Raunchy Writings By K. Rowe

“You’ve been a very naughty boy, David,” Claudia said as she picked up a stiff wooden cane. David could say nothing, his mouth was gagged. He wiggled, feeling the thick leather wrist and ankle cuffs biting slightly into his skin. With arms and legs spread, he was stretched between two steel support columns. He felt strands of the stiff nylon spider web he was tethered to against his back. The concrete floor of the basement was rough on his feet. He only wished the work crews had finished the carpeting. But it was a long holiday weekend, and the cold floor was minor compared to what was coming. For the next three days, he would be a sex slave.
 Raunchy Writings
 Raunchy Writings By K. Rowe

As he patiently waited for his punishment, he closed his eyes. Taking a sniff of the air, he could smell the leather Claudia was wearing. She’d bound and gagged him, then went upstairs and changed. He had no idea of what she was wearing, it was driving him nuts. She didn’t blindfold him, but stood behind him so he couldn’t see. He could hear her stiletto heels clicking as she walked in slow circles, the tap, tap of the cane as she smacked it against her leather gloved hand.

The excitement was almost too much. On top of it all, there was a prostate massager humming away in his ass, arousing him even more. David glanced down at his cock. Claudia loved simple tortures; nothing excruciatingly painful, but torture all the same. She’d fastened a little leather cock straight jacket to him. It prevented him from getting the raging erection he badly wanted.

“So, how many stripes should I give you, huh?” She continued walking, just out of his sight. All David could do was mumble. When he’d first hooked up with Claudia, he was a bit hesitant with her taste in what he called “painful sex.” After a couple of times, David realized that the little things she did aroused him to no end. She never really hurt him much, and once in a while she let him be in charge. He found it exhilarating.

“Four? Five? Six? I think you’ve been very naughty.”

A moment later, David felt the sting as the cane met the flesh of his ass. He wanted to cry out, but the gag only muffled it. Blood surged to his cock, it begged to be freed. Claudia walked in a circle. As she came near David, she smacked him again. This time, he grunted. He wanted nothing more than to be freed from the restraints and fuck the daylights out of Claudia. Twice more the cane stung his flesh.

“Naughty, naughty,” she said in a deep tone. Pausing, she held her arm back, waiting to sting him again. Claudia watched David squirm. Deciding he’d had enough of that torture, she dropped the cane on a table and picked up a set of nipple clamps. The chain between them tinkled as she approached.

When David finally got a look at what Claudia was wearing, he gasped. Her beautifully tanned skin was clothed in a black leather lace up corset. She wore a skimpy thong, and garters running from the corset attached to black fishnet stockings. Her stilettos were black patent with stainless steel spiked heels that looked like weapons. With her dark brown hair falling about her shoulders and face made up; she was a dominatrix to die for.

She reached up and put her hands on his muscular chest, feeling the leather and chains of the half harness he wore. “Have you had enough torture?” she said, grabbing the chest ring and pulling. All David could do was nod. He wanted to fuck her badly.

“No, I don’t think so.” Claudia held up the nipple clamps, dangling them in front of his face. “A bit more.”

He grunted again as the tiny clamps bit into the tender flesh of his nipples. David could do nothing to resist. Part of him wanted to, the other part, the decidedly kinky part, wanted her to continue. He was being tormented from all directions. The massager in his ass buzzed away sending waves of pleasure washing over him. His cock fought to free itself; the steel ring and leather was holding him prisoner. He could move no arms or legs; and his mouth was gagged. Now his nipples stung from the clamps. When would the torture end?

Claudia stepped back and observed her handy work. David was fit to be tired, well, he was certainly tied and tortured. And now it was time for more. Deciding the gag could be removed; she went behind him and unbuckled the strap. He let the gag slide out of his mouth, not saying anything. Then she returned to her place in front of him. Widening her stance slightly, Claudia reached between her legs and moved the little leather thong out of the way. With a gloved hand, she found her clit and stroked it, groaning loudly.

David met her groan, but his was of jealousy. He wanted to be the one playing with her clit. “Fuck,” he said in a whisper. He wanted his mouth on that lovely piece of flesh, sucking and nibbling.

“Don’t talk slave!” she said sharply. Returning her attentions to her clit, Claudia worked it harder. She then slipped a finger into her pussy, feeling the hot slipperiness of her juices. She wanted David to fuck her all right, but she was going to make him wait. She moaned, finding her G-spot.

Deciding that wasn’t going to be enough, she slid her finger out, seeing the glove shiny with her juice. She walked slowly over to David and held the finger to his face. He could smell her; the musky scent of her juices as she passed her finger in front of his nose. She held the tip of her finger to his lips and pushed, forcing her finger into his mouth. Now David got a taste of her. “Please,” he said.

“Yes, you are here to please, slave.”

“No, mistress, please, free my cock.”

“Silence!” She stared at him for a moment, then reached down and unsnapped the little flap and let his cock out.

David sighed in relief. It was mere moments before he had a full erection. “Please, mistress, let me pleasure you.”

Claudia walked away and went to a futon sofa that was against a wall. She bent over, and with a few tugs, had it made out into a bed. She opened a box next to it and pulled out a smaller one that was wooden and intricately painted. Putting the box on the sofa, she opened it and removed a rather large penis-shaped vibrator. Grasping the strings on the side of her thong, she untied them and let it drop to the floor.

She lay back on the bed, legs spread wide, facing him. David could see her clit from across the room. Oh, how he wanted her. He wanted his tongue on her, his fingers inside, working her to climax.

Turning on the vibrator, she began to stroke it against her clit. She moaned and writhed around on the bed. Her body tensed, building to sweet release.

David glanced down and saw a long dribble of pre cum hanging from his cock. He wanted to masturbate while he watched her, but his hands were stretched apart at shoulder height. “Mistress?” he said softly.

“What slave?”

“May I have use of one hand?”


“So that I may get some pleasure too.”

“No,” she said, taking the vibrator and slipping it into her pussy. Plunging away deeply with it, she watched David. He was frantic. With nothing to masturbate with, he was thrusting madly away into the air. His cock wagged and stabbed into nothing. He was pathetic. Claudia loved seeing him like that. In time she would let her sex slave service her; but for now, he had to watch her get off with a vibrator.

David gritted his teeth. His cock was rock hard and he wanted to fuck Claudia. He’d had enough torture. As he forced his pelvis forward, the prostate massager urged him toward climax. Deciding that he didn’t want to wait any longer, he gave into his urges and came all over the floor. It was a bizarre feeling: climaxing without actual physical stimulation of his cock. It certainly wasn’t a bad feeling, he would’ve preferred to have gotten off in Claudia. She had a tight, lovely pussy that was just right for burying his almost eight inches into.

“Slave!” she called, stopping her actions. “You have cum without my permission.”

He was no longer in the mood to play. “Look, you’re the one who shoved that thing up my ass…Yes, it felt good, really fucking good, but I could only take so much.”

She giggled. “Oh, my slave can’t control his body?”

“Not with that.” He saw some cum still hanging from his now flaccid cock.

Claudia plunged the vibrator into her pussy and thrust away. She moaned, gasped, and brought herself to orgasm, crying loudly as she came. “Oh, oh, fuck!” Finishing with a few gentle strokes, she sighed deeply. Slipping the big piece of latex out, she got off the bed and approached him. She waved it past his nose. He breathed deeply the smell of her sex. “Does that excite you?”

“Yes, mistress.” He could feel his cock coming back to life.

She took the vibrator and teased his cock with it. “More?”

“Yes, mistress.”

Moving it lower, she teased his hefty set of balls. “And why should I give you pleasure?”

“Because, mistress, I want to pleasure you.”

She slid the vibrator between his balls, parting them slightly. With her other hand, she caressed his chest. “And how will you pleasure me?”

“I will bring you to the point of ecstasy by sucking your clit. Then I will ram my love rod into your pussy and make you scream with delight.”

“Oh, you will, huh?” She played with his black hair. Claudia looked deep into his brown eyes. “Scream?”

“Yes, mistress.”

“How loud?”

He looked around the basement. “Loud enough for the neighbors to hear.”

She giggled again and brought the vibrator up to tease his nipples. David groaned. “Well, in that case, I’m glad Sue and Tom are gone for the weekend.”

“Me too, mistress.”

Carefully, Claudia removed the nipple clamps. Then she licked and sucked each of his nipples. He moaned and tried to shuffle forward so his cock could touch her. She stayed tantalizingly just out of his reach. Then she went behind him. “Bend over.”

David did his best to comply. She took the big vibrator and held it against his butt crack. He moaned loudly as both vibrators now stimulated him. She was getting ready to slip the one out of his ass when he said, “Leave it.”

“Leave it?”

“Yeah, it feels good, and I wanna fuck you like that.”

“Mmm, okay.” She was intrigued by his kinkiness. Taking the big one, she shoved it between his legs and let the tip tantalize the back of his balls. David spread his legs even more for her. He clenched his teeth and gasped, enjoying the sensation. His cock was hard and wanted desperately to fuck.



“May I please service you now?”

She walked around to his front. Turning off the big vibrator, she reached up and handed it to him. With both hands, she took his cock and caressed it.

“Ohhhhhh,” he said with a loud gasp.

Claudia got on one knee. She saw some cum still hanging on the tip of his cock. Opening wide, she sucked him partway down, pressing her tongue against the bottom of the shaft. Then she sucked harder, milking him of cum.

David wanted so badly to thrust into her mouth. He had to wait. Soon he would be giving her pleasures; cumming now was not a good idea. “Mistress, please,” he begged.

She stood; a dribble of cum at the corner of her lips. With her stilettos on, she was as tall as him, close to six feet. Grabbing his harness, she kissed him hard, forcing her tongue into his mouth. David could taste the saltiness of his cum and the tang of her saliva. His throbbing cock slid between her legs and he thrust away, not even in her pussy. After several thrusts, Claudia backed away.

“In time, slave; in time.” She took the vibrator from him and returned to the bed.

He wondered how long this torture would go on. The pain was one thing, but the denial was something even more maddening. With the massager still buzzing away, David was ragingly horny. He yanked at the restraints, wanting free.

She took the vibrator and held it between her lovely C-cup breasts. Deciding the corset was too tight, she plucked the laces loose and pulled the zipper down, revealing her beautifully round mounds. Daintily, she played the vibrator over her nipples for a few minutes; her other hand massaged her clit. Once basically satisfied, she turned off the vibrator and tossed it on the bed. She unsnapped the garters holding her stockings and wiggled out of the corset.

Getting up once again, she approached David. “I am ready for you to service me.”

“Oh, thank God!” he muttered, trying not to raise his voice. More blood rushed to his cock in anticipation of a thorough fucking.

Claudia bent down and released his ankles. Then she turned around and presented her ass to him. Backing slowly, she took his cock and directed it into her pussy. David struggled, wanting his hands freed so he could grasp her. She moved back and forth, rocking against his pelvis. He thrust hard, trying to bury his cock. She stepped forward slightly, denying him a deep thrust.


She walked away, leaving his cock. David wrenched hard against the restraints, his wrists smarting with pain. Going around behind him, she went to the table and picked up a leather whip. “You are being naughty again.” Without a further word, she smacked him on the ass.

“Ah!” David cried, feeling the searing sting of the whip. He would feel it twice more as she punished him for his eagerness. “I am sorry, mistress. I wish only to pleasure you.”

“You will cum when I say you will cum. Understood?”

“Yes, mistress.” He closed his eyes and concentrated on controlling his body. He knew with patience he would finally get to plunge into that hot, pink pussy of hers. The enveloping warmth and the tightness of her muscles as she squeezed down on him, he had to restrain himself. Sometimes he wished she wouldn’t take the game so far. In the beginning it had been shorter. Just a few ropes, a few minutes of torture, and he’d get to fuck her. Now it seemed like hours would go by while she tormented him. He knew she got off by teasing him, but he wished he could get off too.

Claudia dropped the whip back on the table. David heard her pick something else up, another jingling of chains. What torture now? he thought, looking at his wrists which were red and sore. She appeared in front of him again, the chain coiled around her hand. Taking one end, she passed another metal ring around his cock and balls. On top of that was a leather strap which she fastened with a snap. Then she uncoiled the chain, revealing a dog leash of sorts. She snapped the lead onto the little collar. “You will come with me now.” Claudia let the leash drop while she unfastened David’s wrists. Once he was free, he rubbed them trying to ease the pain. His cock was fairly hard and the massager in his ass was still buzzing away. He tightened his ass muscles and felt it push firmly against his P-spot, making his erection even harder.

