Roomies by Kennedy Kelly

“Damn it, Nathan, you heathen!” I swatted my roommate Nathan on his arm while my eyes lingered on the way he gulped down the cool liquid. It was sexy as hell, but I was still miffed. “I was going to have some of that milk with breakfast.” He pulled the jug away and darted out his tongue licking his lips. I nearly convulsed on the floor it was so hot.
“Sorry.” He gave me his goofy lopsided grin that I loved so much and winked. “You know you still love me.” He was such a flirt. Not a player, but a flirt and I loved that about him. I could flirt with him for hours. My eyes were consumed with his hard as steel body and the tattoos that were inked into his perfect skin. I wanted to trace them with my tongue. I sighed and tried to squelch the desire that was pooling inside of me. We were just friends, roommates, and best friends.
Roomies by Kennedy Kelly
But, damn, did I love him. So much that I thought my heart was going to explode sometimes. Thinking about it had my heart constricting against my ribs at a fast pace. He made my blood pump and my body tingle. But he didn’t know this, I would never ruin what we had. We were best friends, a trio; Nathan, our other roommate Travis, and I. You asked to hang out with one of us, you got us all. We were never far from one another and always traveled together.

One would think I was crazy for living with two guys, but I’m not. It was actually really great. I don’t have to fight over a bathroom with anyone, and there’s no drama. But there are always shenanigans. We lived to be crazy and play pranks on one another.

“That means we’re going to have to go to the grocery store later.” I tsked at him.

“Did you say we’re going to the store later?” Travis rushed into the kitchen and joined us. His smile was large, his eyes bright. If I wasn’t looking, I would have guessed his tongue would have been hanging from his mouth. He loved food. When I say he loved it, I meant it. He ate everything in sight, all the time, and never gained an ounce. It was sickening really. He was a glutton, but I still loved him just not the way I loved Nathan.

“Yes.” I rolled my eyes at him. “Nathan over here drank all the milk. Now I don’t have any to go with my breakfast.” I pouted.

“What’s for breakfast?” Travis licked his lips and then wiggled his eyebrows at me.

“Really, you have to ask,” Nathan commented. “You know damn well she’s having pancakes. She has to work on that gorgeous ass of hers.” He winked at me again. He and his damn wink made my panties wet and my pussy pulse with need. I looked at his strong jaw, his perfectly groomed hair, his blue eyes, and his sexy body. I was on fire for this man. He was the most delectable human I’d ever seen.

“I say we go to the store now,” Travis suggested.

“No, you know I have to eat first, or my blood sugar will get too low and then I’ll pass out.” I wasn’t a diabetic, but I did suffer from hypoglycemia. I hated it, but it’s been like this since I was a kid so I was used to it.

“Right. We don’t want you to pass out and hit your head on the coffee table like you did last time it got too low. That was fucking crazy, it freaked me the hell out,” Travis rambled on. It was his own way of bitching about me.

“Hey now.” I whacked him upside the head. “I don’t know what you’re bitching about Travis. Nathan was the one who took care of me.” He was so sweet. I was cradled in his arms when I woke up, and he had a glass of orange juice in his hands. He fed me peanut butter and apples while I sipped on the juice. I knew he really cared about me; however, I didn’t know if he felt the same way about me as I did him. My feelings were really strong. I might have even started planning our wedding.

“Damn you hit hard for a girl.” Travis rubbed the side of his head, and I chuckled.

“Don’t be a pussy dude.” Nathan teased Travis causing the boys to join in on my laughter.

“Okay so operation pancakes.” I went and grabbed the mix and headed to the counter to start breakfast.

“You gonna make some for all of us?” Travis was mooching again and had that damn wicked grin on his face that got me every time I looked at him. He was equally adorable, but nope didn’t have the same feelings for him as I did for Nathan. Nathan was my everything.

“Of course.” I placed a kiss on his cheek and then went about mixing.
In quick time, the pancakes were done, and we were all around the counter forking in mouthfuls covered with real maple syrup and loads of butter. “Mmm,” I hummed as I tasted my first bite. “So good.” When I opened my eyes, I noticed that Nathan’s gaze lingered a little longer on me. When he noticed me looking at him he turned away.

“Everything alright, Nathan?”

“Yeah fine, why?”

“Well, because I caught you staring at me.” He set his plate down on the counter and walked over to me. He grabbed me in his arms, placed his hands on my ass, and lifted me up in the air swinging me around. I never wanted his hands to leave my bum.

“Oh, my God, Nathan put me down.” I playfully swatted him on the back while I laughed uncontrollably.

“I was looking at you because you’re so damn irresistible, sexy, cute, and gorgeous. You are the entire package, Lex.” He squeezed my ass, and I swear it had a hot-wire to my pussy because it instantly clenched with the need to be filled by him.
“Oh stop,” I chided and then giggled as he placed a kiss on my cheek. I might have thought about never washing my face again.

“You know he’s right. You’re fucking hot Lexi, and you have one hell of a personality. You’re cool as shit, easy to get along with, and there is never any drama like most chicks I fuck. You’re special,” Travis said and then placed a kiss on my other cheek.

 I didn’t know if I should blush, hide myself in my room or stand up on the rooftops wearing a crown claiming to be Miss. America. But they made me feel special, so very special.

 “You guys mean everything to me. You’re both pretty amazing in my eyes. I know one day when we have to break up our crazy trio, that you two will make excellent husband’s.” My heart constricted in my chest thinking about having to give either of them up. I wanted to keep them both for myself. Always.

 “Not me sweetheart. You know how I roll.” Travis smirked.

 “Yes, I know you are the world's biggest player—love ‘em and leave ‘em. I’m glad I was never one of your victims.” He was awful with girls, I felt bad for them. He used them and then discarded them. But I loved him anyway.

 I turned my attention to Nathan and noticed he wasn’t saying anything again, but he kept on staring at me. “Nathan.” I waved my hand in front of him. “You’re doing it again. Earth to Nathan.”

  He blinked his eyes at me and then gave me his goofy grin. “Sorry Lex.”

 Turning away from him I walked back over to my pancakes and dove back in. My eyes scanned the guys, they were both feasting on their pancakes as well. When Nathan wasn’t looking, I paused and watched as his jaw moved up and down while he chewed his food and then his throat constricted as he swallowed. It was sexy as hell. Everything he did oozed sex. My eyes shifted down to the way his pajama pants hung low on his waist where a delicious V was formed on his hard body. His body was made for sinning and drove my impure thoughts.

 Shifting my eyes, I looked over at Travis. He certainly broke a lot of hearts with his dark, wavy hair and seafoam green eyes. His strong jaw and perfect nose with the perfect muscular chest. My nipples crested into two tiny peaks under my cami. He was every girl’s wet dream and for those that slept with him, their nightmare.

 Needless to say, I was a bit infatuated with both of my roommates. They were both perfect in my eyes, and I couldn’t lie I wanted to fuck both of them senseless, but my heart only belonged to one of them. One of them who would never know.

 “Travis, what am I going to do with you?” I placed my hands on my hips and scolded him like he was a five-year-old.

 “What?” He said around a mouthful of Hostess cupcake. “I can’t help it. You know this happens when we come to the grocery store.” He continued chewing and gave me his silly ass grin that I loved so much.

 “Ugh.” I shook my head at him and blew out a breath then looked over at Nathan. “Not you too, Nathan.”

 He had his arms elbows deep in a bag of chips. “I can’t help it. I’m hungry.” He proceeded to lift out a fist full of chips and stuffed them in his mouth. I wanted to be that chip. For him to devour me the way he did each bite that he took. My pussy clenched and I had to press my legs together to tamper down my desires.

 “You guys are going to be the death of me.” I grabbed the shopping cart and started rolling it down the aisle. The damn thing didn’t want to cooperate. It had a wheel that screeched every time I pushed it. “Seriously this cart is making me crazy.” I stopped again.

 “One of you two pigs need to push the cart or get me a new one.” They both looked at me and then each other. “Yes, that would mean one of you has to stop stuffing your face.”

 “I’ll go get you another one. I’ll be right back.” Travis took off heading for the front of the store. It was just Nathan and me.

 Nathan came over to me while I was having my mini meltdown over the cart and draped his arm around me. “Wanna chip?” He wiggled his eyebrows at me, and I frowned. “Why are you frowning.” He poked me in the rib, and I squealed.

 “Stop, Nathan.” I began giggling, and he started tickling me in front of everyone while he roared with laughter and I prayed I wouldn’t pee my pants from laughing so hard. “You’re bad, mister. You’re lucky I love you so much.”

