Safe Haven by Leeanna Morgan

Two more hours and I could head home. Home... to the small apartment where I tried to find sleep the last few weeks. I looked around the crowded diner and couldn't help but sigh because it had been a longer shift than expected and my feet were killing me. Even though I was in my mid twenties I felt as though I was knocking on fifty's door. I felt and looked like a zombie.
Safe Haven
Safe Haven by Leeanna Morgan
My apron was covered in the days spills and messes and my hair was a hot mess at this point on top of my head in a ratty bun. I was certain there wasn't a trace of makeup left on my face except some bleeding mascara that had been long been due for a touch up. I looked as rough as I felt. How had I ended up here? The last six months of my life had been a hurricane, no, more like a tornado because nothing could have prepared me for it. There was no warning, alarms or signs that my overall cookie cutter perfect life was about to be turned upside down. Everything I once knew to be true was stripped from me and nothing was as it seemed. None of the walls of my life were still standing after the monstrous storm leveled my old existence. I remember the day that everything changed, even down to the scent of the candle that was burning in my parent's living room when the front door was kicked in by Satan's demons. I'd been living in hell on earth every since that day. No matter how far I ran or tried to escape it, I couldn't seem to move forward. My mind had become my worst enemy, always bringing up images of the vicious men that had attacked me and my family that awful day. It didn't matter how many hundreds of miles away I was now it was always right there in the back of my mind to remind me that I cant run from these demons. Bringing me back to the present and pulling me out of my painful memories I heard the chime that an order was ready. Scooping the plate of food up I dropped it off to it's owners, an older couple smiling and whispering back and forth. Would I ever be like them? Would I ever smile again or find someone to love me past the darkness that ruled my existence now? No, I was better off alone. The bell chimed again and off I went to do the mundane task that kept me busy all day. I didn't mind being busy, in fact I preferred it. The busier I was the less time my mind had to reflect on the horrible excuse of a life I was now living. Not living, surviving. I was just going through the motions of life, not actually living it. The next two hours went by quickly as families, couples, and loners all came and went. Around ten there was only one person left at the register paying their bill. Nancy was rambling behind the register about some town gossip while I was cleaning the tables. No matter my mood Nancy always could pull a smile out of me. Nancy was the owner of the little diner I had ended up at and even though she was in her sixties she had as much spit fire in her as a hormonal teenager. I had never met a woman so fierce and with such a dirty mouth. I couldn't help but smile at the crazy lady I had grown so fond of. I had no doubt she could handle her own and just in the short two weeks that I had worked at her diner I had grown to really admire her. She was shorter and much more plump than me but we shared the same brunette hair and hazel eyes. I could easily pass as her daughter or family. Nancy had dragged me with her to her hair dresser just a few days back. She talked me into adding some caramel streaks to give my hair some definition. They say when a woman changes her hair she is about to change her life and that was exactly what I was planning. She helped me to feel somewhat whole again even if it was only on the outside. Nancy had been like an angel sent to me from God himself and in just the right time. After the attack I had just wanted to die. Dying would have been easier than battling every day just to function and not remember the awful pain that had become my reality. Even sleep wouldn't save me as my nightmares had become darker than any horror movie I had ever seen. After attempting to overdose on sleeping pills and ending up in the hospital a couple months ago I finally started seeking the help I needed to not necessarily move on but to survive. I remember the night I almost overdosed after the attack and I recalled all of the medical staff that assisted in getting me better thinking I was just this sad pitiful case. Everyone felt bad for me because of what had happen to me and my family. I was tired of the whispers and the looks all over town. I know most of the people in my hometown were trying to help but the truth was I needed to start over somewhere new and fresh where no one knew who I was or what I was trying to escape. A place where I wasn't constantly reminded of what had happen. That week was the week I drove and drove until I stopped at Nancy's diner in small town North Carolina. After talking for a solid two hours with her she asked if I was interested in helping her with the diner since she was low on good help. Not only did she give me a job but she offered to let me stay in the studio apartment above her garage for dirt cheap rent. She had become my guardian angel. And was trying to help me feel whole again. Nancy was like family to me and since she had no children of her own she had welcomed me with wide arms. The best part was that she didn't pressure me into revisiting my past even though I had shared a few things with her. She didn't judge me or feel sorry for me over the small details I shared and I was thankful. I didn't know if I would stick around the little town for good but it was a nice place to put my feet up for a while and let myself heal. Somewhere deep down I didn't think I really would ever heal from what happen. But at least I finally had the drive to survive instead of die. Snapping me out of my thoughts I hear Nancy behind the counter, “I am expecting someone in a few minutes. Going to look at getting a security system put in. Why don't you hit that time card and head home sugar? I don't want you here when he arrives.” I put my hand on my hip and sassy like responded, “You don't want me here when HEEE arrives huh? You didn't tell me you had a man in your life Nancy!” I couldn't help but laugh and she wrinkled her cute little nose. “You know damn well I don't have a man. I like variety too much to be putting all my quarters in one jar missy. It's not a love interest, if you must know!” I laughed at her but didn't waste any time clocking out so I could get home and off my feet. “Alright then I guess I will see you tomorrow Mrs. Variety, be safe and call me if you need anything.” I purred back to her as I headed for the door. Before I could get out the door my smile was frozen in place as brutally handsome man all but plowed into me, and not in a good way. He was the ideal cover of a GQ magazine with dark messy hair and piercing green eyes that were way to bright to be natural. He was wearing a snug white t shirt with a black leather vest over it. A patch read 'Steel' and the one under it said 'Prez'. Not exactly the date I was expecting for Nancy but if he was, that woman had some explaining to do. One of his arms was decorated in tattoos and I couldn't help but wonder where else he had them. I could barely see the one on his chest that was poking out of the top of his shirt when I realized I was staring. I am just staring like an idiot standing in his way. Smooth Brandy, really smooth. “Excuse me, I didn't mean to try and take you out but, we are closed . Is there something I can do for yo.. you? I mean we aren't serving food this late if you're here for food.” Did I really just say that? Of course he is hungry for food, this is a diner Brandy! No God please tell me I am not sitting here rambling like some giddy teenager to this perfectly sculpted man who is looking at me probably wondering why I am still breathing up his oxygen. Good Lord, what was wrong with me?? He didn't respond, just stared at me like he could see right through me all the way into my soul with a sexy smirk on his lips. Before I could say anything else or move, his hand comes up and brushes my cheek. The skin on cheek burned under his touch and for a moment I forgot that he is a stranger and in my personal space. “You have something on your cheek sweetie. And I'm not hungry now but maybe you could cook me breakfast in the morning at my place when I am.” His voice was primal and just as sexy as his exterior. Snap out of it, I mean where are the stranger danger uh oh alarms when you need them! Nancy's voice breaks the trance this man has put me in. “Stop trying to fluster my help Jesse! Let the poor girl go home. Go home Brandy! I guess you see now why I wanted you gone before he got here. Thinks he is God's gift to women!” He smiles at me with the sexiest smile I think I have ever seen then moves past me toward Nancy. “Good to see you too Aunt Nan. Come on, you know I'm just having a good time and for the most part I'm completely harmless.” Aunt Nan? This hunk of a man is Nancy's nephew? She raises and eyebrow and laughs, “Right, harmless.” I watch as they hug and feeling like the third wheel I take my cue to leave. I walk out the door and start down the sidewalk to my car in my own world thinking about the gorgous man I had just seen. Maybe in a different life I would have flirted with him and who knows, maybe I would have cooked him breakfast. Grabbing my attention, I hear someone whistling at me. Great, just what I need as if I wasn't already out of my comfort zone. What was this, make Brandy uncomfortable night? I turn my head and see a group of men standing around parked motorcycles all gawking at me as if I'm a piece of meat and they are starving. They must be some pretty hungry dogs to want a piece of me with how I look and feel. Their standards obviously weren't very high by the looks of me. I quickly turn my head back toward my car and pick up my pace. I hear one of the men shouting, “Aww come on baby we wont bite... not too hard at least.” A roar of laughter erupted after. Disgusting. Do they really think that will get a woman to go home with them? I know I probably look desperate but I certainly wasn't interested. Once I am safe inside my car with the doors locked I notice my hands are shaking. Six months ago something so simple and stupid wouldn't affect me at all but I'm not the same person I was six months ago. I don't even know the person I am now. I needed to get myself together. I used to be the life of the party and always up for a good time and a good thrill. The old Brandy would have shouted back something smart and winked at them even if she had no intention of giving them a chance in hell. Who knows she probably would have even asked for a ride! I always wanted to ride a motorcycle but I never had any friends that owned one. I missed the girl I use to be before everything changed. I vaguely remember that girl now but wish I could get back there. That wasn't possible though. All I am now is broken and constantly looking over my shoulder scared that my attacker will come back to finish the job he didn't complete. It was a sick sinking feeling knowing that the men who killed my family and wanted to kill me were still out there somewhere. Before pulling out of the parking lot I look back over to the group of men through my tinted windows and notice they are all wearing leather vest with a patch on the back I couldn't quite make out. The same type of vest the guy, Jesse or Steel, in the diner had on. They must be all together a part of some little motorcycle club I assume. I roll my eyes and head home lost in thought about my past and where my future lies. Steel “Nan you look good, how is business? Things must be pretty rocky for you to ask me to come to town.” I knew that Aunt Nan's business had seen better days and that if she called me then things must be bad. She grunted at me, “Business is fine Jesse, but I need some help getting a security system in place. Someone tried to break in last night and messed the back door all up. Little punks now days would rather steal than earn an honest dollar! Pisses me off!” Knowing that someone was trying to take advantage of aunt Nan and the hard work she had put into this place ticked me off. I didn't have much family left but my aunt and my grandmother were still here in Monroe holding down the old family fort. Nan's diner was not a huge money maker but it was hers and she loved it. Why someone would try to break in made no sense to me none the less. “You said they tried to break in? What stopped them?” I asked her. She cocked her eyebrow at me and pulled a 38 pistol out her apron and responded, “I had just closed shop and was around the building putting the trash in the dumpster and saw them. I shot a round in the air and they scampered off. Little punks are going to get a bullet in their ass next time around.” I couldn't help but laugh at the feisty broad. “Damn aunt Nan when did you start packing?” She smiled back at me. “Son you aren't the only one who knows their way around a handgun. I just don't want to see one of my employees get hurt because they aren't as prepared as I was.” Nan