his little head closer to me and put his little nose up to my lips, almost as if he was giving me kisses. “Pharaoh it is,” I said as he climbed up onto my lap and started purring. CHAPTER NINE ~Tom~ Well, at least she finally acknowledged I was a King, I thought to myself when she named me Pharaoh. The only problem was, now I was stuck in her house, with no hope of escape until she fell asleep. I waited and waited, hoping she’d get tired out. The problem with witches is, they’re night owls. As the time wore on, I was starting to wonder if I’d ever get out of there. Finally, at three thirty in the morning, she yawned. “You ready for bed, Pharaoh?” she said as she picked me up and carried me to her bedroom. Thank God she wasn’t making me sleep in some stupid frilly cat bed that belonged to Willow. I looked around her room when we got in there. It was everything I thought it would be and more. Wine-colored draperies and bedding, with dark wooden antique furniture. It was a girl’s room, and it smelled exactly like her, heavenly. I hopped up and claimed my spot on the bed. “Oh, you think so, do you?” she laughed as she started undressing. This was getting better than anything I had imagined. “You know,” she said as she turned to face me while she was unbuttoning her blouse, “I’m going to have to take a picture of you tomorrow and put posters out around. I really hope you don’t belong to anyone, though. You’ve kind of grown on me in the last few hours.” I thought I was going to drool all over the place when she dropped her blouse to the ground and started unhooking her bra. As I stared at her bare breasts, I wished that for just one second I could be in her bedroom in my human form. All I wanted to do was reach out and touch them, just once. I purred and started kneading the bed sheets as she stepped out of her skirt and panties. Dear God, she had a beautiful body. I loved her bodacious curves and wanted to run my hands all over them. Hell, I wanted to bend her over her dresser. The beast in me was running wild with desire, when she reached into her closet and pulled out a nighty, and covered herself back up again. The only thing that kept me content was that she curled up in bed right beside me. I snuggled up tight against her so that my head was nestled against her breasts. She put her arm around me, and I purred her to sleep. As soon as I knew she was sound asleep, I jumped down from the bed and searched the house for an open window that I could sneak out of. There wasn’t one. Finally, I came to the conclusion that my only way out of there was in my human form. I shifted back and headed for the door. I tiptoed out and closed it behind me. Just as I was heading down the front stairs, I heard the doorknob turn. She must have heard me leave. I quickly turned around so it would look like I was coming instead of going. “Tom, what are you doing here?” she asked as she stood in the doorway in her nighty. I walked up to the door and rested my arm on its frame. “I was just thinking about you. Do you wanna talk or something?” I said in the sultriest voice possible. “I don’t know,” she said, giving me a confused look. I didn’t know if she was bewildered by my question or by the feelings it stirred up in her. I reached over and cupped her face in my hand. We stared intensely into each other’s eyes before I pulled her into a passionate kiss as we both stepped back inside the door. She closed it behind us. My hands wandered over her neck and down to her breasts. Her skin was so soft and silky. I loved the way she shuddered when I tugged at her nipples before kissing them and blowing on each one. When I took them in my teeth and nibbled on them delicately before pulling on them, she moaned in ecstasy, sending shivers up and down my spine. When she tried to reach under my shirt, I stopped her. “Not tonight,” I whispered as I continued to lick and tease her nipples. Tonight was all about me touching her. I started kissing my way slowly down her body, over her stomach and her navel. I could tell she was going insane by the way she threw her head back. When I got closer to her pussy, she writhed in excitement, knowing what was coming next. I slowly started kissing her milky-white thighs, one by one, being careful not to give one more attention than the other. I was careful not to get too close as I inched closer to her clit. I wanted to build her anticipation, but not to give into her aching desires just yet. “Oh my God, you’re so beautiful,” I whispered as I slowly rolled my tongue from the top of her shaven mound down over her clit. She shuddered and gasped as I struck a chord with her nub. I grabbed her legs and put them up on my shoulders while I continued to lap away at her clit, the same way I had lapped away at the milk in the saucer earlier. The more she writhed around, the more excited I got. I wanted to know what her pussy felt like and pressed two fingers up against her opening. While my tongue swirled against her clit, my fingers were sliding in and out of her. She moaned and gasped, and rocked her hips. I took her clit into my mouth and gently sucked on it. I could tell by her moans that she was getting closer and closer to orgasm. “Come for me, baby,” I whispered. “Show me that you’re all mine, baby girl.” My fingers were pumping in and out of her in a steady rhythm while she rocked in a frenzy. I traced the area between her hot dripping cunt and her throbbing clit with my tongue before sucking on it again. She rocked her hips as she dug her fingers into the carpet so hard that I could see her knuckles turning white. I knew she was going to go over the edge soon. So I slowed her down and started teasing her with my tongue again, slowly tracing back and forth between her lips and around her clit. I could tell she was going insane. I started pumping a third finger in and out of her. She gasped with delight and bucked back on my fingers, so I began pumping harder and faster. I kept going back and forth like that, between teasing and sucking, stopping and starting her. When I knew she couldn’t take it anymore, I enveloped her clit between my lips and started rolling it around, and kept on sucking it no matter how hard she bucked her hips. She cried out and moaned as her body shivered and shook in ripples of orgasm. No matter how intense her writhing got, I never let go of her nub. When her body started to settle down from the shock waves, I let her have a rest for ten seconds before I went back at it. Almost instantly, she began moaning and squealing while she rocked her hips and wrapped her legs around my head, trying to push herself closer to me. She screamed as I held her butt cheeks in my hands and her clit in my mouth. I held her there like that until her cries and moans became mere gasps and her writing and rocking stopped. I kept hold of her until the last wave of orgasm left her body. Then I kissed her forehead as we lay on the floor together. *** “Get