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Secrets of a Celebrity Sex Club - Meet Lexi by Dakota Fox

Lexi was known as the fun one in the group with the body as fit as a 19-year-old and the energy to match. She could get up at five in the morning to hit the gym and still be ready to party at 10 o’clock at night. She was artsy and spent a lot of her time painting but that was not all she was made of. She was a beautiful creature and held her own among the elites. Even in the everyday, there was something just too sexy about how she could let a t-shirt hang off of her shoulders and there wasn’t a guy that would di
Secrets of a Celebrity Sex Club - Meet Lexi
Secrets of a Celebrity Sex Club - Meet Lexi by Dakota Fox

The only divorcee among her tight knit and flashy friends, Lexi found a new and unexpected man. Also and artist, younger man Ryder passed the test and is now a full on Elite Beach swing club member, and a good friend to the home group. For a girl whose marriage crumbled to pieces, Lexi really does seem to have it all. Her positive thinking and tenacity got her all the money she could ever need, the house, a new man and a two year membership to the club. With all this in her favor one would think she has it all under control but even she is starting to wonder if she has gone too far and is too close to risking it all.

Don’t Get Mad, Get Everything!

Lexi’s fiery personality and insane ability to handle stress gave her an extreme edge among her friends, including those at Elite Beach. She was rarely intimidated and with money to burn and a body to die for, she had all that she needed to keep things moving forward. Keeping things moving meant keeping things in her favor of course and as of late, that included Ryder.

When she met Ryder at the art show in the spring, even she will admit he was more of a conquest than anything else. After her divorce from her millionaire husband Trent, Lexi was on the prowl for her next big win. She had many suitors as time went on, in and out of the club, but after her painstaking commitment to her stiff suit of a husband and taking the brunt of all that came with the man, this young hot artist seemed more and more appealing. Her ex held a couple’s membership contract at Elite Beach that was still good for two years. Lexi stayed on as one of their top members because she enjoyed it. As for Trent he saw it as a way to keep an eye on Lexi and keep her amused and out of his hair.

Lexi however was not to be underestimated and did quite well in the art of manipulation. The divorce, and the marriage for that matter, wasn’t pretty but Lexi kept up her spirits just fine and stuck the quote from Ivanna Trump, "Remember girls: don't get mad, get everything!” Lexi is her own woman and has no problem taking care of herself.

The group accepted her new man, at least for now. Lexi was stubborn and by all accounts, Ryder was a catch. He grew up in L.A. and worked his way up the coast selling art and taking on odd jobs when and where he could. He was taken with Lexi from day one. She was beautiful, rich and determined, and he couldn’t help but enjoy the admiration of all the men they came in contact with. Lexi loved his boyish charm and couldn’t help but soak up the attention their relationship brought her. Her friends and club mates were skeptical of the young man; there was also a small layer of both curiosity and jealousy. Her ex was beside himself over the ordeal, according to the rumors.

Although Lexi was filthy rich and Ryder was in many ways a kept man, the young artist maintained and continued his own work and projects. His big dream was to become a well-known west coast artist and in the meantime, he hoped this fantasy life with Lexi would never come to an end. Between the two of them, life was never without excitement and adventure. He would never forget the day that she sashayed her way right into his life.


There is a lot to her and I knew that more and more with every time I saw her, and spent time with her at the club. She was different. She was not demanding, like so many members, and she was both cute and beautiful at the same time. Most of the ladies really just walked around like they owned the place but I really think Lexi just loved to have a good time! Before her divorce that didn’t seem to be the case, and boy was that relationship a situation in the club! Her husband made a great first impression but after a while you really saw what a stiff he was, sorry to say. Lexi is just too big for that. She settled in much more comfortably after they separated and I have to say, it might have been the best thing that happened to her! The people at the club loved her and I’d have to think it was the same everywhere she went. She had a magnetic appeal to her that I didn’t see in anyone else. People wanted to be where she was and be a part of what she was doing. And her new boyfriend? That made her even more amazing! I have to laugh when I think of her and how great it all was.

   Like everyone at the club though, don’t be fooled. The cute and sexy Lexi also had secrets. I gained an exclusive insight into her world that only the server of late night cocktails gets to know.

Lexi’s meeting

Lexi spent her Friday out and about with Niles Hewett. Niles was a well-known art dealer that she befriended in the old days. When she was married to Trent, Niles took a liking to Lexi. At that time he found her interest in the arts more amusing than anything but part of his interest was due to the fact that Trent never took her seriously. Post divorce, Niles became more of a support to Lexi and her art pursuits, and offered his assistance. She had a long way to go but he was helping her get on track. It was not exactly a secret either that he expected something in return. That insinuation and silent agreement came before Ryder was in the picture and Lexi thought nothing of it at the time. Now however, the pressure was starting to build, as Lexi got closer to her dream.

