The Love Story by George Onyedika Nnadozie

“I would love to see this man...”

It was always a beautiful morning for Cynthia because she knew how the day would always end. She worked in the finest company around and lived in a well furnished State of the Art house, her car was a rare design that people haven’t seen around. She was living a wonderful life courtesy of her fiancé. Every minute you could see her preaching to people about him.
The Love Story
The Love Story by George Onyedika Nnadozie
“Mark is a man that can turn the life of any bitter person to packets of sweet. Meeting him is the best thing that ever happened to me” She told a client who came to have a contract signed. “You mean we still have different kinds of men?” he asked “Am a man but I can’t remember the last time I ever thought of other people… We men are all the same. Is her really a man or a god?” “My dear I often question myself on that o! I often have this frenzy feeling that am dealing with divinity” Cynthia replied “Can you believe he secured this job for me? Gave me a house and gave me everything that made me what I am?” “I would love to see this man. Only God knows what else he will do when you are married to him” the client exclaimed. Cynthia liked Mark so much and could not think of any other person but him. Cynthia had friends, lots of them and they have always heard Cynthia talk about Mark to the extent that they are used to her usual testimony concerning how she met a man who changed her life. Not that they have not seen what Mark has been doing but some of them were really jealous and some were not as good as they should be. “Cynthia, you keep talking about Mark and I think he is just the only thing you know on earth! You have not seen other people and seen their capabilities. Mark is the least of kind and finest man I have seen.” Kate said “Well, he may be the least of the best man on earth but he is the best I have and the best I wish to ever have. If you have seen someone different, I have not and I am not asking for more because I am already getting more than I deserve” Cynthia replied. “Cynthia, I want us to go somewhere. You will never forget your entire life! It won’t make you an enemy of Mark but you shouldn’t let him know you went…” Lovelyn, another friend of hers told her “And where the hell is that place that I will go to without Mark’s permission?” the flabbergasted Cynthia asked “Mark doesn’t want you to test what life looks like out there! He is caging you with his fake goodness. It’s a night party. You will meet new friends and have fun like you’ve never had before. Anyone against your happiness is against your life! Mark is painting the wrong picture of what happiness looks like to you. The moment you find true happiness, the moment you become wiser and better” Kate continued but Cynthia cut her short “Kate, the last time I checked, Mark was the best and I don’t think anything has changed about that recently. And I won’t stand any of you here insult Mark.” “Cynthia” Kate smiled “I am very sure you have not seen enough men! All your life, you’ve known only Mark. Am speaking from experience as I have met lots of men… Men can sweet tongue you into the lion’s den and that’s exactly what Mark is doing” “You’ve been jumping from one man to another? That means Mark will not like it when I tell him the kind of friends I have. Besides, he has told me something about leaving you girls before” Cynthia disclosed “Hahahahaha” they laughed as Cynthia became more ashamed “Cynthia that is enough to prove he doesn’t even love you. He hates your freedom. What sort of loving man would want to prevent his future-wife from making friends? What sort of man is that… Or perhaps, he is simply afraid that through us, you’ll discover his little secrets. The tongue of sweets but heart of bitterness… Think about it.” Chapter Two “…Your Fiancé is not here” Days graduated to weeks, Cynthia was still so difficult to be convinced to go with them to the party that was commencing in few days time. Pressure was coming from all sides. Friends and enemy were all saying the same thing and it made Cynthia appear like a fool to herself. At that point, Cynthia was beginning to see herself as just the only odd person because almost everyone she met stood on grounds different from hers. She was so different that her difference began to worry her, her worries escalated at each sunset and perhaps, she had put all her mind on the fact that she was different from everyone else. It was at this point that she began to nurse the thought of going to the party, from nursing the thought, it became a desire she couldn’t do away with. At the party, things were so different but it wasn’t the kind difference she bargained for. The differences were all negative! She saw beautiful girls smoking, drinking and flirting around, some other girls were in dark corners with boys doing things that are better left unexplained. It was an eye sore and she never imagined herself being in such environment “Babe, this is the normal life every girl should live… it is a better life” a young man who was drunk to the brain whispered to her ears “just walk around and have fun” he continued and walked away. Cynthia was left alone to feed her eyes as she saw with her own eyes the caliber of friends she had kept for so long. Inside the party, they all changed from the people Cynthia knew to prostitutes. Cynthia remembered