The MasterMind by Emmanuel Freeman

I now come to a point in my life where I decide that; I’m going to help people with my abilities, but not just enjoy time; getting the best out of every situation.

“I am not that a bad person.” I say whispering. “If someone else has had this ability that I have, he’d have killed people.”
The MasterMind
The MasterMind by Emmanuel Freeman
With full confidence I run moving to a nearby restaurant. The name of this restaurant is Mocha. “There we have it.” I say, grinning. With my mind I stare at each single face, reading the mind of every one of them in just seconds. “Who is the girl I see sitting only at the corner?” I stare, now focusing my attention to gaze at this lady. “She is a cute girl also,” I say, chuckling under a barely audible voice. “All my life, I don’t often see cute girls thinking sweet things…” I say, then pause. There, I decide to dig deeper into the thoughts of the cute girl I see. My mom is very hardworking, my dad is dead, I will be a waitress to some restaurant. I’ll make little money and I will support my mom with it.
These are the thoughts proceeding out of that dovelike mind of the girl. Digging deeper, I fetch her name.

“Okay there we have it.” I say, walking closer to where she is sitting.

“Irene, are you a waitress here!” With a bold expression, I pass a smile while meeting eyeball-to-eyeball with her.

“Do I know you somewhere,” she says with a stutter. “Um, how do you know my name.” She continues, speaking with utter confusion that displays on her face.

 “I am Hunter. Nice to meet you Irene,” I say with a smile. “Are you a waitress in this restaurant?”

 “Um, it’s confusing…” she says with a sigh. “I’m sitting here waiting for the manager of the restaurant. I’m here to present my application to him.”

 “That’s interesting.” I say, now sitting at her side. “I came here to grab a cup of coffee, would’ve been glad if you were the waitress to do the serving.”

 Interesting—praising a lady; and desiring to make friendship. Of course, with my ability, I am selective, so I don’t praise or draw close to any one I get to read possesses nasty thoughts.

 “You must be Hunter, right.” She says pausing. “I don’t remember meeting you anywhere. Explain how you know my name!”

 “Hey! I was one year ahead of you in Greenfield College,” I say, exploring her mind to get free info I am free to gather. “I know you’re a valedictorian also.”

 “I guess I’m popular than I actually thought. Thank you for remembering my first name. I am glad, you’ve really surprised me.”

 “Not your first name only Irene, your surname too.” I react pompously, realizing I can know anything I set my mind to know.

 “You must be Irene Sanders.”

 “You are a genius!” She says spontaneously, “was I your crush at school?”

 “Of course,” I say stuttering.

 “Shall we have a drink together.” Immediately, I use my advantageous ability to read her mind that instant.

 I like this guy, but I would’ve preferred a full-blown meal rather.

 “Excuse me —” I choke. “Um, shall we have a meal rather. After all, we might be waiting for the manager for god knows how long.”

 “Oh really; I’d prefer a cup of coffee rather.”

 “I insist. For knowing your full name, please?” I beg.

 She smiles, impulsively showing her dimples.

 “Yes, for knowing my full name I agree to take a meal with you.”

 I immediately signal a waiter to serve us a high-priced rice dish.

 I now want to know the thoughts of the manager to know if Irene is to be lucky or not to be lucky.

 But after chatting after three hours in the restaurant alone with Irene, I realize he’s still not in yet.

 “Irene, what if you let go of waiting for the owner of this restaurant. It’s been over three hours chatting with you, but he seems not to have showed up.”

 “I understand, but things are getting out of hands for me at home. My mom struggles to take care of me, and at my age it is humiliating if I sometimes think about it.”

 “You just finished college. Your mom might even not be bothered, you know?” I suggest, hoping to calm her down.

 “How do you know, do you read minds?” She asks inquisitively.

 “Minds?” I ask.

 “Weird, right,” she says. “You can’t know if my mom is bothered about the issue of taking care of me for 20 years, so allow me to search for a job.”

 I can leave, but I just feel I am to serve the world by the use of my gift even if it is going to be one at a time.

 Irene has a good heart and spirit, she deserves happiness and peace of mind.

 So, I decide I am chatting with her until the manager shows up at the restaurant. Maybe, I can persuade the manager in a certain direction to allow Irene get the job she seeks… or who knows, I might become a friend of Irene, and find another waitering job she seeks close by, just to make her happy.

 “Are you not going to leave,” she asks me, appearing to be in so much shock because I stay with her for 5 hours.

 “We are doing this together my dear,” I say with strong assurance. “If you wait for the manager, I wait for the manager.”

 She stares at me in bafflement.

 “Can I be of help?”

 With a slight nod, she consents.


 We sit together a while longer until one waitress comes smiling towards Irene. “Lady, the man has arrived, you can meet him now.”

 “It’s almost evening, look what you’ve done to my friend!” I speak out without controlling myself.

 “Hunter, be calm. This is my one-time opportunity for a job, don’t spoil things for me.” She says with a stern countenance.

 “Are we coming?” the waitress says, cutting in.

 “Yes. I am.”

 “Irene, I am coming with you.”

 “You are not, I would be back soon.”

 “Please. Just for company.”

 “Why Hunter. You seem to be a bother…” I instantly read her mind now.

 I’m nervous even now, how can I not desire to go with someone.

 “Please,” I iterate. Knowing I will by all means win her consent.

 “Okay, I am allowing you to follow me because you waited with me for 5 hours.” She says shrugging, “someway somehow I know you have a good intention for me.”

 The waitress just taps her foot; looking at us.

 Are they lovers?

 I read the waitress mind. How could of all different thoughts in the world imagine us to be lovers.

 “Yes. Let’s leave now.” I say, helping Irene to get up from her seat.

 She is slightly taller lady than I. Also; she’s a blonde lady, while I’m just fair-in-complexion.

 Together we walk to the manager’s office and the waitress leaves both of us to enter.

 We enter; Irene and I.

 Naturally, I fear nothing. And since I can read minds, I’m just sometimes even overconfident.

 “Welcome,” says the manager. “This is Mocha restaurant, are both of you looking for a job, or just one of you?”

 “It is I who seeks a job here,” Irene says out loud.

 “Interesting, shall we see!”

 The man is a tall looking man, with a husky voice quite biting to the ear.

 I am impatient; I just want to know his thought, so I can know how I will help direct the interview.

 In the end you’d not be a waitress. Don’t be deceived.

 I read sillier thoughts than this, so I can restrain myself not throwing insults at that man.

 At 21, I suffer much dirtier intents of people than this.

 “Mister, I also seek to work here.” I finally say.

 “Why did you not say so earlier?”

 He does not know why, of course. I can’t make Irene have this waitress job, she may never end up doing; it’s unfair receiving a trickery like this. I’ll work out another job for her.

 Sometimes, I openly destroy bad opportunities from coming people’s way; but sometimes too, when I know it would hurt the fellow really bad, I use underhand means to avoid the bad situations from happening in people’s lives.

 “Hunter, you must be joking!” Irene yells. “I knew you also wanted this job. There was something eerie about the way you were willing to stay with me for 5 hours.”

 I must have been wrong admiring this gentleman.

 This thought from her pop into my mind, off-guard. I feel deeply hurt when my actions make people think wrongly of me. All the same, I know I have time at my side, and I can change matters for the better.

 “Irene, I made my mind to ask for a job when I entered the room.”

 “Such a hasty decision. How, Hunter.”

 “Wait, I thought you were siblings or maybe, lovers.”

 “He —”

 “If that is the case, I would have separate interviews. I would begin with Irene. So Hunter, I think you must go outside.”

 I feel like I should cry now.

 Should I not lend a helping-hand to her, I wonder.

 Irene is also feeling sad.

 But I know I have to leave, so without waiting, I briskly walk out of the room, standing outside.

 “This has been a total waste, trying to help someone!” I yell, and return to sit at Irene’s seat at the corner of the restaurant.

 “Irene is not going to work here.”

 I sometimes imagine, how I can be more helpful with my abilities. From the time I get to be born; living as an orphan, I never tell anyone about my abilities—that I am a mind-reader.

 Burdens of hearing nasty, profane, and pure thoughts altogether keep running into my mind at the speed of lightning.

 But no one knows this.

 So I sit, waiting… for Irene to show up out of the room.

 A few minutes later; she comes smiling. She sees me sitting at her place previously, however, she just looks daggers at me and departs out of the restaurant.

 “Hey!!” I yell. “You’re just leaving…”

 I rush to join her, knowing my words would make no impact.

 “You told me you want the job too,” she says. “It’s your turn, go see him.”

 “Are you going to do the job?”

 “He tells me I’d first work at his house, where I will go through a training process; if I pass, he will bring me here.” she says.

 “You trust he would bring you here?” I ask slowly.

 “Yes. Why do you ask?”

 Immediately, the manager of the restaurant comes to us.

 “Hey, gentleman.” He says.

 “You can’t delay so much. I reject your offer to work here.”

 “You can’t be serious.” I say. “Irene is not working here!”

 “Hey!” Irene says. “Shut up!”

 “Okay. That would be up to her,” he reacts with a simple smile.

 “Yes. That would be up to her.” I repeat him.

 “Damn it!” I say finally, as he leaves our presence.

 Irene is not looking so happy right now.

 But I just want to help, though she does not know that.