knew that I had plenty of experience with a handgun and she respected me enough to never ask many questions about club business. She protected me and I protected her. There was a silent understanding that had always lingered in the air. I couldn't help but remember the sexy little thing that had just left. “Speaking of employees, who is the new chick?” I asked her with my eyebrows up and a smirk on my face. With a quick finger pointing at me like I was a kid again she responded, “You don't worry about my new girl. Brandy has been through a lot and doesn't need the attention from you or the club. Just pretend you never met her Jesse. She is a good girl and I don't want to lose her because you cant keep your tally wacker in your pants. Forget about her.” Oh I couldn't forget that fine piece if I tried. She had almost taken me out when I walked in the diner just a few moments ago. She was nothing short of gorgeous even with flour on her cheek. Something was different about her compared to most of the women I surrounded myself with. She had an air about her and something deep behind her eyes that I couldn't explain but had seen before in my own reflection. I didn't tend to keep very classy women in my presence as most of them just wanted to a ride on my bike among other things if you get my drift. Being the president of the Outlaws MC local chapter had its benefits, including all the women you could ever want. They all looked good but most were stupid and couldn't carry on an intelligent conversation. But, I never had to worry about being lonely at night if I didn't want to be. Even though she wasn't like the skanks I tend to keep around, Brandy was about 5'6 with long brunette hair and a rocking body that I couldn't help but want to see more of. There was something in those eyes that I wanted to explore. I wanted to find out what her darkest desires were and make them come true. “So tell me Nan, this new girl, she married?” I couldn't help but wink at her while grinning. Slapping me with a dish towel she piped back, “No she isn't married but I'm Serious Jesse! You stay away from that girl. She is putting in all the hours she can and needs the money to pay rent so don't scare her off! She has also been through a lot. Poor thing, I cant help but feel bad for her even though the last thing she wants is pity. Anyway enough about her. I need you to get a security system in this place that will keep intruders out.” After taking some notes and measurements of Nan's diner I planned to come the next day to set up a security and surveillance system so we could help keep an eye on her place. One of the club's businesses was a surveillance company with hired security personnel if needed. The club also had some other businesses and most were legal like our mechanic shop, club bar, and our gun store. Of course we had a few other dealings that were under the radar that brought in a lot more cash flow but we kept that as quiet as possible. The drive back to the clubhouse didn't take long, about twenty minuets. Our clubhouse was located about halfway between the town of Monroe, where Nan's diner and my hometown were, and Charlotte. It was a happy medium for me since I could still keep in touch with the little family I had left in Monroe but still be close to my main businesses in Charlotte. The clubhouse was secluded off the road a good bit and surrounded by a chain length security fence with surveillance. Two prospects guarded the gates at all times. I was pretty proud of the clubhouse since it was a team effort to build it and customize it when we started the charter ten years ago. From the outside it looked just like a metal pole barn style building, nothing fancy. We splurged on the inside though with stained concrete floors, custom cedar walls, three pool tables scattered around, a long bar that covered almost one entire side of the building, a private chambers where we held church, reclining couches facing large TV's mounted on the walls, and a upstairs living quarters for anyone wanting to crash at the clubhouse. There were enough beds to sleep twenty five people comfortably even though we had over twenty five members. Most of the guys including myself had our own places but crashed here at the clubhouse a few nights a week at least because of club business or because we didn't like driving after partying our asses off. “Whatcha doing Steel? You want some company tonight?” I smiled at the busty blonde walking in my direction talking to me. She didn't leave much to the imagination in her skin tight mini skirt and tube top. What was her name? I woke up this morning next to her but couldn't remember her name for shit. Was it Kelly? No that wasn't it, maybe it was Carrie. Realizing I haven't responded I spoke up, “Can always use company from a trick with a rack like yours baby.” She smiled big as if I was holding a dozen roses just for her. Call me shallow or cold but this was my life, the only life I've ever known. My position had good parts and bad. One of the good parts being sluts falling at your feet always looking for a way to become your old lady. I had already vowed though that the last thing I needed was a woman trying to boss me around and hold a claim to my dick. Not this guy, nope. I would just get mine and keep riding. Maybe I sound cold but I never claimed to be a good guy. I'm definitely not the guy you want your daughter near or she may end up on her knees like this bitch would be before the night was over. Maybe I would have been more sympathetic and respectful to women if my mom hadn't overdosed in the kitchen when I was five. Yeah maybe things would have been different had I grown up in the suburbs of a nice neighborhood with a white picket fence where my parents always got along and never argued. That was far from the case though. My dad had been a biker since he was old enough to drive and after meeting my mom and knocking her up they attempted marriage and all that jazz. I walked in on her lifeless body laying there and even at the young age of five I was still disgusted that she didn't fight for her own life or for mine, That day changed me and ruined any hope of a civilized future. Needless to say things went badly after that and my dad was never the same after she died. The brothers that surrounded me in the club became the only family I had except my Aunt Nan and my grandmother back in Monroe. Nan tried to steer me in the right direction but she was dealing with a bad seed and we both knew it. My dad was involved in the same club I'm a part of now but he was in another chapter. Once I knew this was the life I wanted and the only life I would ever know I petitioned to open my own chapter and ten years later we are still thriving and growing. Yeah its not a fairy tale that you read your kids at night but it worked for me and no woman was going to come in and ruin what I had, as shallow as it may seem. I let Kelly or Carrie, whatever her name was, take my hand and lead me to the bedroom upstairs. Brandy I tossed and turned in bed for hours as the memory of that night haunted my mind. My therapist back home told me it was good to remember what happen, that I needed to get it all out so I wasn't in denial about what happen. Apparently I was trying to bury it as if I could make it seem unreal according to the overpriced doctor I had been assigned. I never was able to tell her everything that happen even though I remembered ever detail vividly before being knocked unconscious. 6 months prior I could smell the amazing lasagna cooking in the oven and couldn't wait to taste it. Mom's lasagna was to die for and our weekly dinner night was one I always looked forward to because not only was the food amazing but it was always nice to catch up with my parents and siblings. I had my own place and was almost done with my degree in IT. Things in life were finally falling into place and I couldn't wait to get my degree so I could quit bar tending and waitressing and start my career. Tony, my little brother looked like he was high as always making me want to punch him in the face. He couldn't hold down a job and seemed to always hang around nothing but trash. I had such high hopes for him growing up but he had other plans that didn't involve much of anything except drugs and nasty women. My parents had kicked him out more times than I could count but there was a soft spot in my mom's heart for him that always won her over. I was shocked he was even at family night tonight as he seemed to always have better things to do, not to mention he was obviously high out of his mind. Sadly this wasn't new to see him this way although it was worse lately than it had ever been before. Watching someone you love drive into a brick wall not being able to stop them is devastating. I knew the path he was on was going to kill him but not matter how many times I tried to save him from himself he always ended back in these same shoes. I wanted to hate him for it but I knew that was the addiction inside of him and not my annoying little brother. Oh how I missed that kid. Tonight he looked like he was paranoid and tweaking from taking too much of whatever it was he was dabbling in now days. Word around town was that he was involved with a really bad crowd. His judgment on people and decision making was always bad even when he was a younger. He had moved up from the pot heads and was now messing with meth heads and who knows who else. I hadn't realized how bad things had gotten but looking at him now I knew he was at the end of his rope. He kept looking through the blinds like he was waiting for someone to pull up. “Tony, what is wrong with you? You really need to stop using that shit you look terrible.” I couldn't hide my the disgust in my voice. He didn't seem to even hear me or if he did he didn't acknowledge it. He was destroying himself and didn't even care. My other brother Joey and my dad were already sitting at the kitchen table talking about how things were going at their jobs and such. I was proud of Joey because he had just moved up at a law firm he had only been working at a year. Not only was he the oldest of us kids, he was always the brains of the family I looked back to Tony only to find him running down the hall to his room muttering something I couldn't understand. Within a matter of seconds someone was knocking on the door. I went to walk to the door and Tony yelled down the hall not to answer it with panic in his eyes. “Tony, what is going on?” I replied to him quietly. I only thought he was freaking out before, now he was past freaking out. Whispering he said, “Just be very quiet, and they may go away.” I looked over my shoulder to my mom, dad, and Joey and my dad responded to him. “Tony who is here? Why shouldn't we answer the door?” Tony was crying now and panting for air. My heart was beating fast and I didn't know why but I felt some kind of panic or doom that was hovering over me like a black cloud. My brother Joey all but yelled, “Tony what in the hell did you do? Who do you owe money to now? Damn Tony!” Before anyone could say something else I hear a man on the other side of the door yell, “Oh Tony! We know you are in there! I told you if you mess with me I would find your family and they would pay the price, and now I am here to uphold my part of that deal. Answer this Tony, is that smoking hot sister of yours in there too? Yeah, I think I will start with her as part of your payment.” A disgusting roar of laughter followed and I felt tears threatening to fall from my eyes. I swallowed hard and before any of us had a chance to speak the front door slung open and four men came storming in with guns in hand. I heard my mom scream. The next hour was the worst hour of my entire life. We were each bound by our hands in the kitchen floor except Tony. They made him sit on the couch and watch us with a gun to his head. I heard the leader of the group, the one that did all the talking say, “Tony, Tony, Tony, it all could have been different. All you had to do was sell what I gave you and keep your mouth shut. But no, you decided to steal from me instead and then talk behind my back sharing classified information that wasn't yours to share! I warned you of the consequences if you betrayed me.” The coward that Tony was he didn't even respond, just cried. I spoke up afraid if someone didn't say something we were all going to die. “Please, whatever Tony owes you we will figure out a way to pay you back and make all this ok. Please just don't hurt us!” The most evil laugh I have ever heard erupted from the head guy's mouth. His face was covered but those eyes were eyes I would never forget. They were cold and absent of anything good. They were so dark and I knew that there was no soul behind them. His eyes were fixed on me and the look in them told me everything I needed to know. We were all going to die. “Oh sweet, sweet Brandy, do you really think money is what I want at this point? No darling, at this point I have to make an example out of your precious Tony. But don't you worry your little pretty head because you will get to pay back some of what he owes. I have big plans for you Brandy. Big Big plans.” I felt like I