out,” Jacy yelled as I opened my eyes. It was barely daylight out. “Ten more minutes,” I said as I rolled over. “I said, get out,” she screamed. I turned and looked at her standing there straight as a board with her fists clenched. I could almost hear the blood pumping through her veins, and I could see the blue vein almost popping out of her forehead. I sat up and tried to get my wits about me. “Now,” she said. “Not in ten minutes, not in ten seconds, now.” I thought we had connected the night before, but apparently not enough for her liking. I got on my feet and made my way to her kitchen to get a glass of water before I headed for home. “Did you not hear me?” she said as she pounded her little fists on my back. “Get the hell out of here.” “Okay, okay,” I said as I started toward the door. She kept hitting me all the way out while I tried to shield myself with my hands. I loved a feisty woman, but this one took the cake. “And take these with you,” she screamed when I got to the bottom of the stairs. I turned around just in time to get hit in the chest with my sneakers. I laughed at her fiery temper, making her even more furious. She stomped back into the house and slammed the door behind her. The only way I was going to get close to that hellcat was as Pharaoh. But for right now, I needed to go for a run to blow off some steam. I threw on my sneakers and headed out toward the forest. As soon as I got there, I felt my transition starting to take place. My whiskers and nails got longer, and silky black fur began erupting from my skin. My arms lunged forward as front legs, and my hands became paws as the panther in me came out. I frolicked around in the green, leafy wooded area for hours, until nightfall. Just as I was enjoying a beautiful moonlit walk, I heard it. The cry of the wolves. I hated that sound. It was the sound they made just before a kill. Whenever I heard that yipping it sent chills up and down my spine. They yipped incessantly, which meant they hadn’t killed yet. They were still toying with their prey. I decided to sneak up and see what they were after. As I got closer, I saw her. I suddenly knew where Willow was. In the middle of the woods, surrounded by a group of ravenous wolves. I stood there for a second, hiding in the bushes, watching. As much as I couldn’t stand Willow, I knew that rescuing her would win my favor with Jacy. Dammit, I thought when I realized I had to save the mangy thing. But as much as I hated her, I hated wolves more. I leaned back on my haunches and launched myself right into the center of the ring and growled with my jaws opened wide. A couple of the wolves started to back up whimpering, but one, the leader of the pack, came forward snarling. I bared my teeth and smacked him in the nose with my paw, knocking him sideways. He got back up and lunged at me, knocking me over. We rolled around together on the ground until I finally had him on his back with my teeth wrapped around his throat. Okay, I’m done. The prize is yours, he told me through telepathy. I kept hold of him for a few seconds longer before I decided to let him live. I slowly let go and backed away. The pack of them walked back into the woods with their tails between their legs. Willow kept herself as low to the ground as she could while she looked up at me terrified. “Don’t worry,” I told her. “I’m taking you back home.” I thought about shifting back into human form, but we were so deep in the forest that I knew it would take hours to get to Jacy’s. It would be much faster if I stayed as a panther. I slowly edged my way over to Willow. She arched her back and hissed at me. She looked hideous with her hair standing on end. “Calm the hell down,” I told her as I picked her up carefully by the scruff of the neck. I walked with her for a short ways until she stopped shaking before I finally started running through the forest. Just as I was getting closer to the edge, I saw an opening in the trees. Curiosity got the best of me, and I decided to take a look. There in the midst of the mid-summer night stood Jacy with the moonlight in her hair. She looked so enchanting while she cast a spell to bring her kitty home. I started to laugh, realizing her spell was working, through no fault of her own, but stopped myself when I started to lose my grip on Willow. I must have made a rustling sound in the bushes, because right then Jacy looked up and shrieked as she stared me straight in the eyes. I couldn’t run. There was nowhere to go and nothing to do. I had to stand there in front of her with her beloved kitty dangling out of my mouth. I tried to stay as still as possible in an attempt not to frighten her any more than I already had. “Nice kitty,” she said as she stepped forward. I was impressed with her bravery. As she got closer, I leaned my upper half lower to the ground in an attempted bow, to try to let her know that it was safe to approach me. She reached over and patted my nose. “Hey there big fellow,” she said as she scratched behind my ears, “I think you have something that belongs to me.” I leaned forward and sat Willow on the ground at her feet before sitting up again. “Well, Willow,” she said as she picked her up and stroked her fur, “Who’s your friend?” Willow gave me a dirty look and kept trying to rub the dampness from the back of her neck off on Jacy’s arm. Ungrateful little snot. I just saved her from a pack of wolves, and she’s worried about a little bit of panther spit. She’s lucky she’s not covered in digestive juices right about now, I thought. As Jacy cuddled Willow, I decided to leave them to their little reunion, but just as I was leaving, she called me back. “Don’t go yet,” she said. I turned around and happily bounced back over to her. Perhaps I moved a bit too quickly, because the next thing I knew she fell to the ground unconscious. I knew I couldn’t carry her in my teeth, so I had to shift back into human form to get both her and Willow back home. I stood up on my hind legs as Willow stared at me wide eyed. Oh yeah, I thought, who are you going to tell? I felt my incisors and my nails return to normal, then my extremities, and finally my fur disappeared. Willow just kept staring. Yeah, I bet you wish you could do that, pussy cat. I picked up Willow and sat her down on Jacy’s stomach before putting my hands under her arms and knees and lifting her up. Damn cat sat there proudly as if she were being carried in a King’s court on a pillow while I took them both back to town. As I held her there in my arms, I never wanted to let her go. Even though I had never chased a woman for more than a few weeks before, this one was special. This one was mine. Rather than taking them both to her house, I decided to take them to mine instead. It was closer, and my human legs were growing tired. It had been a long day, and I just wanted to relax by the fire and enjoy being with her for one more night.


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