 “How could you do that,” she says. “Tell me the truth, you seem to confuse me. Did you come here for a job also; why did you even tell him I would not work here?”

 “Sorry Irene, I lost control.” I say sighing. “You may work if you want to.”

 I know I do not mean what I am saying, considering that I don’t want her working at the restaurant. But I just have to make an effort to turn her happy again.

 “About the work offer he declined, I think if you speak to him he may make some room to consider you.”

 I nod passively.

 “Look, can we go somewhere. I would like to show you something, Irene.”

 “A surprise?” she asks. “I would be very much delighted to see it!”

 We hug; then we progress further, far from where the restaurant is.

 I want to surprise her with a little of the magic my mind-reading ability can do.


 “Where are you taking me?” she asks with fright.

 “The casino, Irene.”

 “Have you play cards before.”

 “I am not good at that, are you?” She asks. “Can you teach me.”

 “Let’s go betting. I have a few bucks in my hands, let’s see how we can make magic out of that.”

 “Please don’t lose your money because of me.”

 I feel like reading her mind now, so this is what I do.

 I am going to kill him if he loses. And that’s for wasting my time.

 I chuckle lightly.

 “What’s funny?” she asks

 “Me, laughing,” I deny.

 “It’s me, right?”

 She takes a quick look at her body, examining if something somewhere is wrong.

 “You’re perfect Irene, I was not laughing.”

 I decide from now I’m not to read minds; even by her suspicions, I may make her think I am making fun of her body or teasing her.

 We are having a good time, and I just want to save that feeling until we get to the casino.

 “Let us consider Bluebird Casino,” I suggest.

 “Not a bad choice, but that is only if you’ll win.”

 I smile, not commenting as we progress further.

 Soon we land at our spotted-site.

 It is evening and the place is full, with lights and music decorating the place to look more attractive. I take her by the hand, getting myself ready to perform my magic.

 I have also to tell myself not to abuse this mind-reading ability, but be within the limits of not-behaving-so-bad. So I decide I will not make millions at the casino, but just a few thousand dollars; of which is enough to impress her.

 “Okay, Irene; I would play the cards and you would do the support.” I say braggingly.

 “Considering that you’re winning and rather not losing.”

 “You are right. Winning!”

 I take my playing cards against my opponent.

 I here hold advantage in two ways: knowing his next move he anticipates to take as he plans in his head, and; knowing the card numbers he utters to himself as he gazes at his cards.

 This is double advantage; and I intend to rip   him off to the core of his bones.

 As we play a succession of 11 games, of which I win 10 and intentionally lose one, Irene jumps and turns the whole casino’s attention on both of us: that which I intend to deliberately avoid.

 “Hunter; in this last game, should you win we have 100,000 bucks to take home.”

 I have now 10,000 bucks reaching the limits where I intend to get to.

 “Yes, I win this; and we make 100,000 bucks!” I say, losing my head.

 He draws his last playing card, hoping the last card in my hands is a wrong card. Intentionally; I draw out my card, pulling out a wrong card.

 “Damn you Hunter!” Irene says. “We could have made 100,000 bucks and even more. How could you?”

 “My magic failed I guess.” I say pouting.

 “I am done with this game, I don’t want further losses, Irene.”

 “Yes, let’s go!!” She says agreeing.

 “Are you leaving?” Says my desperate opponent who is hungry to hunt more money from me.

 “I think I am done, okay?”

 “C’mon let’s bet more!” he says, with angry eyes. “Let’s bet with our damn money like crazy.”

 “I’m done with this,” I say, lifting up my hands as a sign of surrender.

 Irene takes a hold of me and we leave the casino altogether, we instantly lose our bearings, and we turn really crazy.

 “Are you a magician, how did you win 10 games out of 12, and you did so well.”

 “Yes, had we won the last game we could have ended up with 100k.” I say.

 “Yes, making 100k and even more than that, had we played more.”

 I am just so happy to make her smile, and it feels so good.

 “So what is my cut in that,” she finally says.

 “All actually!” I say with a funny husky voice.

 “How, you’re joking.”

 “I played this game for you,” I say. “You know I staked with just 5 bucks. Take it like me losing 5 bucks, and that is not so much money, Irene.”

 “But. Y-you played?”

 “It’s 5 bucks for dinner from me to you.”

 “Thank you.”

 I have plans to leave this lady, and find more opportunities helping people in many good ways I can.

 But I want to have her take her hands off looking for work now. And I think it’s a wise decision to have her use that money to take care of herself and her mother.

 “So are you still going to consider working for that restaurant boss?” I ask.

 “I have 10,000 bucks today from a friend, what am I going to do at the restaurant when I have a jackpot with me.”

 “Me neither, I am not going to work for him—not a fun thing to do.”

 We laugh like crazy for some time, until she suggests I walk with her to her home.

 I naturally do not want to hesitate; just in case I have to visit her, during another expedition I may have to take to help good people everywhere in this city.


 She speaks with me delightfully.

 “Can you see me off, I’ll be happy if you do.”

 She says trying to pull my hand.

 “We can’t just part our ways after giving me this chunk of money.”

 “Of course, I certainly will.”

 We walk a quarter-of-an-hour and make it to her house.

 “Mom, here is my friend Hunter.” She says with a smile.

 “Hunter, meet my mother Stephanie.”

 Her mom stares at me; head-to-toe and chokes slightly.

 “Irene, when did you start inviting male friends to my house,” she says.

 “Is something going on between both of you?”

 “No please, a recent friend I made actually.” I say to save her some speech.

 “Recent friend?”

 “Not recent actually, he was one year ahead of me at Greenfield College,”

 “I see,” Mrs. Stephanie says.

 “You guys were study mates?”

 Things begin getting freakish for me so I decide to peep into her head, so I may stabilize my emotions.

 “Mom, can we go inside. We were not study mates,” she says giggling. She now pushes me to take the lead into her house as her mom narrowly allows me to enter.

 “He is a nice guy, no doubt.” Mrs. Stephanie says.

 “And a calm person also.” Irene adds.

 I control the temptations of having to read minds now, so I just have myself a comfortable seat and wait for what will happen next.

 “Irene, serve him some water; be generous even if we are poor folks.”

 I look sideways just hoping the eyes of her mom never strikes mine.

 “Hunter, if I may ask, where do you stay?”

 Her words hit me bad, as I do not want her to ask me such questions.

 “Hunter, there you’re!” Irene says, placing the water on a table close by.

 “Mom, can you spare us some time, please.”

 “Okay, Irene, but do let me know when he’s ready to go.”

 “You don’t have to worry about that.”

 Mrs. Stephanie leaves my sight, saving me that uptight situation I feel when she is around.

 “So there we have it, Hunter.” She says with a smile. “This is my home, you can pass by whenever you want.”

 “Nice place you have.” I comment.

 Her house has a roomy and spacious interior, with the walls being of grey-color, nothing showy.

 “But one more thing, I wish to know where you stay like my mom asked.”

 “Maybe I can also pass by.”

 “Of course, of course.” I say with confusion. “You must pass by.”

 “Um, I stay at an orphanage home,” I say.

 And for this; I am not lying, for that’s truly my lodgment site.

 “Owned by your parents?”

 “No. I’ve never seen my parents, Irene.”

 “Sorry,” she whispers.

 “But where I stay is an annex house, specifically for only me. Not different from what a regular house might be. I’m sure you’ll like it when you decide to pass by.” I say.

 “So what’s next?”

 “What’s next is I am calling my mom, then I see you off,” she says with a smile.

 “Forget about the first part, I am not seeing your mom, Irene,” I request. “All she’ll do is to ask me further questions.”

 “Okay, then let’s sneak out.”

 We quietly walk out of her house, and make it to the street again.

 She holds her handbag, which has the 10k inside.

 And about that; I want to be clear with one more thing before leaving.

 “So Irene, how are you going to tell your mom how you got that money. Would you even tell her at all?”

 “I would.”


 “I-I tell her you gave it to me,” she says.

 “That’s crazy, she would not believe you!”

 “Really, why not?” She asks.

 I would tell her a mayor’s son is my boyfriend.

 That’s by reading her mind.

 “You are crazy, Irene.”

 “What do you want me to say?”

 “I think friends do not give their friends such an amount of money to take home.”

 “But that’s not really important. What is important is I have the money, and the life of my mom and I is going to get better than how it is now.”


 We hug and have a split.

 “When would we meet again,” she whispers.

 “Sooner than you expect.” I say.

 “And you’ll take me to your home, right?”

 “Yes.” I say, not even sure of myself.

 So I march, leaving Irene alone

 I walk on the street alone, with my hands inside my pocket.

 While I go; I hear and read lots of thoughts, hoping I may draw to any; or rather, accelerate my pace to go to my house.

 I must rob a bank; I must sleep with that girl; Who says I can’t become the next president; I like to be drunk on a sunny day.

 Most of these thoughts come from people you never expect them to come from: innocent-looking faces; seemingly weak folks; sleepy faces; and what have you.

 I have come to realize that faces, does not matter. The thoughts people have, can be deadly all the same.

 It is an interesting feeling knowing people’s thoughts; I wonder if anyone could read mine, somehow.

 If someone should read my thoughts, I guess I can find out; since he would be thinking about what I am thinking, and stops when I stop. It’s a crazy feeling to think that someone is crazy like me—reading people’s minds.