was going to throw up and with tears streaming down my face I heard my dad speak up on my behalf, “You wont touch her!” It happen so fast, I watched each member of my family die starting with my dad for speaking up for me, then my mom, and last my brother Joey. Worst day of my life. I was in panic mode crying hysterically. All I could do was stare in shock at my dead family lying on the kitchen floor in a pool of dark red blood. This was a sick nightmare I had to wake up from. This couldn't be real. I couldn't feel anything but yet I felt everything, it was as if I was numb from head to toe on the outside but inside I was exploding at the seams with raw emotion I had never felt before. Shock took over ever part of my body as the next moments passed by. Tony was made to watch as the leader of the operation savagely ripped my clothes. My attacker took his phone out and made Tony hold it. His deep voice commanded Tony, “You are going to record me raping your sister and if you look away or drop the phone I promise you I will make her pay for it. Tony never stopped crying but said over and over, “I'm so sorry Brandy, I'm so sorry.” I screamed and begged for it all to stop. While my vial attacker was violating me his hand had wrapped around my neck threatening to cut off my oxygen while his other hand held my tied hands above my head. It only lasted for a few minutes but it felt as though it was hours. My attacker wasn't gentle and he promised that I would wish I was dead after he was done. He was right. The whole time I was being tortured Tony cried and held the phone toward us while it recorded me being broken into nothing. I felt as though my screams made my attacker enjoy it even more so eventually I stopped screaming and just prayed that he would finish. I wanted to die. I wanted it to be over. I knew I was already dead inside. “My little bird, you wont ever be able to fly away from me. If you do just remember that I will find you.” He said it low enough that only I could hear him. Was he going to kill me now? It registered that from what he had said I wasn't going to die today, even if I wished I could. “Tony, I hope you learned your lesson and that I will never have to remind you again who the hell you are messing with. Next time I will not only take her but I will kill her and you will be next.” I heard his voice but it seemed so far away. The voice that would haunt my nightmares for the rest of my life. That's all I remembered before being punched repeatedly before I blacked out. I woke up in the hospital two days later with confirmation that I had been raped and beaten almost to death. As if I didn't remember or feel it. I felt like I had been run over by a semi and my bottom was so sore that the thought of having to use the bathroom made me wince in pain. No matter how hard I closed my eyes I couldn't get the image of him forcing himself on me out of my mind. He had stolen something from me that wasn't his to take. All I could see when I closed my eyes was my family being murdered. I was living some sick horror film and I couldn't wake up from it. It followed me everywhere I went. I couldn't go back into my childhood home because just the thought of being there caused me to have a panic attack and remember the viciousness of what had happen. When the police asked me talk about what happen I wasn't much help because I didn't get a look at the men since they were wearing black clothing from head to toe and ski masks. My brother Tony had disappeared. No one knew where he was and for all we knew he could have been with them or even dead. Some sick part of me wanted him to be dead. He was my brother, and he was supposed to protect me from awful men like that but instead he had watched as they humiliated and broke me. Something inside me knew that he wasn't dead though because I couldn't get out of my mind the words that my attacker spoke to him, “Tony, I hope you learned your lesson and that I will never have to remind you again who the hell you are messing with. Next time I will not only rape her but also kill her and you will be next.” A sick feeling crept over me that not only had he planned to keep Tony alive, they may come after me again. I was sure he would come after me again. Present Day I woke up slapping my alarm clock next to the bed right off the nightstand. I didn't get to sleep until after three am and it was ten am now. My sleep pattern had gotten way off and even though I should be thankful that I can sleep at all, I still never felt rested. I decided I should look for a second job working in the evenings since Nancy wanted to have me start working day shifts. I really could use the distraction. I bar tended my whole way through college up until the attack and thought maybe it would do me good to get back into bar tending again. I had always enjoyed the atmosphere and reveled in the amount of money I brought in when counting my tips. Yes I think that was the first step into feeling more like the old Brandy. It was almost three in the afternoon when I walked into the diner to find Nancy when one of the other girls working called from behind the counter, “Brandy you must have no life at all to be here on your day off!” I smiled at Rita. She was such a fun person with her fire red hair and bright green eye shadow. Her personality was just as fun and energetic. “Rita, I just cant help it, I knew you were working today and just had to come see your fine self!” I laughed as she winked my way. I started to the back office to look for Nancy to find out where she suggested me try to job search and I almost run right into Mr. Jesse Steel Casanova himself. He was sweaty and had a spool of wire around his shoulder like he was installing cable. He looked even better in the daytime covered in sweat. What was wrong with me?? “Um hi, we have to stop making it a habit of running over each other.” I said stupidly. My brains were mush around this guy. What was he doing here? Smiling at me he responded, “Yeah well I tend to have that effect on women. They cant seem to concentrate on anything when they see me.” Um cocky much? Someone is proud of themselves I see. “Yeah, well I'm looking for Nancy, have you seen her?” He looked mildly disappointed but answered, “Well shucks here I thought you maybe were looking for me. Did I hear its your day off? Why are you here anyway?” Stalk much? “Not that it is your business or anything, but she is going to help me find a bar tending position for the evenings. I use to bar tend when I was in school and could now use the extra cash.” Without missing a beat he rambled some address off and winked at me. “Excuse me?” I asked him confused. “Can you start tonight? I will get you a trial run at the bar and see how you do. If you pass the test Ill get you on the schedule.” Who does this guy think he is? I wasn't trying to play his games or work at his house bar tending for him and his little biker friends. “Listen, Jesse is it? Jesse, I don't need complications in my life right now, I just want to work and mind my own business. So unless you have a legit job that doesn't involve trying to get into my panties then just tell me where Nancy is.” Ok, that sounded tough, almost mean. But yeah I feel like a woman hear me roar. One of his eyebrows is raised and there's that sexy smirk on his face again. “Calm down kitty cat, no need to get your panties in a wad darling. Here.” He pulls out a business card from his back pocket and hands it to me. “Be there this evening at eight. Ask for Remy. I will let him know you are coming by for a trial run. Oh, and impress him because if Remy doesn't like you then you wont get a second shot.” Well ok then. I guess I was just being a bit stuck up. So he was legit trying to help me. Hmm. I looked down at the card to see CLUB OUTLAW with one of those chrome silhouette truck flapper women bent over and an address and phone number under her stripper heels. How classy this place must be. Who was I to judge though. I figured it couldn't hurt to give it a try. It had to beat sitting alone in my studio apartment watching reruns of cops and the golden girls. “Thanks, I will give it a shot. I'm Brandy by the way. Sorry for biting your head off its just, I am new to town and not looking to get mixed up with anyone. And I just started renting from your aunt and working for her so the last thing I need is to upset her by getting involved with her nephew.” His smile grew wider and then he looked me up and down before continuing past me all while saying, “Nice to meet you Brandy, I will leave you an outfit with Remy at the bar. I suuurrrre hope you pass that test.” Well that's not awkward at all. Did he just challenge me? I found Nancy and told her about the card Jesse gave me and she didn't seem super thrilled about the idea but told me to try it for myself before marking it off the list. She also told me Jesse was a good guy but not to get involved with him because trouble always seemed to be nipping at his feet. She didn't need to worry, I had no intention whatsoever in being involved with that smooth talking skirt chaser. My clock read 07:30pm when I pulled into the parking lot at Club Outlaw. It took about thirty five minute drive from my house to get here and the closer I got the more excited I became. I loved working the bar scene, it was something I was good at and it was where I could block the outside world out. This would be a good thing for me and I knew it. Club Outlaw was much bigger than I painted it in my head. It was a saloon style building with wood siding and a neon sign with another flapper girl. Now that I was thinking about it I should have done some research on this place before setting myself up to work in some dingy strip bar. Please Lord don't let this be that kind of place. Thankfully the parking lot seemed to be pretty crowded already with guys and girls and I could smell food cooking in the air. Why the fact that they served food seemed to ease my nerves I'm not sure why, but it did. A bouncer greeted me at the door and I told him my name and that I was there to see Remy for a job. Once inside a guy with a motorcycle vest on who looked to barely be of age to drink escorted me to the bar where Remy was. The guy's vest said 'Bruiser' which I guessed was his nickname. I introduced myself before he left me at the bar with Remy. Remy was probably one of the biggest men I had ever seen. If you could picture the Rock or maybe John Cena that be the closest description I could come to in body mass. He was huge and his arms were covered in tattoos. He was leaning over the bar smiling and whispering in chicks ear. She was giggling at whatever he had shared lost in their own little world. “Hi Remy, I'm Brandy. I know I'm early but Jesse told me to find you once I arrived.” I tried to sound like I was born and raised in this setting and I was hoping my voice hadn't betrayed me. The beefed up Remy and girl exchanged glances with their eyebrows raised. “Jesse huh? Alrighty then, Mrs. Brandy. This should be interesting.” With very few words he stuck his hand out and introduced himself as Remy. We sorted out the casualties and he handed me a bag from under the counter and told me to go change. I adjusted myself at least six times in the mirror trying to get this 'outfit' right. It wasn't Halloween but I sure felt like a hooker dressed up and ready to get some candy in this tiny thing. I refused to let it stop me though from passing the test that Casanova had been so sure I would fail. Truth be told I had worn much sluttier than this at previous bars but we wont go there. The shorts weren't too bad, they were cut off daisy dukes that were a perfect fit. The top though was a different story. It was a back bandanna top that showed off plenty of cleavage, back, and my side tattoos that normally I wouldn't have on display. My brother Joey and I had gone together a year ago to get pieces in the same place. It was a special piece for me that I would cherish forever because of its connection to Joey. I use to be mostly a good girl but my oldest brother and I both had our love for ink. My mom's only request was that I kept them where they could be hidden for professional reasons. After my family died I had gone back and gotten three roses on my shoulder in remembrance of them. It also was normally covered up but in this bandanna top it was on display for all to see. Not that I was ashamed or embarrassed I just hadn't shared it much with the world since I got it a couple months back. After finally getting as put together as I thought I could, I looked over myself one last time in the mirror. I was pleased and felt giddy at what I saw in my reflection. Even if I wasn't some hardcore chick that feared no one, you wouldn't have guessed it by looking in my reflection. My winged eye liner was on point tonight and I wore my hair in lose curls cascading down my back. To seal the deal I wore some red lip stain on my lips. I always had juicy lips as my mom used to call them and with some lipstick or stain on them I had a pout that no one could turn down. I was pretty sure my hair would be in a bun on my head before the night was over but I wanted to look good as long as I