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The Pastor’s Wife { Based on a True Story } Written By: Dennis E. Adonis

The Pastor’s  Wife
Based on a True Story

Written By: Dennis E. Adonis

Chapter 1:

The forbidden lingerie

It was already Friday the 23rd  December, and the volume of holiday shopping adverts that cracked the early morning inspirational music on MyGospel.fm, (a religious radio channel in Barbados), made Mr. Haley irked with disgust at the apparent over-commercialization of religion, as he drove his BMW RX6 through the unusually slowed down morning traffic into Bridgetown.
The Pastor’s  Wife { Based on a True Story }
The Pastor’s  Wife { Based on a True Story }  Written By: Dennis E. Adonis

Knowing fully well that the current traffic situation always occurred each year around Christmas time, as is evident in the past; he looked at the clock on his car dashboard, and ironically expressed disbelief that the traffic is this much congested at 6:42am.

He turned down the volume of his car radio in silent protest at  the  many adverts, grabbed his  Blackberry smart-phone from the top pocket of his Van Huesen shirt and dialed his wife’s mobile number, as his vehicle became halted in the stagnant traffic.

She answered in three rings, greeting her husband with her usually charming comments of affection for him, then allowing the now-awaked kids to hurriedly harass him with demands for expensive toys and game sets for Christmas, before she smilingly ceased the phone from them to resume her chat with him.

He  briefed  her  on  the  traffic  situation  before  him  and question whether she would still be driving to the city to fulfill   her   traditional   last   minute   Christmas   shopping

tendency.  She paused, and then burst into a wild laughter at her husband seemingly sarcastic question. He laughs in equal satisfaction, as she relates her plan to drive to town until around 10am, when the traffic might be more favourable to the beauty of her H2 Hummer.

For the Haley family, Christmas was one of their most valued and treasured seasons, as it offered them both spiritual and family enrichment whenever the reason for Christmas is reflected upon.

They were a staunchly religious family, quite considered as the community’s de facto trustees and were always held up as an example of modern-day trendsetters of impeccable moral values.

Mr. William Haley was a well-known Corporate Banker and a  prominent  District  Pastor  who  held  that  portfolio  at multiple churches throughout the Parish of St. Lucy in Barbados.

Standing at about 5 feet 6 inches tall, his firm and course voice often made him seemed much taller and stronger whenever he belts out a stirring sermon from the pulpit of his church or whenever he is hosting a portfolio meeting with loan-seeking clients at the bank, where he held the distinction as Director of Commercial credit.

For a 42 year old man, he was relatively good looking, well- toned, slightly muscular, and appeared much younger than his actual age. He doesn’t imbibe alcohol, and despise even the sight of cigarettes much less to even put his sacred fingers on one of these rolled up tobacco and tartar killer.

At times he felt so flattered by his charisma, his wealth, two kids, stunning wife, his luxury, command of  respect, and

distinguished reputation, that he used it as an example whenever he is upbraiding an underperformer at work, or any financially disrupted couple that he interviews for a line of credit at his bank.

On the other hand, his wife, Mrs. Haley was arguably one of the most gorgeous and well-figured women in the Parish of St.  Lucy.  Her  stunning appearance often  results in  sinful stares from men who were lucky to grace their eyes upon her whenever she comes fully into public view or exits any of her two high-priced luxury vehicles.

She has been married to Mr. Haley for about ten years now and has been a firm, loyal and committed wife throughout those years of marital bliss.

For  a  woman  whose  body  had  endured  two  stomach- stretched duration of pregnancies, and has delivered two kids, now ages five and nine, her tummy was relatively flat, and showed no  motherhood lines,  much to  the  amusement of even Mr. Haley.

At thirty two years, Mrs. Haley was indeed splendidly beautiful but prefers to look her age, as was often reflected in her wardrobe choices which often squeezed on to her 36, 26,
36 figure. Her long black hair was often envied by other black women, as it flowed naturally beyond her shoulders, complimented by her tanned-browned skin, which made her looked more like a flawless Latino model.

She was slightly taller than Mr. Haley, worked as a Pediatric Doctor at the city’s main hospital, and also serves as a faith counselor for most of the churches at which Mr. Haley preaches.

Her  loyalty  to  her  marriage  and  family  never  seemed  to cease, as was evident in the way she had greeted her husband’s phone call, and the happiness that engulfed their conversation thereafter.

The phone call nonetheless ended abruptly after about two minutes, as Mr. Haley alerted his wife of the advancement of a traffic officer who was approaching on his patrol bike in close proximity to his driving lane.

He slowly put away his phone, and eased his left leg off the brake, as the traffic began to move slowly ahead again, and gradually  increasing  in  pace  as  other  vehicles  began  to branch off into their desired lanes ahead of him. This resulted in a welcome accelerated trip to the city.

Realizing the silence and seemingly boredom that the fainted sound from the radio has now created within the windowed- up comfort of his AC-cooled car, he pushed against the volume  button  rhythmically,  and  felt  at  ease  with  the soothing voice of Nicole Mullings filling his ear with “My Reeder lives”.

Happy that his car has now drew closer to Bridgetown, he mumbled  in  acknowledgement  of  the  hiccups  that  the holidays can often bring, as another decelerated line greets him ahead. He then forced himself into a relaxed mode, with one hand on his steering wheel, and the other tapping on his seat on par with the gospel songs that continued to emanate from the radio.

He suddenly began to express patience at the snail-paced traffic, as he was already having clear sight of his office complex a few hundred yards away, and knowing that in any

case it will be reachable within five minutes even at this pace.

As he intermittently pressed and eased upon his brakes as is required to move and stop in concert with the line of vehicles ahead of him, Mr. Haley smiled broadly while considering how fortunate he was to have Jennifer Haley as his wife, and how fortunate he was to have such a great job, being financially secured, and commanding the respect he now enjoys.

In a few minutes, he reached his office parking lot, and rolled into the space that was marked “Reserved – Director, Commercial Credit. And as was customary, he grabbed his briefcase, straightened his tie, and head into the office building, raising his right hand into the air, while pressing the alarm on his bunch of keys to activate the car’s security system.

Back home, Mrs. Haley was in conversation with her mom, discussing her plans for the holidays and wrapping up arrangements to drop her kids off on her way to Bridgetown.

Hanging up the phone, she hurried over to her computer in the living room, and loads her Yahoo Mail account unto the screen, as she though now would be a good time to quickly send  off  some  holiday  greetings  to  her  colleagues  and friends, while the kids are showering for the trip.

After fifteen minutes of copying, pasting and sending the same greeting to everyone, she clicked the sign out link, as was  customary,  to  ensure  that  she  has  logged  off  thus allowing for any other family member to access their Yahoo mail account.

As she rose from her seat at the computer, Yahoo loads a series of news items, and adverts upon redirection from the log out page; one of which caused Mrs. Haley to pause with interest. It was a holiday’s advert of lingerie from Victoria’s Secret Winter Collection. And the image of a smiling laced up woman tempted her to click the ad.

It’s not like Mrs. Haley had any intention of buying the lingerie that was partially displayed in the advert. She never does,  not  because  of  money,  as  she  had  lots  of  it.  But knowing fully well that Mr. Haley had made it law against his wife covering her intimate self with exotic underwear and lingerie, reasoning that a woman of the faith should not indulge  herself  in  merchandise  that  supposedly  fits  the interest of a sinner.

Mrs. Haley overwhelmingly agreed with her husband’s reasoning since her days of dating him, and as such has never bough any such class of underclothing since she was married to the Pastor. But in despite of this reasoning that was implanted into her, Mrs. Haley always silently admired the sexiness that laces and other erotic underwear bring out in women that graced the pages of catalogues that she would often nattily scanned at the hair salon.

As she clicked the advert she wondered if it was a case of giving into temptation, demonstrating the potential for disobedience towards agreed policies of her husband or a case of a woman simply being curious. But as the pages of the Victoria Secrets website loads and an unbelievable array of lingerie came into her view, she immediately put her wonderings aside and scroll through the various models of erotic underwear that the site had to offer.

Mrs. Haley began to picture herself in the varying styles of undies as she admired the models on the website that flaunted them. She felt confident that she would have even looked better than the models themselves, considering her firm body and 36-26-36 figure.

As far as Mrs. Haley can remember, she always had a yearning to be admired in lingerie by whoever the admirer may be, but in essence her husband. And today was no different, except for the intensity of her thoughts of lingerie, romance and hard sex that began to take control of her subconscious.

And the more she viewed the website, the more desperate she grew to try a Victoria Secret bedroom collection, and have it gracefully removed from her.

As the thoughts of sex in lingerie began to overwhelm her mind, Mrs. Haley slowly closed her eyes and began to rub her hands romantically against her breast nipples, pinching and squeezing them, followed by a miniature moaning sound.

She then slackened her shower robe from around her waist, slowly spread her legs wide apart, pulled the crouch of her underwear aside and began to slowly rub the edges of her right hand fingers against her clitoris, thus stimulating her vagina until it grew wet.

Reeling with more intensity, she began to breathe harder, slid her underwear further down her legs, then teased herself by intermittently sliding her middle finger in and out of her vagina.

As she transcends into an almost uncontrolled stage of sex with her imaginary partner, compounded by louder tones of

moaning, the sudden loud ring of the telephone shook her out of the erotic fantasy that had gripped her.

Angered by the disruption from the telephone and still breathing heavily, she ignored the call, close the Victoria Secret webpage and headed to the master bedroom, where she slid into the bathroom to catch her breath and tidy-up all evidence of her wild erotic escapade.

As she sat on the lid on the bathroom, she smiled in contentment. But as she remembered her husband and his teachings, the feeling of guilt and resentment overwhelmed her.

After a few minutes, she turned on the shower, slid under it, and tried to analyze whether her actions were morally wrong or whether the mere fact that her actions were self-indulging in sexual fantasy, may be a sin.

Chapter 2:

Fantasy on the roadway

Upon completion of her bath and skin creaming, Mrs. Haley carefully searched out her underwear drawer, in the hope that she can find something a little less than regular to put on.

Just as the search began to frustrate her, she noticed a low-cut underwear that she had bought as part of a Versace bundle while holidaying in Paris two years ago. It was still in a relatively new condition, as she can’t recall ever wearing it, except for simply putting it through her mandatory machine wash for new undies.

She held up the undie to examine it in apparent admiration, and then lower it for easy placement of her legs. Satisfied with her choice, she wined slowly and groovy into it, then let go of its broad stylish waist-band which stung erotically against her hips.

With hands akimbo, she looks into the vanity mirror at the camel-toe quality of the imprint that her vagina had formed against the lower front of the underwear. She smiled, and wondered what impact she can have on a man that has an imprint view like this of her firm vagina before his eyes.

She patted it a few times then rubbed her hands in a semi- circular fashion grinning and mumbling at the thought that unlike her husband, any other man would have die to have a taste of it. She then sunk her face and reflects on the fact that she is the Pastor’s wife, and could not ever indulge the presence of another man in her face. No! she though, “not while I am married to my beloved William”.

She then pulled a matching colour bra from her vanity drawer and covered her relatively firm breast, palming them in the process and smiling. As she rose from her seating at the vanity, she could hear her children summoning her and indicating that they are quite ready for the trip to grandma.

She assured them that she will be out in five minutes, then reached into her wardrobe and clothe herself with a closed- fitted Ralph Lauren black dress which squeezed against her curvy body, while revealing every line and tone of her envied figure.

These types of dresses which formed a very small percentage of her wardrobe were not unusual, but were worn mostly whenever there is a private family function within the environs of the home, or if she is heading to the beach for a private afternoon lime with her husband and the kids.

Today would probably be the first time, she is wearing a knee length tight dress to a public place, with underwear lines imprinting through. Nonetheless, in despite of its apparent revealing stature, Mrs. Haley surmised that there is no challenging reason why she should not wear it.

As she looked up herself in the large Victorian mirror that hangs  on  the  wall  of  her  grand  bedroom,  she  smiled naughtily, blew a kiss in satisfaction, and gave her butt a firm spank with her right hand.

She then exited the bedroom and began to put her handbag and every other little piece of requirements for her Christmas shopping  together.  As  she  called  out  for  the  kids,  and inquired about their readiness to head off, the phone in the living room rang out again.

Suspecting it is William; she hurried over, picked up the handset,  and  greeted  the  caller  with  her  usually  pleasant “good morning”. Her suspicions were correct, as her husband greeted her in a disturbed tone, querying why three prior calls to  the  land  line  and  five  to  her  mobile  phone  went unanswered over an half hour period.

It is not a case where Mr. Haley had any negative thinking on the part of his wife. He was more or less concerned about her and the kid’s well-being since the unanswered calls caused him to wonder whether their security was compromised or something hostile had occurred, as it is quite unusual not to connect with his wife (or even the kids) after so many calls.

Recognizing his concerns, she explained that the kids spent a substantial amount of time playing and showering in the family bathroom while she was similarly taking a long shower, shaving herself, and a detailed health rub, in the bath of the Master Bedroom. She infers that the calls had probably came in around that period, hence the reason for them going unanswered.

Mr. Haley found comfort in her explanation, and tried to reassure his wife that his tone was only out of his originally bothered wits that something amiss may had happened. She laughs and similarly assured her husband that it is ok, and she is always proud at his concerns for her and the kids.

She then alerted him that she is now leaving the home for her mom’s house to drop off the kids as planned, then head into Bridgetown to start her traditional Christmas shopping.

Mr. Haley had promised to join her upon his lunch break, but knowing the difficulties of having to leave an overload list of clients stranded on the last day for banking business before

Christmas would be disastrous, he decided to update his wife on the situation. Hence, with that in mind he caution her that he might not exit the office until around 3pm when the bank Commercial lending Unit closes off business for the holidays.

They then shared a joke, and hung up after some loving pleasantries.

Immediately  after  she  hangs  up,  she  reached  into  her handbag, grabbed the mobile phone to scroll its missed calls lists, and felt bad at the number of times William had indeed tried to call her. Moreover, she felt terrible at telling her husband such a blatant white lie. But her guilt soon turned into justification as she acknowledges that there is no way she could have let the good Pastor know that in reality she was pre-occupied masturbating to her own erotic fantasies.

Looking  at   her   gold-crested  watch   on   her   wrist,   she exclaimed  in  amusement  at  the  fact  that  it  was  already
10:02am. Knowing she has now lost about an hour from her
planned shopping schedule, she grabbed her bundle of keys, surveyed the preparedness of the kids and hurried out the door with them in tow, while reminding the elder child, nine year old Jemma, to press the security sensor and pull the door shut.

After assuring herself that all was well, she bundled with the kids into the SUV, power up the engine and exited the well- kept precincts of her luxury home.

After about fifteen minutes into the journey, she notices a trifling build-up of traffic leading to the branch road to Silver Sands, just off the round-about at the traffic exit of Grantley Adams  International Airport.  However,  this  was  certainly

milder and less chaotic than the scene Mr. Haley had described to her earlier in the morning.

Trekking along with the cruising motion of the traffic, Mrs. Haley began to reminisce her earlier encounter with lust and sexual fantasy at her computer. And the more she thought about it, the more she wondered what sleeping with another man  with  the  right  size  of  manhood,  the  right  style  of foreplay, and the right pattern of   touching her in the ideal places, would be like.

These wild thoughts suddenly placed her in a compromising spot, as she could not had reached down upon herself, knowing fully well that the kids are in her company.  And displaying such a behavior would be risky business, and out- of-place for an adult to display in their presence.

