The Red Riding Hood: Part One by Tracy Lynn Delong

The year was 1873; there was a village deep in the woodlands. There was a legend that every seven years a few days before all Hollow’s Eve. The villagers got together and try to scare off the Big Werewolf that lives in the woodlands.
The Red Riding Hood: Part One
The Red Riding Hood: Part One by Tracy Lynn Delong
A father and his two sons sat in living room waiting on the ladies to come downstairs. They are going to the Mayor’s Ball, an important event that begins the new season of parties and others actives. “Markus, we are finally ready to go. It can be hard to get three young ladies ready, announced mother, coming down the stairs. Then the three young came down too. “Well, I see that you are vision worth waiting, for. Is that not so James and Charles?” “Yes very pretty.” The boys answered. *** The family climbed into the carriage passed a small cottage and the youngest daughter, Emily asked her mother who lived in it. “That’s lumberjack. He named his John.” Her mother answered. “He brings us wood, but he is just a servant and we don’t talk to him.”


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