“All right, slave,” she said, picking up the leash and giving gentle tug. He willingly followed her to the bed.

“How do you desire me to service you, mistress?” he said, standing at the foot of the bed.

She tugged more, directing him onto the bed. “On your knees, slave.”

He arranged himself on the bed, resting on his knees. Claudia removed the leash and little collar. David could feel his cock getting even harder. She went back to the box, pulling out something that looked like a black sash and a bottle of lube. Popping the top, she poured some out and greased his cock. David did nothing to help, he was not asked. There were times he liked his role as slave, it made Claudia do most of the work. Although sometimes she could be a cruel mistress.

She closed the bottle and tossed it back in the box. Picking up the sash, she handed it to him. “Service me.”

He took the sash and looked at it curiously. Claudia turned around and got on her hands and knees, once again presenting her lovely ass to him.



“Um, what do I do with this?”

“I desire a hard fucking.”

“Oh, I’m more than happy to serve you in that capacity.” His cock pulsed with anticipation.

“Put the sash around my waist and hold the ends.”

He did as instructed. “Okay, mistress.”

She moved back and took his cock, inserting him into her pussy. David knew he dare not get overly excited. Despite the restraints being off, she expected him to remain restrained none the less.

“Start slowly,” she said, opening her legs a little wider.

“Yes, mistress.” He began to move with long, slow strokes; making each one last as long as he could. The massager in his ass was urging him to do otherwise, so he attempted to ignore it. He knew that when it came down to it, and Claudia wanted it hard, he would be ready to deliver.

“A little faster.”

“Yes, mistress.” He happily complied.

Claudia was enjoying every moment that David went deep inside her. He was hitting her G-spot, bringing her to a delicious climax. She didn’t want to hurry; she wanted to enjoy each of his strokes. As he sunk into her depths, his balls thumped against her clit sending tingles all over her body.


“Yes, mistress.” David made sure his strokes plunged as far into her as he could, giving a little extra thrust at the end. His pelvic bones pressed hard against her ass. He pulled the sash tighter around her waist.


“Yes, mistress.” Now he was going faster and harder. Still not as hard as he wanted to go, and what he hoped she’d ask for. He grunted, fighting off the urge to cum. He must not do so until his mistress was satisfied. In a way, this was his favorite part of the game; holding off, building the tension to a delicious and sometimes explosive climax.

David loved cumming in Claudia. If there was anyone who favored their own sloppy seconds, it was him. After shooting a good wad of cum into her, he’d revel in how slick her pussy would become as their juices mingled together. And sometimes she’d want him to go down on her, licking up the salty, musky cum as he sucked wildly on her clit and pussy. Doing that seemed to unleash the animal in him. He felt primal, masculine, and sexual.


“Yes, mistress?”

“Fuck me hard.”

“Oh, yes, mistress!” Drawing nearly all the way out, David plunged into her, thrusting violently, burying his cock to the hilt. Claudia moaned, and he matched that moan with one of his own. Now it was time to get down to business.

Letting the animal out was a joy. David rammed his cock as hard and as violently as he could. The first time Claudia had wanted him to do that, he almost felt like he was raping her. Never before had he used his cock like a weapon. She loved it, the harder, the better.

“Oh! Oh!” she gasped. “Fuck!”

He pounded away until finally Claudia screamed loudly in orgasm. Now it was his turn. David knew it wasn’t going to take much. Closing his eyes, he let his mind surrender to his body. That lovely, evil little massager was driving him on like a wild beast.

More and more he thrust against her, the delicious, long-awaited tension building. First he felt it in his back, then it moved to his loins and intensified. David almost felt like this was going to be the orgasm to end all orgasms. His mind began to swim and he felt light-headed. Refusing to give up, he made a few purposeful strokes to bury his cock as deep as he could.

That was all it took. Forcing himself against her, he cried out and felt the explosion as it erupted from his cock. His whole body shuddered and he collapsed onto her back, spent. David was breathing hard, sweat trickling onto Claudia’s back and sides. She looked over her shoulder at him.

“Well, slave, you have done a fine job satisfying me.”

He tried to catch his breath. “You’re welcome, mistress. I told you I’d make you scream.”

“That you did, slave.”

Early the next evening, Claudia had given David directions to go to the basement, strip, and lie on the futon sofa bed. Once again he complied, wondering what torture she would devise this time. After the previous day’s torment, he’d told her that he enjoyed himself, but wished she hadn’t kept him waiting so long. Claudia, with her dominatrix resolve, said she would think about it.

As David lay on the firm cotton mattress, he thought about what today might bring. He was not bound or restrained in any way. He found it curious. What would the mistress do to him? Shackle him? Whip him? Put his cock back in that awful little straight jacket? She seemed to have an endless list of things to do to him.

He closed his eyes and tried to relax. It wasn’t more than a couple minutes when he heard the basement stairs creaking. David wanted to open his eyes, but decided against it. He would let the moment build.

More creaking and the sound of her heels on the wood. His heart began to race. Then the sound of heels on the concrete floor; they sounded so commanding. He wanted to pop a quick look, but refrained from it. Oh, what was she wearing today? The clicking of the heels got closer. David took a sniff of the air, wondering if she wore leather again. By the sound of it, she was now standing at the foot of the little bed.

“Mistress?” he said in not more than a faint whisper.

“Claudia,” she replied.

No mistress tonight? he thought, what’s going on? He scrunched his eyes tightly shut; afraid to know what would happen. And then he felt it: something that felt like a rope being dangled and tickling the skin on his chest.

“Here,” she said.


“Open your eyes, silly.”

Slowly he peeped open his eyes. A gasp escaped him. No leather today, but a fine black fish-netted teddy with intricate lacing in various places. She wore a tiny thong and stockings that matched the lacing on her bodice. His cock felt like it wanted to leap right off his body. Blood poured to it, and in a matter of moments, David had a raging erection.

He looked at what she was holding: a length of tasseled gold cord. No wonder it tickled when she touched him. Claudia held it up a little higher, then let it drop onto his chest. She gazed longingly at him and licked her deep red painted lips. “You can be the master today.”

There was a very audible “gulp” as David swallowed hard. Oh, to be the master, what a lovely day! He propped himself up on his elbows. “Master?”

“I am your humble love slave.” She stuck her finger in her mouth and sucked on it. “What would my master have me to do?”

The near painful throbbing of his cock got his attention. “I should like my cock thoroughly sucked.”

“As you desire, master.” She climbed onto the bed, and in one swift move, had his cock in her mouth. Claudia sucked him down with enthusiasm. She knew David adored a good blow job. One hand steadied his cock while the other gently massaged his balls. She loved the feeling of them in her hand: heavy, loose, and hot. Reaching a little further back, she massaged his perineum. David groaned loudly. “Ah, fuck,” he said, gasping more.

He was thoroughly enjoying the blow job, but part of him wondered if his kinky side would like it more if done a bit differently. “Oh, slave?” he said softly. As much as he loved being in charge, it felt strange. Claudia was such a strong dominatrix that he found it much easier to comply with her wishes.

“Yes, master?” She barely took her mouth from his cock to reply.

“I want to try something different.”

Claudia drew away and sat up. “Anything you wish, master.”

He picked up the rope and brought her hands together, binding them snug, but not too tight. “Wait there.” David got up and went to Claudia’s little “torture chest” and dug around. He knew he’d seen this particular gadget in there, but where was it? After a minute or two, he finally found what he was looking for. Returning to the bed, he unbuckled the strap. “Open your mouth.”

“Oh,” she said softly, surprised by his daring. “Yes, master.” Opening wide, she did her best to help while he arranged a metal ring gag in her mouth. There was nearly a 2 inch hole in which her tongue could move freely. David buckled the leather strap behind her head. Then he stood back and looked at her. Claudia’s wide open mouth was just ripe for a fucking.

He placed her sitting with her legs off the bed, spread fairly wide. It was a low platform, so that put her head nearly at his eagerly awaiting cock. Stepping up to her, he put his hands on her shoulders and guided his cock into her mouth. The warmth of her breath coupled with the hardness of the ring against his skin was an amazing sensation. Claudia tried to close her lips around him, but was unable. Instead, she used her tongue and pushed firmly against his shaft.

David moved with long, slow strokes. He knew she could take all of him, she’d done it before. Even with hands bound, Claudia caressed his balls. The mild friction of the ring against his skin was arousing him. He loved the feeling, but wanted more.

Slipping his cock out, he went back to the goodie chest. This time, what he wanted was right on top since it had been used the previous day. Grabbing a bottle of lube and his toy, he went back. He drizzled some lube onto the massager and handed it to her. “Plug me, please.” He presented his ass, spreading his cheeks for her.

Claudia tried not to giggle, but a short burst still escaped her. With her bound hands, she carefully inserted the massager into his ass and turned it on. David groaned loudly. He stood up and faced her, giving his ass muscles a good tightening and forcing the massager to work his P-spot. “Oh, fuck, yeah!” Taking his place, he guided his cock back into her mouth. Now, he thrust with more purpose. Each time he did, he received pleasurable stimulation. This was what he had in mind. Claudia wasn’t completely helpless, but she was at a disadvantage.

As he thrust away, he could feel the delightful tension building. He glanced down and watched his cock disappearing into her mouth, his dark curly hair touching her nose. Something about that sight aroused him even more. Claudia could suck a mean cock; and despite being gagged, she was doing just that. Her tongue pressed hard against his shaft, and as he withdrew, she curled it up at the end, catching the engorged flesh of the underside of the tip. It felt wonderful.

He tried his best to hold off, but soon the stimulation was too great. David loved watching porn, and for some reason, the “money shots” really turned him on. Well, tonight, I get the money shot, he thought, feeling climax rising at breakneck speed.

Just as he was about to cum, he reached down, grabbed his cock, and pulled out, shooting a large load all over Claudia’s face. He grunted deeply, enjoying the fantastic orgasm. She squealed with delight and tried frantically to lick it up. David smiled; he liked to see her having a good time.

“All right, slave,” he said, “Now it’s my turn to torture you.”

“Oh?” she managed.

“Yes.” He unbuckled the gag and removed it. Claudia wasted no time.

She grabbed his cock and eagerly sucked it, milking the last of his cum into her mouth. “Mmm.”

“Strip and lie back on the bed.” David untied her hands. He had something else in mind. Going to the chest, he dug around and found some furry restraint cuffs. The futon had a black tubular metal headboard and frame, perfect for attaching things to. Getting a set of four, he then proceeded to bind her hands and ankles to the bed. Her legs were spread as wide as he could get them.

Pausing for a moment, he gazed at her. With her teddy and thong removed, she wore only her lacy fishnet stockings. She was beautiful, no matter what she wore—or didn’t wear.

Claudia eyed him with curiosity. David was always happy to be the submissive. Sometimes she thought he was just being lazy; other times, she wondered if he really was the “take charge” kind of guy. The more they experimented with bondage, the more he began to show some dominance. This was by far his most daring attempt. She wondered what he would do. Saying nothing, she saw him approach with a blind fold. What didn’t he want her to see? Intriguing! Now she was bound and blinded. What else would he do? There was more rattling going on in her toy chest and she heard him mutter something.

After a few minutes, she felt him sit down on the bed between her legs. Now what? She heard him grunt lowly. Then she felt his breath between her legs. Oh, he was going to eat her out. Nice. One of his hands touched her inner thigh and gently moved toward her clit. He parted the folds and eased in. She could feel him trying to wiggle up further on the bed. His tongue touched her and sent shivers down her spine.

As David sucked and licked, Claudia felt the incredible tension building in her body. Then, as quickly as he started; he stopped. She almost wanted to shout: “What the fuck?!” but refrained from doing so. No, she was the sex slave, and it was his turn to torture her. She heard him mumble something else; still she couldn’t tell what he was saying. Then she felt something touch her. Was it his finger? It wasn’t his tongue. And then the buzzing started. Oh, David had gotten her vibrator! He touched it to her clit and pressed it rhythmically, producing a deep throbbing inside her.

Claudia felt like her eyes wanted to pop out. “Oh!” she cried. “Oh, fuck!”