 He stopped and got serious. “Really? How much do you love me?” He looked away when I stood there speechless holding my breath. “Nah forget it. Didn’t mean to put you on the spot.” He poked me in the rib again and our awkward moment was over. I wanted to rush into his arms and seal my lips against his and tell him I’d been in love with him since the first day I met him, but I knew I couldn’t do that.

 “Back.” Travis bounded down the aisle with a new cart and an open gallon of milk in his hand. I gave him a death glare. He shrugged. “I couldn’t help it. I was thirsty.”

 “Hey! Give me some of that.” Nathan grabbed the gallon of milk and took a long drink. I stood there and watched him. My throat went dry, and my nipples hardened under the lace cups of my bra at the site of his lips caressing the jug. I wanted those lips on mine and my entire body. God I craved his touch more than anything.

 “Lex, what are you going to cook for dinner?” Travis asked and tried to turn on the boyish charm that went along with his good looks.

 “Actually, I’m not. You two are on your own. I have a date tonight.” I continued to push the cart forward even though they were both rooted to the ground.

 “You what?” Travis asked and ran up to me. “How am I going to eat tonight?” He gave me his puppy dog face—one that I had such a hard time resisting.

 “It looks like it’s Ding Dongs and Twinkie city for you tonight.” I giggled and looked over my shoulder to see that Nathan was still standing there looking at me. I couldn’t place the look on his face, but something was off and I needed to figure it out.

 He finally started to walk in our direction, and stopped me by placing his hand over mine. “You really have a date tonight?” He huffed out a breath and ran his hand through his hair.

 “Yes, I really have a date tonight. I’m always home with you two and it’s about time. I’m getting sick of my B.O.B. or, as you two know it, my vibrator. I really need to get laid,” I said a little too loud and got a look from one of the blue haired shoppers that had more wrinkles than a Sharpei.

 “I can help you with that, Lex. You don’t have to go on a date.” He was stone cold serious. His blue eyes had turned into rich pools of desire. A desire I wanted to dive right into. I loved his eyes, which were almost a steel blue. They were mesmerizing and did funny things to me when I looked at them. Like right now I was so lost in him.

 “Don’t you mean we can help her with that?” Travis came up to me and wrapped an arm around my shoulder and wiggled his eyebrows. He was playful, and Nathan was completely serious. I noticed that the idea of the “we” didn’t bother him too much, which surprised me a little.

 Nathan leaned down his mouth inches from my skin, his breath caressing it. “I’m totally serious, love. Nothing would make me happier.”

 I stopped.


 Let out the breath that I was holding.

 My eyes went round.

 Then my breath hitched.

 I glanced between the two of them.

  Running a hand across my face I tried to take in what they were both saying.

 That was my fantasy. It was every girl’s fantasy. I had always wanted to be with two guys and have a threesome. Thinking about it, I nearly had to press my legs together. I could feel my lady bits pooling with desire while my clit had a delicious ache. Then for Nathan to call me love. Wow. Did he feel the same way I felt about him? Was that even possible?


 “What? Did we render you speechless Lex?” Travis asked and gave me a dopey grin. “Cause I think it would be one hell of a great time.”

 Nathan growled, but I ignored him.

 “As tempting as that offer is, I don’t want to screw up our friendships. We all get along so well, and we live together. Plus, this isn’t exactly the best conversation to be having in the middle of a grocery store.” I placed my hands on my temples and starting rubbing them. “I need time to think.”

 “Okay. You think about it, but don’t leave us tonight. I need to eat.” Travis said after he took a sip of milk. “I’ll be right back.” Travis scurried away leaving Nathan and me alone.

 “Since I’m not going to be home tonight, how about I make a big pot of my famous chicken tortilla soup tomorrow?” I offered to Nathan. I knew it was his favorite and a sure way to change the conversation and win him over.

 “Sure,” he murmured.

 We made our way over to the meat section and I started grabbing chicken for my soup. “There’s nothing on sale today. Damn it.” I looked down at my options.

 “Well, we can split it between us.” Nathan suggested, but he was still being reserved and I didn’t understand it nor did I like it.

 “No I’m cooking - my treat. I just don’t have a lot of money. They cut my hours back at the restaurant.”

 “You know I make plenty of money. Why don’t you let me worry about it then? My treat, love.” I lifted my eyes to him, and he stared deeply into mine. We stood there lost in one another. I could barely breathe or even remember my own name I was so consumed and wrapped up in him.

 “I’m back. Whatcha two getting?” Travis said as he shoved a bite of sandwich in his mouth.

 I was quickly taken out of that moment, but still a bit out of sorts. “Huh?”

 “You know...groceries. What’re you buyin?” He motioned to the cart.

 “Oh.” I giggled. “Right the food. I’m gonna make chicken tortilla soup for tomorrow night since I’m going out on my date tonight and won’t be home to cook.” I watched as he devoured the sandwich and then pouted. I swore he was going to be five hundred pounds someday.

 “What am I going to eat?”

 “Told you already.” I pushed the cart towards the frozen section and grabbed a bottle of Hershey's syrup. Then I rolled up to the freezer with the ice cream and grabbed a gallon of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. “Okay, we need some bananas. I’m gonna make banana splits tomorrow night as well.”

 “On it,” Travis said heading towards the produce. I watched him walk away. He had the perfect ass. Not too round and not too flat. I wanted to take a bite out of it, but knew I never would.

 “So, I really can’t talk you into not going out on this date tonight? I told you I would take care of you.” Nathan pushed.

 “Nathan, don’t you see? I want to be able to go on dates, to fall in love, and to get married someday. I don’t want to have a fuck buddy that feels obligated to take one for the team, because I’m sick of using my vibrator.” I said those words and they were exactly what I wanted from him. I was already in love, but I wanted him to love me back. To do nice things with me.

 “I see,” he said carefully and then ran his hand across the back of his neck. “Who said I was just looking to take one for the team?”

 I gasped. “Nathan,” I said rather breathlessly. He seemed like he wanted more and my hopes increased that we could be more than friends someday.

 “Okay, I’m back,” Travis said as he held the bananas in front of his dick suggesting that the bananas were his hard on.

 “Oh my God, give me those.” I snatched them out of his hand. “What am I going to do with you, Travis?”

 “Tie me up and beat me senseless? Maybe a spanking or two?”

 “You would like that, you perv?” I started pushing the cart.

 “I would love it. I’m a total perv.” He chuckled.

 I turned to Nathan to see he was eating a banana. “Nathan, you need to quit eating all the food.”

 “Sorry.” he said and gave me a grin around his banana. “You know we can get freaky with our banana splits tomorrow night?” He suggested.

 “You two only have one track minds I swear. Not happening.” I grabbed some ground sausage. “How about if I make my homemade marinara and ground sausage one day next week?” I looked between the guys.

 “I’ll give you some sausage to fill your mouth, love,” Nathan said as he laughed.

 “Nathan.” This time, I growled.


 “Don’t make me give you a spanking.” I winked at him, and he winked back.

 “Oh, I would like that, love.” He leaned over and whispered in my ear his breath caressing the tender flesh sending a shot of desire to my pussy. “I’m dead serious. I wouldn’t be taking one for the team.”

 “Alright, you two, how do I look?” I sashayed around them and turned from side to side.

 “You look great, but your ass is hanging out of the back,” Travis said and laughed, and I could have sworn that I heard Nathan growl.

 “Shit! Will one of you zip me up, please?” I looked between the two of them. Nathan quickly got to his feet and came up behind me. He placed his hand on my hip and gripped it, then ever so slowly he started zipping up my dress. He was so close I could feel his breath as it whispered against my skin, causing me to shiver at the contact. Just the one touch from him did funny things to my body. I craved him so much.

 “Thanks.” Looking over my shoulder I saw him staring at my ass ogling me.

 “Why don’t you stay with me tonight?” He said softly into my ear his breath tantalizing every nerve of my body. My panties flooded, and my nipples turned to hardened pebbles.

 “Nathan.” My words came out barely above a whisper.

 There was a knock on the door, and it quickly broke up our moment.

 “I’ll get it,” Travis said as he climbed off the couch and headed to the door.

 “Be nice,” I semi shouted looking back at Nathan. “You better be nice as well.” I pointed my finger at him.

 “I’ll do my best.”

 “Hi, I’m Bob you two must be the roommates?” Bob, my date, greeted everyone.

 Travis began to laugh, like a full on belly laugh. I started to crack up too. Apparently, B.O.B. and Bob wasn’t lost on him. Imagine the irony. “Your name is really Bob?” Travis asked in between his fits of laughter. He looked at me, “That’s good Lex. Really good.”