Overwhelmed with sexual fire, she pulled her legs together, breathe deeply and pressed her lips firm against the other, as her clit developed an intensely heart pounding feeling as if it was yearning for something thick, dark brown and solid to be inserted into her.

Buried in her sexual whims, she paused upon realizing that her crotch was now getting wet, as nature would have obviously takes it course in such a scenario of erotic endeavors, whether real or fantasy.

About the same time, she realized that her exit into Silver Sands was mere seconds away, so she puts on the traffic indicator, then stylishly turned her H2 Hummer into the almost solitary lane that would take her to the kids grandmother.

A few minutes into the road, she noticed a mini-mart, and promptly pulls over. She needed a pack of panty liners to

place at her crotch, and in essence, ease the slimy discomfort that her wet clit was now feeling.

She  rushed  into  the  mini-part,  and  came  out  about  two minutes later with her liners concealed in one bag, and two sodas along with cheese crackers for the kids in another. She jumped back into her driver’s seat, passed the sodas and snacks over to the kids, then sped off, while trying to put the panty liners in her medium size Versace hand-bag.

Within  another  five  minutes  they  were  in  Silver  Sands, turning into a few short streets, and unto the lawns of grandma’s two bedroom concrete house.

Mrs. Haley exited with her hand-bag under her shoulder, while the kids made a rush to their grandmother’s front door, knocking erratically for her to open.

The sturdy old lady promptly opened the door and greeted the kids, while querying from her daughter if she is not hurrying  on  to  the  city  to  do  her  shopping.  Mrs.  Haley nodded in agreement, while indicating to her mom that she needed to use the washroom first.

Her mom wrinkled her face in surprise and told her good daughter that she does not need permission from anyone to access the washroom or use anything within the home. Mrs. Haley laughed and reminded her mom that she was the one who ask a question to which she had replied. The old lady then  joined  in  laughter  at  her  ironic  statement,  as  her daughter enter and close the washroom door behind her.

In the washroom, Mrs. Haley removed her underwear, and was surprised at the fact that the entire crotch of it was wet. She then pulled up her black dress and washes away the

discomforting slime that had embodied her vagina and lower pubic area with some soapy lather.

After a clean rinse, she dried herself, and felt quite comfortable now. However, she had no extra underwear, and despised the idea of putting on the same wet-crotch panty, even with the liners.

She then hurriedly washed it with some soap, rang the water, and then concealed the washed underwear in the black plastic bag that held the pack of panty liners that she had bought earlier.

Looking into the washroom mirror, with due concerned about her underwear dilemma, she nonetheless pulled down back her dress below her hips, re-examine her appearance, and exited the washroom in satisfaction.

Mrs. Haley does not necessarily sleeps with underwear, but cannot recall ever going into the public domain dressed with no underwear to cover her tightness. At least never in all the years she had spent at medical school, and all the years she had been married to Mr. William Haley.

She  ponder  on  the  many  embarrassing  situations  that  a woman without underwear can face in public, and laugh at herself for even trying such a stunt.

As she exited the door she kissed her mom goodbye, cautioned the kids to be of good behavior, and then cruised out of the rugged street, after making a closed-legged entry into her vehicle.

Just before she turned into the main roadway, she dialed her husband’s office number, and informed him that she is now heading  into  Bridgetown  from  Silver  Sands.  Mr.  Haley

expressed delight and questioned his wife on her shopping plans.

She then lists a small group of places that she intends to shop at, but all of which seemed to be centred around the broad street and Swan Street area. He wished her good luck and then reminded her of the possibility of him not being able to join her at 3pm as planned, after the earlier lunch time cancellation.

Mrs.   Haley,   expressed  her   understanding  at   his   work schedule, knowing that in any case, Mr. Haley had only gone shopping with her maybe on two or three Christmas seasons since they have been married just over nine years ago. They then exchange their usual affectionate pleasantries for each other, and hung up.

Chapter 3:

Loss of appetite

After concluding her telephone chat with her husband, Mrs. Haley placed her I-phone 4 back into her handbag, assesses the passing traffic, then screeched unto the roadway upon the signal of an approaching driver, and continued her drive to Bridgetown via Oistins.

Transiting through Oistins was not an easier task either, with a periodic back-up of traffic agitating her along the coastal roadway  of  the  small  tourist  shopping  community.  She looked at her time on the SUV touch screen, and suggested that it might be best to pull over to the Fish Port car park, and nab a bite of some sea food, then proceed again when the traffic is less intense, hopefully within the hour.

She then pulled into the car park, and settled at the most extreme side of it, after much difficulty in finding a more suitable parking space. As she exited the SUV, she reminded herself that she is not wearing any underwear, and might as well, sit in a more reclusive area of the tourist shopping zone.

Hence she avoided the main walkway and headed to the most distant lane of the sea food complex. As she walked past the first three lanes, she  observed various persons in  varying sizes of gathering munching away, while others were having what appeared to be local beers.

Some men that were at the most immediate shops adjacent to the walkway gasped and made complimentary remarks as Mrs.  Haley strides past  them elegantly in  her  black high heels, black dress, and complimentary black handbag. She

smiled to herself and wondered if these guys have no regards for other people’s wives nor due consideration for their wives at home.

She then stopped at a shop displaying a large colourful sea food sign with a seemingly quiet group of persons dining without any alcoholic beverages on the table. She suffices that this may be ideal for her stature, and took up a seat at one of the empty two-person tables.

A young lady, who works there as a waitress walked over to Mrs. Haley and flattered her with the day’s menu, after which she selected an order of grilled fish, with vegetables and ginger sauce.

As she began her fifteen minutes wait for her order, she decided to call her husband so as to update him on her quest to reach into Bridgetown, and the fact that she had stopped for lunch in Oistins.

His mobile phone rang out and hit the voicemail box, but she decided not to leave a message. In apparent boredom she called her mom, and spent a few minutes lamenting about the traffic   and   the   shopping   challenges   that   comes   with Christmas.

As they chat, her eyes inadvertently kept scouring down the lane at the quieter crowds and couples dining along the relatively solitary range of fish shops. Suddenly she thought that she had saw someone looking like her husband William, but differ in her though because he would have been at work, and is not known to hang out in Oistins.

Nothing was practically wrong with hanging out there, but she knows that the good Pastor had conservative views about the predominantly imbibing crowd that usually hangs there,

and had never made any indication of ever wanting to be there.

Sitting in doubt, she ended the conversation with her mom, and redirected her focus on the man and the woman sitting at the furthest end of the lane. At least the shirt and tie appeared to  be  the  same,  and  the  face,  though  distant  from  her, certainly fits that of William.

Her curiosity began to engulf her, and as such, she decided to dial his mobile phone again. Looking up the lane, she noticed that  the  man  she  sure  was  William removing his  mobile phone from his shirt pocket, looked at the screen then apparently presses the silent button before dropping it back into his pocket again.

Baffled further, she redials the number again, and the man repeated the same gestures, except that this time he kept it in his hands, and began to press a series of keys continuously for about a minute then puts the phone back into his pocket.

A few second after, her phone divulges a message received tone, to which she immediately proceeded to read. It was from William saying “Busy with work. Dealing with a client. Will call u when am free”.

Mrs. Haley emotions sunk while reading the message, as she is sort of certain that the man at the other end of the lane was her husband in conversation with a woman that was backing her. For her, this is not the character of the good pastor. She is certain that he had never knowingly told her a lie in their more than nine years of marriage. And would never ever engage in cheating tactics. She assumed that it may be a case of mistaken identity.

Still in doubt she arose and went to the last lane which was closer to the beach, and proceeded to walk to the other end of that lane with the intention of having a much clearer view of the man and the woman sitting at the table.

Concealing herself, she peered through the crossed lane, and indeed it was Mr. Haley in conversation with a woman she did not recognize.

She immediately grew enraged and contemplated confronting the good Pastor, but her temper withered upon closer evaluation of his conversation with the woman.

As she listened in, the details of their chat seemed clearly formal and business-like, as she could hear bits and pieces of the conversation as he referred to her as “a client that my bank respects”, compounded by sparely audible terms such as “your loan circumstances, insufficient collateral, portfolio review” and lines that seemed consistent with a business meeting.

Mrs. Haley then began to feel debauched at her conduct, and walked away embarrassingly as she wondered how degrading it would have been if he had made an impromptu interruption of her husband’s business meeting. Worst off to be accusing him of possible infidelity, when that doesn’t seem to be the case, and had never knowingly been an occurrence in their more than nine years of marriage.

Overwhelmed with embarrassment and fear, Mrs. Haley hurried back to the shop where she had ordered her meal, paid the waitress, and told her she no longer has an appetite to  eat  her  order  on  site.  The  young  lady  nonetheless, promptly packaged the order in a box, and gives it to Mrs. Haley as she hurried out of the area towards her SUV.

Just as she passed the first lane on her way to the car park, she felt certain that a unified distant voice had uttered her name. She paused for a second, looked around, but saw no one or no sign that anyone was trying to summon her. Assuming that it is probably her fears and fancy, she turned around and continued to the car park nearby, unlocks the doors to her SUV and entered it without further ado.

Eager to leave, she immediately powered on the vehicle and relishes some relief from the coolness of the AC, while trying to come to grips with her questionable encounter. She wondered if her husband had seen her as she exited the area, while quietly accepting that her actions seemingly lacked marital principles and was clearly out-of-place.

Her heart still racing with fear, she typed a reply to his text message, “ok hun. I know how it can be. Was just buzzing u to let u know that I am stuck in traffic on my way to Bridgetown. Love u”.

While it didn’t matter where he had held his meetings in or out of the office, Mrs. Haley was just sort of taken back by the fact that it is held in such an open place. And even so, she could not have found anything wrong with that either, as it can be a client or banker’s choice.

“Maybe the woman’s business place is right there in the shopping complex, and he probably did a field visit”, she though.

Still not sure what to think of it, she give the matter a short rest, drove out of the car park, and rejoined the long lines of vehicles crawling along the coastal road to the city.

About half an hour later she was almost in Bridgetown seeking out a place to park, as she slowly began to recollect

her close-call at Oistins. But the more she thinks about it, the more she finds it difficult to interpret the actual meaning of the last text message her husband had sent.

After another ten minutes of circling the city centre unsuccessfully for parking spots, she settled for a makeshift parking space just off Bay Street, on an empty lot which nested between what appears to be a bar on one side and an internet café on the other.

She placed her head back on the SUV seat in a relaxed position, then began to review the text message that William had sent her earlier. She read the lines a few times “Busy with work. Dealing with a client. Will call u when am free”.

She tried to find justification as to whether the text was emphasizing that he was at work or at the bank, or whether it did not meant confinement to a particular location for his meetings. But then again, why didn’t he be specific that he was having an outdoor meeting? Why he could not have said he is at Oistins? Why would he choose such a location for a business meeting?

But her mind could not had provided any plausible answers to the many questions that she raised to herself, thus she decided  that  it  would  be  best  to  set  the  issue  aside  and proceed with the annual Christmas shopping, starting with an underwear, and a quick run to a restaurant washroom.

She surveyed the stores in her view and notice that there were some dresses, bathing suits and skimpy attires on display in their show window. She creed and hoped that she can find an undie right there before mingling with the large crowd that she had observed thronging through Bridgetown.

She huddled out of her SUV, secured it, and walked briskly over to the small-time clothing store with the display windows, as it was actually obliquely opposite her parking position. She slipped into its small doorway and began to look around for an underwear.

The small store seemed overcrowded with various ladies lingerie,  exotic  clothing,  beach  sets,   stylist  underwear, evening wear and other outfits that seemed to better fit the young-at-heart. A young lady sat at the cash register with her head down in a novel, and appeared undisturbed by the high pitched sounds of Mrs. Haley’s high heel shoes as it connects intermittently against the tiled floor of the boutique.

Mrs. Haley grinned to herself, wondering how ironic and unlikely it is for her to actually found such a store upon to her needs just as she exits the vehicle. It was if the store fitted itself right there before her, seemingly knowing that she would have exited her SUV with no underwear. The thought of that, made her smiled wider and murmured at the ridiculousness of her assumptions.

There were only two other customers in the mini-store, who subsequently stepped out, and by extension, now giving her the full attention of the matured sales woman that was attending to them earlier.

“How may I help you today?”, she asked politely.

Mrs. Haley inadvertently did not answered her, and was already setting her eyes upon various classes of underwear, prompting the woman to add “naughty, sexy, gorgeous or wild?”.

Turning  around  to  the  attention  of  the  saleswoman,  she replied “Wow! Sorry. I am not sure”, while complimenting it with an unusually forced-up smile.

The sales woman then suggested that Mrs. Haley can help by indicating her intentions, the occasion or place. But was interrupted  with  a   suppressed  laughter  from  the  good reverend wife, who later advised her that the undies is not intended for any of the things she suggested, or as a matter of fact nothing special, at all.

With a small sign of amusement on her face, the matured woman explained to Mrs. Haley that she does not intend to sneak  into  her  privacy,  but  is  always  willing  to  provide advice to shy women like herself, as many others like her had left the precinct of her lingerie store satisfied after interacting with her.

Even though her point did not mattered much to Mrs. Haley, she felt curious to hear what sort of advice the woman could have been talking about.

Giving into this curiosity, she responded in a consented tone, prompting the woman to escort her over to a soft seating suite located at an extreme corner of the store.

Mrs. Haley sat down at the woman’s gesture on a single- seated suite, with the woman facing her in the other, and smiled in agreement of the conversation that they are about to have.

Chapter 4:

The choices you make

The woman appeared to be in her late forties, maybe around
48, with an equally convincing figure, and exquisite outfit, that tells Mrs. Haley that this is a woman of style and charisma.

The woman introduced herself as Wendy Palmer, owner/ manager of the lingerie clothing outfit, but asks Mrs. Haley to address her as Wendy, if that makes her comfortable.

Equally, Mrs. Haley indicated to her that she can call her Simone, choosing to be discreet with her surname for fear that the mere mention of “Haley” would give away her identity, as the Haley’s were few in numbers in Barbados and are generally tied outright to the well-known Pastor, William Haley.

Moreover, she was sort of skeptical of the woman’s inclination to speak with her, fearing that the apparently well- endowed lady probably has some unwittingly smart ulterior motive, maybe because she recognized her as a prominent wife.

Nonetheless, she weightily put herself at ease, and offered a duplicitous smile, as the matured woman made some pleasantries and controversial comments about how complicated womanhood can be.

Mrs. Haley nodded and pretended to agree with her, while coercing the six-foot tall woman to proceed by symbolically sighing at the time displayed on the clock that was hung on the southern wall of the boutique.

“What type of lady do you classified yourself as?” ask the woman in a rather concerned but soft tone.

Mrs. Haley squeezed her face in surprise, seemingly at a lost at the true interpretation of the question asked. But felt that it would be awkwardly unintelligent to openly express her confused mind in the face of the woman, while pondering that it may also seemed sort of disrespectful not to answer an ostensibly straightforward question.

“Can you be more specific?, As I am not quite sure about the context of the question”, she responded softly.

Wendy smiled and said “ok Simone. Would you describe your bedroom character as being curious, domineering, adventurous,  docile,  wild,  extroverted,  unpredictable, grumpy, raunchy, slapdash, or fussy?"

Mrs. Haley, giggled in amusement as she cannot recall ever being asked such a question, which made her felt a little cautious about even considering a response to it, as it also seems too intrusive or a rather erogenous question for a stranger to ask her.