 But until then, I think I am the most special person in the entire planet, considering the gift I have.

 A few blocks away from the orphanage site, a good friend of mine approaches me; a friend I deliberately get to choose after reading his mind for a series of years.

 We call him Nick.


 “Hey Nick, why are you approaching me,” I say. “Any interesting news while I was away a few days?”

 “I miss you,” he says.

 “I miss you too,” I say.

 “Any interesting story for me to hear?” he asks. “You seem to have brand-new stories for me every day while you embark on that expedition—you say you embark on.”

 “Yes, I have another story. I think you will like it.”

 “Wow, I can’t wait to hear it.” He says.

 “Let’s get inside my house, okay.”

 What I share with Nick is to release the load of troubles which seems to be a weight to me. Here all these thoughts in people’s minds—I have to share it somehow, maybe in a form of a story.

 Finally, we get to my house, rightly close to where the orphanage institution is.

 “Okay, Nick.” I say, lying on a sofa; opening up my grey shirt.

 ” You’re a really hairy person Hunter,” he comments.

 “I thought you knew,” I say. “Can I proceed.”

 “Of course, certainly. I have itchy ears.”

 He takes a seat to hear the news I have to share.

 “Imagine an animal saying humans are bad and inhumane for killing so many of its species. As a result of this, there’ll be an invasion on humans.”

 “This is the weirdest joke, so bad!”

 “Which animal said that.”

 “A chicken,” I reply.

 “The world would really be a mess if we could all hear what animals speak.”

 “Yes, you’re right. And the so-called domestic pets we’ve at our house would have drastically reduced.”

 “Crazy, but I think there would be no pets at all. We will hear them saying they have to fight for their rights.”

 “Another story, this was boring!” he suggests.

 “There was a man named Jack, he went to a restaurant to get some food to eat; later he sees a pretty girl, he likes her and—”

 “I know what’s next.”

 “What?” I ask at his interruption.

 “And he marries her, just like what we see in the movies.”

 “Nope!” I say.

 “Why?” he comments.

 “Can I finish sharing my story?”

 “Okay.” He consents reluctantly.

 “Then he speaks to her, then realizes she is a valedictorian. But she needs a job.”

 “How can a top-student girl need a job. Wrong storyline!”

 “You’re right. Wrong storyline,” I react. “So the man goes to play a lottery game with her. They win a lottery jackpot, and, um—”

 “Um, what?” He cuts in. “They live happily ever after?”

 “Gives all the money to her.”

 “Amazing story!!” he reacts.

 “Did they marry?”

 “The guy left the girl, so that is how it ends.”

 “Crazy Jack!” He comments. “He could never have that girl.”

 Anytime I go on an expedition, I share my best encounters in a form of a story.

 Sometimes I learn lessons from Nick’s reactions without his knowledge. This has been helping me for years, enabling me make wiser decisions each time I influence outcomes of situations.

 “So Nick, what have been happening while I left?”

 “Nothing much, but just a striking news I have to say. And it is so painful to utter it.”

 Nowadays, I manage to overcome the feeling of not reading minds even in tense situations. I enjoy surprises, and enjoy the feeling of hearing them rather than readings the secret thoughts people like to carefully deliver.

 “Hunter, I’ve got the opportunity to go to Greenfield College, and I am so excited.”

 Instantly, my heart leaps.

 And it is not that I do not desire Nick to go to college, I greatly desire that for him and even more… But I just do not know how I can manage this helping-the-world mission when my No. 1 confidant is no more.

 “W-when Nick?”

 “Coming Monday, Hunter”

 “That’s fast, it is already Friday night.” I comment.

 “You could have told me sooner.”

 “Yeah, I should. But I also did not get to know my admission status sooner than I expected.”

 He says cheerfully. “I cannot wait for Monday morning to show up any sooner.”

 “That’s so fast.” I say slightly choking.

 “Really fast, Hunter.”

 He keeps smiling while my face beams with showy discontentment.

 “Y-you are not happy, Hunter?”

 “Oh, oh just that…” I pause. “I realize you’ll be leaving me sooner than I think. That part hurts, that’s all.”

 “I understand.”

 He draws close, patting me at the back.

 “It’s alright.”

 “Yes. Nick.” I say sighing.

 “I am happy Nick.”

 I show off a fake smile, hugging him tight.

 “It’s very late Nick, I want to have a sleep now.”

 “What you told me today is enough to get my mind drowsy,” I say jokingly.

 “Oh. Don’t say that.” He reacts, facing down with his head.

 “Well, let’s anticipate this new journey of your life. Greenfield College is a very good place to have a college life.”

 “I am following your footsteps, Hunter.”

 “Yes, but don’t follow my footsteps entirely. I have no certificate to boast of.”

 “I know that,” He says sadly.

 “A sad experience you had to go through by the indefinite suspension.”

 Truthfully, Greenfield College is my school; but I am not a graduate now because of a dismissal decision of the institution. And it is like this—it’s illegal for a student to leave the confines of Greenfield without a permit or approval from the proprietor.

 But I fail to comply with that.

 I break this rule often, most of the time to explore other places, sometimes, also; to be of genuine help by manipulating situations taking place outside the college.

 One day while on an expedition, I read a mind of robbers going to a house. So I make a prank phone call to that house, saying their aunty remains at the Central Hospital, as we speak. Fortunately, they leave their house at that late hour.

 Though they can’t tell who the strange caller is, or understand why the prank call; I am a savior to that family. As I return to the school; there, the Principal of the Greenfield college sees me; and I have no excuse.

 Trying mind-reading is not powerful enough to effect the changes I want. It’s the Principal himself seeing me.

 And this is my story.

 “Nick, it’s sad I did not graduate.” I say. “In fact, it was not an indefinite suspension; rather, it was a downright dismissal. Saying indefinite suspension is being tactful with words.”

 “You seem to be joking about your state of affairs.”

 “Nothing has power to make me distressed in life, you know?” I tell him.

 I draw close to him and give him a tight hug.


 Off we go to bed, and then; we see the morning sun greet us earlier than we expect.

 We share the same bedroom, but separate beds, of course.

 I am awake, but Nick is still sleeping.

 I decide to think about matters he discusses with me, that, he leaves me to go to school.

 I see it as trouble, should he.

 But can I do something about it?

 “Sleep Nick,” I whisper.

 Now, I tiptoe out the room.

 There’s a beach close by the orphanage institution; so I go there to reflect matters.

 Here, I feel no shame to talk to myself.

 “Nick needs to help me; I want to make this higher-calling something more meaningful to humanity. What would happen if I can influence the world to become better and more meaningful?” I say, thinking out loud and catching some warm rays.

 As I lie on a beach, an idea comes into my head:

 “I am 21 now; Nick is 17,” I say imagining. “What if we become a team.”

 I smile

 All my life, I tell nobody—I am a mind-reader. Now, I think I can start with Nick. He can prove to be very useful. He lives with me under that house; close to 3 years. He’s a friend to trust.

 Maybe, I can convince him to suspend on moving on with College.


 That is; by working together to help good people, and to be an opposing force to bad people.

 “No wait?” I pause. “You can’t trust a human with your peculiarity.”

 A part of me also withholds the feeling of confronting Nick to tell him who I really am.

 But eventually, under the warm sun; I give in, with a decision to tell Nick my identity as a mind-reader.

 Spending over four hours; time seems to fly, and I soon find myself to be in the afternoon.

 “I have to go back home.” I say hurriedly. “Nick must not go to College. A higher-purpose is available for him to enter. Moreover; I need his help.”

 But I decide to first pass a different direction—the casino.

 But this time not Bluebird; I decide to go to Fatsteak Casino.

 Another popular Casino in the city where people get to bet wildly even in the afternoon hours.

 “I need some money, I need to prove to Nick that joining me will be gainful,” I say with a smirk.

 Some of the games at the Casino are a game of chance; I don’t involve myself with those. I know I’ll lose worse than an ordinary human would lose should I bet in that direction.

 So I just focus on games of strategy; so I can use my mind-reading abilities wisely—just as I intend to use it.

 Suddenly, I begin to read minds while playing a game.

 “This guy, is he a magician; why does he do so well.”

 That guy who fails to think about his matters, peeping his nose into my matter; has a name people call him, that is, Bustbone.

 He has that name because, he kills or seriously wounds people he loses his games to. I imagine myself never playing a game with him.

 “What do we have here!” He comes approaching my game board prying his eyes on the game match I have against an unfortunate guy—who can’t but lose his money to me.

 “This guy is a damn good player,” my opponent shrieks.

 “I sometimes meet him at other Casinos. He beats the best of the best, bringing each of them to their knees,” adds Bustbone.

 “Hey, I have already lost 9k to you.” My opponent says.

 “You can bet on that money against Bustbone. I swear he would be ready to beat the tough hell out of ya!” He continues to say with an odd husky voice he has.

 “We are not done with our game. Try beating me at your game, tough blood.” I say mockingly.

 “You badass, I’ll kick the hell outta ya!” He swears.

 So we play, but Bustbone stands at a distance to watch the game.

 “Don’t throw that card, dumb head!” he says to my opponent, to support him.

 I care less, I am reading his mind and reading his cards; I am just having a good time betting for gold.

 “I just lost 10k to this crazy thickhead!”