 I glanced over at Nathan to notice he wasn’t infected with the laughing bug. No, he had his arms crossed and his eyes narrowed. It was obvious to me that he was sizing up Bob. He came over to me. “Lex, can I talk to you for a minute?” He grabbed my arm, and we walked into the kitchen. “What are you doing with this guy? He’s not the one for you.”

 “Then who is the one for me?” I narrowed my eyes at him. “Tell me. Give me a good reason to stay?”

 He looked away blowing out a breath. It was like he was teetering on the edge, not sure exactly what he wanted to do. He didn’t want me, but he didn’t want me with anyone else. It was mind boggling and very frustrating.

 “Hey you guys, dildo out there is getting antsy and I’m all out of jokes at the moment.”

 “Did you just call my date dildo?” It was funny, but I wasn’t laughing.

 “Yeah you know dildo, B.O.B, vibrator. It’s all the same.” He started laughing again. “But I want you to know that if I had it my way you would be staying home with me.” He winked at me. Nathan didn’t growl or say anything which shocked me a bit.

 “Alright, you two. Have fun. I’m going out.” I walked out of the kitchen and straight to Bob.

 “Hi.” I smiled sweetly. I slightly chuckled to myself. Bob, that was pretty damn funny.

 “You look incredible.” I looked down at my cream colored, sleeveless mini dress. I had paired it with a red pair of pumps. I wasn’t sure I looked incredible, but I didn’t think I looked half bad.

 “Thanks, so where are we headed?” I asked as we walked out to the car, my heels clicking on the concrete.

 “Your friend, Travis, told me about a great place he said you loved called Café Trio.” He opened the door for me and I sunk into the seat. His car was nice. Cushy black leather seats, immaculate.

 “Oh, I love Café Trio.” It was kinda odd he would offer up our restaurant that was special to the three of us. Trio. Get it?

 “So how do you know those guys?” He fired up the car and backed out of the space.

 “Well, actually I met them in college. Travis was the biggest player on campus, and I was immune to him, so we quickly became good friends and Nathan, well, he was in my study group. We hit it off over a project that we’d been working on together, and the rest is history. I’m sorta the glue that holds our little trio together.” Fond memories simmered as I thought about the best times we’d had together. I felt so grateful that Nathan and Travis got along so well.

 “That’s nice.” He got on the freeway and started going a little faster than I would have liked. I grabbed the ‘oh shit’ handle and prayed I wouldn’t piss myself.

 “Um yeah, it’s cool.” I tightened my hold on the ‘oh shit’ handle as he nearly side swiped another car. “Um, Bob, you’re scaring me. Can you slow down?” My words rushed out of me.

 “What? You don’t like my driving?” He turned his head and looked at me.

 “Um, no. Bob, eyes back on the road, please.” I started saying prayers under my breath. “Our father…”

 “Are you praying?” His voice escalated. We zoomed past a semi, and I held my breath.

 “Yes,” I squeaked out.

 “What the hell, Lexi! Why are you praying?”

 “I already told you I’m petrified we’re going to get in an accident. Slow. The. Fuck. Down,” I told him loudly. He exited the highway, and I sighed and inhaled a huge plume of air. “Thank you, Jesus. You know after dinner I think I’ll just call one of my roommates to come and pick me up,” I said quietly.

 “They can pick you up now if you’re going to be like that,” he said to me in a not so friendly tone.

 “No, that’s okay. It’ll be fine.” I looked out the window and noticed we were stopping at a gas station. Bob got out to fill up his tank. Could he not have gassed up before he picked me up? I shook my head with irritation.

 He finished pumping and then came back to the car and opened my side, which I thought was really odd. “Um, hey, you’re never going to believe this, but I don’t have my wallet on me. Would you mind loaning me some money?”

 For the love of God, could this date get any worse? First, I was out with Mario Andretti and now he was suddenly without his wallet. “Um, sure.” I reluctantly reached in my clutch and got out a twenty.

 “Thanks be right back.” He snatched the money, quickly shut my door and went in to pay.

 Once he was seated back in the car, he fired it up and we were off going at Mach five speed. I tried looking out the window and taking calming breaths. He slowed down, and I noticed we were driving into the parking lot. I sighed. “Looks like we made it here in record time,” I said rather rudely.


 We walked into Café Trio and were immediately seated at a table. “Um, am I going to need to pay for dinner?”

 “That’s the plan,” he said firmly and then picked up his menu and browsed the selections. I couldn’t believe this guy; he had brass balls for sure. What an asshole.

 The server came over and took our drink order. I would just be getting water tonight. I was so broke that I knew I’d only be able to afford one meal. “So Bob. Where do you work?”

 “I sack groceries at the grocery store right down the street from my house.” I wanted to pick up the fork and poke my eyes out. Not that there was anything wrong with his job, but I wouldn’t be able to have the nice life I envisioned. Why did I bother getting on those damn dating websites? Ugh, I chastised myself.

 “That’s great,” I told him. What else was I supposed to say?

 I glanced up from my menu, and the biggest smile found its way to my face. “Hi.” I mouthed.

 Travis and Nathan waved at me. Travis smiled his goofy grin at me, but I noticed Nathan was staring holes in the back of Bob’s head. I still couldn’t understand what was going on with us, but something was for sure. Something magical was happening between the three of us. But my heart only knew one, and that was Nathan.

 “What do you do?” He asked as he settled his menu down on the table and took a long swig from his beer.

 “I’m a server at Houston’s, and I’m also taking some classes online to get my master’s.” Nathan winked at me, and I winked at him back as they sat down at the table across from us.

 “Oh, you work at a hoity-toity restaurant. Very interesting.” He rolled his eyes at me. Could this date get any worse?

 “So what do you like to do with your free time?” Please dear God let us have one thing in common. I glanced over at the guys, and Travis had straws stuck up his nose. I couldn’t help but giggle.

 “What’s so funny? Do I have a booger hanging out of my nose or something?” He started picking his nose. Literally, finger up his nose, full on digging for gold. It was a like a bad train wreck and I couldn’t stop looking. He continued to dig while my face contorted into a look of utter disgust.

 “Did you find what you are looking for there, Bob?” I had to ask.

 “Yeah I think I got it. Thanks for noticing.” He pulled his finger from his nose and stuck it in his mouth. I felt the bile rise in my throat as my eyes widened the size of the Grand Canyon. I kid you not! He ate it.

  I sat there for a moment about ready to get up and join my roomies when Nathan walked over to the table. “Dude, did you just sit there and pick your nose for five minutes and then eat the shit? That’s disgusting. This date’s over.” Nathan grabbed my arm. “Come on, Lex! We’ll treat you a hell of a lot better than this fucktard.” Nathan was nearly vibrating he was so mad. His face was a shade of red, and I could see him grinding his teeth.

 “You can have her. She’s a bitch anyway,” Bob snarled.

 “What did you just call her?” Nathan’s anger elevated. He looked like he was shaking; he was so enraged.

 “Um, nothing,” Bob said quietly.

 “That’s what I thought, asshole,” Nathan punctuated each word.

 “Come on. Let’s go home.”

 With my head hung over the toilet, I was shaking like a leaf and felt like I could faint at any moment. This wasn’t good at all. I needed one of the guys fast, before I passed out cold. My vision went a little hazy, but I sat up straighter trying to keep from drifting off to darkness.

 “Nathan,” I murmured rather faintly calling for him. “Nathan” I croaked out again.

 I needed to get some food and fast. Or something sweet to get my blood sugar up, like orange juice.

 “Travis,” I said a bit louder. He was always the lighter sleeper of the bunch, and, if I wasn’t mistaken, he had a guest in his room that he was fucking at the moment. “Shit.” I panicked as another wave of sickness plagued me and I leaned over and spilled my meager stomach contents into the toilet. “Travis.” This time, I screamed it.

 “Lex, what’s wrong?” Travis rushed into the bathroom shirtless in his boxers and was immediately by my side. He pulled my hair back as more of my stomach made a presence in the toilet. I could feel my head pulsating. The headache was so severe that I was beginning to see traces of light. “You’re scaring me. Shit, I’m going to get Nathan.”

 “Hurry.” My voice shook. It was barely above a whisper. The room narrowed, my head went fuzzy and I slipped into darkness.

 “Love, wake up.” My eyes slowly fluttered open. “Keep them open. Stay with us.” I was cradled in Nathan’s lap, and he was staring straight at me while running his fingers through my hair. I loved his touch, craved his touch; there was no other place I’d rather be than with him.

 “Hi.” My voice was rather hoarse.

 “Here’s the juice, dude.” Travis handed the glass to Nathan, and he slightly shifted me up so that I could drink it.

 Taking a sip of juice, I glanced between the two of them.