“Let’s have lunch in two weeks and go over more of the details for the showing in July,” Niles was closing up some details while walking Lexi to her car, “and don’t forget the art tour next weekend. You can still go with me?”

Lexi stopped at the side of her black Jeep Rubicon and digs out her keys from her bag, “Of course Niles! I can’t wait.”

“Good, and after that we have San Francisco!” Niles flashed her a smile.

“Oh yes, San Fran…I just have to check one thing…” Lexi was hesitant in answering.

“You’re not going to skip out on me now, are you? There will be big names there,” Niles tilts his head and lightly touches her arm, “I have a room all set at The Fairmont.”

“Great! Well I’ll be in touch on that one, okay?”

“I’m counting on you,” Niles reaches down to her waist and gives her a kiss on the cheek, “I’m looking forward to it.”

   They parted ways and Lexi dashed out of there as fast as she could. She didn’t figure this into the plan. She didn’t figure Ryder into the plan. Things would not go wrong this time and she would make sure of it. She worked too hard to get this opportunity and was set and determined to make things work, whatever it would take. She drove straight home and didn’t let herself think about it again. The first party of the year was tonight and she needed it now more than ever.

      Lexi takes Ryder

   “Next!” The workshop Director called out. Ryder shifted from a forward sitting position. He leaned back in the armchair that was covered in a white sheet, putting his arms up on the edges of the chair allowing the artists to focus on his sculpted frame. Dressed only in a towel around his waist, Ryder is the hot model of the day with his dark hair, dark tan and fit form. He is a 32-year-old nude model for an art class at the university, spreading his ego and making a few bucks. Not surprising, the class this semester was 80 percent female and packed. Good for the school and very good for Ryder. He always drew students and the work was steady. Lucky for him, today was not a fully nude pose because while sitting there for the aspiring artists, his mind began to wander back to his first day with Lexi.

   Meeting Lexi

   When he first met her, they were both at the 19th annual “Display and Discovery” party. This fairly large function was one of those hoity-toity events put on by top gallery owners and successful players in the art world. The older generation mingled with their profit talk and entertained themselves with the younger artists who were cocktailing and bouncing about the party; they were all there to show off their work to the choice group, with hopes of being discovered. Ryder and Lexi were two of those artists. They were young, stylish, creative, and seeking success. There were many returning hopefuls as well as a lot of new faces. Those funding the event were fairly regular year after year and on the lookout for fresh talent and money-making possibilities.

   Fast-forward to later that afternoon and one too many wine spritzers, and…that little red dress. Ryder had been looking at it for quite a while. Of course he was holding his own, looking sleek in his silk button down and slim fit dress pants but it was Lexi who took over the garden party with her stunning beauty, and that little red dress. The dress was form fitting up top with a sexy flare to it around her thighs. It showed off her breasts which were round and fitting to her size; Ryder paid close attention to the hint of her nipples that were poking out a bit under the thin material, leaving little to the imagination. Ryder and Lexi were attracted to each other the minute they laid eyes on one another and after a couple hours of patiently flirting, they were eager to get away. They found themselves wandering off to walk the landscaped paths of the grounds and it didn’t take long to find a secluded area where they could be alone.

   They engaged in playful small talk along the way, flirting some more while the sexual tension between them continued to build. Aside from the sound of trickling water and party rumblings in the distance, the little hidden corner they found in the back was quiet and a perfect setting for getting into dirty deeds. They paused in their cubby spot and toasted their drinks in a daring sort of way. Completely in control, Lexi downed what she had in one gulp, winked and then set her glass down. Unintimidated, she then leaned in for a soft kiss sending a rush through Ryder that caught him by surprise. He could tell that this girl was a firecracker and the kiss helped prove his point. He licked up the taste of the sweet wine she left on his lips. He put his hand to her neck, moving her closer to him for another a soft and longer kiss, sucking up her bright red lips.

   When they finally came up for air, she turned and took a few steps out in front of Ryder who was focused on her short red dress hanging her high on the back of her thighs. Lexi extended her arm out and let her tiny purse slide to the ground. She looked back and gave him wink before grabbing the sides of her little red number and lifting it up over her body and dropping it to the ground next to her purse. Her matching bra followed. Ryder’s jaw dropped. It excited him that this girl had a wild side, just like he hoped she would. Her brown hair was up and he had full view of her backside. His new focus was her tight behind tied up with a tiny red thong.

   Lexi slowly took a few more steps, swaying her hips from side to side. Ryder took the hint, ditched his drink, unbuttoned his shirt and removed his clothing as he followed after her. He was just about caught up to her when Lexi ducked into the rocks by a light waterfall etched into the landscaped walls. She turned to face Ryder, putting her hands on the rocks above her, arching her back and flaunting her chest forward. The water trickled down her right shoulder and onto her chest and he could tell by her perky reaction the water was cold. She threw her head back, taking in an invigorated breath.