“Silence, slave,” David said in a tone that was hardly harsh. “Don’t make me put the gag back in.”

“Sorry, master,” she replied, moaning loudly. The vibrator was quickly bringing her to an earth-shattering orgasm.

Again, David stopped. He paused for a moment before resuming his gentle licking and sucking. Claudia yanked at the restraints. She wanted to clobber David for stopping. A mere moment away from a fantastic climax, and he had to stop. Oh, yes, this was torture, no doubt about it. As he let his tongue work, he slipped a couple fingers into her pussy and played them about. Claudia was hot and wet, her juices were really flowing. She moaned and writhed, her body begging for more. David found her G-spot, and she’d do anything to keep the contact. She rocked her pelvis forward and desperately tried to fuck his fingers. After she made a few thrusts, he took his fingers out and sat up. His cock was as hard as concrete, the massager giving him regular doses of delicious pleasure. He wanted to fuck her badly, but he would wait and make his own kind of sweet torture.

“Now, now, you’ve been naughty. A slave shouldn’t try to take liberties with her master.” He got up and went to the chest. “You will cum when I say you will cum.”

Claudia could hear him digging around in it. She was sure there was going to be punishment, but what? The whip? The cane? The broad paddle?

He came back and sat down again. “Now you must be punished.” Taking a feather tickler, he reached over and teased one of her nipples. She laughed. “Silence!” he barked. “Or I’ll put the gag back on—I mean it.”

“Yes, master.” She bit her lip, trying not to laugh. He continued to tickle her. Then he took the end of the tickler and rubbed it against her clit. Claudia moaned. It was an unusual sensation, but oh, so hot. She wanted more. “Oh,” she gasped. “Please, master.”

He stopped. “Does that feel good?”

“Yes, master, very good.”

David made a few more strokes. “Want more?”

“Please, master.”

“Then I shall stop.” He dropped the tickler on the bed.

“I’ll do anything you want…Please.”

“You will, huh?”

“Yes, yes!”

He picked the tickler up and touched it to her clit again. “And what will you do for me?”

“I’ll suck your cock, let you fuck me in the ass, pussy, or where ever. Please.”

David chuckled. He was surprised that something so simple could arouse Claudia so much. Moving the tickler, he watched as her lips parted and she gasped.

Jolts of electricity were shooting through her body. Claudia couldn’t fight the sensation. Her muscles tightened, her body begging for release. Tighter, tighter, tighter. She thought she would break. How much more could she take? And then it happened: a seemingly huge explosion in her body, a massive orgasm. “Oh, God!” she screamed. Her body shook and quivered as the sea of pleasure hit her like a tidal wave.

“Mmm,” David said softly, watching her. He wanted to jump right on top and give her a serious fucking. His cock was horribly uncomfortable. He didn’t think it could get any harder. Looking at her pussy, he saw just how wet she was—dripping. Leaning down, he got his mouth over the engorged pink lips and sucked, getting a good mouthful of her juices. His cock throbbed, it wanted release. Her smell, her taste, it was driving him insane. Did he want to indulge himself? Or could he wait just a little longer?

Fuck it!

David climbed on top of her and rammed his cock home. It slid in with ease, she was so wet. He gasped, feeling her hot depths enveloping him fully. He pushed until his pelvis was firmly against hers. Getting his hands above her shoulders, he leaned down and caught one of her luscious nipples in his mouth and sucked.

Claudia wanted so badly to grab his ass and pull him even harder against her. But with hands and legs bound, she was helpless. “Master,” she whispered.

He smothered his mouth over hers, tongue forcing into hers. The animal was running loose inside and he wanted to satisfy it. Thrusting frantically into her, he felt the tension building. The massager stimulated him even more, his climax, imminent. Taking his lips away, he pounded her with reckless abandon. Each stroke, his cock hit her G-spot and soon Claudia was joining him in his frantic journey to orgasm. They moaned, groaned, and finally, with simultaneous cries, orgasmed together.

Finishing with a few slow strokes, David reached up and removed the blindfold. He looked into Claudia’s beautiful eyes. “I wanted to torture you more, but I couldn’t hold out.”

She smiled and laughed. “Oh, I’d say that was your best try as a dominant…I must remember to let you be in charge more often.”

He withdrew and sat up. “I’m still getting used to this bondage stuff.” Taking a finger, he wiped some of her juice and sniffed it. Her scent was inebriating. Then he put his finger in his mouth and sucked on it. “Although I do still love plain ol’ dirty sex.”

“That’s fun too.”

David got up and released her from the restraints. “But this is pretty kinky.”

Claudia sat up. “I like my men in chains.”


Mandy moaned as she stoked her clit. She was laid out on the bed, naked. Her shoulder length brunette hair lay strewn all over the pillow. Oh, she was so wet, and if felt so good; the sensations jolting through her body. She stopped, quickly turned the page, and continued reading. “I wonder what else Robert will have in store for her?” she said, going back to her masturbating. Scattered around her on the bed were several play toys. Mandy never knew which ones she’d need, so she had them all ready.

Her fingers worked harder, the scene in the book was of Robert going down on Amy, his tongue flicking her clit rapidly. “Fuck, my fingers are getting tired, Robert. Can’t you get her to cum yet?” Mandy grumbled, stroking harder toward a badly needed climax. She was thirty, and not much of a social butterfly. Working as an analyst in a computer software firm was a damn boring job. A “cubicle prairie dog” she called herself. But the money was good, and it kept her in raunchy, lusty, erotic books, along with the occasional purchase of new sex toys. She liked sex, but the chances of having a reasonably sane, not half bad looking guy come into her life were slim. So, instead, Mandy acted out the scenes in the books she read. This week’s erotic novel: “By Love’s Lusty Light.”

“He worked his tongue licking, sucking, and tantalizing her clit, all the while, his hands caressed her ample breasts.” Mandy stopped. “Uh, dude, I don’t have enough hands to finger my clit, hold a book, and play with my boobs…I guess the boob fondling will have to wait.” Resuming, she took a moment, let her finger slide down to her pussy, and wiped up a little of her juices. “Need a little more lube, Mandy wants a good cum, please.”

As her fingers moved vigorously, she felt the hard tension building in her body. “Oh, fuck, this is gonna be a good one. ’Bout time, I’m almost done reading this scene.” Her back and loins tensed, ass muscles contracted to the point of almost pain—but a delicious discomfort that would soon send a flood of lovely endorphins coursing through her body. “Oh, come on,” she grunted, her fingers tiring. “Fuck, I wanna cum!”

Finally she reached the pinnacle, and her body gave in. “Ahhhhhh!” she cried, “Ahhhhh!” Her fingers moved a little slower. “Ohhhhhh,” she let out a long exhale. “Oh, fuck, it was a good one.” She could feel her pussy muscles fluttering from the orgasm, such an unusual sensation. Mandy found her place on the page and continued reading. “Okay, Robert, now that you got Amy off that way, are you gonna fuck her too?”

Turning the page, she was disappointed to find that Amy was going to give him a blow job. “Hmm, I should just skip that part, you know. I don’t have a guy with a nice, big cock to suck.” She looked over and saw the dark green cucumber lying on the bed next to her. “Perhaps I should slice you up and make salad out of you? Sucking a cucumber is nothing like sucking a good dick.” Mandy picked it up. “But then, of course, what do I know about sucking a good dick?”

Sure, there had been a couple of guys in her life—a couple. Her sex life, as far as she was concerned, was sorely lacking. But Mr. Right never seemed to come along, so she did the best she could with her toys and erotic books. Finding her spot on the page, she continued to read. “Amy grabbed his cock and ravenously devoured him; her tongue licking up and down his length; her hands fondling his hefty set of balls. Then she took him into her mouth, sucking like she was trying to get his balls out through his cock. ” Mandy looked at the cucumber. “Well, I can lick you up and down, but I’m sorry, you don’t have any balls to fondle.”

Flipping the book down, she held the cucumber up to her mouth. “Oh, this would be so much more fun with a real cock.” Mandy slowly began to lick it up and down. It was a good sized cuke— about nine inches. She liked them big and thick. Her tongue passed over the little nubs and she wished they were veins on Robert’s cock. To feel the heat in her mouth, the saltiness of his juices, and the firmness of his balls as they hung in their sack. The cuke just wasn’t doing it.

Tossing it on the bed, Mandy picked up her sizable, pink, male-penis looking vibrator. It looked tempting. Yes, it had the veins, the flared anatomical head, and even a set of shiny pink balls on the base of it; but the idea of sucking latex just didn’t have her very excited.

“Okay, I’m skipping that part. Sorry, Robert, you’ll just have to get on with it.” She picked up the book and continued. “Ah, now the good part.” Mandy wiggled a little, getting comfortable. “He rose up in the tiny tent, his head bumping against the fabric roof. In the dim light, Mandy could see his cock. It was probably eight inches long and harder than the tree they were sleeping under. Robert gave himself a few strokes, partly to tease Amy, partly to pleasure himself. He liked to masturbate; he found it to be a great relief from the pressures he felt at work.

“Are you sure about this?” he asked, holding his throbbing cock. It yearned to plunge deep inside her, rocking her world.

“Yes, yes, I want you—all of you, now.”

Robert leaned forward and guided his cock into her hot, wet depths. She was so tight.

“Oh, gonna give all eight inches to Amy, huh?” Mandy said, grabbing the vibrator. “Wait, hang on a minute.” She set the book down again and grabbed her bottle of lube. Yeah, it was a big hunk of latex, perhaps a little bigger then she could take, but she wanted it. And a little “joy jelly” made it slide right in. Flipping the cap, she dribbled some over the big pink phallus. “Oh, finally, I get to the fucking part.”

Taking the vibrator, she rubbed it up and down her clit and pussy. The lube was warm and felt like Robert dribbling a little on her. Then she carefully moved her folds apart and let the rubbery beast inside. She gasped as the shaft pressed in, stretching her muscles. It hurt a little, but she wanted Robert—all of him. Switching on the vibrator, she picked the book back up. “He dove deep into her, his cock reveling in each stroke as he pounded against her. Amy cried for more. She dug her fingernails into his arms, urging him on. Robert felt the pain, it stirred something primal in him. He growled lowly and intensified his efforts.”

Mandy had the vibrator on full speed and was roughly banging it in and out. It felt wonderful. Her clit was hard, and her own juices dribbled down her inner thighs. “Fuck me, Robert, fuck me hard.” After a few more moments, she sensed another orgasm coming. She tightened, squeezing the vibrator, making it buzz even harder in her pussy. “Oh, oh, fuck, yeah, give it to me, Robert.” She worked a little harder, the climax building. It would’ve been so much nicer to have a real guy pounding away on her right now. Masturbation was fun, but after a while, Mandy’s hands started to cramp. Yes, a real guy would be stroking away, sweat dripping from his glistening muscles, breathing hard, and giving her the ride of her life.

“Make me cry, Robert, make me cry!” She held out, her hand tiring, but she wanted to cum. A little longer, a little longer; the ecstasy was beginning to wash over her. Mandy threw her head back and cried out. “Ahhhhhhh!” After a few more deep plunges, she stopped, gasping for air. The vibrator continued to hum away. “Fuck, Robert, did you have to hold out on me that long?” She lay there for a few moments, catching her breath. Then she reached down, slid the pink beast out and turned it off. “Oh, what I wouldn’t give for a real fuck.”

It was Friday evening, and the end to another long work week. Mandy was glad the week was over. And Friday nights meant something else: a trip to the book store to find another book to read. She managed to read about one a week. Her current book, “By Love’s Lusty Light,” wasn’t particularly long, and she figured she’d finish it tonight, and have something new for Saturday.

Making her way to the far back of the store—that’s where they hid the smut; Mandy usually had the whole area to herself. Not tonight; there was a guy in her section. A guy? she thought, guys don’t read erotica, they read Playboy and Penthouse and other magazines. Guys don’t read erotica.

She walked slowly, thinking maybe he was in the wrong section. Buying smut was a rather private thing, and Mandy preferred to be left alone to peruse the books at her leisure. But the guy didn’t budge; instead, he grabbed a book and looked at the back cover. Mandy almost wanted to laugh. He had “By Love’s Lusty Light” in his hands. Too funny.