 “What happened?” Nathan asked with a raised eyebrow.

 I swallowed, my throat scratchy from puking. “I forgot to eat. I was so upset about my nightmare of a date.” Worst date in history. “I swear, I’m going to be a lonely old lady that knits blankets and has too many cats.”

 “Nonsense, you just aren’t focused on the right guy.” Nathan said and wiggled his eyebrows. I think he was trying to convey that he was the right guy. He trailed his thumb down my cheek leaving a hot wake in its path. He gently massaged it and winked at me.

 “I need food.” I looked between my two roommates as I took another sip of juice. “Shit,” I said as I leaned over the toilet. I was so dizzy that I was nauseous and dry-heaving, because there was nothing left in my stomach. Nathan was by my side holding my hair away from my face. After I finished, I ran a hand across my mouth and cradled my head in my hands. “You guys, I really need to eat.” I was the only cook in the house, although Nathan did help on occasion. However, I knew that if I was going to eat, I would have to make it myself. “Can one of you get me the jar of peanut butter and a spoon?”

 “On it,” Travis said as he made a mad dash towards the kitchen.

 “Love, you need to eat regularly.” Nathan enforced.

 “I know, I know. It’s just. Ugh. That date last night. After that, I just wanted to bury my head under a pillow and try to forget what a failure my life is.”

 “I’m telling you, you’re focused on all the wrong guys. That dude from last night isn’t the type of guy you should be going out with.” He stared deeply into my eyes and I knew he was serious.

 “Really?” I said hopefully.

 “Yes, really.” He placed a kiss on my forehead. “You need to open your eyes, Lex.”

 “My eyes are open.” I blinked at him a few times although I knew what he meant.

 Travis came rushing back into the bathroom with the peanut butter jar in one hand and the spoon in his mouth. “Damn, this shit’s good.” He scooped up another bite and started eating it.

 “Damn it, Travis! That is supposed to be for me. Hand it over.” I reached out my hand and grabbed it. I blew out a frustrated breath as I loaded the spoon with peanut butter and took a big bite.

 Both Nathan and Travis watched as I took a few bites, cautious like I was a fragile doll. “Travis, you don’t have to hang with me. I know you have company.” I didn’t want to intrude on his fun. I was glad that at least someone was getting laid.

 “She left.” He wiggled his eyebrows at me.

 “Let me guess, another notch on you post?”

 “Dude you’re such a dog,” Nathan told him and then they both started laughing.

 “Hey don’t give him a hard time. At least one of us is getting some action. I swear I’m going to wear my toys out.”

 Nathan leans over, his breath hot, and his words dripping with sensual desire. “Love, I told you I will take care of things for you.” He kissed the shell of my ear, and my whole body shivered. I glanced at him and his eyes were shining with lust and desire. Apparently, a desire that burns between the two of us. It was like a raging inferno.

 I didn’t know what to say. I was lost for words. I’ve mentioned before that I didn’t want to ruin the close friendship we have. I decided to completely change the subject. “How about we go out to Denny’s and get some breakfast?” I looked at Travis. He was an easy target.

 “Fuck yeah. I’m starved. That frozen pizza I had for dinner didn’t do a damn thing for me.” He rubbed his belly and gave me his damn goofy grin.

 I sat up a little straighter and looked at Nathan. He looked a bit irritated. I jabbed him in the ribs and started tickling him. His laughter was contagious. I began laughing right along with him. The next thing I know, I’ve got peanut butter in my hair, on my face, and we’re rolling around on the bathroom floor tickling one another. It’s crazy how some juice and peanut butter could help me feel better. I needed to listen to my body better.

 “Oh, my God,” I said as I rolled over on top of Nathan. He grabbed me around the ass, and my breath hitched. Suddenly, we weren’t tickling one another. We had our eyes locked on one another, and we were completely lost in our moment.

 “Will you two quit fucking around? I’m hungry,” Travis interrupted us.

 Swinging my legs off Nathan, I sat up, while he readjusted himself. I looked down. I couldn’t help myself and noticed he was hard as hell.

 “So,” I asked Nathan pointedly. “You’re going with us right?”

 “Of course. As long as you let it be my treat,” he offered.

 “I’m all for that bro,” Travis chimed in.

 “Thanks, Nathan,” I said as I leaned over and gave him a kiss on his cheek. He grabbed me for a second and then ran his finger along my face scooping up some of the peanut butter that was there. He brought his finger to his mouth and, in the slowest, dirtiest, most sensual way, he licked the peanut butter clean off of his finger. My panties gushed and my nipples turned as hard as diamonds.

 “Okay, I would like the chocolate chip pancakes, two strips of bacon and one egg over easy,” I told the waitress and she turned to the guys to see what they wanted. I took a sip of the juice

 I ordered as soon as we arrived. Thank goodness I was feeling better. It was rough there for a bit.

 “Hi, sweetie. What can I get you?” she asked Travis. Lord knew she was going to need to use two sheets of paper to take his order.

 “Well I’ll have an order of biscuits and gravy, the double cheeseburger, add bacon, no lettuce or tomatoes but extra onions.” I nearly gagged, and he looked at me. “What?” He asked all innocent.

 “Extra onion Travis, really?”

 “I happen to like onions.” He turned his attention to the waitress. “Darla, do you all have breath mints?”

 “No, hun, we don’t, but I may have a stick of gum in my purse that I can bring you.” She winked at him, and he stuck his tongue out at me.

 She turned her attention to Nathan. “What can I get for you?”

 “Wait a sec, Darla. I wasn’t done, not even close.” I had to laugh. He cracked me the hell up.

 “You sure have a healthy appetite, young man.” She tapped the pen on the pad. “What else you got for me?”

 “Um, can I get an order of onion rings.” He brought his eyes to me, and I narrowed mine at his. “And an order of buffalo wings, extra spicy, please with a side of ranch and blue cheese. That’s it, Darla. Thank you so much.”

 “You’re most welcome, sweetie. As long as you’re sure you’re going to eat it all? I hate for good food to go to waste.”

 “Oh, he’s sure,” Nathan responded for him. “Darla, I’ll have an order of wings as well, spicy, blue cheese only and the French toast.” He closed the menu and handed it to her.

 “Dude, that’s all you’re gonna get?” Travis’ eyes went a little round. “I know you can put away more than that.”

 “Yeah, that’s it. I’ve started getting fat. Look at these love handles on me.” I didn’t waste any time placing my hands firmly on what he thought were his love handle and clearly weren’t.

 “Nathan, don’t be ridiculous. You have the perfect body. In fact, everything about you is perfect.” I looked away thinking about what I just said. Damn it, he’s going to think that I’m hitting on him.

 “What am I? Chopped liver?” Travis gave me his best puppy dog look. I felt something on my leg and looked down to see that it was Nathan’s hand. He squeezed my thigh, and I felt the sizzle travel through my entire body.

 “No, Travis.” I reached my hand across the table and placed my hand over his. “I love you both, so much that it hurts sometimes. You two mean everything to me. Besides, what girl doesn’t love having two best friends that are hotties?” I winked at Travis to lighten up the mood.

 “Okay, so I’ve decided we’re going to have operation: Get Lexi Laid. I’m going to make it my mission to find a guy for you to fuck.” He gave me his shit eating grin while Nathan growled.

 “Travis, why don’t you leave this job up to me,” Nathan suggested and then folded his arms across his chest. “I have just the right guy in mind.”

 I had no idea what to think about that. I wanted the right guy to be him. More than anything in this world I wished it were but, I had a feeling he had different plans for me. Plans I was sure I wouldn’t like.

 My hand vibrated as I stroked my clit with my bullet and sighed out my deep satisfaction. It felt damn good. Being around Nathan all the time had only made me hornier, needier. What I really needed was for him to settle between my legs and give me what I wanted. But what I desired ran so much deeper than just a roll between the sheets. I wanted to be his everything. I wanted him to love me as much as I loved him. I’m pretty sure I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.

 “Shit.” I hissed out. I had just discovered that my feelings ran a lot deeper than even I realized. This was a discovery of self-awareness for me. He was the balm to my soul. I lingered on his every word, craving his attention. I desired so much more than a simple touch from him like when he squeezed my leg. I desired everything from him.

 Working my bullet even harder, I increased my speed and gripped my sheet with the other hand. I was nearing my release. My nipples were raised in hard pebbles, my pussy was so slick, and my clit was hard and throbbing. There was a thin sheen of sweat that was layered on my body. I was completely primed and ready.

 Letting out a loud moan, I felt myself start to clench up as my orgasm was nearly cresting, ready to peak and send me floating into a sea of tranquility. I needed this. Was made for this. I was a highly sexual woman. But what I needed most was to be dominated by a man and the only man starring in that fantasy was Nathan.