 “Ha-ha, that’s for starters!!” I comment. “Do your homework, face me again when you are ready!!”

 I beat him hands down 10k, and this time it’s a 10-0 win. I just want to have fun, and sometimes; I feel I have to immerse myself fully to enjoy my sweat!

 Now Bustbone approaches. “You are a tough kid, young one!” He says.

 “Stake that money for one game,” he continues, trying to pull me into his lure.

 “What is my catch if I win,” I say.

 Just to pretend to show an interest.

 “The winner’s catch is one-million.”

 I puff.

 “I’ve no interest for 10 lakhs.” I say, showing disinterest with the movement of my eyes.

 “Let’s make it 10 million,” he pushes. “It’s a done deal for the winner!”

 “10 million dollars,” I say slowly. “That’s a good catch for me if I win, but, losing this 10k can put me in debt.”

 “You are a coward pussy!”

 He now draws himself closer, a hairbreadth away; as if he’s about to touch me.

 I will kill you anyways if you win a game against me.

 His mind is filthy; and I hate visiting it.

 “Look! It’s toiling to earn 10k; if I push harder, nature may deal badly against me.”

 “We make a deal, tough blood!” He says with a hoarse dirty voice. “We meet again, and we play hard!”

 “Yes, we meet again; we play hard.”

 “No excuse?”

 “Shit!” says my opponent who gets to lose his money to me. “The tough-skinned boy fears you, Bustbone”

 “I don’t, dimwit; I say I’ll bet against him the next time we meet!”

 I forcefully leave the Casino, pushing myself through their obstruction.

 I commit to myself I’ll not be visiting a Casino for a long while; I desire to see a rather decent job I can engage myself in, and leave gambling as bygone.

 So I walk home, committing myself to get some advice about matters like these; for this, I hope Nick will undertake to become a partner who acts as a team player to me.


 Just like how time quickly flies, we’re now within evening hours. The 10k is in my wallet: a packet of 100-dollar-note; 100 pieces, and it looks very tiny inside.

 I smile.

 I am going to impress Nick.

 We can be a good team if we work together

 I rush into my house; hoping to tell Nick the good news of the jackpot and everything—that we can live beyond limits because I am a superhuman.

 “Nick!” I iterate. “Nick!!”

 I enter to find him not in the hall, I go to the bedroom; he is not there.

 I am sad.

 “Where is he,” I say. “It’s nightfall, so where can he actually be.”

 I keep wondering.

 So I decide to go to the orphanage institution to search out for him.

 “He should not do something crazy; or, go too far!” I say, giving myself a number of cynical possibilities that can take place.

 “Let me get out of here, I’m worried.”

 I leave my house, then I march to the orphanage building where my nurturing as a child gets to begin; and where I manage to meet Nick as my closest pal.

 “Nick!” I yell his name among the numerous youngsters.”

 “Look, it is Hunter our friend!”

 A number of kids say, as they see me from a distance.

 “Hey! Wait!!” They come pouncing on me under a tight hug.

 “Aaaargh!!” I say to catch myself some breath.

 I shout on top of my voice, also pushing some until I earn myself a complete amount of space I need.

 “Look, I am here to search for Nick…” I say seriously. “Has anyone seen him somewhere?”

 They look shameful by their downcast faces. I read a few minds.

 No. No. Never. Who is even Nick, I don’t remember him.

 All the answers I draw from their heads says nothing but zippo.

 “Thank you all, I’ll visit again!”

 I leave the large room, moving to the proprietor’s office, to see how my luck might turn up there too.

 “Hey Hunter,” says the proprietor, who is Mr. Garth. “Since you told me you are buying that house closely aligned to this orphanage I have never seen you.”

 “It’s true.” I reply slowly.

 “Sorry, but I do come; only I don’t approach you in your office.”

 “Showing up in our building, and not coming to see me cannot reveal to me that you are around, Hunter.”

 “Yes, Mr. Garth.”

 “Sorry.” I say.

 “Enough of that; what brought you here?”

 “I am searching for Nick.”

 “Nick your best friend, this evening?” He asks doubtfully. “I can’t tell. You should know since you decided to have him live with you, at your home.”

 “Wow!” I comment.

 “Yes. And also, I have not broken the promise of not telling Nick that you bought that house all by yourself.”

“Thank you, no one should know I am somewhat rich, now.”

 “You told me you got that 100k from a lottery, so I understand,” he says smiling. “You are just a one lucky young boy.”

 “Lucky.” I say with a light chuckle.

 “Mr. Garth, thank you for spending time with me.” I say. “I’ll now go to search him out.”

 “Alright.” He nods. “And please do not teach Nick to be a gambler. Some people lose money easily, when they gamble—like me.”

 I give off a light laugh, and just walk away from his office.

 “Where could he be?” I ask myself in wonder.

 I know there is nothing I can do, so I proceed farther and walk back home.

 Just a few minutes, I’m back at my house.

 To my surprise, he remains not in. And time is running.

 I begin to feel rather sleepy now.

 There a knock comes.

 And instantly, I see him enter holding a heavy box in his hands.

 “Can you help me, please,” he says. “It feels heavier than I can bear.”

 I rush to offer a helping hand.

 “Nick, I came searching for you,” I say, while we carry together the load.

 “I left in the evening actually,” he says. “I should rather be angrier, since I did not see you in any time of the day after waking up.”

 Someway, I know I cannot express my frustrations since he has equal grounds to stand on to be angry at me.

 “Nick, sorry I left in the morning without letting you know about it.”

 “Sorry too; it’s unfamiliar for me to go out the house at dusk.”

 “I know,” I say with a beaming face.

 “Nick, what is in the box; and why did you leave late in the evening.” I ask.

 “Truth is: I intended to leave much earlier,” he says. “But I did not think you’d return home any sooner so I decided to go out.”

 “Yes. Out, but for what?”

 “Have you forgotten so soon,” he says hurriedly. “It’s about the school stuffs I may need when I leave for Greenfield, Monday morning.”

 He continues.

 “Hunter, I feel very tired,” he suggests. “I rather have a cool bath and get off to bed.”

 I want to talk; yet he speaks of bathing and sleeping. Although I realize how impatient I am, I allow him space to do what he wishes.

 He must have a willing and peaceful mind to take in the news I have to say; without that, I don’t think I’ll be able to convince him to take on this dream-life I wish for him to have, so suddenly.

 “You’re going to bath right?” I ask

 “Sure,” he says. “And sleep also, I feel very exhausted.”

 “It’s already getting dark, I support your decision.”

 I say, without meaning the words that comes out of my mouth. He now departs, leaving only me at the hall.

 Time flies faster than I think… for soon, I am also in bed; drowsily sleeping.

 All I know is that, tomorrow is the day to seize every opportunity to speak with Nick; as I have set my intention to do.


 Awake by chirping birds’ noises, I get off the bed to land on the ground.

 I find Nick to be still sleeping; I decide not to wake him. He must wake up himself, and feel a sense of relief before I can approach him.

 I now go to the refrigerator to get some cornflakes. I draw out a jug of milk also, so I am set.

 As I eat at the dining table, I reflect; thinking how I should begin the conversation I’ll be having with Nick.

 “So should I just open up and tell him I am a mind-reader, or perhaps; I should just show him the money I have.” I am very nervous, considering how to start the conversation with him… all the same, I manage to let go.

 I manage to allow myself focus on the food I am eating. As I eat the crunchy flakes, I begin to wonder.

 “If I’m not able to convince him today; I’ll never be able to convince him since he’s going to school tomorrow.”

 I am just so anxious and nervous.

 Closely an hour after getting up; Nick awakes.

 I am glad, and hopeful to speak to him.

 “Nick.” I say.

 He turns, even as my heart beats faster, but I manage to express a clear face. Not revealing any sign of fearfulness.

 “Hey Nick; I have something very important to discuss with you,” I say. “Are you ready?”

 “Always ready,” he sharply replies. “Wait, but first let me take my bath. I feel quite uneasy after waking up.” He says, slightly stretching his body.

 “Good; that is just fine. Take a cool bath!”

 He leaves me alone in the hall, while he takes a cool shower. For me, I am anxious wondering how I will go about the matter I have to discuss with him. All I want to do is to be careful not to utter things, I wish not to say.

 I go to the bedroom—that is a good place to relax, taking my mind off everything. I just want to be able to express myself in the right way so that Nick will understand what I have to say.

 He returns shortly.

 I pretend to be sleeping on the bed, but I’m just still thinking. Thinking how I’ll manage matters; as soon as I speak.

 “Hunter, are you still sleeping.” He says.

 I pretend not to hear; so, I give no answer.

 “What are we doing this Sunday, Hunter!”

 I promptly get up from the bed, beginning to speak.

 “Nick, I have something to tell you, so sit!” I say loudly, so as to depict seriousness. “It will change your life entirely.”

 He sits at the edge of his bed and intently hooks his attention on me.

 “What do you’ve to tell me, Hunter.” He asks, with a slightly sad countenance.

 First, I rush toward the side on my bed to pick my wallet.

 Instantly, I open it.

 “Look. Can you see what is inside?”

 He gawps, without saying anything. Also, he pulls his head closer just to get a clearer view of what he is seeing.

 “Is that 100-dollar notes I am seeing?”

 “And there are hundred notes in there!”