could. The little outfit did nothing but compliment my figure as it highlighted by best physical features. I was much more toned now than I use to be because for a while I stopped eating much in my depressed state. Not that I was happy how it happened. That was the only positive thing that came out of the disaster my life had become. At least I looked good in slutty clothes. Yay me and my disaster of a life. To finish the look I wore cowgirl boots that I knew would have my legs screaming before the night was over but dang if they didn't make my legs look amazing. Didn't think the comfort thing through but not much I could do about it now. I left the bathroom and headed for the bar. Head held high, here goes nothing. Steel After showering and getting dressed at the clubhouse a group of the guys and I decided to go to the bar to check things out. Not going to lie, I had other motives every since I had talked to Brandy earlier. I knew she wouldn't last in my world a day or even bar tending at the Outlaw bar but for some reason I wanted to see her and I knew that may be my perfect opportunity to do so. I could look at her and tell she was sweet and sheltered. Why couldn't I be one of the good guys and just leave her alone. Jut not in my nature. I should leave her alone, I really should. But I felt up for a bit of a chase. Normally I don't have to even look for a chick to get off with but I was getting bored and wanted some new entertainment. Brandy was the perfect mouse to play with for now. Not to mention she was too hot for her own good. I would have to apologize to Nan later but for now my eyes were on the little vixen. It was ten when me and around twelve other Outlaws pulled into the bar. The place was hoping as it always was on Friday night. When I opened the place I had in mind for a bar and grill type setup but I also needed something that would bring in more revenue so we added the back area of the Bar that included a small dance area with a DJ booth as well as a small stage for private events and dancers. It wasn't your typical club but it worked and brought in a ton of revenue for the club and in return the community. Walking in I told the others to get a table in the back section and I would be right behind them. I was out to find my newest addition if she was still there. Hard to miss Remy at the bar as he was our muscle for the place. He was a good manager and kept the place clean with most the trouble out. We had become like family over the last few years and he was someone I knew I could depend on if I needed anything. I had hoped he would join the club but he was more of a lone rider and I understood that all too well. “Remy hows it going man?” He shook my hand. “Boss its going, been busy as hell tonight. Business is good. Good thing you sent me that little spit fire Brandy tonight because I needed all the help I could get.” I was a little shocked to hear she had not only stuck around but was making Remy happy. “She's still here?” I asked him as I glanced over the crowd looking for her. I could hear the shit eating grin on his face as he said, “Yeah boss, taking a break now and should be back any second. I will send her over with some pitchers when she gets back. Oh and boss, I think she is going to give us a run for our money.” I laughed in his direction. “They usually do Remy, and I'm never disappointed.” I walked away to join the guys. Within minutes I saw her walking our way with tray of beer and glasses. Jesus was that really her? Holy Hell was she hot! Not only did the outfit I picked out for her look amazing on her, but she was smiling big as if it were Christmas morning. That was when I realized I had a problem on my hands. Gunner snapped me out of my thoughts, “I'll be damn who is the new girl Steel? You been holding the hell out on us!” Before I could respond to him she sat down the tray and started pouring beers. Every eye at the table was on her and her smoking hot body. As if she could have gotten any hotter she had tattoos strategically placed on her tan skin that I knew would tourment me until I could kiss each of them. What. The. Hell. “Welcome boys, I hope you enjoy your beer and if there is anything else you need please let me know.” The voice of a fallen angel. That's what it was. Gunner spoke up again this time pushing my buttons. “Oh darling there are all kinds of things I need from your sexy little ass. What time you get off tonight? Want to take a ride on my bike?” Before I even realized what I had said my brain spit the words out, “Gunner, she is off limits. The only bike she will be riding is mine.” Everyone at the table stared at me like I had grown a third head. Apparently she was feeling just as awkward because she smiled and walked away with the tray. I couldn't help but watch her ass as she walked back to the bar. Who the hell was this woman and where had she come from? No one said a word about my proclamation and we continued on talking about business. My mind wasn't with the guys though, as much as I wanted it to be all I could think about was her. I caught myself watching her the whole time she worked. How she would smile at customers and how she walked like she had been doing this her whole life. I felt a heavy hand on my shoulder and realized it was my brother Tank. “Steel, I see you have a bit of a new obsession with this new chick. What do you know about her though? You know I worry about the safety of the club and when new bitches especially as perfect as that one show up I start to think that there is more to the picture. You sure she aint a cop? Would be a good idea to do some background info on her.” I nodded my head at him and told him the little bit of information I knew about her and he agreed to have Tech look into and see if she had any affiliations with other clubs that we should be worried about. Tech obviously got his name for being our network guru and could pull dirty on anyone. He had saved our asses many times. Moments like these help me to appreciate Tank that much more because he always had my back and I knew that he would look for the best interest of me and his club even if that meant cock blocking the president. It left me wondering though, what kind of secrets does little Brandy have? One thing was for sure, she sure had my attention. Brandy Two hundred dollars... I made two hundred dollars in tips my first night at the bar! I felt like doing cartwheels and screaming at the top of my lungs. I hadn't even worked a full shift and yet had made that much in tips alone. I rode home with the windows down in my three year old mustang and sang at the top of my lungs the whole way there. Not only had I made good money, I also enjoyed the company of some of the other waitresses. I met a girl named Sally and another girl named Scarlet. Both of them were feisty and fun. Scarlet wasn't as talkative as Sally and to be honest she kind of intimidated me a little. But I enjoyed their company and even discussed a possible girls night. I felt free and like for once in the last six months I was finally feeling myself again. Even though Steel made me feel extremely uncomfortable in more ways than one I needed to thank him for this opportunity. I would make a point to thank him tomorrow. I pulled into Nancy's drive and headed for my apartment when my cell rang. Of course it would be in the bottom of my purse. Trying to get in the door I dug out my phone and didnt even have a chance to get see who it was before answering. “Hello?” I said all too giddy in the phone. There was silence on the other end of the phone but I could hear someone breathing. For some unknown reason fear gripped me and I felt my anxiety rising up like a blanket covering my body. I knew it was him. I knew it was my attacker. I gripped the phone and felt felt as though I was going to pass out. The bile rose in the back of my throat and I swallowed to keep myself from getting sick. Confirming my worst nightmare his voice broke the silence. “Little bird, I'm coming for you.” Those simple words flooded over me like a tidal wave. I ended the call and threw the phone. Crying uncontrollably I sank to the floor at the front door and wrapped my arms around my knees rocking back and forth. How could life be so very cruel? Unknown I tried to keep away, because I was reminded over and over again what the consequences of getting involved with her would be. But she was perfect and she was made for me. She was not only beautiful but she was mine. The first time I took her was beyond my wildest dreams. I had watched the video on my phone more times than one could count. Each time I watched it, I only wanted more of her. I remembered that day like it was yesterday. Walking in the front door of her pathetic family home. Staring her up and down taking in the little skirt and tank top she had been wearing. I was going to enjoy every second of punishing little Tony by sinking deep into his hot sister even if that wasn't the original plan. As if any of my guys would deny me what I wanted. They all knew better. She was mine. Nothing like the smell of blood and fear in the air to turn a guy like me on. She thought her screams would make me stop, but they lit a fire inside of me making me want her even more. A want that now tormented me leaving me with no hope for living without her. Her full lips begging me for her life. I've never wanted a woman more than I didn't in that moment. Since that night no woman has been able to satisfy my darkest hunger. Originally had planned to kill all of the little scum bag Tony's family but couldn't find it in me to finish his sister. All I wanted was to pound my dick deep inside of her and hear her screams as my demons fell in love with her and became just as obsessed with her as I had become. I had watched her for a while from a distance and even approached her one night but she didn't give me a chance to show her how perfect we would be together. That was a big mistake on her part. Things could have been different. My infatuation with the woman had almost driven me crazy and the last few months of not being able to contact her only had sent me over the edge. I had waited too long for that dipshit Tony to screw up again just so I could have a reason to reach out to her. He was worthless before but now even more so. The only reason he even attempted to do what the club had asked was because of her safety. He would never be able to keep her safe from me though. She feared me, but all good women feared their men if they were smart. I wish our situation had been different because I knew now that me having her would not be ethical. Hearing her though on the phone all happy answering my call was enough to get my juices flowing and then when I felt her fear through the phone it only intensified. I knew I had to find her and that she would be mine even if it was against her will. I will kill anyone who gets in the way of what I want. I looked in the mirror at the new tattoo and couldn't wait to see the look in her eyes when I was inside her and she saw it in her reflection. It was perfect mural of her screaming naked. I captured a screenshot of my favorite part of the video and had it placed on my left peck above my heart. It stirred something dark inside of me every time I looked at it. The need to cause her pain was clouding my brain. Soon Brandy, very soon. Brandy The next morning I had made my mind up to call the cops and tell them everything that had happen. My phone never rang again after my attacker called but it didn't have to. He knew exactly what he was doing and he had accomplished putting the fear back inside of my life. I knew that it was a threat and I had to take action. I battled with even calling the cops at all because they had never made any progress at all in the case and even though they had promised to protect me here I was again unprotected. Just my luck they would causes more attention to me and lead him straight to me. No maybe the cops weren't the answer. Not only that, I finally had started over somewhere new where no one knew about what had happened to me and I wasn't sure if I wanted to reopen the wounds and all the pain. I also didn't want to have the new town I wanted to call home look at me like I had a contagious disease. I just didn't know where to go or who to turn to. I needed to talk to Nancy and finish telling her what happen that awful night. She was a smart woman and I knew she would help me make the right call. But then again would she still want me around if she knew the truth about me and what kind of baggage I was toting around? Steel It had been a busy morning at the clubhouse and Church was nothing shy of eventful. We had voted on patching three prospects over to be full club members as well as gone over some threats with an outside club's drug dealings that were infiltrating a sister charter of ours in Georgia. Everything had gone over smooth on the outside but I couldn't help my brain from thinking about Brandy and how good she had looked last night. I needed to see her and talk to her. Jesus what was wrong with me. Tech had been working on her background information for me and when church cleared out him and Tank sat behind. Tank spoke