Woman On The Phone by Mario V. Farina

"Hello Hildy, it's Millie. You were right! He admitted it to me last night. I'm calling from outdoors. I don't want Gerry hearing me. I'm not going to waste any time on this. I'm going to use the same attorney you did."
Woman On The Phone
Woman On The Phone by Mario V. Farina
"Good thinking," responded Hilda Ellis, Mildred's friend. "Lee Williams helped me a lot with my divorce. Lee bled that scoundrel of mine as much as anyone could. So far as Gerry is concerned, I think the quicker you get that worm out of the house, the better." "Thanks, Hildy. You're a good friend. I'll see if I can make an appointment for tomorrow. Bye." Mildred Olsen initiated another call. "Gerard, I'm making an appointment with a lawyer. Hilda gave me the name of the lawyer she had when she divorced Frank. I want a divorce as soon as possible." "Shouldn't we discuss division of assets before either of us sees an attorney. This way, each of us will make out better." "No, Gerard. I think the lawyers, fighting it out, will decide the best division. I'll be talking to my lawyer tomorrow, and I'll need to know the name of that bimbo of yours. Who is she?" "That's my business, Mildred. There's no reason to get her mixed up with this." "Well, we'll see what my lawyer has to say about that." Mildred was furious as she abruptly broke the connection. She decided to walk through the nearby park to cool down and think things over. She was about half an hour into the walk when her phone rang. She hit the Talk button and was assailed by an angry voice. It was Gerard. "Where do you get off talking to my lawyer?" he demanded! "I did nothing of the kind," she responded. "I don't even know who your lawyer is." "You talked to Lee Williams and made an appointment for tomorrow. Cancel it!" "I'll do nothing of the kind," declared Mildred. "Lee's name was given to me by my friend, Hilda. I have the right to be represented by any lawyer I want." "This would be a conflict of interest for Lee. Cancel the appointment!" He hung up. Mildred hit the buttons for Hilda's number. "Hildy, that snake is trying to steal my lawyer," she exclaimed. "Lee Williams? He has the same lawyer?" "Yes, have you any idea how that happened?" "No, I don't." "Are you sure you don't. There's something sneaky going on here." "If there's anything sneaky, I don't know anything about it." "Hildy, I hate to ask you this, but you and Gerry seem to be a very cozy couple. Are you the one who's been having the affair with him?" "No," shouted Hilda! "How dare you suggest that?" There was a loud click at the other end and the call was ended. Mildred placed a call to Gerard. "You've been seeing Hilda, haven't you?" "Who?" "You know who! My so-called friend, Hilda Olsen, that's who! I just talked to her. She all but admitted it!" "That's crazy, Mildred. I hardly know her." "Who then?" "Go fry an egg!" He disconnected. Stewing, she sat on a bench. The phone rang. She hit talk. "Yes?" It was Hilda. "You told Gerry I was having an affair with him?" "I'm sure of it!" "You're out of your mind." She hung up. The phone rang again almost immediately. She hit talk and shouted, "If you're going to apologize, forget it." "This is Lee Williams. Did you think it was somebody else?" "Yes Lee, I apologize for the way I spoke to you." "That's all right, Mildred. We'll have to cancel our appointment for tomorrow. I can't represent you." "Why, for goodness sake?" "I'm representing your husband." "That buzzard?" "I'm afraid so!" "Can't you drop him and represent me instead, as one woman to another?" "No, I can't. I'm the other woman, Mrs. Olsen! I felt you needed to know sooner or later." The phone disconnected itself when Mildred dropped to the floor in a dead faint.


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