 “You can’t be serious. Did you steal that money?” he asks in doubt. “If it’s so, I’ll let Mr. Garth know about this matter.”

 “You do not need to, Nick.”

 “How I got this money, is why I say your life is just about to change should you listen to me.”

 “A drug business?“

 “You must be crazy. I don’t do drugs.” I say bluntly.

 “Now listen.”

 He stares at me, and I know I’ve his attention just the way I expect.

 “I have special abilities, Nick.”

 He looks at me and begins to wildly laugh.

 “You’ve power to conjure money.” He says mockingly.

 “Look! Be serious, I have special abilities.” I say with a serious countenance. “And I want you to help me that’s why I am revealing it to you now.”

 “What?” He yells. “You are superhuman!”

 “You can say so.” I add carelessly.

 He begins to believe me, by slightly nodding.

 “I want you to help me, Nick.” I say. “We can change the world if you help me Nick.”

 “And what is this so-called ability you have?”

 I just sigh. Then I stand up from my bed, to get to his side.

 “I am a mind-reader.”

 “Do people exist with that ability?” He asks in wonder.

 “I can’t tell, Nick. But what I know is that I am able to read minds whenever I desire to do so.”


 “And you used that ability to steal that money, right?” He asks me to my dismay.

 “I did not steal it!” I say urgently. “We shall talk about that later.”

 “Okay, prove this ability you say you have.” He says.

 “Alright, begin to think about something.” I say. “Let it be your wildest imagination.”

 “Wildest imagination?” He says. “Then I bet you are not going to know what is in my mind.”

 “Try me.” I say.

 He begins to think, and I wonder why he chooses a simple imagination.

 I want Hunter to shave his hair

 “You are crazy, Nick.” I say. “Think of your wildest imagination, and what you imagine is for me to have my hair shaved?

 He gawps.

 “You just did not read my mind, did you?” He asks in fright.

 “Please, one last chance?”

 Then, I say without answering his question. “Think of something much difficult for me to guess.”

 “Okay, I am going all out, for this one.”

 I want Hunter to give me that money. He is crazy to think I don’t want some.

 “Stop it right there, Nick.”

 “You shall have what you wish for.” I say. “But just don’t imagine that again.”

 “Imagine what.” He asks, daringly.

 “That you want to have the presumed stolen money I possess.”

 “Hunter, you are a wizard!” He says. “And a real one for that matter.”

 “Just stop saying that Nick.” I say.

 “You amaze me, Hunter.” He says. “You are just so incredible.”

 “So what do I have to do to help you,” he says, still remaining in perplexity.

 “You’re a mind-reader. You need nobody’s help.”

 “You’re mistaking, Nick.” I say with all sureness.

 “I desperately need your help.”


 “I need your help, Nick.” I continue. “I’ve been trying to save lives for some time now, through the use of my ability. But I realize that, I’ll be able to save more lives if I have a team player to help me.”

 “Me?” He questions. “I am not superhuman, Hunter.”

 “I know that, Nick.” I say. “But I also know that you’ve a genuine spirit and a strong will. You are just the perfect fit to help me embark on my vision.”

 “Wow, no one has praised me in such a way before.”

 “Look, you can be crazy sometimes.”

 He changes his mood.

 “But you are special too. Basically, whenever I read your mind I don’t see thoughts of selfishness or greed. You are just a loving person.”

 “goddamn it!” he says. “Who gave you the right to look into my brain. That’s unfair. I have no privacy at all.”

 “Hey, Nick. It’s not just only you I get to see your thoughts. Actually everybody, even the President; that is, so far as I get to see him.”

 “Your powers are incredible.” He comments. “You just cannot be cheated in life.”

 “You think so?” I ask in doubt. “So how did I manage to lose my graduation certificate at Greenfield.”

 “What is a degree—you are above that.” He says.

 “For me, if I had this ability; to be able to read people’s minds, I will not even go to college in the first place.”

 He is making me feel proud by his words; and I guess this is what I need from a team player.

 I now open the wallet.

 “Promise to join me, and all this is yours!”

 “Are you sure you’ve not taken a loan or something.”

 “I don’t take loans, Nick, and neither am I a thief.” I explain. “You want to know how I got this?”

 “Yes. Tell me.”

 “Casino game!” I say smiling.

 “You are awesome.” He yells. “You can be a billionaire, Hunter.”

 “Shhh. I am.” I say laughing. “It is just between the two of us.”

 “Wow!” He rushes to hug me. “It will be in my wildest dream to join you Hunter.”

 “Thank you for accepting.”

 “But actually, we are not going to live like billionaires now.”

 “Our life is too long to retire as billionaires now; but on condition that we don’t die shortly.”

 “Stop scaring me!!” he says. “Are we going to kill people.”

 “I did not mean that.” I explain.

 “All I want to say is that; I am 21 and you’re 17. Why should we retire as billionaires with our names in the papers? I don’t want that.”

 “Me neither.”

 “That’s why I say, there are much more enjoyable things to do now.” I tell him. “We are going to save lives; uncover crimes; and maybe, beat bad guys.”

 “I don’t like the last part.” He says. “You are not strong; how are we going to beat bad guys.”

 “Maybe create traps for them using their own thoughts to lure them.”

 “It’s too risky.” He suggests. “Let’s just stick to the first two.”

 “Come to think of it; you’re a mind-reader but you’ve no girlfriend.”

 He says. “Couldn’t you’ve used that to secure any girl you want?”

 “I think I should do that also.” I tell him; though I really do not mean what I say.

 “Tomorrow, we’d go to town; to work out our abilities.”

 “This means, I am indirectly deferring college, right?”

 “You’re doing nothing like that. You are right away quitting!”

 He smiles, taking no offense at all.

 “Look, tomorrow will be the first day when we try our hands to help people.”

 “You told me you’ve been saving people’s lives; how do you do that?” he asks.

 “Sometimes, I manage to prevent crimes from taking place. Most of the time, by preventing a family from staying in their home during the hours the armed robbery is to take place.”

 “Good!” he says. “I’d like to help in stuffs like this.”

 “But seriously, I think mind-reading is not powerful enough to prevent crimes from taking place. A smart mind, that understands how to execute strategies is necessary here.”


 “But why are you so serious trying to save lives; you could just enjoy life; perhaps, abuse people by the use of your gift.”

 “If you had the ability to read people’s minds I know you would not be thinking like this.”

 “Most people think about the problems of their life when they are alone. When you hear them ring in your head; I think you’d be more considerate like I have been.”


 “We really need to take this seriously.”

 We speak even till 3:00. This speech is interesting. And I thank heavens Nick has the mind I want him to have.

 I believe we will be a good team.

 “Nick, since we have time on our hands, I will want us to pass by the orphanage institution.”

 “Okay, that’s not a problem. I have some old friends I even should see.” He declares.

 “But before we leave; let me give you an offer of initiation.”

 I smile, reaching for the packet of 100-dollar notes.

 “Here is 10k for you, Nick.”

 “All my life I have not held a huge money like this.”

 “Remember, I said Mr. Garth offered me this Annex to manage it temporally.”

 “Yes. Why, does he demand his house back?”

 “It was a lie, Nick.” I say. “Actually, I bought this house myself.”

 He gawps.

 “I have been playing games at the Casino. And my winning streaks can be endless!”

 “Oh my goodness!”

 “This house was worth only a 100k, I could have bought a bigger house if I wanted. But currently, I just want to have fun—not living so much extravagantly so that eyes would not be on me.”

 “I am a billionaire.” He says with a smile.

 “We have work to do. You know this, Nick.” I tell him. “We are going to save lives, and not concentrate on living a life of luxury. Though we’ll equally have days for extreme fun.”

 “I can spend the money for you, Hunter.”

 “No problems. I’ll equally spend some. Just promise to tell no one this secret?” I ask him.

 “I promise.”


 A few minutes after, Nick and I get ready to visit the orphanage center. I just want to go there to inform Mr. Garth that I’ll be taking Nick with me for a small trip, just so he’ll not have to worry about our whereabouts, should he try visiting us at my house.

 “Nick, are you ready to have us leave.” I ask.

 “Yes. I am set and ready.” He says. “Can we leave?”


 As we move out of the house, Nick still is in shock concerning the issue of me being superhuman.

 But for me, I am glad to spill out the secret matter of my life. It earns me a team player; and that is truly worth it to achieve.

 “Mr. Garth does not have to know about our secret. Even any best friend you may have.”

 “I will let nothing out.” He declares. “In fact, I have no best friend anywhere else. You are my best friend.”

 In no time we get to the building. First, we go to the orphanage site where children dwell. We hang out with them, and we enjoy their company.

 I secretly reveal some of the weirdest thoughts people have to Nick, and he laughs his head off.

 “The guy in red, is dreaming to replace Mr. Garth at his position,” I say, whispering in Nick’s ears.

 “He must be crazy; I guess I have thought so before too.”

 We both laugh, and we enjoy the experience.

 “It’s time to tell Mr. Garth, I am going on a short trip with you.” I tell him, while remaining at the children site.

 “That is not a bad idea at all, since he never even knows I am working on going to college this year.”

 “Perfect.” I add.

 So we go to his office.

 “Wow, I am blessed to see you Hunter again. It was just yesterday you came. How come I am honored with a visit today too?”

 “There is something I just want to inform you, in case you want to know the whereabout of Nick and me.”