Terror gripped her. Mandy really wanted to say something, but the words were choked up in her throat. Getting a better look at the guy, she realized he was pretty good looking. He stood maybe six feet tall, and had dark brown hair that was reasonably short. His clothes said he was a man of indoor work—no jeans and t-shirt for him. He wore black slacks, a pale cream button down shirt, a red tie, and loafers of some description. Mandy couldn’t see his eyes, they were hidden behind fairly thick glasses. Over all, he didn’t look that bad. The question was: was he a freak? He was a guy in the erotica section of the book store.

He glanced up, surprised to see someone standing there. “Uh, hi,” he said awkwardly.

“Hi,” she replied, still eyeing him with some suspicion. “You read these?”

“Uh, yeah.” His cheeks flushed bright crimson. “But I’m not a weirdo or nothing.”

“Ah.” Mandy stepped a little closer.

He held up the book. “Have you read this one yet?”

She giggled. “Reading it right now; about done with it.”

“Is it good?”


He offered his hand. “Uh, I’m Robert.”

She took his hand, still a little skeptical. “Mandy.”

“Nice to meet you.” He flipped the book back over. “Funny, the main character in the book is a Robert.”

“Yeah, strange.” Mandy grabbed a book and looked at it. Seeing it wasn’t what she wanted, she shelved it. “So, what do you do for a living?”

“The most boring job in the world: marketing analyst.”

“I thought I had the most boring job: software analyst,” she replied.

“Long hours?”

“Yup. I don’t get out much.”

He shook his head. “Me neither. Kinda why I started reading these books.”

She looked up at him, seeing deep brown eyes behind the frames of his glasses. “Same here.” Mandy thought that without the glasses, he’d be rather sexy looking.

Robert studied her for a moment. Her deep brunette hair, green eyes, and a rather svelte figure made him wonder why she’d be in here buying smut. She was quite attractive as far as he was concerned. “So, do you just read?” he asked.


“Do you just read the books, or do you do something else?”

“Something else?”

He leaned a little closer. “I think you know what I mean.”

It was Mandy’s turn to blush. “Well, uh, I—”

“There’s nothing wrong with that…I do it too.”

“But…” She swallowed hard. “…But I like to act out the scenes,” she whispered.

Robert smiled. “Oh, that sounds like fun.” He scratched his head. “I suppose the guy parts are a little difficult to act out.”

“No. I have toys, but it’s not the same.”

He looked at the book. “So, you’re almost done with this one, huh?”


“Would you be against reading it again? But this time with a real guy to play the part?”

“I don’t even know you.”

He slid his glasses off, letting her see his bare face. “We can get to know each other this way.”

Mandy felt a strong tingle between her legs. Without the glasses, Robert was quite a looker. She only hoped she wasn’t going to be fucking a complete psycho. He looked nice enough, but you never knew nowadays. “Well, okay.”

He put the book back. “Uh, do you wanna find another? You know, just in case we like this?”

“Umm, yeah, sure.” Mandy grabbed a book and quickly read the back. It sounded hot enough, so she decided on it. “Okay, lemme go pay for this.” As she walked up to the register to pay, she still wondered if he was on the level with her. Two years ago, she’d taken a class in self-defense. Just over a year ago, she’d used those skills to fight off a guy who attacked her in a park. City living could be dangerous, especially for a single female. She hoped Robert wasn’t a creep. Glancing over, she saw him standing patiently by the door. “Hey,” she said softly to the clerk. “Have you seen that guy in here before?”

“Him? That’s Robert Cash, a lonely, rather well-to-do bachelor,” the female clerk replied.

“He said he’s a marketing analyst.”

“Yeah, works for one of the top companies here in town…Said he came here from Wall Street where he was a real whiz kid…Wanted to live in a slightly smaller city and not work himself to death. I catch him in the erotica section regularly. Don’t know why he doesn’t have a lady in his life.”

“Chicago? Slightly smaller?” she laughed.

“Well, for him it was.” The clerk put the book in a bag and handed it to her. “Here you go, have a nice evening.”

“Thanks,” Mandy said, taking her purchase. She wandered over to Robert. “Uh, ready?”

“Yes,” he said with a slight smile. He was curious about what the evening would hold. Robert enjoyed reading erotica, but never in the company of others. This would be strange. “I have a car in the lot across the street; are you fine with that?” He’d sensed a little apprehension in her body language, and he wanted to put her at ease.

“Yeah, sure. Beats taking public transport.”

He opened the door for her. As they got outside, he gently grasped her arm. “Mandy, I want you to know something.”

She looked at his hand on her arm and up at him. He wasn’t even holding her tight. “What?”

“I want you to know that I respect you, and have only honorable intentions.” He let his grasp slide.

“Why are you telling me that?” She felt a bit strange now. Was Robert really some creep in disguise? Was the clerk not aware he could be a freak?

“Because I’ve seen the horrors of rape; my little sister was gang raped in New York a few years back. I don’t wish anything like that on someone.”

“How horrible.”

“I could sense your unease. I’d like for us to have a fun time, so I’m letting you call the shots…I’ll do nothing until you tell me.”

“I took a self-defense class, and I’ve had to kick a guy’s ass.”

He nodded slowly. “I’m sure you have…So, you’re in charge. I’m along to enjoy the ride too.”

They went to her apartment. Mandy was a little embarrassed that it wasn’t terrifically clean. She didn’t expect to be bringing home company tonight. “Sorry, I didn’t get a chance to clean,” she apologized, throwing her keys on the tiny dining table. Mandy lived in a one bedroom place with a view of someone else’s window across the way. It sucked, but it was what she could afford.

“It’s all right,” Robert said, walking over to her large collection of erotica that was shelved on one wall. “You got one helluva stack.”

“Yeah, well, when you don’t have a man in your life, you improvise.”

He passed his hand over some of the titles. “You’ve read all these?”

“Oh, yes, sometimes twice.”

“Ah, I read this one—really hot.” Pointing to the book, he looked at her. “How’d you like it?”

She got closer so she could see the title. “Oh,” she giggled, “Yeah, that was a hot one, I think I read it three times!”

Robert looked into her pretty, emerald green eyes. “Well, how about introducing me to By Love’s Lusty Light?”

“Uh, okay. You wanna go in the bedroom?”

“Does it start there?”

“No, it starts with Robert coming home from work.” She went and grabbed the book.

“Okay, since I’m Robert, how about reading, and I’ll do what it says?”

Mandy swallowed hard. Did she want to tell him how the book started? Oh, she wondered what the look on his face would be. “Are you sure?”

“Yes, completely…We’re here to act out our fantasies, right?”

“Yeah…Okay, here goes.” She sat down in a chair and opened the book. “Robert came in the door after another rotten, frustrating day at work. He yanked off his tie and tossed it on the back of the sofa.”

Robert didn’t hesitate, he followed along with the narrative, removing his tie and tossing it on her sofa. “Go on,” he said.

“Quickly, he unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it aside. He wanted to be free of the clothes that depressed him so.”

“Hey! You’re getting me naked! Is that even in the book?” he protested.

“Right here,” she said, showing him.

“Damn, okay. Read on.”

“Robert kicked off his shoes, and got out of his work trousers. He needed to escape the day of hell. Grabbing the sides of his briefs, he pulled them down.” Mandy watched him as she read. Oh, he was doing everything she said, to the letter. Her clit throbbed. Yes, a real man in her house—real! He stood naked, just a few feet in front of her.

“Well, go on,” he said, arms at his sides, not even bothering to cover up his rising erection.

Mandy cleared her throat. “Sitting down on the sofa, he grabbed his cock and started to stroke.”

“Oh, shit.” Robert wasn’t sure this was such a good idea now. “Uh…”

“You said you’d follow the book.”

He swallowed hard and took a seat. He’d never had someone watch him while he got off, a definitely unnerving feeling. “Okay. But this isn’t fair.”

“Why not?”

“Because you get to see me naked first.”

“Don’t worry, the next chapter will be for you.”

He managed a crooked smile. “Thanks!”

“Robert loved to masturbate, it made him feel like he was in some other dimension, and the world wasn’t closing in around him. He moved his hand with purpose, stroking for as much pleasure as he could get…Feeling the tension rising in his body, he worked with determination; cumming was the only thing that mattered right now. He wanted—needed to get off.” She watched as he worked his cock; his eyes were closed and he seemed to be thinking hard about something. Mandy couldn’t believe that Robert would agree to do this; he seemed rather straight-laced. It excited her to no end to be watching him, however.

As his hand worked harder, she saw him begin to tense. Was a guy’s orgasm like a woman’s? Mandy pondered, watching him. Her clit throbbed even harder with the sight of him getting off. She wanted him badly. There was dampness between her legs, begging for him to thrust that lovely and surprisingly big cock inside her. Oh, she couldn’t wait.

Robert made a few hard strokes and let out a low growl as he came. It was a great jack; he felt his balls spasm as he shot his wad nearly two feet. “Fuck,” he said with a gasp. “That was kinda kinky.”

“What? Having me watch?”

“Yeah.” He reached over and liberated a tissue, cleaning up a bit. “What do I do for an encore?”

She flipped a few pages. “Oh, it’s my turn now.”

“Really?” he said, trying to hide a smile. He’d been fantasizing about her naked when he was getting off, now he’d get to see just how right his imagination was.

Mandy put her finger on the page. “How about you read this time?” She handed him the book.

“All right, fair enough.” He took note of where her finger was. “Amy lay on the bed, naked.” He looked at her. “Guess we need to move to the bedroom and you need to get naked.”

“Yeah, I guess so,” she said with a nervous laugh. Now the shoe was on the other foot and he’d get to see her masturbate. Yes, strange indeed. But they agreed, and the book dictated. Getting up, she walked slowly into the bedroom. Robert followed, book in hand.

He sat down on the edge of the bed and watched as she undressed, somewhat keeping her back to him. When she was naked, she lay across the bed. Robert felt his cock begin to throb; fuck, she was more beautiful than he’d imagined. It wouldn’t take long before he was hard again. “Ready?” he asked. He wondered if she’d feel a bit strange about him watching.

“Read on.”

Robert had to find his place again. Seeing her naked made him lose it. “She reached down and played with her clit, feeling the firm little nub of flesh, and drawing much pleasure from it. She hoped the singles’ camping trip would be fun, and she really wanted to hook up with a guy. Masturbation was getting a bit old, she wanted a real cock instead of a plastic dildo.” He watched as she licked her finger and commenced to fingering her clit. Oh, nice, he thought, so much better than having to imagine it. “Moving her finger faster and harder, Amy moaned and gasped as her body responded to the stimulation…It felt so good she didn’t ever want it to stop.”

He watched intently as her body tensed and she frantically worked toward orgasm. Her eyes were closed, she licked her lips a couple of times, and her nipples were erect. She moaned softly, her finger moved even faster, and then she cried out in a loud voice, her body shuddering and quivering. Robert glanced down to see his cock in full-on erection. He wondered where the fucking part in the book was, he couldn’t take much more of this. “Mandy?”

“Yeah?” She looked at him with glassy eyes. “You’re right, Robert, it was kinda kinky-strange having you watch.”

“I enjoyed it.” He reached down and gave his cock a few gentle strokes, he wanted her bad, but he’d wait. “Now what?”

Mandy sat up. “Gimme the book.”

He handed it to her. She flipped through quite a few pages.

“Hey, aren’t we missing stuff? We’re not reading the whole book,” he said.

“For some reason, I don’t have the patience for that right now…It’s not often I get a real guy in my bedroom with a real nice cock that I’d love to have inside me.”

Robert smiled. He stood and held himself proudly. “Ah, you like this?”

“Yes, I do.” She sat the book aside and crawled over to him. While admittedly, she wasn’t the best at sucking cock, she’d certainly give it a try. He moved a bit closer to the bed, having a good idea of what she was going to do. Mandy gently grasped him. He was hot, hard, and she could feel the veins all over his cock. She gave him a few strokes, just wanting to feel his hardness. “Fuck, you do have a nice cock.”

He chuckled. “Nice to see it meets with your approval.”

“Well, it’s far more entertaining than the big, pink dildo in my nightstand.”

“Oh? Can I see?”

“No! Come on, we just met.”

“We just met, and you’ve watched me jack off, and I’ve watched you get off, and now you’re going to give me a blow job. But you won’t let me see your dildo?”

“Later,” she said. Leaning over, she took him in her mouth, letting her tongue press against his shaft.