“You have a way with words Wendy” she spurted out laughably. “I never knew that there were actually words associated with a woman’s conduct in the bedroom, or rather words defining their bedroom personality”, she add.

“Yes, there is”, whispered Wendy, putting on a facial expression as if Simone was expected to have known that.

“Well, I really can’t say which one of those categories I would fit into. After all, these bedroom character definitions are  somewhat like  breaking news on  CNN to  me.  Never heard of it”, she murmured with a rather sarcastic laugh.

Wendy,  seemingly  not   amused  by   Mrs.   Haley’s  self- indulgent reservations, said “alright Ms. Goody-two-shoes, let me spell this out plain and simple to you, one character at a time”.

“Do you know how to recognize a woman with a curious character in the bedroom?”, she asks ironically.

Mrs. Haley just nodded, as she felt perturbed that Wendy is sort of asking her the same question that she had already answered in the negative.

With an ostensibly spontaneous boldness, Wendy continued with her depiction of the of the curios woman; - “a curios woman in the bedroom (she accentuate) is one who may be interested in trying new things, only if she feels comfortable doing it, and without any shyness whatsoever.

The boutique manager added that “a bedroom curios woman is not curios to try things desired by her partner, and is highly unlikely to provide 100% sexual excitement to her man. He on  the  other  hand, especially in  marriage, might only be going through the bedroom motions with her, while pepping up for more exciting types of bedroom characters that his woman does not align with”.

Mrs. Haley became composed at that very notion, as it seems to fit her bedroom personality perfectly well. And if it did define her with accuracy, and the entire theory of the woman is correct, then surely she may be unknowingly having issues with the good Pastor.

The woman further stressed that “This type of character is quite risky to display if you have been with your partner for an extended period (maybe a few years), and is not known to be inquisitive about various sexual fantasies.

For a curious bedroom personality, her choice of lingerie or underwear would be the average working girl undie, without any consideration for excitement. Just as long as it appears decent and fits her confortable”.

The added description and knowing deep down inside that the curious bedroom character fitted her perfectly, made Mrs. Haley emotionally troubled. But with a fabricated smile, and now more interested in the conversation, she asked Wendy to go on with the list of others, as that doesn’t seem to be her character at all.

And Wendy, being an experience lingerie sales woman and de facto sex counselor, was always please to extend bedroom advice and tips to her customers without any fuss. She was used to an extend list of troubled wives, enthusiastic husband stealers,  and  confused  brides  seeking  out  her  informal advices.

And even if Mrs. Haley did not asked her to continue, she would have carried on with descriptions of the other characters, nonetheless. But the very fact that the impulsive customer demanded that she continued, made Wendy a little suspicious and more inclined to now treat her interaction with Simone as a woman-in-trouble sort of chat. So she willingly continued, but with much more sarcasm.

“ok Simone. Do you know those women that love to hit the streets with their thongs hidden between their butts and out of view under their jeans and tight working skirts? And prefer a man to straddle them while their thong is still riding the middle of their butt joints, and is slipped romantically aside at their crotches?. Well those are the adventurous types”, she quote.

As if Wendy was actually seeking out her response, the good Pastor’s wife interjected by asking Wendy “what does their thongs has to do with them being adventurous characters?”.

Wendy then looked at her with a sort of bewildered face, and asked sarcastically, “isn’t this conversation about bedroom characters and their choices of undies?”

Mrs. Haley nodded apologetically in the affirmative, then leaned forward, and listened attentively as Wendy continue to divulge her pointers on women who prefer to wear thongs.

The woman hurriedly explained that girls who wear thongs in the streets wants men to check out their firm and well- rounded butts.

“She’s wearing it because she wants a man to see what it reveals.  Out of excuses, she might say that she has to wear a thong with her tight fitted uniform or working skirt because people might see the panty lines easily through the fabric and may consider her attire as unprofessional.  But don’t buy that story, she is actually the adventurous type”, Wendy blurted with an unrefined laugh.

She added that “Adventurous women are generally the preferred type, as they are usually willing to try different things in the bedroom and almost anything that would satisfy their sexual encounters. Because of this, her man is generally not bored of her in bed, and as such would most likely have a long term survivable relationship or marriage”.

“Are you that type?”, the woman unexpectedly asked Mrs. Haley with much cynicism.

Already lost in the conversation, and feeling like a dummy to these things that a woman at her age should have apparently

already   know,   Mrs.   Haley   remained   quiet,   and   only responded with a short smile and a confused gesture after noticing a look of coercion from Wendy.

Feeling sort of sorry for Mrs. Haley, Wendy added that, “this theory only applies to about 98% of women who wears thongs. Hence it doesn’t mean that you are not in the remaining 2% who are the adventurous type but wears other types of undies”.

Mrs. Haley, apparently recognizing that the woman is trying to appease her with unwanted pity, responded that she is totally in agreement with her point regarding women who wear thongs. And after all, Wendy doesn’t know what she wears in any case.

As they reasoned, three customers then cruised into the lingerie store, but because of its small size Mrs. Haley felt uncomfortable chatting further under such circumstances. Hence she suggested to Wendy that she might as well go over to the customers and address their needs, as she is very much inclined to wait. Wendy agreed and went over to greet the three women that had just ventured in.

On the other hand, Mrs. Haley knew that it was now already
1:34 pm; a time factor that does not goes in her favour considering the volume of Christmas shopping that she still has to do. But the usually uptight Simone cannot recall ever having such an interesting conversation about women and their bedroom physiognomies.

Readjusting herself on the small couch, she kept recollect the things that Wendy had said to her so far, and became overwhelmed at the volume of sexual necessities that she was probably missing.

Taking everything into account, she surmised that the conversation with Wendy and the free bedroom advice that she is providing, would truly worth her lost time. As such, she unhesitatingly felt it compulsory to wait as long as it takes to hear Wendy out.

The  three  customers  instinctively  divided  themselves between the beach wear section, undies section, and exotic bedroom lingerie zone.

As they made some barely audible queries to Wendy, and the young cashier who had sat up to assist one of the shoppers, Mrs.  Haley  peeked  over  intrusively  between  the  lower shelves in a bid to observe what the women were shopping.

It’s not like the Pastor’s wife had a penchant for minding other people’s business, as that was certainly not her style. Instead, she felt that maybe she can learn something out of the ordinary from other women, by making some on-hand observations into their erotic choices of bedroom attire. But the overstocked stylish shelves and many hanging lingerie under each row made it difficult for her to have even a fair view of what either of the women had thrown into their shopping baskets.

Unsuccessful at her eyes pried attempt, Mrs. Haley felt that maybe if her ears can stake out the cashier, then she can probably still have a clue of what desired undies, lingerie or exotic wear had brought these three women to the boutique. But she soon discovered that nothing that she’d expected was revealed, except for an idea of the total costs of their items,

as it was sort of openly displayed in green numbers on a small screen visor that usually faces the customer.

The three shoppers did not spend more than about seven minutes in the store, as they seemed to know exactly what they had wanted, and Wendy seemed to be equally familiar with their choices of apparel or the occasion.

The young women then shared an exotic overtone with the cashier,  followed  by  a  discourteously  flamboyant  laugh, which suddenly put some life into the tranquil atmosphere that had encompass the boutique when Mrs. Haley had first arrived.

As they opened the door in haste to leave the boutique, the customary tingling bell heralded noisily over the doorway, and faded in apparent harmony with the motion of the door as it automatically closes behind the young women.

Wendy walked back over to Mrs. Haley, and apologizes for keeping her waiting, much to the amusement of the devoted pediatrician.

“It’s ok. Never mind that. I though you would have been longer”, she grinned.

Wendy then took up her seating position again and immediately continued, but in a more hurried tone as if she sense that Mrs. Haley’s time is being infringed upon.

“How about the wild and raunchy bedroom character?” She asked, as if Mrs. Haley was supposed to answer.

She continued in a lower tone, explaining that “they are part adventurous, part curious and prefer to plan their sexual escapades with some degree of elegance. They would usually wear two types of undies; - expensive Victoria secret hipsters whether at home, at work or in the public place. But would go for a very expensive crutchless undie or expensive G- string whenever they desire some bedroom action. In most cases they are beautiful, elegant, unmarried, and prefer to carry-on affairs with well bequeath and responsible men”.

She added that “Nonetheless, there are a smaller percentage of decently married women, who would simply add some G- strings to their wardrobe so as to create some bedroom surprises and erotic excitement for their husbands from time to time, or whenever they simply feels naughty enough to treat him to something special”

“Really?”, Mrs. Haley asked with a deeper voice and a more cynical attitude. Without waiting for an answer, she immediately continued, laughably; “so if I see my girlfriends wearing any of these, I should consider that they are engaged in clandestine affairs?”

Wendy laugh at the question and responded in detail “Think about   it   Simone.   A   girl   doesn’t   buy   tiny,   expensive underwear in hopes that someone might accidentally see her in it. When she shells out all that money, let’s say U$40 for a nearly extremely thin, almost non-existent thong, she has every intention of letting some special man seeing her in it, and most likely worked her good in it or maybe out of it.  In fact, she would most likely put on the G-string on a particular night with exactly that plan in mind”.

She then smiled, asking Simone, “would you spend $40 on a piece of string for it to uncomfortably wedged between your butt all day? No, you won’t do that unless you wanted someone to see it wedged up there, and get it off within minutes of your encounter. G-strings are not a comfort wear. They aren’t design for wearing around the place for hours. So I guess that answers your question my friend”.

Simone smiled, and complimented Wendy for her point. “indeed, I honestly can’t think of any other reason why someone would want to wear that sort of undies all around the place, all day”, she muttered.

Wendy  felt  exalted  and  decided  to  roll  unto  the  other bedroom characters. But just as she was about to bundled the description   and   underwear   preferences   for   the   docile, grumpy, slapdash, and fussy, Mrs. Haley mobile phone rang while vibrating in her handbag.

The intensity of the ring, forced Wendy to instinctively take a pause, as if she knew that the call ought to be answered. Mrs. Haley raised her forefinger and made a figurative gesture to indicate that she would peruse the number that is calling, and by extension answer’s it, if it is important enough to take.

In any case, the Pastor’s wife had a relatively small list of persons that would usually call her, except for close relatives and her three friends, who would buzz her at all absurd hours during the day. So she hurriedly took the phone out of her bag, looked at the screen, and whispered to Wendy that it’s her husband, while asking for an excuse from their chat to take the call.

As soon as she greeted her husband the good Pastor alerted Mrs. Haley that he was in Bridgetown seeking out parking around the Queens Park area, and wants to know her current location, so that they can connect for lunch soon.

Mrs. Haley responded saying “I stopped to see a friend on Independence Square, but would hurry over to Cave Shepherd, then over to Mall 44 where we can have some baked fish and beans”.

He laughed at her seemingly premeditated lunch preference, and muttered reluctantly in agreement, after which they hung up upon confirming that another twenty minutes should be adequate for them to connect.

As soon as she put away her phone, Wendy, who was practically  sitting  right  before  her  throughout  the  clearly heard conversation, said “well, it seems like you have to go now, but we are always here to continue this chat another time”.

“certainly, but I think I would take three undies, and your number because I really need for us to have a satisfied conclusion to  this conversation today, if that’s is not too much for you”, said Simone.

Wendy  laugh  and  assured  her  that  she  doesn’t  have  a problem with that, then scribbled two other numbers behind the back of a business card and handed it to Mrs. Haley.

“What type of underwear you would like to have?”, asked

“Well, I think I am going to be the adventurous character on the street today. So please give me three of the expensive hipsters”, she said naughtily.

Wendy looked at Simone’s hips to assess the appropriate size of undies that would fit her, then extract a lace, a spandex and a butt-labeled hipster (with the word “adventurous” boldly emblazoned behind the latter), then showed them to Simone, who expressed profound satisfaction at the sexiness of the undies.

After  forking out  the  required US$120 for  the  three, she asked for the benefit of the changing room, which Wendy showed her with a smile. She went over, took out the “adventurous” hipster undie, removed the Victoria’s Secret brand tags and packaging from the waist, and pulled it smoothly up her legs.

She felt firm, comfortable and sexually betrothed, knowing that she is now connected to the modern fashion trends of the bedroom.

She then walked out from the changing room smiling, while thanking Wendy again, and reminding the informal bedroom counselor to expect a call from her later in the afternoon.

As she pulled the door to exit the small boutique, the jingling sounds of the hanging doorbells filled the room again, and faded harmoniously as she stepped on to the pavement with satisfaction, like every other customer who had ventured into the store before her.

Chapter 5:

Encounters not wished for   

The immediate outskirts of Bridgetown was swollen with motorists traversing the city streets at snail’s pace, while the central shopping zone almost came to a traffic halt as an unusually large volume of cars outstretched the capacity of its inner roadways.

The congested traffic created much trouble for Mrs. Haley as he tried to maneuver herself between uneven rows of agitated drivers,   and   rushing   pedestrians,   trying   desperately   to compete with each other to reach cross the street via undesignated crossings along the roadway, much to the amusement of a traffic warden observing nearby.

As she stepped on to the pavement on the other side of the roadway which leads into the city centre, she realized that her quest for a more loosen thoroughfare was an effort in vain, as it was noticeably difficult for her to move efficiently through the bursting crowd that was already traversing there.

To Mrs. Haley, the volume of both vehicular and foot traffic seemed exaggerated to the naked eyes, as she cannot recall the city being so drenched with human and machines competing for traffic space. It certainly did not made her comfortable, and only add low spirits to her shopping mood.

Tried as she could, the profuse crowd showed no tolerance for her preferred unperturbed and well-spaced walking style within a chaotic walking zone like this. Everyone was evidently jostling for walking space as they traversed on opposite lanes of the pavement. This certainly made smooth

walking a luxury, while creating nothing more than a travesty for a woman like Mrs. Haley, as she tries to navigate the streets of Bridgetown in high heels.

Feeling miserable and now walking with less elegance, her closely-fitted black dress made the humidity and warmth of the day felt more intense than it actually was. As such, she tried to pull to the inner sanctum of the pavement where a little shelter can be intermittently obtained from the buildings that lined the street.

After a few minutes of cluttered walking, sweating, bumping into other persons, and having to say “sorry” over half a dozen times, the Cave Shepherd Shopping Centre came into sight, thus providing some perceptual relief to Mrs. Haley, as she craved for some coolness to soothe her from the unpleasant hotness of the mid-afternoon sun.

As she came closer to the superstore, the crowd appeared to be more clustered but less hostile, thus allowing her to easily maneuver with a constant “excuse me please” to every Harry and Jane that that was seemingly dallying in her path.

After another two minutes of inadvertent bump-ins and received apologies, she reached the main entrance of the shopping centre via Broad Street.

Without hesitation, she walked through its doorway, greeted by the calming songs of modestly played instrumental Christmas carols flowing from the ceiling speakers of the superstore. As she leisurely ventured further into its stylish hallway,  the  immediate  intensity  of  the  store’s  air conditioning system, gave her an almost instant relief.

Mrs. Haley was not a frequent visitor to the popular duty free mega-store but had wanted to subscribe for Christmas gifts

for her husband and the kids, and have the superstore delivering  them  as  part  of  their  Xmas  morning  Santa Delivery program; - a premium service which usually allows for gifts to be delivered across the Island between 4am to
7am on Christmas Day.