 “What is the matter?” He asks in anxiety. “And where are you going.”

 “It is about a trip; and we’re going to take maybe a week off.”

 “Should I offer some help to you, financially.”

 “No. We’re just fine.”

 “You can’t.” He declares.

 He forcefully places a 100 dollar note into my hand.

 “You may never know an expense you may have need to settle.” He tells me. “Travelling these days, can bear a much greater expense than we anticipate.”

 Out of respect, and also, to show I appreciate his gesture, I do not refrain.

 “Thank you. I am most grateful.” I say.

 “But why are you going with Nick, is he not supposed to be in school?”

 I instantly read his mind; I can’t answer without hints to help me.

 I don’t even know about these children’s school-life. Madam Gladys is in charge of that.

 “Actually, he is on vacation. A lot of time to spare, Mr. Garth.”

 “Then that is okay, go with him. But just keep him safe and sound.”

 “I promise I’ll do that.”

 Leaving his office, I see the clock displaying the time to be 7:00.

 I am so in shock that I tell Nick we should leave back to our home immediately.

 “It is very late in the evening, Nick.” I say. “Let us go back home.”

 “Back there, you seemed to have everything under control.” He says. “How did you do that?”

 “I read his mind. I do so when I am confused as to the right answer to give at a certain period of time.”

 “You’re a mind-reader, and you’re also smart.” He comments. “You’re a very lucky fellow.”

 “Thanks to you, I’ll be appearing much dangerous.”

 He smiles at my comment, as we walk further, out of the institution.

 “What will you eat.” I ask him once we walk out.


 “Oh, I got the answer right.” I say cheerfully. “You want pizza.”

 “You’re very crazy, Hunter.” He comments. “Promise not to do this to the girl you’ll love. You are going to overexcite her.”

 “I’ll like to do that!” I brag.

 We go for some large packs of Pizzas at a nearby restaurant, devouring the slices like greedy voracious gluttons.

 “We must eat like this every day, Hunter.”

 “Of course!” I say sarcastically.

 “Tomorrow we shall see to the eating of pizzas.”

 I know I’ll not allow Nick to abuse this special ability I have, for the living of an extravagant lifestyle. I have him as a team player to make me a better superhuman, and I will direct our actions to that course.

 “I guess it is time to go now.”

 Personally, I am just so full I can barely walk. For Nick, his is worse.

 “I guess we can’t but take a rest instead.”

 We get to drink over 8 bottles of coke and 8 large-size pizzas. Nick is a greater devourer than me, but I can boast to say I am very good too.

 We wait, till we feel slightly okay; and that is an additional 20 minutes of sitting.

 Finally, we make it to our house.

 Nobody tells us it’s time for bed. We know it is time for bed, and we each bounce onto our separate beds to have a decent rest.

 While I remain on mine; I just know a new turn-of-events will occur tomorrow. And I am greatly anticipating it.

 It is a very funny sight to see Nick’s face with the creaking sounds he makes due to the sharp pangs he feels at his tummy.

 My spasm of pain is manageable so I sleep soundly, though I remain laughing at my roommate and team player.


 The sun appears over us, through a glass window at our bedroom. Still, Nick remains sleeping on his bed.

 Today, my plan is different. I wake him up.

 “Hey, get up!” I say, shaking him violently on the bed. “You have to know today is Monday.”

 “Monday?” He asks in wonder.

 “Yes. The day for our mini trip. So let’s start preparing.”

 I push him again, forcefully shoving him off his bed.

 “Ugh aaaargh!!” he yells as he remains lying on the bare ground.

 “Get up!!”

 “I am going to take my shower!” I say. “You take yours when I come.”

 “What is the time?”

 “It’s 6:00.”

 “6:00?” He yells.

 I leave him and take a quick bath.

 Shortly, I return.

 Luckily, he is not sleeping, but sitting on the edge of his bed.

 I smile.

 “I told you I’m serious about this adventure too!” he brags.

 “I can see that.” I comment.

 He immediately leaves to also prepare himself.

 I think of the first place we may go.

 Still in much confusion; I decide I have no where to go but to visit Irene, first; since I made a promise to visit her shortly.

 I have no promise to any other fellow I know but Irene; so I think going there is a good starting-point to embark our audacious trip.

 Soon he returns, and I am happy to know what we are to do first on the trip. I do not want to sound crazy—like a leader who does not know what he is doing.

 “Good you’re all dressed up!” I say. “We’ve no time to waste; let us proceed.”

 “Alright!” he yells. “Let’s get to begin this trip!”

 “First, we’ll go to a good friend of mine,” I say. “She is a lady called Irene.”

 “Wow, good place to start.”

 I carelessly listen to him.

 “Then, we will provide the police forces of some stolen items; and also, places their patrol team should be alert to monitor armed-robbers.”

 “We are turning into superheroes already.” He says smiling.

 “Yes; but discreet superheroes.” I add.

 “I have not finished. We must also give some people who deserve free cash some of our hard money.”

 “Okay, but you’ve to gamble more ready cash for us.” He comments.

 “That is not a problem, trust me.”

 “And what else.” He asks. “What superhuman activity are we going to do.”

 “Yes, to stop gambling; and find a decent job to make money.”

 “You are crazy, Hunter.”

 “Which other job can you use your ability to get a million-dollars in one day, tell me?”

 “I think I’m cheating, that is what Mr. Garth said.”

 “Mr. Garth?” He asks in wonder. “You must make billions through the use of your gift. And I think gambling is the best shot to take.”

 “Okay, that would be the last decision to take on my list of duties to do!”

 “Yes, put it at the last!!” he says. “We need money to save lives; and betting will take us there faster than any other means.”

 We now leave the house; setting off to embark on our trip.

 Heading straight to Irene’s home, I feel gladness rise in me. She is a nice person to talk to and I desire to meet her again.

 Her place is quite far, so talking to Nick as we walk along the way is interesting. He asks me to share what goes on in the minds of certain men and women who pass along the way.

 “Enough, I will only share needful thoughts now.” I say. “If I consider a thought someone thinks to be something I must involve myself into, I will suspend the decision of going to Irene’s house.”

 “Okay,” he says.

 “Let’s keep on marching. I am desperate to know this Irene girl you’re talking about.”

 He walks with me still, for a few more minutes until we finally get there.

 “That’s her home, Nick.”

 “Shall we go inside?” He asks


 I knock the door and wait.

 “It is you!” yells Mrs. Stephanie. “Where is my daughter!!”

 “I-I can’t tell madam.”

 “She went out on Saturday, and she has not returned home.” She screams. “I thought she’d be visiting you!!”

 “Please, take time. I’d handle this!”

 Nick stands so much in surprise; but, I just feel so much disconcertment with the situation.

 “Mrs. Stephanie,” I say.

 “Can we come inside. I’ll like to have a word, please.”

 “Okay,” she says sighing. “Get in!”

 And now, I begin to feel tension rise.

 I hold Nick’s hands as we get inside. I just want to keep my emotions under control, also, I think sitting down will be a good thing for me.

 “Thank you.” I say, as she closes her door behind us.

 “Sit. Both of you.” She demands. “What’s it you’ve to tell me?”

 I want to say; it is my fault.

 She looks intently at me; it scares the pants off me.

 “I mean; she told me she seeks a job.”

 “A job?” She asks. “Yes. I remember, she loves to be a waitress if she is given the opportunity.”

 “Yes. She got an offer at Mocha restaurant.” I say. “But I don’t trust their boss... I am very sorry Irene is not at home, but we promise to bring her back. Trust me!”

 She looks at me intently again, but makes no comment.

 “I am certain she’d be there.” I say.

 “Mrs. Stephanie, we promise to bring her back.” Nick adds.

 “And who is this,” she asks with a stutter.

 “Oh, he is Nick. My younger brother.”

 “Okay, thank you for giving me an idea of where my daughter would be.” She says sighing.

 “But it has been 2 days without seeing my daughter. I just don’t know if I can live without her.”

 “Don’t worry. Everything will be fine.” I say with a beaming face.

 “So what do we do now.”

 I pause, and begin to look at both Nick and Mrs. Stephanie.

 I read Stephanie’s mind just to get sure of what to say.

 I will commit suicide if I don’t get to see my daughter.

 “Mrs. Stephanie, I promise to bring Irene back to you.”

 I say, as I stand and draw close to her. Caressing her shoulder to console her.


 “Mrs. Stephanie, I’ll like to have my leave,” I say. “But I promise to be back.”

 We leave now, and I explain to Nick that we must work out to sort things out for Mrs. Stephanie by finding for her, her daughter.

 So we hold onto all our pursuits that is the list of duties we must reach, just so we can see Irene and bring her back home safely.

 So immediately, we go to Mocha restaurant, where I get to first meet Irene.

 “Nick, we must be able to get Irene back.”

 “Most definitely.” He says, agreeing.

 “But I have one question to ask you, Hunter.” I look at him, hoping he speaks. “Have you ever been unsuccessful at helping others you desired to assist.”

 I reflect back to see if there is a day or time, I get to embark on a frustrated-mission. But after reflecting, I just can’t see a mission half-done.

 “I have not, Nick.” I say. “I definitely will not allow this to be the first.”

 He nods.

 We walk further for a short while and finally, we make it to the place where the restaurant is.