 A sigh escaped my lips as I thought about him settled between my legs, his hand grabbing a handful of my hair pulling me hard against him, our bodies covered in sweat as we ground against one another. I imagined his big cock taking my body to places it had never been taken before.

 As my hand worked my bullet harder, I was nearly ready to come and gasped when there was a knock at my door.

 “Yeah?” The one word shook as I said it.

 “Hey, love, can I come in?”

 “Shit. Fuck. Shit,” I said under my breath as I threw my bullet in my nightstand drawer, situated my pajamas and covered myself up with my blanket. I loved that he wanted to come in my bedroom, but I wasn’t expecting him or anyone else.

 “Lex,” he said as he peaked his head inside the door. “Can I come in?” He wiggled his eyebrows at me.

 I tried to play it cool. I stretched my body out and let out a long exaggerated yawn. He looked at me funny and I had a feeling I was busted. I gave him my best innocent grin. “What?”

 “You’re so busted, Lex.” Nathan started laughing and I had to laugh as well. “You know, I could’ve helped you out with that, so you didn’t have to use a toy.” The laughter has stopped and in its place was a serious Nathan. “But, hey, maybe I’m not that guy. Anyway.” He stepped out of the room and came back through the door carrying a tray. I still hadn’t replied to his suggestion to be that guy. It scared me. What if he only wants me for one night? I couldn’t take that rejection from him. It would crush and consume me. It would eat me alive. What I wanted ran so much deeper than a simple crush. I was irrevocably in love with this amazing man.

 I glanced up to see him carrying a tray of food with a fresh flower in a vase. “What’s this?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.

 “Breakfast.” He gave me his panty dropping smile, and suddenly I’m not thinking about it being a one-time thing.

 “You made me breakfast?”

 “Sure did. Travis tried to help, and I had to fend him off. That would have been a nightmare. It was bad enough I had to try and cook.” He settled the tray down in front of me on the bed, and I sat up looking at everything. “Hope you like French toast. I looked up how to make it online.”

 “I love French toast. Thanks, Nathan. Come here big guy.” I opened my arms wide for him and gave him a huge hug. We stay joined like that for a bit longer than I’d anticipated. Suddenly, his lips were on my neck, and he’s tracing a path of red hot heat with his tongue. I shivered at the contact as I felt my pussy clench with desire.

 “Nathan,” I said rather breathlessly. But that didn’t stop him. His lips traveled up, and he nibbled on the shell of my ear. I shivered and then let out a moan. Damn him and his wicked tongue. “Nathan,” I sighed.

 “What, love? Tell me what you want from me. Tell me. Say it damn it.” He pulled away from me and gazed longingly into my eyes. I could see the lust brimming behind his eyes. I was completely dumbfounded. I didn’t want to be his fuck buddy, but I didn’t know how to tell him that without professing that I was madly in love with him.

 “Nath-“ I couldn’t even get out his full name.

 “You know what? Forget it.” He climbed off the bed. “Don’t make any plans tomorrow night. You’re going out on a date.” He walked towards the door.

 “A date with who?” I hoped he would say it was with him. I needed those words to come out of his mouth.

 “You’ll see. It’s operation Get Lexi Laid, right?” He rolled his eyes and walked out of the room. I had no idea what the hell had just happened. We went from nearly fucking each other with our clothes on to him being pissed off at me. I shook my head and crossed my arms. I looked down at the breakfast he prepared for me and pushed it away. I had lost my appetite.

 “Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!” Travis said as he jumped on my bed. My body bounced up and down from the constant motion. I rolled over not wanting to deal with him right now. “Babe, you gonna wake up?” He stopped jumping and climbed into bed with me. He brought his eyes to mine and gave me a stare. “What’s wrong, Lex?” He snuggled up to me as we laid face to face. Looking away, I tried to avoid his question. “Lex?” He pressed again. “I know I’m the goofy one of the trio and it’s hard to take me seriously, but what’s wrong sweetheart?”

 “Urrggghh. Everything is wrong.” I blew out an exasperated breath. “I’m so frustrated right now and mad at myself.” I roughly moved the hair out of my face.

 “Did I do something to make you mad?” He furrowed his brow. It was so weird seeing Travis act so serious. I found that I really liked this side of him.

 “No, it isn’t you,” I said softly.

 “Then what is it? Let me guess. You got your period and you’re having really bad cramps or some girly shit like that?” He wiggled his eyebrows at me. It was obvious he was trying to lighten the mood, but it wasn’t working. My heart felt heavy at the moment. If I could just get some balls and tell Nathan how I felt, then things would be so much easier.

 “Have you ever wanted something so much that when you have it in your grasp, you’re scared to reach out and grab it?”

 He looked down and then up at the ceiling. “Um no. But I think I get it. You're scared of achieving what you want?”

 “Yes.” It seemed like he may not have gotten it, but he surprised me. Perhaps he’s a deeper guy than I give him credit for. “I’m not torn or confused; I’m scared shitless. I’m afraid to take what I want.”

 “Hmm, I’ve learned that you have to go for what you want, Lex. If you don’t, you could miss out on an opportunity that might change your life. You never know, but you have to try. If you don’t, you’ll be mad at yourself for the rest of your life.”

 “You know, you’re right.” I sat up in bed and ran a hand through my hair. “I’m sick of lying in bed, trying to get my head straight. I’m gonna go for what I want.”

 “Good girl.” He punched me in the arm.

 “Hey now.” I hit him back in the arm and we both tumbled over into laughter.

 “So does this mean you’re going to get up and make me some food? I’m starving.” My stomach rumbled. I was hungry as well. I stretched up on my tiptoes and let out a yawn.

 “Yes, I’ll feed you.” I grabbed his hand in mine. “Come on piggy.” We both laughed.

 Walking into the kitchen, I found Nathan with a beer in his hand and a puzzled look on his face. “Hi,” I told him and walked over and gave him a sideways hug then kissed him on the cheek.

 “What’s that for?” He raised an eyebrow.

 “That’s because I happen to like you a lot,” I told him and then stepped away. I had to admire God’s handy work for a minute. He had the perfectly chiseled jaw, wide shoulders, and a lean but built body. He was probably a little over 6 ft, which was tall compared to my 5’2”. He wasn’t wearing a shirt and my mouth watered looking at the perfect V that narrowed down below his waist. He was the most handsome man I’d ever seen. I felt the heat simmer through my body from one look.

 “Lex,” Nathan said.

 “What?” I was a bit confused. Wasn’t he supposed to say that he liked me back?

 “Quit ogling me.” He gave me that damn smile that I wanted to kiss off of his face.

 “Can’t help it,” I said teasingly. “I happen to like what I see.” I winked at him, and his smile didn’t falter. He was grinning ear to ear.

 “Oh, is that so?” His tongue darted out, and he licked his lips. Sexiest thing I’d ever seen.

 “Yup.” I may have popped the P a little.

 “Lexi, you said you’d feed me. I’m starved.” Travis interjected and broke up my flirtatious rendezvous.

 “You want a beer, love?” Nathan asked and went to the fridge. “Or do you want a margarita?”

 “Oh, a margarita sounds really good. I’m going to make you boys my soup. But I’ll cut up a little something for us to snack on first. Start making my cocktail and I’ll get working on dinner.” Nathan grabbed the margarita ingredients, and I started gathering the goods to make my famous soup.

 “Do you boys like smoked sausage, cheese, and club crackers?”

 “Fuck yeah, I like that shit,” Travis said.

 “Yes, you know I do.” Nathan came over to me, handed me the margarita and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

 “What was that for?” I figured two could play this game.

 “That’s because I happen to like you a lot.” He took a sip of his beer and then quickly changed the subject. “Want me to help?”

 “Sure. Can you start cutting the cheese, please?” I grabbed a cutting board and handed it to Nathan.

 “I can cut the cheese,” Travis offered. I thought he was going to come and join us, but he lifted his leg and farted instead.

 “That’s so corny and gross all at the same time. Get out of my kitchen, mister.” I went and started pushing him out of the kitchen, then the horrible smell hit me and I gagged. “Oh my God, that smells awful.” I plugged my nose while I fought to keep the bile down that was rising in my throat. It was horrible.

 Travis roared with laughter and I looked over to Nathan and rolled my eyes.

 I began slicing the sausage and Nathan leaned over me and snagged one. “Hey.” I slapped his hand away. “You have to wait until it’s all done.”

 “No fair. Since I’m helping the chef, I think I should get tasting privileges as we go.”

 “Fine,” I grumbled, but gave him a smile anyway.