Robert moaned. It’d been a long time since he’d had a blow job, and he did enjoy them. He tipped his head down so he could watch, she was sucking away greedily. He felt her caress his balls, a few tingles of excitement shot through him. Despite her apparent lack of experience, she could suck a mean cock. Mandy worked on him for a few minutes. “Robert?” She drew away, tasting some of his juices. They were thick and salty.


“I want it.”

“Are you sure about this?”

She giggled. “Funny, those are the exact lines in the book when Robert asks Amy if she wants it.”

“What does she say?”

“Yes, yes, I want you—all of you, now.”

He crawled onto the bed. “So, does he fuck her?”

She lay back, spreading her legs. “Boy, does he!”

Robert wasted no time. As he pressed his cock against the outside of her pussy, he could feel just how wet she was. “God, you’re dripping!”

“It’s been so long. I’ve craved a real man to bury his cock deep into me. I’m tired of that stupid rubber vibrator, I want a REAL man!”

Robert knelt between her legs. He smiled and laughed lightly. “Well, no pink dildo for you tonight!” Grabbing his cock, he slid inside her. She wasn’t incredibly tight, but it felt good. He dove deeper until he was flush against her, she took every inch of the eight he had to offer. Oh, it was wonderful to be inside a real woman. Robert was tired of hand-jobs. He longed, probably as much as she did, to be with a real partner, but his life never seemed to give him time for it. Maybe he needed to make time, he thought; life and love were fleeting gifts, perhaps he needed to find time for them.

As he began to move, he felt Mandy grab his ass. It seemed that she wanted him to go faster. “I see you’re a take charge kinda woman,” he joked. He took a moment and played with her nipples. She had great breasts, just the right size for her.

“Come on, Robert, don’t tease me.”

“What if I want to?” he replied, reaching down and stroking her clit.

She moaned and writhed under him. “Because I want you to fuck me.”

He sat up slightly. “So, how do they do it in the book?”

Mandy reached back and found the book. She flipped through a few pages. “He dove deep into her, his cock reveling in each stroke as he pounded against her. Amy cried for more.”

“Ah, right, I think I can deliver on that.” Robert got his hands in position, raised up, and plunged deep into her. Mandy gasped as his cock rammed home and his balls slapped her ass. Over and over he sunk his cock in; his own climax building with intensity. He watched her gasping and moaning. She grabbed his arms and clenched her fingers hard. Robert was surprised at her strength, Mandy had a death-grip on him. He groaned, his body responding to her demands, he wanted nothing more than to please her.

She let the tension build in her body. It felt so nice not having to do all the work for an orgasm. Here was Robert, happily thrusting his cock inside her, bringing her to a beautiful climax. He pumped away for several minutes. Mandy could see he was trying to hold off. Once in a while he’d bite his lip, fighting his own strong desire to cum. Little grunts escaped him as he rammed into her. She felt his cock hit that magical spot, oh, she was going to cum. Her body tensed more and she held her breath. She could feel it welling up inside her, an orgasm unlike she’d had in years.

When she could stand it no longer, Mandy threw back her head and let out a loud cry. Her body shook, her pussy tightening down on Robert’s cock, giving him a firm squeeze. That was all it took, he thrust as deep as he could go, held it, and came hard into her. He let out his own cry: deep and animalistic. Breathing hard, he finished with a few strokes. Sweat dripped from his chest onto hers, and his arm muscles trembled. He lowered his head for a few moments, getting his wits about him.

Finally, Robert sat up. “Well, was that how he did it in the book?”

Mandy smiled. “Oh, I think you did it better.”

He withdrew and lay down next to her. His head was spinning. “Ah, nice to know I improved on someone else’s performance.” He reached over and played with one of her nipples. “So, what else is there in the book?”

She picked up the book, scanning through the pages. “Hmm, gee, I guess that was the finale. All the rest is how they became a couple after that singles’ camping trip.”

“Damn, I was hoping there was more fucking in it.”


“Well, do you wanna go get the new book and see what we got?” he asked.


He sat up slightly. “Oh, I guess it doesn’t matter; we’ve seen each other masturbating, had sex, and now, here we are.”

She got up and went to the door. “I had fun.”

Robert lay back on the bed. “Me too. Sure beats a hand-job on a Friday night.” He wiggled his fingers at her.



“How come I’ve never seen you in the book store?”

He pointed to his wrist. “Most of the time I’m in there about ten minutes before closing. But tonight, I actually got off work at a reasonable hour, so I went by.”

“And see what it got you!” She played with a breast to tease him.

“Yeah, now I’m hating myself for not getting my work done earlier. I coulda met you a long time ago.”

“Gee, do you wanna meet next Friday in the book store?”

Robert grabbed his cock and gave a few pulls. “Why? You got a great stack here. Most of ’em I haven’t read.”

“Yeah, but I have.”

“I figure you wouldn’t mind reading them again, since you got a real guy to play the part now.”

She stuck her finger in her mouth and sucked on it. “Well, you got a point there.” Disappearing into the living room, she came back with the new book. “All right, let’s take a little peek.”

“What are we reading?”

“Island Passion Storm.” She sat down and opened it. “Shall I?”

“Yeah, why not.”

“No one expected to get shipwrecked, but there they were. Josh, Traci, and Collin were alone on a beach…” She stopped. “Uh, oh, I guess I should’ve read the back a little better, this appears to have some threesome action in it.”

Robert rubbed his chin. “Yes, that might be a problem.” He thought for a few moments. “Well, are we gonna follow the book?”

“I dunno. Never done anything that kinky before.”

“Me neither…Ah, you got your trusty pink dildo as a third—which, by the way, you still haven’t shown me.”

Mandy reached over and opened the drawer on her nightstand. Grabbing it, she presented it to him. “There.”

He took it. “Fuck, that thing’s bigger than me!”

“Well, I like ’em big.” She looked at it for a moment. “But I’m tired of it. I much prefer real cock.”

Robert gave it back to her. “Uh, if you want a real threesome, I got a friend at work who boasts about having a big cock.”

She grinned. “How about you bring him over next Friday?”

“I’ll see if he’d be interested in joining our little bookworm group.”

The Chocolate Sword Swallower

“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you again for joining us for an evening of amazing feats at the Metropolitan Circus,” the ringmaster called. The crowd was on their feet as the last act of the night took her final bow. She held her props in one hand and used the other across her abdomen, bowing lowly. Neesha Wright loved the circus, and by a stroke of luck, she was living the dream.

As she trotted out of the main ring, she spied a man standing against the wall. He was there with some of the work crew, but she didn’t recognize him. He was tall and muscular. He had the most beautiful deep milk chocolate skin, and a close-cut head of shiny black hair. Neesha found him quite attractive.

Returning to her small trailer, which was her dressing room and home, Neesha set her three 18 inch long knives on the table. She reached back and tugged down the zipper of her unitard. It was deep blue with silver sequins and braid on it. With a little wiggling, she had it down. “Ah, much better,” she said, sliding her legs out. She hung it up in a closet and went to put on a robe. As she passed her dressing mirror, Neesha stopped. She wore only a pair of panties. Her small but firm breasts jutted from her chest, her nipples hard. Her body was trim from years of plying her trade. Neesha was one of the premiere sword swallowers and contortionists in the world.

Spying a box of chocolates on her table, she opened it and grabbed one. Neesha was a confirmed chocoholic. If it weren’t for her need to be thin, she probably would have eaten every ounce of chocolate she could find. “Milk chocolate, mmm.” She sat down and pondered the guy she’d seen in the big top. As she looked into the mirror, Neesha felt a warm flush envelope her. She looked down at her pale milk chocolate skin, seeing goose bumps rising. That guy was damned good looking, and she wanted to know who he was. The glimpse had her aroused. Maybe she’d play around a bit.

Neesha picked up the box and went to her bed. She lay back and looked at the ceiling for a few moments. Then she grabbed her panties and worked them down. With one hand, she slid it between her legs, feeling her stiff curly hair and the hot, soft skin beneath. With the other hand, she grabbed another piece of chocolate, this time, a dark variety. She sucked on the little treat while her hand moved on her clit. Neesha moaned. That guy was hot, yes, and she wished he was here.

She finished her chocolate. Taking a finger, she stroked her clit with more purpose. “Oh, oh, ohhh,” she moaned. Her body tensed and headed toward orgasm. Neesha was lonely and wished a man would come into her life. But in the ten years she’d been with the circus, none had satisfied her in a way she could enjoy. Most were guys in towns the circus traveled through, so it was a brief whirlwind romance at best.

Her finger moved faster and harder; the delicious tension building in her body. Then she stopped. She was, after all, a contortionist; one so flexible that she was quite capable of licking her own pussy. Sitting up, she slowly stretched her body and bent over. She stuck out her tongue and felt the firm nub of her clit. Neesha licked and sucked, once again riding the wave toward orgasm. It was fun to get off like that, but she much preferred a guy to be performing the task.

As her body tensed, she sucked harder. After a few moments, she gasped and cried out, feeling the rush of release. She collapsed back on the bed, trying to catch her breath. Reaching over, she took another piece of chocolate. “Ah, milk chocolate again.” Neesha held it to her lips and let the chocolate begin to melt. Then she slowly licked all the chocolate from the sweet before finally eating it.

The next morning, Neesha wandered from her trailer. It was a warm, bright Monday; the crews were tearing down and getting ready to move to another city. If she recalled correctly, it would be Boston. Since it was warm, she’d dressed in her favorite pair of jean shorts and a t-shirt. As she strolled to the food tent, she spied the guy from the previous night. Yeah, he was crew all right. His shirt was off, and she saw his rippling muscles covered with that fabulous, creamy, smooth milk chocolate skin glistening with sweat. Hunky!

With her eyes averted to the fabulous beefcake just a few yards off, Neesha wasn’t paying attention and tripped over a tent stake. She crashed to the ground, holding her lower leg in pain. “Damn it!” she growled, looking down to see a trickle of blood oozing from between her fingers. “Oh, just my luck!”

Perhaps it was her luck, for the beefcake saw what happened and ran to her aid. “Are you okay?” he asked, dropping to one knee next to her.

“Does it look like it?” she replied, angry that she’d been so stupid.

“Oh, I don’t suppose so. Do you need me to carry you to the doc?”

Neesha was just about to refuse, but then a thought crossed her mind. The beefcake was offering to carry her somewhere. Perhaps she should let him. “Uh, yeah, please.”

He leaned over to scoop her up. “My name’s Deshawn.”


“I think I caught the very last few moments of your show last night.”

“Yeah? Did you like it?”

He picked her up. “Like I said, only saw the final moments, you were taking a bow.”


Deshawn carried her to the medical tent. There was the “doc” who was an older man traveling along with the circus. He did his best to take care of minor injuries and illnesses that occasionally beset the nearly one hundred employees. “Neesha, what happened?” he asked.

“I tripped over a tent stake.”

“My dear, you’ve been with this troupe for ten years, and not once have I doctored you for tripping over a tent stake.”

She glanced at Deshawn, who stood close by, almost as if standing watch. “I, uh, got distracted.”

“Come on, lemme have a look,” the doc said, pointing to her hand. Neesha slowly removed it. “Oh, you skinned it pretty good.”

“Hurts like hell,” she whined.

“Well, gimme a moment and I’ll get you fixed right up.” He got some supplies and cleaned the wound. Neesha tried not to squirm, but found it difficult. The doc bandaged her leg. “Okay, young lady, take it easy for a bit.”

“Thanks, doc.” She struggled to get up.

Deshawn stepped in. “Don’t, I’ll carry you back.” He scooped her up and whisked her out of the tent.

“You don’t have to, I’ll be fine, really,” Neesha protested half-heartedly. She was truly enjoying this and wondered how she could milk it for more. Deshawn was even more handsome up close, and she could smell his sweat mingled with aftershave. He smelled delicious.

“Nonsense. You’re hurt.” He made easy work of carrying her back to “trailer alley” where she lived. “Uh, which one is yours?”

Neesha pointed. “That one, with the red stripe on it.”

“Okay,” he said, heading toward it. Somehow, with one hand, he got the door open and maneuvered them inside. Then he gently placed her on the small sofa. “There, home safe and sound.”

“No more tent stakes to attack me,” she joked. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.” He saw her prop knives sitting on the table. “So, since I missed your act last night, what do you do with those?”