 Immediately I approach a waitress. The waitress I see is not the former waitress. I wish she is her, but I can’t have that. So I approach her all the same.

 “Hello, I came here Friday, and the friend I came with is nowhere to be found. Her parent seems to be looking for her. Can I get to speak to your manager?”

 “My manager. I do not think my manager is involved in this.”

 “I insist.” I declare forcefully. “I want to see the boss.”

 “Well, if you want it that way.” She says sighing. “Have a seat, both of you.”

 We sit at a nearby place and wait for what will happen next.

 “Nick, that man is a bad man,” I whisper. “I read his mind, and saw he was not going to offer Irene the job she seeks. But I just thought that after giving Irene some money she’ll stay away from that scoundrel.”

 “I am confused right now.” Nick says. “I don’t have powers you know. But let us just wait for the man.”

 About 30 minutes later, a scene happens that changes my entire outlook of things.

 “Arrest both of them, they are criminals!” Says the boss of the restaurant. He comes with great fury towards us without us even knowing.

 “What is happening!!” I yell, without even knowing what is going on.

 In that instant, five strong men approach the two of us; bind us together and drag us both to a nearby vehicle in front of Mocha.

 They land our heads inside the car, and forcefully push the rest of our body into the car boot. Now all I see is darkness; for I can’t even see Nick who the nefarious men tie up. The car moves, but I do not know where I am going; or even what is happening.

 I can’t imagine this is taking place. And all I wish is that, it is a dream.

 A few minutes later; the boot of the vehicle gets to open, and this little release is all I can desire now.

 “Hunter, do something.”

 First, I read the minds of the people who bind me.

 We have been sent, Mr. Marcus says they stole his money.

 “Dammit; Nick, they don’t know why they’ve held us in bondage.”

 “Do something, Hunter. Use your mind please.” As Nick speaks, the vile men pull us out to bare ground.

 But, I do not have time. All I think now is to catch a glimpse of Marcus. And read his mind. So I search intently for him.

 “Only if… Nick.” I say facing my head down.

 “Only if, what!!”

 “Only if I see Marcus.”

 “Shut up right there,” one of the men yells.

 “We are sending you to Mr. Marcus.” He says. “He is the mayor of this city, and he’ll arrest both of you for your crimes.”

 “That scoundrel is a Mayor?” I say mockingly.

 I with that earn a strong push against the car. Instantly, my back hurts.

 “If you want to preserve your life,” he says. “Be careful how you speak to our city mayor.”

 I advise myself now. I know I can be in a bad situation if I misbehave again.

 So we follow the men and move into the mysterious house I know nothing about.

 As we go, Nick looks at me angrily.

 “Nick, I promise I did no bad thing,” I say. “I know nothing about this matter, trust me.”

 “Don’t worry.” He says. “I know you’ll find a way to save our lives.”

 Soon we land inside the house.

 It is grandiose, but somewhat awkward looking. It has the head of animal skulls on the wall, as if, they are wall-paintings; and inside too are other spooky sculptures.

 There I see the evil face I have been waiting for. There are two additional guards about him, and he wears a stately black robe, with a wooden-staff which has a lion-head image on top of it.

 His countenance is fearful and the aura around the house is aberrant.

 “Gentlemen, you can leave now; I will handle these men myself.” He says with an evil countenance.

 “Oh, and untie them. They can do no harm once they are with me.”

 They unloose the ties on our hands and we get to feel at ease again.

 Now the men who unbind us, clear themselves out of the room and we remain with Marcus and his bodyguards inside the room, alone.

 I instantly read his mind. But it comes to no avail.

 “Why that face,” he comments. “Were you reading my mind, little Hunter.”


 This is the greatest shock in my life. Never in my life do I fail at attempting to read a mind.

 “You’re young my dear.” He says. “And you’ve a lot to learn.”

 “To begin, I know you are a mind-reader.” He says. “And this your friend, is someone you trust, but he is weak; he cannot face that which is to come.”

 “Where is Irene!!” I yell crazily at him, attempting to take steps to reach him. For once, slight fear enters into me, because I am not able to read his mind.

 “Okay, let me explain something to you. I’ll kill your friend here, then I will kill you. You want to know why?”

 I stare at him with disgust.

 “I hate you! And I disregard your friend there.”

 Nick begins to shake in his shoes.

 “Where is Irene!!” I say. “Release her now!”

 I utter without a sense of fright; and also, I feel angry for getting Nick to fall in this situation.

 “Relax.” he says, mockingly smiling. “I will come to that.”

 “You have powers; I have powers too.”

 “Mine is not to be a mind-reader, unfortunately.” He says. “Mine is to be a Seer. I tell the future very accurately. And what I do with my power is to draw only favorable situations in my direction.”

 He draws close to me.

 “And do you know how?”

 He asks me, poking me with his staff.

 I direct my face away from him. He is disgusting me now.

 “By eliminating those I see will be threats to my greatest dream I have planned: to rule the world; and also, to embrace those I can control to direct that course to take effect. Am I not brilliant?”

 “You are a monster.” I say. “And I will report you to the authorities, telling them that you are a corrupt mayor.”

 “Ha-ha! hahahahaha!!” he reacts.

 That is not my position, I am using it to get attention to eliminate the president. I want to install a president I want to ease matters for me, as I ascend to be king over all mankind.”

 “This president is useless—I have to assassinate him. What do you think George and Matt?”

 “Ha-ha,” His personal guards say laughing. “Do so our Lord. Everything is possible onto you.”

 “You dream, Marcus. You dream!!” I interrupt. “I will bring you down.”

 “Don’t worry, I will not kill you today. Though unfortunately, I will kill your best friend.” He says with an evil smirk. “He is not a threat, like you. Don’t get me wrong; I am eliminating him because he is a good-for-nothing. His living or dying will not influence matters greatly in the future.”

 “I hate you! Where is Irene!!” I yell.

 “Irene, Irene, Irene.” He says. “How I prayed she finally shows up at Mocha Restaurant.”

 “But what do you see in her to make you like her.” He says, walking around and swinging his staff.

 “I-I do —”

 He interrupts

 “Yes. I see you two marrying in the near future. You greatly love her. So, she was the pawn I prayed to come into my grasps before seeing you.”

 “You are crazy Marcus!”

 “I am, and I know that.”

 “Now, Irene is held in bondage at a special room.” He says. “Don’t worry, you can’t read my mind so you can’t identify where she is.”

 I wonder why I can’t read his mind now. The first time at Mocha, I read his mind clearly. I just don’t know why there seems to be a blockage now.

 “George, get a hold of Nick and prepare him to be taken to the place Of-No-Return.”


 I rush to save Nick as one of the bodyguards draw close to us.

 I receive a violent push, which lands me at a distant location; that is, the corner of the room.

 Nick leaves the room with George; leaving only me, Matt and Marcus in the room.

 “Don’t worry, Hunter.” He says, playing with his staff. “I read the future; did you think I did not know you’ll be forcefully pushed without helping your friend Nick.”

 “Get me out of here!” I say, now with great fright. “Get me Irene too.”

 “You shall find her yourself.”

 I now try to read Matt’s minds too, but I can’t.

 Now I get the clue that Marcus might not be all powerful. There might be something disrupting the flow of my powers in the room—and I am hopeful it should be so.

 “Matt, what do we do to Hunter now.”

 “My Lord, everything is in your power to decide.”

 He walks around thinking, for about a minute.

 “Hunter; promise me you are not going to do many rescuing!!” He says. “Sometimes, the good people you help, frustrate situations for me…”

 “But if I also bind you; how can I manipulate these good people to act in directions I intend them to act?”

 He is a mastermind; very strategic with his abilities. But I know I’ll bring him down, and that is because he is having something as a protection against me reading his mind. I know this because at Mocha, I read his mind

 “Okay I have decided!”

 “Matt, send him to see Irene.” He says. “I know it will distract him and weaken his ability in a certain sense.”

 I try to be difficult; but the idea of me seeing Irene again, makes me submit. Somehow; I know I like the girl for whatever reason I can’t clearly tell.

 With his firm grip, he drags me forcefully out of the room to another area of the house.

 While we leave, Marcus makes a wide grin which is rather disgusting to me.

 As soon as we step outside the door, I get to discern Matt’s thoughts.

 I wish I have special powers like Marcus or Hunter; if that was so, I’d not be here.

 I smile.

 I try to dig more profoundly into his deeper thoughts to understand why I can’t attain the reading of Marcus’ mind.

 I dig hard, and fortunately; I grasp a memory.

 The magic staff has the ability to absorb superhumans power, this is what Marcus told me. But I am not a superhuman so I don’t care.

 I nod slowly with a smile to indicate my understanding of matters.

 “Hey you. Why are you smiling.” He says. “You are a superhuman that is why my master wants to use you, and not kill you quickly.”

 He continues thoughtlessly.

 “If you were like me, just an ordinary human, I will have killed you even before my master gives the command.”

 Soon, we get to the room where Irene is.

 Matt pushes me forcefully in, and locks the doors behind us.

 “Hunter!!” she yells with a smile.


 We hug there and then.

 “I miss you Hunter.” She says. “I did not even enjoy spending all the money you gave me, before this monster seized me.”

 “Wait! How did he get you here?”

 “I was just eating a meal at his restaurant, when he says I must follow him to his house when I am done.”

 She continues. But I feel so sad for everything.