first, “Boss, found out some things you should probably know.” It didn't seem like good news by the look on both of their faces. Great, I was going to have to get rid of her I could tell by the way they exchanged looks. “What did you find out?” I all but sighed. Tech was the one to speak up then, “Brandy is associated with the Red Vipers. More like guilty by association as he brother is working for them. I cant say she is also working for them but I can say that something is way off. She has no other immediate family living except for her brother. That's not even the best part though. Check out this police report from just six months ago.” I could feel my blood boiling as I skimmed over the report. I read that her family had been murdered and she and her brother were the only ones that lived through the attack. Was suggested to be over a large drug deal but the police had been stopped dead in their tracks with no more clues or evidence. The part that grabbed my attention the most was that she had also been attacked but some reason was spared. I didn't know what to think of this new information. Was she an informant for them? Is that why they let her live? Was she trying to get information on our club and thats why she was here? I had plenty of questions rolling through my mind but I knew that the only solution was to pay Mrs. Brandy a little visit and make her talk. “Get the guys ready, we need to pay a little visit to my hometown.” They left to get the others and I found myself lost in my thoughts. How did a girl like Brandy get mixed up with a ruthless group of men like the Red Vipers? They were well known for their hands in the experimental drug trade business and were even more so known for their gruesome approach on handling bad business deals. Our club hated them and everything they stood for. We didn't beat and rape women nor did we sell drugs to kids unlike their club. The Red Vipers had no law, not even their own. Anything goes with them and they do whatever they feel like. The thought of Brandy being involved with them didn't just piss me off, it hurt me. She had so much potential and yet here she was messing with the scum of the earth. As soon as I climbed on my bike my phone rang. It was Nan. “Nan, I was just thinking of coming to visit you.” With an uneasy voice she responded, “That's good to hear. I think we have a problem on our hands Jesse and its not one that I can handle on my own.” Nan was a tough bird. If she was worried or upset about something then I knew something bad was going on. “Be there in twenty minutes. Oh and Nan, don't let Brandy leave. We need to have some words.” With that I hung up the phone and signaled to the guys to go. Less than twenty minutes later we pulled into Nan's place and she was on the front porch of her house waiting for us. She had been crying. What was going on? I was off my bike and to her steps in seconds. “What's wrong Nan?” She nudged her head toward the door as myself and few other guys went in with me. That's when I saw her. She was sitting on Nan's couch staring at the floor with tear soaked cheeks. I wanted to hug her for some reason even though she was possibly the enemy. She looked broken. Nothing like the way she had looked just last night. What was tormenting this beautiful woman I had grown an obsession for? Nan's voice broke the silence behind us. “Jesse, Brandy has a really big problem and at this point I don't know that the police can protect her. She told me enough to know that this is more your specialty than mine. I'm going to leave you all to talk. But Jesse, please be gentle with her. She has been through a lot.” I look back to Brandy and nodded my head. I don't think anything could have prepared me for what she revealed to us next. “I guess I will start from the beginning. My name is Brandy Donaldson. I am from a small town in Georgia. I've been on the run for the last couple of months to escape the hell that my life has become. About six months ago my family was attacked and murdered. My younger brother Tony apparently got on someone's bad side and to teach him a lesson they attacked my family. Tony has had a drug problem for a while and I guess he couldn't pay them back or something. I watched them shoot my dad, mom, and then older brother. I'm not sure why they didn't kill me but I wish they would have, it would have been easier than living in fear and having the nightmares that have plagued my life since that awful day. I thought that I was finally making progress until I received a phone call last night from the main guy that attacked us. He said he is coming back for me.” She broke down then and I couldn't help but just hold her as she sobbed into my chest. She was so small and fragile in my arms. To know someone had hurt her infuriated me beyond words. I tried to process what she had said as the connection to the Red Vipers was lining up to everything Tank and Tech had brought to my attention. Her brother had obviously screwed up big time with the club and it had been taken out on his family. What I couldn't understand was why they killed the others but left her alive. Something was missing. I felt her shaking and tried to comfort her by rubbing gently on her back. She started to pull away but then stilled as I held her tighter. With shaky words she whispered, , “He will find me and rape me again. Except he will kill me this time. I feel it in my soul.” Anger spewed through my veins. She had been raped. How had I missed that in the police report? The savage animal not only made her watch her family die they also had raped her. I felt sick to my stomach suddenly. This poor girl had been through so much. I exchanged stares with a couple of the men in the room and I didn't have to say a word for them to know how I felt. They felt it too. Tank's voice overpowered my thoughts thankfully, “Brandy we are all very sorry for what happen to you and your family. We will definitely look into the information you have given us. If you don't mind can I hold your cell phone?” I knew the protocol. He would get her phone and him and Tech would GPS it so we could find her as well and do a download of all information she stored on it. If she had anything to hide it be too late now. She didn't even flinch as she gave him the phone. Deep down I knew she was telling the truth and had no involvement in with the Red Vipers. She had been an innocent bystander that had been burned. Brandy had been broken and had been taken advantage of in all the worst ways. And I would protect her if its the last thing I did. No one came to my town and threatens what is mine. Starting today she was mine and no one would ever hurt her again. Tony To say that I hated myself was an understatement. The last year of my life I had managed to ruin not only my own life but everyone that I loved. It all started plummeting downhill when I met Jessica. The girl that I thought was perfect in every way, my dream girl. She had jet black hair and tan oriental skin with the darkest sweetest eyes I had ever seen. We had met at a party one night and once I spotted her across the room I knew I would do anything just to have a few moments alone with her. I just wanted to know her and find out everything there was to know about her. She was beautiful inside and out. She was the one that introduced me to ecstasy. I had always smoked a little pot here and there with my buddies but she opened up a world I had never experienced. That first night there were fireworks between us and we ended up making out in the bathroom after she gave me my first hit of X. I thought I was in love with her in that moment and she was the most intense drug I had ever experienced. Little did I know that her brother was a member of the Red Viper's MC and that it was her job to find recruits that could push their products. Needing more of her and more of the high that she took me on, It only took one night for her to have me wrapped around her finger. Next thing I knew I was on board with working for the club and distributing their products. Sadly once I agreed and met with her brother and some of the other members my life as I knew it was over. The relationship I thought that I had with Jessica was over as well. She wouldn't take my calls and avoided me like a disease. The sudden realization that it was all a lie and that I couldn't back out and go back to my normal life hit me like a ton of bricks. The Red Vipers were bad people. I didn't know just how bad of people they were until I had messed up and made the biggest mistake of my life. They had given me a shipment of methamphetamine to distribute and part of it had gone missing while in my possession. I didn't take it and I didn't pocket any of the extra money from it but the red vipers didn't believe me. They didn't think logically like normal people. Always paranoid and thinking someone was out to get them or get one over on them. They told me I would pay for screwing them over but I had no idea what they would do. I had no idea that they would hurt my family especially murder them. What they did to my sister is an image I will never get out of my head. What I would have done just to have taken the pain from her, but I couldn't and it was too late. Now my life belonged to them. After they had savagely attacked my family they forced me to relocate with them and work for them. I thought many times about going to the police but I knew all to well how many cops were on their payroll. Hell, even if I did go to the cops they wouldn't be able to protect me. It wasn't me that I was worried about though. It was my sister. I had kept quiet all this time and been their runner just to keep her safe. Seemed like they knew every time I had thoughts of leaving or trying to escape their claws because they would remind me of the vial things they would do to her and any other family I still had if I even thought of crossing them again. My life wasn't my own. I slept in a bunk bed style cot inside of a concrete building they called their clubhouse that was the closest resemblance of what prison must be like. They gave me a phone that they also monitored and my job was to pick up and deliver shipments to and from wherever they disclosed. Trafficking illegal goods had become the only thing that I was good at. I hated the Red Vipers but even with the disgust I felt for them I was always surrounded by them. The only good thing that came with that was that I had all the drugs I could ever use. Not that most would consider that a good thing, but in my case being able to go numb so that I didn't feel the pain that had settled in my core was the only good thing I had. Not that I deserved it. I rolled the twenty dollar bill tight enough to make a straw and snorted one of the white lines on the bar. I sure as hell didn't see my life being here when I was planning for my future a year ago. The numbing bliss took over my face and a wave of comfort washed over my body. Yes that the only joy I deserve in the life. A joy that will probably kill me before I got out of my twenties. A joy that wasn't even real but was a temporary sedative for the pain that I couldn't escape. The only person I had grown to hate more than myself was Leonard also known as Stalker. Yeah sounds like a stupid road name but it was quite fitting for him and had a lot more meaning than what most people even realized. Once Stalker had an obsession with something or someone he would purse it until he owned it and he was damn good at it. His sick little gift had helped the Red Vipers many times and they had rewarded him for it only creating more of a monster. I knew the obsession that had taken over his mind now though. The obsession that he lived every moment of his sick life thinking about. My sister. There had been more occasions than I could count where he had cornered me and asked me questions about her or wanted intimate details of her past. I would never give him that satisfaction of knowing her though. Not after what he had done to her and taken from her. The only thing I lived for now was to keep these monsters away from my sister and if that meant being their puppet then I would do it. Not that she would ever forgive me for allowing these monsters into our lives but it was the least I could to. I would do anything for her. Brandy It had been three days since I had shared what happened with Steel and his club. They treated me with so much kindness that I started thinking maybe they weren't such bad guys after all. At least I knew with them I wasn't with the worst of the two evils. I hadn't received any more phone calls thankfully. So that had been a plus. I was starting to get antsy though and wanted to go back to work. Steel explained to me the dangers of who my little brother had gotten involved with and that it wasn't safe for me to be somewhere unprotected. I couldn't argue with him there. We had met in the middle and he agreed to let me work at the bar but didn't think it was safe for me to work at Nancy's diner. I fought him momentarily but then he said it wasn't just for my safety but the safety of his aunt and the other employees. I couldn't bare the thought of hurting the people that I had grown to care so much