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The Lady And The Tiger by Mario V. Farina

Frank Stockton was having a little fun with his readers when he wrote, The Lady or the Tiger. He wanted his readers to be puzzled as to who was behind the door that the young man opened. Was it the tiger or was it a lovely woman that the prisoner would marry at once? According to the story, the princess, sitting beside the king, knew who was behind each door, but she detested the woman. Nevertheless, she indicated to the commoner which door he should open.
The Lady And The Tiger
The Lady And The Tiger by Mario V. Farina
The author of the story gives a good deal of information about the people involved, but he did not tell us all that he could have. Some of what he wrote had been deliberately misleading. I am a psychic and have communicated with this author. I asked his permission to allow me to tell you the true facts. He graciously said yes. As the story relates, the king was semi-barbaric, and so was, his daughter, the princess. The tale allows us to believe that the king could be brutal at times and so could the beautiful princess. These facts mean that if the king wanted to do something extraordinarily mean, we would have no problem believing it. In addition, if the princess did something exceptionally cruel, we would have to accept this as befitting her nature. We have no clues as to what happened when the prisoner opened one of the doors. However, we must understand that Mr. Stockton was not a semi-barbaric. He would not write a story where the tiger would tear the poor man to bits; nor would he write a story that would display a princess as being anything but gentle and kind. This is the main reason I contacted him through my psychic powers. I knew that the story would be just and have a happy ending. Indeed, it does! When the princess learned that the king would probably follow through with his rigid rules of meting out justice, he would insist that there be a tiger behind one door and also a woman behind a door. Was there anything that the princess could do that would fulfill these rules, however, make events work out so that she, not the woman she hated, would be the bride of the young man? She hit upon a plan. When the ferocious tiger was selected to be behind one of the doors, it was put in a cage. It was given very little food so that it would become extremely vicious when released that would cause him to greedily feast upon the poor human. The princess knew where the cage was. Unknown to the king, she went to visit to animal. The tiger was already hungry, and if he had had a chance, he would have devoured her. She made sure that she did not touch the gate of the cage. However, she spoke kindly to the beast, and, with a soft voice, she took it upon herself to go into the royal kitchen to fetch ten pounds of the choicest steak that could be found. She went back to the cage, showed what she had in her hand, and bravely opened the door to the cage. Without wasting a moment, she tossed the meat to the tiger, and immediately shut the door. Returning to the castle, she requested an audience with the king. "Father dear," she exclaimed, "I cannot bear to see this handsome man die. I am so distraught over having the man that I love destroyed, that I need several weeks to recover my composure. If I must, I will wail so loudly when others are in your presence, you will be embarrassed. Give me some time of grieving, and I will be brave to see this man die." The king was semi-barbaric, but he could not be barbaric to his own daughter, so he agreed to her request for several months before justice was dispensed. Each day thereafter, the princess would visit the tiger, feed him with the best meat available, and talk to him gently and kindly. It was not long before the tiger began to believe that the princess was an angel in human clothing. It came to pass that he and the princess became the best of companions. From time to time she would open the door to his cage and commune with him inside. The couple began to trust and love each other. Later, she and the tiger would take walks in the Royal Gardens when the king was busy counting his money. They would go out even in rainy or snowy weather. They would sit and enjoy each other's company. There was no greater love to be found in the land between this animal, who had once been so vicious, and this woman, who had once been semi-barbaric. The princess talked to her favorite of the ladies-in-waiting. She had one of them agree to grant her a favor. This young lady knew, that by doing this, she would be putting her life in danger, but she loved the princess so much, that she was willing to take the risk. The day justice was to be dispensed finally arrived. The populace was commanded to be present when the young man was to be judged. The youth was to open one of the doors that were presented to him, at which point, he would instantly be torn to pieces by a vicious tiger, or would be happily married to a beautiful woman, who had been chosen for him. "Father, my king," the princess spoke to her father, I cannot bear having you see me cry on this dreadful day. I will sit at your side, as I always do, but I will be wearing a veil. Please grant this request, I beseech you!" "I cannot deny you anything, my dear daughter, though I am semi-barbaric. I cannot be even slightly barbaric to my own child. Of course, I will grant your request. You have the knowledge, of course, that whatever the outcome of the justice is, all will be well. If the tiger devours your lover, he will be happy. If the beautiful woman is seen, your lover will be married to her at once, and both of them will live in bliss. You will get over having lost this man, and he, of course, will not be aware of anything. How better can justice be displayed in this land?" "Father dear, said the princess, you have just proven that, though you are a semi-barbaric king, you are a just king. Thank you for granting my request." The prisoner was brought into the arena. He appeared to be glancing at the king but was really looking in the direction where the princess was to be sitting. Though she was wearing a veil, he believed it was the woman he loved. She indicated which was the door he should open. He walked to that door and quickly opened it. Here is where you learn what Mr. Stockton did not tell you. When the door opened, the princess exited walking side-by-side with the hitherto vicious tiger. Unknown to the king, and even to the young man, the woman sitting beside the king under the veil was not the princess but the favorite lady-in-waiting of the princess. The crowd went wild with happiness. They were overjoyed to see that the tiger was not vicious, and that the woman was the princess, whom they loved so much. The king, was exceedingly puzzled, at first, to understand what was happening. When he learned that he had been duped, he became angry. However, when he saw so much happiness amongst his subjects, the barbaric side of him dissolved, and was never displayed again. A royal wedding was immediately held and everyone lived happily ever after. The tiger became the household pet!


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