 “I told him I was not interested in his job offer anymore, and he went back.”

 “Later he forcefully makes some men seize me into his private car, and this is where I am. No one could help me.”

 She says, sobbing.

 I gently caress her to stop sobbing and that, I will make things better. Then I do what I have to do.

 I miss you.

 “Irene, you are not going to get stuck in this room.” I say. “Marcus is a bad man, I’ll bring him to justice.”

 She now looks at me with disbelief.

 “Please, just get us out of here. I already had plans with the money you offered me. It is still in hiding inside my drawer, under a stack of clothes and I believe my mom does not even know about this; suffering with poverty for nothing.”

 “Everything will be fine, Irene.” I caress her, reassuring her.

 Her long blonde hair is now on my chest and I am enjoying her company, even as she lays her head on my body.

 “Please, how are we going to get out of this prison. The door is locked.” She says suddenly.

 I need to think, but my power is within the boundaries of mind-reading and nothing more.

 “I don’t think it will be a good idea to break the door.” I say. “I plan to fight the guy who will come here, as soon as he enters the room.”

 “Hunter, these men are stronger than you. Also, what if two enter this room. You know I can’t fight.”

 “B-but breaking the door will create an awareness, which will make us unable to escape.” I suggest.

 “Hmmm. What do we do now, we’ll die here, Hunter.”

 I embrace her, promising her we’ll not die.

 Though none of us is in shackles, the feeling of being set in confinement to a room is not a pleasant one to have.

 “I guess the only option I have is to fight.” I tell her. “Look, I was already seized and brought here, by the monster, Marcus; and not only me, my dear friend also.”

 “Who is he or she.”

 “It’s a he, someone like a brother to me. I’ve to save his life, I am scared for him. He told me he’d kill him.”

 “Ouch! I am sorry for that, genuinely.”

 “Don’t be. He is not going to die; he is called Nick.”

 “Nice name, Nick.” She comments.

 “That’s why I want to fight the man.”

 I immediately look around for a stick, or something similar to use as a defensive weapon.

 I forcefully remove one plank from the wooden-boards that serves as support for her bed.

 “Be careful.” She tells me.

 I am going to hit this wood straight in the man’s face when he enters.

 “Be careful to hit your target, and strike hard.” She says. With surprise I see her pull another plank from the dismantled bed.

 “We’re doing this together!” she says.

 We manage to wait for an hour and a half, and luckily a single man enters. He enters to call me, explaining Marcus wants to see me.

 I suddenly want to change my intent to submit, just because I desire to save Nick’s life. But it’s too late, as Irene manages to hit the man’s head with her slat.

 “You were slow, Hunter,” she says whispering; as the man falls tumbling to the ground.

 Now she snaps the key from his right hand.

 Then she suddenly locks the door again.

 “Should we escape,” she whispers to me.

 “I wish; but I have a friend who is also very dear to me.”

 She finds a way to sit down, listening to me.

 “So what do we do now?” She asks with much confusion.

 I can risk to have Hunter have his friend back.

 I hear her say, as I read her mind.

 “Let’s escape!” I say. “It is not safe, later we’ll find a way to get our friend back. We can’t stand to lose our opportunity of escape now.”

 “Then let’s rush out!” She says. “Time is passing.”

 I hold her hand, as we both still hold our defensive weapons in our hands.

 We intend to get to the entrance of the main-gate with every swiftness we can surge from within.

 We rush, knocking down a few men.

 Also, I realize other people in confinement as we pass, but I cannot figure out where Nick is among them.

 Moreover, the speed with which we run does not give room for me to probe into people’s minds, so as to find the location of Nick.

 So, I concentrate to rush out of the house with Irene.

 “A few meters more and we get to escape, Hunter!!” The main-gates gets closer and closer, with every stride we make.

 Just when I make it to grip the gate, a loud voice speaks.

 “You can leave if you don’t want to see Nick!”

 I stagger in my strides, but Irene halts.

 “Irene leave!!” I command.

 “No. I am not leaving without you.”

 I remain in front of the gate.

 “Marcus, offer me Nick.” I yell with frustration.

 “Irene leave!” I repeat, trying to get her forcefully out the gate.

 “Stop this.” She yells. “If you are staying for Nick; I stay!”

 Time ran so quickly; allowing people to come to our spot to lay grip on both of us.

 It is a shameful defeat; but we do this with the hope to get Nick back.

 Nonetheless, it is a strong hope for me to have Irene leave or escape.


 After our arrest, we get to face Marcus again.

 “You want to know the place called the place Of-No-Return.” He says, dragging Nick who now is in restraint.

 “Matt get Irene tied-up too.”

 “No!!” I yell spontaneously.

 “George get Hunter tied-up, and hold him forcefully.”

 Now we remain defenseless at Marcus’ room

 Soon George rushes toward us; soon I see Irene and Nick in bondage, quite distant from my position.

 “Matt, carry them to the land Of-No-Return, and offer them to my sacred pet.”

 “George, hold Hunter forcefully.” He says. “I want him to watch Nick and his lover die.”

 “This would crush his spirit; and this, will clear things for my rising.”

 “Damn you!” I yell.

 Matt seizes Irene and Nick and drags them away. They’re still in shackles, so they look vulnerable and easy to handle for Matt.

 I wish I can read minds now, but the mystical staff is still in Marcus' hands.

 I remain with George and Marcus now, even as they leave.

 “George, you’re to keep holding Hunter until you see both his dear friends killed.”

 “I’ll do that!!” George says.

 George drags me out of room to follow Matt.

 “Damn you, Marcus. Damn you!!”

 I yell even as I leave the room.

 Irene and Nick yell.

 “Save us, Hunter!” Nick yells, as Matt easily handles them to push forward.

 They pick one of Marcus’ cars at the backyard of the house.

 George also picks one, and we closely tail them.

 “Hey boy!” says George. “Do you know the land Of-No-Return.”

 “I don’t care to know, George.” I yell. “Tell Matt not to lay a hand on any of my dear friends or I will skin him alive, I promise.”

 “Whoa!” George tease. “I can see you have enormous strength. Good for you.”

 “But don’t worry, Hunter.” He says scornfully. “I’ll tell you the land Of-No-Return.”

 “It is a special forest, full of mysteries.” He tells me.

 “At the very immediate zone of the land, there is a lion and a very bad one.” He laughs. “He will have a great feast this evening.”

 It is a dark Monday evening we are experiencing. But I know I’ll do everything in my power not to have either Nick or Irene hurt.

 Soon, Matt lands at a spot, close to the woodland area.

 He quickly pushes them with a stick deeper into the thick forest.

 “What!!” I yell on top of my voice. “Where is he taking them.”

 I am in bondage now, and there is fairly little I can do except read George’s mind.

 They are to die, and then; we’ll carry Hunter back to Master’s House, straight to his apportioned place-of-bondage, just as my Master commanded we should do.

 As I keep imagining; and as my fear keeps rising, I get a sudden push by George.

 “Hey, hurry. Pull yourself down.”

 He gets to the other side of the car, unfastens my seatbelt and drags me to the mysterious woodland, where Irene and Nick are currently at.

 I keep walking, still in bondage.

 After a short span of walking in the woodland, my eyes see bizarreness.

 There is a lion in a wooden cage, then suddenly; Matt tries to fully unfasten Nick’s hands.

 “George!! I need help.” Matt yells. Before he can utter his last words; Nick slips out of Matt’s hands, by punching him a hard blow.

 “Irene, Hunter!! Fight for your lives!!!” Nick yells saying this, and runs deeper into the forest.

 “It’s dangerous!” I try to tell him.

 Matt runs chasing after him. But Nick runs faster, and deeper into the forest.

 Matt retreats, and this time he sees George holding firm the arms of Irene and mine, even as we remain still in ties.

 “George, let’s leave him.” He says. “That guy can’t make it in the wilds!!”

 A whole surge of energy comes from nowhere, vibrating the whole of my body to receive supernatural strength.

 “Nick shall be alive!!” I speak with a strange husky voice I never know to possess.

 I release myself from George’s grasp, and with my paranormal strength I tear apart the ties binding my wrists.

 I hold unto George by the collar; giving him heavy punches with all my strength. Irene stands at a distance but I have no time for her now.

 With a last forceful blow, I throw a heavy punch straight on his face, and with a sudden tumble he collapses to the ground.

 Matt tries to run, using the stick in his hands to protect himself.

 With great boldness, I clutch the stick; tear it apart in halves, and grab him forcefully.

 “You shall rather be a feast to the lion.”

 I decide to throw him into the cage, then I hear a voice.

 “Let me handle him for you.”

 She takes the sticks I suddenly break into two on the floor; holding one at her left-hand and one at her right.

 “This is for touching me!” she says.

 She knocks Matt with ceaseless strokes until Matt comes tumbling to the ground.

 Now I see both of them fall to the ground.

 Suddenly, I regain my consciousness; knowing that, such strength can only root out of a paranormal source.

 “They are all fallen to the ground.” I say with wonder.

 Without realizing, we now are holding each other, emotionally. Suddenly, our lips lie on each other, and there goes an enthralling kiss, which is fully gratifying.

 “You just acted like Hercules.”

 “I did not know what came over me.” I admit.

 “We have to be quick, let’s search for Nick inside the forest!”

 So we run.


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