Redefining love: love in all instances by kezee kay

Hmmmm, how do I even start?

“What is love when the one you love so much hurts you all the time?”

That was actually a line from a song I heard once. Personally I am not a big fan of the big LOVE when it comes romantic relationships. I believe in convenience. Get it? Relationship for convenience…
Redefining love: love in all instances
Redefining love: love in all instances by kezee kay
INSTANCE I want to embark on a project; this guy has all it takes to help me get there. He is interested in me, my parents are all over me to get married…so baaam… it’s there… we are married….convenience However recently I have come across a lot of people professing LOVE here and there and I wondered, what will make one say these three words eight letters to someone? Some people are also afraid to say it because they think it’s the elder brother of COMMITMENT. I wondered if such people have ever heard of “if you love me, then let me go” But then again, there are people who also say it, but are not ready to stay……in this case they say it because they want to get laid. Love with all its family members: be it affection, attraction, soul mate… and its frenemy lust all bring back my question “What will make one say it?” How do you feel around that person you think you love?. Pretty interesting question, huh? Now let’s analyze these instances CHAPTER TWO INSTANCE ONE You see this finely built guy, six packs, broad shoulders, green hazy eyes that melts you when you look at him. The instantly you think of how it will feel under his shirt if you touched him. You see the same desire in his eyes…. That you both want the same thing. Then these two come to play; frenemy LUST and cousin ATTRACTION. You give in to your desires and let things go on casually. Then it dawns on you that you actually do not want it to end. Because: You love his company He has touched you in places no one has. You feel alive, wild or calm around him. Because of all of these you do not want to let him go. You think about all these and say, “Oh my God, I think I have fallen in love with him.” CHAPTER THREE INSTANCE TWO You meet this lady and she is everything you need in a woman, auburn hair, blue eyes, and full lips. She has heart shaped face that screams innocence and wildness altogether. But then you already have a girlfriend so you tell yourself to keep her as a friend. You talk on the phone every day for several hours. You visit each other frequently. Here too, brother CAMPANIONSHIP and uncle FRIENDSHIP come to play. Later you have to travel far away somewhere and you realize you can’t afford to be that far from her . It dawns on you and you say, “Oh my God I think I have fallen in love with her. CHAPTER FOUR INSTANCE THREE Hmmm, don’t even know how to put this instance together. Have you ever had this feeling where you meet this person? You talk; you understand each other very well. You show and tell each other things you don’t really tell other people. You could come out of your comfort zone and still feel free. You feel like you have known him or her your entire life. And then mother SOULMATE and best friend LIFE PARTNER. You feel like he is the one person that knows you to your soul and back. Someone you can really trust and rely on, then you also follow the confession, “oh my God I think I have fallen in love with her or him. CHAPTER FIVE INSTANCE ANALYSIS Now which of these instances can you relate to? Or you are the type have butterflies, racing heartbeat when you see that special someone. In all these instances, they say they have fallen in love. The realization may come in after two years, five years, three weeks, or maybe forty eight hours later……but all the same, you love that person that what you feel Some people may criticize some of these instances, saying it’s the circumstance that makes them say that People love and its deep, and it’s in their own way they know how. Irrespective of the instance or circumstance under which you met, “It’s the way feel around that person and you know in your heart you cannot feel the same way around someone else” “It’s the way you feel when away from the person and you know you don’t feel the same way when you are far away from other people” It’s the way you feel when you give out your all to the person and you know you can’t do same with other people” It’s the way you can’t even breathe, or think straight when you think about that person and no other person has such an effect on you” “It’s the way you don’t even know how your life will be anymore if that person dies” It’s the way you realize you have not actually been living until you meet that person” Regardless of the instances under which you met it all binds to, “it’s the way” LOVE REGARDLESS Of the instances….. Of the feeling….. Of the attraction….. Of the desire….. ……Even if it started with LUST …..Even if you thought you were incapable of falling in love REDEFINE LOVE to suit your instance because you know that you love him…..yes you do……so LOVE REGARDLESS.


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