 “So are you excited about your date tomorrow night?” Nathan asked and wiggled his eyebrows at me.

 “Who’s this guy you have set me up with?” I was more than curious.

 “His name’s Ernest and he works with me at the firm. He’s a good guy.” My stomach plummeted when he didn’t say my date was with him.

 Trying to hide the disappointment from my face, I replied, “Oh okay. What’s he like?” Hopefully, this wouldn’t be another nightmare date. “He’s not like Bob, who stuck his finger up his nose for an hour and then ate it is he?”

 “While I can’t tell you that he doesn’t pick his nose, I will say that he’s a really nice guy. A total gentleman.”

 “So, does this mean he could be boyfriend material?” I had the dire need to tell him I wanted him to be my boyfriend. I needed that from him, but the words were lost on me.

 He huffed out a breath. “Sure.”

 “So what does he look like?” I asked after I finished cutting the last piece of sausage.

 “He looks like Justin Timberlake.” He wiggled his eyebrows. He knew I was a huge fan of Justin Timberlake. I’ve loved him ever since he was on the Disney channel.

 “Oh! Now that I can do.” I wiggled my eyebrows back.

 “Hey, is the food ready?” Travis came sauntering back into the kitchen.

 “Yes, here’s some sausage and cheese; the crackers are in the pantry.” I motioned behind me for him to grab them himself.

 “I’m gonna turn on some music. I’m in the mood for some Elton.” He rushed out of the room.

 “Oh boy, I can only imagine.” Travis had all the love in the world for Elton John. He thought he was his biggest fan. Nathan and I pacified him by saying we thought he was as well.

 Travis came back into the kitchen while the sounds of Tiny Dancer filtered through the air. “Yay, I love this song.” I looked over at Nathan and his gaze met mine.

 “Blue jean baby.” We all started singing together. “L.A. Lady. Seamstress for the Band.”

 “God I love this song,” I told the guys again. They both were stuffing their mouths full of sausage and cheese.

 Reaching under to the cabinet, I grabbed a big stock pot to start the soup. “Jesus freaks out in the street. Handing tickets out for God,” we all sang together again.

 Just as I was settling my pot on the stove, Nathan came over and grabbed me by the waist. “Dance with me, love,” My breath hitched. He was so close to me that I could almost taste him.

 I turned in his arms and laid my head on his shoulder. He began to sing to me as we started swaying back and forth. “Hold me closer tiny dancer. Count the headlights on the highway.” His breath tickled my ear and sent a signal to my pussy like a live wire. Suddenly, I was all keyed up and wanted more than only to be dancing. He sang the last of the song to me and I was lost. Completely lost in his warm embrace. I thought about tomorrow night and how I wished I was going on my date with Nathan and not some guy named Ernest.

 I walked into the apartment with my head hung low and an ache in my back, I noticed it was eerily quiet and all the lights were off. It was odd, because usually the guys beat me home from work. Today, I’d even worked an extra hour, so I was super late getting home.

 For the life of me, I don’t know why I agreed to go out on this damn date tonight. I just wanted to stay home, take a bubble bath and perhaps go to bed early. I wasn’t in the mood for company or making conversation with a complete stranger. I would rather be dipped in a fryer full of hot grease at this point.

 I stepped a bit further into the apartment and noticed a soft glow coming from the family room. I looked down and saw a path of rose petals on the carpet. Maybe Travis or Nathan were entertaining tonight, but I didn’t remember them saying anything about having a guest over. Plus, it seemed highly unlike Travis to go through so much trouble. My heart sank thinking it was Nathan who expected company. How I longed for it to be me. But no, he set me up with some guy named Ernest. I shook my head in disgust. Why couldn’t I just suck it up and tell him how I really felt? I was the world's biggest wimp.

 Once I reached the family room, my heart sank and a knot formed in my throat. There were two flutes filled with champagne and a plate of fruit and cheese, which were my favorites. Nathan stood up from the couch and sauntered over to me. He was wearing nothing but his low hung jeans and a grin that was spread so wide on his face that it was almost contagious. Almost.

 I noticed the soft candlelight spread throughout the room and realized he was expecting company. Why couldn’t it have been me? My heart panged in my chest it hurt so bad. I sucked in a breath preparing myself for what he was going to say.

 “Hey um, I can just crash in my room, if you’re expecting company tonight,” I told him starting to head towards my room, but he grabbed my hand.

 “You have a date tonight,” he told me. As I glanced back at him, he had a grin on his face like he was hiding something.

 “Shit, right. Can you let him know tonight won’t be a good night for me? I’m pretty beat.” And I’m suddenly feeling like my heart is being crushed in my chest.

 “Your date is already here.” Nathan winked at me.

 Looking around the room, I didn’t see anyone other than Nathan. “Is he in the kitchen or something?”

 “Don’t be obtuse, Lexi. I’m right here.” I looked at Nathan and my eyes nearly came out of my head. He was saying that he was my date and suddenly my heart didn’t hurt any longer. I let out a relieved breath. I actually thought about pinching myself. I couldn’t believe his words were true, I had longed for this moment for so long.

 “Nathan?” I lightly whispered.

 Nathan didn’t miss a beat or say a word. Instead he crashed his lips against mine giving me the soul searing kiss that I’d always craved from him. I didn’t relent, no, I leaned into the kiss grabbed him behind the head and melted into him as he deepened it. His tongue traced my lips, and then I opened to him. His tongue was in my mouth owning me, owning this kiss. He wrapped his arm around my waist and drew me closer to him. I went willingly. I pressed my hardened nipples into his chest while he ravished my mouth. His tongue danced with mine as he sucked and then slightly bit my lips. I was completely lost in him, lost in his touch, his clean minty taste, the feel of his skin against my fingertips. It was like nothing I’ve ever felt before and everything I had hoped it would be. He was my everything, and I think he was trying to prove to me that I was his as well.

 We pulled apart, both breathless, our bodies close together. I could feel his hard shaft against my belly, and I sighed.

 “Nathan.” I looked at him and saw his half hooded, lust filled eyes.

 “I’ve wanted to do that for a long time,” he said to me and then smiled. It was that sweet smile that warmed my heart and one that I cherished.

 “Me too.” I caressed his hair and ran my fingertips through it. Then my mood started to shift a little. “I don’t want you to take one for the team; I don’t need sex bad enough to ruin the amazing friendship we have.” I looked down.

 Nathan lifted my chin, and our eyes were locked on one another. “I want you to listen to what I have to say. If when I’m finished, you still think I’m doing this to take one for the team, then we can go our separate ways tonight and just keep things a platonic friendship. K?”

 I didn’t like the sound of that, but I urged him to go on. “Okay.” I sucked my lip between my teeth and bit on it.

 “I’m fucking crazy in love with you, Lexi. I have been for a long time, but I didn’t know what to do about it. You drive me fucking crazy. We’ve danced around this apartment long enough, avoiding what we both know we want. I want a lot more than just one night with you. I want it all. Like that relationship you’ve been looking for? I want to be that guy if you’ll have me.”

 I cleared my throat and swallowed around the thickness in it. My eyes fluttered a few times as I tried to blink away the unshed tears. I couldn’t believe he had said that to me. I’ve wanted this, needed it. He’s been all I’ve been able to think about for some time.

 “Say something, love?”

 “Nathan, I’m so in love with you. You’re all that I can ever think or dream about. You mean everything to me. I’ve wanted to tell you for so long but I was afraid of what you might think, or worried it would ruin our friendship. Nothing would make me happier than to be in a relationship with you and to share our lives together as more than friends. I’m yours.” A lone tear slid down my face as a smile reached my lips. My heart thundered in my chest.

 “That makes me happy. Come, let’s have some champagne and celebrate.” He took my hand and led me over to the couch where I took a seat next to him. I kicked off my shoes and shoved my legs under my bum. “Sit on my lap, love. Let me feed you.” He grabbed a flute and brought it to my lips and I took a sip.

 “Yum! I love champagne. You have all my favorites tonight.”

 “I know.” He winked at me and grabbed a strawberry. “Open up, beautiful.” I opened my mouth and took a bite of the strawberry. It was so good.

 “So what are we going to tell Travis?” I asked. I was more than curious.

 “He’s known for a long time how I felt. He’s been goading me to say something to you. I never knew when the right time was or how you felt about me.” He took a drink of his own champagne.

 “You mean I haven’t been obvious with the hugs or telling you how perfect I think you are?” I had pretty much told him in so many words.

 “It helped. I guess I wasn’t ready yet, but now I am. My mom is gonna be so happy.”

 “Why do you say that?” I opened up as he put a bite of cheese in my mouth.

