Romantic Scene 1 by Sean Eddings

I barely awoke feeling utterly abandoned. Instead of a warm man covering by back, my butt, the back of my legs, holding me with one arm and breathing gently on my neck there was just a small strip of warmth where the outside of his arm still touched me. This will not do! First thing in the morning I will find a real man who won't let a little pain in the night 
Romantic Scene 1
Romantic Scene 1 by Sean Eddings

make him roll over and leave me lonely. I drowsily realized I had a terribly hard decision to make. Do I live with the status quo? Do I make the marathon journey inching away from him before rolling to my back and my side and flinging my leg and my arm across him? An acceptable if not perfect position to sleep in. Or do I commit to the 3 arduous tasks, each more epic than anything accomplished by Hercules of inching miles away from him like crossing the Sahara on foot, straining like a tug-of-war team to pull his arm away from his side, climbing over said not merely mountainous, but Himalayan arm and claiming my reward by resting my victorious but weary head on his chest, cuddling him with my leg and arm?

I said, "Don't you love me anymore?" there was no response. I shoved backwards with my butt and said more loudly, "Don't you love me anymore?"

He stirred, he moved away from me, I felt his arm against the pillow, he lifted the cover between us, I simply rolled towards him ending with my head on his chest, my leg between his, my hand on his chest underneath his hand and stroking thumb, his arm around me and his lips gently kissing me on the head.

I guess I will keep hi…


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