hearing Mark talk about party many times. “Cynthia, I don’t like what happen at worldly parties! It is full of eye sores” Mark would say. Tears ran down her eyes as she remembered those words, she regretted ever giving in to the pressure. Ella, one of her friends noticed that Cynthia wasn’t at ease with herself; she came persuading her to feel free “Your fiancé is not here… he doesn’t know you went against his rules, he can’t know unless you tell them him. You see us as moral decadent people simply because that is what they described to you as being morally bankrupt. They are bunch of liars! You were made for pleasures, you’re bound by your own perceptions and it is time you break free from the mess you are in… this is the way we have our own pleasure and you can bet me that you will see how it feels if you join in the fun. Stop judging from afar, judge with experience” Ella said handing a drink to Cynthia; it was very cold and inviting. She opened it and gulped down some reasonable amount of it. She wasn’t herself, she wasn’t happy she was doing this but she just wanted to be like others, she was afraid and ashamed of being different. It was up to five minutes later, a young man was introduced to her, by then she was beginning to get drunk. The man led her to the stage and they danced as the ambience light kept adding false-beauty to their dance. She was so weak and drunk, the tall slim black man gently moved her to a very lonely corner “Baby, you’ll have to pull off now, let’s have fun” he said in a whisper “Pull my clothes?” she asked “Why am I supposed to do that? I haven’t done so in the sight of anyone before” “I mean… Put it off let’s have sex!” this time his voice was becoming much more stronger “What! Are you insane? I am still a virgin and I have a man in my life. What do you want him to think? Is this how it is being done here?”Cynthia asked furiously even though she was drunk “Well, here we don’t beg for it. We get it by force. No one forced you here but once you are in, you are in” he thundered. He pulled off his shirt and began to force Cynthia to pull off. They struggled for some time but something strange happened. “Not when am here… Leave her alone. She belongs to me” It was Mark. The black man was shocked; he inhaled deeply and heaved sigh of a looser. Cynthia fell into the arms of Mark and pleaded with tears all over her eyes as the black man walked away in anger “I am so sorry, I don’t even know what I am doing any more, and I am just becoming crazy. I acted against your rules but am so sorry” “It’s okay. You see, I don’t have a problem with you. Even before you opened your mouth to ask for mercy, I forgave you a long time ago” He said “You are a mess now and you smell. I will take you to a boutique. You will wash and put a new dress. You’ll definitely look new again” Chapter Three “…Surprise for someone on her birthday” The next day, Cynthia and Mark planned to go for shopping spree. Cynthia’s birthday was nearer and she needed to put some things in order because they had planned celebrating her birthday in a grand style. There were so many things on the list to buy. Mark had called one of the best interior decorators in town to pick up the contract of decorating Cynthia’s large guest hall and refurnish it. Another great thing he did was that he contacted one of the best cuisines in the entire country to supply and serve enough delicacies. Before coming to pick Cynthia, Mark just finished discussing with a London based media expert to include the birthday event in TV stations and celebrity magazines. It was just for the birthday celebration and one would be expecting that it is enough as a birthday gift. The shopping plaza was among the most exotic plazas in the city. In fact it was rated among the first 100 best shopping centers in the world. As there were so many things on the list, Mark carried the cart around as Cynthia kept adding items to them. As she did that, she was full of smiles and happiness, she remembered what some of her friends told her about Mark not being the best man in the world “what best am I looking for in a man again” she wondered. As they finished the shopping, Mark decided to just move around and stare at some items in the list. Cynthia had noticed how he kept staring at a glass jewel box that contained necklace, ring and earring. There was nothing about the jewelry that could have been fancied since everything about Cynthia was gold but this time it was gold plus diamond pendants. Cynthia fell in love with the box because of the diamond pendant but that was too much to ask for, the price tagged on the box was almost running to millions of Naira, the necklace in the box is clone of the famous “Heart of the Ocean” created by Jeweler Harry Winston and features a 15 carat blue diamond. The price of the complete box could build houses. “I think I have a surprise for someone on her birthday” Mark announced with a smile still gazing at that box. In a short time they left but Cynthia continued to covet that box especially the necklace. Her mind was just so full of it that she would do anything to get it. She wished her birthday can commence immediately not because of anything but because she wanted her friends to be more jealous, she wanted to prove to them that the last time she checked Mark was the best man that ever lived on the surface of the earth. The night before her birthday, she had informed