 “Because she knew too. The first time she ever saw us together, she was planning our wedding.” He laughed and I joined him. “Guess she was right.”

 “I’m so happy right now, Nathan. I have to say that you might slightly resemble Justin.” I giggled, and he laughed. “That was a good one.”

 “Right, I know.” He poked me in the ribs causing me to squirm. “How was your day, love?”

 “Long and hard. I’m so sick of my job. I work so hard and I barely make anything. I’m doing good just being able to keep up with rent and put food in my belly.” I needed a better job.

 “Well, I don’t want you to worry about that. I make a good living at my job and I would be happy to help you out whenever you need it,” he offered and gave me a sweet smile.

 I kissed him on the lips. “I can’t ask that of you. I think I’m going to look for something different.”

 “You know we could share a room and get another roommate?” He wiggled his eyebrows at me. “It would help cut down on the expenses.”

 “Don’t you think we would be rushing things?” I cautioned.

 “I can see why you might say that however we’ve known one another forever and we’ve been roommates. I really think it will be alright,” he explained.

 “Hmm I’m just not sure. I don’t want us to end up hating one another because we get sick of being in close quarters all the time.” I tapped my finger on my lip thinking about it.

 “If you feel like we’re rushing then we don’t have to. I just know that it’s something that I could see myself doing. Nothing would make me happier,” he assured me.

 “Let me think on it. Of course we would need to run it by Travis as well. He’s gonna flip out.” I stated. “Thanks for going through all the trouble to make tonight so special for me.” I gave him a chaste kiss.

 “A special night for a woman that means everything to me.” He gave me a kiss back.

 “Thanks.” I hugged him close to my body. We stayed that way for a bit and I could feel his cock rising against my belly. I moaned at the feel of it. I wanted to know what it felt like inside of me. To share that deep connection with him.

 “You know I would love to sit here and feed you food and champagne all night, but I want nothing more to be buried inside of you right now.” His voice was filled with lust.

 Since I’d walked into the apartment, I went from dead tired to horny in a nanosecond, my lady bits were going nuts with overwhelming sensations. I was all about having sex with him. “I’m all yours, Nathan,” I said rather breathlessly.

 He lifted us off the couch and I wrapped my legs tightly around him. I could feel his cock pressed into my core, it was huge. Bigger than I ever expected. He carried us to his bedroom and slapped me on the ass producing a giggle out of me.

 I was completely taken aback by the candles lit throughout the room and the sexy warm glow they produced. It was a sensual setting that made me excited for things to come.

 Nathan sat us down on the bed and I didn’t waste any time. My lips were on his, tasting him, ravishing him like some crazed girl. I couldn’t get enough of his taste and his hard body pressed against mine. He scooted back further and I laid down on top of him, our lips still locked in a passionate kiss.

 He flipped me over and then ran his tongue down the side of my neck, and my entire body convulsed as my pussy gushed. He worked my shirt over my head and then took off my bra. His hot lips seared my skin as he kissed, nibbled and took what he wanted from me.

 “I love you so much,” he murmured, and I sighed. He started trailing kisses all over my neck and then lightly bit as he went further. My body was on fire for this man. Everything he was doing to me felt so good. His hands held on firmly to my waist as he squeezed me close to his body. I savored our connection through the close contact. His lips traveled up to the sensitive skin behind my ear, and he peppered kisses there. I nearly came from the contact it felt so good. It was heavenly. I groaned then began panting. I was slick with desire. All for the man that I loved so much.

 “I’m so happy right now.” He ran his tongue over one of my hard nipples and sucked it into his mouth. I gasped. He bit down on it, causing a deep groaning noise to escape my lips. It felt so damn good. He released that nipple and went over to the other one circling his tongue around it making it even harder, if that were possible. He nibbled on it and then licked around the areola. It felt incredible. My nipples were always so sensitive, and I loved when they were played with. His hand started massaging the other one rubbing circles around it and tweaking the nipple. He was truly one hell of a skilled lover. “Feels so good, Nathan. I never would have imagined.” My eyes nearly rolled back in my head, my body was so overwhelmed with sensations.

 He started working down my pants. I honestly didn’t know how we were both still wearing clothing, our union was so heated and fueled with a longing that had been in the making forever.

 My pants landed on the floor with my other clothing and he ripped away my panties leaving me bare. “I have to taste you.”

 He spread my legs and his tongue was suddenly exactly where I needed him. Licking me with long, languid strokes. Then he sucked on my clit making my legs tremble and the need for him intensify. I was like molten lava under his skilled tongue. The way he worked over my pussy made every nerve ending in my body tingle. It felt amazing. I rocked my hips against his mouth and he growled. I could tell he really liked it, so I did it again and again. I was beyond worked up. He kept working over my sensitive clit and I felt like I was going to come at any moment. I wanted to wait until he was inside of me, but I was growing impatient. I needed him now. My body was nearly vibrating I was so needy for this man.

 “Nathan, I need you.”

 Without a word, he was off of me and I heard the sound of a condom wrapper being torn. The next thing I knew, he was settled between my legs and was pushing himself inside of me. I moaned with pleasure. It felt so, so good and was exactly what I’ve been waiting for.

 Nathan brought his mouth down to mine, kissing me then nibbling and sucking on my lips. He traveled further down my body, his lips grazed over my neck as he licked a warm hot path all over my neck. His thrusting was deep and made me feel full of him. I was completely intoxicated by him. This was everything I needed. His hand traveled down my torso to my clit where he began rubbing circles on it. I was so sensitive, I gasped at first contact before easing into his touch and savoring the feeling. I could feel the inner walls of my pussy tighten and I knew I was ready to spill over. To float into a sex hazed fog with him.

 “Nathan, I’m close.”

 He increased the pressure on my clit and started thundering in and out of me at a rapid pace. He shifted his body and then powered into me one last time when my walls tightened around his hardened shaft, and I began to cry out. “I’m coming.” I moaned as he moved even faster, harder with precision. He slammed into me one last time, and I felt him lose himself and tumble over into his release. He sighed and I smiled.

 He quickly got off of me and disposed of the condom. He came back over to the bed and climbed in facing me. The look on his face mirrored mine. I was happy and feeling complete.

 “Lex, I’m speechless.” He kissed me on the lips.

 “Yeah, I’ve never experienced anything like that before.”

 “Me either. It’s beyond words.” He ran a hand through my hair, pushing it off the thin sheen of sweat that had formed on my upper brow.

 “I’m pretty sure that when God made you, he had me in mind.” I winked at him through my half hooded eyes.

 “I feel the same way. Why didn’t we do this sooner?”

 “I think we were both stubborn. Way too stubborn and I won’t lie, I was a bit scared.” I was more than scared, but now I couldn’t be happier.

 “I get it. I love you so much, Lexi.” He pressed his forehead against mine and his happiness and love radiated from his eyes.

 “I love you too, Nathan, so much. Thank you for making my dreams a reality.”

 “Sleep, we have all day tomorrow to spend time with one another. I took the day off and you are going to call in sick,” he suggested. I liked the idea a lot. We didn’t even have to spend it in bed as long as we were together then I was more than happy.

 “Sounds good.” My eyes drifted close.

 My eyes slightly fluttered open and I felt the warmth of my girl pressed up against my body. It was amazing how perfectly she fit there. Her perfect bare ass resting on my hard cock. I was already worked up and I had barely opened my eyes. It felt good. I looked down at her. Her eyes closed, her lips slightly parted as she took in each breath. She had the most peaceful look on her face and it made me proud that I had helped put that look there.

 I still couldn’t believe last night. She had hinted around in so many words that she was crazy about me. But now that I finally knew and we had confessed our love to one another, I couldn’t be a happier man.

 She meant everything to me. It wasn’t just her body that I was highly attracted to or her perfect smile that did funny things to my body. No, it was her warm ways. The bond we had was like no other that I had ever had in my life. She was my other half, my soul mate. She completed me.

 Now, don’t get me wrong she could be a raging bitch if she wanted to be, however, I had a way of calming her down. We worked well together in every aspect of our life. We were best friends but so much more. I wanted to explore everything with her. To live a long life making one another happy.

 Taking my hand, I ran it through her silky hair and then caressed her scalp with my fingertips. She stirred slightly and let out a tiny breath. It was cute as hell seeing her all content like this in my arms.

 “Lex.” I teased my fingers in her hair again. “Love.” I placed my lips on her cheek and gave her a kiss. Her eyes popped open. She had always been a light sleeper. She turned in my arms and focused on me. “Hi,” I told her.

 “Hi Ernest, or shall I call you Justin?” She started to giggle and I joined her.

