Terrible, But I Loved It! by Mario V. Farina

Jerry and Laura Thornton had been married for well over a year. It needs to be said that the marriage had been, and was. a happy one! Jerry was an ideal husband. Not only did he love Laura deeply but he cared for her greatly. So, to a casual observer, it would not have been a surprise when he woke one day with an idea firmly ingrained in his mind. On this day, he must do something special for the love of his life! No, it wasn't Valentine's Day; it wasn't her birthday; it was not an anniversary. It was just an ordinary day, a Saturday, but nothing special about this Saturday!
Terrible, But I Loved It!
Terrible, But I Loved It! by Mario V. Farina
The fact that this was just an ordinary day, made it all the more important that the something special that he had in mind was needed. When a husband does something special for his wife, it needs to be on an ordinary day, he thought; otherwise, there would be nothing special about something special being done on a special day! Laura would be visiting her sister on this day. He had several hours during which the something special that he wanted to do could be done. But, what could he do today that would make the day special for Laura? Sitting at the computer in the den, he made a list. It had eight entries. From top to bottom, he rejected all the entries on the list except the last one. This was to write a poem for his wife. There was no time to be lost. He finished just in time. The time he had had for the poem had been just enough. When he heard Laura car arriving home, he printed what he had done. He signed his name at the bottom of the sheet, folded it, and placed it in an envelope. There was no need to seal it; he tucked the flap inside, and placed the envelope on the keyboard of Laura's computer which was located a short distance from his. Laura walked into the room. She smiled happily when seeing Jerry. She bent her head to where he was sitting and kissed him warmly on the lips. She turned to her computer and, spotting the envelope, picked it up and withdrew the sheet inside. While still standing, she read what Jerry had written. This was the poem she read: Laura, Darling I wanted to do something special for you, So thought of a card I might send, But no card that could come to my view, Would convey the thoughts I had meant to extend. I thought of making you breakfast in bed, Maybe waffles or something else that would please you, But I'm not much of a cook as you know, And anything I'd make would taste like a shoe. I could bring you candy or flowers, But what kinds would they be? If I brought you something that you didn't like, 'twouldn't be something you'd be happy to see. I could buy you a gift of great surprise, But would you be happy with what I gave? I might think that a coat would please you When perfume had been what you actually did crave. Maybe dinner out would have been good for you, Or dancing all night at a club. I might take you at a place to twirl, When you had wanted to go to a pub. A romantic week at a grand hotel With champagne and service galore! I might choose a place in the mountains When you wanted a cruise far from shore. Lingerie might be nice for you, And I would like that too, But showing up at a shop to buy it, Would be something I could not do. There's only one thing that I'm truly good at, A poem of love I can surely write. It would be full of words of love and devotion That would you greatly excite! So, here it is with great love, Jerry Looking on, Jerry waited until she had finished, then, expectantly, asked, "What do you think of my poem, Darling?" "It's terrible!" she exclaimed smiling, "but I love it!" "Sweetheart, I love you so much. What more could I possibly say? The only words that fit are, You've certainly made my day!"


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