for and who were there for me. The last three days had been a huge eye opener for me about the club and the way that MC's worked. They were an organized group that didn't live by the laws of civilians but their own. They were more than just some little club, they were a band of brothers who protected each other even if it meant with their life. Hope peaked in my chest as I realized they may could protect me. Fear and doubt weren't far from my mind though as I thought about what happened before to the people who vowed to protect me. I don't know what I would do if that monster ever came for me. But I knew deep down that it wasnt a matter of if but when. Not only had I learned the way their organization works, I also learned a lot about their clubhouse rules and lots about the women that crawled around it. Club whores as most the guys called them were not to be confused with old ladies. I laughed as Tank explained the old lady thing to me. Old ladies were respected and considered wives in MC terms. Much different than the role of the club whores. They were only there to cleaned up and there in case any of the guys were lonely. Disgusting if you ask me but these girls not only enjoy being there for that purpose but they were stuck up and have the mind set that they are better than average people like myself. That's something I don't understand at all but these girls were obviously delusional and had some major issues. As if my life wasn't already crazy and out of sorts, I found myself craving the attention of the MC president and his time. I knew Steel was a dog and that he hooked up with women all the time just to get his and move on. But there was something inside of his eyes that told me he was deeper than that. Maybe there was more than met the eye to the big bad biker and I had every intention of finding out and the challenge of it lit a fire in me that I hadn't experienced in some time. I caught myself being giddy and self conscious at the thought of him. This wasn't like me at all. He had been kind enough to give me a room by myself upstairs to stay at temporarily until we could figure out what the next move would be. Apparently this caused a ruckus with the club women since women didn't stay there unless they were contributing to putting out for the guys. Again, these women were very messed up obviously. I did try to help out with the cooking and cleaning though as I wanted to show my gratitude for their hospitality. Strangely none of the big bad bikers messed with me or pushed me to engage in anything more than conversation. Maybe I wasn't their type, but I doubted that. Pretty sure their type consisted of any woman over the age of eighteen. I was finishing up my final touches when I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door to find Steel on the other side. He looked irresistible standing there with a back v neck tshirt and blue jeans. His hair was a mess on his head like he had just gotten out of the shower and not bothered combing it. Something about him like this made my heart skip a beat. His eyes met mine but then traced down my body with no discression at all. Not that I didnt mind the attention from him but I wanted to play a little hard to get. I didnt want him thinking I was like the other girls that hung around the clubhouse. I could tell that he was having an internal battle in his mind over what I was wearing. I made the executive decision to wear one of the club's tank tops that had the Outlaw's logo on the front. The black tank was tight and my cleavage was hanging out the top of it. I paired it with some faded cut off jeans that fit me like a glove. To finish the look I was wearing high heeled wedges that made my legs go on for days. Yeah, Im well aware that I look like a total slut but it was for a good cause. Not only was I working at the bar tonight, I was also riding with Steel and I wanted to make him struggle. “You are not wearing that.” His comment made me smile inside but he wasn't about to see just how much I was enjoying tormenting him. “Oh yes I am Jesse Steel Casanova. Now are you ready to take me to work or are you going to keep eyeing me like a hungry dog?” something sparked in his eyes and the sweet Steel was gone replaced with the big bad biker I wanted to ravage me. “I'm going to do a lot more than look at you if you keep pushing me. Is that what you want Brandy? For me to shove you back in this room, push you down on the bed and take what is mine? Because I'm getting close to my breaking point.” I couldn't speak, could only stare at him with my eyes returning the same predatory need that was in his. I needed to get a hold on this situation and fast. How could this man do such crazy things to my mind and my body? Pulling me out of my thoughts he responded for me, “That's what I thought, lets ride before its too late.” Not five minutes later he had me on the back of his bike. He grabbed my arms from behind and wrapped them around his torso. My hands were resting on his sculpted stomach and I leaned my head against his back taking in the smell of leather and exhaust. I know it sounds strange but it was such a pleasing smell. It reminded me of the days I spent working with my dad in the mechanic shop he managed. Such sweet memories. I clutched him tighter as he started the bike and we pulled onto the main road. The ride to Outlaws bar had been nothing shy of amazing. Feeling the freedom of the wind and the road gave me a sense of freedom I cant explain. Nothing else mattered around us, just that I was there with the wind and world passing me by while holding on to the man that intrigued me most. Could any of this be real? Could it last or was I setting myself up for heartache and doom? I silently prayed that it would last. Steel The ride to the bar wasn't long enough. I loved having this woman's arms around me and her smell intoxicated me. She was like nothing I had ever experienced before and I hadn't even stuck my dick in her. I was in over my head and I knew it, the guys knew it, and Nan knew it. Jesus what was wrong with me? Once we got the the bar I escorted her in and cursed myself again for not making the little minx change clothes. She was smoking hot in her little outfit with a club shirt on. Christ, I needed more of her in every way. I knew she would get the attention of many even without the sexy clothes she was sporting but I couldn't handle the thought of someone else touching her or having her. I would make a point to let every one of these assholes working security know she was off limits and not to let any customers get touchy either. Ill be damned if someone is going to mess with what's mine. There I go again with the mine claims. I didn't want to claim a woman and I didn't want some crazy chick telling me how to run my life and my club but the thought of Brandy being by my side created feelings inside me I wasn't comfortable with. Her safely had become a top priority of mine though especially since I knew the Red Vipers and hated them with a vengeance. Now I had a reason to hate them even more. I would keep those assholes away from her. I was meeting with one of our sister charters president tonight to discuss some bad dealings they had with the Red Vipers and find out if they were not only a threat to my woman but to the club as well. Apparently they had moved in to part of our sister charter's turf and was selling laced drugs to underage kids. I know we don't do things the legal way but there are some things we stand firm on. Selling to minors is off limits, raping and beating on women is off limits, and selling inside our turf without our permission is also off limits. Seemed like a pretty easy thing to go by but these morons didn't care about brotherhood, limits, or morals. It was time to teach them a lesson. “He boss, your guest are in the office waiting on you,” Remy called to me. “Get a table ready for us in the back Remy. After we discuss business I want to treat our brothers to a good time.” Remy nodded to me and I headed for the office but not before brushing my finger across Brandy's cheek. “Have a good night sugar, and stay where someone has an eye on you at all times.” She smiled like a smart ass and responded with a nasty, “Yes daddy whatever you say.” The little tease turned on her heels and headed toward Remy to get her night started. She was going to regret those words once I finally had her sexy ass in my bed. Damn Brandy was going to be in my head all night now and I knew it. There was no escaping her and I never wanted to. Once I reached the office I was greeted my the president of our sister charter, Bones. “Ahh its good to see you Steel. I see business is good. How the hell have you been brother?” “Things have been good for the most part Bones, its good to see you guys made it safely. You are welcome to party with us tonight after the meeting and crash at the clubhouse.” We took a few moments to catch up and the others did as well. He had five other brothers with him and everyone seemed to be in good spirits even after their long drive. “So Bones, I hate to jump to business but the sooner we get this out there the sooner we can enjoy the remainder of the night. Why don't you fill me in on the basics of what is going on with the Red Vipers.” Just saying their name made me angry as hell but I knew we had a problem and it was time to deal with the assholes once and for all. He proceeded to give me the run down. “Well Steel we have a problem for sure with them in our turf. We had two kids ages fourteen and sixteen die from overdose on a drug that only they are currently distributing. Its bringing a lot of heat from the cops to our operation and you know they will do everything they can to find shit on the club just to take us down. As if that wasn't enough they refuse to meet with us to discuss this ordeal. That's not the worse part though. Had a girl about sixteen get raped not three miles from our clubhouse and the cops are also trying to pin it on us. Its getting out of hand and its time to take matters into our own hands. We cant do it alone though and could really use the support of our sister charters. I know this is the last thing we all want but its become inevitable.” I was processing his words and disgusted at the thought of who would do the these things. It was time to take the Red Vipers out and remind them where their place was. “I agree Bones, we need to take immediate action. How far away is their closest operation that you know of?” I asked him trying to get a plan together in my mind. His response caught me off guard. “We spotted them about sixty miles from here at a dump motel. Way too close for comfort and that's another reason we wanted to bring you guys in because its not only our turf they are jeopardizing now. Granted I don't know what their business is here but I'm sure it's no good.” I'm sure the look on my face betrayed me because I knew all too well what their business probably was here. Brandy. Brandy was a part of the Outlaws now though and they were mistaken if they thought for a second they thought they would get her. Brandy So far it had been a good night. I was able to pick up right where I left off and both the girls I had worked with before were also working tonight so it was nice to have normal girls my age around me instead of the women that hung around the clubhouse. Sally kept us all laughing with her silly stories and fun personality. Scarlet was her own kind of handful and also kept us intrigued with her man skills. She had no problem getting the attention of a man and was so good at it that she could have taught classes at the local college. You know something like how to pick a guy up 101. I was so busy I hardly had any time to talk to Steel but I sure did notice him. Every girl in the place noticed him. I caught him looking at me several times and he even smiled a few times at me which made me melt in place and forget what I was doing. Pulling me out of my thoughts with the things I wanted to do to and with Steel I heard Sally talking about some new movie that was coming out and how she wanted to go see it. Scarlet jumped on the idea and they asked me if I wanted to go as well. “I don't know if I can, Steel asked me to stay close for a little while. I have some personal things going on and he just wants to protect me.” I didn't want to lie to them but I also didn't want to give them the full details on how screwed up my life is. It was hard enough to get to a place where I was actually making friends and I didn't want to ruin it. Scarlet grinned at me, “And let me guess he is your daddy? I mean its not like we are trying to take you out to some kind of biker bar where there are a ton of pervs Brandy. We are talking about a going to the movies and watching a chick flick. Tell the guy to go screw something and let you have a night, jeez. Well when she says it like that I realize just how sheltered I must sound. I agreed to go with them and figured I would take up the issue with Steel later once we got back to the clubhouse. He couldn't keep me inside of a bubble my whole life. Steel “Absolutely not, hell no! You can't go.” I tried not to be harsh but could she really want to risk