Romantic Scene 2 by Sean Eddings

Tomorrow is going to be a great day. The twins are back in the city for the first time in a year so the whole group are getting together and going to the beach, a bar, shopping, a bar, dining, a bar…
Romantic Scene 2
Romantic Scene 2 by Sean Eddings
I have been looking forwards to it for weeks, I am so excited that my man went to bed and fell asleep an hour before I could calm down enough to go to bed. I gradually realize that I am not, in fact a robber in a shootout with the cops and am in bed beside a large, warm, soft, wonderful man. I snuggle closer to him as he snuggles closer to me. He sighs? Moans? Purrs? Rumbles? Yes rumbles in contentment, in contentment with me. It is wonderful to have such a magnificent man rumble with love for me. It is even better to slowly rub my cheek against his muscular chest. Our breathing synchronized as we drowsily luxuriated in being US. Every few breaths he would hold me even tighter in barely conscious affection. Every few breaths I would massage myself upon him, as instinctive as a sunflower turning to follow the sun. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP the alarm went off on my phone. He stirred to deactivate it, my heart jumped in alarm at the potential loss of this most satisfying moment. All my muscles went rigid as I clutched at him in alarm. With a chuckle he settled back down against me, around me, part of me, completing me. We once again gently moved into one another, leisurely but desperately trying to merge into one, but settling for the most comforting cuddle, with the greatest skin contact in history. The alarm gave up as I thought about the day planned. Catching up with friends is great fun. Being part of a warm, loving US is far, far better. Having made the best decision I slowly rubbed against the warm, stronger side of us and blissfully slowly drifted back to slee— "Time to get up sweetie," intruded an unwelcome voice as my larger half rocked against me. With a blood curdling growl, or perhaps tiny squeak of protest I warned off the intruder and burrowed into my braver half. "You have been looking forward to today," laughed the voice as my happiness tried to roll away from me. I frantically clamped myself to him and with heroic effort rediscovered speech. "But I love you." I garbled out and with a snort of laughter he settled back down against and under me, holding me tight and kissing my head. "I love you too," said the voice, seemingly increasingly familiar and desirable. My more vocal half then rolled towards me, on top of me, held my face and kissed me. My lips and tongue were delighted to also enjoy the warmth, comfort and love of my heavier half and were urging the involvement of other, lower, more sensitive flesh when my traitorous half heaved himself to his feet, standing on the bed between my legs. In outrage I opened my eyes and growled, "Get back down here if you ever want to see me naked again." Meaning every word. He leaned down towards me and passionately growled, "There is NOTHING on this earth I would rather do." He smiled as he straightened up, "But today will be good for you." With that my wiser half, my willpower half, dragged me out of bed and lay back down in our spot. I guess he will see me naked again.


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