   Ryder smiled and stepped forward. He wanted in that dress all day and there she was, right in front of him. He moved in and cupped her breasts in his hands, rolling her rosy nipples in his fingers. He spread the water over her chest and moved his hands down her sides. He started kissing her neck and the water dripped down his face as he pushed her breasts up and met them with his mouth. Goosebumps covered Lexi’s body as he flicked and licked each one with his tongue. She lowered her arms and grabbed onto his rock solid biceps.

   Ryder then scooped up her smooth wet body and they started kissing her, more aggressively. She slithered in his arms and dug her nails into his back. The small sharp pain of the scratches energized him. He felt his way down her stomach and into the red silk between her legs. He dared to sink his fingers into her and was pleased when Lexi let out a slow and steady breath. He noted the slight quiver to her lips and started massaging harder and faster while pressing his body into hers. When he pushed his fingers deeper inside of her, she started to squirm and sucked in a large gulp of air. He enjoyed the tease and could feel she wanted more.

   He pulled her left leg up to his waist and she held on to him tight. He pushed into her some more so she could feel he was hard between her legs. He yearned to be inside her but held back because for one thing, he knew she was close, and selfishly he also wanted to test her patience under his control. Her body was trembling now and she was breathing deeper with every breath.

   He swirled his fingers in and around the hot flesh between her thighs and circled her arousal. He watched how Lexi closed her eyes and how her lips moved as she moaned her way through his movements. And then he felt it.

   She wriggled her leg that was under his arm almost as if she wanted to pull away but he didn’t let up. He continued to vibrate his fingers and stroke her, pushing her to the end. She cried out as her muscles clamped down and tightened around him, wave after wave. She threw her head back letting the uncontrollable contractions take her over.

   He kept her going, quivering until the end when he pulled his fingers from her. He kissed her shoulder, tasting her salty skin.

   After catching her breath, she gently pulled away and urged him back a step. He was glad to see they might not be done and moved back willingly, keeping one hand on her shoulder. She gently pushed him back further and behind the wall of bushes. Without a word, she put her tongue to his chest and started kissing her way down his front side. She ran her soft hands down his chest and over his washboard abs, stopping in between his legs.

   She wrapped her hands around him and her touch aroused every hair on his body. The tables had turned and he was more than happy to play the victim. She reached around and pulled him even closer while she worked him with her other hand, stroking and licking him up and down. She adjusted herself on her hips and held him firm at the base, and then welcomed him hard and hot, into her mouth. Ryder watched her as she wrapped her bright red lips around him and he let out a slow groan of pure pleasure. A wave of exhilaration surged through his body as he throbbed in her mouth. His heart was racing. He saw the perfect shape of her tight behind still wrapped up in the little red strings; she was sexy as hell.

   She started out slow and sensual while her hands stroked and squeezed. She was moaning and humming, and with every sound she made, it vibrated back onto him. He couldn’t help himself and started moving with her, sliding in and out, getting deeper and deeper; Lexi responded by working him back with more intensity. About ready to burst he put his face to the sun and sucked the air through his somewhat clenched teeth. Lexi welcomed his release; Ryder’s legs were shaking now and the strong bursts of convulsions almost brought him to his knees. He looked to Lexi who was looking quite pleased with her work. He was out of breath and in full amazement of what just happened. He swore to himself right then and there that Lexi was the sexiest woman alive.

   She kissed him tenderly before slowly standing to look him straight in the eyes as he had done to her. She licked her lips and tapped the side of her mouth with her finger before flashing him a naughty grin.

   “Well, well, well…” was all she said, before turning on her toes to gather her items. After she slipped back into that little dress of hers, she reached into her purse and topped off her lips with bright red. Ryder regained composure and dressed himself.

That was a while ago but as of today it was as if he’d known her forever. Not a day went by since they met did he not talk to her or see her. Two months after meeting, she talked him into moving in with her and things only got more amazing.

Back to Work

“Next!” Ryder was pulled from his daydream and assumed a new position. This was his last job of the day and then it was on to the night’s festivities. Friday classes were a bit harder to get away from. He would be approached with phone numbers from practically every female student and invitations to parties all across the city. So much had changed since meeting Lexi at that party in June; he lived with her now and home was calling his name.

There’s always More

What Ryder didn’t know back when he met Lexi, but I saw very clearly every time I saw her, was that while he was caught up in thinking about how great she was, she was focused on herself. Ryder was exactly what she needed in her life at that time.

She was excited by his artsy bad boy style and exhilarated by his artist touch on her body. It was a reach to think he could fit into the posh world she lived in and that made her feel like the bad girl she wanted to be by indulging, and she loved it. He did of course end up fitting and but he wouldn’t find out who exactly Lexi was, or what she was all about, until later. She was definitely more than a hot girl in a little red dress.


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