This service generally entails a bulky red-suited Santa performer  and  his  four  dressed-up  green  elves,  driving around through delivery routes on the Island in an improvise sleight (on wheels of course), knocking on your door, while caroling your name. Once you are up and they have your attention, they greets’ you with the surprise present, and leaves you with a message supposedly from the North Pole for Christmas.

For Mrs. Haley, such a display would be more than ideal for her family on Christmas day. Hence, it was a priority item on her shopping list ever since she saw an advert about it in the local press, three weeks ago.

Trying to follow some directions to the gift area, she ponders whether it may be a good idea to have a bogus Santa delivering a gift to her husband. After all, he is an adult who always expresses his displeasures at the excesses that are displayed by people at Christmas time, compounded by his belief that the season is highly commercialize. The mere thought of her idea backfiring, pushed her into deciding against taking up the offer of a Santa gift delivery for her husband.

That being the case, she immediately diverted her attention to the kids’ gift section so as to seek out something that would fit well with their respective age group, and likeness. In any case, she knew that the kids would be excited about a Santa

Claus (be it bogus or not) delivering gifts to them in the wee hours of the morning.

Seemingly aware of what she actually needs for the kids, the gifts selections, payment and assignment process, took no longer than fifteen minutes, as the cashiers were a little less pressed than those assigned to other departments of the store.

Walking over to the men’s section to scrutinize gift options for Mr. Haley, she suddenly wondered why he hasn’t called her back as yet, since he presumably should have parked and be on his way to Broad Street already.

Being a little concerned, she placed her hands in her bag and retrieved her mobile phone. Surprisingly, there were two missed  calls  from  Mr.  Haley.  In  obvious  disbelief,  she stopped in an obtrusive manner along the store’s corridor and wondered why she did not heard her phone rang, as the store was relatively quiet comparing to the blended sounds of car horns and squabbling voices outside.

Feeling a little bewildered, she redialed her husband’s number, and expressed her surprise at not hearing anything when his calls came through earlier. He responded in a rather concerned tone alerting her at the surprising number of times for today he had endured difficulty connecting with her via her mobile phone.

The good Pastor then queried her location, after which he informed her that he is almost at the cafeteria in Mall 44, which is practically right across the street from where she was shopping.

“O.K. hun, I’ll be across there in a minute”, she said.

William never liked to be kept waiting, and can dispense some incongruous tendencies if he felt his request to meet someone is being ignored or played-down, whether perceptively or not. Mrs. Haley knew this outright, and as such she quit the gift shopping exercise and hurried over to the cafeteria at Mall 44 to meet her husband.

When she got to the Cafeteria, William was standing in conversation with an elderly couple about four tables away from where she subsequently sat. She presumed that they are most likely from one of the churches where her husband preaches, and simply decided to avoid them all together.

William looked around and gestured to her that he is coming over  shortly,  but  the  couple  showed  no  apparent consideration for their infringement on the good Pastor’s dining time, as they further held Mr. Haley’s attention for another ten minutes, babbling from one spiritual issue to the next.

For Mrs. Haley, it got worse when her husband decided to alert them that his wife is here, resulting in her reluctantly going over to greet the couple and settling into the conversation.   Nonetheless, she rolled through the motions, flashing a series of plastic smiles to even the most irrational of points that the couple tried to relay to her and William.

After a few minutes, the couple ushered goodbye to the chat and was about to walk away, but suddenly made Mrs. Haley a mystified statue when the old lady asked “didn’t we saw you in Oistins sort of dining today? Because I am certain that we saw someone with the same features and outfit as you are wearing now, rushing away with a food container in their hands. We yelled Mrs. Harley, but you just looked around

briefly and carried on. So we assumed you didn’t recognize us”.

Concerned that this is now within William’s hearing, Mrs. Haley responded with a noticeable nervousness, “Are you sure? Because I am quite certain that it is definitely not the busy socially isolated me you saw”.

Apparently not expecting that answer, the elderly couple looked  at  each  other  in  astonishment,  and  nodded disdainfully in acceptance of her answer, while repeated their goodbyes to Mr. and Mrs. Haley.

Mr. Haley, seemingly accepting his wife’s notion that it is most likely a case of mistaken identity, proceeded to the cafeteria’s food window, assuming that Mrs. Haley is right behind him. However, as he queried what she would like for lunch, and not receiving an answer, he turned around only to discover that his wife was still conversing with the old woman.

Wondering what the hold-up was, he walked back over to where the two women was chatting, and cautioned himself to assess the topic in discussion before he ask for his wife to be excused.

Now standing behind his wife, he could hear the old woman uttering that  "Maybe  our  eyes  fooled  us,  but  myself and Marty  (her  husband)  had  stopped  at  the  first  lane  for  a serving of flying fish in tomato sauce, and was sort of sure that you had passed us to go further into the recreation zone at the back. I think it was a little after 11am today”.

Mrs. Haley, didn’t said anything, but by way of the infuriated expressions on her face the old lady grasped that the Pastor’s wife wasn’t appreciative of her meddlesome conversation.

Now feeling contrite, the old lady added that “anyway, if indeed it wasn’t you, then we sincerely apologize. Maybe our age is probably taking its toll on our eyes".

Realizing that William was unintentionally standing behind her, Mrs. Harley, did her best to remain composed, and assured the old lady that it’s ok.

"It can happen to anyone, knowing how our eyes are complacent at times", she concluded with a laugh.

William with a visibly puzzled look on his face, smiled in agreement with his wife, and uninvitingly lamented at the many hiccups a person's golden years can bring to their five senses. He urged the departing old lady to have a blessed day, and walked back with Mrs. Haley to the food windows, as she awkwardly turned around, only to see the elderly couple disappearing into the Broad Street crowd that was traversing past the entrance of the Mall.

Standing with her husband at the food window, and shaking her head in utter disgust at the spoiled-sport, nosey attitude of the old woman; she asked William if he didn’t find the woman’s claim ridiculous, but his submerged engagement with the cafeteria’s menu sort of hijacked a response.

She knew that by character her husband would never have any reason to believe that she had lied to him. But for some reason, she surmised that Mr. Haley may be wondering how two people, albeit their age, could be so wrong.

She questioned Mr. Haley if he is acquainted with the couple, while repeating her bewilderment at the old woman’s insistence that she did saw her at lunch in Oistins today. She then joked to him that maybe she won’t be having an appetite at all to eat anything now.

Mr. Haley laughed mildly at his wife’s sarcasm, while collecting their ordered meals from the cashier, which he took over to the table that was chosen by her.

As she prepares to have lunch with her husband, Mrs. Haley realized that this was an holiday encounter that she had never wished for.

Chapter 6:

You got to be kidding me

The cafeteria did not offer much comfort as it was more or less; open dining in an area cooled by vents and flamboyant architectural   windows.   Mrs.   Haley   loved   the   imitated colonial setting, hence she really didn’t mind giving up her likeness for air conditioning to dine surrounded by the presence of symbolic historical artifacts, even though the relics were obviously simulated.

Mr. Haley placed the two plates of food on the table, sets one of the chairs into position and invited his wife to be seated, after which he placed their respective meals into position, and seated himself adjacent to her.

Once William was properly seated, Mrs. Haley instinctively whispered a prayer of not more than ten words, then lifted her knife and fork concertedly with the Pastor to savour their meal.

Mr. Haley was a hearty eater, but today, he simply ordered a piece  of  roast  chicken  complimented  by  a  serving  of macaroni pie with cole-slaw and mashed potatoes in gravy. On the other hand, Mrs. Haley, who is always cognizant of her calorie intakes, settled for a small slice of baked fish in ginger sauce, complemented with a slice of pine and steamed vegetables.

As they munched on their meals mutedly for the first minute or so, Mrs. Haley broke the table’s silence by lauding the succulent tastes of the baked fish, while flattering Mr. Haley on his excellent restaurant of choice for lunch.

He nodded in approval, and joked that the very fact that he has made a good choice for a wife should have already made it clear that he is a man of capable and excellent choices. Mrs. Haley laughed in appreciation of his remarks, while giving him a naughty and seemingly shy look.

Sensing that the Pastor is in a good mood, she opportunistically rephrased a question she had asked him earlier.

“Who was the old woman that almost accosted me back there
Willo?, she ask in a nonchalant way.

He looked up at her as if the question was an ironic one, and responded “what do you mean who is the old lady?

Before she could have responded, the Pastor chuckled to himself and stared his wife in the face as if he expects her to retract the question.

Equally puzzled, Mrs. Haley suppressed her face, and exhibited a wrinkled look which made her eyes seemed much smaller than they actually were.  Mr. Haley nodded his head at her in a discerning manner, grinned wittily, and continued with his meal.

While he ate, Mrs. Haley remained paused and said nothing for a few seconds, as she was quite certain that her husband would  not  had  demonstrate  such  cynical  traits,  or  risks making such sarcastic comments unless he was ultimately sure that she knew the woman.

Still unmoving with a dip of food in her spoon, she tried desperately to assess if she is probably familiar with the old lady, and simply did not recognise her earlier. But having squandered another minute of fruitless thinking, she grew

distressed at the drama and uttered "sorry hun, I really can't seem to figure out who was the old geezer. Maybe you can assist me so that I can enjoy my lunch without any further mind maze disturbances".

"I didn't know that the old lady was preventing you from eating your lunch", William crooned, followed by a vibrant unremitting laugh, which caused some other diners to direct their attention inquisitively at the Haley's dining table. The unwanted attention from the other patrons, though short- lived, made Mrs. Haley agitated and miserable.

It's not like Mr. Haley’s conduct was unusual, as he is known to have an extreme sense of humour that does not often sit well with the least humourus of persons.

Realizing that his wife had had enough of his open teasing, the  good  Pastor  made  it  known  that  he  is  putting  his deliberate immaturity aside and would answer her question.

Mrs. Haley pretended to shrug off his gesture, and tried to conceal a relief smile as she looked up at William, hurriedly waiting for him to deliver on the promise that he made ten seconds ago.

“Don’t  you  recognize  the  people  under  your  supervision
Simone?, he asked in an ironic tone.

“That old lady is Mrs. Margaret Ashby, the St. Lucy parish area supervisor for your Faith Counseling unit at the church. She has been in that position for the past four months. I can’t believe you Simone” he concluded.

Mrs. Haley’s grew pale as she could not believe that she had actually lied barefacedly to one of the very people that she

had counseled and advice against falling prey to lying, deceit and immorality.

“Oh  my  ***  that  was  Maggie?”  she  whispered  in  an awkward tone, as she placed her hands side by side, and slowly swiped both palms down her face in demise.

“Was that really Maggie, Willo?, she asked again, sounding rather stupendous, while her husband nodded his head in disbelief.

Mrs. Haley was never good at recollecting faces, but to not remember the face of someone who works right under your nose, may seem nothing less than plain insult.

In reality, there are over thirty old ladies fitting the traits and age range of Mrs. Ashby that works among the fifty four members grouping of Faith Counselors, with Mrs. Haley being the head by default, as it is the tradition of the church to automatically assign the sitting Pastor’s wife as the unit’s chair person.

After all, Mrs. Haley rarely calls meetings, and can only recollect a  little more than half of the  more popular and longer term members, much more to remember, the old lady, who had only became a volunteer a few months ago.

Mrs. Haley surmised that she probably had no more than two or three indirect encounters with her during that time. And as such she naturally began to let go of any guilty feelings for not remembering her.

Not so much amused any longer she looked up at William and made her thoughts known to him, and concluding that it is a genuine case of poor recollection.

“It is sort of a bad thing not to remember the people that labour in Charity with you. But to make a hula-who about it in this way honey. You got to be kidding me” she squabbled.

Mr. Haley laughed at his wife’s assertion, and assured her that he understands her point, since her encounters with the old lady would have indeed been isolated. He explained that Murty (her husband) has been known to him over the past two years, as he regularly services the electrical systems at the church.

It was through him that he met his wife as part of the congregation one Sunday, and subsequently encouraged her to fellowship with one of the church’s volunteer groupings.

Mrs. Haley expressed her satisfaction at his explanation of how he came to know the couple, after which they completed their meals, and discussed their respective plans for the rest of the day over a glass each of tropical fruit juice.

Because of the volume of time already exhausted, Mrs. Haley expressed her desire to shop for the main items now, and leave the less desired goodies for tomorrow.

William looked at his watch, and offered to assist his wife with her shopping for the next thirty minutes, because he definitely needs to get back to the office within the hour. Mrs. Haley nodded in agreement, and suggested that they be on their way out now, before he is infringing on the half hour of help that he promised her.

They then gathered their respective belongings, then concertedly arose from the table, and headed out of cafeteria, and into the hallway that leads to the exit on Broad Street.

Now heading for the entrance, the hallway suddenly seemed more congested now than when they had first came into the mall, as there was now an increased number of persons thronging in and out of the building.

Trying to avoid any unpleasant bump-ins with incoming patrons, they walked to the entrance of the mall in a more cautious  manner.  And  within  a  few  seconds  they  were outside of Mall 44, battling for walking space on the pave amongst the choked-up crowd on Broad Street.

Aggressive  walking  was  certainly  difficult  in  a  crowded street like this, and was certainly not the level of congestion they were expecting after their half hour meal in the mall. To the couple, Bridgetown now seemed more bustling with activity as drove of persons, apparently with early relieve from work, converged on the city centre to capitalize on the many holiday shopping bargains.

Mr. Haley didn't found favour with the roving crowd rubbing against his clothing, and complaint bitterly to his wife, who suggested that it might be better for them to simply cancel out their quest now, and wait until tomorrow morning, since she has similar reservations about mingling in such a prickly manner with the crowd.

Mr. Haley agreed, and they immediately began their path to Bay Street so that she can pick up her SUV first, then shuttle William as close as possible to Queens Parks so he can pick up his car.

Maneuvering through Broad Street was already a difficult task, but Mr. Haley's popularity made it even more difficult, as he was stopped several times along the way by mostly mature persons who expressed gratitude and admiration for

his  stern  biblical  teachings  on  television,  while congratulating him for his work. However on each occasion, Mrs. Haley did her best to conceal herself a few feet behind him, thus avoiding undesired publicity and the possibility of being drawn into his encounters and conversations with his supporters.

After a handful of such encounters, and a ridiculous counter sermon from an old man who complaint about one of his television topics,   they made an abrupt right turn off broad street and on to the quay, which gave them a peer view of a few shops that lined Bay street, and a walk way to the chamberlain bridge, ahead.

As  they  crossed the  symbolic bridge  and  footed  into  the lower end of Bay Street, Mrs. Haley made sure she avoided the lingerie shop, and hurried over to the right side pavement of the roadway. After all, her husband is a well-known Televangelist, a factor that can certainly give away her true identity if the lady at the lingerie shop saw her in his company.

However, as soon as Mrs. Haley was in proximity of her SUV, Wendy burst out of the boutique and summoned her to wait, while raising a tiny gift bag.

Sensing that this encounter in her husband’s presence will be risky, she hurriedly handed him the vehicle’s keys and requested that he kindly power it on in the meantime, so that it can be AC cooled by which time she should be through with her friend.

William walked over to the vehicle, which was no more than twenty feet away, opened the doors and powered it on.  Once that was done, he went over to the front passenger side to be

seated there, but was greeted by a plastic bag containing a food container on the seat.