her safety just to go see a damn movie? I mean come on! Her pleading voice taunted me, “Listen Daddy, I'm not going to be gone the whole day, its only a few hours. Please just don't act like a jerk just because I want some girl time! I'm losing my mind in this clubhouse and need to have a short break.” Damn it! Why did she have to make it sound like that. I know I should let her go but not having her near me or where I can reach her drives me insane. Anything could happen to her. “The only way you can go is to take a prospect with you and you keep your phone on you.” “The whole point of having a girls night is for it to be girls Steel. Ugh fine! But he doesn't get to be with us in the movie, he can follow us but I want him to hang behind, like he isn't even there. Deal?” Well when she put it like that and gave in to my request I guess I owed it to her. She really had been a troop the past few days and done everything we asked. “Alright, deal.” “Thank you! Oh thank you!” She screamed in joy and before I knew what was happening her arms were wrapped around my neck and her lips were planted on mine. The lips of an angel. An angel in short shorts, a biker tank top, and the sexiest ass I had ever laid eyes on. Her lips lingered on mine and as if my body knew exactly how to react I kissed her back more passionately than I have ever kissed a woman before. What the hell was I doing? This wasn't anything like me. I didn't kiss women, I screwed them and walked away. Brandy wasn't like other women though, she was old lady material. When she pulled away from the kiss I instantly felt alone and wanted to be back in her embrace. It had ended way too soon and I wanted more. “Damn Brandy, maybe I should let you go out more often if that's the kind of thanks I will get. Hell I will even take you to a movie myself if that's how it works, and I haven't taken a girl to a movie in years” I said to her with a grin on my face. “Well you may get lucky and I may let you take me. In the mean time I have to go get ready and let the girls know I'm coming.” She had a cute little grin on her face as she walked way. Man I loved watching that woman walk away the way she moved that sexy body of hers tempting me in every way. Brandy It was a little after seven when Sally, Scarlet and myself arrived at the movies. It was so nice to feel normal, aside from the prospect named Jason that followed behind us. As much as I hated to be watched I knew that it was for my best interest. I may be away from Steel in person but my brain was working overtime on him and what had taken place earlier. I didn't expect to kiss him. I didn't expect to enjoy it so much, but the truth was just the smallest touch from his lips had created a fire inside of me that I didn't want to put out. I wanted more of Jesse Steel and I couldn't wait to get back from my girls night to show him just how much. Once we got to the counter to pay Scarlet mumbled behind us, “Crap, I forgot my purse. I must have forgotten it in my purse.” I suggested, “Why don't we send Jason to go get it?” With her nose stuck in the air she came back with, “He isn't my babysitter, he is yours and I don't want his hands on my stuff. Besides he walked to the bathroom and I don't want to lose our spot in line. Sally will you hold our spot?” Not wanting her to walk alone I told her I would walk with as Sally agreed to wait for us. Once we reached her jeep she fumbled around looking for her purse in the back door. I heard a noise behind me and noticed there was a white van parked beside us and before I had a chance to think the door slung open and two guys in black vest grabbed me and pulled me into the door. I tried to scream but one of the men placed a black rag over my face that must have been doused in something. No matter how hard I tried to scream or kick I couldn't breath or move out of their grasp. Every fiber of my being prayed that Scarlet saw what was happening and was screaming for help or fighting them off. My heart sank as I realized the danger I had put my friend in. I started seeing black dots and before I knew it I was gone. Jessica It had almost been too easy. Not only had the plan worked perfectly but now I could breath because my part of the job was done. I was so tired of working at that crap bar just to earn the trust of that stupid Brandy. She had almost been as easy to play as her brother had been. Being naive must run in the family. Thankfully my family taught me early on not to trust anyone and always prepare for the worst case scenario. No my life hadn't been some princess fairy tale. I had seen my fair share of death and despair, but I still had the loyalty of my family and I would do anything they asked. My brother being the VP of the Red Vipers had been a blessing and a curse all the same. He used me as a weapon and we took care of each other. Whatever my brother's sick obsession with Brandy had been wasn't my concern. He would now give me the money he promised me and I could enjoy a nice little vacation in Hawaii or who knows maybe Italy. I had always wanted to see the world. My cell phone rang as I followed the white van. “Leo?” “Did all go as planned little sis?” “Yeah, like a charm. Should I follow the van to the safe house or bolt?” “I want you at the safe house where I can give you everything you need to get you out of town.” “Ok love, see you soon.” There was a click on the other end of the phone and I followed the van to the safe house. The safe house had been an old warehouse that was now shut down in the sticks. There wasn't anything around it at least two miles both ways. It was the perfect place for hiding out and handling dirty laundry. My brother had a sick obsession with this chick and I didn't plan to stick around long enough to find out what exactly those plans for her were. I wanted to get my cash and get the hell out of here. Steel I just popped a top when my phone started ringing. Jason one of our prospects was calling. “Yep,” I said in the phone. “Boss we got a big problem!” It felt as though someone had kicked me in the gut all of a sudden, “What the hell you mean we got a problem? What is the problem!” “Boss, she is gone. I saw a white van leaving the parking lot with Scarlet's car behind it. They were way out of site before I could get to her. I don't know what happen, I just took a piss and when I came out all hell broke lose. I am so sorry boss!” I started yelling things and slinging shit around like I had lost my mind. Those assholes had my girl! I knew they did! “Tech! Here now!” I knew Tech had attached a GPS to Scarlet's jeep before the girls left to go to the movies. My only prayer was that if we tracked the jeep we would also find Brandy. Five minutes later we were in church and the whole club as well as the visiting members were crowded into the church chambers. I quickly briefed them on what had happen and Tech showed us the location of where the GPS had located Brandy's jeep. Thankfully he had also been able to get a GPS location on Brandy's cell phone and it was in the same location. That was good news. Tech suggested we call her cell and see if she or someone would answer. I had a feeling that was a lost cause but I dialed and put the phone on speaker so everyone could hear. After three rings someone answered. It was a man. “Well, well, well. If it isn't lover boy. What can I do for you Steel?” “Where the hell is Brandy?” “Oh she is just sleeping at the moment but I expect her to wake up soon.” “If you lay one damn finger on her I will gut you like the worthless pig you are!” “Why so hostile Prez? Maybe you should take a deep breath and remember who you are dealing with here. I'm sorry you think that this is your game to play but it isn't. In fact Brandy was claimed a long time ago so if you are lucky I wont hunt you down and gut you for touching what is mine.” My blood boiled and I wanted nothing more than to dismember the son of a bitch that was toying with me on the other end of the phone. Tank spoke up and asked him, “What do you want in exchange for Brandy unharmed?” “There is nothing you have that I want. I already have what I want and what is mine. You should sit this one out kids, because you wont find her anytime soon and if you do, she will be dead in a ditch somewhere. Been good talking to you boys, if you will excuse me, I need to let my dick get reacquainted with my woman. Been far too long.” Just like that the phone cut off. I was five steps past seething mad. I couldn't think straight. He had her and was going to hurt her even more than he had already. It took less than three minuets for us to load up and leave the clubhouse headed for the GPS location that Tech pin pointed them at. Thirty minuets. It would take thirty minuets to get to her. Damn I hoped like hell she could hold on that long. I'm coming baby. Brandy Ugh I feel awful. There was pain shooting through my head every time tried to open my eyes. Where was I? I could hear voices around me but I couldn't pry my eyes open enough to find out where the voices were coming from. My mind was trying to put the pieces together and it was all coming back to me. I had been kidnapped. Now panic overpowered the pain in my head. I remembered the men that had snatched me up and the vest they had worn. It was not the same kind of patch though that the Outlaws wore. It had a red snake on it. I didn't have to ponder on the thought, I knew that my worst nightmare, my attacker from six months ago was behind this. There was no doubt in my mind and now fear took over every inch of my existence. I didn't know if I would survive him again. I finally pried my eyes open and saw two men talking beside the door way entrance to the room I was in. my wrist were tied together and I was lying on some sort of cushion, look around I realized it was some sort of mattress. Everything on my body seemed to have a dull ache but I didn't feel severely hurt at all. At least they hadn't done much damage yet to me physically. One of the men turned to me and exchanged words I couldn't make out to the other man. I watched as the receiver stood up and walked out of the room quickly. Within seconds another man walked in and nudged his head toward the door for the other man to leave. The man wasn't bad looking and had it been different circumstances I may would have even said he was handsome. That was until my eyes met his. I knew those eyes. They were dark and cold. He was the man that had attacked my family and raped me. I didn't know how I knew but I did. My body betrayed me and started shaking as tears started streaming down my face. For months I had run trying to get away from this monster and now he had me alone and tied up. How could life be so cruel! Please let this be an awful dream, but no matter how much I wished it was I knew it wasn't. “Oh how I have missed you my sweet Brandy. Did you miss me darling?” The sound of his voice made my stomach turn and nothing but fear and disgust was pumping through my veins. I only stared at him, unable to speak from the fear running wild through me. He walked closer to me and lowered his head until he was only inches away from my face. His dark eyes stared into mine before he planted a hard emotionless kiss on my lips. I froze not knowing what to do or what to expect. I was terrified but angry. His lips were angry and the kiss wasn't meant to give me comfort of any kind. As he abruptly pulled away, my brain was going into survival mode and before I realized what I was doing I said, “Please don't hurt me.” My voice was shaky and unsure. I sounded desperate and overtaken with fear. “Oh Brandy, hurting you is the only way I know how to show you just how much I love you. Some people say that pain is a much more powerful feeling than kindness. It shows true dedication to someone. You have no idea how hard it has been the last six months not being able to touch you. Do you know how much I love hearing you scream? How much I love the fear in your eyes when you look at me? It's much more intoxicating than dating and roses and all that bullshit. What we have is special Brandy.” My silent tears had turned into sobbing ones. I knew he had been mentally unstable before because no one in their right mind could do what he did to my family and to me, but this? This was much worse than my worst nightmare. He was sick and I was the drug that made his sickness thrive and feel most alive. Not only would he destroy me for good, but he would kill my friend if he hadn't already. Maybe it wasn't too late for her, I had to ask. “Where is she? Please don't hurt her, Scarlet isn't a part of this and doesn't even know about my past.” For whatever reason this seemed to really humor him. He started smiling like the true mad man that he was and shaking his head. He yelled over his shoulder at one of the men outside the door. “Bring in Jessica, I think we should ease my little bird's mind a little about her friend.” He said it in a very condescending way. I was scared to know what kind of condition Scarlet would be in and wanted to know who this Jessica was. Please don't let her be too hurt. Within seconds Scarlet walked into the room looking as beautiful as ever and with an annoyed look on her