Neesha gestured for the knives, he handed them to her. “I do this—” She tipped her head back and carefully inserted a knife down her throat. Then she took another one and did the same. Finally, the last knife slid down her throat. She waved her hands, then slipped them out. “That’s what I do.”

Deshawn grunted. At that moment he was at a loss for words. “Uh, impressive.” His mind started to wander, his cock starting to rise. Perhaps he needed to make an exit before his erection got noticed. “I better go, I got work to do.” He turned to leave, but Neesha caught his hand.


He kept his back part way to her. “What?”

“How come I’ve never seen you with the crew?”

“Some guy named Lenny quit, and I happened to need a job.”

“Lenny quit? Really? Oh, well, that’s how it goes in this place. Everyone seems to come and go like the wind.”

“The doc said you’ve been here ten years.”

“Yeah, it may sound strange, but as a little girl, I always wanted to join the circus.”

He chuckled. “Usually it’s little boys that wanna run away and join the circus.”

“No, I knew I was different, and here, it’s just fine.”

“So you swallow swords?”

She pulled at him, turning him around. “And other things.” Neesha saw the large bulge in his jeans. “Lots of other things.” She reached out and gave him a caress. “Yeah.”

Deshawn swallowed hard. “Uh…”

“You’re a mighty fine lookin’ hunk of chocolate, and I’d like to see more of you.”

He smiled. “Well, you’re some fine milk chocolate yourself, baby.” Stepping forward, he ran his hand down her arm. “Mighty fine.”

Neesha gave him a more firm caress, running her hand down the length of his cock. “Is that all you?”

“Yeah, baby,” he whispered.

“Oh. My.”

“You want it?”

She caressed him some more, feeling the hugeness of his cock. “Yeah.”

“All right, but I warn you, no woman has ever taken all of me.” He unzipped his jeans, letting them fall around his ankles. Then he pulled down his boxer briefs, his cock springing out like a hard hunk of meat. It was long, but not incredibly big around.

Neesha gasped as she stared at all fourteen inches of dark chocolate cock pointing straight at her. “Fuck!”

“I told ya it’s big.”

“I’ve never seen a dick that big in my life—oh, wait, I did—on one of the circus horses.”

He laughed. “Yeah, baby, I’m hung like a horse.”

She took hold of him. “Not joking there.” He moved closer, letting her get a good look. Neesha leaned forward and licked the tip. “So no woman has ever taken all of you, huh?”

“No, baby.”

Moving so that she was on her knees, she stroked his cock and played her tongue around some. “Until now.” Opening her mouth wide, she slowly inched forward, ingesting his cock. Deshawn gasped, he couldn’t believe she was taking him all in. The sensation was amazing. And when she’d swallowed him up to the hilt, she slowly started to move back and forth, her tongue pressing against his shaft, lips forming a wonderful suction.

“Oh fuck, baby!” he groaned. “Fuck!”

She moved a bit faster, her hand fondling his balls and then holding his cock to steady it while she pumped away. All Deshawn could do was moan and groan. He put his hands on her head, gently urging her to go faster. Neesha did her best to oblige. She could hear him making little grunts, heading toward orgasm.

“Ahhhhhhh!” he moaned. “Oh fuck, this is good!” He held her head and thrust into her mouth, holding against her as he came. He could feel her nose buried in his coarse curly hair.

Neesha had him so deep that she couldn’t even feel his cum shoot down her throat. All she felt was the hot, rock hard cock in her mouth. Slowly, she moved back, letting him slide out. “How was that?” she said with a satisfied smile.

“I have died and gone to big black dick heaven!”

She laughed. “And I have more tricks.”


“Yeah.” She started to undress. “I can do something only a few women in the world can do.”

“What’s that?”

Neesha finished undressing and began to stretch. “You’ll see.”

“I see one hot chocolate baby, that’s what I see.” He grabbed his cock and began to stroke.

She stretched more, bending ever more forward. “See, I’m not only a sword swallower…” Neesha changed positions on the sofa. “I’m also a contortionist.”

“Oh, sexy!”

Finally after a few minutes, she was nearly bent in half. “How many women do you know that can suck their own pussy?” She leaned down and grabbed her legs, sinking her head into her wet folds.

“Holy shit!” Deshawn cried. His cock was seriously hard now.

She moaned as she sucked her clit and flicked her tongue over it. Then she sat up. “Want some?”

“Oh, fuck, do I!” He dove between her legs, his mouth latching on to her clit. He sucked hard and slipped a couple fingers into her dripping wet pussy. Neesha groaned loudly. This is what she’d wanted, a good fucking. Now she was going to get it.

He worked his tongue fast and hard. She thrust her pelvis at him, demanding more. Tension was building inside her, and she wanted him to make her cum. “More!” she cried. He took a breath and continued. With amazing determination, Deshawn took her over the top. Neesha cried loudly as her body shook and cum trickled out. He felt her juices and greedily licked them up.

“Fuck me!” she cried, throwing her legs wide open.

He stood and held his cock. “Yeah, baby!” Moving forward, he aimed his big chocolate shaft into her rather petite looking pussy. The head sunk in, followed by about seven inches. “Well, you can take all of me one way at least.”

“Sorry, not very roomy in that department.” She took her hand and stroked the rest of his cock. Deshawn started to move. He knew he had to be careful, but he was so damned horny after watching her take his whole cock, then licking her own clit, he fought for control. His body screamed to ram home hard, but there was no way she could take all of him.

“But what you’ve got is very nice.” He moved a little faster. Then he leaned down, grabbed her around the lower back, and lifted her into the air. She wrapped her legs around his thighs and rode his cock while he gently thrust into her. Deshawn caressed her breasts, kissing her hard. Neesha felt him fill her completely. There wasn’t any space left in her pussy, every ounce was filled by his massive cock. And he was hitting her G-spot like no other man ever had. She moaned and tried to ride him harder; her climax building to an incredible height.

Neesha cried out as she came. Deshawn was close after. He let out a loud groan and grasped her tightly. She was truly a unique woman, and he didn’t want to let her go. As he laid her back on the sofa, he couldn’t believe how he felt. “God,” he gasped.

“Wow,” was all she could reply with.

He sat next to her; his flaccid cock still nearly a foot long, lay across his right thigh. “I wanna marry you.”

“What?” she said, laughing. “We just met.”

“Long ago I made myself a promise.” He caressed her breasts. “I promised myself that if I met a woman who could take all of me, I’d marry her.”

“That’s a daring promise.”

“Kind of.”

Neesha sat up. “And what would you do if that woman was hideous?”

He scratched his head. “I guess I’d be the one wearing a blind fold!” They laughed. “Seriously, I was born with a big dick. At three, I remember looking down and seeing it was at least four inches long. All the other boys had dinky dicks, but mine was big, and it just got bigger as I got older.”

“A blessing and a curse, huh?”

“Pretty much. You know how hard it is to hide an erection in school? I mean, when you hit that age when just about everything makes you hard, it’s nearly impossible to disguise the big black snake trying to escape your pants.”

She stroked him, she wanted him hard again. There was something disturbing, yet fascinating about his massive cock. “I wouldn’t know about that.”

“No, but you seem to like it.” He watched as Neesha leaned over and licked his length. Deshawn moaned. “Can you suck me down like you did before?” he asked, gently running his fingers through her silky shoulder length hair.

“Sure, but I gotta be in the right position.”

“You get where you need to be, and I’ll be anxiously waiting.” He stood and let her move around.

Neesha got on her hands and knees once again. “I have to keep the line straight from my mouth on down.” She motioned at him to come closer. “Most sword swallowers have to suppress their gag reflex…I don’t seem to have one.” Grasping his cock, she brought him to her mouth. A dribble of his cum hung at the tip, she licked it off. Then she slowly worked him deep into her throat until her nose touched his curly hair. “Mmmmmmm,” she moaned, moving her head back and forth.

“Ohhhhhhhhh,” Deshawn groaned as he felt the vibration on his cock. “Ohhh, let’s make some music, baby!”

She continued to hum while giving him a blow job he’d never forget. As Deshawn neared climax, he moaned loudly and put his hands on her head again. He was completely amazed with the woman kneeling in front of him, his cock disappearing into her. No other woman had ever come close, and Neesha was quite a beauty. He had to have her.

With his climax reaching the pinnacle, he cried out, filling her once again. His cock tingled with a little spasm, his balls tight against his body. As he became flaccid, Deshawn slid from her mouth. Neesha sat up, wiping a little bit of cum from her lip. “So, how was that?”

He knelt down and took her hand. “Will you marry me?”


“We just had amazing sex, you gave me a blow job any man would kill for, and I think you’re the hottest piece of chocolate in the world.”

She giggled, delighted at his attentions. “Thanks.”

“You are, baby, really.” He stood. “You got a bed in this place?”

“Yeah, back there.”

“Come on, let’s go.”

Neesha got up and led the way. “Why do you wanna go here?”

“I want us to share some more music.”

She climbed onto the bed and lay back. “I love music.”

“So do I.” He crawled between her legs and sought out her clit. This time it was his turn to hum.

“Oh!” she cried, amazed at how wonderful it felt. Deshawn pleasured her for a few minutes. When he felt she was satisfied, he sat up.

“I have a confession to make,” he said, giving his cock a few long, slow strokes.

“A confession? Oh, sounds sexy.”

“Not sure if you’d call it that.”


“You know how you can bend and suck your pussy?”


“Well, I’ve stayed pretty fit in my life, and it may sound gross, but I can suck my own cock.”

“Oh my God!” Neesha gasped. “Show me!”

“That doesn’t freak you out?”

“Fuck, I think it’ll turn me on.”

Deshawn moved so he was leaning against a wall, his legs out and spread. “Might take me a minute, I gotta stretch too.” He slowly began to bend forward, his mouth getting closer and closer to his cock. “You sure?”


“All right.” He continued until his lips were touching the tip. Then he opened his mouth and slowly sunk himself in a few inches.

It was Neesha’s turn. “Holy shit!” Then she reached over, opened a drawer, and pulled out a small bottle. “Hey, try this—it’s chocolate flavored.”

Deshawn took the bottle, popped the top, and drizzled some on his cock. “Hmm, this should be fun.” He leaned down and licked the tip. “Mmm, tasty.” Then he opened wider and slid his cock in as far as he could reach.

Neesha felt her clit throbbing hard. Quickly, she scrambled around and dove between his legs, licking and sucking the rest of his cock. In one hand, she fondled his balls, the other, frantically working her clit. Deshawn moaned as he moved his head up and down.

He pleasured himself for a few minutes, then his back started to hurt. Neesha quickly took over, taking in as much as she could with the position she was in. She ravaged his cock, sucking and licking with ferocity. “That turned you on?” he asked.

“Oh, God did it!” She threw herself back on the bed. “Fuck me again!”

Deshawn smiled. “With pleasure.” He got off the bed and then grabbed her, pulling her ass to the edge. “Let’s try this.” Getting his arm behind her lower back, he lifted her slightly. Then he aimed his cock into her pussy, entering her gently.

“You know, for a guy with such a huge dick, you fuck very carefully,” Neesha said, feeling him fill her once again.

“Mmm, this big black snake has quite a bite. I don’t wanna hurt you. I’m absolutely crazy about you.”

She caressed his arms, feeling the hard muscle under his beautifully smooth skin. “I’m thinking I’d like you to be in my life more.”

“You would, huh?”

“Yeah.” She gasped as he edged deep into her. Neesha wished her pussy could take all of him, but it probably never would. She could, however, give Deshawn the beautiful pleasures of a good blow job, and she liked that idea.

He fucked her slowly and gently, bringing her to an intense climax. Neesha had never experienced cumming like that. She wanted more, more, more. Deshawn hoped and prayed that he’d found the one woman for him.

As they lay together, he traced his finger around one of her nipples. “I have another confession to make,” he said.

“Another one? What now?”

“As a boy, I always wanted to run away with the circus.”

“It seems you finally got your wish.”

“And I always wanted to meet a sword swallower.”

“Now you have.”

He kissed the top of her head. “And she’s the most beautiful milk chocolate sword swallower on the planet.”

Dressing Room

Lynn wandered through one of her favorite clothing stores. It was a trendy place, one that sold clothes for guys and gals. She could shop there and not feel terribly guilty about the prices. And the clothes looked good on her. At age thirty, she realized that her size five figure was slowly going out the window. But that didn’t matter; she had a wonderful, sexy husband that adored her no matter how she looked.