Being curious, he peered into the bag and notice a fish logo emblazoned on the top of the box. Upon closer examination, he read out the words ”Healthy Me Fish Shop, Lane #7, Oistins Fish Complex and Hangout, Oistins, St. Michael, Tel:

In obvious astonishment he read it more cautiously again, examined the contents, and found a fish meal that his wife loved dearly. He looked through the front  window at  his wife, who was still waiting on the woman to cross the road through the busy traffic.

He then naturally began to recollect the encounter with old lady at the Mall, and his wife strong denial that she was not in Oistins at all today.

He suddenly felt dejected and embarrassed, as he sat questioning himself. Wanting to see her sincerity and response, he exited the passenger seat, placed the bag containing the fish where it was before he removed it and went around to the driver’s side, but did not bother to venture in. He however, kept an eye on his wife.

To appear distracted in her sight, he took out his mobile phone and called into his office. As he spoke on the phone, Wendy came over and gave Mrs. Haley the gift bag, saying
”you had apparently forgotten your Versace sunglasses on
the couch. So I retrieved and place it in this gift bag, in anticipation that you will returned for your vehicle before closing time, so that I can give it back to you. Because I know it won’t be cool losing a US$200 glasses like that”.

“Not in my store”, she added with a grin.

Mrs. Haley thanked her and promised to be in touch in about two hours’ time, while removing the shades from the gift bag and placing it over her eyes. William saw what transpired but turned away again in pretense, as she suddenly looked over in his direction in an observing mode.

She walked over the vehicle and overheard her husband alerting someone that he will be back in office in about thirty minutes, after which he hung up. She smiled and questioned him on why he took the call in the sun, but he responded that it  was  subconscious,  since  his  phone  rang  while  he  had started and was exiting the driver’s side of the SUV.

Mrs. Haley then slipped into the driver’s seat, while William began to walk around to the other side slowly, as he seemed to be observing a message on his screen. As he was doing that, Mrs. Haley saw the bag containing the fish that she had bought in Oistins and gasps. She hurriedly took it up from the seat and forced it roughly into her large hand bag and zipped it tight just a few seconds before William opened the front passenger door and seated himself.

As he closed the door, he immediately began to lament at the complexities of his Blackberry phone and his sometimes gradualness at recognizing that there are incoming emails and messages, not until the sender calls him a few hours later.

Mrs. Haley laugh at his seemingly lacked ability to adjust to technological innovations, as she rolled into Bay Street and joined the slow moving traffic to the Queens Park area where William had parked his car.

Moving through the traffic, they converse on various matters of the church, with Mr. Haley bringing some of the members within the committee that his wife leads into the spotlight,

then craftily stayed focus on Mrs. Ashby, the old lady that confronted his wife at the mall.

With  a  relaxed  tone,  he  said  “I  am  surprised  at  her  for alleging that she saw you in Oistins dining today. Then leaving with a food box, and ignoring her. I find that disrespectful and deserving of some form of disciplinary action.”

“After all, it would be safe for me to say she was lying, right?”, he asked his wife”.

“Well certainly”, she replied confidently, while pulling over to let William off to pick up his car.

As the SUV came to a halt, the Pastor kissed his wife, promised to be home by 6pm, then exited and closed the door softly behind him.

She then slowly pulled out of the drop off point to rejoin the traffic  again,  as  the  sight  of  William  grew  faded  and gradually disappeared in her rear view mirror.

Chapter 7:

Nostalgia is dangerous

Filled with a sensation of guilt flowing through her veins, Mrs. Haley ponders about the possible implications of her actions if William had found out the truth today. She sighs heavily, as a feeling of relief filled the atmosphere of her cruising SUV.

Feeling confident that she has now escaped the matter, Mrs. Haley accelerated on the roadway, as the traffic was now less congested than the lane that leads into Bridgetown. She powered on her music system and inserted a vintage hip hop CD from amongst three that was hidden under the inner layer of her SUV seat.

Immediately thereafter, the first track; Broken Wings by Tupac Shakur, boomed from the high clarity speakers of her vehicle, as she rhythmically shook her head, while rapping word for word, in the hidden sanctity of her heavily tinted H2

Because of their deeply religious culture, the Haley family, and particularly Mr. Haley himself does not entertain other musical art-forms outside of the gospel or anything that is not aligned to the Christian faith. Hence, you would never find any  CD  of  another  music  genre  lingering in  the  Haley’s home, much more to be played by a family member, in any form.

Mrs. Haley had always been a woman rooted in her religious upbringing, and has always adhered to the general principles of a genuine marriage. However, she had an unconditional

love for hip hop, reggae and vintage soul as long as she can remember, and would cease any reasonable opportunity to follow the latest hits and trends via the radio, internet or cable.

She regularly yearns to enjoy more socially generalized entertainment at home and at open community functions, but the  strict  interpretation of  the  faith by  Mr.  Haley, compounded by the indirect pressures of her role in the church, had periodically forced her to adopt a more concealed approach to social freedom.

Thus, listening to some hip hop music as she cruises in her heavily tinted SUV may be the only opportunity she would have to be entertained today, with the genres of music that she loves.

After enjoying a few tracks complimented by favourable traffic, she soon drove past the Oistins Fishing Complex, and maneuvers the round-about leading to Silver Sands in the Christ Church Parish area to pick up her kids en route to her home in St. Lucy.

The relatively low concentration of traffic between Oistins and Silver Sands, made her driving much easier, placing her in proximity to the small village in less than half of the time it took her along the same route on her way to Bridgetown earlier in the day.

As she turns off the main road and into the carriageway that leads to Silver Sands, she switched off the music, removed the CD and concealed it in the usual hiding place under the driver’s seat.   After another two minutes of driving and navigation  through  the  narrow  streets  of  the  village,  she

pulled on to the lawns of her mother’s house and parked, while honking the horns to alert the kids that she has arrived.

Exhausted with the mostly unwanted adventures of the day, she switched off the engine, wind down her door windows, threw her legs up on the dashboard and remained relaxing lazily on the driver’s seat, as a stream of cool tropical wind blows steadily through her loosened hair.

Her mom looked out, greeted her, while letting her know that the kids are being readied and would be with her in a few minutes. She acknowledged her mom, then looked at the time on the SUV’s clock. It was already a little after 4pm, but the sun was intermittently hidden between a row of moving dark clouds, thus making the day looked much dimmer than it would have usually been around that time.

Overstruck with boredom, she began to filter her call log to assess if there were any callbacks to make but there were no missed numbers. Nonetheless, she dialed her husband’s mobile phone to let him know that she is picking up the kids on her way home, but got no answer. Hence, she hurriedly typed  a  short  text  message  and  send  it  off,  since  she perceived that  he  is  probably still  too  overwhelmed with work to engage her on the phone.

After, a few minutes of reviewing her miserable day, her mind reflected heavily on Wendy, and her seemingly expert advices on sexual couture. she was eager to talk to her again, but the current environment, anticipated presence of the kids and a potentially cramped journey would certainly defeat her solid  absorption  of  anything  erotic  that  Wendy  might probably say to her.

Not wanting to have a periodically interrupted conversation she reluctantly decided to postpone the call, at least until she gets home, and prior to William arrival from work.

As she weights her decision, the two kids burst out of the front door while their grandmother trekked slowly behind, a few seconds later.  They hurriedly opened the back doors of the vehicle, then made a raucous entry, much to the amusement of Mrs. Haley.

She slowly took her legs off of the vehicle’s dashboard, and planted her feet to the floor, while turning around to give the kids a strong face, which is usually intended to let them know that their conduct is disapproving.

The kids grew quiet as they made contact with their mother’s eyes, then comically pointed their fingers at each other.  Mrs. Haley, already trying to recover from the fatigued that she had ensured all day pretended that she didn’t saw the kids trying to make a mockery of her. She made a long sigh, and turned around to her mom who came laughing fitfully.

She wondered who or what could have sent her mom in such a joyous frenzy, and immediately made her curiosity known to the old lady.

Adjusting herself, her mother told her “its Greg. He was over here today joking that he saw a ninety something year old granny, beating you for William at Mall 44 today, so I should be expecting you early with some bruises and bumps on your face. Hence, it was just really ironic and so funny that you came back this early, looking so miserable”.

Mrs.  Haley  herself  went  into  an  unusually  discourteous laugh, as she laments the comically rumored and humorous character in Greg.

“Where is he now?, she asked while smiling and exiting the vehicle.

Her mom gestured and looked across at his house, which was obliquely opposite the place where she grew up.

“Greg!”, she bellowed in a loud tone, with underlying laughter.

After a few seconds, the tall funny faced guy came on to his patio,  and  without  giving  Simone  a  chance  to  speak,  he blurted out jokingly “thank heavens you are in one piece, and thanks to the old granny for leaving your face without any evidence of a sound trashing”.

Not surprise in anyway, Mrs. Haley gave him a funny look, and sarcastically ask “aren’t you ashamed that you didn’t came to my rescue?”.

But Greg who always seem to have an answer for every question, promptly told her “you had a big strong man with a white shirt and red tie standing up right there. He was a spectator or the referee?”.

Mrs. Haley, immediately broke down again with an heavy laughter, which forced her to literally walk away from the encounter with Greg just to shake herself out of an uncontrolled chuckling.

After a minute she wiped away her eyes, then stepped back on to the street. She loudly told Greg of her continued amusement at his uniquely funny character, while pleading with him not to hurt her rib cage again with jokes.

Her mom unintentionally joined in as Simone and Greg conversed openly about the hectic state of Bridgetown earlier today. Greg reiterate that he did saw her talking with an old

lady in the mall, but was just amused by the way she subsequently looked at the woman who later walked away.

“You sort of looked upset at whatever she was saying to you, so I didn’t bother to say hi”, he said.

Simone told them that it was nothing. “Just a miserable old lady from my church”, she said, with a low heckle.

After a few more minutes of the three-way chat, she said bye to Greg while promising to call him sometime after the holiday’s to fix an apparent issue with the kids’ computer. She then took another two minutes to debrief her mom about her plans to go shopping tomorrow instead.

They  soon  shared  a  customary parent  to  child  hug,  after which she entered her vehicle, and consequently drove out of the narrow street to begin her journey back home.

As she screeches on to the main highway again, her thoughts went back on Greg, and the way in which they had grown apart. The way in which time had been unforgiving to them, and the way in which the decisions you made at one point in your life can impact on someone else’s future, ten years later.

Before she was ever a Mrs. Haley, she grew up in the same street with Greg as Simone McGuire; - the little whacked kneed girl who loved to suckle on sugar cane, and who followed her neighbour, Gregory to almost every permissible place that he went. They went to the same playschool, shared the same toys, went to the same high school, and even liked the same television shows.

By the time Simone was seventeen, she was his girlfriend, and he was her boyfriend, both agreeing to stick with the moral of no sex before marriage.

And when she got a scholarship to pursue a degree in medicine at Harvard University in the United States, Greg was left assured that they would be united as one, after she would have graduated five years later.

But that five years grew cold and hard, as the charms of William Haley, then a popular Master’s Degree student at Harvard University, slurped her into a realm of unreserved love and wholesome affection, that she had never known before.

William said all-pervading things that Greg never said, and demonstrated a caliber of financial security and brilliant stature that she would never find in Greg. He made her felt extensively proud and insured at his strong alignment with wholesome religious teachings, and by extension, settled her fears about the possibility of another woman ever coming into the picture.

And like the average girl on campus, she speedily drifted deeper  in  love  with  William,  while  automatically placing Greg in the gallows of hopelessness, and deeply buried in a mere fiction of her past.

After years of building her future embedded with only thoughts of William, she whole-heartedly promised to unequivocally give him her hand in marriage after graduating with her medical sciences degree.

The only thing she had knew about Greg thereafter, was the varying pieces of his social breakdown upon learning of her impending marriage, and his subsequent strength to pull through with a Degree in Computer Sciences.

But today, even though she had uncaringly disenfranchised him, and even though he doesn’t have the best job, or the best

house, or the best cars, he still always made her happy with his many humours and genuine jokes.

She often hope that deep down in his heart he can still have some feelings for her, because even though she is afraid to show it, she was actually starting to love the boy who never kissed her, all over again.

Still cruising down the highway, bewilderment covered her beautiful face; - for in despite of all the luxuries and money that she has, her life was nothing more than a shell of its true self, weary of alignment to the teachings and strict religious beliefs of a man she now accuses of snatching her away from her first love.

For with Greg, she probably would not have had any need to conceal her preference for a particular genre of music, no need to live through a pretended lifestyle. And no need to follow the belief and principles of the other partner.

And the more she thought about Greg, the less regretted and least embarrassed she felt about lying and being contrary to Mr. Haley’s principle’s earlier today.

Chapter 8:

Love that is concealed.

As she ponders on her history with Greg, the sharp ringing from her mobile phone and the kids’ noisy video game-set in the  back  seat,  shook  her  out  of  her  sorrows. She  briefly looked down on the phone screen, and noticed that the call was coming from William’s mobile. She then picked it up, and pressed the connect feature.

“Hi babes”, she answered.

He  paused  for  a  second,  and  asked  her  why  her  voice sounded so crack and lifeless.

“It is?. I didn’t know that. Maybe it’s the hassles of the day taking its toll on me”, she responded with a forced laugh.

Even though he wasn’t pleased with her response, he nonetheless decided to acknowledge it, then queried if everything is ok with the kids. She responded in the affirmative, and indicated to him that they are about five minutes away from the house.

After a long pause, she made a firm “hello” into the phone, because the line went unusually silent.

“I am here. Sorry”, said William, in a jerked-up tone that seems to suggest that he was at lost for a moment.

“Here’s what babes. I think we really need to have a serious talk when I get home this evening. My disappointment in this matter has overwhelmed me all afternoon, and I think you would really need to clear this up”, he added.

“What could that be babes?” she asked in a surprised tone.

“Never mind that sweetheart. Just leave everything for this evening” he blurted.

He made it clear to her that it cannot be addressed via the telephone, as there are other elements that are consistent with his current belief that moral disobedience on her part has occurred. He was careful not to give her a true hint at what he had wanted to discuss, and choose to throw her off track by citing her seemingly deliberate reluctance to engage in the church’s outreach programs, as a perfect example.

And even though she somehow suspected that it has nothing to  do  with  church  programs,  but  more  to  do  with  her exchange with Mrs. Ashby at Mall 44 today, she pretended to be off track by telling him “I know it had something to do with my functioning at church and all that. But I am sure I can explain when we have our talk this evening”.

After giving her an insight into his afternoon challenges at work, and happily agreeing on macaroni and cheese for dinner, they said “later”, surprisingly without the usual affectionate  pleasantries  that  often  precedes  their  parting from the telephone.

Mrs. Haley pretended not to be scared of her impending confrontation, as her mind went to work to devise a plan. A simple, yet consistent and flawless plan would do the job, she though. And as she worked her mind from one possible explanation to the other, over a three minutes period, she surmised that a dozen ideas would not better any other idea, than to simply don’t lie to him at all.

“Let the dice show the numbers that the gambler wants to see”, she murmured, while laughing naughtily to hidden elements of her plans.

Her laughing then began to subside as she turned into her gap and followed the private driveway to her house. As is customary, she would park directly in the garage if there are no plans to venture out again the same day, while William would generally leave his car in the driveway inside their yard all night regardless.

But this time, even though there are no plans to leave the house for the rest of the evening, she parked her SUV in the driveway, as she wanted to be alerted when William reaches home,  long  before  he  quietly  burst  into  the  door,  as  he usually does most evenings after work.