all her friends to come witness the event that could surprise them for life. At least, on that day they can see for themselves what Mark was capable of doing. She hadn’t forgotten to tell them that he will be offering her the most expensive product she has ever seen in her life. According to the shop manager, “It is new. Nobody in the country had priced the product, only people who come from overseas buy some of the jewelries as they are going back and that box is the only historic and expensive jewelry in the entire country”. The guest hall has been taken care of, the chef master had called to inform her that his company is set for the supply and the media expert just arrived the country from London. Chapter Four “…but I am too smart” Seconds strolled by, and minutes followed behind turning into hours. Cynthia had greatly waited for it. It was a very special day for her. She had run around to apply finishing touches to relevant places and her gate was open to accept guests. Not long, friends started coming. Many of them were marveled at the decorations and some wondered if it was just birthday or a surprise wedding reception too! Cynthia had wanted Mark to begin the event but since there were so many guests waiting for the commencement, she decided to allow the master of ceremony start the event as she hoped Mark to arrive soon. There was enough food to eat and enough to drink. Many friends had brought their gifts and many celebrities were there to grace the event but after a long period, Mark wasn’t around. The ceremony was nearing its end and Mark had not yet shown up, some few persons had left and many were still around because they wanted to see Mark for themselves. Cynthia was increasingly getting worried as Marks mobile phone was even unreachable. It was around 5pm when Cynthia was beginning to think that her guests are set to depart that someone walked in. A he walked in, people who assumed it was Mark stood up in respect, Cynthia was so surprised and happy to see him. He wasn’t dressed in his best, there some marks on his clothes as though he was coming from a tussle but he wasn’t looking angry and mean. The crowd cheered him as he walked straight to Cynthia and hugged her lightly “Happy birthday sweetie” he said “Thank you dear. You almost got us all worried. I told everyone about you and they’ve been waiting to see you” she whispered to him. He climbed the stage and started to address the crowd “Good evening ladies and gents. I apologize for my lateness to this event, my lateness can be justified considering the underground work I did before coming here. I consider it an honour that you all await my presence. I promised myself to surprise Cynthia, but before presenting my surprise, I wish to let you all know that love does not make one run mad. Rather, it makes you understand the need for the moment. Love is based on God and his word and I think it is time to live and love right” as he talked some wondered what on earth could be in the white bag he was holding “anyone God sends our way to love must be loved. God has indeed sent everyone our way to be loved anyway. I love Cynthia and she deserves something very special” he paused as the crowd cheered “I have always thought of the best thing I could purchase one earth to prove my love for Cynthia and it came to a point where I realized that there are better things than silver, gold, diamond and precious stones of all kind. That is what I bought today. With love from my heart, I present this gift to you” he handed the bag over to Cynthia. If Cynthia had not been disappointed before, this was the biggest disappointment of her life as she looked into the bag to see beautiful leather back sealed bible. She looked at the people’s faces and saw their expectations written all over them and she looked back into the bag. Mark stood waiting for her reaction. She was beginning to get extremely angry and at that point in time she seemed to momentarily forget everything Mark had done for her in the past “How do I tell this people that it was a bible they’ve been waiting to see? How can the media write a funny article about me… that I was given a bible on my birthday? I think they were right. Mark is the worst man on earth; he wants to punish me because of that night party… It is time I let go!” she kept thinking over this with many words running in her mind. She dropped the bag on the feet of Mark and climbed the stage, she picked the microphone and began “Friends, all my life I have known nobody but Mark. He is a gentle man and he respects me as a woman but sometimes we discover that some things are not meant to be! I actually wanted you all to see Mark as I say what I want to say. Everything I have always claimed was bought by him is all lies! I do buy them and try to tell people that he did because I wanted people to feel I am in the right relationship, I wanted to feel special… But some things cannot be forever! Yes, I can’t deny Mark did certain things for me but it is worth the time we spent together!” Mark was shocked but he maintained his facial mood as she continued murdering his personality “He is a gentle selfish man! He is into women and I noticed it. He has been looking for ways to discard me but I am too smart, I have to do it before him so that he is the one to be in shame. I arranged my birthday without his help… except for some contacts he gave me but I did clear the bills