Taking a pair of jeans from a rack, Lynn looked at the size. “Hmm, eight, yuck.” She longed for the days of skinny. Her older friends used to moan and complain about getting older and fatter; now she knew how they felt.

“Do you need any help?” the saleslady asked.

Lynn held up the jeans. “I’d like to try these on.”

“Sure, the dressing rooms are in the back.”

“Yup, been here many times before.”

“Do you have a club membership?”


The saleslady nodded slightly. “If you can’t find your card, I can look it up in the computer. It saves you ten percent on your purchases.”

“Yes, I know,” Lynn replied as she headed for the dressing room. As she got to the back and went down a short hallway, she noticed pairs of legs in all but one dressing room. It was the last one in the row, tucked in a corner of the room. She turned the handle and pushed open the door. Inside, she found a very good-looking man. He was sitting on the bench, one leg up, and his jeans were unzipped, his white shirt unbuttoned. His hefty cock was out, and he was gently stroking it.

“Oh!” she said, turning to close the door.

“Wait,” he said in a deep, sultry tone.

Lynn froze.

“Why don’t you join me?” he asked.

She glanced down, seeing the lovely diamond wedding ring on her finger. Yes, almost eleven years of marriage. No, she couldn’t. But this guy, he was so hot looking her clit started to throb. Lynn wanted him. A pang of guilt shot through her. Her eyes slowly turned his direction. She watched him stroking his cock. He was big, quite big. Lynn could feel the dampness in the little crotch of her black thong. Her clit throbbed harder. She liked the looks of his cock.

“Hey,” he whispered.


He noticed her looking at his cock. “Like this?” His hand slid up and down the length. “No, you look like you want it.”

Lynn licked her lips; the man slowly let a smile edge to his. He wiggled his jeans down and exposed his balls. They were equally as impressive as his rock hard shaft. “You wanna get fucked, don’t you?”

She quickly looked around before going in and closing the door. Oh God, this was dirty! How could she? There was no doubt this guy was sexy, and his cock begged to be sucked. And heaven knows she wanted to be fucked. The throbbing of her clit became almost painful.

He reached a hand out to her. “Come on, I don’t bite.”

All she could do was let out a little gasp. Taking his hand, she drew closer. He moved her hand to his cock. Lynn could feel how hot and hard he was. She curled her fingers around his shaft and gave a stroke. The guy moaned softly. “Fuck, yeah,” he whispered.

Slowly, Lynn dropped to her knees. This guy needed a good sucking. She only wished it wasn’t in this silly dressing room. Hush, hush. Bending over, she opened her mouth and took the tip in. He was firm and salty, Lynn tasted a bit of pre cum.

A moment later, she was devouring him. Her head bobbed up and down as she sucked in as much of his nearly nine inches as she could. He was delicious. One hand rode his shaft, the other, caressed his hefty balls. She couldn’t believe she was doing this. The dampness in her thong was worse; she thought she felt a gush of her own juices.

He reached a hand down and got it between her legs. Giving a gentle caress, he was surprised when she opened her legs. “Oh, you feel wet,” he said, “How about I make you wetter?”

Without saying a word, Lynn stood. She unzipped her jeans and wiggled them down her hips. Her black thong came into view. The jeans ended up bunched around her ankles.

“Mmm, black. Sexy.” He kept his seat and pulled her close. Taking a finger, he moved the thong out of the way. Then he leaned and got his mouth on her clit. He could smell her musk and tasted her juices. Lynn spread her legs apart. He licked and sucked, his other hand got a finger into her pussy. She was dripping wet.

“Ohhh,” Lynn moaned as he plunged his finger deeply into her over and over. She wanted his cock. Taking him back in her hand, she stroked him vigorously. Outside the dressing room stall, she heard the noise of other customers. There was the occasional banging of doors and female voices chattering. She wondered if any of them knew what was going on. This was so, so dirty.

Drawing away, the guy licked his lips, savoring her taste. He slipped his finger out and then gave her a gentle nudge to move back. Then he swung his other leg around until both feet were resting on the floor. “Come on, have a seat,” he said, holding his cock.

Lynn kicked off her shoes and got out of her jeans. She approached and began to straddle his legs, facing him.

“No, turn around.” He gestured to her. She obeyed and put her back to him. He grasped her hip and guided her down to his eagerly awaiting cock. She felt him sinking into her depths.

“Mmm,” he moaned as she took nearly all of him. She was so wet he slid in with no effort. “Ride me,” he whispered.

She continued to obey his commands, almost mesmerized by his dashing good looks and big cock. Lynn loved the way his blonde hair held a few curls. And his eyes…His eyes were a pale blue-gray. His body was muscular and fit. This guy knew how to take care of himself. No wonder she couldn’t take her eyes off him.

Slowly she began to ride his cock. He felt wonderful in her. A frenzied passion stirred between them, and soon her actions grew faster. The sound of flesh slapping could be heard along with the occasional moan and groan. Lynn hoped the salespeople didn’t hear. The last thing she wanted was to get this fabulous fuck broken up.

Her riding was soon interrupted as the guy held her down by her hips. She felt the fullness of his cock deep inside, it was almost painful. What he did next surprised her. With his strength, he lifted her to her feet all while still staying inside her. Rather roughly, he pushed her against the wall and decided to have his way with her. Lynn felt a jolt of fear shoot through her body. This guy was big, strong, and could really hurt her if he wanted. Oh God, she thought, my husband, how could I do this?

The guy paused a moment while he pushed his jeans down. As he commenced to his strokes, Lynn felt his balls slapping her on the ass. She found it immensely arousing.

“Ohhh, mmm,” she gasped, trying to keep her voice down. His cock was teasing that magical spot, sending her on the road to orgasm. Outside she heard a female customer coming in. The woman had a couple of young kids with her. They were noisy and running all over the place. She did her best to try and rein them in.

Lynn was quite worried when the woman took the dressing room immediately next to them. The partition walls didn’t go all the way to the floor, and little sets of eyes could peer under and get an education they might not be ready for. She glanced over and saw three sets of legs in the next room. Shit.

The guy paid little attention to what was going on. He had Lynn around the hips and was thrusting vigorously away. His balls slapped loudly against her firm, round ass. Letting his right hand slide, he played his index finger over her clit. He heard her stifle a moan. Using his left hand, he grabbed a hank of her long, brown hair and pulled, bringing her head back into an unnatural position. Then he got hold of her shoulder, and in one swift move, pivoted them both toward the bench. With little regard, he pushed her down so she was holding on to the wooden slats of the bench.

He leaned over her back, using his pelvis to thrust even harder. With Lynn bent like that, he could get deeper into her. She uttered a little cry as he rammed his shaft to the hilt. “Come on, you want a good fuck,” he whispered into her ear.

“Oh,” she gasped, partly in pain, partly in pleasure. In her current position, she was bent over enough that his balls were banging her clit with intensity. Fuck it felt good. Yes, he was going deep, but the little bit of pain was worth it. Lynn felt her body responding to him. Her muscles began to tighten and she breathed in little grunts. Behind, she could hear the guy doing the same. He had her by the hips again and was thrusting hard and fast.

In the next dressing room, Lynn heard little voices. She tried to look and see what was going on, but the guy had her held so firmly she found it difficult to even move. Her ears tried to tune into the voices, what were they saying? The noise from skin slapping skin seemed to echo through the whole area. Why couldn’t she hear? Her muscles tightened more and she could feel herself clamping down on his cock. Every time his balls smacked her clit, she got a jolt of mind-bending pleasure. Screw the little rug-rats in the next room, she needed to finish this fucking. Lynn wanted to cum something fierce.

Behind her, the guy was certainly not disappointing. He stroked away with reckless abandon. His cock plunged deep and fast, his own climax eminent. It seemed they were climbing the magical ladder together. Lynn knew it would only be a matter of moments for the both of them. Dear God, her husband, oh, how could she?

And a matter of moments it was. Lynn felt like her whole body wanted to twist in ecstasy. Every nerve, every muscle came to life. She felt a hot rush between her legs and a little dribble down one thigh. It was everything she could do to stifle the loud cry that begged to come out. Fuck, this guy just totally rocked her world.

He grabbed her hips and drove his cock deep, holding as he jacked a huge wad of cum into her. He grunted, trying to stifle his own urge to cry out. She was indeed a fine fuck. When he withdrew, he was surprised when Lynn turned around. She knelt down and took his cock, wanting him to milk the last of his cum into her mouth. “Mmm, she likes dessert,” he whispered, giving his cock a firm pull.

Lynn let his cum dribble into her mouth. She felt the hot, sticky, salty juice on her tongue. He tasted wonderful. Then she closed her mouth around his cock, tasting sweat and her own juices that clung to him. She could smell him, he was sweaty, yet a hint of some manly cologne hung on his skin. It almost made her clit start to tingle all over again.

When he’d finished milking his cock, he took a step away. Lynn let his cock fall from her mouth. He sat down on the bench, not bothering to pull up his jeans. “Come here,” he said, motioning.

Lynn wasn’t sure if he wanted her to sit on his lap, or next to him, so she decided to sit next to him. Suddenly she felt dirty. What had she done? She’d just fucked the daylights out of a guy in a clothing store dressing room. What was going on? Then she started to giggle.

The guy reached up and put his hand on the side of her face. “What?”

She continued to giggle.

“Oh, come on, what?” he said louder.

“How come here?”

“Why not?”

She drew away from him. “Why not here? Shit, I buy my clothes here!”

He smiled. “Yeah, so I knew where I’d find you.”

“Oh, great, and if they heard, I’ll never be able to shop here again.”

“Ah, fuck it.” He waved his hand.

Lynn folded her arms. “Hey, I like this store.”

He took her in his arms and kissed her. “Well, it just means that next month we get to find another place to have our fantasy fuck.”



“How about we do it in one of the department stores? You know, it’s our eleventh anniversary and all…Maybe you can buy me that necklace I’ve been drooling over.”

A broad smile crept to his lips. “Yeah, I like that idea.”

Elvis Has Left the Building

Dean Presley walked down the concourse of McCarron Airport in Las Vegas. He knew everyone was looking at him, they always did. He had the eyes, the face, the hair, the body, the walk, and even the last name. He was The King. Despite being dressed in jeans, tennis shoes, and a t-shirt, he was the embodiment of a twenty-eight-year-old Elvis Presley.

And that’s exactly what he did for a living. The King may be gone, but thousands of lookalikes kept his image and music alive. Dean worked several jobs: at a local hotel where he sung Elvis songs; at a wedding chapel, where he ceremoniously married folks; and on rare occasion, he worked at a strip club when they had male reviews. Money was good, and so was life. Dean was having a great time. But one thing bugged him: deep down inside there was an indescribable itch to be married.

He checked his boarding pass and found the right gate. The red LED sign behind the counter flashed “Flt 2308 to Memphis.” It was his yearly pilgrimage to Elvis Week. Sure it was loads of fun, and quite often he got lucky and hooked up with a lady; or in some cases—several. It was every woman’s dream to say they’d fucked The King. Dean knew his wild living and sleeping around probably wouldn’t find him a wife. He figured he’d better tame it down and get serious. But it was so much fun!

Standing in line, he patiently waited to board. All around he heard people talking about him. Then he looked ahead and behind in the line. There were four other Elvis’ waiting to board the plane. Dean chuckled and shook his head.

“Can I get your autograph?” one older woman asked, holding a magazine and pen to him.

He smiled. “Well, honey, would you like this signed as Elvis, or Dean Presley?”

“Is your last name Presley?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” he said in a rather fake, but well-practiced southern drawl.

“Are you related to him?”

Dean cracked a crooked grin. “What do you think?”

The woman held her hand to her mouth and gasped. “Oh!”

He took the magazine and pen and scrawled “Elvis Dean Presley” on it for her. “Here you go.”

“Oh, thank you, thank you!”

“You’re welcome, ma’am.”

“Are you heading to Memphis for Elvis week?”

Dean nodded. “Like I do every year. I need to pay homage to The King.”

She reached out and gingerly touched his arm. “Oh, sweetie, you are The King!”

He playfully did his best Elvis shimmy-shake; several women clapped and cheered.