It was now 4:45pm, and William should be clocking out his time at work in another hour, and should be home within 45 minutes thereafter, unless he stops along the way, which is an highly unusual act.

Knowing this, she urged the kids out of the vehicle, secured it, and then ventured into the house. After all, she cannot call Wendy while William is at home, hence she needed to do it within that one hour and forty minutes, while going about her little chores and preparing dinner.

The house was a little disorganized from their preparation and rushing out this morning, so she sat on her living room couch to relax for a few minutes before she get down to tidying up the home. Just then, her mobile phone gave a pinging tone to signal the arrival of a text message. She reached into her bag and removed the phone, along with the container of fish in ginger sauce that she had ordered in Oistins earlier and had concealed in her bag, ostensibly from William.

She asked her eldest daughter to put the container in the fridge, then she rubbed her finger on her phone screen to read the text message that was sent. To her surprise, it was from a number that definitely resembled the one she has retained in her head for Greg.

Upon opening and viewing the message, it was indeed from her old hubby. It read “forgot to tell u, Nicky St. Clair from high school is back in Bim. Needs your number. Should I give it to her?”.

It’s not unusual to see a message from Greg, but only on her birthday, and in extremely rare circumstances, as he is always mindful not to mingle in her life in anyway.

She remembered vividly who Nicky, St. Clair was; - one of her best friends from high school with whom she had not spoken with in about ten years.

But now wanting to talk with Greg so much she decided to capitalize on the opportunity here and now, by responding with a text “Nicky St. Clair?  I can’t seem to figure who is that. Just give me a few minutes. I will call u in a moment so that I can get a reminder”.

She then began to ponder how she can draft her conversation with Greg so as to confirm whether he had forgiven her and if he still has any feelings for her. Reflecting on the fact that she is a married woman who should have long let go of her past, she strongly asks herself why is it that she is desirous of fanning flames now, and what would it benefit her when the answers to her two primary questions are answered.

But trying to find justification in any form, she reasoned to herself; that it would bring closure to the haunting that she emotionally suffers, years after reneging on her still lingering

affection for Greg. Hence, she retrieved his number from the message, just to make sure, then press the send function on her phone to call him.

After two rings Greg answered expectedly, and they immediately  began  to  converse  about  Nicky  St.  Clair. Simone, of course started out in a pretended manner, giving the impression that she is having some difficulty recollecting exactly who Greg was talking about.

“How can you forget your friend Nicky from the Garrison area in St. Michael?” he asked.

“Are you referring to freckled face Nicky”, she responded.

“Yes. Nicky that used to be freckled face”, he added with a laugh.

Nicky St. Clair used to be her best friend, and by extension a friend of both herself and Greg. Nicky uses to always taunt them about their future marriage, a large family and an extravagant lifestyle.   Simone had brusquely severed her relationship with Nicky and all of her friends from St. Paul’s Senior School after she would have unceremoniously ended the relationship with Greg.

She had gathered that they were aware of her presumably presumptuous parting from Greg and impending marriage to William at that time. As such, she was always saddled with mounting  and  continuous  pressures  from  her  clique  of friends, who were known to Greg, and whom had demanded that she explain her apparent treachery.

Feeling despised and overwhelmed by their antagonistic pressures, she chose a docile lifestyle with William, and deliberately faded into obscurity from everyone.

Most of her relationships with old friends would have only been restored after attending an old students association gathering three years ago, and because of her role as a pediatric doctor at the State hospital, which automatically created an opportunity for her to interface with some of her old school mates who had visited the institution with their kids for pediatric health reasons, and as such reconnected with her, through a more patient to doctor empathy.

So as much as she was glad to be conversing with Greg, the core  reasons  for  her  losing  contact  with  old  friends  like Nicky St. Clair, in contrast to Greg who had retained those friendships and is probably in constant contact with them, made her felt a little disenchanted about the whole idea of reconnecting with her school days best friend.

Knowing the sensitivity of it all, she asked Greg to be frank with her on his opinion about her reconnecting with Nicky, and as a matter of fact, everyone else that dangles in the midst of her past.

Greg, in a relatively reflexive tone asked “is the situations of the past so horrible that you are so scared to confront it?. If I am ok with you just the way things are, why should you be bothered by what whoever else thinks”.

Greg then assured her that she has no obligations to discuss her history with Nicky St. Clair, because he didn’t discussed it and would never want to do it.

Greg’s response to her question made her grew emotionally weak, as it sunk her entire being, profoundly into her past,
….. profoundly into her teenage days at school, and profoundly into her unforgettable moments with Greg.

She remained silent on the phone for a few seconds, but was then cracked out from her spirit of nostalgia after Greg’s call of Wendy!......, Wendy!, …… Wendy!, grew louder in her eardrum.

“I am sorry Greg, but this is getting to me”, she muttered. “What is getting to you?”, ask Greg in a concerned tone.
“Never mind that. You won’t understand. Just forget about what I said there”, added Simone.

But the more she refused to explain, the more Greg pressured her to tell him. And in despite of her reluctance, as soon as he told her that he still has feelings for her, and is only being persistent to find out because he still cared for her the same way he did, fourteen years ago, she broke down and reveal what is bothering her conscience.

“It has got a lot to do with you Greg. I guess everything to do with you, with me, and the past. I am here just wishing I could have corrected it. But the past is the past, and it’s impossible to change”, said Simone, as she wiped away streaks of tears from her eyes.

Sensing that she is having a moment, Greg worked hard to reassure her that she doesn’t have to try to change her past. He reiterated that everything happened for a reason, and he never for once believed that she was at fault, while repeating “we can relive the missing chapters of our lives Simone. We can relive it, only if you have the will to do it”.

Mrs. Haley, for whatever reason, loved what she heard, and let loose her tongue to express her affection for the man she burned more than a decade ago.

Without hesitation, she said “I still loves you Greg. Honestly
I do”.

Greg, equally without hesitancy responded “I love you too Simone. And I have been waiting to hear this again for fourteen years”.

After a reeling five minutes of repeated expressions of their relived feelings for each other, Greg asked Simone if he can just see her face again tomorrow.

But her anticipated shopping plans for Christmas Eve, compounded by the harrowing distance between her home in St. Lucy, and where Greg was living in Silver Sands, made it a tall choice.

But not wanting to disappoint him, and feeling equally desperate to make-up for her past default on their teenage days relationship, she give him a dimmer of hope, citing plans  she  already had  in  place  for  Christmas eve. Nonetheless, she told him to anticipate a text message from her by 7am tomorrow, with an indication of whether she is coming to see him or not.

Because, in any case, her mom lives obliquely opposite Greg, which would of course make an open meeting with him, a simplified doing. Hence she assured him, that it is only a matter of her Christmas-time obligations at home, which would determine whether she would be able to see him on the
24th or not.

Greg told her he understands, and would look forward to her text message tomorrow. They then reiterate their love for each other, shared a joke and hung up.

Still sitting in a mood of total disbelief, Mrs. Haley smiled and whispered to herself “Love concealed can be easily unveiled. All that was needed was a little ray of hope”.

Chapter 9:

I am a woman of surprises   

It was already 5:20pm when Mrs. Haley ended her telephone conversation with Greg; - a conversation that now has her endowed with wistfulness, and which suddenly placed her in a more relaxed mood.

She looked at the clock on the wall and deduced that she still has some time on her hands, and is indeed in the ideal disposition to have a brief talk with Wendy.

While she expressed an urge to call Wendy, she was not even certain what she was calling her for, except in the hope that the lady would give her some answers to anything that would improve her understanding of feminism and her role as a wife in the bedroom. Or maybe because she had no friends with whom  she  can  pep  talk,  except  for  Wendy  who  seemed willing and ready to advice any woman who may be eager to listen.

To Simone, Wendy’s advices seemed genuine and straight to the  point.  There  are  no  shortcuts,  spiced  up  words  or plastered explanations; - simple, clear, and firm.

Her encounter with her at the boutique, though just once, made Simone assessed Wendy to be an open individual, but still confidential by character. So, in either case, she had a personal interest in talking to her.

She scrolled her mobile phone directory and decided to dial Wendy’s mobile number instead, as it is probably the most likely number at which she can be reached.

After a few rings Wendy answered. Mrs. Haley greeted her, while trying to remind the self-styled bedroom guru of her identity. After three or four descriptions and clarification, Wendy blurted out “oh, the sexy lady with the Hummer?”

“Yes,  Ms.  Forget-me-now.  It’s  the  sexy  lady  with  the
Hummer”, Simone responded, followed with a bold laugh.

Wendy apologized, and reminded her that her number is at the disposal of so many customers, hence it is sometimes difficult to  identify one  from the  other  on  the  telephone, unless she clearly recollects their name, has a picture profile of their number on her mobile phone, or if she tied something to them to aid her memory.

She  added,  ”and  in  your  case,  I  tied  you  to  your  black

Simone laughed at Wendy’s method of maintaining her customers virtual database, while urging her to excuse the “forget-me-now” overtures that she had made earlier.

“Hey, that’s nothing Simone. I knew you were only kidding. We are cool. ……… So how may I help you my dear?” she asked.

“Not sure. But out of curiosity, can you give me your take on extra-marital affairs, and whether it is the right thing to do?”, she asked, while adding she is just trying to clear the question up for a close friend.

Wendy agreed to have a preliminary chat with Mrs. Haley, but because of time constraints, she callously opted to lecture to Simone, and hardly give the good Pastor’s wife a chance to interact.

Wendy explained to Simone that “Affairs have come a long way since the milkman in the 1940’s used to provide extra services to half the house wives in the village. Nosey neighbours used to say that an extra bottle of milk was one of the signs that a man’s wife is cheating.

But nowadays, women have a lot more opportunity to be a part of modern society. And their unregulated contacts with men at work, at church, at the bus stop, at the mall, and everywhere else, has made the carrying on of an extra-marital affair a mostly concealed act, unlike the days when cheating was recognize by the whole neighbourhood once the milkman’s basket remained too long outside of a woman’s front door.

Mrs. Haley then interrupted with a discourteous laugh, and asks Wendy “what’s your point”?

In an agitated tone, Wendy responded, “Aren’t women in modern societies allowed to work, shop at the mall, attend social events and browse the internet under the guise of some miserable loser  who  claims  to  be  opening  up  to  modern trends of trusting his wife to do it alone?” she asked”

“Well mostly true” said Simone.

“That’s the point. Today, women’s options are much more varied than the milkman. You have options with the lawyers, doctors, accountants, the low lives, the not so low and the don’t even know, lows. Then you can add that with a hotel, motel, his place or my place. Plus pleasure ride, joy ride, money ride, or business ride!, and get your desired equation”, blurted Wendy.

As Simone tried silently to interpret Wendy’s parables, the woman continued with a much softer voice, “Affairs are not

always based on financial gains, casual encounters, or sex. They are often based on people’s emotional needs not being fulfilled. Intimacy is a very important aspect of marriage, as it creates the required emotional, spiritual and sexual link between two people.

And  once  that  is  absent  from  the  relationship,  and  the affected partner can subsequently find someone else who can deal  with  all  of  the  other  elements of  intimacy, then  the sexual link automatically falls into place.

Then there are times when we find ourselves caught up in a situation where we become sexually attracted to a neighbor, a colleague at work, a guy who said the right thing in our ears, a male friend or someone else’s man, while telling ourselves that we would never ever entertain the thought of dealing with that person in this lifetime.   But when such obsessive desires for that person grows beyond the boundary of sanity then the tingling feeling of our clitoris between our legs takes control of the situation. And before you know it, some guy has your legs wide apart and is squeezing hard into you, and you didn’t even got his last name.

Extra-marital affairs are always an harsh reality, and albeit how forbidden it may be; whatever our hearts desire, surely the mind will follow. At the end of the day we either ended up with some good sex, some disease, embarrassment, or who knows – maybe your ideal mate.”

Just as Wendy, was about to continue further, she paused for a few seconds, then tells Simone “can you please call me back on this?, I have a few customers here who requires my attention”.

Simone expressed her gratitude and informed Wendy that she would definitely pass tomorrow to continue the chat, if time permits. They then hung up.

As she removed her phone from her ears, Simone was lost for words at the degree of intelligence on the subject matter that Wendy seems to have, and immediately expressed an interest in talking with her some more, as she was certain that Wendy was not finished.

Looking at the time on her phone screen, Wendy was amused that it is now 5:42. As such she immediately sprung from the chair and commenced a brief clean-up of the living room, followed by the kitchen with some help from Emma, her eldest child.

Once the kitchen and the home was all cleaned up, she took the serving of fish and gingered sauce from the fridge and unpackaged it, while two packets of macaroni settled in some boiling water on the electric store.

She placed the fish, four sizeable pieces in all, in a medium size Pyrex dish then saturated the pieces with some mild honey sauce and smaller drops of the ginger sauce.  After a few minutes of cutting and adding some parsley, legumes, broccoli, flavours and other vegetables, she placed the bowl in the microwave on standby mode, then went over to drain the macaroni, which had already reached its recommended seven minutes of cooking.

Once the macaroni was drained, she quickly prepared and poured its creamy mixture and other homemade ingredients into another larger but flat pan-like Pyrex bowl, and placed it in the oven for its usual fifteen minutes of baking.

Checking the clock on the wall again, she noticed that it is
6:08pm, which means William would be cruising in any minute now.  As such, she send the kids off to get their evening bath, then shake out of her black dress, and rush into the shower in her bedroom.

After almost fifteen minutes of showering, there was no indication that William had reached home as yet, which the household knew was not an unusual scenario on Fridays.

Nonetheless, finished with her bath and wrapped in her shower robe, she decided to call him on his mobile. He answered promptly, and smiled as Mrs. Haley expresses her concerned that he is not home as yet. He informed her that he should be turning off of the highway in about ten minutes, and therefore should be home in no more than twelve or fifteen minutes. Mrs. Haley acknowledged him and they both hung up.

She then completed her after-shower practices, and slipped into one of the Victoria Secrets hipster’s underwear that she had bought earlier in the day, then wrapped herself in a loosely fitted buttoned-up night dress.

Once the kids were readied, she went over to the kitchen, removed the macaroni, sprinkled some cheese and cooked mixed vegetables at the top, then placed it on the dining table. She then powered on the microwave, so that the four slices  of  fishes  would  be  hotly  flavoured  along  with  the added ingredients that she had placed in the Pyrex ware bowl. As the microwave sang, she made some cheese sauce and summoned the kids to the dining table.

Just about then, Mr. Haley sounded his BMW’s horn, as he had had to park on the outside driveway, since Simone had parked hers on the inside driveway that he usually occupies.

Mrs. Haley took her keys and went out of the lower front porch and walked naughtily over to her SUV. For a moment, Mr. Haley was lost in the strides of his wife legs as it showed sexily  with  every  stride  that  she  took.  He  smiled  in admiration at her unusually exotic walk, but shook himself out of that trance, as he hardened himself again to deal with the discussion that they would soon have.

Mrs. Haley hurriedly placed her vehicle in the garage then briskly walked back inside, where she proceeded to remove the flavoured fish from the microwave, and placed that too on the table.

As she placed the dishes, cutlery and glasses on the table, Mr. Haley strode through the front door, secured it and sounded a firm good night to the family. The kids return the honour, while Mrs. Haley went over as was usual to greet him with a quick kiss, then collected his workload, so that she may place them on his desk in the home-office.