myself. That is why he disappointed you all by being late to the ceremony. He gave me a bible as if I don’t have one and what pains me so much is that he is very shameless and wicked! Today, to the hearing of everyone, I am breaking up with him! I disown him as my own. My friends had always told me that Mark is the worst man and it is very true” she turned to Mark who at this time had allowed tears to slowly run down his cheeks and said “Honey, it is over. You are the biggest disappointment I had in life”. As she said this, Mark picked up the bag and walked away. As he was walking away, some pitied him, some pitied Cynthia while some of Cynthia’s friends threw foods at him and mocked him but he kept walking and never looked back. Although he was shocked to hear her say some statements he did not react to show how untruthful they are. On reaching the door, he turned back as if to say something “Just keep walking and never look back” Cynthia said and he left in his car. That night, Ella and other friends came to Cynthia, they asked her if she would love to go to the club with them, she did not hesitate at all and for that moment, she could smell freedom and liberty! At the club, she easily gave in to smoking and drinking. She lost hold of herself because she felt she wasn’t accountable to anyone anymore and for the first time in her life, she gave in to sex! That first night, she lost her dignity to that same man that walked to rape her before and she was neither sorry nor concerned about it. Meanwhile, Mark kept calling her on phone but to her it meant nothing anymore. The more she gave in to all sort of lifestyles, the more she forget Mark. It came to a point where she changed her contact number and there was nothing between her and Mark anymore. “Cynthia” the black man had called one day” I think it is time we go to court and sign documents of marriage. With that we can become one… We need to take it to another level! This is the only way we can be sure you are done with Mark” Cynthia was happy to hear this! At last, she’d be getting married to her new soul mate. She accepted his proposal; they went to court and had marriage documents signed! They called for party and many people attended and the reception was held in a very lonely hall far away from town, the reception was unusual… It wasn’t like what Cynthia had seen her entire life. Cynthia was asked to dance naked, like a lady who had lost her mind, she did! As part of the ceremony, she was asked to have sex with her new husband in the middle of a fire circle as guest watch and clap… She did and even thought it fun! Her life with Mark was entirely different from what she was in now. She had slowly become a pervert. Chapter Five “…Steal, Kill and Destroy” One year later, things changed from bad to worst. Indeed, she could always get pregnant and Mr. Erebus (her husband) will always say “I am not ready for babies at the moment. You must remove it” She had removed babies three times and she couldn’t get pregnant again. Mr. Erebus had also forcefully claimed everything she had. In fact, those properties where reasons Cynthia had boldness to ask Mark out of her life because she felt there were more to live by. She was becoming so old because of pains and Erebus uses her for his punching practices and when she walks, she limp. It was in the midst of this miserable life that she understood she brought it all on herself. She knew her sins were too much and she doesn’t deserve to be forgiven. That night, Erebus came back home with documents “Woman, the legal papers had been made available and the conditions here are that you leave without any share in the properties. Sign them and take your corpse out of my house.” he said “Erebus, what do you mean by that? I own this house, I own everything! The court can’t say such a thing. How do they want me to survive? Why did I do this to Mark?” she cried “In case you don’t know. I have people in the law court and they carry out orders from me. You are bound to sign this paper or I kill you immediately. Wait a minute, what happened to the club? Just the way you are, men can still want to sleep with you… at least you will be fed.” Erebus told her looking away from her tears “Erebus, you took my virginity, you took my womb, and you took my beauty… I see that all you came to do was steal, kill and destroy” Cynthia cried “You see, my name is Erebus and that in your statement is what I do for a living. You are not the first and you won’t be the last. Hahaha!” He replied Cynthia had no better option than to start walking away. She looked so scattered and physically unappealing. Since she married Erebus, she became a house wife, she was not allowed to do anything but simply remain at home as a punching bag. At a point Erebus got her papers all burnt up. Cynthia saw no reason to live again. “This is the end point of my life. I am going to kill myself” she had told herself but on the second thought, she said “But before that, I will have to go and meet Mark. I know by now he is happily married with children. Only God knows how beautiful and happy his family will be. Am sure he won’t give me the slightest chance but I must apologize so that I can die in peace” Mark’s house was miles away from where Cynthia lived with Erebus. She boarded a taxi. While in the taxi, her mind kept wandering from one thought to another. She wasn’t sure how exactly to put herself together