Once seated on the plane, Dean scanned around. There had to be a dozen lookalikes headed to Memphis as well. They ranged in age from teen to quite old. He found it amusing. Glancing across the row, he spotted a very attractive woman. She was probably close to his age, and her long, auburn hair trailed down her shoulders and back like a colorful waterfall. Dean thought she looked amazing. There was a definite stirring in his fairly snug jeans that left him squirming in his seat.

The plane taxied and took off. The flight wasn’t long, just over three hours. Dean wondered what his chances would be in talking to her. She was three seats over, and he was parked next to the window. Not a good situation. But she intrigued him beyond belief; how she sat there, ignoring everyone, and reading a book on her tablet.

After maybe an hour, Dean decided he wanted to use the restroom. He looked at the other two sitting next to him. “Would y’all excuse me, I need to use the little Elvis’s room.” They chuckled and stood while he shuffled out into the aisle. He stretched and paused for a moment, trying to see what the woman was reading. Unable to tell, Dean headed to the lavatory. While he relieved himself, he wondered what line he could use to get her attention. She didn’t seem caught up in the party atmosphere with all the other lookalikes on board; in fact, she seemed completely disinterested.

Dean washed his hands and returned. No ideas had popped into his brain. Normally he was quick with wit and able to manage a good pickup line; but not this time. He stopped at his row of seats. The woman was still reading. “Must be a good book,” Dean said, unsure if she’d acknowledge him.

“What?” she said, not even lifting her eyes.

“I said that must be a good book, you haven’t come up for air.” He thought it was a lousy pickup line, but it was all he could think of.

Upon seeing him, she rolled her eyes. “I’m reading The New York Times.”

“Oh? Anything important going on?”

“Probably nothing that would concern you.”

Dean knew this was a brush-off, and he didn’t want to throw in the towel just yet. “Is there any more news on that natural gas drilling disaster in Pennsylvania?” By all means, he wasn’t a dumb Elvis impersonator, but most of the time, he came off like it.

The woman stared at him for a moment, almost shocked he would say something intelligent. “Uh, no, there hasn’t been any more word.”

“Ah, thanks. I, uh, have a friend that lives over that way. Haven’t heard from him lately.”

“Is he an Elvis impersonator too?” her voice had a hint of sarcasm in it.

“No, no, he used to work in a steel mill; lost his job recently. We met in Memphis during Elvis week about five years ago, he was there with his wife—she’s an Elvis junkie.”

“Lemme guess, you’re heading there for another Elvis week.”

Dean nodded. “Yeah, it’s lots of fun.” He rested his arm on the top of her seat. “I bet you’re going there on business.”

“No, a funeral.”

“Oh, very sorry.”

“Don’t be. My father was a fucking asshole,” she said lowly.

There was no comeback Dean could muster. “Uh, well, if you need some cheering up, I’ll be singing at Graceland Wednesday night.” Saying no more, he crawled back into his seat. He wondered what would have her so bitter. Did her father abuse her? Was he just a shitty father? And now her face was floating around in his mind. She was quite beautiful and Dean wished his conversation would have gone better.

It was Wednesday morning and Dean awoke to noise outside his hotel room. He’d booked into one near Graceland, which was of course, the center of activities. The last couple of days saw hundreds of women mobbing him, begging for autographs, and one tried to tear off his shirt. This was just way too much fun. But he hadn’t bedded a woman yet. The thought of the auburn beauty on the plane kept nagging him. He really liked her—enough that he had a dream about her, and now lay in bed with a serious hard on.

Dean peered under the sheet and growled. Yeah, he liked getting hard, but usually preferred someone to share it with. Not today. He crawled from bed and went to the window; his boner stretching the silky fabric of his loose boxers. Gazing outside, he wished he’d see that beauty again. She was evidently smart, and that appealed to Dean. He liked his women with a good head on their shoulders.

Going into the bathroom, he stripped and stood looking at his cock. It seemed there would be no convincing it to go down so he could pee. He turned on the shower and got in. The water wasn’t exactly warm when his bare flesh hit it. “Oh, shit!” he cried, trying to get the water warmer. After a few moments of fiddling, it was tolerable. His cock still stood at attention; the cold water did nothing to send it into retreat.

“Crap,” he grumbled. “Can’t you just go away?” Dean grabbed his cock and started to stroke. He closed his eyes and imagined the auburn beauty. How her hair caught the light, and her skin, although fairly pale, radiated. He could see himself gently caressing her, kissing her with a passion from deep inside. Her body, curvy and naked under him while he made beautiful love to her. If she was the one, he hoped he’d see her again.

He worked his cock with determination. Dean wanted to know her name; he wanted her in the worst way. Never before had a woman sent him into such a tailspin. Tension and frustration built in his body. Climax was supposed to be a release, but to Dean, it seemed more of a prison. How could he find her? How? And if he did, how would he win her over? He needed her in his life, he wanted to be complete.

Dean grunted as he came. There was little pleasure in it. He was horny beyond belief, and jerking off wasn’t going to do it. His brain went into overdrive as he tried to think of a way to find her. There had to be a way.

After his shower, he grabbed some breakfast, and hopped in his rental car. It was a newer model red Ford Mustang with hot racing stripes. The King had to have a ride consummate with his status, and this seemed to do it. Dean wasn’t sure where he’d go, so he set out driving. He stayed mostly to surface streets, hoping maybe he’d get a glance of her. Unfortunately the plan backfired and he ended up stuck at a street corner with probably fifty screaming women mobbing the car. It took everything he had to get out of there in one piece. This was one time he wished he didn’t look like Elvis.

Four hours later, he returned to the hotel. His travels produced nothing. Dean even drove past a few cemeteries hoping he’d see her standing at the graveside. Maybe she was gone already; he knew that could be the case. Still, he hoped. He tried to take a nap; in a few hours he’d be on stage. Sleep didn’t come; and he tossed and turned, thinking about her.

It was just after dinner when Dean got his outfit, changed, and prepared for his performance. He hummed a bit, warming his voice up, then softly sang a couple songs. Checking his watch, he saw that it was getting close. He grabbed his room key and headed out, ever aware that his deep blue costume with sequins would immediately draw a crowd. And it did. Dean barely made it to the car as women chased after him. “Dear God!” he gasped, diving into the car and locking the doors. Twice in one day, this was not fun anymore.

He drove the couple of blocks to Graceland and fought to get through the crowd. They were filling the streets, making it difficult to get in the gates. As he finally got to the security guard, he rolled the window down just enough to talk. “Hi, I’m Dean Presley, the eight o’clock gig.”

The guard checked the roster of performers. “Okay, have you been here before?”

“Too many times to count!”

“Then you know where to park?”

Dean nodded. “Yup.” The guard waved him through, and he found a parking spot. It was near the entertainers’ entrance for the stage, and no fans were allowed in the area. He sighed as he got out, finally some peace. Retrieving his guitar from the trunk, he strolled to the entrance and met the stage manager.

“Hey, Dean-o, nice to see ya.”

“Hi, Artie. Wow, huge crowd this year.”

“Have you had your shirt ripped off yet?”

Dean chuckled. “Almost!”

“Ah, the night is still young.”

He tugged at his costume. “I’d rather they not destroy this one, it cost nearly eight hundred bucks to have made.”

“Ouch!” Artie ran his hand down Dean’s sleeve. “Very nice.”

“You think you could get a few more guards at the front of the stage before I go on?”

“I’ll see what I can do…I know, you don’t want a repeat of last year.”

“Please, no.” Dean wrapped his arms across his chest. “I’d like to escape with my clothes this year.”

“Sorry about that. You know how women get when they’re drunk.”

“Artie, I don’t mind ’em when they’re drunk. I mind when they attack me.”

“You’ve never minded before.”

“Uh, last time I went home with a black eye.”

“Okay, point taken. I’ll see about the extra guards.”

“Thanks.” Dean went into the backstage area. He found a seat and tried to relax. The air was hot and sticky and his satin costume was beginning to get uncomfortable. He hoped the show would go well and the women wouldn’t get too rowdy. Out front, he could hear another singer doing an earlier Elvis song, the crowd was singing along with him. So far so good, he thought.

A young stage hand poked his head around the corner. “Five minutes, Mr. Presley.”


“Your last name is really Presley?”

“Uh, huh.”

“Wow, that’s cool.” The stage hand disappeared.

Dean shook his head. “Not always, kid.” He leaned forward in the chair and rested his forearms on his thighs, his mind slipping deep into thought. Of all the places to meet a woman, it had to be on a plane. And of all the people he had to look like; she evidently wasn’t an Elvis fan. Even though his life was good, he wanted to make it better. Maybe it was time to hang up the blue suede shoes and get a real job. Perhaps then he’d find a real woman.

“Okay, you’re on!” the stage hand called.

The crowd roared as the previous act took his final bow and hurried offstage. Dean got up, grabbed his guitar, and approached the heavy drapery wing for the stage. He took a deep breath and sighed before mustering up a smile and stepping on stage. The crowd went wild. As he scanned the mob of crazed fans, he wished he’d see her.

Slinging the guitar strap over his head, he picked up the mic and held one hand high in the air. “How y’all doin’ tonight, Memphis?” They screamed back a thousand answers. “How about we light a fire? How about some Jail House Rock?” The band started up and Dean put on the glitz. He rocked, rolled, and sang just like The King; all the while the crowd cheered and threw roses at him.

And then it happened. Dean squinted into the bright lights, and there, just off to the left of the stage—there she was! His heart pounded in his chest, and he nearly forgot the lyrics. He fought to get his composure, but it wasn’t working. The song was almost over anyways. Dean fixed his gaze straight out to the crowd, he couldn’t look at her, not just yet.

Finishing Jail House Rock, he paused for a moment, and then went to the band. “Hey, I know it’s not on the set list, but can you play Can’t Help Falling in Love?”

“Uh, sure. But we did that one about an hour ago.”

“Don’t care, do it again.”


“Look, just do it. I’ll take the heat if it comes to that.”

“All right, all right.”

Dean spun around and waved to the crowd. “Now folks, this one’s for a special lady out in the crowd.” He looked right at her and smiled. The band started up, and he eased into the song, pouring his heart into the lyrics. No, he couldn’t help falling in love with her, and he hoped she might just feel the same about him. He sang with everything he had, every move was carefully thought out before performing. His fingers plucked gently on the guitar strings as he sang. He didn’t want to ruin any chance he might have with her.

As the last words of the song rolled off his tongue, Dean looked at her and put his hand on his heart. He hoped the message was clear. The lights were bright, and he couldn’t tell if she’d made any emotion toward him. It was driving him nuts.

Three songs later, his performance was over. He’d be back in two nights to do it again. Dean bowed lowly and hurried offstage. He hoped he could catch her. Running past Artie, he burst out the door and went around to the side of the stage. She was there, maybe fifteen feet into the crowd. And then someone saw him and screamed. Dean feared it was all over. The mob rushed the fence making it impossible for him to see her. His heart sank and he retreated behind the stage.

Dean sat with his head in his hands. He’d let the woman of his dreams slip through his fingers. She was gone forever. Whatever chances he had were lost in the mob.

“Hey, Dean-o!” Artie hollered.

“What?” he replied, not bothering to look up.

“Uh, someone here to see you. She says you guys met on the plane.”

His head snapped up so fast Dean thought it would pop right off. Oh God! She was here! He stood and straightened his costume. His lips trembled, trying to find some words. The auburn haired beauty was mere feet from him. “Hi,” he barely managed. His cock stirred, Dean wished it wouldn’t. Now was not the time. He wanted her to see him as a nice guy, not a horny Elvis impersonator that just wanted into her pants.

“Hi,” she said, just over the noise of the next act.

“Uhhhhh,” he fumbled for words, none came to his mouth.

“You…did a really great job out there.”

“Thanks.” Dean felt utterly stupid.

She closed the distance and put her hands on his chest, feeling the silky satin and rough sequins. “So, are you really in love with me?”

He looked deep into her soft blue eyes; his hands reaching up to cup her face. “Yes.”


Dean knew he better come up with a fantastic, intelligent answer. “I may look like a dumb guy, but I’m not. I dig smart women.” He blanched as the last words trailed off. Not what he had in mind. “Oh, that didn’t come out right.”

“Shall we try this again, Elvis?”

“Dean—the name’s Dean.”

* * *


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