Mr. Haley usually goes to his computer first to review his personal mailbox for a few minutes, after which he would tidy his hands and face, then sit down to dinner. But tonight he asked Simone to let the kids have their dinner in the entertainment room, so that they can have an early conversation.

She complied and huddled the kids and their juices to the entertainment room, then took out their dinner to take to them again, as Mr. Haley sat at the table. While she was gone, Mr. Haley noticed the same food container on a far end of the

cupboard, with the Oistins address emblazoned on it, and immediately went into a puzzled state.

As he surveyed the dinner tabled he noticed two and a half pieces of fish chunks sizzled and nested nicely amongst a hoard of vegetables. While he tries to evaluate his perplexity, Simone  came  back  and  then  proceeded to  serve  him  his dinner of one and a half piece of fillet mackerel fish in vegetable sauce, and two slices of gold coloured macaroni and cheese.

After pouring some apple juice into a jug that was centred on the table, they said their grace, then began munching on their dinner. William seemed to be enjoying the meal as he closed his eyes and shook his head in contentment with the flavours that was gracing his tongue.

The unusually large slices of macaroni that he took into his mouth told Mrs. Haley that he is either really hungry or is enjoying his meal.

As he ate, they did not said anything to each other for the first  ten  minutes.  But  as  they  were  almost  through  with dinner, Mrs. Haley asked “is there something you want to talk about William?”.

He paused for a second, nodded his head in the affirmative, then held up his right hand gesturing to her to give him a minute.

As  he  finished  drinking  two  glasses  of  apple  juice,  he complimented her for the meal while querying where she had gotten the fish. Already anticipating his underlying motives, Mrs. Haley told him that she bought it from Oistins today.

“Really?”, asked  William.  “Was  that  before  you  went  to
Bridgetown or when you left Bridgetown”, he added.

“Before Bridgetown and at the time that old geezer from
Mall 44 probably saw me”, Simone responded.

Left with only a singled provoking question, he continued with a friendly smile, “so why did you insisted to Mrs. Ashby that she didn’t saw you today, and why I never saw no container in the SUV today?.

“First  of  all,  I  had  really  wanted  to  surprise  you  today because I know you loved fish and since it is your last day at work  for  the  year  I  had  wanted  to  surprise  you  with something  different  for  dinner  on  the  patio.  But  the  old geezer tried to exposed my surprise, then you decided to have me shuttling you to Queens Park, hence I concealed it in my handbag bag”.

William immediately felt bad about his silent bad-labeling of his wife in his thoughts today but did his best to remain poised, while trying to let it be interpreted as a minor preluding conversation to what they actually had to discuss.

He nonetheless decided to field another question. “So why aren’t we on the patio baby?”, he asked with a cunning smile.

“I only decided to cancel the patio idea, after you called me to say that we have some serious matters to discuss. So I assumed that simply sitting at the dining table or wherever else that you chooses would be enough. After all, we still got to talk”, she concluded with a concerned look.

Rising from the table, he asked with an enfolded impression on his face “what about the lady that came out of that exotic shop to bring you the shades; were you actually in there?

Mrs. Haley, looked at William directly in the eye for a few seconds, rose from her seat, then quickly unbuttons the front of her night dress, to show William her sexy Victoria Secret underwear, and said “now you have really spoiled all of the surprises”.

For a moment, William became drowned in erotica, as the manner in which his wife displayed herself; - with breasts partially   exposed   and   a   naughty  view   of   her   vagina imprinting against the front of her Victoria Secret, made him felt an immediate urge to have her, as if it would be his first time.

At the same time, he wondered if he had taken this too far, as his evaluation now demonstrated that even though Simone had lied to Mrs. Ashby, she did it to protect the privacy of their relationship, and as such she doesn’t seem to have done any wrong to him or the marriage.

As a few seconds wear-on, and still admiring his wife’s erotic look, he silently agreed that there is nothing wrong with her desire to probably bring a twist to their sex life and adding some spice to his holidays by buying exotic underwear.

Figuring that he is probably dumbstruck, Mrs. Haley proceeded to slowly button her night dress together again, but deliberately leaving her left breast partially visible, then placed her left hands akimbo so that the left nipple would become  exposed  as  her  hand  would  have  automatically pulled the unbuttoned portion of the garment more to the left.

William knew that she only puts her hands in that position whenever she is upset, but the view of her nipples protruding at the edges of the garment, made him felt the urge to save

the night before it falls apart without a dose of good sex from his wife.

So,  in  trying  to  avert  a  possible  cold  shoulder,  William walked around the table to his wife, hugged her firmly and told her he was very sorry if he had been a spoiled-sport, while promising to never doubt her again.

“Doubt me? Wait a minute. Are you saying that is what we had to talk about?”, she asked with a deliberately angered tone.

Now embarrassed that he had unintentionally exposed his ulterior motives, William remained unusually speechless, as Simone shrugged herself away from him and stormed out of the kitchen in a fury.

He called out to her in a seemingly benevolent tone, but she ignored  him,  and  went  straight  over  to  the  children’s bedroom, much to his disappointment. William nodded, as he knows fully well that once his wife makes such a trip in that mood to the kid’s room, he wouldn’t have the sight or touch of her until the next day. Hence he reluctantly accepted his faith, then walked into their master bedroom to shower himself and take to their king-size bed, solo.

And as the minutes went by, the home gradually became silent, except for the intermittent snores from Mr. Haley forcing its way through the open bedroom door throughout the night.

Chapter 10:

This is a short notice

As usual, the Haley’s woke up very early the next morning, and set about their usual chores. Mr. Haley was at his computer reading the Financial Times since 4:40am, and Simone was already in the kitchen tidying up and preparing breakfast since 5am.

Even though they had slept on separate beds the night before, their relationship the next morning was quite cordial and would appear as if nothing amiss occurred last evening.

Mrs.  Haley  served  up  her  husband  hot  coffee  upon  his request, while he reasoned with her about the latest developments in the world of financial management and the economy. She was keen to stay active in the conversation, as was evident in her fairly participating responses. However, even though they were having a good exchange, Mrs. Haley had the issue from last night resting heavily on her stomach.

By 6:05am she was through making breakfast, and had finished most of her kitchen chores, after which she sat next to Mr. Haley to follow through with the latest news and occurrences around the world.

As was customary, she called out to the kids to tidy their mouths and faces so that they can join herself and their father at the table for their first meal of the day.

Once the kids were tidied and seated, Mr. Haley led the family in prayer, after which they ate their breakfasts, amidst intense discussions about their plans for the rest of the day,

and Mrs. Haley insistence that her husband come along to assist her with the shopping.

William however, was unbending towards his position that he is not venturing into the Bridgetown shopping crowd again today, and as such, he would remain home with the kids, and let Simone proceed with her shopping the best way she can. It’s not like she had wanted him to come along, but choosing not to harass him to join her might have caused lingering questions  (if  there  were  any)  to  resurface.  Hence,  she accepted his decision with visible signs of fury.

After  breakfast,  Mrs.  Haley  went  to  the  shower  and  got herself ready for Bridgetown. By the time she grabbed her bag and stepped out of the house, it was already 6:52am, and at which time she decided to secretly send Greg a text message saying “On my way to mom. Can pick u up and chat on my way to Town, if u doesn’t mind taking the ride”.

As she powered on the engine and exited the driveway, Greg texted a reply and acknowledge her message while indicating that he doesn’t mind the ride at all.

It was not unusual for Mrs. Haley to give Greg a ride if they are going in the same direction, as she had done that a few times before over the years, whenever he was not driving his now ten year old Nissan March car. However, she had never deliberately invited in him to ride with her, and especially under these circumstances.

The entire idea made her a bit jittery as she departed her street and turned on to the main road. But in any case, she thought “it would not appear unusual for Greg to be riding with me”.

So with her usual CD in the deck, she cruised to Silver Sands to pick him up, under the guise of visiting her mom.

Comparing to yesterday, the traffic was not niggling at all. Hence she reached her mom’s house in Silver Sands much quicker than she did the day before.

In Silver Sands, she did not ventured out of the vehicle at all, as her mom decided to come outside and interact with her.

While Mrs. Haley was completing her chat with her mother on the front lawns, Greg came out of his gate and asked Mrs. Haley which direction she was going, in a deliberate attempt for her mom to hear.

“Bridgetown”, she said, as her mom urged him to come over if he is going to town too. He nonetheless solicited a ride from Simone, to which she acquiesced.

After a brief three-way chat between them about the holidays, he entered the vehicle, and they soon left Silver Sands for their planned journey to Bridgetown.

Now on their way to Bridgetown in challenging traffic, Mrs. Haley laugh at the simplicity of their plan, while Greg reminded her of some similar encounters they would have had during their earlier times together.

The journey to Bridgetown was more of an emotional one, as Greg played well into her feelings, and ensured that her affection is effectively relived.

She did not resist him when he started to hug her, play with her hair and rubbed her legs as they cruised in the heavily tinted SUV, even though her sanity told her that she should not be in a hurry to take their encounter to that level, so fast.

Her non-reaction caused Greg to sense that she might be having reservations about the way he is interacting with her. But after reminding her that they are no strangers to touching each other, and reiterating his continued love for her, she silently agreed with him, and as such, animatedly allowed him to touch every possible part of her female anatomy.

And as he played with her clitoris and breast nipples intermittently, she acknowledge that she loved what he is doing  to  her,  which  became  evident  from  the  extreme wetness of her vagina.

The way he romanced her as she was driving, was more intense and erotic than William would have done even at his best. And her very knowledge of this made her yearn for some good sex from Greg if the opportunity presents itself.

However, having drawn much closer to Bridgetown now, compounded by snail paced traffic, Greg eased his romancing upon the urging of Mrs. Haley.

Not sure what to say now, she reached under her seat and retrieved her RnB CD, then inserted it into the deck; and soon they were both humming romantically to the various numbers that emitted from the speakers, until they entered Bay Street, when she decided to power it off.

As they reached the lower end of Bay Street, she decided it would best to park in the abandoned space obliquely opposite Wendy’s lingerie boutique where she had parked yesterday.

Once they had exited and secured the vehicle, Simone asked Greg to hold on a minute as she went over to alert Wendy that she would be back. However, upon entering the boutique and inquiring, the young lady at the cash register told her that

Wendy had gone Christmas Eve shopping with her relatives, and is expected back in an hour.

Mrs. Haley, leave her a message then exited the boutique. She summoned Greg to come across the road, and they both ventured into the city centre as they discoursed on what their private lives had been like without each other before today. But the proximity of other persons in the environs made it difficult for them to talk privately, so Greg offered to take her to lunch at a private place once she is through with her shopping.

She told him that would be nice, and then proceeded to start her shopping lists.

They went from store to store and did their purchases, as she relied heavily on Greg to make key decisions in areas where she was uncertain, and which seemingly required multiple opinions.

Greg also proved himself to be helpful, as he solely shuttled build-up purchases to the SUV and secured them, while Mrs. Haley  shopped  and  waited  for  him  at  various  shopping points. After two hours, twenty five minutes of shopping and his repeat of that journey about four more times, Mrs. Haley told Greg that her shopping lists has now been exhausted, for which he jokingly expressed his relief.

They then agreed that it would not be wise for both parties to continue thorough-faring in public, or even venture up back to  Silver  Sands  together.  So  they  planned  to  split  in  an ordered fashion right after they would have had their lunch.

As promised, Greg then took her to a restaurant that sits atop of a building obliquely opposite a superstore overlooking the Careenage. The restaurant was spacious, AC cooled, very

unusual in atmosphere, and displayed a few hidden but glowing candescent lights against a dark backdrop that gave it a sort of gothic romantic setting.

But being in need of privacy, Greg escorted Mrs. Haley to a secluded cubicle in the restaurant, which made her felt more comfortable and absent from potentially prying eyes. A waitress soon came over and went through the menu card with Mrs. Haley and Greg, who subsequently ordered a small piece of baked lobster with vegetables and lemon sauce for both of them.

As they waited for their order, the conversation about a genuinely  relived  relationship  between  them  sparked  up again, with Greg expressing his uncertainty about Simone being able to truly commit to it in any positive way, as she is married to someone, while he is single after trying two other failed flings.

He reputedly blamed her for his emotional instability and difficulty in maintaining relationships with other persons as he claims to find it difficult to love anyone else but her.

As Greg pressured on, Mrs. Haley sat speechless, and only spoke when the waitress came back with their meal about seven minutes later.

Somehow, the good Pastor’s wife felt defenseless, as her mind became manipulated into strongly believing that she is solely responsible for whatever Greg may be going through, and craved for some way in which she can restore some sunshine to his life.

After their meal would have ended, she told Greg that she is in this for the long term, and is inclined to do whatever it

takes to make the relationship work, providing that it does not compromise her marriage to William.

However, Greg nodded and smiled in a seemingly sarcastic manner, and asked her if she can be more reassuring than merely saying words that he is not certain that she meant. He reminded her that, after all, she had said the same thing wholeheartedly to him more than fifteen years ago.

“How would I know now that you are serious this time, and would not change your mind after waking up with that girl- stealer William, tomorrow?”, he asked.

Feeling  guilty  and  trying  to  bring  closure  to  the  subject matter, she asked him “tell me what you want me to do to reassure you that I am definitely sticking with our relationship, babes?”.

Greg did not answered immediately, thus sending a feeling of emotional chilliness across the cubicle. Figuring that she probably did not said enough, Mrs. Haley leaned forward, stretched her hands across the table, held on to Greg’s fingers and kissed deeply into his lips for a few seconds.

As she eased back into her seat she told him naughtily, ‘there is more where that came from. And as I had said to you before, I am willing to take all of the risks, though discreetly, to be with you. Just tell me what can I do to reassure you babes?”

Greg  smiled,  played  with  his  chin  slowly  and  responded softly “how about a date so that we can put a seal of commitment on this?”.

Wavering in her mind, she smiled and asked, “Seal of commitment? I am not sure what you mean by that, unless you gave me direct answers babes. ”

The  computer  geek  laughed  at  Simone’s  irresolute appearance, and said, “it’s been fourteen years of waiting babes. Won’t it be fair to at least permit me to make love to you, to feel you, to embrace you, and to rebuild my reassurance that you are committed to this?”

Even though her mind was open to sexual contact with Greg in the future, Mrs. Haley was stumped for words, as she knew it was a clear and concise question about whether she is inclined to have sex with him. Deep down inside, she wanted it to happen, but her morality and dignity did not find it flattering to answer the question in such a direct manner.

So with a long sigh, she told Greg that sexual interaction is indeed a necessity for any relationship, thus she would be open to that with him, but prefer to let time deal with it.

She added. “it can happen on our first date, our fifth date, our twentieth date, who knows. But I prefer to leave that on the side burner for now”.

But as she spoke, Greg showed no consideration. Sensing his demeanor and wanting to reassure him she said ”Greg, It all depends upon you putting me in the right mood. Wherever, or whenever that time will be, certainly depends upon you. You just put me in the ideal mood, in the right place and at the right time and I will be open to you babes”.

“How about tonight?, asked Greg opportunistically.

“Tonight?. This is a very short notice Greg. How can we possibly co-ordinate that? I have our annual Christmas Eve

church convention to attend, which goes from about 7pm to
11pm. I don’t see how that would be possible, unless I don’t attend the convention, which would raise eyebrows if my SUV is not in the convention parking lot by 7pm. It’s not like people are looking out for me out of the hundreds of attendees, but my presence has to be felt”, she concluded.