but she simply had to do this and kill herself afterwards. As the taxi dropped her by Mark’s compound she stepped out. Nothing had changed from what she used to know about Mark’s house. It still looked neat and fresh, the flowers were becoming more bushy, it looked like it hadn’t been cut for some time and the entire compound was quiet and there was not a sound heard that even a pin drop could be noticed by anyone. As she neared the gate, an old fine man stood out “Good evening Madam, can I help you?” he said “Yes! My name is Cynthia. I was once married to a man named Erebus. I have some important things I want to discuss with Mr. Mark. Please is he in?” she said politely “You said you are Cynthia?” the man asked looking into her eyes as if searching for something in them “Yes sir” she answered “Today is the day my job ends” the man said loudly not actually talking to Cynthia “What are you talking about sir?” the confused suffering stricken woman asked “Never mind… Mark is in his study. He’s been there for a long time… Go in and meet him there” Cynthia had walked some distance when the man called her back “You’ll need this… Am sure you know your way around here” he said handing in a key to her. It was becoming very strange to her, she couldn’t figure out a thing. Inside the house, everywhere was still grave quiet and Cynthia was beginning to get more afraid. She opened the study with the keys and walked in. The smell of the study was familiar, she felt comfortable and secured in Mark’s house as tears of regret ran down her cheeks again. The study was neat but looked like a place that has been lonely for many years. “Mark” she called quietly” I heard you are here” but no one responded. As she walked around, she noticed something on the table and her mind went back to 11 years ago. Behold, that bible that was bought for her was on the table still intact and sealed. A white envelope was on it with a bold inscription “To Cynthia”; in tears she tore the envelope. It was a letter and she reads: Dear Cynthia, How has it been? I know you’ll surely come back even though it might take time but I was so sure of your coming. As you are reading this, I have gone to be with my father in heaven. I know how sorry you are for what you did but before you became sorry. I forgave you. You see, so many things happened on your birthday. On my way to your birthday, I bumped into some enemies who wanted to kill you on that day, they were men sent by Erebus. I had to legally finish up their issue, which was the underground work I talked about. I bought you that necklace in the jewelry box we saw at the store. I didn’t know how best to present it to you. I felt it was better to put it in the middle of God’s word because I know his word is all you need. Before my departure, I willed everything to you. Erebus sold everything I bought for you; he didn’t know I was the one buying them… I bought back everything that belongs to you. As you become the manager of my properties, I want you to understand how much I love you. I have no other wife but you that I have chosen. Go and sin no more. Do not be afraid, am always around though you may not see me. I’ll return so soon to take you to my father’s place where I have better things for you. Yours Forever, Mark Before she could finish reading the letter, her body was shaking in fear, tears were running controllably down her cheeks. When she opened the bible, she saw the diamond necklace neatly placed in the middle and a diamond ring just by the side. Another document was also in that bible, a document that certifies her as the owner of all properties. She felt so guilty, the past dawned on her like never before as she leaned on the wall crying and pleading “Mark, please where ever you are, I am so sorry! I am not worthy to be your servant’s maid; I don’t deserve anything from you. Please forgive me”… If you were in the shoes of Mark… what would have been your reactions? Can you love someone to this extent? Do you feel Cynthia is the worst woman on earth? Chapter Six THE LOVE STORY OF CHRIST (JOHN 3:16) Many of you would want to meet Cynthia and stone her to death! Many of you would be shouting how much sin she had committed and she doesn’t deserve to inherit Mark’s wealth that runs into uncountable billions of pounds but the truth is, she is better than many of us. The story is just about Jesus (Mark) and us (Cynthia), God made us in his likeness and showered much love on us but we continue to rebel against his goodness. Even to the point of death, Jesus still loves us and still wants us to have everlasting life! Just like Mark had forgiven Cynthia a long time ago, God has forgiven us… It takes believe. Cynthia believed what she saw in the letter and that was why she was touched. Nobody is better than the rest, nobody will claim to be without sin but God is waiting for the day we will come back home. Just like the prodigal son, God can restore us to our original state of glory! The wages of sin is death! Looking at Cynthia, she was determined to kill herself because she deserves nothing better but there was a gift! The bible calls it “the gift of eternal life”. Romans 6:23. The bible never made mention of the gift of righteous or the wages of the righteous. Our sins brought death but God has offered eternal life to those who believed and John 3:16 put it in a better way “…that whosoever believes in him, will not perish but