 “You can call me whatever you want to call me.” I kissed the tip of her nose.

 “You totally had me fooled. I was like who the hell is this Ernest dude? When all along I longed for it to be you.” She batted her eyes at me.

 “I’m glad I had you fooled. When you went out on that date the other night with Bob I nearly lost my shit. I could barely contain my rage.” I had felt like someone had ripped my heart out of my chest and had stomped on it with steel toe boots. It was the most agonizing feeling and one that I never wanted to feel again.

 She rolled her eyes. “Oh my God do we have to talk about him again?” She rolled her eyes. “Worst date in the entire world. I haven’t even told you all of it.” She implied that there was more and suddenly I wasn’t hard any longer, I was furious.

 “I think it’s best that you don’t tell me. I don’t want to get worked up again.”

 “Okay,” she murmured.

 My bedroom door opened and Travis strutted right in like he owned the place. He hadn’t looked up yet. “Hey dude I’m out of shaving cream can I borrow yours?” He looked up and then his eyes widened. “Shit I didn’t realize you had company. I thought it was just you, me, and Lex.”

 “I’m right here.” Lexi waved at him.

 “What the hell.” He narrowed his eyes at us.

 “Travis come meet my boyfriend Ernest.” Lexi snickered.

 “Oh you’re Ernest you sly dog.” He came over and hopped into bed with us. I wasn’t wearing anything and I thought it was kinda odd but hey we’re all best friends.

 “Um just make yourself comfortable dude,” I joked.

 “You know I will.” He snuggled up to Lexi. You would think that it would bother me but it didn’t.

 “So you two are a thing then?” He seemed confused.

 “Yes, we are,” Lexi told him. “I’ve been in love with him for as long as I can remember and he feels the same way about me.”

 “Damn guys that’s kick ass. Congrats.” He gave us his goofy grin. Then his face dropped. “This isn’t going to affect us will it?”

 “No of course not. Things will still be the same.” Lexi assured him and then leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

 “Thanks for the kiss Lex.” I wanted to growl but I tried to keep myself calm.

 “Anytime.” She wrapped her arm around mine and squeezed it. The feeling went straight to my dick even though one of my best friends was in bed with us.

 “Lex and I have been talking about her maybe moving into my room and us getting another roommate,” I told him. I still really liked the idea.

 “You know I’ve had a chance to think on it and I think I’m totally fine with that,” she confirmed with her sweet smile.

 “Guy or girl?” Travis raised an eyebrow.

 “Girl,” we both said at the same time.

 “She better be hot.” Travis wiggled his eyebrows.

 “Hey now, you can’t hook up with the roommate. That would be bad on so many levels.” Lexi scolded him.

 “I didn’t say I was going to hook up. It would be nice to have another woman around to cook for me.” He was so damn greedy with his food but it was funny as hell and typical Travis.

 “Hey! Now you think women are only good for cooking?” Lexi protested and punched him on the arm.

 “Nah. Of course not, but it would be nice. Come on Lex wouldn’t it be good to have another cook around here?” I could tell she was thinking about his suggestion.

 “Yes, but I love feeding you two and taking care of you,” she told us both.

 “Speaking of food, I had a bowl of cereal but I sure could go for something a bit more substantial.” Travis licked his lips and gave us his damn grin that I knew Lexi was a total sucker for.

 “Oh alright, I guess I’ll get up and cook you something,” she agreed.

 “Thank you, Lex.” Travis leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “I’d like bacon with cheesy eggs and toast slathered in butter and jelly.”

 “Hey now beggars can’t be choosers.” She punched him on the arm again.

 “Damn it, Lex you are always giving me bruises on my arms.” He pouted.

 “Suck it up pussy,” I told him.

 I wanted to lay in bed and make love to Lexi until neither one of us could move but Travis had other plans for us this morning.

 “Shit I still can’t believe you two are an item now.” He shook his head. “It’s crazy.”

 “Yeah but I couldn’t be happier,” she told him and I could hear in her voice just how thrilled she was. I was damn happy as well.

 “Lex, food, my belly,” Travis asked. “Feed me Seymour.”

 “Oh my God, I love that movie,” she told him.

 “Me too.” They both started laughing but I wasn’t getting it.

 “I’m lost here,” I told them.

 “Little Shop of Horrors silly,” Lexi mused.

 “Heard of it but have never seen it,” I told her honestly.

 “I think we need to have a movie marathon day where we eat junk food and watch movies all day,” she prompted.

 “I’m in,” I agreed. “Sounds like fun. Any chance to spend more time with you the better.” I kissed the shell of her ear and I felt her body shiver.

 “You know I’ll be there,” Travis confirmed.

 “Of course you would. Any chance to eat food and you’re all over it.” I teased him. We all started laughing.

 “Okay well I need to eat, like now. So up and at ‘em love birds. Feed me please.” He got out of bed and walked to the door forgetting that he needed shaving cream. Him and his one track mind. When there was even the mention of food everything else was forgotten.

 “We need to get out of bed but I don’t want to.” She pouted. I brought my lips down to hers and gave her a peck.

 “I’m actually starving as well. We worked up an appetite last night.”

 “Fine.” She rolled over and climbed out of bed. I watched her perfect ass sway back and forth while her perky tits bounced with each step. She was perfect and she was mine.

 “Don’t pout love.” I got up and rushed over to her and lifted her in my arms. She started giggling as I nuzzled her neck and dotted it with kisses.

 “Oh my God you have to stop.” She continued to giggle but I wasn’t stopping. I was ravaging her. Piece by piece I would have her come apart with my body, my lips and my tongue.

 “I love you so much Lex,” I told her and then planted a kiss on her lips.

 “I love you more,” she told me and then buried her head in my chest.

 A huge thank you to those who helped with your generosity in making this book happen.

 Lance Jones you amaze me. You are way too kind. You know what you did for me and I can’t thank you enough. I treasure you as a friend and look forward to more projects together.

 Brenda Wright I really appreciate you helping me out. I can’t thank you enough for your hard work. From reading the story to making the book sparkle you rock.

 Anna Crosswell with Alexis Art Book Covers. Thank you for making such an amazing cover and taking such good care of me. Your generosity didn’t go unnoticed. You are truly an amazing person and I’m happy to call you a friend.

 I was born and raised in Kansas City, MO where I grew up with three older brothers who watched over me like a hawk, especially my oldest. He is 16 years older than me and more like a father figure than a brother in many ways. He still is and although I sometimes tip toe on eggshells around him I have the utmost admiration for him, as well as the rest of my brothers. I now reside in Overland Park, Kansas which is just a 10-minute drive from Kansas City. Many people think the Midwest is a bunch of farmers but I'm here to tell you I live in a suburb that is hustling and bustling on a daily basis. I love where I live.

 I've been married to an amazing hard working man for 15 years. We've actually been together for 18. We have two boys that we adopted and they are the loves of my life. They are great kids and constantly keep me on my toes.

 When I'm not home, work, with the family or sitting in front of my desktop writing, I spend my spare time with my friends. I can often be found at happy hour with my girls drinking way more than I need to and enjoying a few laughs. I have a really good time. One of my true joys is gambling at a casino. I can't get enough of the slot machines and when I'm feeling really lucky I try my hand at blackjack or craps. I love to play cards. Many weekends we have friends over to play poker. Those nights turn into the best evenings. Lots of laughter, alcohol consumed and just a really good time. I love being around other people although I can be shy if I don't know you.

 Writing is my passion. I'd always loved to write as a child. My teachers would call home, not because I was in trouble, but because I had a creative imagination. They wanted my parents to know about the crazy stories I was writing. In high school my teachers would give me essays for test because that was the way I could best express my knowledge of the material we had just learned. So writing was and is a true expression for me. When I went to college I took all of the English and creative writing classes I could because that was what I truly enjoyed. So to say I have a passion for his is an understatement. I love and breathe it.

 I don't sleep much, perhaps 4 hours a night. This allows me to write full time and to also work full time. I usually can write a novel within 6 to 8 weeks first draft of course. I have so many stories spinning in my head that I am driven to get them out and on to paper.

 One of my true joys is reading. The funny thing is I used to hate it. I could never comprehend what I was reading and thought I had a disability. True story. Then I read the Twilight Novels and everything changed for me. I discovered that I had a real passion for it. I realized that it wasn't that I couldn't read but what I was reading. As long as I enjoy the story I can be found curled up with a good novel. Although I will say not as much anymore since I became an author. I have to divide my time which is never fun.

 I can't wait to share more about myself with you. I plan on starting a blog so you will have to catch up to me there. Please feel free to reach out to me. I love meeting new people and making friends. Much love to you. Muaw Kennedy Kelly.


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