Greg smiled broadly, then told her that he is adamant that the Christmas Eve convention would be an ideal shield and excuse for them to embark on a discreet date.

“How is that possible Greg?” she blurted, while adding “I am inclined to go out with you babes, but I can’t think of a plan that is workable for me to skip the convention and run off with you. And even though William would not be there, and I would just be a regular attendee down in the congregation, I don’t see how sneaking away is possible”.

Feeling intimately excited but cautious about such a risky encounter,  she  challenge  Greg  to  tell  her  how  she  can possibly go on a date with him in the midst of all that hype, without suspicion rising up thereafter.

“If you can give me a truly surreptitious plan Greg, believe me,  I  will  unhesitatingly be  your  date  tonight.  But  if  it doesn’t sounds positive to me, then please let’s consider this for another time”, she muttered.

But while Simone spoke, Greg was thinking, and smiling, as he felt that he certainly has a plan that would be more than stealth and flawless for Simone to reject.

He then leaned forward closer to her ear, and divulged his thoughts to Simone in a well-orchestrated order, which subsequently left her incapable of fault finding, even after he pulled his soft voice away from her ears two minutes later.

She smiled at him and said “seems like we have a plan then. I am just hoping that it is as perfect as the way you explained it, and is foolproof enough for those attending the convention”.

Considering the matter closed, they then walked out of the restaurant three minutes apart from each other and melted separately into the busy shopping district of Bridgetown.

As Simone prepares to head home, she had to battle through the crowd and to the lower end of Bay Street, where her SUV was parked. She placed some additional items that she had purchased into the back seat of the SUV, then stroll across the road into the lingerie shop.

Again, she learnt that Wendy was still out with her family for Christmas Eve shopping. She nonetheless scrolled through the underwear section, and selected three Versace G-strings, which she cashed, then exited the store with the same haste that she had ventured in with.

She  then  hopped  into  her  SUV,  slipped  in  one  of  her favourite CD’s and took the long journey back home to St. Lucy. As was expected, she removed and concealed the disks again, once she would have approached her driveway.

She  looked  at  the  12:17pm  time  slot  displayed  on  the vehicle’s navigation screen, and surmised that she has adequate time on her hands to get things together for the holidays, then some beauty sleep before she venture out this evening.

As she entered the house, she called out to the kids to help her offload the large collection of items from the SUV, since William was apparently busy preparing his sermon for the evening at the community church.

Mr. Haley would usually attend the multi-faith convention on Christmas Eve, while a Junior Pastor would have hold for him at the local church. However, for the past two years he had opted to remain with the local congregation on Christmas Eve, while rotating his participation in other churches in the Parish on Christmas day.

Nonetheless, Mrs. Haley and a few other church members from the Parish would usually go to the Inter-Fait Christmas Eve  Convention  in  St.  Michael  as  participating attendees from their diocese. And this year was no different, as she had long decided that she would attend the convention again, while Mr. Haley takes the kids along with him to the local church, where he will be preaching.

Once everything was unpacked from the SUV, Mrs. Haley commenced her Christmas preparations which would have entailed baking of fruit cakes, stuffed baked chicken, baked ham, and home-made bread, among other things.

By 3pm she had things rolling into the oven for baking one category at a time, while William and the kids struggled with the Christmas tree, and bundled decorations, both inside and outside of the house.

After two hours of baking and interchanging of duties, they were all finished with their Christmas preparations. As such, they ventured to the back patio around 5:20pm, and had an early evening dinner, after which Mrs. Haley went for a brief nap.

Waking up an hour later, she met Mr. Haley and the kids getting dressed for church, and struggled to bring herself together.

After lingering for ten minutes and a brief chat with her husband, she went off to the shower. However, by the time she had finished, William and the kids were ready to leave, as he had to be at the church way in advance of the 7pm Christmas Eve service.

As she sat at the vanity with robe on and setting her hair, the kids told her good night and exited the door. William later came over her, gives her a kiss and joined the kids in his car, then pulled out of the driveway, as Mrs. Haley waved them off to church.

She  then  went  back  inside  and  dialed  Greg’s  number  to inform him that she is now getting dressed and should be out of the house in about twenty minutes. They then recited their plans and hung up the phone.

Mrs. Haley, still in doubt about doing this tonight, puts on her   newly  bough   G-string  underwear  nonetheless,  and slipped into a Versace designer dress that fits closely at her hips, and flowed beautifully down to her ankles, with a short split at the right side.

After pampering her face, eyebrows and other areas to lift her beautiful face, she put some cash into a matching purse and walked through the front door and boarded her SUV. As she exited the yard, and the automatic gate closes behind, she dialed William to let him know she is leaving for the convention now, followed by Greg with the same message.

The night drive was less intense than it was earlier in the day, as the lightened traffic took her to St. Michael in about thirty minutes.

As she approached the National Gymnasium, she can see hoards  of  other  vehicles  occupying  the  parking  lot,  with

droves of persons entering, thus reminding her of the grandness of this annual Inter-Faith Christmas Eve occurrence.

As she turned into the Gymnasium parking lot, she dialed the taxi driver’s number that Greg had gave her and told the person who answered on the other line that she is at her location. The driver then told her that he would be at the pick-up point in five minutes.

As she looked for an appropriate place to park, a group of members from her husband’s main church greeted her and redirect her to park on the second lot which has more space. She  thanked them  and  then  took  the  vehicle  over  to  the second lot, which is more up-close to the Southern side of the Gymnasium building, and much more conspicuous for all to see.

Chapter 11:

Pineapple flavour will do

After   parking   and   securing   her   SUV   outside   of   the convention centre, she cautiously surveyed the environs, then walked another block to board the waiting taxi cab with licensed plate numbers that Greg had told her earlier.

She then slipped into it, and gave the driver instructions of her intended destination.

As the taxi traveled to her desired location she tried as much as possible to bury the immoral rationale of her plans, by selectively reminiscing the elements that are missing from her marriage.

In any case, she knew that the entire outing with Greg is in her control, and that it would be up to her to commit to a sexual liaison or to just let this be a simple dining experience. Either way, she surmised that slipping away to spend time with Greg, regardless of tonight’s end game would be worth the while, and may probably allow her to appreciate him a little more.

Now  passing  through  Hastings,  she  took  out  her  mobile phone and dialed Greg’s number. After two rings, he answered excitedly and much to the pleasure of Mrs. Haley. “I am passing there now. Are you at the location?”, she asked in a tone that was totally inaudible to the cab driver.

“O.K, keep your eyes on the right hand side of the road, and you should see me standing there, with a plain cream shirt, and dark long pants, any minute now”, he responded on the other side.

As soon as she acknowledge the information and put away her mobile phone, her eyes soon set on a man standing on the roadway fitting the description that Greg gave her.

As the cab drove past the individual, the bright lights of the roadway  lampposts  give  her  a  clear  view  of  her  lover, standing patiently and apparently exploring his phone.  She then looked up the roadway, and saw the sign described by Greg with the words “CEP Night Pharmacy” brightly reflecting against the dark backdrop of the night.

“The pharmacy on your left please”, she whispered to the cab driver, as she handed him a $50 to deduct his charges for the drop.

The driver then stopped at the pharmacy as advised, counted some change and gives it to Mrs. Haley, who exited the cab and headed to the pharmacy entrance.

For a minute, she paused and try to evaluate the wisdom in Greg’s advice for her to stop at a place like this as a prelude to their encounter. After all, what does a pharmacy has to do with an intimate encounter.

Upon reaching the entrance, she peered into the lightly tinted glass door and could see crowded shelves with various pharmaceuticals and medical supplies labeled with prices under a few of them, and a matured woman dressed in a pharmaceutical gown attending to the phone.

Out of skepticism, she called Greg to reconfirm that she had stopped at the right place, while querying the astuteness of his plan. Greg reassured her that it’s the best plan if they really needed discreetness, hence she should go ahead and buy a Minute Maid pineapple fruit juice from the matured lady in the pharmacy.

Mrs. Haley shrugged, and tried again to let him explain the wisdom in doing all of that, but he insisted in a now disturbed tone, while alerting her that he is coming over and should be there in a minute of two.

Not wanting to seem too inquisitive she decided to acquiesce to his request and pulled on the door handle to enter the pharmacy. But the door was locked from the inside, apparently.

She spoke into the phone again to let him know this, but he had already hung up. Not wanting to appear like a phone pests or a non-brainer, she stepped backed and take a closer examination and notice there was actually a big red and white sticker that says “We are Open. Please press doorbell, and enter upon buzzing sound”, which she did.

Mrs. Haley could not have believed that she had not actually seen such a well-placed sign before, but concluded that it was probably a case of anxiety overwhelming her.

As her thoughts weight, the door made a buzzing sound, prompting her to push it as the sign had instructed, and into the pharmacy she went.

The matured lady in the pharmacy seemed more friendly and jolly than she had actually appeared through the tinted door glass. She instantly made Mrs. Haley relaxed as she greeted her with a strong American accent.

“So how may I help you this evening ma’am”, she said with a sharp smile.

Mrs. Haley felt clumsy, delayed for two seconds, then said
“do you by any chance sells fruit juices here?”.

“Yes, my dear. Any specific flavour?”, asked the woman.

As instructed, Mrs. Haley said “pineapple flavour will do”.

“wonderful my dear. Please pay and collect at the cashier counter across there”, the woman muttered, while pointing to an  inner  glass  door  that  provided  a  far  lower  level  of visibility, as it was more heavily tinted than the outer door.

Mrs. Haley though nothing much of it as she pushed the door and  went  over  to  the  sign  that  read,  “cashier”,  in  bright yellow.

As soon as she was about to query the cost of the juice, the woman, handed her a small bunch of keys, three to be exact, with a medium size coloured key ring that resemble a pineapple, attached to it.

Mrs. Haley, was amused but tried to maintain her composure as another sexily dressed young woman, said “this way my dear. Let me escort you to your suite”.

A little skeptical, Mrs. Haley followed the woman sluggishly through a well varnished doorway that was labeled “staff only”. Beyond that door, Mrs. Haley found herself walking down a spaciously well decorated hallway with doors engraved with different tropical fruits, on both sides along the hallway.

As soon as they reached the one with a well engraved pineapple, the young lady assisted her with the correct key to enter, inserted it into the lock, and told Mrs. Haley “welcome to your private suit, ma’am”.

Confirming her thoughts that it was indeed a hideaway, Mrs. Haley thanked her escort, then open the door to her suite. As the Pastor’s wife closed the door behind her, she could not

believe the elegance, beauty, pine aroma, and spaciousness that encompass the suite.

It was well appointed with a private glowing bar, complimented with a candle-lit seating for two, two tall champagne glasses and a champagne piercing out of a French styled crusted ice bucket.

The bar area also boasted a white Victoria Secret branded large couch, that more looks like a bed, with a red rose left in an angled position in the middle.

Looking across the hallway, there was a much larger slowly rotating Snuggle brand couch with a white rose placed in the centre. It was surrounded by an unusually large flat screen entertainment unit, a grand glowing aquarium with tropical fishes swimming flawlessly, and some apparently artificial range of tropical plants that would certainly give you the pleasure of three lifestyles in a single turn.

Still standing in awe, she caught eyes of a patio that flows out of the hallway, and walked slowly towards it. She pushed its dividing doors apart with both arms, and was immediately greeted with an ocean front view that made her appreciate the night beauty of the beach for the first time, as she cannot ever recall seeing the beach lighted up at nights since she has been married to William.

On the left inner corner of the large patio, there was another large couch with a red rose on it. Mrs. Haley loved the idea of the designers setting up sex couches across the suite, and even here, where she stands in the patio.

She pondered for a moment and immediately knew that the suite was set for nothing less than for a woman to be laid with grandeur and elegance.

Looking over to her right, there were about two more patios of surprisingly different designs, and three more on the left that had a Victorian theme. But the patios relatively wide distances apart, architectural angles and sophisticatedly dimmed lighting units certainly made it difficult to identify anyone that graces it.

The Pastor’s wife appreciated the privacy endowed in the design and layout of the property, and tabulated that the shadowed pharmacy should have about six or seven of such suites. And maybe, there are five or six other sexually frustrated women like herself preparing to lose their virginity from their marriage, or have already lost it right here, tonight.

Leaving the patio, she re-entered the suite and murmured at its beauty, settings and ambiance. In actuality, Mrs. Haley had seen beautiful places, and holidayed in magnificent hotel rooms, but nothing beats the elegance and lusty spectrum of the suite that she was in now.

She immediately felt valued and worthy, as she reflects on the elaborate effort Greg had made just to have a taste of her. And the more she thought about it, the more open-minded she became to open her legs to him.

As she builds her momentum, the doorbell suddenly rang, much to her surprise, as she did not realize that there were doorbells attached to the suite. Nonetheless, she went over to the door, but was not sure who it was, and as such did not immediately open it.

Out of precaution, she took out her mobile phone from her hand bag, and was about to dial Greg’s number, but stopped short when she realized that there was actually a small security monitor affixed over the doorway.

Looking into the security monitor, she smiled as Greg’s face and shoulder, emblazon on the screen.

Briskly putting away the phone, she looked into the large mirror looking down from the bar in admiration of herself, then walked over to the door, unlatched it, and allow Greg into the suite. As he greets her good night, she acknowledged him with a soft voice, as their eyes connected naughtily.

Greg expressed his unconditional admiration for Mrs. Haley and how she stood out in her dress, flattering her with his thoughts. They then embraced each other with a welcoming hug, after which he invited her over to the private bar, and suggested that they sip some champagne over the candlelight just to put themselves in a relaxed mood. She agreed, and walked elegantly over to the bar, and accepted the chair that Greg gestured her to be seated at.

As Greg removed the champagne from the ice bucket, and struggled to open it, Mrs. Haley took her thoughts to task on whether she was doing the right thing, albeit the fact that her conduct was already adulterous. She began to question whether  she  can  survive  this  planned  erotic  encounter without Mr. Halley figuring it out. And if he did, how would she justify or defend it, considering that fact that a sexual encounter is a massive variation from a frivolous lie.

Mrs. Haley had never crossed this line before, or had never even came close to it. Hence, there were no precedents or occurrence of a similar nature that she can use as a yard stick to determine the potential response that can emanate from Mr. Haley if her infidelity is uncovered.

If it is exposed to her husband’s knowing, she never thought of  a  plan  B,  neither  did  she  thought  about  her  marriage

beyond tonight. What about her respectable reputation and distinguished character as the head of Barbados Inter-Faith Council, and what about the possible levels of personal embarrassment that can haunt her thereafter.

As she lost herself away to these unanswered questions, the popping  sound  of  the  cork  pitching  from  the  champagne bottle shook her back to reality and into the realms of her secret suite hidden away on the Island’s south coast.

Greg looked up to her lost stare and sudden change of countenance as he poured champagne into their glasses.

Recognizing that something is amiss, he quietly asked “are you having second thoughts? Cause if you do, we don’t have to rush this. Tomorrow is another day”.

Even though that was the case, she told Greg, “no, not all. I just had some stuff on my mind that I had to put aside. But I am fine”.

She then forced a smile upon Greg, and concluded that the computer geek would really have to do an excellent job to put her back into the infidelity mood, while reviving her sexual interest, in order for her to let him take that expensive G- string off her hips, tonight.

But the thoughts that are lingering in her head now, made this seems like a case of “no sex tonight”.

So there she sat staring Greg in the eyes, while sipping away at the champagne and waiting for him to make his first move.

The End


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