have everlasting life” Make up your mind today to return to God, you are not the worst, you are not the only sinner, Bible says in Roman 3:23 “for all have sinned,” God loves you and does not want you to perish that is why he has made a generous offering of everlasting life. Nobody is better than you, you can make up your mind today just as Cynthia made up her mind to go and ask Mark for forgiveness. We often realize God’s word after we have totally misunderstood him and reject him! Don’t think God doesn’t want to give you Diamonds, just search his words because whatever you will receive from God is buried in his word, outside his word we have no heritage. Just like Cynthia, no matter the duration of how much you have lived in total deviation of God’s word, his arms are always spread waiting for you to come home. Many Christians and Unbelievers see God as a wicked God or rather a God of thunder! But let’s face the reality. God is not ready and wicked enough to simply put people in hell and he is not going to do it. God said in Ezekiel 18:23 that he is not happy with a sinner’s death. Reading the previous verses of Ezekiel 18 clearly show us the nature of God. In verse 20, he said that the soul that sin shall die but he did not say he was the one to kill them! God doesn’t kill sinners rather they are destroyed by their sins. Remember, sin paves way for the devil to destroy a life. How did Cynthia get almost got raped in the first instance? It was because she disobeyed Mark and went to the party! Many people, even Christians get themselves in lots of mess because they actually went in defiant of God’s word! God never gave us his word because he is selfish; he loves us and wants us to be guided. That is why God did not forget to add another truth of what he is like. In verse 21 which is that if a sinner does that which is lawful, he shall be saved from death. God does not destroy, he saves, and Peter mentioned it in 1 Peter 5:7 that our adversary the devil is only bent on destroying people. Before Peter could write that, he must have witnessed Jesus say in John 10:10 “The thief cometh not, but to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly” Jesus is God made flesh and he was speaking from his deity experience having known who the devil was from the beginning. We see a big contrast from what people usually think, Jesus came to give life more abundantly while the devil came to destroy. Still on that Ezekiel, God said the only solution to run away from sin is to do the right thing. The right thing is not just stopping to fornicate and steal, it is not stopping some of those sins we can mention at the tip of a finger but from what Jesus said in Mark 12:30 “And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with thy entire mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.” You can’t commit other sins without hating God. When you love God, you can clearly stand out from the crowd. Everything God wants for every man is everything beautiful “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” Jeremiah 29:11 God wants to give every man an expected end, that end is heaven but many are not willing to receive it! Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life” (John 14:6), God can only put people in heaven. That is the only destination that Jesus can lead to but then the bible also said “there are ways that seems right to a man but the end is destruction” (Proverbs 4:12, 16:25), it is men who walk to hell! Jesus is the only way to God but every other ways leads to destruction! Hell is just there and people are walking into it, God is not happy that such is happening and that is why he has made it so easy! God said in Ezekiel 33:11 “Say unto them, As I live, saith the Lord GOD, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked; but that the wicked turn from his way and live: turn ye, turn ye from your evil ways; for why will ye die, O house of Israel?” Just believe and walk in the new commandment which is LOVE. When you refuse to accept Jesus, don’t blame God for putting you in hell, he won’t! The choice is yours, it is either you walk to hell or God accepts you to heaven. Are you willing to accept Christ as your Lord and Saviour? Do you want to be a partaker of God’s divine generosity? Then pray the prayer at the next page: PRAYER FOR SALVATION “My dear Heavenly father, I come to you in the name of Jesus who paid the price for my sins. I claim your love for me and your remedy for my sins. I ask Jesus to come into my heart and be my lord and savior. Thank God! I am now born again, I am now a Child of God, I have Christ in me and I am no longer of the world. I have overcome the world through my lord, Jesus. Fill me with the Holy Spirit as you promised according to your word. I receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. I declare it manifesting in my life. I have been saved unto good works. My life is a model as I start looking unto you, Jesus. Thank you Lord. Amen.” You said that prayer? Oh thanks to God you are now part of God's kingdom and you have been designed and programmed for greatness. To grow daily in God's word, meditate on God's word every day; locate a church nearest to you (if you don't belong to any Church). I would also like to speak to you on more ways you can grow daily and become that woman God has already designed you to be.


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