face. My attacker motioned with his finger for her to come to him and she walked casually over to him as he kissed her on the cheek. Hitting me like a ton of bricks he said to her, “Little sister tell your friend you are doing just fine, she seems to be worried about your well being. Isn't that sweet?” Did he just say sister? A wave of realization ran over me like a pool of ice water. This girl wasn't my friend, not even close. She had gained my trust just to lure me into her sick brother's grasp. Oh no what had I done? I talked Steel into trusting this bitch and now I was going to die without ever seeing him again because of her. “Brandy you were easier to maneuver than your stupid brother. Jeez didn't your parents ever teach you kids about not trusting strangers?” Her words were bitter and felt like salt being poured into an open wound. How could she be so cold and so evil? I just didn't understand that people like her really existed. “I trusted you because I thought you had a soul! How could you be such a cold hearted bitch?” I wanted to punch her, to hurt her in every possible way the way she and her brother had hurt me. How did she know my brother and what did he have to do with any of this? Before I got to say another word she walked over to me and backhanded me sending pain rushing through my already hurting head. I tried to sit up to defend myself or hit her back but the drugs that they had given me still had me groggy and not quite capable of functioning fully. Her brother grabbed her arm and pulled her back then scolded her. “Jessica you keep your hands off of her. If she needs to be put in her place I will be the only one that does so, are we clear?” “Whatever Leo, fine, enjoy your time with this stupid bitch, I have a vacation to plan.” She turned on her heel and shrugged her shoulders as she walked out of the room. She left me alone with the man I now knew had a name, Leo. Not that knowing his name made me feel any better as I knew he wanted to hurt me in every way. Steel We parked in the woods far enough away from the warehouse that we wouldn't be discovered. The plan wasn't detailed, get in, get the girls, kill the bastards inside holding her hostage and get out. Simple enough in my book. As we were prowling around the premises looking for the best way to get inside we spotted Scarlet getting into her jeep with a big grin on her face all while waving at some Red Viper scum from a side door. That bitch. I looked over to Gunner and he knew exactly what was going through my mind and nodded back to me. That bitch wasn't going anywhere and I would deal with her after. She had been a snake inside my own bar and was the missing piece that put the puzzle together. She would get hers very soon. Gunner walked in the opposite direction with a new target in mind and the rest of us continued forward. The night's shadows gave us a huge advantage in getting close to both entrances without being detected. The only guy on the outside of the side entrance was too easy to take out. I laid his lifeless body on the side of the building out of sight and motioned my head toward the doors as we all prepared for what was on the other side. With more force than I am sure was needed we stormed in the door with guns blazing. Once inside the warehouse we realized that there were only about five red vipers present in the main area but I heard screaming coming from the back of the warehouse and knew instantly it was her. My sweet Brandy. Anger and adrenaline took over my body as I shot two Red Vipers in the head and stormed toward the sound of her screams. Bones and Tank followed close behind me as we ran down a long corridor in the back of the warehouse. I could see two doors at the end of the hallway and knew my baby was in one of them. Her screams broke the silence again and something stronger than anger soared through my body. I had to get to her before it was too late. Once we reached the door I kicked the flimsy wood door open and nothing could prepare me for what I saw. Brandy was tied to some type of pipe and all her clothing aside from her bra and panties was missing. She was covered in blood and bruising had already set in. Her face was swollen on the right side and her right eye was almost swollen shut. She screamed again but this time it was at me. “Behind you!” Turning as fast as I could with my gun raised I saw the bastard they call Stalker standing in the corner with a young man in front of him. Stalker had a gun pressed to the thin guy's head. I didn't lower my gun but did glance over my shoulder when Brandy started crying hysterically. I didn't know who the guy being held captive was but I had a feeling it was her brother. Little did Stalker know, I could care less if he killed the little shit. “You are too late Steel, And you will regret getting involved in my affairs, the Red Viper's affairs. Brandy belongs with me and you have no say in this.” I stared daggers toward the bastard as his brain was trying to catch up with what was happening around him. There was no way out and he knew it. I backed up slowly toward Brandy needing to calm her and cover her. I didn't like seeing my feisty woman so broken and vulnerable. I wanted to punish this sick bastard for everything he had done to her. I look back over to Bones and give him a silent order. Bones was a skilled shooter and he didn't disappoint me when the sound of his gun going off filled the room. Brandy screamed behind me but I picked up her pants from the side of the bed and wrapped my arms around her. Bones voice seemed far away. “That you son of a bitch, is for trying to ruin my town and for hurting the girl.” When I looked back up I saw Stalker crawling on the floor tying to get to his gun. I had to give it to him, he was a tough little bastard. The Young man he had been holding snatched the gun off the floor before Stalker could get to it and without hesitation pointed it straight to Stalkers head. “You ruined my life you piece of shit, and then you ruined my sister's. When you die I want you to think about how you will never have the pleasure of seeing her or any other woman to hurt again.” He then shot the bastard in the head as blood splattered on the wall behind him. He dropped the gun and ran toward Brandy and me. “Don't you even think about touching her you little shit!” I said through gritted teeth. He was the reason all of this had happen and I refused to let him get close to her ever again. The look on his face was painted in pain and fear. He knew I wasn't playing. Brandy stopped sobbing and was staring at the lifeless body of the man who attacked her on the floor. The man that she had been running from, the man that tried to break her. There was no expression on her face but I took the moment while I had her wrapped in my arms to look over her body and see how bad the damage was. Was it true, had I been too late? I tried to help her get dressed wanting to ask her how bad it was but she shied from my touch and I felt it would be better to wait until we were alone. Bones and the other guys who came with him helped cleaned up while Tank and I got Brandy back to the clubhouse. Tech brought Brandy's brother back to the clubhouse also and I had a plan to beat his ass once I got Brandy settled. We would find out just what he knew about the Red Vipers and their dealings before hand though. Brandy I was wrapped up in a dark cotton blanket on Steel's bed back at the clubhouse when the tears started to flow. I was free. I was finally free from staring over my shoulder and the fear that clung to my broken heart like a plague. Steel had saved me and Tony killed the man that took so much from me. The feeling that settled in my chest was overpowering and I didn't know how to process the last twenty four hours. What I did know though was that I would be eternally thankful for Steel and that I owed him my life. I had so much catching up to do with my brother and even though I wanted to hate him I couldn't. Bringing my mind back to Steel I knew what I wanted. I wanted him and only him. I wanted him to take me in every way a man could take a woman, physically and emotionally. I was his and I was done fighting the fear that had become my existence. 3 weeks later The clubhouse was full of local and out of town members and their old ladies. We were having a huge barbecue to bring everyone together and I was looking forward to meeting more of Steel's brothers. The past three weeks he had been so kind to me in helping me heal and getting to know me. The big bad biker that I thought he was when we first met was only one small part of him I had learned. He was caring, sweet, gentle, and I had fallen utterly and madly in love with him. I had every intention of showing him tonight just how much he meant to me and I only prayed he felt the same way about me. The Sexual tension between us had only magnified and I knew without a doubt that our first time together would be like the grand finale of fireworks at the end of a fourth of July show. My heart raced inside of my chest at just the thought of our night ahead. I was so ready to show him just how much I truly was his. Not long after everyone had finished eating and was prepping for the party night ahead Steel stood up next to me and called attention to everyone in the clubhouse. My eyes couldn't help but trail over his beautiful body. He wore jeans that hung on his hips like they were custom made just for him. He had a gray t shirt on that was a little snug on his chest muscles but that I would never complain about. And his cut, also called a cut I had learned, fit him perfectly showing him in all his glory as the determined and strong man he is. “I couldn't be happier than I am in this moment. I am so proud to call you all my brothers and having you all here means the world to me. As your president I wanted you all to be here tonight for a special reason aside from just a family BBQ.” He then looked down at me where I was sitting and smiled. Bone's old lady walked up to Steel with a large white box with a red ribbon around it. She smiled at me and then him as she handed it to him. Steel took my hand and pulled me to my feet. I suddenly felt nervous and could tell that blood was rushing to my cheeks. What was going on? Standing and not knowing what to do I smiled at him. “What's going on Steel?” He handed me the box and asked me to open it. I looked hesitantly around the room and then started opening the box. Inside held a leather cut that had beautiful patch work on the back with the club's logo on it and written, 'Property of Steel'. I looked back at him with tears in my eyes. He wanted me. Truly wanted me even in the mess that I was, broken. As the first tear ran down my face he asked, “Brandy would you do me the honors of being my old lady? I want you to be by my side in the club and in every step of this life. I love you.” Feelings flooded me that I had never experienced before and I found myself nodding hysterically and a “Yes!” escaped my mouth before I even realized it. He wanted me the same way I wanted him. I heard cheers around the room and Steel wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tighter than he had ever before. The next hour went by so fast as brothers and old ladies came to hug me and welcome me to the family. I felt like I was a part of a family again and although I missed my old family it felt good to have a new one to hold on to and love. I caught Steel by the arm and whispered, “meet me in our room in five.” I winked at him and a shock of excitement lit up his eyes as a huge smile spread across his face. I left in route to our room and once there I decided that I would surprise Steel when he arrived and I couldn't wait. Steel I felt better than I had ever felt before. I had the woman I loved and she now was my old lady. I never imagined I would have an old lady until much later in life but I suppose life had other plans for me. When she whispered in my ear to meet her in five I couldn't help but readjust my pants as my cock twitched with excitement. It had been forever since I had gotten laid and the desperation my body felt around Brandy only intensified daily needing to claim her and own her. I knew I had to take my time though because I wanted her to want me the same way I wanted her and I knew she needed to heal first. I knew she would come to me when she was ready. And judging by the look in her eyes before she left me a few minutes ago she was finally ready. It took will power not to follow her but I made myself wait the full five minutes and then set out for our room to claim my prize, my woman. Nothing could prepare me for what I would find beyond the closed door in front of me. I took a deep breath as I opened the door. There she was, laid naked across our bed wearing only the cut that I had made for her. I stared too long but I couldn't help it. I needed to photograph this image in my mind permanently. She was stunning in every way and she was mine. Something inside of me exploded like I finally knew exactly what my purpose was in life, to make this woman happy and feel safe. I was home and she was my safe house.


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